Piper Perabo vs. Mena Suvari (from CWC) by Catfight Contributor+?

Piper, the petite blonde movie star, was sitting quietly in her Hollywood hotel room. She was dressed in tight blue hip hugger jeans and a figure clinging, tight grey tanktop. Her hair was tied back and she was barefoot, relaxing after a hard day on the set, reading a magazine. The phone rang. Earlier in the day, Piper had learned that Mena was also filming a movie in the area and was staying at the same hotel. The phone call was from her "spy", telling her which room Mena was staying in. After talking for a few moments, Piper hung up the phone and discarded the magazine she was reading as a smile came over her lips.

She walked out of her room and into the hallway, winding down the long hall and ending up at the elevator. She pushed the button and waited impatiently for the elevator to arrive. When it did, she got in and pushed the buttons. When she arrived at the floor Mena was staying on, Piper walked down the long corridor to Mena's room. She slowly turned the handle, trying not to make too much noise and, to her surprise, the handle kept turning, meaning the door was open. She flung the door open, hoping to startle Mena, but she wasn't there so Piper went in and sat on the bed to await Mena’s arrival.

Moments later, the elevator doors opened and Mena emerged. On her way back from a brief press engagement in the hotel's lobby, the petite actress was clad in a black pantsuit, with the jacket open enough to reveal little more than a black bra underneath. Her normally blonde hair was back to its natural red, and she wore sandals that revealed silver painted nails. She was looking forward to changing into something more comfortable, and then maybe hitting the sauna or a warm bath, once she got back to her room. Reaching for her key card, she remembered that she'd left the door slightly ajar rather than bother trying to find a place to keep it. Pushing it open, she stepped into the room - and instinctively let out a shriek as she saw someone sitting on her bed.

Then, she giggled, "Oh, Piper, you surprised me! I thought maybe there was someone who was actually, you know, a threat in my room."

"You know, I warned you what would happen to you if you fucked with me again," the cocky little actress continued, "so I can't imagine you'd be stupid enough to come back here to pick another fight. So you'd better have a damn good reason for being here, before I call security."

Piper rose off of the bed and walked closer to Mena. She looked her up and down as she walked behind her, grabbing the door and gently pushing it shut. "I underestimated you the last time, Mena," she said. "I'll admit, you're pretty tough - but you aren't tougher than me. I've had a long time to replay that humiliating defeat in my mind over and over again. I don't want anyone to hear this little tussle and try to break it up, so it's best that the door stays shut." Walking so she was directly in Mena's face now, she continued. "Look around you, Mena. There are no ropes. There is no mat. No turnbuckles. This is going to be a real fight. We'll see how tough you are now!"

She ran a hand through Mena's hair. "I like what you've done here...It's a shame I'm going to have to rip it all out!" Piper grabbed two handfuls of Mena's hair and threw the startled actress to the floor. She walked over kicked her hard in the ribs, Mena rolling across the floor. When she comes to a stop, Piper kicked her again. "Not so tough now, are you?! Come on, get up!"

Mena grunted from the kicks, and scrambled to her knees. But rather than make good on her invitation to get up, Piper drove her bare foot into her side again, knocking Mena rolling once more. Walking over, she grabbed Mena by the hair and yanked her to her feet, then slapped her across the face and shoved her so that she stumbled backward and wound up sprawled on the bed. Piper advanced again, pleased with herself and looking to inflict more damage, but as she drew close Mena kicked outward with both legs, striking her in the midsection and knocking her back a couple of steps. The shorter woman quickly scrambled off of the bed and to her feet, and with nowhere else to go the two women locked into each other.

Mena had surprised herself by winning these tests of strength in their first fight (the petite woman wasn't used to outmuscling people), but she could feel more resistance from Piper this time around. The two women pushed with everything they had, knowing how much was at stake. Piper was fuming. She new that Mena must be hurting more than she was, but she was still having trouble outmuscling the little bitch. Piper remembered the last fight and suddenly she was pushing harder than she ever thought she could.

