Penance #2: Elisha Cuthbert+Natalie Portman vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar+Mystery Partner by The Walkin’ Dude

It was reaching the tail end of August when your trusty narrator finds himself back in the quietly booming Massachusetts town of Innsmouth. Folks in the ‘mouth (as those in the know called it) were in a pretty good mood this time of year because they knew that Labor Day was right around the corner and after the final hectic crush of those three days, the tourists and summer people would be out of their hair for another season and the town could return to it’s sleepy, maritime roots. Of course, the summer people weren’t gone just yet, as the town’s only hotel, The Gilman House was completely booked up this evening. And before you can ask just why the vacancy status of a small town hotel is, let me put the query to rest by stating it’s not so much the hotel that should interest you, but the hotel lounge, a low lit, but surprisingly upscale establishment known as Devil’s Reef. And if the odd name of the place didn’t tip you off to it’s owner, then the large sign proclaiming the return of Women’s Wrestling that very evening should eliminate all doubt that Richard Fannin and his promotion were in charge of the festivities tonight in Innsmouth.

Truth be told, it was the end of summer for Rich and company as well because after tonight, the promotion would go on a three week hiatus to let the wrestlers and crew have a break before they started the fall tour sometime around the send of September. And because this was going to be the last show for a while, the card was stacked from top to bottom, being crowned with a tag team Main Event in which the defending champions, Elisha Cuthbert and Natalie Portman would take on Sarah Michelle Gellar and a mystery partner. Just in case you’re joining the story already in progress, it should be explained that the genesis of this match came around late in July when Natalie and Elisha had jumped Sarah and left her laying as a message to all the other talents on the roster. Sadly, no one began to take Elisha and Nat seriously until they began plowing through the tag team ranks with a rapidity and savagery that was almost frightening. It had only taken them three weeks to win the Tag Team Titles, and since then, the reign of Destruction Incorporated (as they liked to be called) had been dominant and unquestioned. Of course, Sarah wasn’t going to just let herself be treated as a stepping-stone for Portman and Elisha so she went to Fannin and demanded a tag match with her attackers. Rich had agreed and even promised to get Sarah a partner that would “have your back” in the upcoming battle. The only catch was, Rich wouldn’t tell Sarah WHO her partner was!

With the exposition adequately dealt with, lets go to the Announcer…“Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for the Main Event of the Evening! Introducing first - they stand 5’3”and 5’4” respectively…they are the Tag Team Champions…allow me to present Natalie Portman and Elisha Cuthbert, together known as ‘Destruction Incorporated’!”

‘I’ll Attack’ by 30 seconds to Mars warbles to life and the champs make their presence felt. Blowing through the curtain, Natalie and Elisha are a wonderful sight, clad in matching white bikinis with crimson pads and boots. Belts clasped around their waists, the champs strut to ringside before sliding under the bottom rope and assuming a cocky little pose. They were great and they knew it.

“And their first opponent, standing 5’3” tall…they call her ‘The Slayer’…she is none other than Sarah Michellllllllle Gell-AR!” Man in the Box grinds through Devil Reef as the Slayer strides through the curtain, stopping briefly at the top of the ramp to acknowledge the crowd. As always, she’s clad in her red leather one-piece bikini, black fingerless gloves and thigh high black boots. Breaking her pose she makes her way to the ring and gets inside, waiting the arrival of her mysterious partner.

The Slayer's theme music eventually died down and so did the roar of the crowd, leaving Sarah alone in the ring with her two newest rivals. Watching the blonde from their corner of the ring, Natalie and Elisha smiled coldly, their eyes gleaming as it appeared Sarah had not been able to secure a partner for this match. Tearing her glare from the two women on the opposite side of the ring, Sarah looked toward the ramp and begged silently, "C'mon Rich, you said you'd come through...." She was just about to turn back to Elisha and Natalie when “You Wouldn’t Believe” fired up and Fannin stepped through the curtain at the top of the ramp, drawing a surprised buzz from the capacity crowd.

Seeing the promoter appear drew jeers from Portman and Elisha, the latter wasting no time in grabbing a microphone. Barely able to contain herself, Elisha locked eyes with Fannin and chided, "YOU!? You're her partner? This is a joke, right Rich? I mean I know you can't get a girl to touch you, but getting in the ring just so we'll have to touch you as we kick your ass? That's really awfully pathetic!" She looked at Nat for confirmation and the brunette nodded slyly before looking back at the promoter.

At the top of the entryway, Fannin looked unfazed. Bringing his mic up, he replied, "You're right Elisha, this is a joke. I'm not Sarah's partner; I'm just here to announce her. Besides I take enough verbal abuse from all you ladies on a daily basis that getting into the ring with you holds no appeal. Well, almost no appeal. Actually, my only vice these days is making everyone's lives a little more interesting. In fact, I'm going to make all three of your lives very interesting in very short order. But before I get to that, I should mention my one other vice. Simply put, I have the prankster's natural urge to be there when his plan comes to fruition. And I haven't rigged this place to explode, only to leave before the roof comes off."

He paused for a second, smile growing a bit wider as neither Sarah, Elisha nor Natalie looked like they had the slightest clue what was going on. Speaking up, he continued, "And the roof WILL come off this place. Just as soon as I introduce her!" Simultaneous with his last word, all the lights in the club went out except for one blazing spotlight fixed on the entryway. From somewhere in the shadows, Fannin spoke again. "Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Sarah's partner for the evening. She stands at 5’ 10” and this marks her return to the promotion after a lengthy sabbatical. Ladies and Gentlemen, I GIVE YOU............ KAAAAAATTTTTTTIIIIEEEE HOOOLLLMMMESSSSS!"

The crowd leapt to their collective feet and roared their approval as Got You (Where I want You) strummed into existence for the first time in months and seconds later, the deposed Darkness leader stepped through the curtains. Smiling slightly as the crowd went ape shit, Katie looked exactly the same; same fog gray bikini, same black pads and boots, same beat up leather motorcycle jacket on her shoulders. The only thing that had changed was the smile. It wasn't evil, it was just...knowing. Holding her arms out at her shoulder level in a vague approximation of a cross, Katie lowered them as she stepped forward, giving Fannin the smallest of nods as she headed toward the ring. As the lights came on, the audience looked at the other three and saw nothing but disbelief and shock on the faces of Elisha and Natalie. They both looked as if they’d just seen a ghost. Sarah on the other hand didn't look shocked, she looked furious. But if the Slayer's rage even registered, it didn't show on Katie's face as she reached the apron and slid under the bottom rope. Getting to her feet, she stood beside the Slayer, her eyes never leaving Elisha and Natalie.

Shrugging the jacket off her shoulders, Katie tossed the jacket to ringside and finally locked eyes with the simmering Slayer. A sly grin flashing on her pretty features, Katie addressed her old enemy. "Hello partner." she said quietly. "Ready for a fight?" At that very second, the Slayer couldn’t decide how she was more furious at. Katie for being so unbelievably smug, or Rich for stabbing her in the back like this. Did the crazy fuck really believe that this would work? With rage and hate fighting for dominance on her pretty face, Sarah decided to focus on the target that was directly in her way. There would be time to deal with Richard later.

