Katie Holmes vs. Natalie Portman by The Walkin’ Dude
Note: this is the latest installment of Katie/Sarah Michelle's ongoing war with Natalie/Elisha.
It was the first real weekend on November and in our wanderings we find ourselves in the great state of New Hampshire, specifically on a lonely, densely forested stretch of highway that connects the towns of Elm Haven and Townshend. Our destination for the evening lies about halfway between the two little burgs, right at a slight curve in the highway where the woods have been cleared out just enough to fit it a single building, the oddly, but appropriately named Gray Toad Inn. On most nights, the Toad was inhabited by only a few late night travelers weary from the road and more interested in studying the bottom of the glass than anything else, but tonight the tiny parking lot was jammed with cars and the side of the road on either side of the little establishment were lined with even more cars, quite a lot with out of state plates even. And what kind of event could cause such a rousing turnout at an out of the way hitching post like this one? Well if you’ve been listening to me ramble for a while now, you’ve probably already guessed the answer but in case you’re new to my disjointed storytelling, the reason is simple. Women’s wrestling was making it’s debut tonight at the Gray Toad Inn and Richard Fannin’s group of gorgeous grapplers had brought in more visitors than the Toad had seen in several years. As always the card was red hot from top to bottom, but of all these battles it was the main event that was the most eagerly anticipated. Tonight, one half of the tag team champions would wrangle with one half of the former champs when Katie Holmes and Natalie Portman went one on one for the first time. But I fear that I’m getting dangerously close to Ring Announcer territory, so lets just go to ringside before he starts his shtick shall we?

Watching the audience silently, the Announcer brought his mic up and called out, “Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our main event. Introducing first, she stands at 5 feet 3 inches tall and she is being accompanied to the ring by her partner Elisha Cuthbert. She is one half of Destruction Incorporated, I give you Natalie Portman!”

‘I’ll Attack’ Fires up and Natalie breezes through the curtain, followed closely by her blonde partner. Fixing the crowd with a disdainful grin, Nat looks to Elisha and then they stride to the ring, obviously ready for the coming altercation. As usual, Natalie is clad in the gleaming white 2-piece bikini and black boots and pads that make up the DI uniform. Elisha on the other hand is wearing her street clothes, her outfit comprised of a pair of faded black jeans and a sky blue baby tee that left several inches of her toned midsection exposed. Sliding under the bottom ropes, the ex-champs radiated confidence as they waited for the arrival of the teams that had stolen THEIR titles.

Letting the clamor die down, the Announcer cleared his throat and continued, “And her opponent, she stands at 5 feet, 10 inches tall, she is being accompanied by her partner, Sarah Michelle Gellar, she is one half of the Tag Team Champions, allow me to present to you, Katie Holmes!”

'Got You (Where I Want You)' Pulses through the Toad and the ravenous locals don’t have to wait long for the champs to make their presence felt. Katie steps through first, her belt resting comfortably on the left shoulder of the battered leather motorcycle jacket she usually wears. Sarah comes through next, still not looking entirely pleased to be at Katie’s side, but this discomfort doesn’t keep the blonde from holding her belt up high for the crowd to see. As they make their way to the ring, it should be noted that Katie’s attire hasn’t changed any, still being the simple gray two piece and black boots she often wears while Sarah is dressed in a clingy pair of black vinyl pants and a blood red tank-top. Hopping up on the apron, Katie goes into the ring alone, slipping out of her jacket and belt before dropping them casually over the top rope, all the while staring a hole in Natalie.

Elisha glared at Katie for a moment and then slipped out of the ring, watching everything with a discerning glare. Then the bell clanged throughout the confines of the modest space and the fight was on. Blocking out the presence of their respective partners, Katie and Natalie each strode from their corners and ambled toward the center of the ring in a slow but clearly definable crash course with the other. With the distance between them easily measured in inches, Katie and Natalie both stopped and looked the other up and down.

Seeing all there was to see, Natalie tilted her head up and leveled her gaze with the taller brunette’s. Her voice dripping contempt, Natalie sneered, “I’ve never been impressed by you Holmes. You were a loser before the Darkness and when you were leading those malcontents, you were just an overrated loser. It will be a delight to simply walk you down and use you up tonight, proving once and for all just how pathetic a farce you actually are.”

She ended the derisive tirade by stepping in even closer, blatantly chesting into the willowy brunette. Katie took in her rival’s vitriolic comments with her typical stoic response. After waiting for a moment, Katie took a deep breath and responded, “Feeling tough now? I thought better of you Natalie. Figured you were to smart to hook up with a blonde ditz like Cuthbert, but I guess when you’re desperate to keep from fading away, you’ll do things you’re not proud of. Well little girl, you got your wish. You’ve got a chance to expose me as a fraud, but in your haste you failed to realize that I also have an opportunity to decimate YOU at my leisure. You may have never been impressed by me before Nat, but by the time the bell rings again, the mere mention of my name will send shivers down your spine.”

“At least my spine will still be intact when the sun comes up!” Nat hissed as she went on the attack.

Before the last word had even formed on her lips, the smaller brunette had stepped back and drawn her arm behind her before lacing into Katie’s cheek with a scintillating Forehand Slap. The blow was strong enough to knock Katie back a step but the lithe girl recovered almost instantaneously. A firestorm blazed into existence behind Katie’s eyes and she lunged forward to return the indignity, arcing a whistling slap at her opponent’s face. But this had been just the reaction that Portman was counting on, and as Katie’s palm flew towards her, Nat ducked low under the limb and slipped behind her larger opposition.

With Katie swinging at nothingness, Natalie too the opportunity to duck low and grab hold of both of Katie’s ankles. In one violent jerk, she pulled Katie’s legs out from under her and grinned with malevolent glee as the other brunette tumbled to the canvas, her chin hitting the mat with an audible thud. Looking to secure a psychological advantage over Katie as early as she possibly could, Natalie scrambled forward and sat down heavily on the dazed woman’s upper back. A wicked smile crossed her pretty face as Natalie leaned forward and rained hard, taunting slaps into the back of Katie’s head. The fusillade of blows knocked Katie’s head from side to side and quickly made a mess of her hair, spreading the ebon mane out on the mat in an unsightly, lank fan.

Administering a final loud smack, Nat spat coldly, “How do you like it Katie? How do you like being on the receiving end of an uncontested beat down? How do you like being AFRAID of someone?”

Ignoring the other brunette’s cursed reply, Nat left her perch and quickly positioned herself next to Katie’s head. Getting to her feet, Portman grabbed a double handful of hair and quickly hauled Katie to her hands and knees. While the slender beauty was still trying to fight off the effects of the takedown and slaps, Natalie continued her blitzkrieg assault; driving stiff, unprotected Knee Lifts into Katie’s forehead. Natalie’s comfortably padded knee made dull, muffled thuds against Katie’s cranium, a monotonous sound to most, but it was music to Nat and agony to Katie. After nearly a dozen such Knee Lifts, Natalie delivered one more, savoring the sensation as she callously ground her knee across the other brunette’s features.

Pulling back from the battle lust for a moment, Natalie kept her wits about her and muscled the taller, wounded girl back to a vertical base. Quickly releasing her grip on Katie’s hair and shoulder, Nat stood arrogantly in front of her prey and measured her for a few seconds before exploding forward to take the lanky girl off her feet with a Clothesline. Katie hit the mat hard, the back of her head and shoulders taking the majority of the impact. But despite the apparent delicacy of her frame, Katie was one of the toughest in the promotion and she fought back to her hands and knees quicker than most in her predicament would have.

Watching the tall brunette recover so quickly, Nat felt an uncharacteristic burst of doubt, but she quickly quelled the internal rebellion. Looking for moral support, she turned to Elisha (who was watching the proceedings gleefully from the right side of the ring) and smiled sadistically, a gesture that was immediately returned by Cuthbert. Silently promising her partner in crime that she would and could eradicate the myth of Katie Holmes tonight, Nat’s head whipped to the other side of the ring and found Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Glaring daggers at The Slayer as she pulled Katie to her feet, Nat called out, “Consider this your visit to the oracle Sarah. Tonight I finish off Katie, and shortly thereafter, Elisha will annihilate that sad little thing you like to refer to as a reputation.”

