Emma Peel-Purdey (Team Great Britain) vs. Grace Chen-Sydney Fox (Team Hawaii) by Tank

Setting: The International Fight Club's (c) - American Samoa Chapter where the team of sophisticated British Beauties, Emma Peel (Diana Rigg) and Purdey (Joanna Lumley) are matched against Asian dolls, Grace Chen and Sydney Fox.

Emma will face Grace Chen (Kelly Hu) and Purdey will battle Sydney Fox (Tia Carerre) in the opening matches. If they split the opening fights, the two winners will meet for the championship. If one team wins both opening matches, the teammates will face off for a $10,000 prize - plus a weekend of pampering by the losing team!

Both teams must perform a dance routine at a charity even the night before battle. The crowd - having paid top dollar for the privilege of seeing four lovely ladies dance - are already well into their cups before the show starts, but since the proceeds of the evening support a local charity, all four women are obligated to perform.
Emma Peel is sexy and graceful in her skimpy belly dancer outfit, sinuously cavorting to loud, approving applause from the happy crowd. Purdey follows and looks even lovelier as she displays unknown skills as a ballerina in a surprisingly revealing unitard. Once the Brit Bombshells have concluded their performances, they retire to their hotel suite to change for the grand banquet in the hotel dining room.

Grace and Sydney follow and they decide to dance a duet - topless - in grass skirts - their shapely bodies slathered with oil. They perform a native Hawaiian dance; swaying their lush bodies to a powerful drumbeat. The two exotic beauties move gracefully about the stage, their large, well oiled, breasts swaying and jiggling in an erotic display of power and grace.

Watching from the balcony of their 3rd floor suite, Emma and Purdey, now changed into slacks and blouses and business ties, watch anxiously as they size up their opponents.

"Well, they sure have us beat in the breast department," Purdey observes with a snarky glance down at her less well-endowed partner who has been intently watching in silence.

As the erotic dance comes to an end, the lovely Hawaiian's are handed coconuts which they put between their thighs, then resume their swaying. As their hands resume their sensuous motion, their faces light up with radiant smiles as they thrust their naked torsos forward and...in perfect unison...flex their thighs as they jerk their upper bodies back upright and the music ends abruptly.

CRAAAACK! They raise their arms in triumph as the audience gasps. en , the music ends abruptly. The tawny Hawaiian beauties hold the pose as the milky juice of the crushed coconuts oozes down their well-oiled thighs past their knees and over their muscular calves. To a standing ovation Tia and Kelly shimmy off the stage and hurry to their suite where they will shower and change before joining Emma and Purdey at the banquet.

"It's not their breasts that concern me,", Emma finally answers once she get her breath back. Purdey, who is shocked into uncharacteristic silence, has a hand over her gaping mouth. "I'm not intimidated, Purdey, are you?" Emma prompts.

"Of course not! They may have stronger bodies, but we're better trained...aren't we Em?"

"Of course they are! I mean WE are!" Emma answers, flustered as she nervously adjusts her tie, trying to cover the deep cleavage above the first button of her blouse - which she now realizes is far too low.

"I can't wait till tomorrow; how about you?" asks Purdey feistily.

"No! I mean...no, I can't wait!" Emma mumbles as she combs her hand through her shock of dense auburn hair.

"Well...it's time to go. We want to get down to the party before the competition," Purdey reminds her.

As the two gorgeous British agents leave their suite, their minds are dominated by images of the Hawaiian duo's large, jiggling, oil-slathered breasts and of four powerful, tawny thighs strong enough to crush coconuts!!
Can the well trained and sophisticated British Beauties tame the strong and wild Island Women?

Will Grace and Sydney prove too skilled and savage for Emma and Purdey to handle?

Tune in to next week's show when all will be revealed!!!!!!!
After the banquet, the two teams return to their suites for the evening as they anticipate their matches. The two Hawaiian beauties lay on the king size bed they share as they discuss the competition; Grace in her 'lucky' red nightie and Sydney in bra and panties.

Sydney: "So, what do you think of Emma?"

Grace: "She's a very skilled fighter. I have a lot of respect for her, but I WILL break her down." Grace has a confident air about her as she rolls onto her side to face her partner. "I plan to win a war of attrition; to force her to quit. So, what do you think of your girl, Purdey?"

