Pets vs. Playmates: The Rumble by Southgate 2/6/2001
After a much publicized photo shoot, four playmates sit at water's edge, in various states of undress, catching the late afternoon sun and talking about nothing in particular. Stacy Sanches has a bikini on while Traci Adell sits bare-butt on the beach. She has slipped on a white and now wet tee-shirt that can barely contain her boobs. Anna Nicole Smith and Victoria Silvstedt are sitting together, naked, on the sand.

Their reverie is interrupted as, walking up the beach, four rivals from Penthouse approach. Wearing matching shorts and sports bras, the women, Amy Lynn Baxter, Sandy Korn Taylor, Julie Strain and Janine Lindemulder approach quietly.

There has long been bad blood between these camps. The Penthouse women resent the 'second class' status often projected on them. They have conspired to set things straight with their bunny rivals, and intend to do so today. The playmates rise to face the intruders.

The Pets have planned their attack. Strain demands first shot at Smith. They've tangled before. Smith has slimmed down. She back in shape, still mean as a snake. Strain enjoyed reading about Smith's fat fall from grace in the tabloids, but this year has turned around and Smith walks away with a pot of gold. This really frosts Strain, the hard-working, nearly forty-year-old lean fighting machine. Janine Lindemulder, at 5'8" the shortest woman in the group, quickly positions herself in Stacy's face. She plans on getting into Stacy's pants. While Amy Lynn had preferred another crack at Anna Nicole, she agrees to take on Anna's new girlfriend, Victoria Silvstedt. At 24, Silvstedt is considerably younger than Baxter. She looks fit enough, but who know if she can fight. Secretly, Amy hopes that Smith will kick the shit out of Strain, as there is no love between these two women.

Anyway, Baxter shrugs, shakes out her shoulders and arms. No big deal, she thinks, eyeing Victoria. Sandy Taylor, who along with Amy Lynn is probably one of the two strongest women on the beach, is assigned to stop the big brunette, Traci Adell. Sandy swallows her gum, cracks her knuckles and nods-who she fights doesn't matter much to Sandy, she just likes to fight.

Exchanging insulting and obnoxious remarks, tempers flare immediately. The Penthouse women face off against their assigned adversaries. Jostling erupts into an all out fight.

Strain sticks a long finger deep into Anna Nicole's left boob, Anna Nicole shoves Julie backwards and the fight is on. Smith charges her hated rival. Julie stops the on-coming blonde in her tracks with a spinning head kick that slams into Anna's cheek. The impact turns the blonde half way around, but she remains on her feet. Strain moves in immediately behind the big blonde, wraps her left arm around Anna's throat and slams her right fist repeatedly into Smith's lower back. Julie is pumped up and ready for mayhem.

"You're going down today, Smith, I'm gonna bury you!" Strain shouts.

Switching to a headlock, Strain bulldogs Smith face-first into the sand. Julie quickly straddles Smith's back, grabs two hands full blonde hair and thumps her head repeatedly into the hard sand. Julie scoops a handful of sand and grinds it into Anna's kicked cheek, laughing as the blonde screams. While the fingernails of her left hand claw into the back of Smith's neck, Strain jabs her right fist repeatedly into Anna Nicole's head. Smith's nose is bloodied as Strain works her over. Having straddled this blonde before, Strain can't help but notice that this is a considerably slimmed down Smith. Jealously, Strain rolls the dazed Anna to her back, straddles her waist and proceeds to pummel Anna's tits.

"I'll bet your ugly old boobs were repossessed cause you couldn't keep up on the payments," taunts Julie. "When I'm done beating on your tits, you'll be as flat as Sanches."

Strain's big fists crash down again and again, mashing Anna's tits. Calculating that Smith's weight loss has weakened her, Strain thinks that she is ready to finish off her rival. She stops for a moment, pulls off her jog bra to unleash her own perfect tits. Trapping Anna's arms in a school-girl press, Julie taunts her foe, leaning forward and bouncing her big tits in Smith's face, pressing them down to smother the blonde.

