"A taste of Honey" - Honey West vs. Emma Peel (Rematch) by Tank

The Avengers episode you never saw! (Steed arrives late for the party and Emma gets naughty)

Starring: Anne Francis and Anita Ekberg (w/special guest star: Sophia Loren.)

1967 had been a struggle for Honey West. The beating she received from Emma Peel in their beach fight ten months earlier had shaken her confidence. If she could only be sure Sam believed her story, she could rest in peace and put the painful ordeal behind her but when a suspicious Honey pryed out of him that he was still in contact with her lovely nemesis, she was shocked and found it too much to bear! Her first reaction to the discovery was to go on a drinking binge but her professional duties soon snapped out of her self- destructive behaviour and the shapely green-eyed blond regained some badly needed self-esteem when she disabled two female criminals with stinging karate chops and kicks.

Sam just adored her dominating performance and Honey soon began to feel like herself again. Still, her hurt feelings lingered. She demanded Sam cut off all contact with Emma. That is, until he informed her Steed and Emma had invited them to London to, "repay their gracious hospitality from their visit ti LA." The sexy blond was excited at the prospect of another close encounter with her despised rival.

If Honey had difficulty dealing with her defeat, Emma was going through a very difficult time herself. It was two months after her domination by Grace Chen (Kelly Hu) at the International Fight Club and the British beauty, like her American counterpart, found losing a tough pill to swallow. She sought healing for her depression and wounded esteem in private sessions with renowned Swedish psychiatrist, Dr. Ingrid Bergson (Anita Ekberg).

* * *

Enter Dr. Bergson!

Ingrid Bergson loved her work. The 36 year old psychiatrist was rapidly becoming the 'unofficial therapist' to heroines and actresses who had a tough time dealing with their defeats at the hands of other beautiful women. Even the occasional superheroine found her way to Ingrid's "couch of healing." It had always been true that those used to winning at everything they did in life had farther to fall when they lost. The physical defeat of a lovely heroine or superheroine by another beautiful woman could be very traumatic for them.

Dr. Bergson understood it well. She loved to shower "compassion" on her clients as she referred to them although her methods - performed without their knowledge and consent - fell well below the expected professional standards. Dr. Bergson had never earned a diploma or even obtained the license to practice her "profession" but nobody had bothered to check - which was just fine with Ingrid!

The sexy, big-breasted blond would hypnotize clients and persuade them to strip down to their panties then Dr. Bergson did the same. She would gently coax her clients onto her lap and begin her questioning - a most comprehensive research on the opponent of her client including having the client provide pictures of her conqueror which she would blow up to life size and set beside the client's couch before the intimate sessions began.

Ingrid had loved her private sessions with Emma and was greatly intrigued by the thought of the beautiful Hawaiian vixen, Grace Chen, dominating her client. After Emma was hypnotized and under her power of persuasion, Dr. Bergson and Emma stripped down and she coaxed Emma onto her lap facing the life size picture of Grace in a black bra and thong.

"Now Emma, in our last session you were saying how it felt when Grace wrapped her thighs around your little panties." She smiled as she gazed down at Emma's white panties with little red roses as the auburn haired beauty cuddled on the lovely blonde's lap.

"I felt dominated," Emma murmured. "Frightened of what she'd do. I strained my thighs to break her scissors but...but she was ....too strong."

Ingrid put her hands on Emma's shoulders and gently turned her upper body toward her. Then she embraced her client warmly, her huge bare breasts and nipples pressing into and caressing Emma's. She glanced at the image of Grace and smiled before returning her attention to her client. "When her shapely thighs began flexing around your slender, silky thighs, Emma, you must have felt so helpless."

"Yes, Dr. I felt there was nothing I could do about it. I felt....." Emma lowered her head as Ingrid inhaled and exhaled deeply; her large, sensuous breasts rubbing the luscious little breasts of her client as she guided Emma in finding the right words to express her feelings.

"Mastered?" Ingrid suggested. "Would you say you felt *mastered* by the tawny Hawaiian beauty, Emma?"

"Yes, I think so. I felt...mastered by her."