Mena had a surprised look on her face as Piper was pushing her back. Mena braced herself, not wanting to get pushed into the wall, but now Piper was bending her hands back, forcing her to her knees. With all her strength, Mena pushed herself back up and lifted her knee into Piper's belly. Piper let out a grunt, but quickly gathered herself and continued to push Mena backward. Seeing that her knee had some effect, though little, Mena lifted her knee again. But this time, Piper fought right through it, pushing a little more until Mena fell backward onto the bed.

Piper toppled on top of her and starting pressing her forearm into Mena's throat, choking her. "This is going to be so much fun!" she laughed. Mena shrieked as Piper's forearm pressed into her throat, her legs kicking into the air. Not sure if Mena was trying to call for help or just reacting instinctively, Piper covered her mouth with her hand. "We're only just getting started," Piper told the supine actress. "And nobody's going to save your ass from the beating I'm about to give you."

The one thing that Piper hasn't done, for all her talk, was secure Mena's arms. Quickly, the petite woman reached up and grabs hold of her opponent's hair, tugging her head to the side and pushing in the same direction, hoping to push her off. Mena couldn't quite pull it off, but she did manage to distract Piper enough that the dominant woman was forced to bring both her arms up so that she could grab hold of Mena's.

Slowly, Piper powered Mena's arms back down to the bed. But with Piper hovering over her, Mena squirmed harder and harder, raising her legs and driving her knees into her opponent's side. Finally, Piper tired of the struggle. Suddenly letting go of Mena's wrists, she picked herself up - but not before driving her fist into Mena's stomach, causing the smaller woman's legs to kick into the air again.

Grabbing Mena by the front of her jacket, Piper pulled her off the bed - and immediately pushed her front-first into the wall, knocking her back to the ground. Mena lay flat on her face, groaning, and barely seemed to want to move. Unlike their first fight, she couldn't get anything going this time - and she was surprised to find that Piper appeared to be stronger than her, too. Finally, she got to her knees, hoping to either turn the tide or escape before this got much worse.

Piper again strutted over to the downed Mena and grabbed hold of her jacket, tugging on it in an attempt to rip it off. When she finally managed to power the jacket off, her momentum carried her backward. Luckily she fell onto the bed, and was able to bounce back up. Seeing Mena had struggled to her feet, Piper wasted no time in lunging at her and wrapping the discarded jacket around her neck. Piper began pushing the slightly smaller woman back into the wall hard, over and over again, while squeezing her neck with her own tightly wrapped jacket. Mena was in a complete panic. She was being choked by her own jacket, and was having the fight driven out of her as she was driven into the wall. If this continued much longer, she'll be completely out of it and at Piper's mercy.

Luckily for her, she had one small advantage - she was wearing shoes, and Piper wasn't. In desperation, she pounded her sandaled foot into Piper's bare one, then did it again, forcing the taller woman to hop back. Mena quickly ducked downward, freeing her neck from the jacket, and popped back up again to push Piper another step back. The women circled each other in the small space, Piper regaining a solid footing and Mena, looking somewhat unnerved, left in the black bra that she'd been wearing under her jacket.

"Look at those tiny little tits! I'm gonna rip them off!" Piper taunted, laughing as the two petite women circled each other. She was still limping slightly from Mena's stomp, though, as her foot throbbed in pain.

Both women seemed to be waiting for the other to make a move in order make a counterattack. Mena had taken a beating, and Piper didn't want to make herself vulnerable. Sure, the fight was going her way for now, but she remembered the last fight well and didn't want to give Mena an opportunity. Still holding Mena's jacket, Piper got an idea. Throwing the jacket in Mena's face, she immediately lowered her head and charged her shoulder into Mena's belly, driving her back. Again, Mena was driven back into the wall. Unable to see for the moment, she reached out and wrapped her arms around Piper in the best bearhug she could muster. Piper soon followed suit, and the two women were locked in a battle of attrition.