Sydney is relaxing on her back, her hands behind her head and one knee raised. "Well, she's a very talented fighter, no doubt. I don't know what comes over me before these fights, but just the thought of her slender body in my leg scissors really - really - turns me on," she sighs, her right hand slipping down the front of her panties. "I guess you feel the same about Emma?"

Grace: "Of course. There's nothing more arousing to me than feeling someone struggling in vain as I dominate her...the moment of her realization of her helplessness...making her aware I am her mistress and can do whatever I please to her. I know it's more than mere sexual gratification or ego...but I definitely take pleasure in the thought of dominating a woman - especially one as lovely and talented as Purdey."

Sydney: "Well then, let the show begin!" Both ladies smile confidently.
Purdey walks out of the shower, her petite body barely covered by a powder blue bath towel. Emma is already on one of the twin beds, her unbuttoned lavender peignoir partially covering her black satin bra and panties.

Purdey smiles at Emma. "Do you remember our fight against Charlie's Angels?"

Emma: "How could I forget? Old Charlie was quite convinced American women were tougher than British women. He told everyone who would listen."

Purdey: "Kelly Garrett (Jacqueline Smith) couldn't stand up to my kicks. I saw the hurt look in her eyes as soon as I nailed her in the ribs early in the fight."

Emma: "You were too much for her, Purdey. Your kicks had her backing up until she was cringing in the corner."

Purdey: "I finished her off with my specialty, a front kick to the jaw. Of course, Jill Monroe (Farrah Fawcett) fared no better against you!"

Emma: "She didn't present much of a threat! I just chopped her in the neck a couple of times, flipped her over my shoulder and put her in a sleeper hold."

Purdey: "Yeah, she went out like a light. So much for the Hollywood Angels."

Emma: "Charlie looked extremely embarrassed having to drag his unconscious heroines out of the arena after bragging about them all week," Emma chuckled.

Purdey laughed and nodded. "He should never have underestimated the power of an Englishwoman!"

The room grew silent and Emma rose from her bed as Purdey slowly walked toward her. Their eyes met and they embraced warmly.

Purdey: "We've never lost as a team, Emma. More of the same, tomorrow?"

Their breasts molded into the other and Emma hesitated before she said..."We don't frighten easily, Purdey. We fight to the finish!"

Purdey: "Do Grace's thigh muscles scare you?" She felt her lovely auburn-haired partner tremble slightly in her arms.

Emma: "I admit their dance WOULD intimidate lesser women. There's something about that Grace...her confidence...the way she moves...even nearly naked in that grass skirt...those big breasts and muscular thighs..." As Emma spoke she felt a slight tremble in Purdey's slender body.

Purdey: "I know Em...I feel the same about Sydney. There's a savagery in her eyes that's different from the other women I've fought. But we WILL find a way to prevail."

The two beauties embraced more tightly and Emma sighed, "We always do, Purdey; we always do!"
With the first match only minutes away, Emma and Purdey make their way to the battle maze: three small, well-padded rooms that are connected to one another by doors. Purdey will fight Sydney in chamber #3 while Emma and Grace meet in chamber #1. After her match is won, the two winners will advance from her chamber into chamber #2, located between the other two. She will then either fight the other victor for all the marbles; greet her teammate to celebrate their victories and then tussle for the ten thousand. Of course, the first winner may have to wait until the other door ss opened to find out which it will be!

The rules require all combatants to be barefooted and wearing bikinis. Emma and Purdey embrace and kiss each other; Purdey in light green and Emma yellow. Sydney is wearing a crimson bikini and has arrived without Grace who was late leaving her room as she struggled with the choice of which bikini to wear. Finally, Grace arrives in a black thong bikini to meet Emma.

Sydney enters chamber #3 and starts to loosen up as she awaits the petite blonde. Purdey takes a deep breath, opens the door to chamber #3 and finds the tawny Hawaiian greeting her with a smile. They waste no time as they begin to circle while Emma goes to chamber #1 to await Grace.

Purdey (nearly 5'8" tall) moves forward, snapping straight kicks at Sydney's 5'8" body. The brunette backs up as she feels the sting of Purdey's blows and tries to gauge her kicks as Purdey continues to advance. Sydney grimaces as she gets nailed in her ribs with a jolting kick. Purdey, looking for a quick knockout, twice grazes Sydney's jaw with her heel and Sydney stumbles back, her arms windmilling to keep her balance.