Ingrid embraced Emma more tightly and the British heroine's breasts seemed to disappear beneath hers. Then Dr. Bergson began to gently-but-firmly stroke the front of Emma's panties with the fingertips of her right hand as she cupped her left under Emma's chin and tilted her face until their eyes met. Ingrid planted a long, sensuous, kiss on Emma's lips, then slowly turned her face toward the life-size photo of Grace poised for battle, glaring at Emma menacingly.

"Emma, what if Grace were to stalk toward you at this moment and threatened to dominate you unless you agreed to have sex with her? What would you do?" Ingrid felt her client's warm derriere cuddling higher on her lap as her sexy little breasts began to undulate as her breathing grew more excited.

"I suppose... I suppose....I would... have....sex with her...?"

"But what if I prevented Grace from hurting you? Then I would be *your* heroine...wouldn't I, dear?"

Emma looked confused as she searched for an answer and Ingrid glanced at the clock. After a few more probing questions, it was time to end the session. The two women got dressed and Dr. Bergson said, "You will remember *nothing* that transpired in our session. My advice is to seek out an attractive woman; someone you can defeat - preferably one with bigger breasts and thighs than you. It will help put your bad experience behind you." Ingrid snapped her fingers and Emma returned to her normal mental state.

As she walked Emma to the door, the sensuous Dr. Bergson said goodbye to one of her favorite clients. "I think these sessions are doing you a great deal of good. I look forward to seeing you again next week, Emma." The two women smiled warmly and hugged before Emma parted. She was surprised to see Sophia Loren sitting in the waiting room.


The busty Italian beauty was next in line for a session with Dr. Bergson. Sophia had been basking in her victory over sexy Bridget Bardot but lovely Sophia stilll kfelt she needed the service of Dr. Bergson after she lost her next fight. Going through the same process with Sophia, Ingrid, stripped to her panties, sat her equally stripped down client on her lap. A life size carving of Elke Sommer, dressed in a powder blue bikini, was facing them.

"Now in our last session, Sophia, you were describing how Elke humiliated you but there was one question you didn't answer: would you rather be dominated by a smaller woman like her...or a big breasted Amazon like me?"

Sophia's mouth opened and she let out a groan as Ingrid slowly pulled her back to a reclining position on the couch and lay down on top of her. Ingrid's breasts and nipples pressed hard into Sophia's breasts; her long, hard, nipples overwhelming the soft, dark nubs of her sexy client. Ingrid would not trade jobs with anyone. She was in love with her work!


Emma went home and convinced Steed to invite Sam and Honey to visit them in London. Sam was excited but Honey was even more excited. She had been anticipating a rematch as she replayed over and over in her mind for the last ten months their first battle, assessing where she had gone wrong. She trained diligently in the days leading up to their visit for she desperately needed to prove to Sam she was the tougher woman. The lovely private eye knew she couldn't return to LA until she'd redeemed herself in his eyes after what had been the most humiliating experience of her life! But Emma, too, felt a need for redemption. It had been humiliating to describe to Steed how she and Purdey had been dominated by the Hawaiians.

Emma was deeply influenced by the advice of Dr. Bergson to, "...seek out an attractive woman you can beat, preferably with bigger breasts and thighs than yourself." She wanted to prove to Steed she was still... well, still Emma! But would she find Honey a changed animal? Would the battling blonde's motivation for revenge be the telling factor in the fight? Or perhaps, would the rematch not occur at all?

Steed was already convinced by Emma's side of the story and saw no reason for a rematch. But Sam, after reflecting on Honey's story, wasn't convinced she was telling the truth. Honey had grudgingly promised she would, "behave like a lady" since she knew he treasured Emma and Steed's friendship, but inside, she had her own agenda.

Sam had lectered her more than once, "Honey, I want you to promise me you and Emma will get along this time!"

Secretly, however, the thought of his beautiful blond partner tangling with the lovely English woman always got his motor running - although he wisely kept that a secret from Honey!

As Steed and Emma greeted their guests at the airport, the men were very interested how the two women would react to one another. Honey was taken aback when Emma smiled warmly as she embraced the blond private eye and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Welcome to London, Honey," Emma smiled sweetly. "I hope you enjoy your stay."