Mena shook her head back and forth, finally knocking the jacket off and to the side. She squeezed with all her mite, still angry about Piper's comment. Last time she'd managed to keep her chest covered, leaving Piper as the only one to feel self-conscious about her small chest. If nothing else, she didn't want to lose that psychological advantage by losing her bra at some point. All this left her squeezing desperately, but she wasn't sure if she was having much effect. And Piper's hold was beginning to feel tighter and tighter... Both women grunted and groaned as they tried to squeeze the life out of one another. Piper kept squeezing and squeezing, feeling Mena's grip loosening a little bit, but a little bit wasn't enough! Piper knew that the longer the fight went on, the more chance Mena had of mounting a comeback - so she knew this was the time to attack. Letting go of her grip, she brought a knee up to Mena's crotch.

Mena grunted on impact. "You cheap bitch," she blurted out. "Can't beat me fair and square, huh?"

Despite her tough talk, though, Mena was running out of energy, and the knee to the crotch didn't help. Once again, she stomped her foot onto Piper's, then again. It didn't set her free, but it did cause Piper to loosen her grip somewhat, allowing Mena more wiggle room. Returning the favor from a moment earlier, she landed a knee to Piper's crotch that knocked her another step back.

Breaking free from her opponent's grip, and releasing her own, Mena shoved her away. Then, taking a step back, she moves quickly toward Piper and jumped off the ground, lifting her legs in the air and wrapping them around the taller woman's waist. Piper stumbled, unable to support Mena's body weight, and wound up falling backward onto the bed with Mena still wrapped around her. Piper was lucky to have fallen onto the soft bed, but not so lucky to still have Mena wrapped around her.

Piper wiggled a bit, trying to free herself, but she couldn't at the moment. She reached up and grabbed two handfuls of the smaller woman's hair and started yanking her head violently from side to side, hoping to knock her off balance. On top of that she started bucking her hips fervently. Mena did her best to weather the storm, effectively riding the taller woman as she bucked and bounced. Looking to increase her advantage, she reached down and tugged up Piper's tight little shirt, attacking her small breasts with her hands.

"Ooohh, no bra," she observed. "Then again, it's not like you need one!"

Enraged, Piper smacked Mena, hard, across the face. That knocked her head to the side, but it didn't get her off. So Piper opted to fight fire with fire, grabbing each of Mena's breasts through her bra, squeezing and pushing at the same time. With Mena already slightly off balance, Piper slowly managed to power her to the side - until finally, with one massive burst of effort, she managed to roll her over. Now it was Piper who was on top, with both women still squeezing for all they were worth.

Piper squeezed Mena's little breasts as hard as she could. She was able to squeeze harder than Mena courtesy of her leverage, and thus her squeezing was having more of an effect. Not that Mena's squeezing wasn't working; it was, in fact, working well, with Piper moaning agony. She needed to think of a new attack, but the pain was making it hard to think at all.

Finally Piper straddled Mena's waist and slid forward a bit so she was sitting on Mena's stomach. Mena was still squeezing Piper's tiny breasts, but Piper starts bouncing up and down, slamming her ass down hard onto Mena's stomach. Mena screeched as Piper's ass drove into her stomach, again and again. She did get a moment's respite when Piper released her breasts - but only until she started slapping Mena's face back and forth, further asserting her dominance. Finally, with the smaller woman stunned, Piper succeeded - still with considerable difficulty - in prying her hands away from her own breasts, doing her best to pin her arms to the bed as Mena squirmed.

Mena desperately brought her legs into the air, trying to wrap them around Piper's head. But it was a clumsy attempt, and once the taller woman reached back with her arms she quickly wound up with Mena's legs in her grasp. Remembering Mena's earlier stomping tactic, and knowing they could still wind up on the floor again, Piper took the opportunity to strip the shoes from her opponent's feet. Then, with Mena having grabbed onto her hair again, Piper tucked Mena's legs under her arms and began slapping her face and chest again.