As Purdey continues forward, Sydney avoids her blows, then catches Purdey with a straight punch to the face. The blond staggers back and Sydney rushes in, throwing punches in bunches! But Purdey skillfully blocks almost all, then a quick knee to Sydney's belly drops the oriental beauty to her knees. Sydney raises her arms justd in time to block a snap kick to her face by the determined English beauty.

The Hawaiian quickly rolls away from danger and gets to her feet but Purdey is already on her and stings her again with two straight kicks to her belly and ribs. Sydney is backed into a corner. Purdey moves in and chops Sydney's neck but Sydney blocks her knee to her groin and wraps up Purdey in a clinch around her chest.
In chamber #1, the 5'5" Grace finally slicks her way into the room where Emma (a shade under 5'9" is waiting impatiently. Grace watches the auburn-haired beauty loosen up, twisting her body with hands on her hips.

"I hope you're worth the wait", Emma remarks. Grace begins to loosen up herself, her eyes focused on the taller British beauty in her lovely yellow bikini. The tawnier Hawaiian smiles. Then she pouts sarcastically,

"Ohhh...did I keep Her Majesty Queen Emma waiting...I'm sooooo sorry!"
Purdey breaks Sydney's clinch and deals a straight punch to her face, forcing the brunette back into the corner where she blocks a close range chop and then backs Purdey off with a sharp left-right combo to the blonde's face. Sydney charges and as they circle mid-room, Purdey snaps another stinging kick to Sydney's ribs that drops the Hawaiian to her knees again.

Sydney quickly reaches out, grabs Purdey's ankles and unbalances her but the English woman is able to fall onto Sydney. Purdey strikes Sydney's face with a chop and the brunette grimaces as they struggle until she powers Purdey off of her.

Both women rise to their knees facing each other but it's Sydney who strikes first, feigning a right and striking Purdey in the ribs with a left hook. Purdey backs up on her knee as Sydney launches an attack with punches and chops - most blocked deftly by Purdey.

But a left- right combination to her breasts knocks Purdey's bra half-off, leaving it hanging from her breasts by one strap. Sydney moves in but Purdey falls back and kicks both legs out, trapping Sydney in a head scissors. The athletic Hawaiian maneuvers her lower body toward Purdey and drives savage kicks to the back of the blonde's thighs.

"OWWWW!" Purdey cries, releasing her scissors and rolling away.

Purdey shoots her silky legs out and her double thrust kick crushes Sydney's heaving breasts flat!

"AHHHHGGG!" The Hawaiian beauty grunts as she flys back and goes sprawling on the padded floor. By the time she gets to her feet, Purdey is already standing and preparing for another attack.
Emma and Grace circle cautiously, Emma wanting to use her superior height and longer reach to her advantage while Grace aims to neutralize both with her speed, athleticism, and better technique. She rushes Emma and sweeps her legs, tripping Emma to the floor but she springs back to her feet with hands raised. Again, Grace tries to leg sweep Emma but this time she eludes the attempt and grazes Grace's jaw with a countering chop.

Grace holds her ground and smiles as Emma looks very businesslike. They again start to circle each other.
Purdey snaps a front kick to Sydney's body which she blocks, but the blond scores with a straight right to the face. Sydney, more angry at herself than hurt, rushes Purdey behind a barrage of blows. The English woman ducks and dodges skillfully, stabbing at Sydney with kicks to keep her at bay. Once Sydney gets past Purdey's flashing feet, she nails her with a straight kick to her belly that propels Purdey back against the wall.

Again Sydney rushes her petite opponent and, again, Purdey is able to block and avoid Sydney's devastating attack. The two women clinch with Sydney's larger breasts overwhelming Purdey's as she traps the blond in the corner where Sydney's crimson panties press into Purdey's green panties and Purdey wraps her right calf around Sydney's left calf as she tries to trip her more muscular foe.
Emma is skillfully fighting off Grace's attacks but she has yet to launch any effective counter. Finally, Emma nails Grace with a straight kick to the belly as the Hawaiian comes in and Grace has to back up a step but she initiates a war of words.

"Not bad, Emma. But you'll have to do better than that to keep me from dominating that slender body. I hope you're not the type who cries easily."