It would be a week-long visit and Steed and Emma proved as gracious and hospitable as possible. The British pair were on vacation as well and had plenty of time to show their guests the sights of London. Throughout, Honey found herself taking shots at Emma; subtle little digs directed at her rival and, for the most part, came when Steed wasn't around to hear. Honey's intention was to show her superiority over Emma in front of Sam for she felt insecure in Emma's company. She desperately wanted him to believe in her superiority over the lovely English woman so she would chide and belittle Emma in front of him about everything from her taste in clothes to her ability as a cook when Emma invited them over to dinner one evening. Also, Honey made a point of always wearing blouses that displayed her larger, fuller, breasts.

Emma, surprisingly, took Honey's digs in stride with a humble charm, even eloquence, in the way she'd dismiss her biting innuendos. Honey never ceased to be amazed at Emma's reluctance to engage in verbal infighting and, on one occasion when both Steed and Sam were present at a nightclub, she remarked, "Doesn't Honey have such lovely breasts, Steed? I wish mine were as large and full!" Honey was surprised that Emma would say such a thing and she and Sam looked at each other and laughed heartily.

* * *

It was Honey and Sam's last night in London before returning home and Emma invited them to her apartment for cocktails. She informed them Steed had a personal matter to take care of and would arrive later. Honey arrived wearing a low-cut red evening gown. Emma poured drinks in a modest green, button up blouse and slacks while her guests relaxed on the couch. After a couple of drinks, she led them in games of trivia and all seemed to be enjoying the evening. Word games followed and Emma pleased her guests by reciting limericks as she sat in a separate chair a few feet away.

Honey was growing more convinced every moment that she had Sam believing she was superior to Emma - who she’d given many opportunities to challenge her belittling remarks during their time together and each time Emma had declined to do so.

"Emma darling, would you mind taking your little breasts to the counter and pouring me another drink?" Honey chided.

"Of course not!" Emma smiled and, as she walked away, Honey giggled and began whispering in Sam's ear. "Do you believe my side of the story now, Sam?"

"Yes, Honey. She’s definitely afraid to confront you over even the slightest offense."

"Would she be acting like a scared bunny if she HAD won our beach fight?"

"No way! I can see the way she looks and reacts to you she really lost that fight. I'm sorry I ever doubted you," Sam told her sincerely.

Honey breathed a deep sigh of relief. The most important thing in her life was Sam believing her story. She finally felt she could return home vindicated without the need to challenge Emma to a rematch. She was content her and Emma's behavior toward one another was evidence enough to Sam that she had won the fight. She was also convinced Emma wanted no part of a rematch.

Emma set Honey's drink next to her with a smile. "It's getting late. Steed should be here soon and I hope you’ll excuse me for a few minutes. I'll be right back."

She made her way to her bedroom and as she left, Honey leaned over and kissed Sam who smiled.

"Where’d she go, Honey?" he asked once he’d caught his breath.

"To her bedroom. She probably felt her blouse and slacks were too revealing," Honey giggled.

Sam guffawed loudly and Honey subtly nudged at her evening gown to reveal a little more ample breast. Things couldn't have gone better! She’d conquered Emma - at least in Sam's mind - without having to land a blow. With eyes closed, they began to engage in a long, passionate kiss just as Emma was quietly emerging from her bedroom.

"Uh hemmmm..." Emma cleared her throat to get their attention. With four eyes gazing at her in complete surprise, she asked innocuously, "Now, where were we? I'm sorry I kept you waiting." She was standing in front of them wearing the same black bikini she’d worn the day of her beach fight with Honey! She looked into Honey's eyes and smiled. "Now let's continue our game, shall we?"

Honey stared at Emma speechless as Sam pulled away.

"You look great in that bikini, Emma!" Sam found himself exclaiming.

"Oh, this old thing!?" Emma purred coyly.

"She looks like a whore!" Honey snipped angrily.

Emma smiled and changed the subject back to the word games they were playing. Without any change in her attitude or posture, without the slightest hint of aggression in her words or tone of voice, Emma was sending a very loud message to Honey…that she could not escape! Just having to share the same room with her and Sam was weighing heavily upon Honey.

The lovely English woman was playing a deadly mind game with her without the least need to utter a bad word. Honey breathed deeply as her mind raced to respond. Just moments ago she was content to return home with things as they were. Now she knew she could not. She took a long gulp from her drink, her lovely face flushed red. Already Sam was sharing a joke with her rival. Watching Emma giggling, Honey finished her cocktail and loudly slammed the glass on the end table.