Mena was feeling increasingly helpless. She hadn't given up yet, but that didn't stop her from trying to call for help...something that Piper quickly put a stop to by covering her mouth again. As uncomfortable as this all was for Mena, the opposite was true for Piper; sitting astride Mena's small chest, with Mena's legs secured under her arms and her hands covering her mouth, she was enjoying this. The little bitch wasn't so tough now - Piper was the dominant one for a change!

Piper decided to try to end it. She removed her hands from over Mena's mouth, but not wanting to release her legs from under her arms, she started to wiggle awkwardly. Slowly sliding forward, still holding Mena's legs securely, Piper kept slowly sliding until her jean covered crotch was covering Mean's face. She held her position there, trying to smother Mena out. Mena squirmed, but it wasn't doing much good - Piper had her pretty well tied up. In desperation, she even tried biting her opponent - but that didn't get her very far, either, since Piper was still wearing her jeans.

Finally, with Mena's arms flailing upward, she managed to lock onto Piper's small breast again, this time through her T-shirt. Mena squeezed it in her hand, as hard as she possibly could, as Piper gritted her teeth and tried to ignore her. Finally, though, she had to do something, and used her own hands to pry Mena's away from her chest. But in so doing, she inadvertently relaxed her hold on her opponent's legs - and Mena, thinking fast, managed to pull them loose and land a decent kick to the side of Piper's head.

It wasn't enough to knock Piper over, but it did bump her to the side enough that Mena, squirming in the other direction, was able to pull herself free. Without wasting any time, the dazed woman - still clad in her black pants and bra - flopped onto the floor and started crawling for the door, trying to get enough time to either regroup or flee. But Piper had other plans. Hopping up, she rubbed her head a bit as Mena's kick had dazed her a little. Shaking it off, she didn't see Mena... until she noticed her crawling away.

Piper lunged at her rival, grabbing her by the foot. Piper started pulling her back as Mena continued to scratch and claw, trying to get away. It was hard to get a good grip on something that was squirming so much, and Piper's grip slipped off. But she still grabbed the bottom of Mena's pant leg, pulling and pulling. With Mena offering a lot of resistance, the pants eventually came flying off, and Piper stumbled backward from the momentum. The bed caught her fall, though, and she paused, not wanting to do anything stupid now that Mena had crawled away.

Mena scrambled to her feet as she reached the door, and considered her options. She could run, but that would have meant having to walk around the hotel in her bra and panties, trying to find someone to kick Piper out of her room. She couldn't think of many things more humiliating than that. She'd have to try to find a way through this on her own...and if it came to it, she'd just have to find a way to scream for help.

Turning toward Piper, she noticed that the blonde seemed frozen on the bed. Mena was a bit surprised that she wasn't pressing her advantage, but she wasn't going to waste too much time thinking about it. Instead, with a yell she suddenly charged straight at the bed, heading right at Piper and leaping into the air as she approached her target. Once she saw Mena flying at her, Piper lifted up her arms to cover up - but Mena landed on top of her anyway.

Piper groaned as she fell backward, with both women's arms entangled. They squirmed around wildly on the bed, with each woman trying to get the advantage, but it was harder for Piper because of Mena's leverage. So she went back to what was successful before, grabbing two handfuls of Mena's hair, and yanking it wildly from side to side. Mena began slapping furiously at Piper's face, hoping to gain complete control. She appeared to be succeeding, and when she started bouncing up and down on top of her opponent she could feel Piper's grip loosening somewhat.

Mena, however, had made the mistake of letting down her guard, and she was not prepared for a sudden thrust from her rival. Unexpectedly, she wound up tossed to the side, lying next to Piper on the bed. Both women scrambled to their knees and tore into each other, still on the bed, each hoping to reassert control. Both women were now engaged unintentionally in another test of strength, their arms entangled and each trying to push the other down.

