More Tales from The Avengers: Emma Peel (Diana Rigg 5’9”) vs. Helga the Harem Keeper (Cory Everson 5’8”) by Tank

1) Emma allows herself to be abducted to infiltrate Helga’s harem as part of a plan to bring it down. The muscular blond rules her harem by intimidation and forces her harem girls to fight each other. Emma fights Teresa Graves(Christy Love) in a harem match. The auburn haired beauty defeats the sexy black woman convincingly as she knocks her senseless with a barrage of judo chops. Helga is very impressed and appoints Emma as her right hand woman to keep the other harem girls in line.

2) Emma realizes she must defeat Helga to bring down the harem. She secretly peeks at her through the gym door as Helga goes through her workout. “I’ve never seen a muscular woman so attractive or an attractive woman so muscular before. Her body can crush mine...I better be at my best when I fight her.”

3) Helga, dressed in a black bra and tight gym shorts requires Emma, dressed in a white bra and shorts, to work out with her. Emma is a gallant woman but the strength and muscularity of Helga as they work out together has her nervous and on edge. While Emma peddles the stationary bike, Helga takes pleasure in barking orders to her. The steely harem keeper slips behind Emma and makes her way onto the seat. Now sharing Emma’s seat on the bike, she wraps her huge, muscular thighs around Emma’s slender, silky, less developed thighs and begins to peddle the bike much faster.

“C’mon Emma dear, put more power into it!”

“Oooohhhhh!” Mrs. Peel groans as Helga’s steely thighs crush hers against the seat.

Helga peddles faster and faster and Emma tries to strike her fist back, but Helga catches her wrist and twists her arm behind her, then the powerful blond grabs the slender beauty’s other arm and again controls it behind Emma’s back. Helga leans her breasts in Emma’s face and flexes her incredibly muscular thighs around her.

Tears appear in Mrs. Peel’s eyes as her mouth opens and she moans in pain, “OWWWWWW.....OOOOOHHHH!”

Emma feels totally dominated and helpless in the clutches of the mighty blond harem keeper. The pressure of Helga’s thigh muscles locked in a vice grip around her own as she peddles has the weaker British Beauty trickling into her white silk panties.

“If you’re going to work for ME, Emma, you’ll have to get stronger!” Helga chides.

4) Lifting a weakened Mrs. Peel in the air and dumping her over her shoulders, Helga carries her to the wrestling mat. Emma wrestles bravely with all she has left, but Helga out wrestles her and strips Emma into her panties as she forces her into numerous very compromising positions. As they face each other on their knees, Helga has Emma bawling as she executes a front bear hug, her bigger breasts pressing into her lovely victim’s breasts.

“BOO HOO HOO! PLEASE....NO...MORE...HELGA...I GIVE UP!” Emma pleads between her tears.

“I must toughen you up, Kitten, if you want to be my right hand girl,” Helga tells her as she flexes her forearms into Emma’s lower back.

“ARRGHHHHHHH!” Emma moans.

5) Suddenly, Sydney Fox (Tia Carrere, 5’8”) bursts into the gym wearing a flaming red blouse and micro skirt.

“Leave her alone!” she screams.

Helga releases Emma and she and Sydney stalk each other on the mat. Sydney is a bit nervous herself to be facing such a muscular opponent. But with her quickness and rigorous training as a martial artist, she is able to avoid Helga’s blows. A snapping kick to Helga’s jaw knocks the fit blond to the mat unconscious next to Emma who is sobbing and trembling.

“Are you alright, Emma darling?” Sydney asks as she lifts the English beauty into her arms. Emma embraces Sydney and sobs on her shoulder as the shapely Hawaiian holds her in her arms.

6) As Emma is wiping away her tears, Steed bursts into the gym. He spots Sydney standing and Emma cuddled in her arms, topless in her white panties. Then he sees Helga unconscious on the wrestling mat. He approaches Sydney and Emma. But before he can speak, Sydney volunteers,

“I rushed in, Steed, and found Emma on top of Helga. She was dealing the poor blond a savage beating until I finally was able to pull her off of her. Your Emma is a real tigress,” she smiled.

Sydney glanced at an astonished Mrs. Peel and winked. Emma seemed to be in no hurry for the ravishing oriental beauty to put her down.

“I knew it!” Steed responded excitedly. “This whole case was predicated on Emma being able to Handle Helga. I knew she wouldn’t let us down!”

Steed smiled admiringly at Emma and added, “It must have been a very difficult struggle against such a muscular opponent. But Sydney is right, you know. You are, Mrs. Peel, one invincible and savage young tigress!”

Sydney chuckled and pressed Emma more tightly in her arms, Emma in her white panties; her little sweat- glistened bare breasts expanding and contracting, glared at Steed and gave out a mock roar of triumph, “ROARRRRRRR!”

Her cute and sexy tigress imitation had Steed and Sydney laughing. But as the tawny oriental beauty finally set her down, Emma knew all to well she would be eternally grateful to Sydney. Not only for rescuing her from the powerful blond harem keeper, but for lying to Steed on her behalf. As Sydney parted company with her and Steed, Emma gave her a warm and very appreciative kiss on her cheek.