Emma Peel vs. Foxy Cleopatra by Tank

Emma (Diana Rigg) faces Foxy (Beyonce) in the main event at the “International Fight Club.”

Emma Peel (5’9”, 26 y/o; silver bikini)
Foxy Cleopatra (5’7”, 22 y/o; gold bra and thong.
Both women are barefoot as required by IFC rules.

Emma Peel’s last two fight results:
1) Forced submission from Dori Doreau (Anne-Marie Martin “Sledgehammer”). Emma beat up Dori, then lay spread eagle on her and slapped her senseless until she submitted.
2) KOed legendary European heroine, Modesty Blaise (Monica Vitti) with a barrage of karate chops to her face and neck. Emma never looked more impressive than against Blaise.

Foxy Cleopatra’s last two fight results:
1) KOed Natalie Cook (Cameron Diaz “Charlie’s Angels”) Foxy dropped Nat with a lethal left hook to her jaw as Natalie rushed in recklessly on the attack.
2) Dealt a beating to The White She Devil, Penelope Snow (Denise Richards “Undercover Brother”). Snow melted in Cleopatra’s arms, then crumpled to the ground topless in just her yellow panties; wilting under Foxy’s snapping body punches followed by her finisher, a reverse bear hug.
* * * *
Purdey had accompanied Emma as her valet to lend her support during the week of the fight. One evening as she made her way down a lonely street on her way back to her hotel room, she heard the sound of a whip crackling behind her. She quickly turned around. Catwoman(Halle Berry) was on the prowl! The sensuous feline began to stalk toward her. Purdey stood her ground. She had heard much about Catwoman. Clad in her black leather in contrast to Purdey’s cream colored blouse and micro skirt, she was looking for a physical challenge.

“I’ll bet you’re not so tough without your whip, Catwoman!” Purdey declared as she braced for a fight.

Catwoman dropped her whip and motioned Purdey forward. The two women circled each other. Purdey lashed out quickly with a front kick. Catwoman blocked it, then tripped the petite blond with a leg sweep. Pouncing on top of the English beauty, ‘Catty’ delivered three straight, precise punches to Purdey’s face and, just that quickly, the fight was over!

“OOOOHHHHHH!” The lovely Purdey was knocked unconscious by a woman with remarkable speed and uncanny reflexes.

Catwoman lifted Purdey into her arms, the blonde’s miniskirt slipping above the bottom of her pink and white striped panties. She proceeded to carry her lovely and brave victim to her motorcycle two blocks away, then gently positioned the sleek, silky body of the English woman in front of her. Wrapping her more muscular thighs loosely around the naked thighs of the sleeping beauty, she started her engine and peeled away down the dark, lonely streets.

When Purdey awoke, she found herself sitting in a jacuzzi. She was topless in her panties, the warm water and bubbling suds oozing up to her breasts. She glanced to her right and found Catwoman, also bare breasted, in a black thong, and without her mask, gazing at her with a smile. Both women were virtually the same height. Both were slender, in their mid twenties, and wore their hair on the short side. Catwoman slowly began to approach. Purdey stiffened.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurrrrt you,” Catwoman purrrrrrrrred.

Soon, the sexy feline’s nipples were imposing upon the nipples of the English beauty. Purdey began to marvel how large and full Catwoman’s breasts were for such a slender woman and how big they were in comparison to hers. As Catwoman slowly and gently began to impose her body on her own, Purdey now began to feel the young feline’s hard, well developed thighs pressing into her thighs as her butt grazed up against the jacuzzi wall. Suds were bubbling on their breasts as Catwoman took Purdey’s face in her hands and kissed her.

Purdey would never have believed she would have allowed her to do so. But as the dark and mysterious big breasted vixen pressed her lips to her own, she found herself to her amazement, not resisting.

Feeling the power of Catwoman’s body pressing into her, Purdey sighed and thought, ‘She’s so much stronger. But why do I feel so submissive in her presence...she…she just fascinates me...I feel… confused…’

Suddenly, Catwoman backed away, took Purdey’s hand and led her out of the water. “Let’s get dressed. I’ll give you a ride back to your room.”

That afternoon, as Purdey lay sweaty and satisfied beyond her wildest dreams, she recalled Catwoman’s parting words as she dressed and left. “I’ll be around. If anyone ever hurts you, they’ll have to answer to ME!”

Purdey went out onto her balcony and watched her new friend straddle her motorcycle and speed way - out of sight, but definitely not out of mind!
* * * *
Back in the International Fight Club ring, two beauties prepared to face each other in the padded circle. Things had already begun to heat up at the weigh- in that afternoon (while Catwoman and Purdey had been ‘getting it on’ upstairs). Emma had stepped onto the scale wearing a white bra and panties and after she was weighed and stepping down, Foxy - topless in a crimson thong - brushed past her to step onto the scale where she flexed her muscles, grinning confidently. Afterward, she’d approached Emma and imposed her body on the British beauty’s; her thighs and breasts pressing onto Emma’s.