Finding her voice, the Slayer whispered, “I don’t know what you did or said to get Rich to believe you, but trust me when I say that if you even look at me wrong during this match, I will break your neck and leave you for these two jackals.”

Katie regarded the blonde’s venom with a cool weariness. Flicking her gaze towards the other side of the ring, she responded, “Speaking of jackals…”

Sarah followed the turn of the brunette’s head and saw Elisha and Natalie charge towards the unlikely team; the other duo having shook off their surprise at Katie’s unexpected return. Immediately picking Portman and Elisha as the target for her ire, Sarah exploded forward and Katie did the same, the Slayer and her arch enemy meeting their rivals at the center of the ring with arms extended, the Dual Clothesline catching the partners of Destruction Inc square across the chest and sending them to the mat in a winded sprawl. Smiling viciously as she knocked Elisha off her feet, Sarah turned to Katie and was quietly disturbed to see almost the exact same look on the willowy brunette’s face.

Taking a moment to continue her talk with Katie, Sarah hissed, “As I was saying. Don’t play any games with me and you might live long enough to see me beat the ever loving shit out of lying bastard boss.”

Katie’s expression didn’t change at all as she reached down and hauled Natalie to her feet with a big handful of dark hair. Holding the dazed girl in one claw, she pointed behind the Slayer with her free hand and said in a rather bored tone, “Are you going to deal with her or do I have to do that too?”

Sarah hissed and whirled on her heel just in time to see Elisha flying at her with a Cross Body Press. Acting on instinct, Sarah tensed for a moment and then jumped straight up, pistoning her feet out as she did so to drive both heels into the unguarded expanse of Elisha’s belly. Elisha groaned and fell out of the air, protecting her impaled stomach with tightly crossed arms as she banged into the canvas. Sighing at the close call, Sarah turned looked over her shoulder at the very moment Katie delivering a neck snapping Clothesline to Natalie, the force of the blow sending the tiny brunette over the top rope and crashing to the floor below. Surveying her handiwork, Katie rubbed her hands together in an unconscious gesture of satisfaction as she leveled her gaze on the Slayer.

She was about to open her mouth when the bell finally clanged, signaling the official start of the match. Rolling her eyes at the interruption, Katie said, “Well, now that we have the official word, let’s say we put these two imposters out of their misery.” Moving forward quickly, made a beeline for the recovering Elisha, brushing past Sarah as she did so. Unable to resist taunting her partner, Katie grinned, “Sit, watch and learn Slayer. And I’ll show you how to get things done in herE…ARRRGHHH!” Sarah had heard enough of the brunette’s baiting and she lashed out, catching the slender girl with a hard Knee Lift to the abdomen as she strode by.

A cold look passed over Sarah’s features as she used one hand to grab Katie by the hair and the other to secure a grip on her gray trunks. In one quick motion she turned and tossed Katie through the middle ropes, watching her land in awkward looking sprawl with only mild interest.

“This is MY fight; MY revenge!” Sarah spat. “I’ll be damned if I let anyone, especially YOU, take it away from me.”

She returned her attention to the other blonde in the ring. Elisha was getting to her feet and upon seeing the Slayer, dropped into a low crouch, beginning to circle her quarry as she did so. Sarah responded in kind, slipping easily into a Martial Arts stance as she and Elisha stalked one another.

Curling her lip in a little flare of anger, Elisha sneered, “I’ve gotta admit Sarah, that was a pretty good surprise. But if you think that washed up beanpole will stop Nat and me from beating you to a pulp, you’re one delusional bitch.”

Sarah was going to form a response when she started to burn with a white-hot anger. Right then, she didn’t want to wrestle, she wanted to fight; to ravage but most of all she wanted to hurt them! In a savagely low voice that didn’t sound like her in the slightest, she answered, “You have no idea just how right you are.”

Then she lunged forward, meeting Elisha in the center of the ring with claws extended. The two blondes collided with a wet smack, digging their talons into the other’s shoulders and hair as they stumbled and fought their way around the squared circle. Having had enough of the stalemate, Sarah got both hands up and into Elisha’s mane, yanking the bigger blonde’s head side to side in violent bursts. Feeling Elisha’s knees tremble, Sarah tossed her forward and down, slamming Elisha butt first to the mat with a basic Snap Mare. Releasing her grip on the blonde’s golden follicles, Sarah straightened up and zeroed in on the base of Elisha’s neck. Picking her spot perfectly, Sarah hesitated only a second before executing a short hop that ended with her ramming both heels into the base of Elisha’s exposed neck. The curvy blonde gasped in anguish and rolled to her side, one hand rubbing ineffectually at her assaulted back as she did so.

Dark eyes flaring, Sarah sucked in a breath and pressed the attack, grabbing a double handful of blonde hair before pulling Elisha back to her feet, then marching the bigger blonde back into the middle of the ring Sarah got in her face and purred, “You’re gonna learn that it’s not a good idea to fuck with me unless you’ve got the skills to finish me off. Because when you leave me to heal, I come looking to pay your cheating asses back with interest. And here’s the first installment.”

Then Sarah buried a boot in Elisha’s defenseless tummy that doubled her over. Standing at the wounded blonde’s left side, Sarah stepped back a few paces and then sprinted forward and kicked out as hard as she could. The thick sole of her boot smashed against Elisha’s temple and the blue-eyed beauty cried aloud as she pitched forward on her face. Feeling a certain nasty exhilaration at the way she was demolishing her former tormentor, Sarah decided she liked the feeling. Looking to keep the good vibe going, she bounced off the ropes and sped back towards Elisha before leaving her feet in another amazing leap which culminated with her tucking both legs under her butt as she descended, allowing her knees to slam full-force on Elisha’s skull and neck. The bigger blonde flopped in agony, pulling weakly away from the vengeful Slayer as she tried to get back into the fight. Shaking her head in a silent denial, Sarah pulled Elisha up and backed her into the ropes.

Spreading Elisha’s arms out to the sides, the smaller blonde purred, “No escape Elisha. It’s your turn to find out what utter hopelessness feels like.”

Sarah pulled her hand back and brought it shooting forward, cracking the wounded girl smartly across the tops of her breasts with a Knife Edge Chop. The crowd roared their approval and Sarah took it as a sign to continue. Feeding off the raucous mob’s cheers, Sarah lit up Elisha’s chest; sending dozens of bolts of pain through Elisha’s chest before finally letting Elisha push her away with a weary shove. Regaining her footing in less than a second, Sarah assumed her stance and spun on her heel, lashing her right leg up and out in an arc that was lined up with Elisha’s jaw. Tragically for the Slayer, Elisha dropped to her knee at the last second and managed to avoid the potentially match ending strike. Worse, with Sarah off balance, Elisha fired a strike of her own - a wicked uppercut that drove her knuckles hard into Sarah’s womanhood!

