Rosie Perez vs. Tina & Jessica Simpson By Blizzard

The rental sedan screeched to a halt in front of the New York City brownstone as the bright morning sun shone down on the street. Tina Simpson looked over at her sullen daughter, then reached out and touched her knee in a matronly manner. Jessica was visibly shaken, bordering on distraught.

"Are you sure this is the house, honey?" Jessica’s dark-haired Mom asked.

"Positive!" answered the blonde with a quaking voice. "I’ll never forget it as long as I live!"

"You stay in this car, Jess," said her Mom firmly. "I’ll be back real soon."

The busty little blonde grabbed her mother’s leg as Tina opened the car door, "No Mom, she’s a psycho! Please don’t do this!" she pleaded.

"Don’t worry, baby, this’ll only take a minute. I’ll be fine. Lock the doors," said Tina, then she closed the door and headed up the steps to the building as Jessica began to sob when her determined mother rang the doorbell.

Before the Simpson’s arrival, Rosie Perez had been busy packing her bags for a flight home later that day. The dark-haired vixen had spent the past week at her longtime girlfriend’s home, whooping it up with her childhood friends in a welcome break from her professional life. The sultry brunette had anticipated wild times in the city, but what occurred last Thursday night far exceeded her expectations.

Rosie had left a troubled past behind when she got out of Brooklyn years ago and forged her way to stardom. But, back with the girls, it only seemed fitting to throw caution to the wind for a night or two. She’d dropped in to see an old friend at his Brooklyn liquor store, sent by her girls for tequila. All hell had broken loose and when the night was over, young, innocent, Jessica Simpson had lost her innocence after a run in with Rosie.

The brunette had peered out the window when she heard the screeching tires in the street. She immediately recognized Jessica, sitting in the passenger side of the car. When Jessica’s dark-haired Mom stepped from the car and headed for her door, Rosie knew exactly what she was there for. The mean streak Rosie had unleashed on the little blonde days before had been gathered in and put away as a pleasant memory when her vacation neared it’s end. Now, seeing the determined brunette heading her, it had reared it’s ugly head once again.

"Like moth to a flame," Rosie muttered as Tina rang the doorbell insistently.

On her way to the door, Rosie picked up a remote control unit from an end table and pressed the record button for the concealed video camera her girlfriend often used to make her own ‘home movies.’ She opened the door and Tina Simpson glared angrily at her.

"We have a few things to discuss," Tina snapped abruptly. "You know who I am?"

Rosie stepped aside and allowed Tina in with a wave of her hand, closing the door behind her. Rosie’s heart raced as her disposition slowly transformed into the one she’d tried to lose from her ‘wild child’ days.

Tina unleashed her anger without formalities, "Jessica had to cancel the video shoot," she snarled. "She won’t tell me all of what happened, but based on her appearance, I’ve a pretty good idea! She’s traumatized! I demand that you pay for the shoot and tell me everything that transpired!"

Rosie looked at Tina with overly dramatic astonishment and replied innocently, "Lady, I have no idea what you’re talking about!"

Tina wasn’t buying it, sneering, "Oh, I know who you are, and what you are. I’m fully aware you’re capable of paying for this fiasco!"

Rosie’s eyes narrowed a bit as she replied "I’m capable of a lot of things, Momma. Some of them, you don’t want to know about, especially first hand"

"I demand an explanation and a check for expenses incurred!" stated Tina angrily, ignoring Rosie’s threatening tone.

"I demand you leave this house now, before I call the police," retorted Rosie.

Tina’s face was crimson with ire. She’d never been so angry before and had no intention of trying to contain it. She reached out and grabbed the little brunette’s blouse as Rosie screeched in surprise.

"What did you do to my Jessica?" Tina growled, her face inches from Rosie’s.

"Nothing!" shrieked the wide-eyed brunette, trembling in Tina’s grip.

