Penance #1: Elisha Cuthbert vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar by The Walkin’ Dude

It was the nearing the end of first week of August when your erstwhile narrator finds himself back in the quiet, lakeside Minnesota town of Stillwater. Things are much the same since last we were here, it may be a bit hotter and drier, but overall the wind off the lake keeps things cool enough even for those folks who’ve forgone the seemingly impossible to live without convenience of air conditioning. But regardless of weather and the like, folks and Stillwater are enjoying the last month of summer before school starts back up and the inevitable return of winter. Thus the good citizens are trying their best to pack every bit of enjoyment into the remaining days of summer; which is where our story picks up…

Everyone was heading to a little roadhouse/club on the outside of town; a hole in the wall called ‘Wendigo’s.’ Normally it was good only for beer, burgers, darts and pool but tonight the place was playing host to Richard Fannin’s wrestling promotion for the second time in 2005. Folks who saw the first show were eager to witness the return of the grappling girls and those poor unfortunates who missed the first card are chomping at the bit to get a glimpse of the action their gloating friends so lovingly described in the weeks after the first show.

Tonight the Main Event would be a fight to remember! Making her first appearance since the culmination of the Darkfall nastiness and her very first appearance at Wendigo’s, Sarah Michelle Gellar, affectionately known to her fans as ‘The Slayer’ would take on the challenge of another blonde warrior, Elisha Cuthbert. She and Sarah had never faced each other before, but there was a connection between them most recently - Elisha had been in a nasty feud with Sarah’s old rival, Eliza Dushku. The score in that series was tied one to one and everyone knew it was only a matter of time before ‘Lisha and ‘Liza hooked up one more time to settle their issues. But enough of that, let’s go to ringside, where the never named Announcer is getting ready to start his last bit of the night:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come for our Main Event! Introducing first, she stands at 5 feet 4 inches, allow me to introduce…. Elisha Cuthbert!” Trapt’s ‘Headstrong’ rumbles into life and Elisha moves through the curtain like a whirlwind, pushing the hanging drapery aside with a flourish so that fans and detractors alike can observe her in all her golden haired glory. Standing atop the ramp with hands on her hips, Elisha grins coyly at the mob as she flips her hair over her shoulder and gives her battle gear the tiniest of adjustments. And speaking of battle gear, the curvaceous blonde is sporting her usual ring attire, consisting of a gleaming white 2 piece bikini and matching wrestling boots. The outfit is completed with maroon knee and elbow pads. Holding her place for a moment longer, she suddenly struts down the ramp before sliding under the bottom rope. Pushing to her feet, Elisha headed to her corner to await the arrival of her opponent.

“And her opponent, she stands at 5 feet 3 inches tall. They call her The Slayer, she is… Sarah Michelle Gellar!” ‘Man in the Box’ pulses through the speakers as the Slayer strides through the curtain, making her presence known to the crowd. As always, she’s clad in her red leather one-piece bikini, black fingerless gloves and thigh high black boots. Her blonde hair hangs loose on her shoulders and it gleams brightly in the dim lights of the club. Free of the mental burden of facing the Darkness, Sarah’s typical competitive bounce has returned as demonstrated when she makes her way down the aisle. Reaching the ring, she slides under the bottom ropes and pops to her feet, waiting for the bell.

The bell sounded its distinctive clang and both blondes moved quickly out of their corners, heading for their inevitable showdown at mid ring. Stopping with less than a foot between them, Sarah and Elisha assumed their respective stances before starting to circle one another slowly. Eyeing the Slayer with a slightly contemptuous smile, Elisha said, “I’ve always wanted to face you Sarah. I figure it’ll be fairly easy to beat ya since Eliza’s supposed to be your more badass clone and everybody knows how THAT turned out.” She smiled coyly again, knowing full well Sarah was aware what Elisha had done to the Slayer’s old rival.

Brushing a lock of hair from her face, Sarah replied, “Sure I remember. The last time you two locked up, she left you beaten and stripped; pretty embarrassing if you ask me, but then again, maybe YOU like that kinda thing.”

Elisha’s face went a shade paler when the Slayer mentioned her last encounter with Dushku and curling her lip in disgust, she sneered, “The only thing I enjoy is torturing overrated sluts - sluts like you!”

Before Sarah could reply, Elisha lunged forward, locking up with the other blonde in a tight clinch. The two blondes had only been grappling for a second or more when Elisha dipped behind Sarah and yanked the Slayer’s left arm up behind her, cinching in a painful Hammerlock. Sarah winced at the pain in her shoulder and rose up on her toes to alleviate the pressure, but Elisha rose with her, cranking the twisted limb as best she could. Turning in a slow circle, Elisha showed the Slayer to the audience before she demonstrated her first trick. Bringing up her free hand, Elisha groped and clawed at Sarah’s breasts, not really intent on doing physical damage, just demeaning her foe. Sarah yelped and flushed a bright red as her assets were toyed with and she was about to enact an escape plan when Elisha ceased her groping and shoved the Slayer away, sending her stumbling forward in an awkward lurch.

Grimacing in anger, Sarah gave her outfit a minor adjustment before turning back to the grinning blonde and arching an eyebrow, “Cute. Real cute.”

Elisha didn’t bat an eye, “If you liked THAT, you’ll love what else I’ve got planned!”

She looked like she was on the verge of saying something else, but Sarah cut her off, surging forward to lock up once again. Like before, the two blondes grappled for only a few seconds before Elisha was behind Sarah and slapping on a second Hammerlock. Grunting in frustration, the Slayer’s annoyance quickly turned to rage when she felt Elisha’s fingers on her butt, the dominant blonde giving the her captive’s cheek a quick, stinging pinch. Yelping ever so slightly, Sarah almost fell over as Elisha pushed her forward again, almost sending the smaller blonde pitching forward on her face. Barely controlling her rage, Sarah whirled to face her opponent.

Elisha cooed, “What’s the matter bitch, don’t like getting embarrassed? Better get used to it because by the time I’m done with ya, you’ll be bawling in shame.”

Biting back her fury for a few more seconds, the Slayer responded, “You’re the one how’s gonna be bawling Slutbert. What I do to you will make Eliza’s tactics look friendly by comparison.”

“One of us is lying…” Elisha sneered. “Let’s find out who.”

She rushed forward, locking up with the Slayer for a third time. Going with what had worked before, Elisha slipped behind Sarah and cinched up the Hammerlock, but she had barely applied any pressure before Sarah blasted her elbow back, smashing the other blonde in the face. Elisha let out a grunt and stumbled back, trying to clear her head but Sarah wasn’t about to let her recover - as she demonstrated by grabbing a handful of Elisha’s gold mane and tossing her to the mat with a basic Snapmare.