The diminutive Slayer groaned as she toppled over onto her side in a blinding agony from Elisha’s low blow. She closed her eyes to blink back the tears, but the pain wouldn’t fade and when she opened her eyes all she saw was the hated figure of Katie Holmes waiting patiently in the corner. It was clear from the smile on the tall brunette’s face that she had enjoyed seeing Sarah get drilled. Sarah was about to mouth a curse at her enemy when Elisha sank her hands into the Slayer’s hair and jerked her to her feet. Not relinquishing her grip on Sarah’s locks, Elisha yanked her prey back and forth for a few seconds before pulling the small blonde into her face.

Staring deep into Sarah’s pain lidded eyes, Elisha snarled, “You think you’re the only one who can use rage as motivation? Lemme clue you into something ya dumb twat. Nat and me? We feed on anger. And it only makes us stronger. You and that skinny geek are gonna find that out first hand.”

Smiling cruelly, she watched Sarah’s eyes begin to clear, Elisha yanked Sarah up on her toes and then slammed her down as hard as possible, driving the Slayer face first into the canvas. Cracking her neck to relieve a bit of the pain, Elisha also paused to adjust her trunks before opening up on Sarah with a hardhearted barrage of stomps to every part of the downed girl’s anatomy. Listening to the Slayer’s groans of pain with growing satisfaction, Elisha ceased her foot-based assault and knelt down to pull Sarah to her feet. Holding her spaghetti legged prey close to her, Elisha looked over her shoulder and got Natalie’s attention.

Calling out the brunette she asked, “You want some of her Nat?” Natalie’s savage smile and single nod was all the confirmation that Elisha needed. Turning back to the Slayer she cooed, “Let’s get you closer to Natalie shall we?”

Face to face with her victim, Elisha reached around the left side of Sarah‘s body and then wrapped her arms around Sarah‘s abdomen, completing the Waist Lock. Flexing her knees a bit, Elisha lifted up and then fell back tossing Sarah almost directly at Natalie‘s feet with a powerful Gutwrench Suplex.

Then sauntering over to her corner, Elisha slapped Natalie’s outstretched hand and hissed, “I think you can finish off this piece of trash Nat; just don’t do it too quickly. I want her poser partner to see her suffer.”

Slipping through the ropes, Natalie cast a glance towards Katie and sneered. “Knowing her, she’d probably get off watching this bitch get demolished.”

Elisha replied, “Well lets give her something she’ll really like!”

Standing side-by-side, Elisha and Natalie hauled Sarah to her feet and quickly applied dueling Front Face Locks on the injured Slayer. Slinging one limp arm over each of their shoulders, ‘Destruction Inc’ used their other hands to grab hold of the Slayer’s blood red tights and jerk upward, giving her an embarrassing (and painful) Wedgie. Knowing their grip was unbreakable, Nat and ‘Lisha went to work on some silent signal, lifting Sarah over their head and holding her there for several seconds before falling back to complete the Double Vertical Suplex. Ignoring the ref as he droned at her to leave the ring, Elisha grinned as Natalie applied a nonchalant cover, grinding her forearm back and forth across the Slayer’s chin as the ref counted the blonde down. He had just passed “TWO!” when Sarah managed to roll one shoulder up.

Mouth curling in a small snarl, Natalie wasted no time in pulling Sarah to her feet. Whirling the dazed girl around, Natalie stood close behind her and cinched on a rough Hammerlock, drawing a low moan from the blonde. Nestling her chin on the Slayer’s shoulder, Natalie said coldly, “I’ve waited a long, long time to even the score with you Sarah. I’ve always been the better wrestler, but you’ve always gotten the glory. That particular farce ends tonight.”

Keeping the Hammerlock in place, Nat reached around Sarah’s middle with her free arm and then hoisted her up onto her shoulder. Holding Sarah aloft, Natalie turned in a slow circle, making sure the audience (and Katie, let’s not forget her) got a good view of the Slayer’s quivering flank. Completing her demonstration, Natalie dropped backwards, completing the Back Drop Suplex that came with the added bonus of dropping the bulk of Sarah’s weight across her Hammerlocked left arm Sarah roared in pain and pulled her injured limb out from under her back only to immediately draw it tightly across her chest.

Unfortunately, to a technician of Natalie’s caliber, the tender arm may as well have had a glowing bulls eye tattooed on it! Grabbing Sarah’s left wrist in a manacle like grip, Natalie stepped away from Sarah, yanking the arm fully extended in the process. Her expression never changing, Nat twisted the arm in a slow circle and then dropped suddenly to the mat, using her own momentum to slam the defenseless limb into the canvas. Sarah winced and tried to pull away, but Natalie was not going to be denied her opportunity to dismantle the legendary blonde. Keeping her grip secure, Natalie stretched the arm out on the mat and knelt beside it.

Looking into the Slayer’s sweat lined face, Natalie taunted the blonde in a dispassionate tone, “You know Sarah, elbow injuries are usually not regarded as all that troublesome, but a bad one can permanently end a career in the ring. That would be a rather undignified ending for your noble little story wouldn’t it? Oh well, history’s funny like that sometime.”

She pushed straight up, using the trapped arm as a makeshift balance beam for her handstand. Holding herself up for just a moment, Natalie let gravity take over as she swung back down and drove both knees into the Slayer’s elbow with all her weight behind the landing. The brutally simple move sent waves of anguish through Sarah's entire frame, the small blonde jerking and shaking as if she’d been hit with a massive electrical shock. Unwilling to let her prey nurse the injury, Natalie pulled Sarah up by her nearly limp arm and pulled her in close. In one deft movement, Natalie applied the Hammerlock once more, working carefully to keep the pinned limb in place even though she was standing in front of Sarah this time. Using her free arm, Nat threaded it through the Slayer’s thighs and scooped her up, trapping her in the holding pattern for a Body Slam.

Mugging for the crowd, she grinned evilly as she said, “The following Slam will be followed by a loud cracking noise. Is it Sarah’s arm or the last of her resistance? We’ll let you decide...”

She rose on the balls of her feet and tossed Sarah down, again slamming the full weight of the blonde down on her injured arm. Sarah shrieked in agony and rolled onto her left side, pulling her mangled limb tight across her chest in a vain effort to protect herself. Pleased with how her methodical attack was destroying the blonde with minimal effort, Natalie decided she had earned the right to torture the Slayer with something a bit more visually dynamic. Standing arrogantly over the mewling girl, Nat bent and pulled Sarah to her feet, making sure to haul her up by the injured left arm. Wrapping both hands around Sarah’s wrist, Nat leaned into the blonde’s face, resting her forehead gently against her rival’s.

Speaking softly she said, “You stay down Sarah and you’ll leave this ring intact. If you insist on continuing to fight, Elisha and I will make your last match as long and slow a process as we can.”