Smirking as Gellar glared at her, Natalie turned back to her rival and addressed her. “Don’t worry Katie. I’m not looking past you. You’ve got my undivided attention for the five minutes it’s going to require for me to cripple you.” Still not getting a suitable answer, Nat pulled her hand back and snapped it forward, catching Katie right across the breasts with a Knife-Edge Chop.

Smiling inwardly at the chorus of WOOOO’s! That rang through the inn, Natalie repeated this tactic several times, each shot snapping wickedly across Katie’s bounty and knocking her back a staggering half step. But try as she might, Portman couldn’t take Katie off her feet. Growing a bit frustrated with her inability to take the larger girl down, Nat ceased Chopping for a minute to shake the cramps out of her arm and decide on the next phase of her attack.

She was still mulling this over when Katie’s voice spoke right in her ear, “Is that all you’ve got shrimp, or is there something else you’d like to try?”

Surprised and angry, Natalie looked up just in time to take Katie’s Backhand right across the face. The heartless blow snapped Natalie’s head to the side and buckled her knees as she was knocked into a penitent position at her rival’s feet. Clearing the cobwebs, Nat surged to her feet and began circling the recovered Katie. Extending her fingers as if to grapple, Nat lunged forward but as Katie prepared to meet her, the savvy little brunette evaded her foe’s grasp and spun around behind her. Katie was about three quarters of the way through turning around when Natalie left her feet and blasted both into Katie’s chest with a Standing Dropkick. Katie gasped and was rocked back on her heels, but she would still not go down. Growing exasperated, Natalie regained her feet and darted forward before executing a low hop and driving both booted feet into Katie’s left knee.

The Low Dropkick finally took the willowy girl to one knee, a position she stayed in just long enough for Natalie to regain her footing and bounce off the ropes in front of her kneeling rival. Picking up a head of steam, Portman roared toward her target and brought a knee up, driving the joint hard into Katie’s forehead. She groaned and tumbled backwards, the force of the Running Knee Lift finally putting her flat on her back.

Smugly self-satisfied with the ease which which she was dominating the supposedly tough former leader of the Darkness, Natalie took a moment to hitch her white bottom back up before walking over to Katie’s feet. Bending down, she grabbed hold of Katie’s left ankle in both hands and pulled it up, holding the limb out at an awkward angle.

Making sure her grip was firm, Nat looked down into Katie’s angry face and taunted, “I got you on the mat now bitch and that seven inches of height advantage doesn’t mean shit. You won’t be getting to your feet without the aid of crutches for a very long time.”

Trying to wrench her leg free, Katie was held fast for the moment but it didn’t stop her from sneering back at her opponent. “You talk big now Natalie but you’ll always choke. Something makes me think that you and Elisha are the type that secretly enjoys blowing every opportunity that’s thrown your way. Hell you two probably like blowing everything that comes your way.”

Incensed at the none too subtle innuendo, Natalie sneered, “You’re going to wish you’d kept your mouth shut Holmes. Being in a body cast is sure to hurt your mystique.”

Not letting Katie get a word in edgewise, Natalie pulled her foot back and then slammed it back down again, kicking viciously at her foe’s exposed knee and thigh. Taking careful note of the tremor that wracked Katie’s frame, Natalie repeated the move, using both her heel and her toe to dissect the brunette’s leg and thus destroy her height advantage for the rest of the match. Pausing for a moment to catch her breath, Natalie was surprised to see that Katie had nearly pulled herself to the sanctuary of the ropes.

Shaking her head in a condescending little gesture, she cooed, “Looking for a safe haven Katie? I thought bad girls like you didn’t need the ropes to save you from nothings like me?”

Catching Katie’s furious stare, Nat’s grin only got wider as she yanked the other brunette back into the middle of the ring by her captured leg. Pulling the abused limb up once more, Portman released half of her grip and cocked her free arm, bringing the point of her elbow up slightly over her head. Finding a spot she liked, Natalie dropped down, smashing the Elbow Drop into Katie’s knee and driving the rest of her bodyweight onto her rival’s defenseless leg.

Knowing she had Katie right where she wanted her, Natalie held Katie’s left leg pinned under her while she maneuvered her legs into position, scissoring them neatly around the taller girl’s ankle. Digging the point of her elbow into the side of Katie’s knee, Portman squeezed her legs tightly and pulled back hard, putting bone breaking pressure on Katie’s wounded gam with the simple Leg Bar. Listening to her prey howl in pain, Nat wrenched the hold some more, flicking the first beads of sweat from her brow in the process.

Leaning into Katie’s lap to get extra leverage, the technically sound beauty asked, “You plan on giving up while you can still walk Katie or are you looking forward to having everyone sign your cast?”

Natalie smirked at her own wit, leaning back as far as she could go while Katie suffered behind her. But as sound as Nat was, she’d made one critical error for although Katie may have professed to be a good girl these days, she still had an encyclopedic knowledge of dirty tricks and never hesitated to use them when the need arose! She gritted her teeth and fought back a scream from the pain in her knee, the brunette decided that now was definitely one of those times. Just as Natalie was leaning back for another leg snapping tug, Katie whipped both her talons up and dug them into the smaller girl’s face. With one hand tearing at Natalie’s nose and another fish-hooked into the corner of her mouth, Katie clawed with all her considerable strength, intent on ripping Natalie’s face off if the other brunette wouldn’t release her.

Crying out in surprise and agony as her face was ravaged, Natalie tried to maintain the hold but soon relinquished it to better pry the talons from her features. She hated the plaintive wail she heard in her voice, but she yelled for the ref anyway, trying to clue him in on Katie’s infraction. Much to her relief, she heard the zebra begin his five count, but that didn’t stop Katie from milking the remaining time for all she was worth. On the verge of disqualification, Katie pinched Natalie’s nose between two fingers and twisted violently, drawing a nasal scream from her former tormentor. Then “FIVE” was reached and the claws were gone, leaving Natalie splayed on the canvas to tend to her injured features.

Releasing the simple but brutally effective Claw Holds, Katie got to her feet and took a few steps back, testing out the strength of her left leg. For the most art it was still functioning, but there was a dull twinge that she knew could get a lot worse if she didn’t keep Portman away from it. Smiling slightly as Nat tended to her injured face, Katie brushed some hair behind her ears and stalked her foe in a wide circle, finally coming to a stop when Natalie got her feet under her.

Eyeing the red-faced brunette, Katie smirked and said, “Mewling and sobbing is a good look on you Natalie. I especially enjoyed the pathetic whimpering to the referee. That’s very tough of you.”

Glowering furiously, Natalie shot back, “I don’t have to fight like a drunken bar slut to make you suffer Katie. But I might lower myself to your level just this once if it means destroying you for good.”

Katie’s smirk stayed where it was, “Better than you have tried and failed Nat. You don’t have anything near what it takes to destroy me…”

She was about to continue when Natalie exploded forward and raked her nastily across the eyes. Caught off guard by Natalie’s speed, Katie staggered around blindly for a moment before finding herself bent over and trapped in a tight Front Face Lock. Slinging the other brunette’s free arm over her shoulders, Nat used her unoccupied hand to grab a big handful of gray trunks.

Setting herself, Natalie sneered at her captive, “Never did get over that old Bond villain cliché of talking too much didya Holmes? Well let’s see if I can show you the error of your ways.”