Elisha hit the mat tailbone first and sat there stunned, making her easy prey for Sarah’s next move. Standing behind the sitting blonde, Sarah tensed her whole frame for less than a second before snapping a wicked Toe Kick into the small of Elisha’s back. The impact of the kick sounded like a gunshot and Elisha cried out in pain, rolling onto her stomach as her hands clawed at her assaulted back. Smiling at putting the mouthy blonde in her place, Sarah pulled Elisha to her feet and stood in front of her. Grabbing her rival’s wrists, Sarah planted her foot in Elisha’s belly and fell back, flipping Elisha over her in one smooth motion with a basic Judo Throw but Sarah added her own little signature to the move, rolling over onto Elisha so that she landed on the other blonde’s stomach in a basic straddle.

Releasing her grip on Elisha’s wrists, Sarah blasted several hard, open palmed slaps across Elisha’s face, knocking the other girl’s head from side to side with each impact. Smiling cattily as she belittled Elisha, Sarah said, “See Elisha, it’s easy to put a bitch in her place; ya just gotta slap her around a little.” Sarah concluded this little observation with a final slap that cracked Elisha’s head painfully to the right.

Snarling in anger, Elisha shook off the blows and shoved her hands up, sending the Slayer off her in a stumbling sprawl. Clearing her head, Elisha got to her feet and charged at the recovering Slayer. Her claws were within inches of Sarah’s face when the other blonde slammed her knee up, burying it in Elisha’s belly. Elisha gasped and doubled over, arms crossed across her gut as she tried to get her breath back. Seizing the opportunity, Sarah backed up several paces before charging forward and leaping into the air beside her foe. As she began to descend, Sarah brought her left arm up and then slamming down, driving it’s full length across the plane of Elisha’s exposed back. The leaping Forearm Smash drove Elisha face first into the canvas, drawing another pained moan from the already stunned blonde. Sarah on the other hand was feeling pretty good. Tucking a bit of hair behind her ear, she sat on the mat before laying on Elisha’s back, below the blonde’s right shoulder.

Locking her arms around Elisha’s right arm, Sarah said, “Let’s see if we can end this fast.”

Then she leaned back as hard as she could while simultaneously applying pressure to the locked arm, damn near hyper extending Elisha’s elbow with the Fujiwara Arm Bar. Elisha cried out in serious pain as Sarah worked the joint lock and her shrieks didn’t get any quieter when Sarah bridged up on her toes, adding even more pressure to the hold.

Doing her best to ignore the pain, Elisha planted her free hand on the mat and got her knees under her before somersaulting forward, an ingenious way to escape the torture of the hold. In a matter of seconds the resilient blonde was free and on her feet, shaking off the pins and needles caused by Sarah’s attack. A bit irritated with how easily Elisha had escaped the Arm Bar, Sarah kept her cool and hopped to her feet, waiting for her moment to strike. She didn’t have long to wait as seconds later Elisha drew within striking range and Sarah obliged her foe readily enough, doubling the curvy blonde with a quick-kick to the gut. Not wasting a moment, Sarah gripped her opponent’s wrist and whipped her towards the ropes, waiting tensely as Elisha sped back toward her. When the time was right, Sarah ducked low and waited, ready at a moments notice to hurl Elisha into the lights with a Back Body Drop.

But the Slayer had telegraphed the maneuver just the tiniest bit and that opening was all Elisha needed to escape her fate. Seeing Sarah dip her head, the savvy blonde executed a perfect leapfrog, hopping over the Slayer in the blink of an eye and continuing on to the ropes behind her. Sarah realized what happened just a second too late and as she was whirling around to find Elisha was already in the air, hurtling toward her rival with a perfect Cross Body Splash. She caught Sarah directly across the chest and they both went down in a heap with Elisha on top. She hooked a leg, hoping her surprise attack might disorient the Slayer just long enough to get a quick win but Sarah kicked out right after “ONE!”

Getting her breath back, Sarah shook off Elisha’s attack and lunged forward for the clinch only to be greeted with Elisha’s talons raking across her face. Sarah cried out and staggered back, clutching her face tightly. Never one to waste a cheap shot, Elisha sprinted forward before leaping her feet and cracking her right foot into the side of Sarah’s head with a Running Enziguiri. Sarah’s knees came unhinged and the tiny blonde pitched forward, landing face first on the mat. Standing over her foe, Elisha wanted keep Sarah grounded for a little while longer and to do so she went to the air. Standing perfectly still for a moment, Elisha flipped forward and down, driving her weight across the Slayer’s back with a Flipping Senton. Smiling serenely, Elisha pulled Sarah to her feet, immensely enjoying the wheeze that Sarah heaved when Elisha slapped a Front Face Lock on her.

Slinging Sarah’s free arm over her shoulders, Elisha grabbed a handful of red tights as she taunted, “This is the beginning of the end for you Sarah. From now on, you don’t do anything that I don’t want you to do.”

Then she hauled upwards, inverting the Slayer over her head for a second before flinging herself backwards, sending Sarah crashing painfully to the mat with a Vertical Suplex. As soon as she felt the suplex connect, Elisha was in motion, rolling over onto her foe’s chest in one smooth twist, trapping the other blonde in a makeshift pin. Holding Sarah’s shoulder down in one hand, Elisha used her other arm to grind her forearm back and forth across Sarah’s face, making the pin that much more uncomfortable. Elisha’s tactics may have worked against her in this instance as the grinding of her forearm only motivated Sarah to break the pin and that’s just what shed did, kicking free just after, “TWO!”

Kneeling beside her rival, Elisha eyed Sarah with disdain and said, “I’m glad you want to keep kicking out. It wouldn’t be nearly as impressive if I beat you without a fight.”

Not receiving a reply, Elisha scooted forward and placed her left knee across Sarah’s windpipe. Placing her hands on the canvas, Elisha bore down with all her weight, cutting off Sarah’s air with the clever choke. Beginning to panic as her air was cut off; Sarah flailed wildly, hoping to draw the ref’s attention to the illegal maneuver. In this regard she was successful and the zebra began to scold Elisha, utilizing a five count to force her to break the choke.

Elisha waited til “FOUR!” passed, but she did release the hold, fixing the ref with an arrogant smile as she said, “You’re no fun.” Getting to her feet, she pulled Sarah up and looked deep into the Slayer’s eyes. Holding a double handful of hair, she said, “Well if you don’t like illegal holds, I’ll just have to beat you with legal ones.”