Tina lost control of her rage, slapping the Puerto Rican hard across her face. Rosie cried out, her head snapping to the side. Tina twisted her hands in the thick ebony mane of her rival and began yanking, threatening to tear it out by the roots. Rosie squealed out and dramatically flapped her arms in the air as her hair was pulled.

"I’ll get the truth if I have to beat it out of you!" hissed Tina as she unleashed several more slaps and backhands to the seemingly defenseless brunette, staggering Rosie.

"No! Please stop, you crazy woman!" wailed Rosie pathetically.

Tina was beyond restraint - years of pent-up frustrations pouring out. Frustrations the Christian woman had always suppressed due to her stringent morals and deep faith. However, this situation warranted retaliation. This woman had traumatized her daughter and she couldn’t turn the other cheek.

"I’ll get to the bottom of this!" Tina snarled as she roughly shoved the whimpering Rosie to the floor.

"Please, stop, you’re hurting me!" pleaded Rosie as she curled into a fetal position and covered her head.

Tina was surprised the brunette was such a lame pushover. Delighted, but surprised nonetheless. She grabbed Rosie by the hair and slowly hauled her to her feet, then clutched the front of the brunette’s blouse.

"You tell me what happened.....Now!!!" she demanded.

Rosie’s face was tipped downward, sheepishly avoiding eye contact. Then, suddenly, she slowly raised her chin off her chest and stared at Tina, her face covered by a wicked smirk.

"I think that’s probably enough - I can cut it right there," said Rosie.

Tina was caught completely off-guard by the brunette’s sudden mood swing, "What….what are you talking about?! Enough what?!"

Rosie’s dark eyes glistened as they gazed into Tina’s and she said slowly, "There’s a video camera hidden in this room my girlfriend uses when she has date. She’s such a nasty girl.......I adore her! What I’m telling you, Mommy, is I now have you on tape, assaulting me."

Tina looked at Rosie in stunned silence as her grip on Rosie’s blouse slowly eased.

"Would you like to visit one of our fine law enforcement precinct holding cells to cap off your visit to our beautiful city?" asked Rosie smugly.

Tina’s face was ashen as she looked around nervously and stammered, "But....I....."

Then she groaned as Rosie drove her fist into her soft belly. Tina folded at the waist, gurgling for breath as Rosie grabbed her hair and twisted the woman’s head to the side. The devilish brunette pumped her knee into the side of Tina’s face with a resounding thud. Tina squawked as she toppled backward, bounced off the hard floor and finally came to rest on her back in a daze.

"I couldn’t have scripted this one any better," laughed Rosie. "You’re as dumb as your Barbie doll daughter!"

Tina’s face was numb and hurting, her head veiled in a disoriented fog. She knew she had to retaliate! As Rosie stepped toward her, Tina braced herself and lashed out at the small brunette with her feet. Rosie easily caught the woman’s flailing feet, one at a time, and stood up, holding the squirming Tina with her captured legs spread wide apart. The nasty brunette stomped her thick heeled clog down savagely - squarely into her rival’s crotch, eliciting a blood curdling shriek from Tina. Another pussy stomp left the delirious woman in inconsolable agony; her body jerking and shuddering upon the floor as Rosie continued to hold her feet high and wide.

"To finally answer your question, bitch," Rosie giggled. "Me and your little muffin swapped a little spit......and some other tasty fluids too. I bet you don’t know your little slut’s a real wolf in sheep’s clothing!"

Tina burst into a sobbing fit as her body continued to reel in pain. Rosie’s words cut her like a knife. Rosie dropped the crestfallen woman’s legs to the floor and quickly reverse straddled her; planting her tight, full, firm ass on Tina’s chest. She sat on her unresisting rival and unleashed a punishing barrage of punches to Tina’s belly, overwhelming her. The pinned brunette gasped and groaned as her belly was battered and tormented; her legs flopped and flapped erratically up and down in response to each blow. Rosie continued to drive her fist into the woman’s wide open tummy until Tina could withstand no more. Her body went limp, her legs coming to rest spread-eagled on the floor, no longer responding to Rosie’s torment. Unable to draw a breath, Tina gratefully passed out.