“Ready for a good ass-whippin, Sugah?” Foxy had asked in a low, breathy, sexy tone.

“Your ass is a much bigger target than mine. Seems a good spanking may do you some good,” Emma retorted.

The two sexy ladies continued to rub against the other as video cameras rolled and electronic flashes made a strobe effect as they posed for the cameras. Then Foxy slithered around behind Emma, wrapped her right arm around her waist and pulled her back against her body; mischievously slipping her other hand into the English woman’s panties waistband and tried to yank them down. She didn’t succeed, at least not completely, as Emma pushed her away and stormed out of the room with her panties pulled down baring one butt cheek. A photo appeared on the Internet within the hour, showing Foxy’s partial success and it became very popular and widespread - to Emma’s embarrassment!

As Emma and Foxy faced each other ready for battle, Purdey watched from Emma’s corner of the padded circle, leaning against the wall. A buzzer sounded and the fight was on. Foxy came out aggressively and grazed Emma’s face with several karate chops, none landing flush. Mrs. Peel was cautious, sizing her opponent up as she slowly backed up, avoiding and blocking Foxy’s blows.

Suddenly, she caught Foxy with a straight kick to her belly. Emma followed with two chops to Cleo’s face. Trying her best to retaliate, Foxy punched at Emma’s body but the savvy English beauty quickly lunged forward and struck her knee solidly into her foe’s ribs. Foxy backed away off balance and Emma leaped into the air, came down with her right foot stomping on Foxy’s toes.

Emma nailed Foxy with two chops to her neck; a knee to her ribs and Emma had her strong opponent on her knees on the padded floor. Emma’s years of fight experience were paying off! The auburn haired beauty threw herself into Foxy and knocked her on her back. She lay on top of her as she chopped at Foxy’s lovely face.

Suddenly, a left hook from left field caught Emma square in the jaw. She fell backward and Foxy pushed her off of her. Foxy sprang to her feet as Emma rolled away, braced herself on the wall and stood to face her. Foxy looks angry. She rushes toward Emma. But the British beauty lowered her body and swept her leg at her rival’s calves. Foxy stumbled against the wall, then fell to the floor.

Emma moved in as the diva gets to her knees. Mrs. Peel snaps straight kicks to her face. Foxy looks stunned. She lunges forward and grabs Emma’s ankles. Emma tries to keep her balance but falls to the floor. Foxy struggles to her knees and crawls away from the wall as she tries to locate her determined opponent.

Foxy is struggling to get to her feet when Emma slams her knees down from behind on her head. The sexy English woman, now on her knees behind her foe, launches her legs out and wraps her calves around Cleo’s neck. As Foxy struggles to escape, Emma works her legs to tighten her grip. Foxy digs her elbow into Emma’s ribs and Mrs. Peel winces in pain. Then the sexy American agent catches Emma with a back fist to her jaw.

“OWWWWW!” Emma yelps as she falls back, her head hitting the floor hard.

Foxy, with a surge of energy twists her body and pounces on her rival and flails away at her face as Emma covers up. Now it’s Emma whose in dire straights. As Foxy snaps punches to her ribs, grunting in the process, Emma feels Foxy’s power.

Another straight punch to her ribs and Emma lowers her guard and gets nailed in her pretty face. Both women are breathing heavily as Emma reaches up to grab Foxy by her blond Afro and yanks her head down while stealthily working her slender, silky legs around Foxy’s waist. Emma is able to slowly twist her opponent off of her as Foxy momentarily relaxes.

“Ready to get punished, Sugar?” Foxy taunts as she raises her fist.

Suddenly, Emma reaches down to summon all the strength she has left. With a grunt she twists Foxy totally off of her and with a brilliant maneuver forces the the American onto her lap, Emma’s thighs now flexing around Foxy’s waist. She grunts loudly as she applies pressure around her foe who is not putting up much resistance. Emma continues to grunt and flex her thighs muscles with all she has.

“GIVE UP, FOXY? I SAID, DO YOU GIVE UP?” Foxy, her face buried in her hands doesn’t answer. Emma grunts loudly, her slender thighs again flexing with all the might they can muster. Foxy still has her face buried in her hands and appears to be sobbing as she lay on Emma’s lap. “SUBMIT TO ME, FOXY! SUBMIT AND I’LL LET YOU GO!” Emma declares.

Foxy lifts her face to look at Emma. The auburn haired haired beauty is startled. Foxy is laughing! “YOU CALL THAT A LEG SCISSORS? I’LL SHOW YOU A FREEKIN LEG SCISSORS!”