She pulled Sarah down and forward, wedging the other blonde’s head between her thighs in a Standing Head Scissors. Ignoring the minor pain in her legs as Sarah tried to claw her way free, Elisha flexed her thighs tight and laid both her hands on Sarah’s defenseless backside as she did so. Tugging mischievously at the Slayer’s bottoms, Elisha asked the mob, “Wanna see her bony butt?” When the crowd naturally replied they would, with a shrug, Elisha muttered, “Your loss!”

She pulled up with both hands, pulling the leather into Sarah’s butt. The Slayer cried out in pain and embarrassment, but it wasn’t all bad as this indignity served to motivate her to escape. Planting her feet firmly on the canvas, she gripped Elisha behind the knees and shoved up as hard as she could. The makeshift Back Body Drop worked to perfection, tossing Elisha up and over her former captive to land with a dull, wet SPLAT behind the winded Slayer. The impact of the landing stunned Elisha but the blonde was tough and she was on her feet quickly, sprinting toward the Slayer with an arm extended to decapitate her with a Clothesline. But like Elisha, Sarah was quick to recover too and she saw the Clothesline coming with enough time to duck the strike and get behind her foe.

Confused momentarily by Sarah’s counter, Elisha whirled on her heel, only to be greeted with Sarah’s heel slamming into her mouth. Elisha groaned and staggered backward, her vision nothing but a swirl of colors thanks to Sarah’s scintillating Side Kick. It was probably a mercy that Elisha’s eyes were closed because she didn’t have to see Sarah charge at her and raise her knee right before she buried it in the blonde’s gut, impaling her with the vicious Running Knee Lift. Elisha was spun over Sarah’s knee and she hit the mat in a heap, holding her injured gut as best she could.

Moments later the blonde started to recover, getting to her knees while still protecting her damaged torso. Unfortunately for her, it proved an unwise choice because at that moment Sarah bounced off the ropes opposite her kneeling prey and went low, smashing an extended arm across Elisha’s jaw in an inventive Low Clothesline. Standing over her injured nemesis, Sarah took the time to pull her outfit back into a more comfortable position. Breaking her reprieve, the Slayer bent down and pulled Elisha to her feet.

Standing in front of the woozy blonde, Sarah said coldly, “You wanna show these people my ass huh? Well I guess we should show them YOURS; although in my opinion, it’s not very impressive; kinda like old cottage cheese.”

Elisha seemed to be on the verge of mumbling a reply, but Sarah cut her off with a wicked SLAP! “I didn’t ask for an answer bitch!” she hissed evilly as she slipped around behind Elisha and cinched a Waist Lock on her, then hoisted her in the air and held her there, turning in a slow circle so everyone could see Elisha’s butt.

With Elisha’s bulk beginning to wear on her, Sarah said, “Let’s put your fat ass down gently shall we?” She fell forward and slammed Elisha’s tailbone onto her bent knee in a nasty Atomic Drop.

Lightning raced up the bigger girl’s spine and she moaned loudly as she landed gingerly on her feet. Seeing Elisha bent over in front of her, Sarah knew this was too good an opportunity to pass up so she sprinted forward and executed a front flip directly over her winded enemy. As she sailed by Elisha’s head, Sarah grabbed hold of the blonde’s face and held on tight, jerking Elisha off her feet and driving her face hard into the mat with the innovative Bulldog/Neckbreaker combination. Wondering if that had been enough to do Elisha in, Sarah muscled the struggling girl onto her back and hooked a leg, going for her first cover of the match. Not surprisingly, Elisha was able to power her way out just after “ONE!”

Getting the hair out of her eyes, Sarah decided on a change of tactics. Pulling Elisha to her feet, Sarah secured a grip on the blonde’s wrist before whipping her into the corner. Steadying herself for a moment, Sarah hurled forward, smashing the full force of her weight into Elisha’s trapped form with a vicious Clothesline in the corner. And even as Elisha staggered free from the buckles, Sarah wasn’t letting up the pressure. Slapping on a tight Side Head Lock, she sprinted forward again before leaving her feet to drive Elisha’s face into the canvas with a Running Bulldog. Shoving Elisha onto her back, Sarah was still feeling remarkably vindictive. Lying on her foe’s body, facing towards her feet, Sarah locked both legs around Elisha’s head and began to squeeze, securing the demeaning and painful Inverted Headscissors.

Grinding her thighs against Elisha’s ears, Sarah purred, “You wanna play with my ass now Lishy? Maybe you should just kiss it and be done with it. Otherwise I might just have to sit on your face to make ya see reason.”

She finished by wiggling her hips back and forth with the curve of her butt just inches from Elisha’s nose. Red faced and panting from the Slayer’s Scissors, Elisha wouldn’t even consider the Slayer’s request. Drawing upon her own considerable rage, Elisha whipped her claws up and sank needle sharp fingers into the Slayer’s rump, pinching and twisting as viciously as she could. Sarah grimaced and tried to fight the pain, but it soon became too much to bear so she broke her grip and rolled free, leaving Elisha to collect herself as she massaged her injured derriere. Regaining control of her senses faster than Elisha did, Sarah stalked over to her kneeling foe and yanked her up by the hair. Ignoring Elisha’s indignant cry of protest, Sarah scooped her foe up and held her across her body.

Looking down into Elisha’s face Sarah chuckled, “The NEXT time you touch my ass will be when it’s riding your face!” She dropped to one knee, bending Elisha like a thin stick across the posted joint. Sarah held the pose for just a moment before shoving Elisha off her knee, letting the other blonde roll limply across the canvas. Getting to her feet in one graceful move, Sarah sauntered over to her foe and pulled her up again, preparing her for a second Backbreaker. But just before she could drop Elisha over her knee, the trapped blonde slammed a fist into the back of Sarah’s head, breaking her grip and depositing Elisha at her feet in an awkward sprawl. Knowing she needed a moment to get her breath back, Elisha got her hands and knees under her and crawled towards the ropes, getting as much distance between her and the Slayer as she could before getting to her feet. Back on Sarah’s end of things, the Slayer had shaken her head clear just in time to see Elisha crawl away from her and get to her feet. Snarling under her breath, Sarah hissed, “That’s right bitch, go ahead and crawl, it won’t save you.”

Waiting for Elisha to recover her footing, Sarah lunged forward with claws extended, meaning to snatch Elisha’s head bald if she could. Right as her fingers brushed against Elisha’s gold mane, Sarah received a nasty surprise when Elisha ducked low and tripped her up with a Drop Toe Hold. Normally the move wasn’t that big a deal, but in this case, Elisha had managed to drop Sarah throat first across the middle rope, causing the Slayer to flop wildly as she nursed her injured trachea.

Getting to her feet, Elisha put her hands on her hips and said smugly, “Not so tough when ya can’t breath are ya Slayer?”

