Vote Story: “The Avengers, 1970” Emma Peel (Diana Rigg) vs. Purdey (Joanna Lumley) by Tank

The Avengers' two sexiest agents fighting it out in a bedroom under the watchful eye of John Steed? Weren't Emma and Purdey on the same side? Well, not in this case. Before the story begins, here is a summary of the two agents.

Emma Peel, 5'8.5” tall, reddish brown hair; a lovely, petite, sophisticated English beauty. Her martial arts skills feature karate and kung fu and a deadly arsenal of karate chops which stun and finish off her opponents. Oh, did I mention she can kick as well and render adversaries helpless by flipping them over her shoulder or skillfully tossing them against a wall. She’s been known to execute sleeper holds on occasion through her knowledge of pressure points.

Confident and resourceful, Emma can snatch victory from defeat when she is not dominating her opponents. Is also fully capable of defeating several adversaries at once. Enjoys wearing skin tight catsuits which accent her sleek body.
Purdey - Her full name as she was known in The New Avengers - is the daughter of a high ranking military officer, stands 5'7.5” tall and has short to medium length, styled blond hair. Like Mrs. Peel, Purdey is a lovely, petite, sophisticated English beauty whose martial arts skills revolve around a French form of fighting which specializes in kicking. Her arsenal includes karate chops but features lethal kicks which she can easily launch to an adversary's face and usually prove quite devastating. She’s fully capable of defeating several opponents at once and takes great pride in her fighting skill and prowess in addition to enjoying wearing stylish English and French clothing including miniskirts revealing her silky and deadly legs.

It is around 1970 when this scenario takes place. Emma returns as a working agent, still in her prime, and takes her place along Steed. Former agent, Cathy Gale, also returns as an agent. Tara King is with the crime fighting organization along with a new agent named Purdey who has reached her peak as an agent and will work alongside Steed a few years later. The agents are told of a top secret mission which will be the most significant the agents have ever been involved in regarding its implications for the British government. All four agents are excited about going on the mission. But they are told only one of them will be selected for the job. It will be the one who proves herself superior to the others in hand to hand combat. Cathy is matched against Emma while Tara is pitted against Purdey.

Emma dominates Cathy by outmaneuvering her and hurts her opponent with several karate chops. Cathy is game but Emma flips her over her shoulder, pounces on top of her and finishes her off with a few more chops to her neck.
Tara comes out fighting full force against Purdey. But several straight kicks to her ribs by her blond opponent halt the bigger woman in her tracks. Purdey moves in and after some brief infighting knocks out Tara with a lethal kick to her jaw.
Now it is between Emma and Purdey. The fight will commence the next day with Steed watching. Both women are playing on Steed's affection for them and each promise him victory. The winner will join Steed on the mission.

It was the evening before the highly anticipated showdown between Emma Peel and Purdey. Both agents had privately asked Steed if they could stop in for a drink and have a little chat with him. After all, both woman had easily disposed of their opponents earlier that afternoon and were scheduled to fight each other tomorrow. They felt they needed a break from the strict combat mode they were in and wanted to unwind for an hour or two with the man they both respected and expected to be with on the upcoming mission.

Steed was up front with both ladies and requested they arrive at different times to avoid a possible conflict between them. Though Emma and Purdey didn't know each other for a long period of time, Steed had become aware of a rivalry that had developed between them. Each tried to outdo the other during their occasional but mandatory training drills. Catty remarks about the other were not uncommon, especially when they were alone with him. Emma had always felt unchallenged as the organization's top female agent. She had always known that Steed regarded her not only as the greatest of agents from a purely professional point of view, but also as the most physically attractive and desirable of partners. Her confidence and self esteem regarding her status in Steed's eyes had always been steadfast and secure-until Purdey came along.

For her part, Purdey felt her relationship with Steed went beyond professionalism. She believed he was more attracted to her than to any other woman, including Emma. But she would not expect the dignified and dedicated pro that Steed was to glaringly manifest any such feelings. Perhaps if Queen Bee Emma were to leave the organization for good, things would be different. Or perhaps, things might change if she could prove herself superior to her rival whom Purdey considered overconfident and at times overbearing.