But Anna's relentless hours working out in the gym will pay off. While Julie clowns, the blonde clears her head. Mustering her strength, her well-toned arms begin to over-power the big brunette. Smith rolls her foe over. Now on their sides, the women struggle in the sand, locked in a hand-to-hand test of strength. Smith doggedly wears Strain down and takes control. Julie has the terrible realization that the all-new Anna Nicole may have dropped a whole bunch of pounds but she's gained a whole lot of muscle.

As they struggle, Smith wraps her fat-free, very solid thighs around Julie's chest, just below her boobs and clamps her legs shut-it is a vice grip. Strain screams out, in big trouble. Anna, in complete control of the brunette's arms, now crushes Julie's ribs between her formidable thighs. Strain howls.

"I'm going to snap you in two," Smith hisses.

Anna squeezes her legs sadistically, violently shaking Julie's lanky body. Strain tries to call out for help, but she can't draw a breath. Anna works on her adversary for nearly two minutes. Julie, barely able to draw a breath, finds herself completely trapped and thoroughly overwhelmed by a much stronger adversary. Strain's ribs are ready to fracture as the blonde keeps tightening the vice.

Victoria Silvstedt tries to stay close to Anna as the fight starts. Silvstedt has had her share of catfights; Amy Lynn looks strong, but does not intimidate her. Baxter takes her time, twice slapping the young blonde's face, gradually shoving Victoria backwards, while she looks for her opening. Silvstedt, backed to the water's edge, continues to give ground. Amy stings her cheek with another vicious slap. Lulled by the Playmate's apparent lack of aggression, Amy Lynn grabs a handful of Victoria's hair, slowly twisting her hand into it. She smiles as the younger blonde yelps, tugging on the captured locks.

But just then, Vicky's right hand lashes out and rakes Baxter across the face. Blinded, Amy Lynn tries to pull away. She doesn't see Silvstedt draw back her right arm, but she does feel a hammer explode on her chest as the Playmate's elbow smash sends her sprawling on her back. Silvstedt stomps Baxter's belly, kicks her in the side as Amy Lynn tries to roll away. Baxter is on her knees. Silvstedt kicks her hard in the belly, sending her sprawling once more. Silvstedt launches her self and splash lands on top of Amy Lynn. Vicky raises her head, looking around for Anna Nicole.

Forty feet away, Smith has Strain trapped in a scissors. Silvstedt stands, hair-hauls Amy Lynn to her feet. Baxter tries to pull away. The Swede bangs a knee into Baxter's belly, hacks a rabbit punch across the back of her neck. Baxter drops to her knees, shaking her head and cursing at herself for being a sucker.

Silvstedt takes two hands full of Amy's hair and hauls her to her feet. As she is dragged up, Baxter drives her left fist into Vicki's gut. Silvstedt grunts, drops her hands but holds her ground. Baxter, standing right in front of her foe, pounds her in the belly again. Silvstedt lashes out with both hands, raking Amy's eyes. Victoria drives her fist into Amy's taut gut and quickly rakes her eyes again. Baxter tries to shake off the punch and clear her vision.

On reflex, both of her hands reach out as she tries to grab onto Victoria, clutching at her arms. Vicky jerks her arms free and thunders an uppercut into Amy Lynn's unprotected chin. Baxter teeters. The big playmate unloads another huge punch that slams through Amy's stomach muscles. Baxter ends up sitting on her ass. Vicky drags Baxter to her feet by her hair and drives her knee up into Amy's gut. The young Swede twists Amy Lynn around, wraps her left arm over her head. Holding Amy bent over in a reverse headlock, the younger blonde rips off Amy's job bra and jealously slams her fist into Amy's big tits.

"Wow, these things quiver like Jello, how old are you?" she taunts.

Vicky is having fun, raising her fist high, slamming down into one or the other tit, watching the soft flesh flatten and quiver. After nearly thirty seconds of non-stop beating, Baxter manages to work her head around enough to sink her teeth into Victoria arm. The Playmate screams and throws Amy down on her back. Before Amy Lynn can roll out of the way, Silvstedt drops her big ass down on Amy's face and goes back to work pounding on her tits. In danger of being smothered, Amy bucks, twists and manages to find something to bite. As Amy's teeth sink into her butt, Vicky abandons her seat. This time, Amy Lynn scrambles to her feet. Baxter's tits are swollen and throbbing. This young playmate has made a fool of her so far.