She popped her hips and pulled back, expecting Katie to go flying by overhead, but instead both brunette’s stayed planted firmly on the canvas. Surprised, Natalie looked down to see that Katie had threaded a leg in between hers and locked it tight, effectively preventing her rival from Suplexing her. Infuriated, Natalie cursed under her breath and tried the maneuver again but Katie’s feet remained stubbornly grounded. She was in the process of releasing the Face Lock when Katie’s dangling arm clamped tight over her shoulders and the bigger girl grabbed a handful of Natalie’s white briefs. She started to utter a cry of protest but then her feet left the mat as Katie hauled her high into the air, almost directly overhead, but Katie had something a little more special in mind and instead of simply dropping Nat on her back with a Vertical Suplex Katie merely let go and stepped back, letting Natalie drop face and chest first on the canvas.

The stunned brunette hit the ground with a wet SLAP and she groaned aloud before turning onto her side and curling into a loose ball. Watching the effects of her handiwork with a look of feigned apathy, Katie slowly walked over to the injured girl and grabbed a dual handful of hair before hauling her to her feet. Looking smug and in charge, Katie pulled Natalie in to face her, bringing a hand under the trembling girl’s chin and lifting her head up to force prolonged eye contact with her tormentor.

In a low, confident, voice, Katie said, “What you’re feeling is nothing more than the first vestiges of nightmare. Very soon now you’ll begin to understand what true fear really is.”

Still holding Nat’s chin in one hand, Katie took a step back and then surged forward, clipping her smaller rival across the bridge of the nose with a Clothesline. The heinous shot smashed off Natalie’s’ skull and she did a 270 degree flip in the air before hitting the mat belly first, still holding her abused face.

Tired of merely striking her victim, Katie decided it was time to toss her around too. Burying a claw in Nat’s sweat tousled locks, Katie slowly reeled her to her feet before cinching in a Front Face Lock of her own. Grabbing another handful of disheveled bottoms, Katie bent her knees and then hoisted Natalie aloft, holding the small girl perfectly inverted over her head, But when the time came for Katie to fall backwards and complete the Vertical Suplex, she pivoted her hips and tossed downward, never leaving her feet to hurl Natalie back first into the canvas with a powerful and domineering Drop Suplex. Cracking her knuckles ominously as Nat writhed and twisted on the canvas, Katie looked to the area surrounding the ring and locked eyes with a glowering Elisha Cuthbert. Katie's dancing eyes suddenly turned cold and distant as she took a step towards Elisha.

Making sure she spoke loudly enough for the blonde to hear her, Katie spat, “You’re a hack Cuthbert.” She turned and kicked Nat hard in the ribs, drawing a pained cry from the injured young woman, Whirling on her heel, she glared daggers at Elisha and resumed, “You’re an impostor!” She kicked Natalie in the ribs again, harder this time. Her eyes almost glowing with some brilliant inner light, Katie finished, “Nothing but a dabbler in the ways of the Darkness!” She turned and drew her leg back, firing it right into the point of Natalie’s jaw. Natalie’s teeth clacked together loudly and she was sent rolling across the mat to moan and groan, given a few seconds of precious recovery time as Katie once again turned to lock eyes with an enraged Elisha Cuthbert, “You’re a second rate, good for nothing brain dead blonde twat, Elisha. At least Sarah had the courtesy and backbone to fight me head on. You can’t even do that.”

Outside, Elisha was seething. Taking a step forward, she glared up at Katie and said, “If by some miracle you can get past Natalie, I’ll gladly break your neck Katie. Your day is over but mine is just getting started.”

Katie just smirked. “I never liked the daytime anyway,” she purred before turning her back on the fuming blonde and stalking back over to Natalie who was just now getting her hands and knees under her. Peeling Nat off the canvas, Katie brushed hair from the girl’s sweat slicked face before setting a comfortable one-handed grip around her throat. Gently shaking her prey from side to side, Katie whispered, “Are you beginning to understand? Are you beginning to see that you shouldn’t taunt and tempt the things in the shadows if you aren’t ready to deal with what comes to answer?”

Natalie merely coughed and Katie took that as a sign to start squeezing, blatantly strangling the smaller girl with one long fingered claw while the ref looked on and started his droning count. The deprivation of air actually brought Natalie around but try as she might, she could only flail and paw frantically at the girl that was stealing her air. She had just collapsed to one knee when the ref reached four and Katie released her, pushing the smaller brunette arrogantly backwards and sprawling her on the canvas before kneeling down by her side. Working methodically, Katie curled the fingers on her clawing hand a few times before resetting her grip on Natalie’s throat and clamping down once again. Natalie bucked and fought frantically, hands tearing at Katie’s shoulders while her legs beat an irregular, staccato against the canvas.

Through the entire ordeal, Katie’s eyes continued to blaze with that same disturbing lack of interest, as if she were engaged in nothing more complex than crushing a bug and not strangling the life out of another young woman. Once again, the zebra reached “FOUR!” and once again, Katie let her prey go instantly, watching with quiet fascination as Natalie rolled away and lay belly down on the canvas, gagging and dry heaving as she tried to get some air down her bruised windpipe. Scooting over to where Natalie had sought refuge, Katie grabbed the girl by the back of her head and tugged her to her feet. Standing before the limp kneed brunette, Katie held Natalie prone and stared deep into her glazed eyes.

Her lips curving in a knowing smile, Katie whispered, “Feeling lighted headed? A little short of breath? Those are just a few of the warning signs of crippling fear. And that fear is nothing more than a predecessor to the crippling physical pain you’ll find yourself in at the end of the night. I hope you’ve got a strong will Portman; you’re going to need one if you hope to survive me with anything resembling your dignity intact.”

Seeing Natalie’s eyes begin to focus ever so slightly, Katie bent down and scooped the smaller brunette up, hoisting her into the air for a simple Body Slam but instead of merely depositing her on the canvas, Katie walked slowly to the side of the ring occupied by Elisha and brought Nat up to shoulder level. She watched Cuthbert with a dispassionate stare even as she dropped Natalie throat first across the top rope, administering her own version of a Hot Shot.

Natalie’s head snapped back on impact and as she hit the canvas she made ghastly gurgling sounds at the back of her throat, trying in vain to ease the anguish in her viciously abused trachea. Running a hand through her hair, Katie stalked Natalie silently, waiting just long enough for Natalie to get her hands and knees under her. While Nat was still preoccupied with her throat, Katie sprinted forward and drove her boot right into the hapless brunette’s ribs. THUMP! A sound like a baseball bat striking a pumpkin followed by Natalie’s hoarse scream as the force of the strike sent her rolling across the ring, the agony in her throat temporarily forgotten as she groped weakly at her bruised ribs.

Taking a deep breath, Katie decided she was almost through toying with Natalie. Ending her brief reprieve, Katie knelt down and pulled the semi-coherent beauty to her feet. Holding Nat by the strap of her top, Katie appeared to be on the verge of saying something and then she silenced herself, making her next statement by belting Natalie across the face with a Forehand Slap that whistled through the air before finding its target. Natalie’s already shaky legs developed an outright quake, but the small brunette managed to keep her footing as she stumbled back from the stinging power of Katie’s Bitchslap.

Keeping a careful eye on Natalie’s stumbling form, Katie backed into the ropes and then charged forward before firing her left foot up at Nat’s jaw in a skull destroying Big Boot. The sole of her foot was only a foot or so from Natalie’s face when the other brunette got both feet up and grabbed Katie’s ankle. Holding the taller girl awkwardly on one foot, Nat didn’t even bother with a taunt before falling to her side and wrenching Katie’s leg evilly, taking the bigger girl to the mat with a quick Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Rolling to one knee, Natalie took several deep breaths, as she looked on while Katie cradled her twisted joint. Getting to her feet, Natalie took a deep, whistling breath and then pulled Katie up to join her. Standing beside the hobbled brunette, Natalie gripped Katie’s left shin in both hands and tucked it up tight, pressing Katie’s heel against her butt.

Keeping her hands locked, Natalie found her voice and hissed sadistically, “Let’s see how stoic and ominous you can be with a shattered kneecap. I bet you lose a lot of what makes you scary.”

