Aleandra Paul vs. Bobbie Phillips by Rob

It was during the filming of “Baywatch” that Alexandra Paul, one of the show’s regulars, encountered Bobbie Phillips.

Bobbie was a busty brunette who had appeared in many TV shows and movies, but who had never had a series of her own. But she was trying to change that!

After a long day of shooting, Alexandra strolled into a local bar where the cast sometimes went to relax after work. As she headed for the bar to order a drink, she overheard Bobbie on her cellphone talking to her agent.

“Yeah, the guest shot went great and I got to spend some time with the producers. Of course I suggested to them to add me to the cast!” Bobbie giggled.

After a pause, she continued. “Well, they told me they would have to cut a regular cast member to add me. So I told them that flat-chested Paul chick was the perfect choice to fire. No talent and no tits - heh-heh!”

That was all it took to send Alexandra into a rage. She grabbed the brunette by the shoulder and spun her around. Bobbie’s eyes widened in surprise (and maybe fear) at the sight of the very person she had been talking about.

“You wanna get me fired, you sleazy cow?” Alexandra snarled. “You are going to get the hell off this lot and never come back! Because if you don’t, I’m going to tie those big hooters of yours into a knot!”

The smartest thing for Bobbie would have been to beat a hasty retreat. Instead, she tossed a mug of beer right in the brunette’s face, then followed up with a shove that sent Alexandra reeling back into a table before she flopped to the floor.

Bobbie made a big show of dusting off her hands and told the stunned crowd, “...and that takes care of that hussy! Ladies and gentlemen, you’re looking at the newest star of Baywatch!”

She turned back to the bar and ordered another drink. And that was when an enraged Alexandra leaped to her feet and charged.

Bobbie saw her in the bar’s mirror and turned. “So, you want some more, you skinny...”

“UUUGGGFFF!” Her sudden grunt was caused by Alexandra’s fist sunk deep in her soft tummy doubling her over. She followed that punch with another - this one to Bobbie’s pointed chin and it landed with a satisfying CRACK.

Bobbie staggered backward, stunned and wobbly. “Now I’m going to show you what happens when some slut messes with a Baywatch girl!” Alexandra said as Bobbie groaned and gasped.

The next few minutes were a nightmare for Bobbie who was punched, twisted, tossed and kicked for what seemed like an eternity. It seemed an entire army of Alexandra Paul’s were attacking her. As soon as she covered one part of her bruised anatomy, Alexandra was slugging away at another tender spot.

Alexandra added insult to injury by ripping off Bobbie’s blouse and shorts, leaving her clad in a low-cut bra and panties.

Wha - what are doing to me?” Bobbie murmured, in shock at her sudden defeat. Here she was practically naked, her eyes blackened and her big boobs throbbing from a barrage of punches. Her legs felt like spaghetti as her knees knocked and she swayed. almost out on her feet.

Alexandra, knowing she had this fight won, decided to try something she’d seen on a wrestling show. She stepped back, flipped up on her hands and wrapped her long muscular legs around the groggy Bobbie’s head. A sudden twist of her body wretched the top-heavy brunette to the floor, still trapped in Alex’s strong legs.

Bobbie moaned and then began to beg for mercy. “P-p-please - lemme go. I’ll leave! I swear! Please - no more! You - you’re gonna kill me!”

Alexandra just laughed at the pathetic Bobbie. “I just want to make sure you know who’s the boss around here!” she told her squirming foe as she alternated tightening and loosing her hold.

“You are! You are! You’re the boss - I give up! Please - no more! NO MORE!” Bobbie whimpered.

After some time, Alexandra finally released her nearly unconscious victim and got to her feet. She stared proudly at the wreck of a woman that just minutes ago looked every bit the gorgeous starlet.

“Hit the bricks, you overweight cow!” Alexandra told Bobbie, who was slowly crawling towards the door. “You’re not tough enough to be a Baywatch girl!”