Rosie remained astride her, breathing heavily from her exertion. She pressed on Tina’s belly and received no response, then sat back and took some deep breaths to regain her composure. She calmly unhooked Tina’s dark slacks and slid the zipper down, loosening them from the woman’s wide hips and exposing the top of white satin Victoria’s Secret bikini panties. Rosie moved back, settling her ass on Tina’s face as she unbuttoned the front and cuffs of the unconscious brunette’s blouse. Tina’s street clothes came easily off her limp, slack body easily, leaving her in just bra and panties in a precarious position - flat on her back on the floor at Rosie’s feet.

"Oooh Momma, let’s get down to business!" gushed Rosie as she eyed her prey and licked her lips.

Rosie kicked Tina over onto her stomach, bend down and unhooked the flaccid woman’s brassiere. The wildcat stood astride Tina’s hips and lifted the unresponsive woman’s torso off the floor using a hair hold. She worked the woman’s bra free and, using her free hand, leaned forward to peek at Tina’s exposed breasts.

"Bet you wish you had your daughter’s tits, don’cha Momma?!" she teased.

Tina began to stir, softly moaning as her eyelids fluttered and lazily opened. She was still groggy, but aware enough to realize her hair felt like it was being ripped out of her scalp as Rosie continued to hold her off the floor. She grimaced as her senses returned and she strained to look down at the floor several feet below her face.

While Rosie was stripping her mother, outside in the car Jessica’s nerves had finally gotten to her. Something was wrong - her Mom had been in the house too long! She took a deep breath as her heart rate jumped and stepped from the car. When she reached the door, she quietly tried the knob. Finding it unlocked, she slowly eased the door open.

"Mom? Where are you?" she called out as she entered the home.

Rosie craned her neck around, still holding her half-naked foe off the floor by her hair.

"Mom!!!" shrieked the young blonde in horror as she focused on the pair.

"Jess.....No!!! Get out of here!!!" screamed Tina who, her back to her daughter, hadn’t seen her come in.

Rosie reacted in swiftly, smashing a punch into the side of the brunette’s jaw and releasing her hold. Tina let out a short grunt before she collapsed face down on the floor, out cold. Rosie spun around to face the frightened blondel.

"What have you done to my mother you sick bitch?!!!" Jessica screeched.

Rosie tsk-tsked as she kicked off her shoes, "Such language from a little girlie-girl role model. For shame!"

Jessica was trembling with a mixture of fear and anger.

"Your Momma attacked me - I was forced to defend myself." said Rosie facetiously.

Jessica sobbed, then started to help her mother but Rosie stepped between them and shoved Jessica firmly.

"Uh-uh, not so fast, cupcake," snapped Rosie. "This’s your chance for redemption. Now you have an inspired reason to fight. So come on, save your Mommy."

The infuriated blonde screamed as she rushed at Rosie, intent on destroying this brutal woman. Rosie timed her approach, shifted her weight to her back foot, then flashed her front leg up, catching Jessica with the snap kick squarely between her boobs. The groaning girl staggered back on rubbery legs, wheezing for air as Rosie lunged at her with precise fury.

Rosie clotheslined Jessica with an arm across her fleshy chest that flipped her over. Her body hung horizontal in mid-air briefly before she crashed to the floor flat on her back knocking the breath out of her. The overwhelmed blonde was defenseless when Rosie hauled her to her feet, then sent her crashing back to the floor with a mighty backhanded slap. Jessica was a dazed, sobbing mess when her nasty foe yanked her back up on unstable legs.

Rosie stood behind Jessica and locked her arms around the girl, her fists pressed hard in Jessica’s abdomen as she leaned close to the blonde’s ear with her full red lips and hissed, "Your Momma said she’d get to the bottom of this.......Have you told Momma ‘bout my bottom yet? Told her how you kissed and licked my big round bottom the other night, cupcake?"

Jessica gasped for air and mascara-tinted tears streamed down her cheeks as she blubbered, "You should be locked up, you freak!!!"