Natalie took a deep breath before tossing Sarah hard into the ropes. Watching Sarah stumble towards her, Natalie positioned herself to hit a basic Hip Toss, but when she laced her arm under the Slayer’s arm, she was shocked to find the small blonde had planted her feet. An angry sneer on her face, Nat was about to pull up again when Sarah buried a knee in her belly. Natalie gasped and sank forward, all but certain she was about to be tossed to the mat or have her brains smashed in by a desperation kick.

But in her weakened state, Sarah could think of no other counter than a Hip Toss of her own and that played against her. For when she pulled upwards to toss Natalie, a crippling bolt of agony raced up her arm and she sank to one knee, gasping in pain. Recovering quickly, Natalie recognized what had happened and went on the attack. Straightening up, she slipped around behind Sarah and wrapped an arm around her throat while the other pushed roughly against the top of the blonde’s skull.

Wrenching the Sleeper as tight as she could, Natalie smiled and said, “That was really dumb Slayer, I would’ve expected something better from you.”

Through the silver fog of pain in her head, Sarah heard Natalie’s voice mocking her and suddenly the pain seemed to lessen as, focusing her attention, Sarah growled back, “I don’t usually waste my best on the second stringers, but in this case I can make an exception.”

Even as Natalie was composing her retort, Sarah brought both arms up and wrapped them around the brunette’s waist. Locking her hands, she pulled up and then fell back with all her weight, driving the top of Natalie’s head into the canvas with a surprise Back Drop Suplex. The explosive counter caught Natalie flatfooted and the small brunette lay winded on the canvas right next to her blonde adversary. Looking up at the lights, Sarah centered her thoughts and came to a disgusting realization. If she was going to win this match, she’d need to tag Katie in. Grimacing at the thought, she rolled onto her right side and got to her hands and knees.

Looking towards her corner she mumbled, “If you’re not there, I WILL kill you when I get the chance.” She had closed the distance between her and the calm (some would say indifferent) brunette when Natalie grabbed her by the hair and yanked her to her feet. Whirling the blonde around in a drunken stumble, Nat got in Sarah’s face and hissed, “Did you think you were clever? Did you think you could get away from me that eas…aaaaaHHHHHHRRRGGGGHHHH!”

Her last words were never completed because Sarah cut her off with a nasty series of Forearm Shivers to the chin, the blonde being careful to use only her uninjured right arm in the attack. Watching Natalie stagger back, Sarah decided she had to take a little risk. With any luck, her ploy would work and she could take a few minutes to rest. Stalking forward, she grabbed Natalie by the wrist and whipped her towards the corner where Katie stood waiting. Right as Sarah was going to release her grip, Natalie planted her feet and reversed the momentum on the whip, sending Sarah into the buckles near her partner. Natalie’s joy at reversing the maneuver was quickly replaced with anger when she realized she’d allowed the Slayer to get back to her own corner. Natalie dropped into a crouch and silently psyched herself up, waiting to see what would transpire in the next few seconds.

Sitting numbly in the corner, Sarah turned her head towards Katie and mumbled, “Anytime you feel like tagging in bitch.”

Katie smiled and said pleasantly, “Are you familiar with the concept of a ‘blind tag’? Basically it’s when one partner tags in without the other seeing or knowing about it.” She was about to continue when she looked towards the center of the ring and said, “Oh Shit.” Sarah turned her gaze to see what Katie was looking at, and that’s when the brunette smashed a forearm into the back of her skull, sending Sarah falling to her hands and knees. Looking down at the kneeling blonde, Katie said sweetly, “See, that’s how a blind tag works. Thanks for helping to illustrate my point.” Then she climbed through the ropes and set her sights on Natalie who was still waiting at a safe distance.

Eyeing the taller brunette carefully, Natalie circled Katie and said quietly, “So you’re the big, bad leader of the Darkness. To tell the truth I was never that impressed with you sluts. And if Sarah and her goon squad could put a hurt on ya, there’s no way you’ll get by ‘Lisha and I.”

Katie took the barbs in stride, letting Natalie say her piece before she fired back, “You’ll pardon my lack of reaction. I was never able to take the threats of the villain de jour with much seriousness. If you want to impress me, you’re gonna hafta fight me and I don’t think you’ve got what it takes.” She stopped then and smiled, the same blood freezing, spine tingling grin she wore when she was destroying whoever stood in her way. Keeping her gaze fixed on Natalie she concluded, “And deep down I think you know you’re a second rate, no talent hack. Isn’t that what the voice of the Darkness is telling you when you try to go to sleep… shrimp?”

Natalie was incensed at the taller girl’s probing taunts and Natalie let all her training slip away for a second as she exploded forward, intent on tearing the silver tongued witch’s face off. Unfortunately for her, that was exactly what Katie wanted and Nat fell for it like a lamb being led to the slaughter. With less than two feet of room between them, Katie rushed forward to meet Natalie’s charge, one hand grasping the brunette’s white top, right between the breasts while the other hand landed on Nat’s hip, digging deep into the toned muscle of her flank. With no discernible effort, Katie lifted Natalie into the air and held her there for a second before driving her down full force, ramming the tiny brunette’s back and head into the mat with a ring shaking Spinebuster. Nat hit the mat with a thunderous CRASH and she immediately arched up, instinctively flexing her muscles to alleviate some of the pain from Katie’s vicious attack. For her part, Katie was watching Natalie’s pain with a curious gaze, circling the wounded girl slowly as she tried to drag herself toward Elisha and sanctuary.

Putting her body between Natalie and the corner, Katie purred in a disingenuous voice, “You can’t leave yet Nat. You haven’t told me what the Darkness says to you. And I really want to know.”

Through with the cryptic statements (at least for now) Katie raised an arm and then dropped all her weight down on Natalie, driving the point of her elbow into the defenseless plank of her abdomen. Natalie gasped and tried to roll away, but Katie wasn’t going to let her first opponent in months get away that easy. Grabbing the scrambling brunette around the ankle, Katie reeled Natalie in and got to her feet before dropping a series of Elbow Smashes into the deep tissue of Natalie’s thigh the line of her white bottom. After an even dozen strikes, Katie pulled Natalie to her feet and stood in front of her.

Forcing the shorter girl to look at her, Katie said, “Now don’t get me wrong, I loved watching you slam the Slayer all over the ring, but I’d be interested to know if you can take as well as you give.”

She scooped Natalie up onto her shoulder and ran forward a few steps before falling down and forward, completing the Power Slam by landing with all her weight on Natalie’s chest and face. Going against her natural inclination to make her opponent suffer, Katie hooked both legs and went for the cover, only to be both irked and impressed when Elisha tore into the ring and booted the brunette in the head, breaking the count. Grunting in pain, Katie shook off the blow and faced Elisha down as the blonde moved back to her corner.

Locking eyes with Katie, Elisha spat, “What’s the matter Katie? Too scared to give me a shot at ya?”