Elisha pressed her advantage, pulling the wounded Slayer off the mat before trapping her in a tight Front Face Lock. As soon as the Face Lock was secure, Elisha dropped back, spiking Sarah’s forehead to the canvas with a quick DDT. Popping easily to her feet, Elisha hoisted Sarah up by her hair and held the small blonde prone. Digging one hand into the Slayer’s tangled mane and the other into her crotch, Elisha hoisted her foe over her head, holding her up in a Military Press. Walking around the ring, Elisha said loudly, “I don’t get to do this very often so when I get the chance, I make it count. Watch this.”

Over the roar of the crowd, she strode forward until she was near the edge of the ring. Positioning herself carefully, Elisha tossed Sarah forward, making sure the falling girl landed throat first across the top rope. The dreadful force of the improvised Hotshot snapped Sarah’s neck back and she fell to the mat, gagging and clutching at her throat. Pleased with her attack, Elisha wasn’t going to give Sarah an inch of breathing room (either literal or figurative) and she proved as much by stalking forward and yanking the injured blonde to her knees. Jerking her forward in an undignified crawl, Elisha tossed Sarah against the ropes face first, making sure the Slayer’s throat was resting comfortably against the middle cable.

Placing one foot between the blonde’s shoulder blades, Elisha yelled jubilantly, “I’m gonna cut off her fuckin’ head!”

Then she sprinted across the ring and bounced off the ropes before heading back towards the kneeling blonde. With no room to spare, Elisha left her feet in low leap, landing with her perfect butt slamming into Sarah’s shoulders. The force of her landing drove Sarah’s neck down nastily across the cable, but still Elisha wasn’t done. Gripping the top rope tightly, Elisha scooted forward a bit so that her legs were resting comfortably on either side of Sarah’s head. Crossing her ankles, Elisha squeezed her thighs together, adding a Standing Headscissors to the already considerable agony of the choking rope. Sarah’s face was a crimson portrait of agony, the suffocating Slayer thrashing wildly as Elisha ground the air out of her. Finally the ref stepped in to break the rope-assisted maneuver and Sarah got to breathe freely again, at least temporarily. She had just begun to enjoy the feeling of air filling her lungs when Elisha grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet. Angry at having her Headscissors interrupted, Elisha was more than happy to take her fury out on the Slayer. Marching her toward the ring, Elisha switched her grip from Sarah’s hair to her throat, once again cutting off the Slayer’s air with a blatant Choke Hold.

Watching Sarah squirm in her grip, Elisha clenched her claw tighter and spat, “Looks like you’ve got more in common with Eliza than you thought Sarah. You’re both remarkably good at choking when the pressure’s on.”

Chuckling at her own joke, Elisha planted her free hand on Sarah’s back and then lifted up, hauling the other blonde into the air by her throat. Elisha held Sarah aloft for about three seconds before tossing her down hard, driving Sarah into the canvas with a ring rattling Choke Slam. Watching with satisfaction as Sarah rolled limp over onto her stomach, Elisha kicked the Slayer onto her back and covered her, hooking both legs this time. The ref’s hand had just hit the mat twice when Sarah got a shoulder free. Cursing quietly, Elisha pulled the Slayer to her feet and gripped her around the throat again. Deciding a taunt wasn’t necessary this time, Elisha jerked Sarah into the air for another Choke Slam but at the apex of the lift, Sarah managed to slip free and land gracefully behind her startled rival.

Furious, Elisha spun around; already aiming her hands at Sarah’s throat when the Slayer fired a stiff fingered open palm thrust right into Elisha’s neck. Now it was Elisha’s turn to experience the paralyzing pain of a throat based assault, and she experienced it fully, gagging and retching as she tried to maintain her footing.

Stepping back from the gagging blonde, Sarah massaged her raw throat before croaking, “Doesn’t fee too good does it cunt? Well neither will THIS!”

Then she stepped back before hopping forward, pistoning one foot up and directly at Elisha’s chin. The Super Kick hit with expert precision and Elisha went down hard, the injured girl seemingly unable to decide to protect her chin or her throat as she lay writhing on the mat. Normally the Super Kick would have let Sarah press her advantage, but the Slayer was so out of breath from all the concentrated attacks on her neck that she couldn’t take advantage of the situation. Indeed for several seconds after her blow landed, she simply knelt beside Elisha and took deep ragged breaths, trying to get air into her oxygen-deprived system. After a few more breaths, she got to her feet at just about the time Elisha was getting to hers. Both blondes immediately fixed their gazes on the other and their eyes narrowed when they saw their rival was still functioning.

Forsaking words in exchange for almost feral sounding hisses, Elisha and Sarah staggered forward and locked up, pushing and shoving at one anothers shoulders for several seconds before Elisha was able to power around behind the Slayer and lock in a potentially match ending Sleeper Hold. But Elisha hadn’t even got a chance to administer the initial squeeze when Sarah twisted in her grip, wrapping both arms around Elisha’s waist before locking her hands over Elisha’s taut belly. In the same motion, Sarah pulled up and fell back, slamming Elisha on the back of her head and shoulders with a perfectly delivered Side Suplex. Rolling slowly to her feet, Sarah took several seconds to get her breath back, finally allowed the breather (no pun intended) that she’d been denied for the last several minutes. Returning her focus to the sprawled form of Elisha, Sarah’s usually friendly face took on a look of surprising malevolence.

Lining herself up with the downed blonde, she says, “You wanna take my head off Lishy? Well I wouldn’t mind doing the exact same to you.”

Ending her threat she bounced off the ropes and sprinted back towards Elisha, dropping into a low Baseball Slide as she neared her prey. Sarah drove both boots full force into the side of Elisha’s temple and if the curvy blonde’s cry of agony was any indication, she felt every bit of the impact that sent her rolling halfway across the ring. Not done by a long shot, Sarah stalked over to her opponent and pulled her up by a damp handful of hair. Cinching in a tight Front Face Lock, Sarah marched Elisha to the center of the ring, making sure that the whole audience got a good look at Elisha’s jiggling backside. Done fooling around, Sarah grabbed a handful of tights while simultaneously getting Elisha’s near arm over her shoulders. Set for the suplex, Sarah waited for another second before popping her hips, taking the bigger girl over with a lightning fast Snap Suplex.

The move lived up to its name in two ways in this instance: not only was it fast, but there was a loud snapping noise as Elisha’s slick back smashed down on the canvas, causing her whole body to arch violently upward. But that was merely the beginning of Sarah’s revenge! After the suplex, she maintained her Face Lock and twisted her hips to the side, getting her feet under her to bring both her and Elisha back to a vertical base. Setting her feet again, Sarah popped her hips a second time, taking Elisha up and over with a second Snap Suplex. If anything, the landing was louder and more violent this time but still Sarah wouldn’t let her prey loose. Getting to her feet one more time, Sarah hauled Elisha’s nearly limp bulk to her feet and adjusted her grip on the out-of-it blonde’s disheveled bottom.

