Vote Fight: Emma Peel (Diana Rigg-“Avengers”) vs. Cassie McBain (Natasha Henstridge-“She Spies”) by Tank

The scene is an international private fight club outside of London. World renown female secret agents, private eyes, and femme fatales from every generation are encouraged to match their fighting skills against one another with the winner taking on a new challenger. Each combatant enters the arena in their prime and at their peak fighting ability. The arena consists of a small well padded caged circle. A thick mat provides the flooring. In this way, no victory is won by a combatant hitting their head on a hard surface or rendered unable to continue because of a fall. Victories must be earned by knockout or submission. Keep in mind as you vote that you are not voting for the actresses involved but for the characters they play.

Below is a brief synopsis of the two combatants.

Emma Peel: 5'8.5” tall; reddish-brown hair; legendary martial artist skilled in karate and kung fu. She defeated Foxy Brown and Purdey in her first two fights. Very confident, resourceful and extremely intelligent. Lovely and deadly, this English beauty can defeat her opponents in a variety of ways. Emma in an ultra skin-tight black catsuit with zipper top.

Cassie McBain: 5'10” tall; sleek blond with a knowledge of karate. Was on the wrong side of the law doing time in prison until the feds cut her a deal to work for them. Shrewd, crafty and used to being ‘the woman in charge,’ she’s never been hesitant to showcase her fighting abilities. Cassie sporting a red bra and matching miniskirt.

Emma and Cassie stand toe to toe in the caged arena. Both are barefooted by rule. Emma accompanied by John Steed; Cassie by her fiance, also a federal agent. Both seconds watch from outside the cage on opposite sides. Cassie's fiance yells encouragement to her as the tall blond takes a deep breath, expanding her chest; her full breasts straining her skimpy bra.

"Hope you had your spot of tea today, Emma,” Cassie taunts, imitating her foe's English accent. "Because when I'm through beating your face you may not be able to drink any for awhile."

Mrs. Peel smiles, raises her index finger to Cassie's lip and responds, "That's a naughty thing to say! Let's see what happens, shall we?"

The women back up a few paces. Emma glances at Steed who smiles at her and nods. A buzzer sounds and both women assume their fighting positions. The tall blond amazon in red is anxious to gain the acclaim and prestige which would come to her from conquering the legendary British beauty. The auburn haired tigress in black is intent on exposing her opponent as more talk than fight.

As Emma and Cassie circle, Cassie begins launching straight kicks at Emma but she blocks most of them as she cautiously retreats. Cassie increases the power in her kicks as she continues the aggressor. A powerful kick to Emma's belly doubles her over with a breathless grunt. "OOHHHH!"

Steed has a look of concern on his face as the tall blond moves in for an early kill! But Emma dives at Cassie's feet as she advances and grabs hold of her calves. Cassie grazes Emma's face with a downward chop while the resourceful English beauty yanks her calves toward her knocking the blond backward onto her butt.

Emma advances but Cassie snaps kicks toward her from a sitting position which keep Emma at bay. Cassie, displaying her athleticism digs her feet into the mat and leaps to her feet as Emma pushes back her reddish brown hair. Again the aggressor, the sleek blond rushes toward Emma and attacks with an array of punishing karate chops. A couple of them penetrate Emma's defense as they strike her ribs and breasts. Mrs. Peel winces in pain as she backs up once more, the deadly blond not allowing her any time to do anything but defend herself.

Cassie moves in to strike with more lethal chops but Emma quickly moves in, grabs Cassie by her red bra, and thrusts her butt into the blonde's groin. She then flips her attacker over her shoulder and onto the mat. Emma finds herself with Cassie's bra in her hand and tosses it behind her. Cassie, her large, full breasts undulating, leaps to her feet in a display of energetic might only to be kicked backward onto her butt again. The wind knocked out of her, the blond rolls away from Emma and struggles to her feet as the auburn haired beauty stalks toward her.

The deadly blond pauses and raises her hands to fondle her bare breasts. "It's not fair, Emma, that I should have to fight bare breasted while you're fully clothed. Why not even things up? If you were a REAL woman you’d unzip your suit and fight on even terms. But I guess a prudish English woman like yourself wouldn't dare! That's the problem with you, Emma; you're too much lady and not enough WOMAN!"

"I see!" replies the lovely Mrs. Peel. She glances at Steed who smiles and throws up his hands as if to say, "It's not MY idea!"

Emma takes a deep breath, smiles at Cassie, and unzips her top. The sly blond had only suggested it because she was still out of breath and having a difficult time recovering from her two bone jarring trips to the mat. She REALLY didn't think she could fool a woman as sophisticated as Emma Peel by such devious tactics! But Cassie had fully recovered from her violent falls by the time Emma removed not only her top which revealed herself also without a bra - but her skin tight slacks as well! Emma was now ready to finish the encounter dressed in nothing but her white lace panties!

Cassie gave out a loud scream as she rushed Emma. The two women exchanged several karate chops to the head and body from close quarters. It was Cassie who backed away her face grimacing in pain. Emma launched a powerful straight kick to Cassie's belly which knocked the tall blond on her butt. The sleek blond rolled around on the mat and seemed reluctant to get up. Lovely Emma stood over her with her hands on her hips, perspiration formed on her small, firm breasts.

"Stand up and fight, Cassie! I hope you're more of a WOMAN than that!" Emma chided.

The blond struggled to her feet and took a deep breath. She then attacked Emma with front kicks, grunting with every blow. Mrs. Peel back peddled cautiously. She then timed one of her opponent's kicks, grabbed her leg, and pulled the slick blond toward her. Two savage karate chops to her foe's neck stunned Cassie and as Emma released her leg, the hurting blond was again in familiar territory- on the mat and on her butt.

The deadly English beauty pounced on top of her and pinned her wrists to the mat. Emma's firm breasts were pushing down on Cassie's larger breasts but Emma's hard nipples were spearing her opponent's. "I know how badly you wanted to defeat me, Cassie. But threatening me like that before the fight was very unladylike!"

The blond grunted, moaned and struggled in vain in her attempt to force the white laced British beauty off of her. "And insulting my womanhood was very bad sportsmanship! I THINK YOU WILL AGREE THAT A LADY CAN ALSO BE A WOMAN!"

Emma who has Cassie spread eagle on the mat, releases her foe's wrists and delivers a lethal combination of karate chops to the already hurting blonde's face! Cassie yelped, screamed, whimpered…and then began bawling!


Emma sat on top of her vanquished foe for a few moments and stared into Cassie's eyes as she cried like a little school girl upon receiving a stern spanking. She then then stood up and began to get dressed. Cassie's fiance covered his lowered head in disgust while Steed proudly thrust his chest out.

"Another splendid performance, Mrs. Peel!" he exclaimed as he took his victorious accomplice by her hand.

"Thank you Steed!" Emma answered graciously. Then zipping up the top of her catsuit, she asked, "Now where can we enjoy a relaxing spot of tea?"

Vote: Emma-25; Cassie-18.