Playboy Celebrity Photographer (Karen McDougal, Carmen Electra, Jennifer Walcott) by Irish
It was a beautiful sunny day at the Playboy Mansion, and Playboy's Celebrity Photographer program continued with Carmen Electra photographing Jennifer Walcott for an upcoming issue. The two short dark haired women started slow as this was Carmen's first attempt behind the camera. Carmen popped the cork out of a champagne bottle, took a long pull from the neck of the bottle, and then poured two glasses of bubbly for Jennifer and herself.

The two women instantly hit it off as they sat side by side on a comfortable love seat. Once they got to know each other and began to relax, Carmen got down to business telling Jennifer how she would like her to pose in various positions that would accentuate Jennifer's tight little body. Carmen went on to tell Jen what kind of clothing she wanted her to wear for the shoot, and even more importantly, what she didn't want her to wear and when. With the amount of money that Hef was paying her, and getting to meet Carmen on a personal level, Jen was game for just about anything. When a game plan had been established, the two women went to work.

Carmen had been wearing a velour sweat suit and soon found that the bright light from the studio made things pretty hot even on this side of the lens. Or maybe it was getting hotter and hotter in the room with each piece of clothing that Jen removed from her spectacular body. Carmen pulled off the top of her outfit leaving the photographer in a white tank top with spaghetti straps.

"That's a little better," she said to Jen. When she reloaded the camera and was ready to resume, Carmen dropped to her knees, sitting on the backs of her shoes, so that the camera angle was looking up. "That's it Jen! Show me what ya got!" Carmen called out encouragement to her subject. Jennifer felt herself getting a little warm also and dropped her last article of clothing, a black and white animal print lingerie bottom, to the floor at Carmen's feet.

Karen McDougal was also at the mansion on this particular day and with a swimsuit modeling gig starting early next week, she figured she would make the most of the sun's strong rays and touch up her tan. She was wearing a pink bikini with pink, white, and yellow flowers on it. The thin material was held together with what could be best described as thick white dental floss. Karen just loved the new bathing suit. It was made of one of those new materials that let the rays of the sun through, but left no tan lines.

"Keep 'em guessing," she thought. She had made the mistake of falling asleep in a lounge chair by the side of the grotto and only was awaken when one of the other girls jumped into the water splashing her with the cool liquid. "Sorry Karen! I didn't mean to splash you," the girl called out to the Karen.

"Don't worry Hun, it's time for me to get moving anyway." Karen stood up and took a refreshing dip in the pool to help cool off her over heated body. The water felt great, but she only had time for once there and back before she had to return to her lounge chair. She quickly toweled herself off and tied a matching pink wrap around waist before reentering the mansion. "I must have been in the sun too long." She told herself. "This wrap feels like sand paper against my skin."

In the photo studio, Carmen continued to work Jennifer through the paces of the modeling session. Both women were feeling the effects of their private little session and were forced to keep the door to the studio cracked open to let in some fresh air. "That's it Jen! Show me the money!" Carmen called out to Jennifer and was rewarded when her model spun on her chair, extended her long legs, high up into the air, and dipped her head towards the floor allowing her long flowing brown locks to cascade down to the floor. "That's it Jen! You are so hot!" Carmen last comment was loud enough to stop Karen dead in her tracks as she passed the open doorway of the photo studio.

"I know that voice!" Karen thought to herself. "Yeah Jen!" Carmen called out and now Karen was sure of its origin.

Susquehanna Hat Company! Slowly I turned, Step by Step! Karen pushed the door the rest of the way open and strode across the studio till she stood towering over the kneeling Electra with her hands confidently on her hips. Carmen, who was completely absorbed by Walcott's beauty, never heard Karen approaching.

"I thought I recognized that voice! But the last time I heard it you were calling out, "Let me go!!!! Untie Me!!!" said Karen (referring to JJJ's Tweeden's Tale #5).

Carmen looked up at the angry brunette that was almost on top of her, and a chill coursed through her veins. Jennifer, who really didn't care for Karen in the first place, was livid at the intrusion to her photo shoot and said so, "Karen I don't know what your problem is, but deal with it later. We're a little busy here incase you didn't notice!"