Rosie cackled as she grabbed the girl by the back of her long, flowing mane with one hand and the waist of Jessica’s pants with the other hand, then rammed her knee into the back of Jessica’s thigh. The poor blonde howled in anguish as spasming bolts of pain shot through her charlie-horsed leg. Jessica collapsed to the floor in a fetal curl with both hands clutching her numb, tormented hamstring. Rosie stood over the sobbing girl and pressed her bare foot down on the side of Jessica’s cheek, pinning her face to the floor.

"Long as they use handcuffs, I’d like that," Rosie chuckled with a sadistic grin. "Now, I can either cut those cute little low-rider jeans off or you can peel them off yourself and save ‘em for later. It’s your choice, girlie girl - either way, they’re coming off."

Jessica’s body trembled as her sobbing intensified and she began to beg the brunette wildcat for mercy.

"You know I own you, bitch," said Rosie icily. "I made that crystal clear the other night......right over there on that sofa. Don’t you remember that, little girl?!"

"Leave my Mom alone!" wailed the blonde. "I don’t care what you do to me, but leave her out of it!"

Rosie ground the ball of her foot on her victim’s cheek and hissed, "Get naked, you whiny little ass!"

Jessica sadly glanced over at her unmoving mother, then with a resigned sigh she slipped off her sandals. Jessica whimpered as she lay on her back and raised her hips, struggling out of her tight jeans. She sat up and pulled her T-shirt off over head, then looked up shamefully at Rosie as she sat on the floor in a black cotton thong and matching bra. Rosie licked her lips as she silently pointed at the girl’s lingerie, then snapped her finger’s impatiently. Jessica sniffled and removed her bra and lifted her hips as she slid her thong off her tanned legs.

"Gimme that pretty little thong," ordered Rosie gruffly.

Jessica whimpered and flung it at the brunette, who caught it and held it to her nose as she inhaled deeply, then moaned as she released a breath.

"As sweet as honey," marveled Rosie with her eyes closed. "Sweet nectar from a virgin’s pussy!"

Jessica spied the opening and she pounced! Snapping out her leg, Jessica’s bare foot struck Rosie flush on the knee, crumpling the shocked brunette to the floor. Rosie cried out as she attempted to face the blonde’s charge, but Jessica scrambled to her on her knees and knocked her flat with a glancing punch to the chin.

"I’m going to kill you!!!" Jessica screamed as she dove at the flattened brunette.

Rosie instinctively lifted her knees and caught the young girl coming in, clamping her thighs around Jessica’s neck as she cinched the scissors hold tight, surprising the rejuvenated blonde. Jessica’s face was securely trapped in Rosie’s thighs, her face inches from the crotch of the brunette’s panties. Rosie viciously yanked on the blonde’s hair as she flexed her thighs, exerting crushing pressure on Jessica’s neck. The blonde’s protest’s were muffled as she feebly clawed at Rosie’s thighs in vain. Rosie grunted and squeezed as hard as she could, her back pressing on the floor for added leverage.

Jessica’s garbled cries began to falter as her hands slapped weakly at Rosie’s taut thighs. Rosie felt a tremble in the young woman’s body as the restricted blood flow to her brain threatened to snatch away her consciousness. She rotated her hips, turning the blonde onto her side as she continued to torment her with the scissors hold. Jessica was gurgling as her legs quivered and slowly swept back and forth on the floor. Rosie reached for the girl’s crotch and plucked at the close-shaved hair.

"You shaved since your last visit, cupcake!" Rosie chided her. "I wanted to tug on that little muff of yours, but it’s mowed closer than a golf green! Must be those low rise jeans - can’t have any fur peeking out, huh?!"

Jessica weakly attempted to shield her snatch with a hand; her moans becoming less audible as she slipped toward darkness. Her hands eventually dropped lifeless to the floor and Rosie smiled as she reached out to pinch the girl’s big puffy nipples. The brunette milked her semi-conscious foe’s nipples with cruel yanks and twists, receiving only a few soft moans in reaction.