Katie spared Nat a glance to make sure she wasn’t going anywhere. Satisfied, she turned back to Elisha and said loud and clear, “Kristin always said you were a cowardly bitch.”

Elisha fumed at the mention of her old rival, but she started smiling again when Natalie recovered and hammered a Forearm shot into Katie’s back. The bigger girl grimaced and fell to one knee only to have Natalie pull her to her feet and rake her face in the same movement.

Grabbing at the thrashing girl’s wrist, Nat hissed, “Don’t you DARE dismiss me bitch. Or it’ll be ME and not the Slayer that gets famous for crippling your lanky ass.”

Not wanting to give Katie any more of a reprieve, Natalie hurled her foe towards the ropes, but now it was Nat’s turn to have a whip reversed as Katie sent her stumbling into the ropes. The small brunette cursed and tried to prepare a counter, but it never got past the planning stages because Katie got her boot up and smashed it into Natalie’s jaw, taking her off her feet in one violent blow. Natalie hit the mat with a thud, her teeth clenched together as she tried to stop her teeth from falling out of her mouth. Standing smugly over her wounded prey, Katie nudged Natalie over onto her stomach and then moved so that she was standing beside her head. Steadying herself, Katie left her feet and extended her left leg, letting gravity bring the full weight of the limb down across the back of Natalie’s head.

Smiling as Natalie writhed underneath her, Katie said, “I never bought that move as a way to finish someone off, but I must admit, it does have some old school appeal.” Receiving no rebuttal from Natalie, Katie got to her feet and looked dismissively down. Her smile never wavering, she said, “Of course if you want to talk old school, not much beats this move.”

She turned on her heel and bounded towards the ropes where - in one of those obnoxious twists of fate - you’ll never know just what Katie was talking about; because as she bounced into the ropes Elisha was there to meet her with a knee to the small of the back. Caught off guard, Katie was dropped to both knees, a grimace on her face as both hands flew to her stricken back. Katie shook off the sting of the cheap shot quickly enough, but the former leader of the Darkness wasn’t about to let it go unanswered. Getting to her feet, she spun around to go face to face with Elisha; a snarling retort on her lips, when the blonde suddenly reached out and grabbed Katie by hair just as Elisha jumped off the ring apron to the floor, snapping Katie’s throat across the top rope - a crude but effective variation of the Hangman!

Katie gagged as the cable dug into her windpipe and she stumbled away from the ropes retching and gasping. In most cases that would have been a suitable course of action, but the brunette had forgotten about her other opponent and Natalie was right there to remind her, sailing through the air to land across Katie’s chest with a flawless Cross Body Splash. Katie grunted and was knocked off her feet, long legs flailing wildly for the second or so that it took her to shove Natalie off of her and get back to her feet. She was still in the process of getting up when Natalie grabbed her and bent her backwards, forcing the taller girl’s chin roughly into the crook of her armpit.

Shaking her grip from side to side, Natalie grabbed a handful of gray tights and spat, “I told you to not dismiss me. Now you’re gonna find out what happens to sluts dumb enough to try.”

Natalie sat out dropping the back of Katie’s head and shoulders into the canvas with a scathing Reverse DDT. Katie groaned and clutched at the back of her head, but her attempt to cover up was in vain as Natalie wasn’t about to offer any reprieve. Pulling the wounded girl to her feet, Natalie took a certain savage joy in marching the slender girl over to her corner and tagging her partner in.

As she came through the ropes, Elisha spat, “Way to go Nat! Now help me put her down for good!”

Natalie nodded and held Katie tight while Elisha got into position. Standing in front of the woozy brunette, they each drove a boot into her gut to double her over before applying the Tandem Front Face Locks again. But instead of inverting Katie for a DDT, they simply fell backwards as hard as they could, spiking her head into the canvas with a Double DDT. Katie’s head hit the mat with a thud and she was little better than helpless as Elisha muscled her onto her back and went for the cover. But as I said, she was slightly better than helpless and proved it by getting her shoulder off the canvas right after the 2 had been reached.

Blowing an errant strand of hair off her forehead, Elisha got to her feet a moment before she hauled Katie to hers. Aiming for one of the neutral corners, Elisha grabbed Katie’s wrist and whipped her hard into the buckles, waiting only a microsecond before she took off after her prey, charging the cornered brunette at a dead run. When she was in range, Elisha leapt off her feet and soared towards Katie, her graceful flight ending beautifully when she slammed chest first into Katie, knocking all the air from the bigger girl’s lungs. Katie gasped and almost sunk to her knees, but Elisha wouldn’t allow it. Grabbing a fistful for dark hair, she pulled Katie to her feet and shoved her towards the center of the ring in a wobbling stumble.

Quickly positioning herself on the top buckle, Elisha took just enough time to whisper, “Should’ve never come back Katie. Better to be a defeated legend than a discarded hoax. Oh well, I can’t say it bothers me too much.”

She leapt off the top rope, catching Katie’s head in a quick Side Headlock as she passed by. Clamping down tight, the blonde’s momentum jerked Katie off balance and drove her face first into the mat, an unwilling recipient of Elisha’s augmented version of the traditional Bulldog Headlock. Getting to her knees beside the flattened brunette, Elisha shoved Katie onto her back, and then scooted over so that she was sitting on her left side, right next to Katie’s head. Grabbing a clump of hair to steady her target, Elisha scissored her legs open and then clamped them down tight once she’d pulled Katie’s head into the trap. Crossing her ankles, Elisha put her palms on the mat and pushed up with all her strength, adding a new layer of agony to her already considerable Headscissors. Elisha grinned, wiggling her hips from side to side in an exaggerated show of confidence as Katie bucked and thrashed in her grip.

Adding a bounce to increase the pressure, Elisha purred, “Tell you what Katie, you surrender right now and Nat and I will forget about you while we destroy your good friend Sarah. Whadda ya say?”

Enduring the terrible pressure of Elisha’s thighs against her skull, Katie didn’t dignify the question with a response. Instead, she put her hands on the canvas and began to drag herself slowly but surely towards the ropes. And with Katie being only a few inches under 6 feet tall, it didn’t take long for the slender brunette to get one ankle under the bottom rope, forcing Elisha to relinquish her grip. Elisha frowned and gave the hold a final squeeze before acquiescing to the official’s demands. Getting to her feet, she stayed close to her taller adversary, grabbing another dual handful of hair as Katie was fighting her way up. Yanking the dark mane from side to side, Elisha jerked Katie’s head down forcefully only to greet her with an equally forceful Knee Lift to the forehead. Katie’s long legs nearly failed her, but Elisha held her victim up, using the opportunity to drive a ferocious series of knees into the brunette’s exposed forehead. After an especially hard shot reduced Katie to little more than dead weight in her hands, Elisha changed tactics, shoving Katie’s battered head between her thighs even as she was wrapping her arms around the brunette’s slick torso.

Getting her grip tight, Elisha glared at Sarah and taunted, “This overrated nothing can’t save you Sarah. No one can.”