Karen's eyes left Carmen for just a moment as she angrily stared down Walcott, "Look bitch! This has nothing to do with you! Me and Miss Electra here have some unfinished business!"

When Jennifer distracted Karen, Carmen placed the expensive camera down on the floor, thinking, "This baby has some priceless footage in it. I don't want anything to happen to it!"

Just as Karen's gaze returned to Carmen, her groin exploded in pain when the crafty actress curled her fist into a tight ball and fired an uppercut to Karen's barely protected camel toe. Jennifer's eyes widened in shock at Carmen's sudden move that sent both of Karen's hands shooting down to take a defensive position in front of her damaged pussy a little to late. The punch had the former Playmate of the Year gasping for air as tears began to form in her eyes. Carmen immediately grabbed the back of Karen's thighs and blasted her shoulder up into the Playmate's belly knocking the remaining breath from her lungs. Pushing off with her legs, Carmen continued forward with the spear as she pulled Karen's legs up and out from under her. Karen went crashing down to the floor with Carmen on top.

Jen was amazed at Carmen's toughness. She’d often felt like taking a poke at Karen herself, whom she considered stuck up, but at 5'3" and 105lbs, she never thought she’d get away with it. But here, she had a front row seat as the 5'4" 110lb Electra put the 5'8" 125lb former Playmate of the Year flat on her back not knowing what hit her.Not giving Karen a second to get her bearings, Carmen bounced up and down on the Playmate's belly with her shapely ass. The next thing that Jennifer knew was Carmen was swinging lefts and rights at Karen's face like a Tasmanian devil.

"Man I don't know what happened between these two, but my money’s on Carmen!" Jennifer thought as she swung her legs back down to the floor so that she could watch the action right side up.

Now Carmen was really heating up. She stopped swinging for a moment and pulled her tight tank top up and over her head. She then reached back and undid the rubber band that was holding her long hair in a tight pony tale and shook her head from side to side allowing her long hair to seek a more natural position. Carmen looked over at Jennifer, licked the tips of both of her middle fingers, and then seductively began to rub circles around her areolas. It didn't take long before her nipples sprang to life and took the form of thick eraser heads.

"Jen dear, please do me a favor?” Carmen said. “Come grab the camera and snap a couple of pictures. My friends Brooke, Morena, and Leeann would love to have a little momento of today's activities." Jennifer didn't waste a second and sprang from her chair, grabbing the camera in one fluid motion. Before Carmen knew it, the whirr of the auto advance motor was all that could be heard in the room.

"Give me one second to lock the door Carmen then I'm all yours. I bet Miss Hefner would love to be at the unveiling of these pictures with your friends." Jennifer said as she ran to the hallway door, pulled it shut and turned the lock so they wouldn’t be disturbed. "Oh one more thing!" she muttered as she turned back and flipped on the red light in the hall that warned the dark room was in use and the door shouldn’t be opened. After she returned from her errand, Jennifer picked up the camera and took her position at Karen's head. "And action!" she called as the advance motor sprung to life again.

Carmen smiled at her new friend. "Yup! I think I'm going to like this girl," she thought as she lowered her breast down over Karen's face just as the brunette was just beginning to stir.

"Ummph!" Karen struggled to clear the obstruction from her breathing passage.

"Well good morning sunshine! Nice of you to join us today!" yelled Carmen as she began to swing her breasts back and forth, slapping Karen's face on each side like a swinging pendulum. Jennifer just laughed and leaned in trying to capture the perfect picture of Karen's fear filled eyes caught between Carmen's large swinging breast.

"I want to hear what almighty Karen has to say when I plaster these photos all over the mansion?" Karen's evil Playmate sister hissed as she enjoyed the humiliation of one of her least favorite cohorts.

Whenever Carmen felt Karen begin to struggle, she lowered her breasts back down, covering Karen's nose and mouth ‘til she sapped enough of the life out of her foe. Each time, just before Karen would pass out, Carmen lifted her breasts and went back to the humiliating breast slap. Karen was helpless to defend herself as Carmen had her arms trapped against her sides under her knees. The only thing she could do was rub away the pain from her crotch and hope for an opening.