Wasting no more time, Nat lifted Katie high into the air and held her there for just a moment before bringing her down and falling to one knee, smashing Katie’s folded shin across her Natalie’s bent knee. Katie screeched in pain as the Shin Breaker lived up to its name, the simple maneuver sending waves of anguish roaring up the length of her leg. Getting her knees under her, Natalie scrambled over to Katie’s feet and grabbed hold of the lithe brunette’s left ankle. Getting to her feet, Natalie picked her spots and sent several deliberately paced kicks into the side of Katie’s knee.

Wrenching the captive limb from side to side as she pulled Katie into the center of the squared circle, Natalie sneered down at Katie and said, “The X rays for your leg should be quite interesting. Sorta like a jigsaw puzzle for psychopaths, I’m guessing.” She threaded both legs around Katie’s stretched left leg and fell back to the mat. Taking a split second to lock her ankles, Natalie leaned back and tugged as hard as she could, trying to shred Katie’s leg with a basic Leg Grapevine. Roaring in pain as Natalie twisted and tortured her knee, Katie dug both hands into her hair and pulled violently, keeping her hands occupied so she couldn’t tap out. Watching the bigger brunette suffer, Natalie rose up on her elbows and smiled smugly. Clenching her legs as tightly as she could, Nat worked the hold and cooed, “Give it up Katie. Give it up right now and we might just let you hobble your scrawny ass to the ICU without the aid of a stretcher.”

Gritting her teeth, Katie got her hands on the mat and pushed up, making sure she could look Natalie in the eye as she responded. “Just what is it that makes you think I don’t enjoy this?” she whispered before suddenly pulling backwards, dragging both of them across the canvas and towards the sanctuary of the ropes.

Natalie was shocked by the strength in the slender brunette’s arms and she jerked back on the Grapevine some more but it was all for naught as Katie still managed to get both hands on the bottom rope and demand release. Milking the torturous hold for as long as the count would allow, Natalie finally tossed the twisted limb aside and rolled to one knee. Grabbing hold of Katie’s sweat drenched mane and pulled the hobbled young woman to her feet. Tucking Katie’s left shin under her once again she smirked, “What makes me think you don’t enjoy this? Well, your cowardly attempts at escape would be one indicator. The second would be the loud POP as your knee explodes right after I do this.” Simultaneous with the last word, she hauled Katie into the air again and brought her back down, delivering a second patella pulverizing Shin Breaker to Katie’s wounded leg.

Standing over Katie’s trembling frame, Natalie brushed hair off her forehead and then adjusted the rumpled edges of her top. Mulling over her next move, she thought about simply locking up the injured girl’s leg in some joint snapping hold, but Natalie decided that she wanted to have a little more fun at Katie’s expense. She wanted there to be no doubt in anyone’s mind that she was a better wrestler than Katie. If she demolished the ex-leader of the Darkness, it would not only cement her superiority over the other brunette, it would also make a strong case for her dominance over Katie’s partner, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Grinning at the thought of accomplishing what Sarah never could, Nat pulled Katie to her feet and trapped her in a Front Face Lock.

Turning around facing the quietly watching Sarah, Nat grabbed a handful of trunks and glared at the silent Slayer before growling, “Hurting her is fun Gellar; but we both know that I’m really interested in you! And after this bitch has been put in her place, I’m coming for you!”

Sarah’s face stayed calm but if one looked closely enough, they would see the simmering rage behind the pretty blonde’s eyes. Finishing her missive, Natalie grabbed a handful of gray tights and popped her hips, taking Katie up and over in one brutally smooth arc. Rolling her shoulders as she came out of the Snap Suplex, Natalie rolled to her feet and quickly pulled Katie to hers. Standing behind the limber brunette, Nat snuggled into her opponent and reached forward, roughly pulling Katie’s arms behind her and encircling them with her own arms.

Brushing her lips against Katie’s ear, Nat purred, “Still feeling big Katie? I bet you’ll feel pretty small after I put your shoulders on the mat and your ass in the air. Enjoy the ride you cunt.”

Ignoring Katie’s mumbled reply, Natalie bridged up and back, dumping the lanky young woman on her head and shoulders with a Tiger Suplex. Feeling the Suplex connect perfectly, Natalie bridged up on her toes and tried to hold Katie in place for the three count. The zebra’s hand was coming down for the final time when Katie surged off her shoulders and broke the count. Irritated that Katie was able to break free of the pin, Natalie regained her vertical base and swaggered over to secure another grip on Katie’s left ankle.

Stepping back as she pulled Katie’s leg to it’s full length, Nat dragged Katie towards the edge of the ring and draped the injured limb loosely across the middle rope, making sure that Katie’s tweaked knee was resting right across the taut cable. Smirking out at the audience, Natalie paused in her work just long enough to glance at her partner and exchange a silent communiqué with Cuthbert. Focusing her ire back on Katie, Natalie straddled the defenseless leg and gripped the top rope in both hands. Placing both feet on the bottom rope, Nat began to bounce up and down, gathering momentum for her next attack. After several more bounces she leapt into the air while maintaining her grip on the top rope. As gravity came back into the equation, Natalie came slamming down butt first on Katie’s knee, drawing an agonized scream of pain from the taller brunette.

Snarling ferociously as she felt Katie’s body quake, Natalie indulged her appetite for savagery, remounting the bottom rope and delivering several more bone shattering Butt Smashes over the next several seconds. Finally, the nagging of the referee began to grate on her nerves and Natalie relinquished her perch, strutting proudly around the ring as she drank in the scorn of the capacity crowd. Making sure she had adequately enflamed the mob, Natalie shifted her attention back to her silently mewling victim and secured another manacle-like grip on Katie’s left ankle.

Ever the technician, Nat dragged Katie back into the middle of the ring and called loudly, “THE FUTURE LOOKS VERY, VERY DARK FOR THIS CRAZY BITCH!”

Crowing with her impending victory, Natalie turned in a quick circle, initiating the spin that every wrestling fan knew as the set up for the legendary Figure Four Leg Lock. But in the split second that Natalie had her back turned, Katie got her good leg up and cocked it, booting Natalie in the butt with as much force as she could muster. Nat was caught flat-footed by the shove and she went staggering forward at top speed only to have her momentum rudely stopped by the thinly padded metal of the middle turnbuckle.

Growling with anger, Natalie got to her feet and whirled around to face the taller brunette who was just barely getting to her feet. Dropping into a low crouch, Natalie exploded forward in a dead run, arm extended to take Katie down with a Clothesline but before she could connect, Katie surged forward and got her hands up, slamming one square between Natalie’s breasts and the other holding her hip.

In the blink of an eye, Katie hauled Natalie into the air and flung her back down, nearly driving the smaller brunette through the ring with an explosive Spinebuster. Natalie’s face was a grimace of pain as she writhed on the mat, trying to alleviate the throbbing pain in her vertebrae to no avail. With her left knee a constant, throbbing ache, Katie was about to advance on the wreckage of Natalie when she realized the crowd was on its feet and cheering wildly. Looking curiously out at the capacity crowd, Katie smiled knowingly and brought her arms level with her shoulders, the mysterious cross symbol she had seemingly adopted as her sign. Much to her amazement, almost a whole side of the arena replicated the motion and roared their adulation, as Katie stood tall.

Breaking her position, Katie turned back to her opponent and mumbled under her breath, “I could get used to that.”

Picking Nat up by the back of her tights, Katie whirled the dazed girl around to face her before grabbing hold of her wrist and backing her into the ropes and leaning rudely on the smaller brunette, Katie got right in Nat’s face and said, “Aren’t you getting it yet Natalie? My future’s been dark for years now. But that’s just the way I like it.”

Indulging Natalie’s whimper of a response, Katie tossed her foe towards the other side of the ring, sending her careening off the cables with an Irish Whip. Limping towards Natalie as she made her return trip, Katie set her feet gingerly and then shot forward, threading one arm between Nat’s thighs and another over her shoulder. In the same breath she popped her hips and spun Natalie around in a tight little half circle before depositing her on the canvas with a hard Power Slam. Landing with all her weight across Natalie’s chest, Katie kept her victim’s leg hooked tight and bore down tight, doing her best to put Natalie away right then and there. The ref’s hand hit the mat twice before the squashed beauty rolled a shoulder up.