Speaking so quietly that only Elisha could hear, Sarah said, “Gonna break your head now Elisha. Then I’m gonna do something to you that I never got to do to that bitch Katie. I’m gonna plant my ass on your face and grind away.”

Not caring if she got an answer or not, Sarah hauled Elisha over her head, holding the bigger blonde inverted over her head in an impressive display of strength. Holding Elisha over her, Sarah counted to three in her head before dropping straight down, drilling the crown of Elisha’s head into the canvas with a sadistic Brain Buster. Elisha jerked spasmodically once and then laid still, indicating to Sarah that it was time to end the match. Lying across the blonde’s torso, Sarah hooked a leg and bore down listening hopefully as the ref called out his count. His hand was coming down for the three when Elisha managed to kick out. Scowling, Sarah positioned herself perpendicular to Elisha’s neck and laced her thighs around Elisha’s neck, hooking the blonde’s right arm with both hands as she did so. Locking her ankles, Sarah poured all her considerable leg strength into separating Elisha’s head from her neck.

Bouncing on her butt to add to the pressure, Sarah looked into Elisha’s face and hissed, “How do you like not being able to breathe Slutbert? Not so fun is it? Just give up and this can all be over.”

Elisha fixed her arctic blue gaze and Sarah and gurgled an incomprehensible reply. At least it was verbally incomprehensible; Sarah got the gist of her foe’s meaning when Elisha brought up her free hand and sank it into Sarah’s groin, clawing and gouging mercilessly. Sarah grimaced at the pain and held on as long as she could, but she had to break her scissors in relatively short order so that she could escape the pain of the Claw. Breaking Elisha’s grip on her center, Sarah got to her feet looking royally pissed off. Bending down, she grabbed a handful of Elisha’s locks and yanked her upwards only to immediately slap on the Front Face Lock again.

Looking imperiously down the slick, shiny curve of Elisha’s back, Sarah proclaimed, “That was your last mistake bitch. Now all you’re gonna do is suffer.”

Sarah had just begun the backwards movement to complete the DDT when Elisha wrapped her arms around her waist and leaned back, holding the Slayer in place. Before Sarah could gather her strength Elisha bridged up and back, depositing the surprised blonde on the canvas with both shoulders down in an explosive Northern Lights Suplex. Stunned from the counter, Sarah almost panicked when she realized the ref was counting her down, but she managed to regain her wits and break Elisha’s pin right before the “THREE!” count. Sitting up fast, Sarah was getting really pissed with Elisha’s resilience. Pulling the blonde to her feet yet again, Sarah applied the Face Lock once more before using her free hand to reach down and hook Elisha’s leg behind the knee, pulling it roughly off the mat.

Fixing her prey with an icy stare, Sarah spat, “Stay the hell down you outclassed bitch.”

Then it was her turn to bridge back and that’s what she did, driving Elisha’s shoulders and back into the mat with the Fisherman’s suplex. Sarah held the bridge and arched up as high as she could, but Elisha still managed to break the count before the last slap of the mat. Deciding a change of attack was an order, Sarah waited patiently as Elisha got to her feet, the Slayer letting the other blonde try to collect herself as best she could after Sarah’s most recent collection of suplexes and throws.

Elisha had just managed to turn her gaze to Sarah when the Slayer left her feet in a gorgeous vertical leap that culminated in her slamming both feet directly into the point of Elisha’s jaw. The Dropkick put Elisha back on the canvas and cradling her head, a position that she was getting all too familiar to her in the last few minutes. Sauntering over to her crippled foe, Sarah pulled Elisha to her feet.

Shoving the other blonde back towards the ropes, Sarah said snidely, “Stay the fuck up, Elisha! If you won’t stay down, then you’re gonna stay up and take whatever I wanna give you.”

Backing Elisha into the ropes, Sarah administered a few nasty Knife Edge Chops to guarantee that Elisha wouldn’t have the fight left to avoid her next move. After delivering the last chop, Sarah backed halfway across the ring before sprinting forward and leaving her feet again, this time trying to decapitate Elisha with a Leaping Side Kick. But Elisha wasn’t one to just sit there and allow herself to be knocked out and she avoided this rather unpleasant fate when she ducked aside, leaving Sarah to soar through empty space before landing crotch first on the top rope. Sarah howled as the cable cut into her nether regions and her condition wasn’t helped any when Elisha sank her talons into her hair and yanked her back into the ring.

Circling the injured Slayer, Elisha adjusted her disheveled bottoms as she said, “Not so big now are you ya twat? It’s hard to be cocky when you just landed cunt first on a barely padded steel cable. Let’s see ya get off the mat and beat me now Slayer.”

Elisha pulled her foot up and then brought it crashing down over and over again, stomping the proverbial mud hole in Sarah’s midsection. After nearly a minute of this activity, Elisha seemed to get control over her rage and she ceased the foot-based assault (at least for now). Pulling Sarah to her feet, Elisha scooped her up and held her at chest level across her body. Palming a helpless handful of Sarah’s butt, Elisha groped the flesh tauntingly, demeaning the Slayer in much the same way Sarah had done to her with the Headscissors. Getting to the center of the ring Elisha called out, “This putz isn’t the only one who can hit moves in threes. Check this out!”

Then she rose up on her toes and dropped forward, ramming Sarah’s exposed ribs into her bent knee. Smiling wickedly, Elisha held her grip and pulled the Slayer back up, before hitting a second Rib Breaker. When the second slam connected, Elisha’s taunting smile disappeared only to be replaced with a hateful leer. Holding the Slayer in position for a third Rib Breaker, Elisha purred, “Enjoy the ride Sarah.” Then she fell back, tossing Sarah over her head as she did so, sending Sarah sprawling nearly the entire length of the ring with an impressive Fall Away Slam. Seeing Sarah lying motionless on the canvas, Elisha hurried over to where she was sprawled and went for a cover but Sarah still managed to get a shoulder up before “THREE!” Frowning in consternation, Elisha soon decided on her course of action. Getting to her feet, she pulled Sarah to her hands and knees before wedging the Slayer’s head between her legs, right above Elisha’s knees. Squeezing as tight as she could manage, Elisha bounced backwards as she did so, forcing her foe to crawl after her, exactly what Elisha had intended.

Watching the supposedly great Sarah Michelle crawling after her on the mat, Elisha made her grip even tighter and cooed hatefully, “That’s right Sarah, crawl towards me. Crawl just like the bitch you are.”