Piper had been getting the worst of the fight recently, and that made it difficult to duplicate her earlier success in these battles. She was slowly pushing Mena down, but was worried about her energy sapping. Thinking quickly Piper fell backward, letting Mena fall on top of her. But as she was falling she wrapped her legs around Mena's waist. Their hands were still entangled, but now Piper had Mena in a body scissor hold, hoping to wear her down.

Mena was relieved that Piper had given up on the test of strength, since she doubted how long she could hold on, but she didn't much enjoy being trapped in this scissors hold. Piper was exerting as much power as she could with her slender legs, and Mena was unable to break free. Grabbing Piper by the hair, she slammed her head up and down several times - but because it was hitting the soft mattress, it wasn't doing much good.

Pushing forward as much as she could, Mena decided to try a different tactic. Pushing her chest into Piper's face, she did her best to create a breast smother. She didn't know if she had enough in that department to make it work, even with the help of her bra, but maybe it would suffice to drain a bit of Piper's energy and get her to relax her legs.

"Mmmmmmmfffffffffff..," Piper gasped for air. Despite her small chest, Mena's smother was quite effective - Piper couldn't properly breathe. She tried to keep her scissors on, but she couldn't get enough strength gasping for air like this. She felt her grip starting to loosen. "Mmmmmmffffff..."

Sensing that Mena hadn't felt her grip slip yet, Piper acted fast. Releasing her scissors and moving her legs underneath Mena, she pushed up and threw Mena off of her. Piper rolled to the side, taking in all the air she could...Mena tumbled to the bed with a squeal, frustrated by her inability to seal the deal. It would have been nice to get this over with; having taken a nasty beating up until a few moments ago, she wasn't interested in pushing her luck.

Before long, the two women were back up on their knees again, and seemed set to lock up once more. But before they had a chance to do so, Mena threw a punch straight at Piper's head, hoping to catch her off guard. Unfortunately for her, it didn't work out that way. The punch did graze Piper, but Mena had thrown it quickly and without much behind it. In a flash, Piper unleashed a massive open-handed slap that knocked Mena backward. As she popped back up again, Piper landed another that knocked Mena flat onto her back.

Grabbing hold of the front of Mena's bra, Piper pulled her up slightly and then threw her off the bed and onto the floor. But the padded bra, which had a snap in the front and had already taken some abuse, popped open and wound up in her hand as Mena fell. Piper walked slowly over to where Mena laid sprawled on the floor.

"I'm gonna finish you off in style," she informed her, Piper unbuttoning her jeans and slowly sliding them off to reveal a pair of white panties. She stood over Mena, facing her feet, then positioned her own feet on each side of Mena's head and dropped down.

"Mmmmmphhhh..," Mena moaned from under Piper's smother. Her bare legs kicked frantically, her feet pounding into the carpeted floor, but for all her squirming she couldn't get loose.

There was only one thing left to do, and had Piper thought about it she might have realized it was coming. As Mena had done earlier, she sunk her teeth into her opponent's ass - only this time, because Piper was only wearing a skimpy pair of panties, it actually had some effect.

Piper yelped, and lifted up somewhat to try to pull free. As she did so, Mena quickly let go and scurried forward, on her back, relishing her breaths of air. Mena quickly pivoted around, so that she was facing her opponent, and from a seated position tried to kick her Piper in the stomach. Piper, though, managed to grab hold of Mena's bare foot, and a look of panic came over Mena's face as she tried desperately to pull her leg free, pushing back with her arms, but found she couldn't get away.

Piper was in pain from the bite Mena had treated her to, but she still had the advantage. Grabbing Mena's other foot as well, she started walking around the room, slowly and with considerable effort dragging her petite foe with her. After what seemed like an eternity to the screaming Mena, Piper finally stopped and pulled her in closer to herself. She let go of her feet, and grabbed her hair to pull up. When she did, she wrapped her arms around Mena and squeezed her in a bearhug.

"I wanna hear you say you give," she told her.

"No...way...you flat-chested bitch..," Mena grunted out.