"Actually, I don't," Emma growled as if insulted by the insinuation. "My opponents tend to - a lot! In fact, you remind me of quite a few of them."

While both women actually found their opponent quite unique and worthy of respect, neither would be satisfied with anything less than thoroughly dominating her. Not only was each woman's self-respect at stake but each was also fighting to prove to her partner that she is the superior woman on her own team!
Sydney keeps her balance as Purdey attempts to trip her to the floor and slashes her blond opponent with a knife edge chop that lands squre on the nipple of her exposed breast. Purdey's bra is hanging loose and Sydney grabs it between the cups, yanks and pulls it off as she bodies up to bully Purdey back into a corner. Sydney presses her thighs against Purdey's, crowding her so she's no room to launch her kicks. They trade body punches, then clinch. Sydney's aim is to brawl with her slender opponent, slowly beating her down while Purdey wants to keep the fight in the middle of the room where she can freely maneuver and use her lethal legs to advantage.
Emma nails Grace in the jaw with a right as the Hawaiian rushes in and Grace stumbles back with Emma stalking. The brunette holds her ground as they viciously trade punches and karate chops until Grace finally forces Emma back again. As Grace continues to advance, Emma displays her fighting savvy, employing her aggression as she uses a handful of hair to flip Grace over her shoulder. Grace lands on the padded floor on her back, but instinctively swings her feet back overhead and kicks up when Emma bends over to grab her. Prevented from coming down on top of Grace, Emma is thrown backward and

Grace springs back to her feet and whirls around before Emma can reset herself and advance. Emma is stunned by Grace's Spinning Kick to the ribs which is delivered with power and precision.

"OOOFFFF!" Emma backs off and Grace eyes her with undisguised contempt. She snaps two kicks at Emma's body - both of which are blocked. The auburn-tressed tigress has never fought anyone with Grace's speed and energy and the Oriental's advanced techniques have put her on the defensive the entire match. Only Emma's cat-like reflexes and high fighting I.Q. are, for the moment, making it difficult for Grace to land the decisive blow.
Sydney and Purdey exchange punches and chops at close range and Purdey winces when Sydney snaps a left hook to the blonde's ribs, buckling her knees. The Oriental beauty elbows Purdey in her lovely face forceing Purdey to clench as she tries to maneuver out of the corner to gain space. Sydney is using roughhouse tactics to wear Purdey down and it's working. Purdey tries to trip Sydney unsuccessfully and Sydney presses her elbows into Purdey's jaw, then snaps a knee to her belly.

"OOOHHHHHHH!" The blonde's mouth opens as, again, her knees buckle. Sydney holds Purdey up with her arms, her bigger, stronger, biceps imposing into Purdey's as she pushes her back tight in the corner. Sydney presses her panties into Purdey's, draws her right arm back, and snaps a hard right cross to the belly.

"AGGHHHHHH!" Again, Purdey's mouth opens. Sydney reaches for her own bra and rips it off, letting it flutter to the floor, her eyes staring into those of the petite, lovely blond with openly wicked intentions. Purdey is panting, her breasts heaving as she is trapped in the corner; her strength being drained by the tawny oriental vixen.
Emma avoids a lethal straight kick to her jaw and counters with a chop to Grace's neck, then kicks the Hawaiian Princess in the butt as she stumbles past, sending her crashing into the padded wall. Grace tumbles to the floor and Emma, seeing her opportunity, rushes toward her. But Grace isn't hurt and as Emma approaches, Grace sweeps her leg under Emma's tripping her onto her butt. Both roll, scramble to their feet and face each other once again.

"YAAHHHHH!" Grace leaps and flies at Emma with both feet as Emma backs up, hands raised. The power of the Oriental beauty's double kick breaks thru Emma's defence and strike her in both breasts with a double THUMP-BUMP!