Elisha’s eyes widened a bit as Sarah’s claws came up and sank into her thighs; apparently the Slayer was hurt, but not so much that she couldn’t hear Elisha’s insults. Gritting her teeth, Elisha pried Sarah’s hands from her legs and then suddenly dropped to her knees, slamming Sarah’s face painfully into the canvas with her makeshift Facebuster. Wanting to end this match so she could get started with her humiliation of Sarah, Elisha muscled the smaller blonde onto her back and went for the win, but Sarah denied her victory again, this time just after the count of “TWO!” Shaking her head in disbelief, Elisha pulled Sarah to her feet and wrapped both arms around her waist. Pulling the Slayer in close, Elisha cinched the Bear Hug in tight, shaking Sarah from side to side even as she ground her own chest into the trapped blonde’s.

Loving the growing look of pain and desperation in Sarah’s sweat slicked face, Elisha taunted, “C’mon you titless wonder. Give up right now and I promise to only sit on your face for a few minutes and not the whole night.”

The threat of having her face ridden by Elisha seemed to bring the Slayer around and she whipped her head forward, trying to Head Butt Elisha across the bridge of the nose. But Elisha had prepared for that tactic and moved her head aside, letting Sarah’s forehead graze harmlessly against her shoulder. Tired of the Bear Hug, Elisha lifted Sarah off her feet and spun to the side before dropping down, landing with her full weight across the Slayer’s chest in a Belly-to-Belly Suplex.

Sarah wheezed as Elisha’s weight ground her into the mat and it was by sheer force of will that Sarah was able to shove Elisha off her before the three count was completed. On her knees with hands on her hips, Elisha bit her lip in frustration as she tried to figure out how to put Sarah away. Deciding that the simplest methods were often best, Elisha pulled Sarah to a sitting position and sidled up behind her. Resting her chin comfortably on Sarah’s damp shoulder, Elisha brought her hands around the Slayer’s torso and cupped them across Sarah’s breasts.

Nipping at Sarah’s ear with her teeth, Elisha purred, “Hope you don’t me playing with your tits Sarah, I figured since you never used them at least one of us should get some pleasure out of ‘em.”

She sank her claws into the curve of the defenseless flesh, kneading and twisting at the pliant skin even as Sarah writhed helplessly in her grip. Gritting her teeth as Elisha took liberties with her tits, Sarah brought her own hands into play, gripping firmly around Elisha’s wrists. Getting her feet on the canvas, Sarah bit back a cry and shoved upward managing to get to her feet with Elisha’s claws still dug into her. Adjusting her footing, Sarah was about to act when Elisha tightened her grip, drawing a pained yelp from the Slayer.

Pushing her face right against the side of Sarah’s face, Elisha hissed, “Oh no you DON’T.”

Sucking in a deep breath, Sarah spat back, “Oh yes I DO.”

She brought her foot up and then slamming down on Elisha’s undefended toes, grinding her heel viciously again the helpless digits. Elisha cried out, but maintained her claw hold, even increasing the violence of her kneading as Sarah worked over her foot. Just when it appeared that Elisha would win this battle of attrition, Sarah ceased her foot grinding only to slam the same foot back between Elisha’s thighs. Elisha shrieked and released her grip as Sarah’s heel smashed into her center, causing immediate agony. Unable to do anything else, Elisha stumbled back a few steps before falling to her knees with head bowed, her entire thought process consumed by the inferno raging in her center.

On the other end of the spectrum, Sarah’s thought process was consumed with revenge and the Slayer was determined to make her thoughts a concrete reality. Lining up with Elisha’s kneeling form, Sarah bounced off the ropes and hurled back at the blonde, leaving her feet in a short hop in which she lashed her right leg out and smashed her shin into the side of Elisha’s face with a sadistically stiff Shining Wizard. Kneeling next to her rival, Sarah thought about going for the cover but decided she’d rather have the submission. Pulling Elisha to her hands and knees, Sarah laced her arms behind Elisha’s neck and locked them, cinching in the extremely basic, but extremely painful Full Nelson. Only half done, Sarah threaded her legs around Elisha’s waist and fell to the side before locking her ankles, adding a Body Scissors to the agony of the Full Nelson.

Cranking both holds as hard as she could, Sarah was supremely satisfied with the grunts and moans of anguish that issued from Elisha as the bigger blonde tried valiantly to fight the dual holds. Pouring on the pressure, Sarah returned a little torture from earlier, biting gently at Elisha’s ear as she taunted her nemesis. “Give it up Lishy. I could break your neck and a whole lot of ribs if I wanted to. And after the things you’ve done to me tonight, there’s not much keeping me from doing just that,” she concluded with a wet, condescending kiss against Elisha’s ear.

Breathing in fits and bursts as she was tortured by the holds, Elisha still managed to respond, “If you think what I’ve done so far is bad, just wait til I’ve beaten you. Then the real fun begins.” Sarah was in the process of voicing a reply when Elisha rolled all of her weight across Sarah’s body and clutched at the ropes, demanding to the ref that Sarah release her hold.

Irritated that she didn’t plan for this contingency Sarah snarled, “You’re not getting out of this that easy bitch!” She jerked back violently, pulling Elisha’s hands off the ropes and dragging her back to the center of the ring.

In a fury that Sarah had denied her escape, Elisha roared, “LET ME GO YOU FUCKING CUNT!” before trying to pull her way free again.

Riding out Elisha’s wild bucking with style and aplomb; Sarah spoke disingenuously to her prey. “OK Elisha, I’ll let you go, but only from one hold and I get to pick which one.” Then she released the Scissors from around Elisha’s waist only to crank down on the Full Nelson even harder. Smiling at Elisha’s frustrated wailing, Sarah got her feet under her and pulled Elisha up while still keeping the Nelson applied. Setting her feet, Sarah whispered, “One neck brace special, coming up.”

Then she bridged up and back, dropping Elisha’s full weight on the trapped blonde’s head and shoulders with a Full Nelson Suplex. Holding her bridge when the suplex landed, Sarah hoped that this would finally be the move that put Elishat away. Tragically those hopes were dashed when Elisha pulled a shoulder loose right before “THREE!” Incredulous, Sarah managed to keep her cool as she pulled Elisha to her feet. Cinching on the Full Nelson again, Sarah pushed nastily down on Elisha’s neck as she yelled, “I swear to god Elisha if you don’t give up soon I WILL break your nec…EERRRGGHHHH!”

Her threat was cut off as Elisha fired a boot back between her legs, using Sarah’s own escape tactic against her. Free of the hold, Elisha backed up a step and saw Sarah standing on spaghetti legs.

Tensing her frame, Elisha snarled, “It’ll be oh so sweet beating you with one of your favorite moves Sarah. I betcha I can hear your jaw shatter when this connects.”