The women rush each other. Just as their bodies collide, Vicky draws her knee up. It slams into Amy's tender belly. Baxter falls to one knee and, trying to catch her breath. She waits as Victoria charges in again. Amy jabs her fingers up into the on-coming playmate's crotch. Vicky spins away, hurt. Amy dives forward, tackles the blonde by her thick legs. Vicky bounces hard on her chest, landing face first in the sand. Amy Lynn leaps on her, straddling her back. Baxter grabs Vicki's left arm and twists it behind her back. Securing a hammerlock, Amy Lynn takes a few moments to catch her breath and clear her eyes. Silvstedt struggles to break loose, but Baxter twists her arm near the breaking point.

With vengeance in mind, Amy Lynn takes hold of Victoria's hair, pulls her head backwards and up. Holding her suspended, Amy slams Vicky's face with four hard jabs. Silvstedt screams out for Anna Nicole. Baxter lets go of Vicki's damaged arm. She clamps both hands under the Playmate's chin. Amy's biceps bulge as she pulls back on Vicki's chin.

"How's that feel?" Amy jeers as she shifts her legs into a squat and applies a proper camel clutch.

Silvstedt's back and neck feel like they'll break. She cries out for Amy to stop. She screams for Smith's help. Baxter looks down the beach and spots Smith crushing the fight out of Strain. Deciding to savor both moments, Amy Lynn lets Silvstedt fall to the sand. Baxter spins around on the Playmate's back. She wraps her thighs around Silvstedt's head, reaches back with her left hand, grabbing the Playmate's hair to hold her in place. Amy's right hand scratches its way along Vick's ass and finds her pussy. Baxter holds the strong and struggling playmate trapped in her head scissors while she claws her young victim's pussy.

Janine Lindemulder and Stacy Sanches circle each other quickly, fists raised. Stacy tries to use her longer reach to her advantage, but she's way out her league with the legendary Janine. Lindenmulder slips or blocks most of Stacy's punches. She nails Sanches with precision, hammering her younger foe's boobs and belly relentlessly. Stacy is in full retreat; her boobs are bruised and throbbing. Janine nails Sanches with a very low blow, then slips behind her to hammers away at Stacy's lower back. Stacy falls to her knees. Standing behind her, Janine grabs hold of Stacy's thong, jerks it up to haul the taller woman up to her feet. The thong cuts deep into Stacy.

"Hold on there, Ms. Sanches," Janine coos. " I'll go right in after that nasty thong for you."

Lindenmulder slips one hand down Stacy's belly, the other slides down her ass as the notorious Lesbian uses all her fingers to assault Stacy's pussy. Sanches spins around in a rage. The Playmate knuckles her big fist into Lindemulder's full left tit. Grabbing Janine by the ears, Stacy head-butts her.

Sanches lunges forward, the fingers of her left-hand tear along Lindemulder's chest, yanking her bra up, exposing her foe's boobs. Stacy digs her fingernails into Lindemulder's left breast, twisting and mashing the soft flesh between her long fingers. Quickly, Sanches crashes her right fist into the captured boob. Stung, Janine backhands Stacy across the mouth violently. A stunned Stacy spits out a mouthful of blood, let's go of her foe's boob and trips backward. Janine follows up with a wicked kick that slams hard into Stacy's crotch. Wide-eyed and hurt, Stacy drops her guard completely, grabbing her twice wounded crotch.

Lindemulder's fist crashes into Stacy's chin. The blonde's attack continues with a rapid-fire assault, first on the Playmate's tits, and then her on belly. Janine lands nine big, unanswered blows. Bent over and hard pressed to draw a breath, Stacy dives forward and grabs Janine around the waist aiming to throw her to the ground. But Janine back-steps, slams an ax handle down into Stacy's back, then cracks her knee up into Stacy's jaw.