"AGGGHHHHH!" Emma falls back against the wall holding her breasts as Grace moves in snapping kicks. Emma quickly avoids them as she spins out of danger, backing toward the center of the room where she nails Grace coming in with a straight kick to her belly which stops her in her tracks.
Sydney snaps a left hook to Purdey's belly. "OHHHHHH!" The slender British beauty is being dominated by the well-muscled Islander. Purdey punches back and tries to fight her way out of the corner but her punches lack steam and her weakened body lacks strength. Sydney continues to rough her up; a sharp left elbow to the face followed by a sneak right to her belly. “UGHHHHH!" Sydney catches Purdey and holds her up, pulling her head back by her hair as she inches close, her pubic mound pressing hard into Purdey's; her bigger, weightier, breasts and prominent nipples imposing themselves on the blonde's smaller ones. Sydney's lips are almost touching Purdey's as she continues to force her face up by the hair as she stares into her eyes meanly. Tears well in Purdey's eyes as she struggles helplessly, her face betraying her fear and despair. Like a pretty bird fluttering helplessly in the claws of a hungry cat, the slim, beautiful blond - so dominant in previous fights - appears to be at the mercy of this tawny, black-haired, big-breasted Oriental.

The match with Sydney appears a mismatch as Sydney nails Purdey with a left to the ribs that starts tears streaming down the blonde's flushed cheeks. The Hawaiian hottie presses her lips to Purdey's in a show of dominance, then releases her hair and pulls Purdey's body to hers, wrapping it in a crushing Bearhug! Purdey's mouth gapes wide, sucking air as her back is pinned against the wall. Sydney inhales deeply, filling her chest; her breasts flowing over and surrounding those of the lovely, overwhelmed, blonde.
As Grace continues to press forward, her Spinning Back Kick is partially blocked, but even so, the power of it sends Emma careening back.

"YIIIIIAAAHHHH!" Grace leaves her feet again, this time to kick Emma's left thigh on her way down. The slender Avengers Queen winces in pain, hobbling as Grace rushes in with fists flying, forcing Emma back up against the wall. She ducks to avoid Grace's attack, then looses a barrage of chops in return - a brutal exchange! Grace backs off to lick her wounds as Emma gazes down at her own petite breasts, recently exposed, and demurely tucks them back into her yellow bra. She ponders her strategy against her lovely-but-deadly opponent as Grace slowly stalks her. Twice, Grace fakes punches, watching Emma flinch; then nails her with a front kick to the body that takes her breath away. Grace turns her hips and strikes Emma with another slashing kick, this to her ribs. Emma grimaces and continues to back up, bewildered by the many and varied angles of Grace's strikes - not just their swiftness, but also the shocking power with which they land.

Grace smiles as she continues to stalk. Suddenly, Emma does the unexpected! She drops and leg sweeps Grace who, taken by surprise, tumbles to the floor. Emma pounces and the two beauties engage in the more traditional catfight/wrestling. Grace quickly flings Emma off to the side but Emma hits Grace in the face with a backfist, gets to her knees and is about to jump back on Grace when the athletic Hawaiian lashs out with both feet! Emma recoils as she barely eludes the hard heels and Grace rolls away.

Both beauties scramble back to their feet and Emma moves in, chopping at Grace's face but she blocks and her slashing kick strikes Emma in her hip, knocking her backward to one side. Grace quickly leaps in the air, angling her body in mid-air to land on Emma's back. She slips down and executes a standing leg scissors; her upper thighs clamped tight around Emma's lower thighs. The slender beauty had never encountered such a move! Emma's legs are trapped, squeezed together, as Grace - displaying remarkable body control - balances herself on her feet. Emma swings her elbows back sharply, once grazing Grace's jaw. Unable to control the auburn-tressed tigress, Grace falls to the floor, flinging Emma onto her side using the power of her legs while Emma rolls away.

Both women are back to their feet at the same time and the next several minutes are spent kickboxing - with Emma the aggressor. She stalks Grace as she chops, punches, and kicks at the Hawaiian beauty but Grace blocks or avoids most of Emma's blows - and scoring punishing counter-kicks to Emma's thighs and ribs. The taller woman continues to press forward and often scores with blows - but none connect solidly either chops or kicks and Grace continues to counter with slashing kicks, targeting especially Emma's thighs. Emma may have been winning on points as the busier of the two; scoring more frequently; but Grace's punishing counter-kicks were taking a toll and she felt like she was in charge.

Emma lunged in - only to be nailed with yet another kick to her thigh. She winced but continued her advance and scored with chops to Grace's face which were only partly deflected. Grace countered with another savage kick, this one to Emma's ribs. She smiles, but Grace knows her opponent had been hurt! The deadly Oriental doll backed out of range and hooked her thumbs under her skimpy black thong; smiling at Emma as if daring her to strike her face. Emma measured her, moved ahead and kicked at Grace's jaw - but she blocked it easily - then nailed Emma with still another slashing kick to the ribs! Grace smiled at Emma as she back peddled, hands on hips.