Exhaling an exasperated sigh, Katie brushed the hair out of her face and then got to her feet, pulling Natalie along for the ride. Maneuvering herself behind the spaghetti-legged brunette; Katie secured a solid grip on the back of Natalie’s neck and marched her over to one of the corners. Upon reaching their destination, Katie rested Nat’s face against the top turnbuckle, holding it gently in place while she took another moment to look out at the mob.

Her voice a little ragged, Katie still managed to shout, “Seeing as how you all are cheering me for some reason, lets have a little fun. Can you follow the bouncing skull?”

With the question posed, Katie pulled back on Nat’s neck and then slammed her forward again, ramming her forehead into the barely covered steel. The crowd immediately got where Katie was going and roared “ONE!” just as the domineering beauty was pulling Nat’s head clear and then slamming it down once more. As is the time honored tradition in professional wrestling, Katie administered nine more of these cortex-crunching shots and upon delivery of the last, she released her grip on Natalie and watched the uncomprehending brunette make a drunken turn and wander past her back towards the center of the ring. But Katie wasn’t simply going to allow Nat to fall peacefully to the canvas, not by a long shot. If Nat was going down, it was because Katie had put her there forcefully. Still favoring her injured knee, Katie stalked forward fast and extended her right arm before smashing Natalie full force across the back of the head with a sadistic Lariat. The thudding blow caught Natalie flat footed and her already unsteady legs gave way as she collapsed face and chest first to the canvas.

Standing with hands on her hips, Katie realized that her bottom had become slightly disarranged in the scuffle and she paused to snap it back in place, drawing a low but audible groan of disappointment from the crowd seated behind her. Deciding it would be a good idea to give her left knee a few moments of less intense action, Katie walked forward a step or two and brought the foot down on the side of Natalie’s face, resting it there in an almost gentle fashion. Savoring the feel of Natalie being trod underneath her, Katie began to step down harder and grind her foot back and forth, cruelly abrading Nat’s face with her boot on one side and letting the ring canvas do the dirty work on the other side. With a nearly feral expression of joy on her face, she increased the intensity of her grinding, openly amused at Natalie’s frantic attempts to buck and squirm her way out of her predicament.

Speaking over the annoying buzz of the official’s count, Katie taunted, “And I’m doing this with a bad leg! Can you imagine just what sort of torture I can dish out when I’m healthy? Something makes me think you can….”

As the zebra reached “FOUR!” Katie ground her boot down one last time and then stepped off Natalie’s face, letting the smaller brunette roll away and lay face down on the mat several feet away. Looking to keep up her minimum effort, maximum agony offense, Katie circled Nat patiently, watching her victim with an inscrutable expression as she eventually began to stir, got her hands on the mat and then pushed up, getting slowly to her hands and knees. She had held this position for less than three seconds when Katie struck again!

Lunging forward, the lithe brunette lashed her left foot out and up in a sadistic punting motion that culminated at the base of Natalie’s jaw. Natalie made a low groan deep in her throat and then she was rolling again, coming to rest on her back near Sarah’s side of the ring. Watching her new ‘partner’ in action, Sarah couldn’t help but cringe. She might not have liked Natalie very much (or at all to be honest) but the Slayer wasn’t one to condone the kind of calculated viciousness that Katie seemed to revel in. Keeping her expression neutral, the blonde merely nodded at Katie as she hobbled over to pick Nat off the mat once more. Back inside the squared circle, Katie had hooked Natalie in place for a Vertical Suplex and was going about the process of delivering it. Using her free hand, she grabbed a handful of sweaty white briefs and yanked up wickedly, giving Nat a painful Wedgie and the appreciative mob an unobstructed look at the crippled brunette’s butt.

Cinching her grip tight, Katie smiled and said to herself, “Enjoy it while you can. It’s not going to be much to look at after I’m done with it.”

Katie hoisted Natalie high into the air and brought her to rest when she was directly over Katie’s head. Enjoying having the crowd in the palm of her hand, Katie kept Nat in the stall position, knowing that it wouldn’t be more than a few seconds before the audience would begin to count off the seconds. In this expectation she was correct and the redlining mob had just got to TWO! when Katie fell back to complete the Suplex, sending Natalie crashing into the mat from several feet up. Knowing that the prolonged stint in the Suplex had sent the blood rushing to Natalie’s head, Katie went for a quick cover, hooking both legs and leaning in tight as the ref began his duty.

He had almost completed it when Nat managed to pull her way free. Rolling her eyes, Katie was nonetheless quite impressed with her foe’s pain threshold and willingness to keep fighting. Of course for Katie, the thrill was in taking a strong woman past those points and reducing her to a sobbing, shambling wreck and that was exactly what she intended to do with Natalie. Taking a deep breath as she muscled Nat to her feet, Katie grabbed her foe’s wrist and sent her hard into the corner with another Irish Whip. Measuring the distance between herself and Nat, Katie lowered her shoulder and charged, relishing the impending collision that would crush the last of the fight out of her opponent.

Unfortunately for Katie, things rarely go as planned and this was one of those times. With less than three feet separating her from Natalie, Nat managed to get both feet up and then piston them out, catching Katie across the face with a pair of boots. There was a slapping THUD as Katie’s legs buckled and the willowy young woman was nearly knocked off her feet. But just as it seemed she was going down, Natalie stepped forward and caught her in a Front Face Lock.

Backing into the corner, Nat hopped up so that she was sitting on the top buckle where she waited just long enough to taunt, “That was a stupid mistake Katie and there’s nothing I loathe more than stupidity. It must be punished severely at all times and I know just the way to do it.”

Then she pushed out of the corner and swung around, pulling Katie around with her in the process. With the turn completed, Nat simply pulled back and fell, going to the canvas on her back while yanking Katie off her feet and spiking her forehead into the mat with a ring shaking Tornado DDT. Katie grunted, flopped onto her back and for a few seconds it looked as though the match would end with the cover Natalie was currently initiating. Alas, it was not to be as the bigger brunette somehow managed to get a shoulder off the canvas a fraction before “THREE!”

Getting to her feet under her own volition for the first time in several minutes, Natalie took several deep breaths and corrected the attire based indignities Katie had heaped upon her rear. Watching Homes groan and struggle to get up, Natalie’s pretty face got cold and nasty. She remembered the callous way that Katie had kicked her when she was down, and if there was one thing that ‘Lisha had taught her, it was that turnabout is fair play. Stalking over to Katie’s head, Natalie got into place and waited for Katie to get her hands and knees under her. Just as she did so, Nat left her feet and smashed both boots forward, driving them home into Katie’s temple. The downed brunette groaned silently and collapsed back onto her stomach, undone for the moment by a simple but sadistic maneuver.

Rolling to one knee, Natalie was on her feet in a second and she quickly pulled Katie to hers. Holding the other woman in place by her hair, Natalie glowered at Katie and spat hoarsely, “Don’t think for a second that you’ve cornered the market on sadism Katie. I’m going to do things to you that make even your twisted brain reel. Let’s see just how good the old villain is at playing the helpless victim.”

Natalie lowered her shoulder and in an impressive feat of strength was able to muscle Katie across her shoulders in a basic Fireman’s Carry. Walking around the ring with her helpless prey in tow, Natalie didn’t bother to say anything; she let the display of an injured Katie Holmes speak for her. After several more seconds of this silent parade, Natalie walked over to one corner and turned so that she was facing the across the ring. Taking a breath to steady her nerves, Natalie suddenly ran forward with Katie still in place on her shoulders. She had run about halfway across the ring when she suddenly jumped and then rolled forward in a sort of somersault. The effect of the maneuver was to drive Katie’s exposed back into the mat with impressive force while giving Natalie a soft place to land.