Keeping Stacy bent over, Janine traps her rival's head in between her steel hard dancer's thighs. She reaches forward, grabs Stacy's bikini briefs and yanks up on the material, giving Sanches another brutal wedgie burn. Janine saws the material deep into Stacy's privates while Stacy, cursing loudly, digs her fingernails into Janine's butt. Lindemulder lets go of the bikini, wraps her arms around the Playmate's waist and hoists Sanches upside down. Her strong arms crush the upended playmate for a long moment, and then she pile drives Stacy head first into the sand. Janine, on her knees, holds on to Stacy's bent-in-two body, keeping pressure on her neck.

Stacy's plump ass is a target too tempting to pass up. The brutal blonde sinks her fingernails into Stacy's ass cheeks, claws her fingers into the soft flesh of Stacy's inner thighs.

"Such a nice plump ass you have," Janine drools.

With two fingers, Lindemulder strokes Stacy's pussy, first with slow, long strokes, then faster and faster. Stacy struggles awkwardly to break free. She squeals as Janine stokes her up. And she screams as Janine suddenly claws both hands into her pussy, prying her wide.

"Oops, no time for this now," Janine cautions herself. "We'll get it on later!"

Janine grabs both of Stacy's ass cheeks and claws her fingernails in. Shoving Sanches over onto her back, Janine straddles the beaten Playmate, wraps her strong hands around her foe's throat and chokes Stacy mercilessly. Stacy bucks violently, but unsuccessfully, as Janine rides her and chokes away. Janine slips one hand backwards, again jams her fingers into Stacy's bikini briefs. Stacy's body tenses as Janine works her talons inside, wreaking further havoc with the Playmate's pussy. Not satisfied yet, Janine pulls her hand out, twisting and yanking out the brunette's bush.

With a huge effort, Sanches thrusts her hips up, trying desperately to unseat her tormentor, but Janine pulls pumps her fist rapid fire into the younger woman's gut. As Stacy fades, Janine releases the choke, grabs the brunette's hair with her left hand and slaps and backhands Stacy's face with her right.

"Stacy, do you like it rough? Do you? I think you do," Janine taunts.

Lindemulder looks to her right to see that Julie Strain is near the end of her rope as Anna Nicole is close to breaking her ribs. Lindemulder stops, rises quickly to her feet, stomps Stacy twice in the belly, and then drops down, driving both knees into Stacy's gut. As Stacy gurgles and clutches at her belly, Janine bends forward and quickly strips off Stacy's bikini top. The tough blonde rushes over to stop Anna Nicole...

Sandy Taylor and Traci Adell slam into each other, four double sized boobs mash together as the women bury their fingers in each other's tresses. Angry fingers twist and pull close to the scalp. Locked in this embrace, the women, with legs spread wide lean hard into each other, straining mightily to force the other backward. Sandy begins to overpower her foe. Still holding Taylor's hair, Adell brings a knee up and jams Sandy in the crotch. The momentum shifts. With Taylor in retreat, Adell begins to wrench her foe's head from side to side, trying to take her off her feet. Taylor's scalp is on fire as Adell muscles her around the beach. Sandy slips one hand free of Traci's hair and knuckles a huge right hand into the playmate's jaw.

Taylor has considerable punching power but, to her surprise, Adell totters but doesn't go down. Traci's left hand yanks back Sandy's head. She lunging forward; her right fist crashes into Taylor's chin. Sandy falters, but her catfight instinct senses that Traci is off balance from the punch. Taylor drives her right fist deep into Traci's oversized left tit, mashing it flat against her chest. Adell yelps, her hands drop to protect her chest. Taylor drives her knee up into the Playmate's unprotected crotch with enough force to lift the big woman off her feet. As Traci falls to the sand, Taylor leaps on her back, traps her foe's legs with her own and twists Traci's left arm into a hammerlock. Sandy twists hard on her foe's arm.