"Damn! I'm sorry Carmen; I'm out of film. Give me a second to reload before you start again." Jennifer said.

"Don't worry Jen. Wait to you see what I have planned next," Carmen said, lowering her breast on Karen's face once more to buy herself some time as she set up for act II.

Jennifer quickly changed out the film cartridge and returned in time to see Carmen standing over a barley conscious McDougal. Carmen kicked off her shoes and worked her velour sweat pants down her legs. Slipping her thumbs into the waistband, Carmen worked her sexy sky blue thong down her legs and stepped out of one side of it. With the thong still wrapped around her right ankle, Carmen called to Jen and kicked her leg up sending the thin lacey material to cartwheel through the air right to Jennifer. She caught the airborne aroma and lifted it to her nose, inhaling deeply Carmen's redolent scent.

"Oh GOD!" Jennifer thought. “Carmen’s gettin’ about as excited as she was over Karen's Waterloo.”

Snapping back to reality, Jen saw Carmen straddle Karen's torso and drop her ass down onto Karen's chest. A new wave of pain jolted through Karen's body springing her back to life as Carmen's latest move not only knocked all the wind out of her, but the incredible pain that shot through her body as the spaced aged mesh material of her bikini top rubbed roughly over her sun burned breast as Carmen shifted her weight from side to side.

"Are you all set to go?" Carmen asked Jen as she revved herself up ready to continue the show. Jennifer was at a loss for words and was only able to shake her head in the affirmative as she looked at Carmen's incredible naked body pinning Karen to the floor. "Well let's go then!" Carmen said as she stuck her index finger into her own moist slit picking up some sticky moisture that had formed between her legs. Taking her finger out, she stared at the goo-covered fingertip making sure that Karen also saw what was about to come.

Carmen lowered her finger to a point directly between the Playmate's eyes causing them to cross as she tried to focus on the finger. She was helpless to do anything about it as Carmen touched the skin directly between her eyebrows and began to trace the out line of Karen's nose never letting her sticky finger break contact with Karen's soft skin. As she passed over the tip of the nose, she continued down between the nostrils, hovering for a moment to make sure that Karen got a good whiff of her sent.

As the camera motor screamed away, Carmen continued down working over Karen's upper lip. Carmen applied a little more pressure to her finger as she rolled the bottom lip out of the way before continuing down past Karen's mouth and over her chin. By now the fingertip was just about dry when Carmen called to Karen. "Don't worry babe! There's plenty more where that came from!"

Jennifer gasped and bit her bottom lip as she watched Carmen re-dip her finger like she was inking up a quill from an ink well. Carmen heard Jennifer's barely audible gasp and looked up at Jen. As their eyes met, Jen could almost see an impish twinkle in Carmen's eyes that was almost saying don't worry Jen, I'll save some for you too! Carmen broke the silence when she asked if Jen had enough film. Again all she managed was a silent nod in the affirmative.

Carmen once again found Karen's lips with her index finger that was now sporting a fresh dose of girl goo. Karen was sensing what was coming next and tightly clenched her jaw shut trying to deny Carmen access to her mouth. The former Laker girl adjusted to the challenge and instead began to circle Karen's lips like she was applying lip-gloss to the helpless Playmate.

Carmen pinched Karen's nose shut forcing her to open her mouth to breathe. As soon as Karen's lips parted, Carmen thrust the sticky digit between them, wiping its contents on her teeth and gums. "That's it girl! Open wide for good old Carmen!"

CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! The camera continued to click at warp speed.

Looking over at Jennifer, Carmen said, "Hey Jen, why don't you change the film again and give that some time to cool down before you seize the motor!"

"Screw the motor!" Jen thought. "I'm the one about to seize!" But she did as instructed and when she was ready to continue, Carmen instructed her to take a knee and lower the camera for a close up. Jennifer was stunned when she saw Carmen pinch Karen's nose shut once again and begin to lower her crotch till Karen's chin began to part her lips. Jennifer was only able to watch the oncoming humiliation through the viewfinder, as she concentrated all her energies on capturing this moment for prosperity. "I hope my hands are a lot steadier than my legs!" she thought, as her finger remained depressed on the button.