Smiling smugly as the crowd applauded the innovation of the Rolling Fireman’s Carry, Natalie released her grip on Katie and popped to her feet in one smooth motion. Leaving her foe splayed out on the canvas behind her, Natalie moved quickly toward the corner and wasted no time in climbing to the top rope. Looking down into the ring, Natalie made another silent proclamation by drawing the thumb on her right hands slowly across her throat, a sure sign that she knew the end was coming. Not wanting to give Katie another second to recover, Nat leapt into the void and hung there for a moment before she came crashing down, dropping one perfectly shaped thigh directly across Katie’s throat with a textbook Guillotine Leg Drop. Katie’s body flopped uselessly for a moment and then she lie still, in perfect position for Natalie to cover her for the win.

Elisha was already beginning to celebrate on the outside, but the ‘Destruction Inc.’ after-party had to be postponed for a while because Katie shoved free at the last second. Nat’s surprise quickly turned to anger and she used that emotion as motivation to find a way to put Katie down decisively. Picking a tactic she liked, Nat sat down at Katie’s side and pulled the other brunette to a sitting position before slipping her legs around Katie’s waist. Locking her ankles, Natalie sent the first powerful constriction into the Body Scissors, and drew an appropriately gasping wheeze from her captive. Loving the way her bare thighs were crushing against Katie’s slick midsection, Nat got both hands palms down on the mat and pushed up while she squeezed, giving herself much more leverage.

Grinding her legs against Katie’s sweat slicked abs, Nat flicked some hair out of her face and demanded, “Give up.”

Katie slowly turned her head in Nat’s direction and replied, “Fuck you!”

Faster than you could imagine, Natalie brought one hand up and slapped Katie in the face over and over again. Tuning out the loud murmur of the mob, Natalie belted Katie’s face once more and said, “That wasn’t a request bitch; give up!”

Shaking off the stinging aftereffects of the slaps, Katie looked right at Natalie and answered, “I was well aware of that.”

She returned the favor, cracking wickedly delightful SLAPS across Nat’s face for several seconds before the smaller girl finally broke the Body Scissors and rolled away to regain her bearings. Quickly recovering from the SLAPS, Natalie pushed to her feet and strode over to where Katie was clutching at her ribs with one hand while using the other to grab the ropes and pull herself up.

Beyond furious at the other brunette’s tenacity, Natalie drove a Knee into Katie’s belly and then marched her back to mid-ring.

Wrapping her arms around the tall brunette’s hips, Natalie chided, “Let’s see if the big bad bitch can hold off on bawling like a baby after THIS!”

She jerked Katie off her feet and brought her crashing back down, driving her posted knee right between Katie’s thighs to complete the Inverted Atomic Drop. Katie didn’t exactly bawl like a baby, but she did give voice to a pained shriek and she was still cradling her assaulted groin protectively when Natalie leapt into the air and locked both thighs around her head. In the same instant, Natalie leaned back and fell taking Katie off her feet and to the mat with a picture perfect Hurricanrana. Natalie landed firmly astride Katie’s chest, trapping the bigger girl in a makeshift Schoolgirl Pin.

Scooting forward as the ref knelt to count, Nat made sure that her crotch slammed down in direct contact with Katie’s loudly protesting mouth and nose. Drunk with pleasure, Natalie ground her hips back in forth, doing a sensuous Lap Dance on Katie’s face - one that would’ve been more impressive if she’d been able to hold it for a full three seconds. As it was, she got two, maybe two and a half seconds tops, before Katie was able to shove her off. Really getting frustrated now, Natalie got to her feet and approached the recovering Katie, trapping the bigger girl in a Front Face Lock with her right arm. Before Katie could muster a counter, however, Natalie reached down with her left arm and hooked Katie’s right leg behind the knee, pulling it up off the mat and holding it bent awkwardly.

Holding the struggling brunette prone, Natalie purred nastily, “What’s the matter Katie, didn’t like the way I taste? Well, don’t worry, you’ll be more than used to it after the match is over.”

Then she lifted up and took Katie over, dropping the lanky beauty on her head and shoulders with a Fisherman’s Suplex. Upon impact, Natalie bridged up on her toes again, trying desperately to keep the bigger woman on the canvas for the three. But it was still not enough, as Katie ably demonstrated by pulling free right after the two count. Roaring in impotent fury, Natalie kept close to Katie as she pulled them both to their feet. Sliding behind her prey, Nat slapped on a tight Waist Lock, grinding her crotch against Katie’s rear as she held her opponent in place.

Keeping Katie grounded, Natalie thrust her lips into Katie’s ear and snarled, “You know I can break your neck with these Suplexes. Don’t think for a second that I won’t hesitate to do so.”

She was about to bridge up and back, proving her point once more when Katie got her hands up and gripped tightly at Natalie’s clasped hands, effectively blocking the throw. Nat cursed and tried to bridge back a second time, but Katie blocked the attempt once more and this time she added some offense to her defense by bringing her foot stomping down on Natalie’s undefended foot. Natalie’s grip loosened considerably and Katie took the opportunity to break the Waist Lock and then slide around behind her surprised adversary. Ducking low, Katie wrapped her arms around Natalie’s thighs and pulled back, taking the smaller brunette off her feet and leaving her top half sprawled on the mat, while her legs and hips were still under Katie’s power.

Shifting her grip so that she holding Nat’s waist while she was standing between the smaller girl’s legs, Katie looked down and with a cold smile said, “You Don’t have to tell me about crippling injuries Nat. More often than not, I’m the one causing them.”

Not waiting for a reply, Katie hauled up as hard as she could, pulling Natalie’s torso off the mat and several feet in the air. Unable to hold her captive aloft for long, Katie tossed her back down, driving Natalie face, chest & belly first into the mat with an Inverted Powerbomb.

Feeling rejuvenated after dropping Natalie on her face, Katie took the opportunity to catch her breath and take in the sight of her flattened opposition. Once again ready to take the fight to Natalie, Katie limped over the downed brunette and hauled her to her feet.

Standing in middle of the ring, Katie glared into Nat’s face and whispered, “For someone who prizes knowledge above all else, you do make stupid mistakes sometimes. Luckily for you, fucking with me was the last one you’ll ever have to make.”

Taking a step back, she booted Natalie hard in the gut, doubling the diminutive brunette over. Standing to the Natalie’s side, Katie bounced off the ropes and sped back before bringing her good knee up, slamming it into Natalie’s temple. Nat groaned and collapsed to her knees, and then forward onto her face. Surveying the wreckage of a once proud rival, Katie stood over Natalie’s head and placed her boot on the back of the injured girl’s neck. Pressing down gently, Katie rubbed her toes back and forth as if she were snuffing out the last remnants of a cigarette.

Hearing the crowd cheer this show of domination, Katie felt her point had been made and she bent down to bring Natalie to her feet once more. Holding Natalie steady, Katie moved around behind her so that the two enemies were back to back. Standing close to Nat, Katie reached over her shoulders and looped both hands tightly under the smaller brunette’s chin.

Clasping her hands tightly, Katie whispered, “A scholar like you should know that burning was often the preferred method of execution for witches. But since I can’t go that far, I’ll settle for hanging.”

She leaned forward and lifted Natalie off her feet, holding the tiny girl wriggling and squirming on her back as the Hangman went about the business of separating Natalie’s head from her shoulders. In a nearly indescribable anguish, Natalie kicked her legs and dug her fingers into Katie’s clasped hands, but the cold-hearted girl was able to keep her in place and suffering greatly. Just when it felt as if Nat’s head was going to be torn off her shoulders, Katie released the hold, dropping Natalie to the canvas in a mewling, whimpering heap.

Unable to protect herself at this point, Natalie simply curled into a loose ball and rubbed at her neck and shoulders, trying her best to stave off enough of the pain to regain her feet. She had just started to feel the tiniest bit better when Katie buried both hands in her dark hair and Hair-Hauled her to her feet. Natalie tried to squirm free from the bigger girl’s clutches, but Katie had none of it and she twirled Natalie around so that she was standing behind her.