She surged forward as her leg shot out at Sarah’s chin, Elisha’s Super Kick flying flawlessly towards its destination. That is to say it would’ve been flawless had Sarah not moved at the last second. Regaining her balance, Elisha spun to face the Slayer only to receive another shot below the belt, Sarah’s receipt doubling her over in anguish. She had barely finished leaning over when Sarah stepped forward and trapped her in a Standing Headscissors.

Wrapping her arms around Elisha’s waist, Sarah inverted her and said, “Betcha I can hear your skull split when this connects.“

She held her there for just a second longer before jumping up and falling down, spiking Elisha’s head into the mat with a Pile Driver. Exhausted, Sarah draped herself over Elisha’s prone form and was rewarded with a long 2 count that many seconds later. Near the point of tearing her hair out in frustration, Sarah stalked the other blonde, hoping to finally end this battle with a well-placed Super Kick of her own. Several seconds later, Elisha rose and Sarah pounced, aiming the sole of her right boot directly at Elisha’s chin. Fortunately for Elisha, the blonde moved at the last second.

Unfortunately for the ref, he did not and Sarah’s Kick smashed him in the face, taking the zebra out of the equation just like that. Sarah cursed loudly when the ref went down and she was in the process of going to check on him when Elisha grabbed her from behind and spun her around. Sarah lunged at Elisha only to be met with a boot to the gut that doubled her over. Knowing her time was now, Elisha stepped forward and trapped the Slayer in a Standing Headscissors.

Wrapping her arms around Sarah’s waist, Elisha took the to call to the audience, “Time to white this bitch out!”

The mob roared in anticipation of Elisha’s finisher but instead they were treated to one of Sarah’s. Before Elisha could lift the Slayer up for the ‘White Out’, Sarah scooped her legs out from under her, knocking Elisha onto her back, In a flash, Sarah had gripped both of her opponent’s ankles, lifted and spread them wide apart. In the same breath, she stepped through with her right leg, planting it firmly on the mat by Elisha’s left hip, then crossed the captive limbs over her right leg and tightened her grip. Finally, she rolled Elisha onto her stomach and sat down, locking in the legendary (and about inescapable) Sharpshooter!

Elisha flailed wildly as the Sharpshooter destroyed her legs and back, but the curvy blonde wouldn’t give in just yet. Getting her hands under her, she pulled desperately towards the ropes and was within inches of reaching them when Sarah rose up and pulled her back towards the center of the ring. Seeing her freedom yanked away from her, the last of the fight left Elisha and she slumped forward on the canvas, weakly slapping the mat in submission. Seeing Elisha tap, Sarah threw back her head and roared in triumph, letting the Sharpshooter go. Standing up, the Slayer raised her hands in victory and was about to pose on the turnbuckles when she realized the bell hadn’t rung yet. Realization flooded her features and she hissed, “Shit!” as she saw the still unconscious form of the referee who’d never seen Elisha tap. The match was still on - whether she liked it or not!

“Of all the fucking rotten luck…” she muttered.

“Oh I don’t know, it’s not all bad…FOR ME!” said a voice from behind her.

Sarah spun around already assuming her stance, but it was too late for her to dodge the boot that buried itself in her trunks. Moaning, Sarah stumbled forward into Elisha’s waiting arms!

Trapping the Slayer in the Headscissors again, Elisha called out, “Now…where were we?”

Going to work, she inverted Sarah, holding her in the traditional Pile Driver position. But instead of dropping Sarah on her head, she lifted her right leg and stepped forward placing it in front of Sarah’s dangling right arm. She then repeated the maneuver, trapping Sarah’s left arm behind her left leg. With the Slayer tied up and helpless, Elisha purred, “Here comes the end Slayer.”

Then Elisha jumped and fell face first toward the mat. Sarah came along with her and her defenseless chest and ribs were driven viciously into the mat. The crowd roared their approval as Elisha maintained the hold on impact, rolling onto her butt with Sarah now shoulders down on the mat in a sort of modified Sunset Flip. The White Out had landed perfectly and the match should have been over, but now it was Elisha’s turn to be frustrated with the downed official. She’d held Sarah on the mat for nearly 10 seconds before she came to the understanding that the stripy idiot wasn’t going to move any time soon. Releasing the hold, Elisha stalked over to the ref and nudged him roughly with her boot, demanding that he get up. After several attempts, the zebra began to move and Elisha abandoned her efforts, confident that he would be coherent enough to make a count in a few moments.

Going back to Sarah, Elisha pulled the Slayer to her feet and was setting up for another White Out when Sarah swept her feet out fro under her for a second time,

Looking incredulously up at the revitalized Slayer, Elisha howled in fury as Sarah sneered, “Thanks for waking him up. Now I’ll make sure he sees you tap like a little bitch.”

Then she went for the Sharpshooter again, trying to get Elisha onto her stomach and cinch the hold in, but Elisha pulled frantically towards the ropes, gripping the bottom cable like a lifeline. Looking over her shoulder, Sarah scowled in exasperation as Elisha was effectively blocking the hold. Releasing her grip, she stood over Elisha and bent down, meaning to pull the other blonde’s wrists free from their perch. That’s when the figure outside the ring rose up from her hiding spot behind the apron. Sarah had just enough time to get a hand part way up as the Steel Chair the mystery girl was carrying slammed into her skull, knocking the Slayer senseless. She fell back limply, laying almost spread-eagled on the mat and definitely out of it.

Nodding appreciatively to the newcomer, Elisha turned her attention back to Sarah and stalked over to her helpless prey. Kicking her onto her stomach, she straddled the blonde’s back and cupped her hands under Sarah’s chin. Fixing her gaze on the recovering ref, Elisha muscled Sarah’s limp arms over her knees and prepared to lock in her favorite submission.

Looking down into Sarah’s unconscious face, Elisha said, “And here we are at the end of the beginning.”

Through talking, she pulled back with everything she had left, bending Sarah’s neck and back with an ungodly Camel Clutch. The Slayer’s supporters implored their heroine to wake up and break free, but Sarah was out of it thanks to the chair shot and she just hung there lifelessly in Elisha’s wrenching grip. Seconds later, the ref stumbled over and saw that Sarah wasn’t moving. Reaching down, he checked the Slayer’s arm three times. On all three attempts, the bent blonde’s arm fell limply back to the mat. Turning away from the action, the official called for the bell, declaring Elisha the winner by submission. The poor dope had just turned around to raise Elisha’s hand when her new partner in crime slid into the ring and walloped him with the chair. He went down in a heap, laying not that far from Sarah.

Watching her friend toss the chair down, Elisha said, “It took ya long enough. You certainly have a flair for dramatic endings.”