"Would you like another drink, Honey dear?" Emma asked with a smile.

Honey stood up and faced Emma, "You've got some nerve, you English tramp! Trying to steal Sam from me?"

Emma looked at Sam and laughed. "I like Sam, but we're not interested in each other…right Sam?"

Sam wanted to say he would love a relationship with the woman who proved herself the stronger but didn't want to appear arrogant. He remained speechless deeply desiring a fight between them. Honey took two steps toward Emma and tensed her shapely body to attack. Emma stood up from her chair. Honey quickly chopped Emma on her neck, then grabbed her reeling hostess and threw her to the floor! Honey rushed at her rival and began kicking her in her belly and breasts as Emma tried to roll away to safety.

The lovely blond stayed close to the auburn haired beauty as she tried to escape. Then Honey came crashing down on Emma's lower back with her knee.

"AHHHHHHH!" Emma groaned as Honey mounted on top of her and tried to execute a full nelson.

But Emma snapped her elbow back and caught the aggressive blond in her jaw.

"OWWWWWW!" Honey felt dazed but remained on Emma's back.

The English woman squirmed forward to escape from Honey's clutches but the angry American reached down and grabbed Emma by her panties. Emma continued to squirt forward as Honey continued to pull her back by her bottom. Emma finally escaped from Honey's grasp leaving the battling blond with her black panties in her hands.

Honey tossed Emma's panties to the floor as her rival quickly got to her feet. Emma was wearing a leopard skin thong. She put her hands up and the two beauties began to circle each other. Honey attacked with lethal chops to Emma's face. Emma blocked them skillfully as she back peddled. Suddenly, she rushed Honey, grabbed her evening gown and tripped her to the floor. Honey kicked up at Emma, grunting in the process, but missed repeatedly. She could not prevent her opponent from tearing her evening gown completely off of her. Honey was stripped to a red bra and panties. But she masterfully launched her legs out and managed to trip her lovely rival to the floor next to her. Sam watched intently as the women struggled to their knees. Honey moved in quickly and executed a bear hug around Emma, her arms flexing into her foe's lower back.

Emma's expression was one of anger and disdain as she proceeded to chop Honey's neck with sharp blows. Honey winced in pain. She released Emma and the British beauty grabbed her own bra and threw it to the floor. Wearing just her leopard skin thong, Emma moved toward Honey as both women remained on their knees. Now it was Honey backing up as Emma gave out a loud grunt and attacked with a barrage of karate chops to Honey's face and neck. One savage blow caught Honey in her breasts and dislodged her bra. The blond beauty fought back gallantly. Emma stopped her assault and allowed Honey to step up her attack. But as she moved forward to strike, Emma snapped a savage knee into her groin.

"OOOHHHHHH!" Honey's contorted face revealed her agonising pain. Emma, her brown eyes gazing into the green eyes of her opponent, twisted her knee more deeply into Honey's groin.

"OWWWWW......AGHHHHHHH! BOO HOO HOO!" Honey's face fell forward into Emma’s firm, bare breasts.

Emma continued to twist and press her knee into Honey's groin, now proceeding to spear her eyes with her nipples. Finally, she drew her knee back. Then she snapped her other knee into Honey's belly.

"OOFFFFFF!" The blond began to drool on Emma's breasts which were now undulating against her mouth. "NO MORE.....EMMA....NO MORE!" Honey sobbed as tears poured down her cheeks.

The lovely Englishwoman's hands were resting on her hips as she breathed deeply, her petite breasts and hard nipples pushing into Honey's lovely face. Then she grabbed Honey's red bra and yanked it off of her. Emma quickly slicked behind Honey and executed a full nelson. Twisting Honey's arms behind her back, Emma wanted Honey to be more submissive than she already was.

"Do you submit Honey? Remember, Sam is watching!" she chided.

The British beauty pulled Honey backward as she lifted and stretched her long, silky legs until she had wrapped them around the blonde's lovely face. As she squeezed Honey's face with her slender thighs, her victim began to scream a jumble of distorted words.