Steed's plans for the evening did not materialize as expected. Purdey arrived twenty minutes early while Emma was finishing her glass of champagne and preparing to leave. Wearing a canary yellow blouse and micro-miniskirt, Purdey was seated on the same sofa as her rival who was wearing a white blouse and slacks with green trim. The women ignored one another while Steed tried to break the ice. Then the phone rang. As he rose from his chair to answer it, Purdey remarked to Emma,
"My watch must be a bit fast, Mrs. Peel". The slender blond would always address her rival as such to remind her she was still legally married.

"Or your brain is a bit slow."

"I see you've been drinking. Concerned about tomorrow? Don't worry dear, it won't last long, "Purdey answered.

"It most certainly shall NOT!" responded Emma. They glanced in the direction of Steed who was talking with his back to them as if his conversation was a serious and personal matter. The two ladies continued to chide each other. Subjects included their competency as agents, their taste in clothes, and what Steed REALLY thought of them. Both were getting angrier by the moment. Finally, Emma issued a challenge. "Perhaps it would be better if we settled our differences tonight!"

"Tonight?" asked Purdey.

"Yes, tonight!" Emma pointed to a closed door about twenty feet from where they were sitting. "Steed's bedroom is spacious and relatively uncluttered. It's as good a place as any. "Emma smiled as she sized up the blond in her skimpy yellow miniskirt and added, "Steed won't mind you going in there as long as you're with me. "

Purdey was irate! She kicked off her shoes and followed her now totally despised rival into the bedroom. Emma led her in and quietly shut the door.

Emma calmly walked toward a corner of the room and removed her shoes. She then very slowly began to undress. She did not want the fight to begin until Steed was off the phone and in the bedroom with them. Purdey loosened up and began practicing in a casual manner her lethal kicks. After all the talk and backbiting between them, she was looking forward to putting Mrs. Peel in her place and prove to Steed once and for all who the superior woman is. The fact that she would achieve her victory over her rival in his bedroom, where incidentally she hadn't been before, would be in Mrs. Peel's own words, "as good a place as any.”

The lovely blond paused from her light workout and glared at Emma. The tall, sleek Mrs. Peel, now wearing a black bra, unbuttoned her slacks. As they rolled down her long, pretty legs to her ankles, she kicked them off. Purdey put her hands on her hips as she waited impatiently. Emma smiled at her from across the room in her black bra and panties. Purdey smiled back and assumed a kick-boxing stance.

Suddenly, Steed opened the door of his bedroom. "What in the world are you doing?"

"We would both like to settle things tonight, Steed,” Emma informed him.

"In my bedroom?” he asked with a puzzled expression on his face.

"Don't worry John, this won't last long!” Purdey responded, surprisingly addressing him by his first name.

Steed shrugged his shoulders. "If you must!" he answered. He closed the door and sat down in a desk chair a few feet from the door. He realized his two close friends were scheduled to fight anyway. If they wanted to get it on in his bedroom-fine! He had to admit to himself he'd often wondered which beauty would come out on top. His eyes wandered from the lovely blond, her sexy and deadly legs protruding from her skimpy canary yellow miniskirt, to Emma, looking sensuous and quite dangerous in her black bra and panties.

"Give the signal, Steed! "Emma said with a note of impatience.

"Yes, and please do me a favor John,” Purdey added. "Do not butt in or interfere in any way. This is strictly woman on woman until one of us can no longer continue. Got it, Honey?"

"Got it!" Steed answered.

He gave the signal and both women began to stalk each other. Purdey moved forward and launched a kick to Emma's face. Emma blocked it and took a step back. Purdey then kicked at Emma's ribs which caused her rival to wince and backup another step as the sleek blond beauty continued to press forward until she had Emma trapped in a corner. But as Purdey loaded up for another front kick, Emma struck first with a kick of her own to the blonde’s belly, forcing Purdey to double over in pain.

Mrs. Peel rushed at Purdey and lashed out with several chops to the blonde’s neck. Purdey was on her way down to the hardwood floor when another chop to her neck hastened her fall. Emma jumped on Purdey. But the blond displayed her athleticism by grabbing Emma around her waist with her legs and flipped her over her in one motion. Emma flew to the floor landing on her butt and Steed noticed Purdey's panties were yellow like the rest of her outfit. But Emma was up in a flash and blocked two more of Purdey's lethal kicks to her face.