The Battling Brit's legs were like lead from Grace's powerful kicks and her frontal attack was slowing. Still, Emma showed her fortitude by continuing to advance; hoping to land one mighty blow to turn the fight in her favor.
Sydney, who had been toying with Purdey, pulled her out of the corner and flexed her biceps and forearms into her lower back as she increased pressure on her lethal Bear hug; lifting the English beauty onto her toes and making her gasp. Then the raven haired vixen started to taunt her, "I see you couldn't stand up under my body attack. Nor can you take the pressure of my bear hug. How on earth will you be able to handle my thigh muscles tightening around your skinny body?"

Purdey recalls Sydney's dance and shutters in dread. Sydney feels her tremble just as Purdey faints in her arms! Or, at least she pretended to faint! The tawny brunette is fooled and - her breasts still pressed into Purdey's - is convinced her lovely prey is unconscious. Sydney feels cheated. She'd planned to finish her slender opponent with a crushing leg scissors, but Purdey's fainting, her body falling into hers, had understandably negated those plans. She reached down and grabbed Purdey by the back of her panties, bent her knees and tossed the limp body over her right shoulder.

Purdey, still pretending sleep, had already been badly beaten by the stronger oriental and the thought of being crushed in Sydney's powerful thighs was more than she could bear. She knew if she escaped from the corner it would only be to endure more deadly kicks. She wondered what Sydney would do with her and why she didn't just let her fall to the floor a beaten woman? Purdey wondered how Emma was faring against Grace? Perhaps her lovely partner was already waiting to fight Sydney and rescue her from her Hawaiian nightmare.

Sydney bounced Purdey twice, adjusting the burden higher on her shoulder, then squeezed her butt under her right arm. Purdey winced, her groin pressing uncomfortably on her conqueror's shoulder. Still, she dared not move a muscle for fear her strong adversary discover her ploy and wedge her slim, silky-smooth, body between those dreaded thighs. Purdey wasn't a woman who lacked courage, but enough was enough!
Grace spitefully hummed as she pranced daintily around the room, Emma's body growing stiffer with passing time as Grace continued to stalk. Grace smiled, then ripped off her black bra and held it at her side like a matador enticing a bull. Emma could hardly be compared, but Grace - her arrogance exceeding decency - waited for Emma to move within range before nailing her with another powerful kick to the body. Emma grunted, took a deep breath and stopped in her tracks.

"Ohhh....poor Emma! I hope I'm not hurting you!" Grace taunted. Then the deadly oriental doll tossed her bra on the floor and started to playfully toy with her thong as she wiggled her butt in a slow, circular motion.

One moment Grace was sneering at Emma, the next pouting, as if it pained her to have to punish the auburn haired beauty. Suddenly, Emma, threw caution to the wind, flinging herself into her tormentor with fists flying. Grace struck Emma with a knee to her belly and backed away casually with the fingers of one hand over her mouth - mocking surprise - while the other hand toyed with her thong again.

Grace's sweet, beautiful face and exquisitely toned and shapely body concealed the personality of a dark and devilish dominatrix. Emma, her fortitude beyond question, advanced two steps, then dropped to her knees. Grace, ever the naughty girl, twice pranced around the kneeling Englishwoman in a wide circle. She then stopped in front of Emma and thrusts her tight well formed butt in Emma's face. The lovely English woman covered her face with her hands as Grace knelt in front of her, grabbed Emma's yellow bra with both hands digging into the cups, then tore it off her.

Emma raised her hand to strike back, but Grace dealt her a hard SLAP and Emma rocked back on her haunches by the slap, quickly covered her face again as she began to tremble. Grace was pouting as she rose off her knees and thrust her bigger breasts and nipples into Emma's exposed pair of firm breasts.

"I hate the thought of hurting you, Emma. It causes me much grief," Grace purred as she reached out, caressed Emma's head and slowly wrapped her fingers in her hair, then...WHAP! slapped her again. Emma showed remarkable courage by punching Sydney in her face and lunging at her. She could be beaten but she would NOT be humiliated! Grace was taken aback, but not hurt, and quickly overpowered the British beauty and forces her body forward onto her lap. Grace leaned back and wrapped her strong, silky thighs around Emma's chest, mashing her bare breasts flat as she applied steady pressure.