Carmen closed her eyes as she felt Karen's warm breath between her legs, "Now get that tongue busy if you don't want me to invite Leeann and the girls over to help me celebrate!"

Karen felt Carmen shift her weight forward as she prepared to lower her muff onto Karen's face. With Carmen slightly off balance, it only took a small shove from behind as both of Karen's hands were on Carmen's ass sending her flying up and over her head. Jennifer was still looking through the viewfinder as Carmen's image grew larger and larger. The two women collided sending them sprawling onto the floor in a heap. Karen rolled onto her stomach and forced herself up to her hands and knees before either Carmen or Jennifer had a chance to untangle themselves. As Carmen began to clear the pile, Karen dove at her waist tackling the actress to the ground. With Carmen lying on her stomach, Karen crawled up her back and grabbed a handful of hair and began pounding her face first into the floor. When Carmen had some of the fight taken out of her, Karen sat on the small of her back and pulled her head backwards, pulling her into a camel clutch.

Carmen was screaming in pain as Karen held her head at an awkward angle with her left hand cupped under her chin allowing her free right hand to blast away at the side of Carmen's face. With her opponent not showing much resistance, Karen reached under Carmen and latched onto her bare breast with nails as sharp as talons. Carmen was helpless to shake the angry Playmate from her back and began to have flash backs of when Karen had her spread on the torture rack, trying to crush her breast.

Jennifer made it to her hands and knees and crawled over to the white leather chair that she had been posing on earlier. Her head was pounding and she had no idea what had hit her. She took a moment to close her eyes and try to stop the room from spinning before she tried to make it back to her feet. When she opened her eyes, she saw a pool of crimson on the contrasting white leather chair that her head hung over. Her hand immediately shot to her forehead where she found that she had been cut open by the metal camera body when her and Carmen collided. Making it back up to her feet, she staggered over to one of the mirrors on the wall. The gash looked deep and she knew that she had a very good chance for a visible scar if she didn't seek out a surgeon who specialized in very small stitches.

Looking over to where Karen was taking apart her friend Carmen, Jennifer saw red. "That fucking bitch is dead!" Jen started to close the distance between her and the other two women, but not before she stopped to pick up the camera where she had fallen earlier. Grabbing it by the shoulder strap, she began to swing it round and round over her head like a lasso. She walked over closer to Karen from behind and when she was within striking distance, swung her arm forward in an arc catching Karen just behind her right ear on the back of her head.

Karen's grip on Carmen was broken as both women crashed back to the floor in opposite directions. Jennifer looked down at the pieces of camera that had scattered around the room. When the camera hit the back of Karen's head, the strap broke sending the camera crashing to the floor. When it landed, it broke open exposing Jennifer's latest roll of priceless film rendering it useless. With only the strap left in her hand, Jennifer walked over to where Karen was struggling to her knees as she rubbed the painful knot on the back of her head. Seeing that Carmen was not going to rejoin the scrum anytime soon, Jennifer used the strap to circle Karen's neck and try to choke her out. Karen was caught by surprise by the blow from behind and now struggled for life giving air. If it wasn't for the fact that her hand was up to her head, Jennifer easily could have over powered her. But with her right wrist caught between her neck and the strap, Jennifer was unable to completely encircle her victim's neck with the strap.

Karen struggled up to her feet as Jennifer held onto the strap for dear life. Spinning to face her attacker, Karen used her free hand to reach forward and grab Jennifer in a chokehold of her own. Karen heaved with all her might and picked Jennifer up till her feet left the floor and than began to walk her back towards the wall. Once there, Karen used her dominant grip on the smaller Playmate to bounce her head off the wall until she felt the pressure from the strap loosen.

Karen had been holding Jennifer high enough to be at eye level with her and looked deep into Jennifer's soul. The small Playmate was at Karen's mercy and both her and Karen knew it. Karen began to lower Jennifer's body back to the floor and Jen let out a sigh of relief knowing that Karen wasn't going to kill her right then and there. But as Karen lowered Jennifer, she blasted a knee lift up between the scared girl's legs and at that very moment, Jen wished that Karen would have killed her, as the pain was unbearable.