"You know, you really SUCK at this!" teased Rosie as Jessica drifted in and out, semi-conscious, her tits still receiving punishment from her foe. "You wouldn’t have lasted a day in the ‘hood!"

She finally released the demolished blonde and picked up the girl’s discarded bra. Tina was lightly moaning, regaining consciousness in her position face down on the floor nearby. Rosie quickly used Jessica’s bra to hog tie the blonde’s wrists and ankles as she lay passed out and prone. She pinched the unknowing girl’s fleshy bare fanny and then proceeded over to Jessica’s awakening mother. Tina mumbled a protest as her wrists were also lashed behind her back with her own bra. As she flopped her head to the side, her eyes came to rest on the body of her naked, trussed up, daughter.

"Oh my God! No! What have you done?" Tina whined. "Jessica!........This can’t be happening......."

Rosie stepped into Tina’s field of view and slowly stripped naked as she purred, "It’s only gonna get even better, Momma. NOW we’re gonna git to the bottom of this!"

Tina groaned and struggled against her binds as Rosie dragged her across the floor by her hair. The dark-haired vixen sat on the floor, her bushy ebony muff just inches from Tina’s head as she held Tina with her chin on the floor, forcing her to look revolted directly at the pink, odorous gash before her.

"I think now’s an appropriate time to tell you that the other night your daughter was here getting very.......carnal with me and my girlfriends. And if you see the videotape I have of it, it’s very obvious little blonde pop star Jessica Simpson has her head between my legs very, very willingly."

Tina erupted in sobs as she turned her head away, her body quaking.

"What do you think the TV tabloids would do with that tape?!" asked Rosie.

Tears streamed down Tina’s face; she begged, "Please!! I beg you…..give me that tape! My daughter’s life and career will be destroyed! I’m BEGGING!!"

Rosie stroked the brunette’s hair briefly as Tina continued to sob. Rose grinned maliciously, then snatched a handful of hair and jerked Tina’s head, forcing her to look at her.

"IF you be good to me Momma - and I emphasize ‘good’ - you can leave here with that tape. I’ll never tell," promised Rosie. "But, you have to be, ‘oh so gooooood’, comprende?"

Tina squeezed her eyes shut tight as her sobbing intensified. What this nasty brunette was proposing was nearly beyond her comprehension, but her daughter’s career, perhaps her very soul was in the balance. Jessica had worked so hard to become a legitimate star in the music world that Tina had to do everything in her power to protect her daughter’s reputation. The experience would scar them both deeply, but if that tape ever went public…Tina didn’t even want to consider the consequences.

"Forgive me…" Tina whined in a detached tone. "You’re an evil woman," she said as she glared at Rosie who grinned as she recognized the submission in Tina’s face. "I’ll do whatever you want......"

Rosie held Tina’s hair, leaned back laying on the floor, planted her feet and her spread her legs as she pulled Tina’s red face to her hot slit and wedged Tina’s nose tight. "You be a good ol’ gal and get busy," Rosie said firmly.

The wrist-bound brunette sniffled as she inhaled the heavy musk wafting from Rosie’s furry pussy, then gingerly flicked out her tongue, brushing the folds of her conqueror’s labia and whimpering in response. As the brunette carefully delved into Rosie’s snatch, lapping it intently, Jessica began to moan from her position across from Tina and Rosie on the floor.

The blonde slowly roused, looking around in confusion, her arms and legs feebly flexing against the tightly knotted bra strap that lashed them together. Her eyes bugged out when they settled on her mother, her face buried in Rosie’s pussy and Rosie’s hips were rhythmically rocking as Tina’s tongue parted the folds of her cunt and slathered up and down her hot slit.

"Oooooh, hot Momma! You been holding out on me, you little slut! You’ve tasted women before, haven’t you?!" moaned Rosie in bliss.

"Mom......Stop!!!" cried Jessica as she watched in horror. "Don’t!!!"