Coming up behind Anna Nicole, Janine kneels and wraps the captured bikini top around Smith's neck and tightens the noose. Anna, startled, lets go of Julie's hands and clutches at her throat. Janine wraps her make-shift noose into a tight knot, holds the noose with her left hand and proceeds to pound her right fist into Anna's back and neck. Smith is forced to relinquish her vice grip scissors on Strain. Julie rolls to her knees. Her sides are bruised, it hurts to breathe, but she looks at Smith's sleek body with hate in her eyes. Lindemulder uses the choke collar to pull Smith to her feet.

"Oh my, big Anna Nicole! Let's see what you've got!" Janine threatens.

Lindemulder slips her left hand between Smith's legs, and claws at her pussy. Anna stiffens, tries to break free, but Lindemulder jams her fingers deep into Anna's pussy, holding her fast. Strain scrambles to her feet. As Smith struggles unsuccessfully with Lindemulder's immobilizing sneak attack, Strain proceeds to punch and kick Anna's belly, accenting the beating with boob-flattening fists that leave welts and bruises on the beaten woman's body. Anna is rubber legged, held up only by Lindemulder's neck noose and impaled on the hand mauling her pussy.

Sandra Taylor works her hammerlock on Traci Adell. Taylor stops just long enough to rip off Traci's flimsy white tee shirt. Taylor's free hand pounds repeatedly into Traci's twisted arm. The big Playmate is in agony. Taylor slams her knee into the small of Traci's back, and then drives her knee into her foe's twisted arm. Sandy leans into the hammerlock, shifts her body to Traci's side and then jams both knees into Traci's back. Traci's naked boobs grind into the sand.

Sandy looks across the beach and spies Amy Lynn, who has Silvstedt trapped in a camel clutch. It seems like a good idea. Sandy straddles Adell's back, clamps her hands around Traci's chin and rides her foe with a punishing camel clutch for a half-minute or so. With considerable effort, Traci finds the strength to surge up and back, her big legs and butt carry Taylor along with her. Traci is sitting back on her hunches, Sandy is on her knees directly behind her, shaking her head in disbelief that Traci could break the hold. Traci drives an elbow backwards and catches Sandy in the belly. Adell twists around to face her adversary.

Sandy drives her fist into Traci's gut. Adell buries her fist in Taylor's gut. Still on their knees, the two women trade punishing punches, hurting each other but neither gaining the advantage. Shot for shot, boobs, bellies, sides and heads are pummeled. Evenly matched, neither woman can take much more of the relentless pounding.

Finally, Adell buries her fist into Sandy's solar plexus. The air rushes from Taylor's mouth as she falls back onto her haunches. Sandy is unable to take her shot. Adell catches Sandy with two more extreme punches to her belly as Sandy sits back listlessly on her haunches. Traci lunges forward, wrapping her hands around Sandy's throat. Taylor, trying hard to keep her head clear, reaches forward and grabs Traci's huge tits. Quickly, her fingernails find the Playmate's nipples. Adell screams out, releases the choke as she tries to pry Sandy's hands from her tits.

Sandy's fingers are clamped tight. Adell, enraged, uncorks a massive punch that clocks Sandy in her right ear, ringing her chimes. Taylor falls to the ground. Adell dives on her, bounces her head up and down on the sand. The adrenaline rush fades-Adell finds herself getting tired. Deciding to slow the pace, she drops her naked ass down on Sandy's face in a reverse face-squat. Grinding her wide, fleshy ass down hard on Sandy's face, Traci catches her foe's nose in the crack of her ass cheeks, smothering her.

Adell locks her fingers together and slams a series of ax handles into Sandy's belly. She rips off Sandy's job bra, sinks her hands into Sandy's big tits, twisting, pulling, punching and scratching at the soft flesh and hard nipples. For more than a minute, Traci slams and grinds her big ass into Sandy's face, while she beats on her tits. Sandy, unable to draw a breath, is rendered unconscious. Janine, patiently holding and tormenting Anna Nicole while Julie works her over, looks over to see Sandy's destruction.

"Finish her," Janine suddenly snaps at Julie. "Sandy's in trouble."

Julie steps back to unleash a huge kick that catches Anna in the head. Lindemulder lets her drop to the ground and rushes off to help Sandy Taylor.

