The Party by houseinvader
Gillian Anderson, Shirley Manson, Madonna, The Corr Sisters, Geri Halliwell, Alanis Morissette and Liz Hurley were all at a grand party and, being England, naturally there were a lot of celebrities there.

Gillian's stage career in "What the Night Is For" had stalled even before Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman knocked Gillian out and made her their slave for a week which caused her to miss shows but her abrupt and unexplained disappearance plus poor reviews, quick put an end to the play for good! But once she was freed, Gillian had gotten back at all three ladies in separate ways and now her confidence was back; she was aglow like never before. But more importantly, her body was now well toned and she looked better than she had in years. As she mingled with Liz and Geri, they talked about the beatings each had given the others. Gillian said she could take both of them if she wanted but then Liz asked if she thought she could take the 'other redhead' at the party. She pointed at someone, but all Gillian could see was the back of her head. She did have a nice firm butt, though, and a well toned back, but to Gillian she looked like easy prey and Gillian scoffed at the suggestion this 'other redhead' was a serious challenge.

"Well, let's see you then?" said Liz in an almost bitchy tone.

Gillian went over to the lady who was just borrowing a light for her cigarette from Minnie Driver. When Gillian tapped her on the shoulder, the redhead turned around with her cigarette clenched in her teeth, blew smoke in Gillian’s face and said, "What?" Gillian recognized her as Shirley Manson from the band Garbage.

"Hi I'm Gillian!" she said, extending her hand.

"Sod off slut...I've seen your shit on TV and you suck!" Then Gillian was taken aback when Shirley added, "You know what, I'm going to show you exactly what I think of your show!".

She blew smoke in Gillian's face and as Gillian coughed and her eyes watered, Shirley punched Gillian in the stomach. Taken by surprise, Gillian doubled over gasping for air. Just as Shirley brought her knee up and kicked Gillian in the jaw. The petite redhead shot over backward and flopped flat on her back on the floor with her arms and legs spread-eagled. Shirley laughed aloud as she flicked her cigarette onto the body of the redhead on the floor.

"She doesn't have a prayer!" said Shirley to the celebrities who’d gathered around to watch the spectacle.

No one stepped forward to end the fight because almost all of them had a strong hatred for Gillian. But when Shirley turned around to leave, Gillian sat up, grabbed her by the ankle and pulled her to the floor. Gillian rolled over and threw herself on top of Shirley and they started to roll around on the floor.

Geri was excited and after she lit a cigar, she offered the box to Liz who smiled and chose one to chew on. Gillian raised her right hand to get Shirley in the jaw when she raised her arm and pushed Gillian under the chin, pushing her up, bending her spine and throwing her backward off the singer. Shirley got on top of Gillian now and tried to wring her neck. Gillian moved sideway, squirming around until both were laying parallel to each other on the floor. Then Shirley raised her knee and kicked the redhead in her well-toned abs. Gillian winced in pain but she quickly got up and threw an elbow into Shirley's eye. The fiery singer screamed and grabbed her face. Gillian stood up and kicked Shirley in the face. Shirley fell flat on her back and started to sit up, but Gillian cracked Shirley on her jaw with her fist and knocked her out. Shirley grunted once as her head swiveled with Gillian’s punch, then she slipped down on her face and lay limp.

"Fuckin' whore," muttered Gillian as she got up.

Just then Minnie Driver took the box of cigars being passed around and hit Gillian at the base of her neck with it. Gillian's eyes closed on contact with the box for Minnie had hit her in the perfect spot! Gillian’s knees buckled and the cigars went flying in all directions. She had a pained expression on her face, her lips parted as she dropped to her knees and then crashed face down on the floor. She was unconscious before she hit the floor where she lay amid the scattered cigars surrounding her.

"Let's pull a Lewinsky on her," said Geri who bent over and shoved her cigar, burning end up, down into Gillian's humble cleavage.

As smoke rose, swirling up around Gillian's jaw and into her face, the dazed redhead started to stir! At that moment, Madonna came from behind and stood over her laughing at the two fallen redheads.

She saw Gillian particularly and said to Geri, "Hey why don't we tazer the whore!"

Madonna rummaged in her handbag and then tossed her tazer to Geri who quickly obliged. Gillian’s body jerked and spasmed, twisting into a weird uncomfortable position before she once more passed out and tumbled into darkness. Outside, Alanis Morissette was in the hall sharing anecdotes with the Corrs she heard about her friend being humiliated inside and ran to rescue her. As soon as she reached the crowd surrounding the washed up stage star and rocker, Alanis ordered everyone to back off!

"Who the hell is responsible for this?" Alanis demanded in a gruff voice.

Madonna tapped her on the shoulder and as soon as she turned around, Madonna threw her Martini in Alanis’ face. Alanis stared at her, fists clenched ready to start another fight. Meanwhile, Sharon Corr decided she needed to go in and calm things down. She had the mature demeanor of a woman of the world and as she walked into the center of the throng, she put her cigar away and asked both Alanis and Madonna to step back and behave.

"Get into separate rooms!" ordered the eldest Corr, calling on her years of experience dealing with her squabbling siblings..