Emma moved in a step and the two beauties now exchanged karate chops. Purdey backed up and blocked a kick from Emma. The auburn haired tigress rushed in and struck the fit and deadly blond with two more chops to her neck while barely avoiding a savage knee aimed at her groin. Emma now had Purdey backed into a corner. She grazed the blonde’s jaw with another chop but got the worst of it when Purdey countered with a straight kick to her ribs. Purdey gracefully spun out of the corner but missed with another kick to Emma's face. Now it was Purdey backing up Emma. Watching intently from his chair, Steed marveled at how quick, deadly, determined, and athletic both women were.

As Purdey moved in Emma caught her with a solid chop to her neck and backed away. Purdey kicked at her ribs but it was blocked. The aggressive blond then began throwing chops of her own as she moved forward. A fast and heated exchange ensued with both landing several blows. Purdey backed away wincing in pain. Emma cornered Purdey and skillfully maneuvered behind her where she pinned the blonde’s arm behind her back in a half nelson. Purdey struggled as Emma used her free arm to strike her foe in the back of her neck with solid and precise karate chops. Purdey looked hurt. Then Emma literally ran Purdey toward the bed and tossed the blond on top of it. Her skirt flying over her panties, Purdey landed on her back. Before she could react, Emma pounced, grabbed her wrists and pressed her arms against the bed. Purdey was dizzy and weakened from absorbing too many of Emma's karate chops and she felt her rival grapevining her legs; taking control of them.

Emma now had Purdey under control. But not for long! The sexy blond was able to free one of her legs and struck Emma in the belly with her knee, knocking the wind out of her. She was then able to push her rival off of her and free herself from Emma's clutches. To add insult to injury she used a free hand to yank off Emma's bra as she rolled away. But Emma recovered quickly. As Purdey tried to jump off the bed, Emma grabbed the back of her blouse and pulled the blond toward her.

"Oh, no you don't!" Emma shouted as she ripped at Purdey's blouse like a wildcat until she yanked it completely off! If Emma was going to be topless in front of Steed, Purdey was not leaving the bed until she paid the price! Lying behind Purdey, Emma pulled the blond onto her lap and wrapped her strong, lovely thighs around Purdey's shapely, silky thighs and began to squeeze. The blond winced in pain as she desperately tried to strike behind her and hit Emma's face.

But Emma skillfully avoided the blows, then yanked off Purdey's yellow bra, placed her biceps under her rival's arms and pulled the struggling blond higher onto her lap. Emma then lashed out with two more lethal karate chops to the back of Purdey's neck. The blond looked stunned and helpless as Emma loosened her powerful leg scissors and maneuvered her sleek body in a position to rid the hurting blond of her miniskirt. Purdey was struggling and groaning but was helpless to do anything about it as Emma tossed her skirt onto the floor. One more solid chop to her neck delivered by Emma and Purdey burst out crying!

Both women were topless in their panties. Emma looked like a savage cat toying with a helpless little bird. She resumed her leg scissors from behind Purdey. She then wrapped her arms around Purdey's lovely, petite breasts and executed a reverse bearhug as she twisted the sleek, lovely blond to her side and belly, then continued to roll around the bed with her. Emma finally came to a stop with Purdey, now bawling loudly, back on her lap.

"GIVE UP?" the stronger Emma asked in a very authoritative manner. Purdey was still reluctant to concede. "I'M ASKING YOU,DO YOU GIVE UP?" Emma asked loudly and impatiently.

Sniffling and whimpering, Purdey had no choice. "YESSSSSS!" she blurted.

Emma released her and the lovely blond, overwhelmed and dominated by her rival, was bawling and quivering. Looking at Steed, Emma broke out into a broad smile and raised her arms victoriously. She jumped off the bed and walked by him on her way to the door. "SHE'S ALL YOURS,” she said proudly.

Emma grinned as she left the bedroom, having no doubt who he perceived as the superior woman. Steed rushed toward Purdey and held her in his arms where she wept and trembled into the long night.

The next afternoon, Purdey received a phone call at her home. Apparently, the organization wasn’t privy to what occurred the previous evening and asked why she wasn’t at the base for her scheduled fight with Mrs. Peel. Purdey said nothing, just hung up the phone, realizing a rematch with the lovely and talented Avenger's queen wouldn’t end any differently.

Purdey went her own way but she returned a few years later to join with Steed again on many thrilling adventures. Fortunately, Emma Peel was long gone by then!

Emma beat Purdey in the vote: 21-12