Then she pulled Katie into the Pile Driver position, holding her there long enough to stare a hole through Sarah. Done with the mind games, Elisha sat down, dropping Katie’s head into the mat with the classic maneuver. Shoving Katie onto her shoulders with an arrogant little push, Elisha draped herself over the brunette and hooked the far leg as the ref went to make his count. Much to her surprise, the seemingly out of it Katie managed to kick free with quite a bit of force right at the 2 count. Furious that Katie had dared mettle in her plans, Elisha was more than happy to torture her a lot more. Grabbing her by the hair, Elisha pulled Katie to her hands and knees before releasing her grip and straddling the brunette’s back, facing her head. Reaching down, the blonde hooked Katie’s arms and pulled them up and back, threading them tightly across the tops of her thighs. Almost done, Elisha reached her hands under the brunette’s chin and cupped it tightly, waiting just a second before jerking back with all her strength, finally locking in her permutation on the Camel Clutch, relishing the tiny sounds of agony from Katie’s mouth.

Elisha bounced her ass on Katie’s back as she said, “Holy Shit, I just realized Sarah was never able to make you tap. It’s gonna kill her when I make you squeal like a little bitch in just a few seconds. Go ahead and tap Katie, I promise it won’t hurt for much longer after you do.”

Suffering the tortures of the Camel Clutch, Katie closed her eyes and thought of escape. But instead of focusing on Elisha’s snide remarks, the brunette thought of the Slayer, sitting comfortably in the corner, watching her suffer. Suddenly all of her old hatred and anger came roaring back and in that moment, Katie was once again the vessel of Darkness she had been before. With a furious roar, she dug got her hands into Elisha’s thighs, almost directly above the knee and then pushed up with a strength few were aware she possessed. Elisha was surprised at the sudden surge and her balance was upset long enough to let Katie get to her feet. Holding the blonde on her back like some sadistic piggyback rider, Katie made slow progress towards the ropes, but it was progress nonetheless and several seconds later, she had both hands wrapped around the top rope. Still maintaining her grip on Katie, Elisha couldn’t believe that her foe had been able to power out of the Camel Clutch that way. Scowling at the ref, she released her grip and backed up several paces, trying to figure out how to finish off the brunette once and for all. Keeping a close eye on Katie, Elisha waited for the brunette to regain her footing. Soon enough, Katie did so and the willowy girl turned to face her.

The blonde was about to taunt her prey, but Katie cut her off, “So that’s all you’ve got? That’s pretty pathetic. At least when Sarah slaps on the Sharpshooter it actually hurts. That little travesty just sort of tickles. And that’s being generous.”

Elisha listened to the slight with barely contained rage, then in a voice trembling with anger, hissed, “It’ll do a lot more than tickle when I snap your neck.”

Simultaneous with the end of her threat, Elisha charged forward with arm extended, meaning to send Katie sprawling to the floor with a Clothesline. But the blonde’s anger had made her susceptible to mistakes and Katie was eager to capitalize. Stepping forward she caught Elisha coming in and simply shoved up with both hands. The curvy blonde was propelled several feet into the air coming to be almost parallel with the mat at the apex of her momentum. But then gravity began to take hold and she plummeted towards the mat, trying her best to protect herself from the fall. Whatever little protection she was able to afford herself was rudely taken away when Katie put one hand between her shoulders and shoved down, adding even more speed to the blonde’s free fall. Elisha struck the mat with a resounding THUD, Katie’s quick application of the Flapjack taking most of the fight out of her. Leaning against the ropes for support, Katie took a deep breath and surveyed the ruin that had been Elisha.

In a rather breathless tone Katie said, “Normally I’d finish you myself but you’re a lot tougher than ya look. And besides, I figure the bitch in my corner wants another shot at your pretty little head. I’ll have my fun with you losers after the match is over.” She turned and limped towards her corner, holding her arm out to tag in the eagerly awaiting Slayer. But it was Sarah who tagged her with a wicked forehand slap, spinning Katie’s head to the side and almost knocking the brunette off her feet. Clearing her head, Katie saw the blonde step through the ropes into the ring.

Getting in Katie’s face, Sarah said, “I’m a quick study Katie. I could get used to tagging you in like that.” Then she brushed by, leaving the angry brunette to sit in the corner and wait. Feeling refreshed after her rest, Sarah stalked the recovering Elisha at a safe distance, waiting patiently while the other blonde got to her knees and then to her feet. Elisha’s back was to the Slayer and Sarah was quite sure that Elisha didn’t know she had been tagged in. But Sarah had a plan to make her aware of this face very quickly. Setting herself in position, Sarah called out, “Turn and face me you double teaming bitch.”

Elisha whirled around, instinctively lunging towards the sound of her hated enemy’s voice. That proved to be a costly mistake as Sarah hopped forward and blasted her right leg out, finally catching Elisha with the Superkick she’d tried to deliver in the first match. Her boot hit the blonde’s chin with a sound like thick ice snapping and one half of Destruction Inc went down hard, sprawled on the canvas, looking up at the lights as Sarah regained her balance. Knowing that the Superkick had probably put Elisha’s lights out, Sarah decided it was time to finish this wannabe off for good. Bending down, she grabbed a damp handful of hair and pulled Elisha to her feet, standing close behind her crippled opposition. Quickly locking in a Double Chickenwing on Elisha’s arms, Sarah linked her hands together, pressing them roughly against the small of Elisha’s back.

Leaning into the other blonde’s ear, Sarah purred softly, “I don’t need anyone to save me Elisha. Too bad you can’t say the same for yourself.”

Then she bridged up and back, dumping her victim headfirst onto the mat with the Tiger Suplex. Holding the Chickenwing in place, Sarah bridged up and held on tight, hoping to put Elisha away. It’s hard to say if the move would have succeeded because as the ref’s hand was coming down for the last time, Natalie shot into the ring and booted Sarah in the abs, breaking the bridge and the cover. Growling at the interruption, Sarah kept her gaze trained on Natalie’s retreating figure as she shoved Elisha onto her hands and knees. Fixing the brunette with a cold stare, Sarah straddled Elisha’s back and reached down, lacing her hands under the blonde’s chin; digging her fingers into the soft meat under Elisha’s jaw. Sarah leaned back hard, applying a Camel Clutch of her own. Remembering the extreme pain of this hold (after all Elisha had obtained her tainted victory over the Slayer with this very move) Sarah worked it as meticulously as she could, punishing the weary blonde for everything she’d made Sarah suffer through.

But it wasn’t Elisha that Sarah was glaring at; that was reserved for Natalie, and as the Slayer tortured her partner she called out, “This could’ve been over but you had to keep fighting. Everything I do to her now is on your head bitch.”