Pulling the hood of her sweatshirt back, Natalie Portman grinned knowingly at Elisha. Dark eyes glittering she said, “You’re the one who wanted to make a ‘Big Impact’…and judging from the look of this bitch, I’d say we did!”

“Indeed!” said Elisha. “You wanna play with her a bit while I go grab a mic? We might hafta explain ourselves to the peons.”

“I think I do!” Nat said as she pulled Sarah to her feet and trapped her in yet another Standing Headscissors. Reaching down, she hooked both of Sarah’s arms up over her bent form, clasping her own hands together above the small of Sarah’s slick back. Almost done now, Natalie lifted Sarah up, inverting the blonde with her arms still tied behind her back. Holding her up for a second, Natalie fell to her knees; spiking the Slayer’s head into the mat with the skull crushing Double Under-hook Pile Driver she called ‘The Star Destroyer.’

Watching as Natalie helped herself to the Slayer, Elisha grabbed a microphone and began, “You idiots are probably wondering why we’re doing this. Since I know the suspense will kill ya, I won’t keep you in the dark. See, Natalie and I are taking over. We don’t have any idiotic Machiavellian designs on running the promotion into the ground; we’re just going to run it any way we see fit. Very soon now, well have all the titles we could ever want and all the respect we so richly deserve. And if you’re wondering ‘Why destroy Sarah?’ I’ll tell you why. We needed to make an impact and what better way than to maim the beloved heroine that stopped the Darkness? We’ll accomplish more in a week than Katie and her cronies ever did and it’ll be just the two of us. And if you don’t believe us yet, just watch this…”

Elisha dropped the mic and strode over to where Natalie was picking Sarah off the ground. Signaling to Portman, Elisha waited as Natalie hauled Sarah up onto her shoulders, holding her in position for the Powerbomb. Standing on Natalie’s right and slightly in front of her, Elisha said coldly, “Drop her!” Natalie did just that, driving Sarah towards the canvas to complete the Powerbomb. But before Sarah could hit the mat, Elisha dropped to one knee and waited, letting the small of Sarah’s back bend wickedly over her knee, the Backbreaker ridiculously augmented by the force of the Powerbomb. Sarah groaned once and flopped lifelessly to the mat, as Nat and Elisha let her go.

Kneeling over their beaten victim, Elisha rubbed her butt slowly before pulling her trunks up high, baring as much of her butt as she felt like exposing to the idiots. Grinning smugly, Elisha scooted forward and sat down, resting the full force of her sweaty derriere on Sarah’s face. Her grin got wider as she felt Sarah’s features pressed wetly against her rear and the curvy blonde ground her hips in tight circles, rubbing in her domination over the Slayer. Putting hands on her thighs, Elisha kept up her grind and cooed, “You’re even more fun to grind than Eliza. Probably cuz you’re so damn sanctimonious.”

Watching Elisha have her way with Sarah’s face, Natalie picked up the microphone and said smugly, “The proceeding was a public service performed by Cuthbert & Portman, sole partners in ‘Destruction Incorporated.’ Get ready to witness a whole lot more, real soon.”

She handed the mic over to the still grinding Elisha, who took it gladly, “Couldn’t have said it better myself partner. Watch out losers, a whole new kind of trouble is headed right for ya.”

She tossed the mic down and both blonde and brunette left the ring, strutting confidently up the ramp with a beaten Slayer in their wake and a whole lot of malevolent promise in their future.


It was several hours after the end of the nights Main Event and Richard Fannin was sitting alone in his office, pretending to go over papers while he actually poured over the attack on Sarah and the other incidents that had been haunting his promotion ever since Darkfall ended earlier in the summer. Leaning back in his chair, he put his feet up and said to himself, “It’s never over is it? Just when one problem goes away two more spring up to take its place.” He sighed and was about to get up when there was a knock at his door. Surprised to be receiving a visitor so late, he called, “Come in.”

The door opened slowly and moments later, a very sore looking Sarah Michelle limped into his sanctuary. Rich cringed at the gingerly way the petite blonde was walking and he moved to get out of his char and help her into another chair. Seeing the promoter’s movement, Sarah held up a hand and said, “It’s OK, I can do it. Just a little slower than usual.” She offered him a pained smile as she reached the chair and sat down very carefully, wincing at the pain in her back as she did so.

Waiting a moment to speak, Rich found his words and offered, “I’m really sorry about that Sarah, I don’t know what the hell the ref’s were thinking, they should have been out there a lot quicker than they were.”

He was about to go on when Sarah held up her hand again. “Don’t worry about it Rich, I’m not here to bitch at you. I’ve taken far worse beatings than this over the years.”

Rich cocked his head to the side, “Then what are you here for?”

“Isn’t that obvious? I want a match. A tag match with Cuthbert and Portman.” Sarah leaned forward then and her eyes threw sparks in the low light of Fannin’s office. “I don’t mind losing a match when I’m beaten fairly Rich, but I abhor losing when I KNOW that I had the match won. Elisha was sobbing when I had her in the Sharpshooter, but thanks to my own poor aim, I ended up losing and taking a beat down in the process. I can take Natalie or Elisha one on one, but I’ve got a feeling they’re going to be joined at the hip from now on, so I want someone to even the sides when I face them down.”

Rich leaned back in his chair and sighed. Folding his hands he said, “I don’t have a problem giving you the match, but I won’t do it til you’re cleared by the MD’s and that should be around the end of August.”

Sarah nodded, “I can wait.”

Rich thought for a second and then added, “It might be a problem getting you a partner. Normally I’d suggest any of the obvious 4, but they’ve all got things going pretty heavy right now, especially Neve and her business with Kristin. I could get you somebody who’ll even the sides, but it’ll be your first time tagging together.”

Sarah stood up rather stiffly, “I don’t care who it is Rich, just get her here and ready to fight by the time I’m cleared to wrestle. Nat and Elisha are going to pay for this. I didn’t survive Darkfall only to get my ass handed to me by those two posers.” She turned away then and headed for the door.

She was just about to leave when Fannin called out, “Sarah?” She looked back at him. “You trust me right?” he asked.

Sarah looked a bit quizzical but replied, “You know I do.”

Fannin looked relieved. “All right. Go home and get some sleep. I’ll get you your partner.” Sarah nodded and made her exit, leaving the promoter alone. Wondering at what he was doing, Fannin looked at the phone before picking it up and dialing a number. It rang several times before the voice on the other end picked up. “It’s me.” said Fannin. “You remember our last conversation where we talked about penance? Well it often involves doing something you find distasteful and I don’t mean just for yourself. I don’t like this, but I’ve got a match for you. Now be quiet and listen very carefully. I’m only going to say this once….”