With a surge of strength, Foxy quickly separates Emma’s thighs from around her waist with her hands. Then she springs her body backward, grabs Emma’s hair and pulls her toward her. Emma looks discouraged as she wrestles with the powerful diva. With the strength of a jungle Amazon, Foxy maneuvers her strong, sensuous body under Emma’s slender frame and easily overpowers the British beauty until she has Emma secured on her lap. She wraps her thick thighs around the waistband of Emma’s silver panties as her weaker rival struggles in vain.


Emma’s lovely face betrays a look of fright. She twists and turns as she chops at Foxy’s face. But her stronger opponent easily blocks it, then grabs both of Emma’s arms and twists them behind her rival’s back. Foxy is teasing Emma with her muscular thighs while the slender English woman strugles helplessly on her lap. Foxy controls both of Emma’s arms with her right arm, them tears off Emma’s bra with her left.


Purdey, watching intently, is trembling, her fingers covering her mouth.

Emma strains her thigh muscles and tries desperately to free her arms but it is all in vain. Drops of perspiration have formed on her petite breasts as Foxy twists and turns her from side to side with her tawny thighs. Inhaling deeply, Foxy yanks Emma’s hair back with her left hand to stare into her eyes.

Emma trembles fearfully on the lap of the muscular Black beauty as her mighty tormrntor continues to taunt her, “I always knew I would conquer you when I got the chance, Mrs. Emmapussy, with that skinny flat white ass and those pale little titties. SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FACE A REAL WOMAN?”

Foxy released Emma’s hair, yanked off her own bra, and tossed it on top of Emma’s. Then she twists Emma’s upper body sideways so she can lay her weightier, mocha-hue, breasts on Mrs. Peel’s smaller, softer, paler, breasts as Emma pleads with her eyes for Foxy to, ‘please stop.’

* * * *

Purdey has mixed emotions running through her. She has the greatest affection for Emma and considers her to be her closest friend. But there is something about her beautiful compatriot being dominated by the sexy well muscled Black woman that turns her on. Amidst her competing emotions, the latter has gained strength. She realizes her hand is down the front of her panties tending to a ‘pressing need’ as her lust-glazed eyes take in the erotic spectacle occuring just a few feet away.
* * * *
Foxy smiles at Emma while the British beauty gasps helplessly in her clutches. Then she flexes her steely thigh muscles like a vice around the waistband of Emma’s panties. Emma’s mouth opens and tears stream down her cheeks. Foxy gyrates her strong, sensuous body up and down, left and right, as she continues to squeeze lovely Emma. Then when Foxy releases her, Emma bursts out blubbering and sobbing.


“YESSSSSS.... (boo-hoo-hoo)” Emma bawls.

Foxy puts her arm around Emma’s waist and carresses her upper body and breasts against hers. Emma is crying on Foxy’s shoulder while still on her lap. Like a baby, Mrs. Peel suddenly stops crying for a few seconds. Then she bursts out crying all over again as loud and pitiful as before.

“Awwwww…my poor….poor…Emmy,” Foxy pouts as she strokes Emma’s back, almost like burping a baby.

No one at the IFC had ever heard a woman crying quite like that before. Foxy continued to gently pat Mrs. Peel’s back until she at last quieted down, almost a half hour later. Then the victorious Amazon of an F.B.I. agent gently laid Emma’s head on the floor, stood up and made her way back to her dressing room.

Purdey rushed into the fighting circle, dropped to her knees and lifted Emma’s head into her lap; tears filling her eyes as she tried in vain to console her friend.

The next day, the lovely, but soundly-beaten Mrs. Peel and Purdey sat on their hotel suite balcony sipping tea.


“Yes Purdey.”

“Do you remember the day we were dominated by those two exotic Island women, Sydney and Grace?”

Emma nodded. “Why would you ask, Purdey? You know very well we’ll never forget that humiliation!”

“Just reflecting. I mean..uh...well..”

“What is it?”

“Well....do you think it would be better if we screen our opponents more throughly? I just can’t stand to lose - or see you lose - like that again.”

“For every fight we’ve lost, Purdey,” Emma sighs, squirming uncomfortably under her girlfriend’s gaze. “I’ll bet there were at least ten we’ve won. Sometimes…well, you just have to take the bitter with the sweet.”
Purdey smiled, recalling the sensations she felt during her own beating at the hands of Sydney Fox; and of how frightened she became of the tawny Hawaiian princess afterward.

“I guess you’re right,” Purdey sighed, squeezing her thighs tight against her moist pussy. “bitter…with…sweet...ummm.”

Emma forced herself to smile, then retired to her room. As Emma left her alone, Purdey’s thoughts returned to Catwoman; she wondered what Emma would think of HER...or whether she and Catwoman’s paths would cross again…and when.