Strain starts kicking the downed Smith, enjoying her work. Her big foot slams and stomps into Anna's tits, belly and side. A series of vicious kicks leaves Anna's left tit swollen and covered in bruises. Julie grabs Smith's legs by her ankles, spreads her legs wide apart and slams her knee down into the blonde's crotch. Julie piston kicks her foot into the wounded pussy, stopping only to grind her heel in while Anna screams.

Strain spots a very hurt but game Stacy Sanches, slowing rising to her feet and making her way over to help Smith. Strain drops Smith's legs and turns, just in time, to face Stacy. As Sanches lunges for her, Julie catches Stacy with a kick to her belly. Julie wraps her big hands around Stacy's throat, her biceps bulge impressively as she lifts the 3 inch shorter woman up into the air, dangling her like a rag doll. Sanches thrashes her legs, managing to wrap them around Strain's chest. Stacy's legs clamp down on Julie's injured ribs.

"Aargh!" moans Strain.

Her uplifted arms sag, but Stacy turns up the pressure and holds on with her legs. She rains punches down on Julie's head. Julie tumbles backward, with Stacy landing on top of her. Sanches shifts to her left side, maintaining her scissors hold Julie's chest. Stacy wraps her right arm around Strain's neck, her left hand clamps down on Julie's nose and mouth, smothering her while her legs work on Strain's bruised ribs. Strain presses her long, strong legs into the sand, lifts her butt up and manages to roll to her side, trying to escape. But Sanches holds on and rolls with her.

Both women are on their left sides. Stacy is behind Julie, and has slipped her scissors down to Julie's waist. Sanches clamps her hands under Julie's chin and yanks backwards, trying to snap Strain's neck. Though hurt from the beating Lindemulder inflicted on her, and not as strong as big Julie Strain, the 26 year old Sanches is more resilient than her 13-years-older foe. Sanches has Julie in big trouble. And then a beat-up and very angry Anna Nicole, rubbing her stomped boobs, moves slowly over to the two fighters.

"Mind if I help out?" Anna asks. "You can kill this bitch-I want Lindemulder," Stacy hisses.

As Stacy tightens her python grip on the big brunette, nearly snapping Julie's neck, Anna, still on her knees strokes Julie's big tits, almost fondly for a moment. Then she sinks both of her hands into Julie's right tit, twisting and mashing for all she is worth. Strain bucks violently as Anna nearly twists her tit off.

Amy Lynn looks over to see Strain getting double-teamed. A fleeting smile crosses her face as turns back to work on Silvstedt. By now the Playmate is nearly hysterical as the veteran Amy has systematically clawed her pussy and nearly crushed the neck of her younger foe. Amy Lynn is in no rush to finish this...

Smith slams her fists into Julie's belly with enough force to beat all of the air out of her. Sanches releases her grip, slips her leg out from under Strain and leaves her for Anna Nicole to finish her off. Anna stands over the big brunette for a moment, jumps up and crashes her butt down on Strain's belly. The blonde slide forward, presses her fleshy hard butt into Julie's face and bears down.

Janine Lindemulder rushes up behind Traci. She slips out of her own bra. As she did with Anna Nicole, Janine wraps her noose around Traci's neck and drags her off of Sandy. Traci is on her back as Janine drags her across the sand and into the water. Lindemulder's foot lashes out and clips Traci in the head. As the brunette falls backward, Lindemulder drops the noose and straddles the big brunette. With one hand wrapped around Traci's throat, Janine forces her head under water as tide rushes in. Janine holds her foe's head down for nearly 30 seconds, hauls her head up by her hair just long enough for Traci to sputter and gasp in some air, and then slams her head back down under the water. Janine repeats this three more times.

Finally, she stands, gripping Traci by her hair, she hauls the nearly unconscious brunette to the water's edge and dumps her beaten foe on the sand. Janine spreads the brunette's legs wide and knee drops her crotch. Standing Janine licks her lips as she takes a moment to run her eyes over Traci. Her left hand slips into her own pants as she takes a moment to catch her breath.

"Damn, what a fine set of tits, are they real?" Janine leers.