Karen released Jennifer and allowed her body to slump to the floor. Using the camera strap that she had removed from her neck, Karen tightly bound Jennifer's wrist behind her back. With Jennifer out of action, Karen grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up so that they met face to face. Looking deep into Jennifer's glazed over eyes, Karen issued a warning. "Look bitch! I told you this has nothing to do with you. Now stay out of it before I stomp a mud hole in your ass!" Rather then answer, Jennifer just slid down to the floor and hid her face behind her long hair. Carmen was back up on her feet now and realized that she would not be getting any future help from Jen. Looking around the room she spotted the champagne magnum from earlier and picked it up. She took a long pull from the neck of the bottle and then splashed some of the cool liquid into her face to try and revive herself a little before reentering the fight.

Carmen crossed the room with her thumb over the bottle opening and vigorously shook its contents during the short walk back over to McDougal. Karen finished her little fireside chat with Jennifer, and turned to scan the room looking for Carmen trying to reacquire the target. As Karen spun she saw that Carmen was right in front of her grasping something in both hands.

"Oh great! The bitch picked up a weapon. I hope it doesn't hurt as much as what ever Walcott hit me with."

Karen took a bladed combat stance with her hands out in front of her ready to defend against Carmen's attack. As Electra approached however, just before she was in striking range of Karen, she slid her thumb off the opening of the now pressurized bottle and directed the stream right into Karen's eyes like a garden hose. The liquid stung her eyes, and Karen instinctively closed them and tried to rub the caustic liquid away to clear her vision.

With Karen's strong arms lifted up and out of the way, Carmen swung the bottle like a club targeting the Playmate's belly button. The surprise attack knocked all the wind out of the Playmate and doubled her over clutching her belly. Suddenly the champagne in her eyes was a distant memory as her hands and arms cradled her mighty abs. Like a skilled billiards player, Carmen took the first shot with the anticipation of setting up her next one.

With Karen bent forward at the waist, the back of her head was an inviting target and as Carmen swung the bottle down connecting with precision aim.

Karen did a nose-dive straight for the floor. The fact that she was unable to get her arms up to try and break her fall told Carmen that she had knocked the Playmate out. At least temporarily. Looking down at the motionless Karen, the "thick white dental floss" stood out against her deeply tanned skin. "Hey! How come you're the only one in the room with clothes? We can fix that!" Carmen quickly undid the small bows at the Karen's neck and the middle of her back that held the bikini top in place. Next she straddled Karen's legs and knelt down to begin working the bathing suit bottoms down off the Playmate's legs.

When the material had cleared Karen's ass, and began to make it down her shapely legs, Carmen had to stop for a moment to take in the sites. "Nice ass Karen!" Carmen said as she parted Karen's cheeks and worked her finger past the tight sphincter muscle. "I'm going to have to play with this a littlemore later, but I'll be nice and wait’ til you’re awake so you can enjoy it. You DO like it in the ass, don't you, you dirty little slut!" Getting back to the task at hand, Carmen withdrew her finger and finished working the small bikini bottom down and off of Karen's legs.

With Karen now a full-fledged member of Carmen's nudist colony, the actress kicked the Playmate in the ribs rolling her over onto her back. Carmen's eyes washed up and down Karen's body looking for the next activity to occupy her over taxed sex drive and easily found her next area to explore.

Carmen knelt down between Karen's legs and pushed them apart spreading them wide. Karen's legs just flopped into the direction that Carmen had pushed them offering no resistance at all. Carmen just licked her lips thinking how much fun she would be having abusing Karen both sexually and emotionally over the remaining time they got to spend together. Carmen moved in and inserted two fingers into Karen's love nest, and then a third. As she began to work her hand in and out of her defeated foe, Carmen glanced over at Jennifer who was just lying motionless with her head at the corner where the wall met the floor like she was trying to tunnel her way out of the room. "You worthless cunt! At least this bitch put up a little bit of a fight!" Carmen said of Jennifer as she shook her head in disgust.