"I G-G-GIVE UPPPPPPP!" Just then, Steed knocked on the door. Hearing the commotion inside, he opened it and rushed into the living room where his eyes beheld his lovely Emma, topless in her leopard skin thong, squeezing the fight out of a helpless Honey.

"Emma, what on earth are you doing?" he yelled. He glanced at Sam who had his eyes glued to Emma's sleek, sexy legs as they finished off his lovely partner. Finally, Emma released her deadly grip and faced Steed as Honey broke up, bawling loudly. Sam, embarrassed in front of Steed that he had done nothing to break it up, rushed toward his beaten blond beauty. "Honey, are you alright?"

"NOOOOOOO!" she wailed as she threw herself into his arms.

"Can't I leave you two alone for a few hours without you fighting like savages?" Steed lectured angrily.

"She started it, Steed! I was only defending myself!" Emma answered.

"Well, you should all be very proud of yourselves," he responded angrily. "Especially you Emma!"

The victorious English woman, feeling ecstatic over her victory and in no mood to be lectured even by Steed, gazed at him defiantly. Then she caused his eyebrows to raise as she sat on the floor in her thong and beat her breasts while emitting a blood- curdling victory scream like a savage Jungle Queen expressing her dominance over her conquered prey. Emma then smiled broadly at him. Steed's anger immediately left him. The sight of his beautiful partner's uncharacteristic behaviour as she pounded her petite bare breasts in her leopard skin thong, only to grin in jest after her sensuous display of power, was very arousing to him and a sight he would never forget.

Emma finally arose from the floor. Ignoring Sam, she assisted Honey to her feet. Suddenly, the sound of pouring rain was heard on the window pains. Honey sobbed on Emma's shoulder as her conqueror offered to put everyone up for the night.

"No sense driving in this weather. Steed will be happy to drive you to your hotel in the morning. Then he can take you to the airport. Right, Steed?"

"Of course, Emma," he replied.

The British beauty escorted Honey to her spare bedroom. Steed and Sam took a deep breath, then Steed poured drinks for both of them and they began to unwind in the living room.

Emma lay on the bed with Honey, her right arm caressing her victim's cheek against hers, then she rolled Honey onto her back and climbed atop her unresisting body.

"I know just how you feel, Honey," Emma whispered to her prey as she gently caressed the blonde's face with her fingertips. Honey had neither the strength or the desire to put up any resistance. "It's excruciatingly painful to lose a fight to another beautiful woman, isn't it?" Emma smiled at Honey, her breasts pressed down on Honey's as she lay their full weight on her.

Honey, topless in her flaming red panties and Emma, bare-breasted in the sensuous leopard skin thong, lay together for over an hour with the sleek English beauty maintaining her dominance over the busty American blond. All Honey could do was nod sadly in agreement to whatever Emma said as she pinned her gently - but firmly - to the bed while explaining the pride, pleasures, and tribulations of being a renowned heroine.

Honey imbibed her conqueror's wisdom while Emma enjoyed every moment of her gently administered but very convincing domination of her lovely blond rival. Finally, Emma planted a kiss on Honey's cheek, rose and left her. Honey wondered if she’d ever get over losing to her beautiful nemesis in front of Sam. As she lay alone on the bed, she began to sob all over again.

Emma returned to the living room and motioned to Sam to join her partner in the bedroom, then smiled at Steed. "Coming to bed, dear?"

He followed her into her bedroom.

* * *

The next morning, Steed dropped the two guests at Heathrow, shook Sam's hand and warmly embraced Honey before saying goodbye. As they made their way into the terminal, Honey opened her purse to powder her nose and found something she hadn't seen before; something Emma had slipped it into her purse without her knowledge.

It was a brochure that read:

Dr. Ingrid Bergson, Practicing Psychiatrist

Offices: London-New York-Los Angeles

"I specialize in helping women overcome the emotional trauma and suffering associated with losing a catfight to another beautiful woman. Strictly confidential! Call for a free interview. Heroines and superheroines welcome."

* * *

Honey found her green eyes gazing at the picture of the sexy psychiatrist and noted the phone number.

"What is that, Honey?" Sam asked.

"Oh, it's nothing, Sam!" she replied sharply, then hurriedly folded the brochure and stuffed it in her purse. She was suddenly very interested in meeting this Dr. Bergson!