Tina teased her superior foe’s clit with a swab of her tongue, causing Rosie to shiver as she mumbled, "I hafta, baby. . . she hath a tap that kahn ruin ah careerth!"

Rosie began to hump her snatch on Tina’s tongue as the older woman went at her cunt with a grimly determined passion. Rosie was breathing heavily, encouraging the brunette working between her legs as her body ignited from the stimulation Tina was providing.

Rosie arched her back and raised her hips slightly as she snarled, "Lick my ass now, you hot bitch!"

Tina worked like a tonguing machine, detached from reality as she grudgingly serviced the dark-haired woman’s perverse lesbian craving. Tina had entered a world without consequence and she followed Rosie’s orders without so much as a thought of doing otherwise. Her tongue teased the brunette’s bitter, puckered hole with her nose buried between Rosie’s sopping wet, slippery, pussy lips. Rosie quivered with delight as the older woman’s surprisingly expert ministration of her clit escalated the ecstatic rush building within her.

"I beg you.....Please!!!" wailed Jessica as she witnessed her mother doing the unspeakable. "I’ll pay you anything, any amount, just - please - stop this!!"

Tina moved her tongue back up to Rosie’s slit; the words ‘be good to me’ ringing in her ears as she probed and teased the writhing brunette’s love canal with her curled tongue.

Rosie gasped and struggled to answer the blonde, "For the....last ...mmmmm....time,…. I don’t nee-ooohhhhh-eed your!"

She pumped her hips powerfully while Tina’s head bobbed up and down keeping tempo, and contact with Rosie’s hard clitoris. The hometown woman screamed as she grabbed her slave’s hair and held her firmly as she rocketed into ecstasy, coming with a shriek and a gush of fluid. Tina’s chin dropped to floor, her face covered with Rosie’s warm come. She lay still and whimpered in shame as the bubble of her detached world burst and she tumbled back to reality. Jessica sobbed uncontrollably and turned away, unable to look at her mother, devastated by the awful events.

Rosie lay with her knees in the air for several more moments, her body awash in post-orgasmic bliss. Once her clit had calmed down, she grabbed Tina’s hair and lifted her head off the floor. She gave her an intoxicated look as she raised her head and peered between her breasts.

"That was very, very good, Momma," Rosie sighed. “I’m sure you’d do better with some practice, but still very good nonetheless.”

Her dark eyes took on a frightful demeanor as she suddenly clamped her thighs tight around Tina’s head, hooking her ankles and squeezing powerfully. Tina’s struggles were futile. With her face firmly smothered in the brunette’s sopping pussy and her head was held in the viselike grip, Tina’s feet thumped the floor as her body rapidly weakened, unable to breathe in her precarious position. Soon enough, her legs fell still, her muffled plea’s trailing off into silence as Rosie smothered her into unconsciousness.

Finally, Rosie smiled at the traumatized blonde across the floor as she released her hold and let Tina’s head drop to floor with a soft thud. The nasty brunette got to her feet and effortlessly slid Tina’s panties off. Watching all this, Jessica was borderline hysterical.

"My God............Nick, where are you?!" she bawled, referring to her boyfriend of the band ‘98 degrees.’

"If your Boy Band boyfriend was here, I’d already have him hangin’ from the ceiling by his balls, hon," laughed Rosie wickedly. "I should kick your stuck-up ass all over the room, but I have something better in mind for ya, my little blonde cupcake."

She walked over and grabbed two handfuls of Jessica’s long blonde hair. The hog-tied girl screamed as Rosie dragged her across the carpet to her mother, her tender nipples agonized by the friction. Rosie kicked Tina’s legs open wide, then pulled the young blonde between them. She dropped the poor girl’s face on her mother’s bare, sweaty ass and held the struggling girl’s face in place with a firm handful of her golden mane.

"C’mon teeny-bop, give your Mommy a smooch," ordered the despicable brunette.

Jessica convulsed with sobs but refused to comply, so Rosie reached back and clawed her exposed cunt. The blonde yelped and quickly conceded, planting a kiss on her mother’s lily white ass cheek.