Sarah was about to continue when she stopped and a frown creased her features as she realized to her horror that she sounded almost like Katie had during the height of “Darkfall.” Shaking off the momentary shudder, Sarah went to pull back on the Clutch but Elisha had other plans, sinking her teeth into the Slayer’s intruding fingers and clamping on tight. Sarah hissed in pain and countered as best she could, hammering Elisha in the temple with a fusillade of blows from her free hand. Finally Elisha stopped her gnawing and Sarah let her slump forward with a low groan. Getting to her feet, Sarah decided she had enough of the blonde. Now she wanted to wrangle with the bitch that’d cost her so dearly a month ago. Pulling Elisha to her feet, Sarah scooped the blonde into position for a Body Slam and then walked brazenly over to enemy territory, depositing Elisha in her own corner, tied to the inescapable Tree of Woe.

Stepping back, Sarah glared at Natalie and beckoned the brunette in with a taunting word, “You want to settle an old score Nat? Well so do I. Tag the bimbo out and come get me. That way I can finally show the world just how much better than you I really am.”

Infuriated with the Slayer’s gall, Natalie slapped Elisha’s thigh and climbed through the ropes. Circling the blonde in low crouch, Natalie threatened, “You’re going to regret ever trying to embarrass us, you low class bag of garbage.”

Sarah only smiled and spat back, “And you’re going making that tag.”

Then she leapt at Natalie, aiming wicked claws at the brunette’s pretty face. To her credit, Natalie didn’t back down, she surged forward to meet the Slayer’s charge, locking up with Sarah in a tight clinch for several seconds before she got a hand free and raked her talons across Sarah’s eyes in a decidedly out of character move. Bellowing in triumph as Sarah staggered away, Natalie sidled up behind the blonde and slapped on a tight Waist Lock.

Squeezing the Slayer as tightly as possible, Nat smirked, “You throw a pretty good Suplex Sarah, but let me show you how to throw a GREAT Suplex.”

With that said she planted her feet and popped her hips taking the blonde up and over with a German Suplex. Sarah hit hard on her head and shoulders, her legs thrown back over her head, toes touching the mat. And as impressive as the Suplex was, Natalie wasn’t done yet. Taking a deep breath, she rolled to her feet and brought Sarah along for the ride. Not sparing a moment, she popped her hips again, spiking Sarah with a second German Suplex. The impact was no less for Sarah and the small blonde moaned weakly when Natalie dragged her up and then drove her back down with a third German Suplex. Feeling Sarah go nearly limp in her grip, Nat bridged up and held the Slayer’s shoulders on the canvas only to have the tenacious blonde kick free microseconds before the three count. Frustrated, Natalie smacked the mat and then pulled Sarah to her feet.

Standing close to the wobbly-legged Slayer, Natalie ground her forehead into the blonde’s face and whispered, “What I’m about to do is a little gauche for my tastes, but it should make the idiots happy and I can’t say I won’t enjoy it just a little bit.”

face, the brunette snapped her legs open and then clamped them shut around Sarah’s head. The second she began to descend, Nat twisted back and tossed Sarah over her, keeping her legs wrapped around the blonde’s face as the Hurricanrana was completed. Laying on her side, Natalie reached down and grabbed hold of the Slayer’s head and tugged it forward, grinding the other girl’s mouth and nose against the crotch of her white briefs. Sarah thrashed and kicked, trying to fight out of the ingeniously applied smother, but Nat held her in place, steadily grinding her center against the Slayer’s frantic features.

Smiling happily, Nat said, “You hear that twat? These plebeians love seeing me take you apart. So much for being their heroin…OOUCCH!” Natalie screeched and released the Scissors, pulling Sarah’s teeth out of her thigh as she did so. Kicking the winded blonde away from her, Natalie got to her feet and checked the bright red crescent of teeth marks marring the otherwise perfect landscape of her upper thigh. Glaring hatefully at the Slayer, she roared, “YOU UNSCRUPULOUS WHORE, I’LL KILL YOU FOR THAT!”

While Sarah was still trying to get to her feet, Natalie stalked up and wedged Sarah’s head between her thighs while simultaneously wrapping her arms around the blonde’s trim middle. Not hesitating a second, Natalie jerked upwards holding Sarah aloft in the Powerbomb position. Even before her upward momentum had ceased, Sarah was being driven back down only to have her brief fall stopped by the unyielding mass of the canvas. The Slayer groaned quietly as the slam folded her up like a matchbook, completely at the mercy of the brunette for the moment. Staring down at the crushed ruin that was Sarah, Nat couldn’t resist a final indignity. Raising her foot, she planted it firmly on the Slayer’s upturned butt and demanded the ref begin to count. The zebra did as he was told and his hand was coming down for the final time when Sarah managed to get free. It was nothing as defiant as a shoulder up, she was merely able to turn on her side and thus get off her back.

Exasperated with the blonde’s stubborn refusal to stay dead, Nat pulled her up and stood her in the middle of the ring. Standing directly in front of Sarah, she stepped back and ran the ropes, using them to pick up speed and momentum as she charged back at the blonde. At the point of no return, Nat left her feet, streaking at Sarah with a Flying Clothesline that would take Sarah’s head off at the shoulders. But as fate would have it, the move didn’t connect, at least not with Sarah that is. With less than a foot between them, Sarah nimbly side-stepped and Natalie clobbered the unsuspecting referee instead. The hapless clod went down in a pile as Natalie got to her feet, cursing the ill fortune that allowed Sarah to escape one more time. Luckily, Natalie’s happy thoughts came back when she saw the agonizingly slow way that Sarah was crawling towards her corner.

Looking back to friendlier territory she called, “Hey ‘Lisha, you wanna help finish her off?”

Elisha was already making her way through the ropes as she responded, “You KNOW I do.”

Natalie caught Sarah when the Slayer was only a few feet from her partner. Katie was reaching for the tag but she didn’t seem all that broken up when Sarah was dragged back to the center of the ring. Pulling Sarah to her feet, Nat and Elisha each took an arm and backed her against the ropes.

“Here’s where you crash and burn for good slut!” taunted Elisha as she and her partner whipped Sarah to the opposite ropes.

Moving to the middle of the squared circle, Nat and Elisha bent double as the Slayer sped back towards them. When she made contact, Destruction Inc. straightened up, tossing Sarah up and over with a Tandem Back Drop. But right at the moment inertia and gravity should have sent Sarah tumbling over them, the Slayer managed to loop an arm around the back of each of her rival’s necks. Holding on for dear life, Sarah was held inverted above them for a full second before she leaned back with all her weight and fell towards the canvas, drilling Elisha and Natalie skull first into mat with her desperation application of the DDT. The surprise counter knocked Elisha and Natalie cold, the partners lying next to each other in a stunned, groaning pile.

Unfortunately, Sarah wasn’t in very good shape either, but at least she had the roar of the mob on her side as she got to her hands and knees. Looking up, Sarah saw Katie in the corner and hated the fact that she was relying on her arch nemesis to help her out of this situation. Blocking all other thoughts from her mind, Sarah crawled towards her corner and eventually got within tagging distance, holding her hand out to Katie’s outstretched palm. Her hand was coming down to make the tag when Katie snatched her hand back and then stepped off the apron.