Grinding against Nat’s quivering backside, Katie brought her right hand up and clasped it under Nat’s right arm in a simple Half Nelson while her left hand busied itself by securing a steady grip on Nat’s damp left hip. Bending her knees a bit, Katie exploded upward, yanking Natalie a few feet into the air before Katie dropped down to the mat, slamming the full length of Natalie’s fame back first into the canvas with a visually impressive Half Nelson Slam.

Kneeling beside her battered rival, Katie knew that Nat was in bad shape. Katie probably could’ve finished her off right then and there, but she wanted there to be no doubt in anyone’s mind (especially Elisha Cuthbert’s!) that Katie was most definitely back and still a force to be reckoned with! Sighing heavily, Katie grabbed another handful of Natalie’s hair and pulled her up before forcing the battered girl’s head between her thighs to lock in the Standing Headscissors. Wrapping her arms around Natalie’s waist, Katie steadied herself and then lifted Nat into the air, bringing her into place for a regular, no-frills, Powerbomb.

Ignoring the presence of Natalie’s groin a few inches from her face, Katie held her prey aloft for several more seconds before tossing her down and damn near breaking her in half. The Powerbomb had landed perfectly and everyone knew it. The audience roared, Sarah looked pleased and Elisha looked furious. In the ring, Natalie looked out of it and Katie looked tired. Standing over the semi-conscious brunette, she reached down and pulled her to her feet, not saying a word as she tossed Natalie as hard as she could towards the corner. Remembering her painful experience with the Tornado DDT, Katie hung back a few steps as Natalie approached the corner, making sure there was plenty of distance between the two should Natalie suddenly pull something out of the proverbial hat.

Interestingly enough, that’s exactly what Natalie did and in this case, the distance between them was actually a hindrance to Katie. See, as Natalie closed in on the buckles, she leapt into the air and landed balanced precariously on the top rope. Before the crowd could even cheer its appreciation, the smaller brunette launched herself backwards, twisting around in mid air to face the incredulous Katie right before she took the tall girl’s head off with Flying Clothesline from out of nowhere. Sadly, though the move caught Katie unawares and nearly knocked her cold, Natalie was unable to take advantage of the situation as Katie’s last few maneuvers had nearly decimated the last of her reserves. Both brunette’s lay sprawled on the canvas as the audience and their respective partners screamed at them to get up and end the battle.

As the ref was announcing “SEVEN!” on his ten-count, the ladies began to stir and both had regained their vertical base a few seconds later. Circling each other warily, Natalie and Katie appeared to be beyond the point of taunts or other verbal barbs, they simply wanted to destroy the other and be done with it. Raising her arms up, Natalie shot forward to lock up with Katie just as the former Darkness leader was doing the same. But Natalie’s grapple turned out to be trick and at the last possible moment she lashed out with her foot and caught Katie directly in her weak left knee. Katie hissed in pain and fell to one knee, almost helpless as Natalie trapped her in a Standing Headscissors. Knowing she could finally end this fight, Natalie reached down and hooked both of Katie’s arms at the elbows, pulling the limbs up and trapping them behind Katie’s back in a loop created by her own locked hands.

Holding Katie in position for the Star Destroyer, Natalie found her voice and gasped, “Lights out Katie.”

She tensed her legs and was pulling up to complete the move when Katie suddenly jerked up to her full height tossing Natalie up and into the lights with a desperation Back Body Drop. Nat grunted in pain when she hit the mat, but she quickly rolled to her side and got her feet under her. Stalking back at Katie, she had just laid hands on the taller brunette’s shoulders when Katie drove a Knee Lift deep into her belly. Natalie gasped and would have tumbled to her knees, but Katie caught her in a Standing Headscissors and kept her there.

Her face an expressionless mask, Katie raised both arms over her head and joined them in a rough circle, the call sign for the leaping Over the Shoulder Backbreaker that had come to be known as ‘The Holmes Wrecker.’ While the crowd cheered, Katie lowered her arms and wrapped them around Natalie’s waist, holding the position for just a moment before she hoisted Nat skyward and brought her to rest with the small of her back bent painfully over Katie’s right shoulder. Her grip was secure and Katie was about to administer the little jump that would end things when she heard a commotion behind her. Whirling around, she saw that two important things were happening.

First, Elisha Cuthbert was sliding into the ring and making a beeline for the action. Second, in her haste to turn around, Katie hadn’t taken the position of the zebra into account and she had knocked the poor dope senseless with Natalie’s outstretched legs. Silently cursing the shitty luck, Katie was about to call out to the Slayer when Sarah hit the ring, intercepting Elisha with a stiff Tackle when the other half of “Destruction Incorporated” was less than three feet away. Thanking the Slayer in her head, (she would never do so verbally) Katie bent her knees once more and prepared to jump when someone grabbed Natalie’s legs and pulled her off Katie’s shoulders.

Surprised and royally pissed off now, Katie turned around to find herself locking eyes with a tall muscular brunette in a revealing silver one-piece number. Flicking her eyes in the direction of the corner to make sure Sarah and Elisha were keeping each other occupied (they were), Katie returned her gaze to the newcomer and said rather sarcastically, “And you might be…?”

The girl smiled an evil, calculating smile, answered matter-of-factly, “I’m the girl who broke Katie Holmes!”

“Somehow I doubt it!” Katie sneered as the mystery girl rushed in with fists flying, a tactic that Katie could appreciate - and one she returned with gusto!

For the better part of a minute, Sarah and Elisha hammered away at each other in the corner while Katie and the newcomer stomped and bumped around the ring taking every available opening to hammer the other into withdrawal. Only after several more seconds of fisticuffs was a brief impasse reached and the two teams joined together in mid ring, Elisha and her new helper on one side, Katie and Sarah on the other.

Keeping her eyes locked on the brunette, Katie asked Sarah, “Who the hell is SHE?”

Staring daggers at Elisha, Sarah replied, “Megan Fox, Rich’s new hire; supposedly real hot shit from the Southern California beach scene. She was introduced at the last staff meeting…the one you weren’t at.”

“We have staff meetings?” Katie asked, genuinely surprised.

Watching her two adversaries with undisguised hatred, Elisha said, “Well now you’ve gone and spoiled the pleasantries. I was going to introduce you to the newest member of ‘Destruction Inc.’ Meg here is going to help us take you two tramps out for good and she in turn will reap the benefits of being a part of the most dominant faction wrestling has ever seen.”

Megan leered wickedly and added, “Ya know ‘Lisha I almost feel bad about this. I thought my initiation would take more than five minutes. Still I certainly don’t mind having these two slut’s blood on my hands.”

She started to advance on Katie and Sarah Micheller when Elisha grabbed her shoulder and, pointing to Megan’s right, said, “No need to get your hands filthy just yet. I believe Nat is bringing something to make our lives a little easier.”

All eyes turned to Natalie and indeed the smaller brunette was slipping back into the ring with a trio of steel folding chairs in her hands. Getting to her feet, Natalie glared murder at Sarah and Katie as she silently handed the other weapons to her partners in crime.

Staring right at Sarah, Natalie whispered, “No way out tonight Slayer. No friends, no Fannin, no way out.”

Megan nodded and Elisha merely grinned as the diabolical triumvirate raised the chairs over their heads and advanced on the cornered champs.

“Any last words Slay-whore?” Elisha sneered.

Despite the unenviable nature of their position, Sarah’s voice was calm, “You’re right of course, I don’t have any friends back there lined up for the rescue. But I do have an enemy that was willing to help out.”

‘Destruction Inc.’ paused, unsure what the Slayer’s cryptic words meant. In the next instant, the lights in the Gray Toad Inn flickered out and were replaced by a flat blue glow. An expectant hush fell over everyone and for several seconds there was silence.