"OOOHHHHH!" Emma begins gasping; her mouth open; her eyes rolling back as Grace pulled her back with her legs, dragging her higher on her lap. Slipping her arms under Emma's armpits, Grace raised her hands behind her neck, clasped her hands and pressed down on Emma's neck until the Brit beauty struggled breathlessly.

Grace taunted her as she rubbed her legs against the waist of Emma's panties. "Oh, how I hate to do this to a pretty girl like you!" The deadly oriental doll flexes her thighs again, then stops. "Give up, Emma?" The lovely Englishwoman gritted her teeth and said nothing - just what Grace wanted! She flexed her sensuous thighs again, this time twisting her slender prey over onto her side, giving her thighs a pulse, then flipping Emma back up onto her lap again. "Do you submit, Emma? I hate to be a naughty girl," she pouted.

Emma, who had displayed gritty fortitude throughout the fight, realised she could no longer continue. The beautiful, well-muscled, Oriental devil doll was too much woman for the slender and petite British beauty to handle. Grace's big, bare breasts undulated in front of Emma's eyes as the Hawaiian woman took a deep breath and tightened her deadly scissors again.

"I give!" Emma screamed.

But Grace wasn't satisfied. "Oh, poor Emma! Do you give up? You must be a very tough woman not to be crying by now."

The lovely Oriental dominatrix was getting aroused at the thought of making Emma cry. Her nipples grew hard as she slithered her shapely calves up and down over Emma's sleek, silky, thighs. She gazed over Emma's shoulder at the petite, bare, breasts which were rolling and jiggling on Emma's heaving chest.

Grace twisted Emma's body slightly toward her side, then flexed her strong, steely, thigh muscles around Emma's waist. Emma gritted her teeth, refusiing to give her conqueror the satisfaction of seeing her cry. She held it in as Grace continued to squeeze until the auburn-haired beauty could no longer prevent the tears from streaming down her cheeks. She trembled as Grace stared into her eyes excitedly as the deadly beauty kept flexing...4...5...6...7 seconds before she released her.

As the pressure eased on her body, Emma burst out blubbering. Grace twisted her upper body and imposed herself on her victim; her erectd nipples spearing Emma's she lay with her legs wrapped loosely around her midsection. The sounds of Emma bawling unashamedly was heartrending to Emma - but it was an aphrodesiac to Grace who was is totally absorbed in the moment, drinking it in, and loving it!

"Poor Emma! I didn't mean to hurt you!" Grace lied.

Finally, Grace got to her feet and - like Sydney with Purdey - bends down and hauled Emma to her feet and tossed her body over her right shoulder. She walked to the door leading to chamber two and opened it. Directly in front of her, across the room, stood Sydney in the other doorway with Purdey's body draped over her shoulder.

Sydney giggled, "What took so long? Hey, there's a great sushi restaurant that just opened. Wanna have dinner later?"

Grace smiled. She and Sydney meet in the center room and begin chatting, still holding the two defeated British beauties over their shoulders. Purdey's heart sank as she heard her partner's sobbing and moaning, still, she dared not move for fear Sydney might do the same to her.

As the Hawaiian beauties continued to chat, Grace was eying Purdey's bottom. She reached up and lightly ran her fingers over Purdey's butt, then suggested, "Let's trade!"

"Fine with me!" Sydney answered.

They gently swapped victims, Purdey now over Grace's shoulder and Emma over Sydney's. The two victors bask in the feeling of the other woman's warm body helpless over her shoulder as they continue to chat about trivial matters. Grace asks Sydney how she'd look with Purdey's hair style and Sydney responds, "I'm thinking of dying my hair reddish brown."

Emma, who had finally stopped crying, rolled her eyes impatiently as she wondered when their conquerors would finally put them down. Like Purdey, Emma feels the discomfort of her having Sydney's shoulder blade grinding on her pubic mound.

Purdey is getting dizzy as she hangs with her face resting on Grace's butt as she continues to play possum; more fearful of Grace now than Sydney As feisty as she is, this is not her or Emma's night! Grace's haughty demeanor frightens her and Purdey never frightened easily.