Piper was squeezing for all her worth, and although she wasn't all that strong it was still having an impact on Mena. The shorter woman wrapped her own arms around Piper as she stood up on her tiptoes, the two face to face. With their arms wrapped around each other's midsections, they could feel their chests pressed together. Piper was still wearing her T-shirt, but Mena yanked it up from the back with one hand until her breasts were exposed.

Both women were a bit sensitive about their small chests, and this had been the subject for all sorts of insults thrown back and forth in their two fights. But now, their breasts were up against each other, and they both thrust into each other as hard as they could. Aside from wanting to win the fight, this little battle was also about pride. With their breasts mashed together, both women were in pain - but neither wanted to be the one to give in. They were both grunting and groaning loudly...squeezing and pressing...until finally, Piper's sensitive nipples could take no more and she had to relent. Letting out a loud groan, she let her arms drop to her sides and tossed her head back as tears came to her eyes.

"Ha!" Mena said, still squeezing. "I knew your tiny little titties couldn't take it!"

With Piper barely putting up any resistance, Mena wanted to finish her off. With maximum effort, she tried to lift her off her feet so she could throw her onto the bed. She succeeded, Piper's feet coming a couple of inches off the ground, but as Mena tried to take a step she found that she wasn't strong enough to pull it off. Unfortunately, it was too late - she'd already lost her balance, and when Piper managed to thrust herself forward they went crashing to the floor, Piper on top. Piper knew she was lucked to be on top. She managed to secure Mena's arms above her head after quite an effort.

"Let's see if your face can take my tiny little tittes," Piper spat, thrusting her chest downward into Mena's face and pushing all her weight down on the smother but just as in their last fight, Piper was unable to cover Mena's face with her breasts for long enough.

"You just don't learn, do you?" Mena taunted as she turned her head to the side. "You have to have TITS to breast smother!"

Enraged, Piper tried again and again to secure the hold. Furious, she began bouncing up and down, slamming her stomach down onto Mena's, yelling at her the whole time, "Just give up you little slut! You know you can't escape! I have you right where I want you!"

In spite of the beating she was taking, Mena laughed in Piper's face, "Frustrated, Piper? Whatever it is you want from me, you're not going to get it. You can't do shit to me, and we both know it!"

Piper stared at her, incredulous. What would it take to shut this little bitch up? Suddenly dismounting, she grabbed Mena's hair and dragged her to her feet, knowing she'd have to inflict even more damage to get a decisive victory...Holding Mena up by her hair, Piper lifted her knee and buried it into Mena's stomach.

"Maybe this’ll change your tune!" Piper taunted as Mena grunted and doubled over in pain.

Still holding Mena's head by her hair, Piper pulled it toward herself and tucked it in between her thighs. Locking her legs together by crossing her feet, she now had Mena in a standing head scissor hold. Mena shrieked as Piper's thighs press into the side of her head, her face turning red. She tried to wriggle free, but Piper wrapped her arms around her midsection preventing her from going anywhere. To add to the humiliation, Piper pulled back one of her arms and, leaning over her opponent, laid several smacks to Mena's ass, left mostly uncovered by her black thong panties.

Mena cried out with each slap, and attempted to bull forward to knock Piper over. She only managed to move her very slightly, but it was enough to encourage Piper to move this along. Without warning, the taller woman suddenly dropped straight down onto her butt, driving Mena face first into the soft carpet. As Mena lay facedown, obviously dazed, Piper knelt on her shoulders facing her feet and continued the spanking, hoping to humiliate her opponent into quitting. Mena's attempts to squirm free were completely futile, her feet kicking harmlessly in the air, but she still refused to concede to her hated rival.

Piper continued smacking Mena's ass over and over again.


With Piper sitting heavily on her upper body, Mena was free only to kick her feet. But Piper stopped that, too, grabbing them while they were in the air and pulling them towards her, arching her back viciously. Tears filled Mena's eyes as her body was contorted.