Karen's body began to respond to Carmen's stimulation and she began to rock her hips subconsciously to the rhythm of Carmen's thrust. Carmen's attention was drawn back to Karen and she quickly withdrew her fingers from the Playmate. "Hey now! Who told you that you were allowed to enjoy this? You're here for me! Not the other way around bitch!" Carmen hissed as she wiped off her fingers on Karen's inner thigh.

With Karen beginning to show signs of awakening, Carmen wanted to make sure that she was in the proper position to great her when Karen rejoined the party. Carmen stood, grabbed each of Karen's ankles, and tucked them under her armpits. Next she stepped forward folding the Playmate in half at the waist. Electra then lowered her ass onto Karen's body just below the tits and knelt on her shoulders pinning them to the floor. In this dominant position, Carmen was confident that the Playmate could not resist and only obey the command for sexual satisfaction that she issued to her.

Carmen took a moment to gaze down at Karen, waiting to see the surprised look on the Playmate's face when she awoke and realized her predicament. But Karen wasn’t responding fast enough, so Carmen tickled her own honey pot to get her fingers nice and moist.

"Hey it worked once, why not again?" she thought as she ran her sticky fingers under Karen's nose. Her pungent smell had the same effect as if she’d cracked an ammonia capsule and shoved it into one of Karen’s nostrils! She jolted awake as if hit by lightening and when she saw Carmen grinning just inches from her face, Karen began to struggle with all her remaining strength.

"That's it honey! SQUIRM! I love live prey!" Carmen confidently taunted the restrained Playmate. A look of panic crossed Karen's face! She had no idea how she’d ended up in this position, even worse, how she was going to get out of it! Carmen slid her arms down Karen's legs until the back of the Playmate's knees were trapped under the actress's armpits. This not only kept Karen’s legs immobilized, but it freed up both of Carmen's hands to play with her new Playmate. Reaching down, Carmen grabbed both nipples of the trapped Playmate and began to pull, stretching the sensitive breast meat til Karen felt like her nipples were about to be pulled off. Karen couldn't keep from letting out a pained yelp at this new torture, exactly the response Carmen wanted! "That's it! Don't be afraid to scream! Maybe if you’re real, real nice... I may let you go."

Karen cursed at Carmen’s offer, so the actress painfully began to twist the nipples like she was trying to tune in a radio station from a foreign land. Karen let out another long pained, "Oooohhh fuck!" which brought another wicked smile from Carmen.

"Hey, have you seen My Cousin Vinny? That's what lawyers call a counter offer!" Karen closed her eyes and tried to fight through the pain, but that only brought another vicious yank from the pissed off actress. "Hey slut! I'm fucking talking to you! Don't fucking dis me by closing your eyes!" Carmen accentuated her demand by digging her nails into the soft undersides of Karen's globes, and the Playmate's eyes immediately shot open and got big as sauces. "That's better cunt!" Carmen puirred, prasiing Karen’s attentiveness to her demands. "Now I got your attention, let's get back to negotiations! I'm going to lower my hot box down on to that unworthy slutty mouth and let you bring me off in a climax to end all climaxes. Do a real good job and I'll keep you around a while; and probably not hurt you any more as long as you continue to play nice. But, if you don't do a convincing enough job of showing me how much you really want to please me, I'll have to drop a dime to Leeann and call in the girls. Just imagine yourself spending the weekend at that disgusting warehouse with four hot brunettes screwing you in every hole you have! So what's it going to be?"

When Karen didn't answer immediately, Carmen gave her tits another vicious yank, digging her nails in deeper.

"OWWWW! PLEEEEEZE…….nuh…n…no more!” Karen whimpered. “Please, let me go!" The words Carmen wanted to hear!

"Damn, wish I had a tape recorder." Carmen thought. "Oh well, I bet later when me and the girls get together, the four of us can get her to repeat it a LOT of times!"

She let go of Karen's breast after one more savage twist to remind her who was in charge. Looking into Karen's eyes, Carmen began to bark out instructions to her captive.

"I'm going to lower my muff to just above your mouth. Then I want you to stick out your tongue and get busy. If you try anything funny I'm going to kill you! Do we understand each other?"