Then the speakers spat a burst of static and a scratchy, melodramatic voice asked, “WHO IS THIS IRRESISTIBLE CREATURE WHO HAS AN INSATIABLE LOVE FOR THE DEAD?”

Then ‘Living Dead Girl’ exploded to life and the crowd was on their feet, screaming their joy. For the first time in five years, one of the most dominant tag teams in recent memory was back together. Tonight, the Slayers would fight side-by-side once more. In the next instant, Eliza Dushku pushed her way through the curtain and stopped, eyeing the scene in the ring glibly. Clad in black leather pants and a dark blue top, the Rogue Slayer was a sight to behold. Ginning smugly, she burst into a dead run, charging the ring to come to her old partner's aid.

Watching Sarah’s former tag partner and first nemesis run the ring, Katie couldn’t help smiling, “I think I’m rubbing off on you Slayer.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of!” Gellar answered dead-pan.

Then Eliza was in the ring beside them and the sides were even once more. Looking to Sarah she quipped, “Hey S, Katie. Kinda like old times huh? Mind if I call Cunt-burnt?”

She made sure the jab was loud enough for the fuming Elisha to hear. After all, she and Eliza did have unfinished business.

Nodding in agreement, Sarah said, “No problem E; Natalie belongs to me.”

Across the ring, the smaller brunette threw down the chair and dropped into a crouch, she wanted to break Sarah Michelle Gellar worse than anyone else she’d ever faced.

Sighing, Katie glared at the lean, limber, figure of Megan Fox and said disgustedly, “So I get the brash young ingénue? Now that’s insulting!”

Tolerating this display of defiance for linger than she should have, Elisha tossed her chair aside and spat, “Enough! You sluts have messed with us for the last time.” She focused her attention on Eliza. “I’m going to finish you off tonight Douche-ku. We were gonna come for you anyway, you just saved me an extra step.”

Keeping her voice low, Eliza replied, “If I remember the end of our last fight, you already came for me Slut-bert.”

That last remark drove Elisha past her limits and with a scream of rage she and the rest of Destruction Incorporated charged at their most stubborn opposition to date. The six beauties came together in a roaring tangle, Katie and Megan hammering each other with callous bar room brawl type haymakers, while Eliza and Elisha tearing themselves apart with kicks and chops while Sarah and Natalie rounded things out by twisting limbs and forcing joints into positions they were not intended to go. The 6-way brawl continued back and forth for several more moments before Sarah and her two old enemies took control, the Slayer’s hitting unison Clotheslines on their respective rivals that knocked them over the top rope and down to the floor below. Katie disposed of Megan a bit differently, stunning the upstart with a thumb to the eye before simply grabbing her by the roots and hurling her over the rope to join her new friends on the floor.

Sarah, Eliza and Katie were standing tall for the moment, but Elisha, Natalie and Megan weren’t backing down and the sadistic trio was about to climb back into the ring when the speakers rumbled to life once more and ‘You Wouldn’t Believe’ started up, heralding the arrival of Richard Fannin. All six ladies turned to see the promoter push through the curtain and stand at the top of the ramp, watching them intently.

Raising a microphone to his lips, the promoter said, “You know the universe is funny sometimes. I was just mulling over where I would get 6 willing candidates for my newest brainchild and as luck would have it here you all are beating the hell out of each other. If you’d kindly hold off on whaling on each other for a moment and pay attention. I’m sure each of you is quite eager to tear into your nemesis de jour, but how does the added incentive of a world title shot sound?”

Six sets of eyes widened perceptively and Fannin knew his audience was listening. “I knew that’d hold your attention. Here’s the deal. Archer and I have worked up a new twist on the old Four Corners match of yesteryear where the 4 participants would go at it until all but one had been pinned or forced to submit. Normally, I’d just throw you all into that scenario, but since there are SIX of you, and as the name of the match implies there are only four corners, what’s the solution you might well ask! It’s painfully simple actually.” He paused for a moment and then said cryptically, “We’ll just add more corners to the ring…”

Smiling as the crowd buzzed in surprise, Rich kept his focus on the half dozen girls at ringside and said, if you’ll direct your attention to the screen behind me, everything will be made clear.” The darkened screen suddenly lit up and a picture of a glowing white hexagon filled the frame. In the next few seconds, posts grew from each corner and cables snaked out of the posts, turning the hexagon into a wrestling ring designed by a lunatic engineer. Blood red letters slashed across the picture forming the phrase, “Welcome to the Sixth Circle of Hell.”

Then the screen went blank and Fannin continued, “As you can see, we’ve made some modifications. two more turnbuckles means two more sides - and a whole lot more opportunities to inflict mind-boggling hurt on one another. In fairly short order, all six of you are going to meet in my newest toy! The last one standing will get a shot a Charlize Theron and her world title! I warn you now though, there will be NO ALLIANCES! For one evening there is no ‘Destruction Inc.’, no ‘Slayers’ and no ‘Tag Team Champs’. I’ll be quite interested to see if your fragile little partnerships can survive the lure of that lustrous gold belt. Now, with that said, I believe I’ll take my leave and you can go back to hitting one another - but I advise against it; you’ll want to be as healthy as you can for this match.”

He turned on his heel and left the small group of women alone with the audience and their stunned thoughts. From the outside of the ring, Elisha glowered at the Slayer and her compatriots before turning to Megan and Natalie. “He may be crazy, but he’s got a point! They can wait, we have plans to make.”

Natalie and Megan looked doubtful but then they both nodded and headed up the ramp with their leader, making sure their eyes never left Sarah, Eliza and Katie. Watching ‘Destruction Inc.’ slink their way up the ramp, Sarah turned to the brunettes standing at her side.

Fixing Eliza with a small smile she said, “Looks like this reunion was short-lived.”

Dushku grinned sarcastically, “No worry S. I don’t mind hanging with you and Sylvia Plath here long enough to take the trampy trio down for good. After that though, I’ll go through you and Katie to get that title shot." She as still smiling, but her eyes were hard and cold.

Sarah nodded and replied, “Feeling’s mutual!” She turned to Katie. “And what about you? Just what’s running through that snake-pit you call a mind?”

Katie feigned hurt and said, “Ouch!” in a rather dry tone before continuing. “The gold’s a nice little incentive, but I’m gonna have more fun putting that bitch Fox in her place. After Nat and Elisha have been dealt with…I’ve beaten one Slayer before, I sure don’t mind getting a shot at the other.” She watched Eliza with a challenging look.

Eliza returned Katie’s stare evenly and shot back, “I’ve been itching to get at you too Lurch. See just what the hell all the hype is about. I’m guessing it’ll be pretty overblown.”

Katie took a step forward but Sarah stepped between them. Looking back and forth between the brunettes she said, “OK, it’s abundantly clear that we’re all on the same page about kicking each other’s asses, but if those ditzes can wait so can we. When the match rolls around, we can beat the snot out of each other for all I care but until then we get along and figure out how to finish them for good. Understand?

Eliza muttered, “Five by Five.”

Sarah looked to Katie. The tall brunette didn’t say anything but she agreed with the tiniest of nods.

“Good.” Sarah sighed. “Let’s get out of here. We have things to discuss.”

As they turned to leave the ring, Eliza’s sense of humor returned and she joked, “I find that copious amount of drinking tend to help discussion and the free flow of ideas.” Ignoring Sarah’s exasperated glare, Eliza looked to Katie and said, “What do you say to that Lurch?

Katie stopped for a moment, then said, “It’s going to be a shame to have to lay a beating on someone whose sentiments match my own so closely.”

Eliza’s grin got a little wider and she shot back, “I’d like to see you try. You heard her Sarah, we’ve got plans to make…and a bar that needs shutting down.”

Sarah only sighed and said, “Why was I ever nostalgic for this?”

The three reluctant partners passed out through the curtain, leaving the patrons of the Gray Toad Inn eagerly anticipating their inevitable foray into the confines of a bizarre, six-sided ring!