"Wha…why are you doing this?" she blurted. "You couldn't just deal with the fact that I beat you?"

Rather than answer with words, Piper began bouncing up and down on Mena's upper body, adding to her misery as she continued tugging on her feet. Finally, Mena could take no more.

"All right, you win" she sobbed. "Just get off me!"

After a few more bounces, Piper released Mena's feet, gave her another smack on the ass, and dismounted. Laughing to herself, she reached for her pants before heading for the door. Mena just lay flat on her stomach, disgusted with herself. Slowly, she got to her hands and knees. How had she let this happen? Then she realized...she couldn't just let Piper go like this - she'd never hear the end of it!

Suddenly jumping to her feet, Mena made a quick move toward her rival and gave her the hardest shove she could muster - which, after the beating she'd taken, wasn't that hard at all. With the shove coming from behind, the element of surprise worked in Mena's favor. Piper had thought Mena was beaten, and now she was taken totally off guard. She knew that she shouldn't have turned her back on Mena! Stumbling and slamming face first into the wall, she staggered back holding her head and dropping her jeans to the floor. Stepping behind Piper, Mena put her shoulder into her rival's back and knocked her into the wall again. Piper managed to stay standing, but Mena had her pinned.

"It ain't over just yet, bitch," Mena whispered into her ear, then drove her knee several times into Piper's ass.

Piper managed to place her hands flat on the wall and push out, knocking Mena back a step and giving her a chance to escape. She spun away and turned to face Mena as the two women circled each other once more, Piper in her T-shirt and panties and Mena only wearing her thong underwear. Piper may have forced a concession from Mena, but Mena had done likewise the last time around. As they lunged at each other, both tired women knew that this would be the decisive showdown.

Piper looked Mena up and down, waiting for her to make the first move, but it wasn't coming. It was becoming a waiting game, since both women knew one wrong move could spell doom. She didn't want to lunge at Mena for fear of a counterattack, so she held up her arms.

"All right," Mena said, lifting up her arms as well. "No cheap kicking shit or anything. Just woman to woman."

Piper nodded slightly, and the two women locked into each other. For a few moments, neither could gain an advantage. They pushed with all their mite, their slender arms straining against each other...two petite women who made up for a lack of physical strength with a ton of willpower. Maybe it was Piper's height that gave her leverage. Maybe, having taken less of a beating overall, she had more energy to call upon. But probably, when push came to shove, she was just a little bit stronger. But whatever it was, Mena could feel - much to her horror - that she was slowly being overpowered.

Biting her lip, the shorter women pushed with everything she had but she was being pushed further and further down, until finally, with tears of frustration in her eyes, she was brought to her knees and murmured, "No…NO!!!"

"YES!" Piper shouted in triumph, putting her foot to Mena's face and kicking her flat onto the floor.

Panicked, Mena's only thought was to escape further punishment. Putting some distance between herself and Piper, she flipped over onto her knees and tried crawling to the door.

"Oh no you don't!" Piper announced, leaning down to grab the string of Mena's thong from behind. "You had a chance to get outta this and you blew it!

Holding the actress by her underwear, Piper allowed Mena's squirming to dig the underwear painfully into her own crotch. Finally tiring of this, Piper knocked Mena flat on her belly with a kick to her nearly bare butt. Holding her down with one foot on her pale hemispheres, Piper placed her other foot on Mena's lower back and began bouncing up and down as her rival wailed and thrashed her legs in futile protest.

"STOP!!!" Mena begged. "I give up!"

"Hmmm..." Piper replied calmly. "Where have I heard that before? Don't think I'll be quite as gullible this time," she continued, briefly relieving the pressure on Mena's body by stepping off her.

Mena’s relief was short-lived, however, for barely a moment later Piper bent down, tugged her upper body up by her hair and reached under her shoulders. Slowly tugging the weakly squirming actress to her feet in a sort of full-nelson, Piper controlled Mena like a rag doll; ramming her forward into the wall before she slammed a series of knees into her butt and thighs. The helpless Mena moaned as Piper, still holding her under the arms, pulled her back away from the wall, leaned down and whispered in the slumping woman's ear.