Karen nodded and waited for Carmen making her move. Just as Carmen's ass lifted off her chest, Karen was able to take her first deep breath in quite a while. At the same time, she raised her hands under Carmen's bottom and waited. As Carmen shifted herself forward, her whole body weight was transferred to Karen's shoulders through her knees. Then when Carmen began to lower herself into position and Karen could smell that same awful stench that had snapped her out of dreamland, she shoved her fingers deep inside of Carmen's box and locked the fingernails of her thumb and middle finger onto the actress's clitoris. Carmen instantly went from anticipating pure pleasure, to feeling incredible pain!

Had Carmen been able to maintain any resemblance of composure, she could’ve started pounding away at Karen's face from point blank range, but instead her reaction was to bolt upright and try to escape the source of her pain like a child who’d touched a hot stove. Karen maintained her painful internal crotch claw as long as she could before Carmen was able to pull away seeing stars as she frantically tried to escape the pain.

Karen rolled over onto her stomach and pushed herself up to her hands and knees, then began crawling over to Carmen who had come to rest across the room. Slowly the Playmate closed the distance until she could lunge and grab a handful of hair, using it to pull the Laker girl into a side headlock as she rolled Carmen onto her back and fell on top of her. With Carmen's head trapped in the crook of her tightly clenched left arm, Karen used her free right fist to pound away at the guest photographer; her blows aimed at Carmen's nose. It didn’t take many punches before her eyes rolled back in her head and her eyes fluttered closed.

Karen climbed off of the top of Carmen and glanced at Jennifer who was still in the corner whimpering.

"Well this bitch is so set on carpet munching, let me see if I can't help her out!" Karen said to no one in particular as she reached down, grabbed Carmen by the hair and began dragging her across the room caveman style. When she’d gone halfway, she felt Carmen grab her wrist trying to break her hold on her hair. "Still want to play huh?" Karen said as she lifted Carmen up and pulled her into a bear hug around the waist, then fell backwardm sending the actress sailing face first through a coffee table and shattering it into little pieces! All resistance ended, Karen dragged Carmen over to Jennifer and when she sensed her approaching, she tried to shy away from Karen, still unable to defend herself with her hands tightly bound behind her.

"On your back bitch!" Karen yelled at her and Jennifer immediately complied. She dragged Carmen into position between Jennifer's legs, then ordered her, "Spread them wide! Now!"

And again Jennifer did as she was told. She was rewarded when Karen dropped Carmen face down on her crotch and began rubbing her nose in Jennifer's pussy. Jennifer began to think Karen wasn't such a bad person after all as she relax and began to enjoy the friction of Carmen's nose on her sweet spot. Carmen began to come to and struggled to free herself from her Playmate prison, but Karen had a firm hold on the back of her head and escape was justn’t in the cards. Karen smiled as Jennifer's breathing and pulse began to race just before her body stiffened and began quaking. The next thing Karen heard was a tell-tale gurgle as Carmen's face was enveloped by Jennifer's erupting orgasm.

"Karen? Can you please untie me? I won't be any more trouble. I promise," Jennifer appealed to her fellow Playmate.

Since Karen had dinner plans with Irish, she couldn't really stay much longer to play with these two anyway. And feeling sorry for Jennifer she untied her wrists, freeing her from the camera strap. Karen picked up her bathing suit and slipped it on, then glanced at the two munchkins and saw that Jennifer had already used the camera strap to bind Carmen's wrists behind her back. Quickly looking around the room, Karen saw another camera and hustled to pick it up. Once more, Jennifer heard the distinctive whirr of a camera motor advancing film at break neck speed as she sat happily on Carmen's face rocking back and forth.

"Make sure I get a copy of those pictures!" Karen told Jennifer, putting the camera down and hustling off to keep her date.

When Irish got home from work, he smelled the distinct smell of Italian food coming from the kitchen of his apartment and called out, "Babe that you?"

"I'm in here," Karen replied from the kitchen.

He stopped short as he turned the corner from the living room and caught a glimpse of Karen’s bruised and battered body, "Hey babe... when you said you wanted to work on your color today, I thought you meant tan! Not black and blue!"

She smiled, "You should see the other two! Good old Carmen Electra might be eating dinner through a straw tonight."