"Andrea, Caroline...drag Shirley into that room!" she pointed towards a door. "Geri , Liz, you two take care of Gillian!!"

Caroline Corr bent over the unconscious Shirley, pulled her arm over her neck and the hoisted her over her shoulder. As she carried her easily, her sister Andrea followed her into the room. Once Sharon saw Alanis and Madonna headed to separate rooms, she breathed a sigh of relief, picked up her cigar and puffed on it again. Geri smiled from ear to ear as she unceremoniously dragged Gillian into the room followed by Liz who was already pulling out the vibrator she always carried in her bag, ‘just in case.’ They smiled at each other as they went to work on Gillian. In the other room, the Corr Sisters were trying to revive Shirley. They brought water and splashed her face with it.

The first thing Shirley said as she stirred awake was, “Where the hell is that bitch?"

"Calm down! You're not leaving this room till you're calm!!" said Andrea, resting a hand on Shirley’s shoulder.

"Fuck you!" said Shirley.

She put her right hand on Andrea's right breast and shoved her as hard as she could. Andrea hit the wall with her back, surprised by the unprovoked attack. Caroline jumped in to protect her sister and started wringing Shirley's neck to restrain her. Shirley kicked the drummer between the legs and Caroline whimpered as she let go of the irate redhead, her eyes wide as her hands went too late to guard the attacked spot. Shirley got up and punched the drummer on her jaw, unhinging her knees as Caroline dropped at her feet just as Andrea ran over and jumped on Shirley’s back.

In the other room, Geri and Liz were having their way with Gillian when Sharon knocked on the door and asked, "You guys taking care of her?” Then rattled the knob and demanded, "Why is this door locked?"

Geri and Liz panicked. They shut the vibrator off and left Gillian where she was. Geri got behind the door with a heavy glass ashtray over her head as Sharon tried the doorknob again. It opened this time and Sharon put her cigar back in her mouth and walked in. She saw Gillian lying in a strange position, flat on her back, her knees raised and her dress up around her waist; and nothing much else because just at that instant, the ashtray crashed down on her head. Sharon saw a blinding white light, grunted and went crashing down to the floor in la-la land beside Gillian. Geri picked up Sharon’s cigar and puffed on it as Liz came out of the closet and kicked her in the ribs just to check if she were truly out, then they dragged Sharon inside and Geri kicked the door shut again.

"Why should we listen to you?" laughed Liz as she dragged the limp Irish lass over and dropped her on her back beside Gillian. Then they turned on the vibrator again and kissed each other before they knelt at the feet of their unconscious ‘guests’.

Shirley had Andrea Corr down on the floor on all fours but she had her arms wrapped around Shirley’s legs so she couldn’t leave. Shirley kicked Andrea in the stomach and knocked her flat onto the floor just as Caroline was getting back up. But Shirley turned into a punch to her jaw that knocked Caroline out cold! She stormed out of the room, but stopped in the hall when she heard a scuffle in a room. She knew it must be Gillian, so she went bursting in without knocking, then stopped in shock at the sight of Madonna and Alanis in a tangle. Madonna clearly had the upper hand; Alanis was on her knees with Madonna holding her head up by her hair. Alanis face was staring directly into Madonna's pussy. Madonna looked up and smiled at Shirley as she entered. Alanis had her back to Shirley and had no idea what was happening. Shirley walked over behind Alanis and kicked her at the base of her spine. Alanis groaned in pain but she couldn't fall because Madonna held her firmly.

Shirley then karate chopped the Canadian songbird on the back of her neck and Alanis’ body went limp as she crashed face down with her head between Madonna's feet. Shirley high-fived Madonna, then kicked Alanis over onto her back. After quickly undressing Alanis, the two women took her bra off and shoved it in her mouth, tying it behind her head to keep her quiet. As Shirley was straightening up, Andrea Corr came bursting in the door panting. She’d taken a beating and came looking for help. She stopped in her track, too petrified to move when she saw Shirley turn her attention from the inert Alanis toward her. Just as Andrea turned to run, Madonna surprised her as she stepped p and punched her in the jaw. Andrea went down in a heap like a house of cards. They picked her up, stripped her and put her 69 on top of the unconscious Alanis.

Then Shirley and Madonna left the scene of devastation and headed back to the party where all the chaos had begun. Liz and Geri were headed for the door, hand-in-hand, both looking satisfied, with a healthy afterglow but far from finished indulging their sapphic desires for the night. As the four of them left, they decided to call the tabloids and let them in on a great story! When the tabloid reporters arrived in the grand hall it was deserted, but one reporter poked around a bit and found the room where Gillian was laying unconscious, cuffed spread-eagled to all four corners of a four poster bed. Hearing moaning from under the bed, he looked and found Sharon Corr, also naked, just coming to. In another room they found the naked Caroline Corr coming to all by herself.

But by far the most popular and widely distributed pictures were those of a happily inert Alanis and Andrea, their nude bodies locked in the 69 sexual position, both wearing big smiles. The next morning, as the tabloids hit the street corner vendors, the Corr, Gillian and Alanis all disappeared from public life, not reapparing for several months. They’d gone away together to plot their revenge - and possibly explore their new feelings for one another; at least that what Alanis and Andrea Corr’s friends all say!