"You think I'm done with you, little girl? After all we've been through? Trust me - I'm nowhere CLOSE to done with you!"

Mena had heard enough! Knowing she didn't a chance of fighting back and fearing what Piper had in store for her, the once-cocky actress swallowed whatever pride she had left and called out for help as loud as she could.

"HELP!" Mena screamed. "Somebody get this fucking bitch OFF me!!"

Knowing she had to shut Mena up, Piper dragged her to the bed and shoved her face down on it. With considerable effort, she managed to flip the struggling woman over, then straddled her chest facing Mena's thrashing feet. Just as she had earlier, Piper slid back and again straddled Mena's reddening face.

"Don't even think about biting me again!" she warned, slamming her fist down on Mena's belly to emphasize her warning. "This oughta shut you up!"

The truth was, Piper was enjoying herself! After the animosity between them, and her one-sided beating, she could think of nothing more exciting than having Mena nearly naked and at her mercy like this. As Mena continued to squirm, Piper began rubbing her panty-covered crotch over her face as she ran both hands over the little bumps of Mena's petite chest. Before long, Piper heard a loud knocking at the door.

"Go away!" she yelled.

"Security!" came the reply.

"Shit...they've come to rescue you from the fight YOU wanted, you pathetic little bitch," Piper hissed over Mena's muffled moans came from beneath her bottom.

Unwilling to let Mena off the hook, Piper thought quickly. Maintaining her perch on Mena's face, she snaked her hand down and, just moments before the door opened, shoved her hand into Mena’s surprisingly moist panties. Stepping into the room, the security guard could hardly believe his eyes. On the bed was young woman in a skimpy T-shirt and panties (pushed slightly aside), riding the face of another petite woman, clad only in panties, whom she was working over herself. The one on the bottom was moaning and grunting, her legs kicking in the air, but it still didn't look much like your typical hotel scuffle.

"Do you mind?" Piper said, feigning annoyance. "My friend and I would like some privacy here!"

Seeing the guard had his doubts, particularly with Mena still squirming, Piper decided to make his mind up for him as she sighed, "OK! Look, you can stay and watch...but don't disturb us. Alright?"

With the guard nodding dumbly, Piper continued to grind her pussy on Mena’s face with ever-increasing enthusiasm. Sliding Mena's panties down a bit further, Piper continued to finger her victim, while tugging at Mena’s bare, erect, nipple with her other hand.

"Doesn't she just have the cutest little tits?" Piper asked the awestruck guard, knowing it would only further humiliate Mena.

Piper had expected Mena would be giving out by now, but much to her surprise the beaten woman began grinding her hips in a way that clearly signaled at least a part of her was enjoying her humiliation - and possibly Piper’s skillful digital manipulation as well! Piper intensified her rubbing as Mena's legs waggled slowly; her feet in the air. Piper kept it up until she could feel her own body tightening and then, almost in unison, the two nubile young bodies bucked as they exploded in mutual shuddering climaxes.

As Piper paused to catch her breath, Mena Suvari lay motionless beneath the ass of the woman she'd once dominated. Rising slowly, Piper coolly picked up her jeans and wiggled her ass as she pulled them up.

"You should come with me," she told the leering security guard. "She likes to be left alone after she gets her ass kicked. But hey...feel free to tell anyone you like about this."

"Waiiiit...," Mena moaned.

Even more humiliating than her defeat was the prospect the whole episode would become public. Mena rolled off the bed and stumbled and staggered toward the door as Piper and the security guard opened it to leave. Turning around abruptly, Piper grabbed the weakened Mena by the shoulders, spun her around, and flung her face down on the floor.

"Don't worry, Mena, dear," Piper laughed over her shoulder as she hooked her arm in the security guards and led him away. "I'm always ready for round three, if and when you are!"