Blind-siding her target, Sanches launches herself into Janine. Catching her foe from the side, Stacy's momentum carries the two women away from Traci. Crashing to the sand, Janine lands first, Stacy on top of her, their heads crack together. Janine is hurt for the first time since the fight started. Stacy rolls Janine to her belly, facing the blonde's butt, Stacy locks her thighs around Lindemulder's neck in a crushing scissors. She locks her arms around the blonde's belly, trying to force all of the air from her body. Janine, in a fog, struggles feebly to break free, but Sanches remains in control. Sanches locks her thighs as tight as she can, trying to crush Lindemulder's neck.

Janine uses her arms and legs to lift her body off the sand but Stacy counters quickly. Her left-hand slips from Janine's waist, her fist slams hard into the blonde's crotch. Looking for payback, the angry Playmate rips away Lindemulder's briefs, and digs her fingers nails into Janine's butt and pussy while Janine bucks and screams. After 30 seconds of mauling, Lindemulder manages to roll to her side, taking some pressure off of her neck, but Stacy rolls with her, maintains the scissors, Stacy goes to work on Lindemulder's bush. Stacy is snatching out handfuls of her blonde nest. Like a woman possessed, Janine twists and bucks her body, finally breaking free. Both women scramble to their feet and then into each other.

As they tangle, Janine wraps one leg around Stacy's legs, holds on tight as she trips the brunette to the sand. Sanches rolls frenetically, trying to stop the inevitable, but Janine, considerably stronger, wins their struggle and succeeds in pinning Sanches to the ground. She traps the Playmates arms at her side, under her own strong thighs. With a positively evil look in her eye, Janine clamps one hand on Stacy's throat and raises her other hand up. Stacy looks wide-eyed, in anguish, as Janine unleashes a wicked slap across her face, and another, and another...

Anna Nicole drags an already beaten and begging Julie to her feet. Ignoring her foe's pleas, Anna wraps her arms around Strain's injured ribs. Smith lifts her off the ground in a devastating bear hug. As she shakes the crunched Strain in her arms, Smith spots Stacy's predicament. Throwing the husk of Julie Strain to the ground, Smith rushes up behind Lindemulder. Smith locks her hands together and swings an ax handle that catches Lindemulder full force in the side of her head.

Dazed, Lindemulder sits stunned as Smith grabs her hair and yanks her to her feet. Smith spins the lighter blonde around by her hair, then slams her face-first into the sand. Anna is moving kinda slow. Janine scrambles to her feet. At the same time, Sanches somehow manages to get to her feet. The Playmates, now standing side by side, slowly close in on their adversary.

Janine launches herself forward, manages to grab each by the hair. She slams their heads together. Stacy drops to her knees. The tough brunette has had about all she can take. Janine rushes forward and close-lines Anna. Smith crashes to her back. Lindemulder leaps on top of her and pins her down, trying to gain a moment's respite for herself. But the mighty Anna will not be pinned down. With a huge effort, Smith rolls Lindemulder over, reversing the pin. Smith start inching herself forward, sitting hard on Lindemulder's chest, she wraps her hands around the tough blonde's throat.

Amy Lynn has been watching the fighting around her. Her rival has hand enough. Amy finally releases the woman's head, stands up, throws back her hair and spits on her beaten foe. The big blonde turns and surveys the scene on the beach...

Sanches is up on her feet, moving in to help Smith. Amy Lynn rushes up behind her, wraps her arms around Stacy's waist, lifts her lighter foe up high and crashes her tailbone down on her outstretched knee. As Stacy writhes on the sand, Baxter seizes her by the hair and slips one hand between her legs. Amy Lynn hauls Stacy up to shoulder height and then slams her down across her knee. The back breaker has to mark the end of the fight for Stacy.

Baxter walks over Sanches, grinding her heels into the Playmate's tits and belly. Amy approaches Victoria, who is just now on all fours, trying to gain her sense. Amy slams her knees into the playmates back, squashing her into the sand. Amy drags the big blonde to her feet, hoists her up across her shoulders. Victoria screams as Amy's rack is torturing her back. Anna Nicole is straddling a struggling Lindemulder, bouncing her big ass up and down on her victim tits.