"Are you happy now, you perverted sick lesbo?!!!" Jessica screamed between sobs.

Rosie straddled her head and settled her ass onto it, squashing Jessica’s face into the crack of her mother’s butt. The pinned girl writhed helplessly as Rosie bore her full weight down on her, crushing her mouth and nose against Tina’s ass and cutting off her breathing.

"I’ve heard about all the sniveling I can stand from you, girlie girl. Nightie night," said Rosie as she smothered Jessica against Tina’s ass.

The brunette viciously raked her nails up and down Jessica’s back as the defenseless girl garbled a scream from her pinned face. Soon the overwhelmed blonde’s body went slack and she passed out. Rosie calmly untied Jessica’s wrists and ankles and they flopped lifelessly to the floor. She got up, went to the camouflaged camera, stopped the recording and ejecting the cassette. She replaced it with a blank one, then lit a cigarette and sat relaxing in a chair as she studied the devastated mother-daughter team.

As Rosie neared the end of her cigarette break, Tina began to stir, moving around a bit, moaning and groaning. The battered brunette craned her neck and looked around to see the cause of the dead weight settled on her butt. She noticed her daughter’s arm stretched out on the floor and gasped forlornly.

"Good Lord, what have you done to her?" Tina moaned, showing surprisingly little emotion.

"Beats me......I sat down for just a minute and next thing I knew, your little baby doll was snoozing!" answered Rosie with mock innocence.

"Please get her off and untie me," Tina asked Rosie with a tired sigh. The woman was numb of emotion at this point, the devastation she and her daughter had been subjected to had just been too much to deal with. The horror of this day would remain with her for a long, long time.

Rosie snuffed out her spent cigarette in an ashtray and went over to her victims. She used her foot under Jessica’s shoulder to gently roll her off Tina, leaving her stretched out face up on the floor beside her mom. Then she untied Tina’s wrists and left the brunette laying on the floor shaking out her sore limbs. Tina gradually rose to her knees and leaned over her unconscious daughter, soothingly caressing her face and calling her name until her eyes droopily opened.

"C’mon honey, let’s get dressed," said Tina softly. "I’m sorry I brought you back here sweetheart."

The Simpson’s gathered their scattered clothing from the floor and sheepishly dressed while their nemesis reclined in a chair and watched them closely.

"You’ve had your fun," said Tina, glancing at Rosie. "I regret ever stepping inside this house. Your evil brutality will scar my little girl for life. I don’t know how you can live with yourself."

"Your daughter treated me like a piece of garbage the other night in the liquor store," said Rosie. "She’s been taught the meaning of consequences - let’s call it her first lesson in the school of hard knocks."

"Liquor store?!!!" gasped Tina incredulously, then looked at Jessica who shamefully looked away. "Jessica?!!!"

"Tell her the truth, cupcake," urged Rosie.

"I’m sorry Mom!" blubbered the blonde. "I don’t know what came over me!"

"I believe it was me came over you, princess!" said Rosie with a sly grin.

"We’ll discuss this later," said Tina with a heavy sigh. Then she looked at Rosie and reminded her, "I need that videotape - you promised."

"Of course, a deal is a deal." said Rosie who walked over to the video camera and ejected the blank tape she’d just placed in it and tossed it to Tina.

"C’mon baby, let’s go," Tina told her sobbing daughter. "No one will ever know about this?" she asked Rosie.

"My lips are sealed," answered the brunette, then she slowly ran her tongue lasciviously around her full red lips and winked seductively at Tina who blushed deep scarlet.

As Tina and Jessica shuffled for the door, Rosie called out, "Now you girl’s have a nice trip home!" The door closed and Rosie flopped into the recliner. She tweaked her erect nipples and shuddered.

"I’ve sunk to a new low," she said, breaking into a fit of laughter as she fondled the valuable video tape and rolled her eyes as she thought of the fun she was going to have with it in the up-coming weeks.