Unable to believe what her mind was telling her was the truth, Sarah looked into Katie’s face and hissed, “I will GET you for this Katie. Believe me.”

Katie regarded the exhausted blonde with bemused interest and said, “I’m sure you’ll try Slayer. But before you deal with me, you should worry about surviving THEM,” she added, pointing over her shoulder.

Sarah groaned and looked over her shoulder only to be pulled to her feet by a recently recovered Elisha. Jerking the beaten girl to her feet, Elisha doubled her over with a knee to the gut as she marched her over to where Natalie lay waiting. Tossing the Slayer to her partner, Elisha waited patiently as the brunette hooked Sarah in position for a Powerbomb. While Nat held Sarah in the Headscissors, Elisha said, “I knew she would abandon you Sarah. You should pick your friends better next time. Of course there isn’t going to be a next time as Natalie and I are going to shatter your spine in the next few seconds. Too bad for you, but everybody’s gotta learn the lesson sometime.”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself.” Natalie opined as she wrapped her arms around Sarah’s waist. Holding her grip tight, she looked at Elisha and asked, “Ready?”

The victorious blonde nodded and said, “Lift her up and bring her down.”

Natalie complied with the order, bringing Sarah up for the second Powerbomb in less than five minutes. She got the lifting up part completed, but the bringing down part got interrupted as she found herself staring at Katie who’d sneaked back into the ring while ‘Destruction Inc’ was busy finishing off Sarah. A started cry was in the process of leaving Natalie’s mouth when Katie’s boot shot up and smashed her across the chin. Nat grunted and fell back, allowing Sarah to tumble out of her grip as she went down. Elisha was furious at the intrusion, totally disbelieving that Katie had managed to get back in the ring without them noticing.

The blonde locked eyes with the lithe girl and snarled, “We’ll gladly break you too.”

She surged at Katie with talons extended. But Katie was quicker than she looked and she buried a knee in between Elisha’s thighs, stopping the blonde dead in her tracks. Elisha groaned and was in the process of falling back when she was grabbed from behind and whirled around, to face the blazing anger of Sarah Michelle Gellar! Elisha didn’t even get to protest before Sarah hit her with another low blow; this one leaving Elisha easy pickings for Sarah to trap in a Standing Headscissors.

Holding her prey tightly, Sarah looked at Katie and asked, “You want to deal with…HER?” nodding at Natalie.

Looking over at the smaller brunette, Katie said, “Eh, What the hell.” Then she stalked over and pulled Nat to her knees, trapping Natalie in a Standing Headscissors of her own. Watching Sarah expectantly, Katie noticed the ref beginning to stir out of the corner of her eye.

Seeing this little bit of motion on the zebra’s part stirred Sarah to action and she called to her partner, “Do what you want to her, but just make sure it hurts.”

“That’s not an issue!” Katie said coldly, as the reluctant partners went to work. Powered by a righteous anger, Sarah pulled the blonde off her feet and held her up for several seconds before completing the 3 revolutions and sitting out hard, the force of the landing folding Elisha in half. At the same time Sarah was lifting Elisha, Katie lifted Natalie up onto her shoulder, in position for the sadistic Over the Shoulder Backbreaker that was the Holmes Wrecker. Tightening her grip, Katie leapt and then tucked her legs under her. She landed easily on her knees; while Natalie was bent into a horrible inverted U shape and then tossed dismissively aside as Katie got to her feet. Seeing that the ref was stumbling their way, Sarah released her grip on Elisha’s legs and quickly scooted over to the blonde’s upturned face. Spinning around, Sarah inched forward and dropped her butt down on Elisha’s face, returning the embarrassing Face Sitting cover Elisha had demeaned her with at the end of the last match.

Seeing the ref kneel, Sarah increased the pace of her grind and purred, “I believe that this makes us officially even, ‘Lishy.”

Watching the goings on, Katie said, “Looks like fun.” She strolled over to Natalie sprawled on the canvas and straddling the brunette’s waist, bounced lightly on Natalie’s belly as the ref got to his knees to administer the count. Hearing the crowd roar, Katie added a domineering touch to the cover, extending both arms and leaning back as if basking in the adulation as the zebra droned, “1...2...3!”

Over the maddening cry of the audience, the bell rang and then the amplified voice of the Ring Announcer exclaimed, “Ladies and Gentleman here are your winners… and the NEW Tag Team Champions! Sarah Michelle Gellar and Katie Holmes!”

From her seat on Elisha’s face, Sarah cheered triumphantly only to have her grin fall away when she remembered who her partner was. Giving her hips one last dismissive wiggle, Sarah got off Elisha’s face just in time to see Katie approach and hand her one of the belts. Without a word, Sarah took the gold from the brunette and slung it over her shoulder. She glared at Katie for a second and was in the midst of turning around when Katie said “You’re Welcome Sarah.”

The Slayer stopped in mid turn and faced her old enemy; staring defiantly into Katie’s eyes, “Let’s get one thing straight. We may be partners, but it changes nothing. I still hate you and I know you still hate me. The gold is nice but it’s not enough for me to keep up this charade for very long. The first time you try to fuck with me, I’ll put you down for good. I’m talking broken bones here Katie. I’m in no mood to let you ruin my life again.”

Katie took the ultimatum in stride, not eve reacting until Sarah had said her piece. Getting in close to the blonde, Katie answered, “ Get over yourself Sarah. It’s not me you’re mad at. Or Fannin or even yourself for that matter. It’s them you have a problem with,” she gestured towards the howling mob of fans. Then looking Sarah dead in the eye, “You can’t help but be furious because you put your career on the line trying to stop me and how do they repay you? Why, by greeting me like a returning hero. You know what’s really ironic Slayer? You may have beaten the Darkness in the ring, but these people have helped me accomplish what I set out to achieve. Listen to that ovation Sarah… these people love me and I don’t have any urge to make them stop.” Kate stepped back, slipped under the bottom rope and stood by the barricade right in front of the raucous multitude.

Her anger boiling over, Sarah stalked to the edge of the ring and stared down at the calmly smiling brunette as she struggled to find her voice, “You MAY have everyone else fooled Katie, but you can’t fool ME. When you toss this mask aside, I’ll be there to finish you off…once and for all.”

Katie didn’t respond with words. Instead she turned her back on the Slayer and hopped over the barricade into the front row. Turning to face Sarah, Katie fastened the belt around her waist and raised her arms to the side, that oblique sign once more. Sarah found she was more than a little disgusted at just how many of the fans around the brunette replicated the pose.

Over the seemingly endless cheer of the fans, Katie smiled up and the Slayer and said, “You’ve got it all wrong Sarah! Haven’t you heard? I’m a good girl now!” Then she threw back her head and laughed, and her laughter mingled with the roar of the crowd, but to the Slayer, it sounded more like a chorus of lunatics. Apparently the asylum’s most dangerous inmate had just become its newest hero.