Baxter strides up beside Smith and challenges her, "Hey Smith, I have your girlfriend here for you."

Smith turns. She is troubled to see Amy Lynn torturing Victoria. Smith rises and faces her rival as Baxter dumps Silvstedt to the ground. Both women are bruised, but Anna is clearly the worse for wear. They struggle for position, almost in slow motion. Anna drops to one knee and slams a punch into Amy's belly, but the tough Baxter shakes it off and captures Smith head in a reverse headlock.

Dragging Smith to her feet, Amy Lynn traps her foe's head under her armpit and slams her knee repeatedly into Smith's crotch. Beating the fight out of Smith, Baxter stops, stands Smith up and spins her around. Baxter wraps her hands around Anna's chin, slams her big ass into Anna's slimmed down butt. Amy Lynn wins this one, and hoists her foe onto her back in a hangman. Smith struggles for a few moments and then passes out. Amy Lynn drops her foe's senseless body to the sand.

Lindemulder, spying Sanches struggling to get to her feet, calls out to Amy Lynn, "Can you believe it-Sanches is still moving."

"So is Adell," Baxter replies.

Amy Lynn moves quickly to intercept Traci as Janine walks over to Stacy. Sanches manages to stand, but Janine grabs her left arm, puts her in a hammerlock and forces her onto her belly.

"Let's have some fun, girlfriend," Janine whispers in Stacy's ear.

Stacy looks around-she's on her own.

"Leave me alone, bitch," she hisses defiantly.

"But I'm not done with you yet, darling," Lindemulder replies.

Stacy tries to pull free, but Lindemulder simply overpowers her, controlling her with the hammerlock.

"Seems to me, Stacy, that I took care of you, but you didn't take care of me! Let's fix that shall we?" Janine threatens.

Janine stands, pulls of her briefs. Stacy struggles up onto her feet, but Janine quickly seize her by the hair. She forces Stacy down onto her knees and pulls the Playmate's face into her crotch. Stacy jerks her head away.

"Oh my, what poor manners," Janine hisses.

Lindemulder throws Sanches onto her back and straddles her chest. Holding Stacy by the hair, Janine inches her hard butt forward until her muff is planted on Stacy's face.

"You know what to do, girl, so do it!" Janine threatens.

Stacy tries to pull away. Janine reaches back with her left hand and grabs Stacy's tit. She gives it a vicious twist.

"I'm waiting..." Janine threatens.

Stacy whimpers but can't take any more. Her tongue slips tentatively into Janine's pussy.

"Harder, girl, get to work!" Janine commands, twisting on Stacy's tit.

Baxter walks over to Traci Adell, who has made it to her feet, "Don't worry, Traci, when Janine is done with Stacy, she wants you next."

"Drop dead," challenges Adell.

The women slam together, locked in dueling bear hugs. For a time it looks even, but Traci can't match Amy Lynn's strength. Traci slowly gives ground, as Amy Lynn bends her over backwards. Adell moans as Baxter crushes her ribs and spine. Traci tries to rally, to put some pressure around Baxter's waist, but she is too fatigued to press on. Amy Lynn surges, braces her feet. Lifting up, she jerks Traci's body from side to side. With a final adrenaline surge, Baxter throws Traci to the sand. Amy Lynn stops, strips off her own shorts and, facing Adell's feet, drops her full moon down on Traci's face.

"Light's out now," Amy coos as she grinds her ass all over Traci's face.

"Hey Baxter," Janine teases, still muffing Sanches, "you know, her tits ARE bigger than yours."

"You think so? Amy replies, "let's see..." She grabs Traci's nipples and yanks up on her tits. "You know, you may be right. They are big, but they sure are ugly!"

Baxter grabs Traci's left tit by the nipple then yanks and twists it mercilessly. Amy Lynn and Janine finally end their humiliation of the two Playmates and Baxter helps Sandy Taylor to her feet. Strain is still too groggy to know where she is.

"Sisters," Janine announces, "let's go home and celebrate; I need some decent pussy. (and they partied happily ever after!)