Finally, Sydney and Grace gently lay Emma and Purdey's bodies on the floor.

"Hey, this one's awake!" Grace shouts as she slides her legs around Purdey's body.

Sydney puts Emma spread-eagle, lying on top of her with her breasts crushing Emma's. Grace, her legs locked firmly around Purdey's waist, resumes the chat. Emma is too weak to do anything about Sydney's dominant position on top of her although she's feeling considerable discomfort and growing impatient. All she wants is Sydney to get her big jugs and ass off of her!

Purdey feels even more helpless wedged tightly between Grace's tawny thighs and desperatly wants to give her no excuse to flex them. The two orientals enjoy the feeling of their lovely new victim's bodies under their control as they continue to chat casually about fashion, cuisine, and their favorite movies.

Finally, paying no attention to their vanquished prey, they get to their feet and go to retrieve their bras. Emma and Purdey can hear them arguing on the way out over where they'll go for dinner. Then they hear a door slam.

The British beauties rise to their knees, crawl slowly to one another and embrace. Emma sees a tear roll down her partner's cheek as Purdey admits softly, "I guess....we can't...can't win them all!" Emma is silent. Purdey speaks again. "I...I really hate to think of explaining this to Steed."

Emma forced a smile, "He'll understand.....and heaven help the next women we fight!" They slowly struggled to their feet, retrieved their bras, and head back to their suite for a long rest.
They are on their way out the next day to rejoin Steed and resume their lives as agents; their bodies sore and their spirits dejected. Purdey is wearing a pink and white blouse and miniskirt; Emma her black catsuit. As the elevator from their 3rd floor suite stops on the second floor, the door opens and - of all people - Charlie, with two of his Angels (Sabrina Duncan - Kate Jackson - in a blue bikini and Kris Munro - Cheryl Ladd - in a white bikini) step inside. Charlie stops the elevator, points to the two British women and shouts, "GET 'EM, ANGELS!"

Sabrina traps Purdey against the wall. "I'm Sabrina Duncan and we have a score to settle!"

"And I'm Kris Monroe," the blond Angel informs Emma as she pins her against the opposite wall. "You're the one who beat up my older sister, huh? Well, I'm the tough Angel in the family and nobody beats my sister and gets away with it!"

"Is that so?" Emma answered.

"JUST LIKE WE PRACTICED, ANGELS!" Charlie says. Sabrina and Kris lift their legs in unison to kick Purdey and Emma in the groin. But Purdey blocks Sabrina's kick with her thigh, then nails her with a barrage of chops and punches before finishing Sabrina with a savage kick to her jaw and she drops unconscious.

Emma, after swinging Kris around the elevator by her leg a couple of times, tosses her against the wall and Kris falls to the floor. Charlie is watching in frustration from the corner. As Kris rises to her knees, Emma wraps her calves around her head, smiles at Charlie and flexes her calves. Kris bursts out crying like a schoolgirl. Emma kneels down and pulls the blond Angel over her lap, pulls down her white bikini bottom and proceeds to give her a severe spanking.


"LITTLE GIRL, YOU CAUGHT ME IN A VERY BAD MOOD!" Emma informs her. The angry English beauty rolls the beaten blond off her lap and Charlie watches one Angel bawling inconsolably while the other lays unconscious. Purdey and Emma smirk as they walk toward the door and Charlie hangs his head in embarrassment.

"Sorry Charlie!" Purdey smiles.

"Back to the drawing board, eh Charlie?" Emma giggles as she gives his tie a quick tug on the way out.
Emma and Purdey leave the hotel grinning. Though hurt and deeply disappointed over their losing effort, they had ended things on a good note and now are planning to be back with vengeance on their mind. And, as long as 'Charlie's Angels' continue to come around, they'll always have something to laugh about.

Of course, as soon as he gets back to his office, Charlize starts placing calls to his Angels - past, present and future! In the conference call, he tells all his girls, "The Townsend Agency has been disrespected big time, girls. It's an insult that can’t be allowed to stand. I want everyone working out starting in the morning, we're going after those British Bimbos with everything we have. Bosley, start working on a plan to get those two isolated; someplace where my Angels can get each of them alone and deal with them one-on-one...or two-on-one…or three-on-one - if necessary, dammit!!!"