Michelle Phieffer vs. Tracy Scoggins by Doug Haig 07-Jul-99
**WARNING! This story is much more violent than the usual one on this site!**
"You want to find out who the better woman is Bitch?" snarled Michelle Phieffer.

"I'll kick the ever lovin'shit outta you, you stupid cunt rag!!! " Tracy Scoggins screamed back.

Michelle Phieffer and Tracy Scoggins crashed together, each woman wrapping their slender arms around each other's body, battling in their tight embrace. Both actresses tore into the other's back with their nails, scratching hard, as blistering red welts soon covered their lush backs. Breaking away suddenly, Tracy smashed her body into Michelle, taking both catfighters to the floor. As Michelle tried to push her legs back and away from Tracy, Tracy reached her free left hand up behind Michelle and ripped off Phieffer's light blue silk panties, taking a patch of blonde pubic hair with it as Michelle screamed in shock and pain. Scoggins buried her hands in Michelle's blonde hair and smashed her back down, Phieffer's back hitting the floor hard, momentarily knocking the wind out of the older blonde.

Tracy hauled her up to her feet with two handfuls of Michelle's creamy breasts, pulling Michelle into her face. "Okay Bitch," Tracy breathed, "Now its time for some serious bush-whacking!!!" Before Michelle could react, Tracy slammed in a low blow that hit Michelle right on her newly bared pubic mound, flattening her curly blonde hairs. The strength of the punch surprised Michelle and drove her back a step. Michelle defended her lower belly with her left hand and tried to grab Tracy's right arm. Tracy knocked her hand away and latched her left hand on to Michelle's undefended left breast through her bra. Michelle grabbed Tracy's wrist trying to remove the hold, but Tracy pulled Michelle forward and slammed her fist hard into Michelle's left side, bruising a rib. A wince of pain shot across Michelle's face as she dropped her left elbow to protect her side, and Tracy took the opportunity to land another solid low blow that hit to the left and above Michelle's sore pussy, painfully compressing her bladder and ovaries with her fist.

Michelle sagged to one knee from Tracy's low punch, and Tracy stepped behind Michelle and punched her hard in the right kidney. Tracy used her free left hand to grab the back of Michelle's bra and pull it up over her head. Michelle slipped out of her top and her bare breasts flopped out as the fabric dragged up over them. But as Tracy threw the bra behind her, Michelle grabbed Tracy's shapely legs and slammed her to the floor on her glistening back. Michelle pounded a fist into Tracy's full left breast, but Tracy responded. She punched Michelle in her bare left breast as it dangled above her. Her right fist slammed into the hanging mammary again and again, contacting it from the side and smashing it into Michelle's breast bone, while Michelle bravely endured the pain and tried to fight back. Tracy's punches smacked hard onto Michelle's tits, as the sound of fist on flesh echoed in the room. Michelle took six solid punches before she had to break off, at which time Tracy was able to roll free.

Michelle's small nipples and wide half-dollar sized aureoles on her beautiful breasts were starting to turn black and blue. As she stood to face Tracy again, now completely naked, Michelle held her reddening left breast and the nipple made erect from the painful contact. Tracy's nipples, too, showed through her bikini top from the stimulation of the fight. Michelle charged Tracy, driving her shoulder into Tracy's exposed midriff and pushing her back into the corner. Michelle grabbed Tracy's bikini top in the middle of her chest and pulled up, then slammed her left fist into Tracy's firm belly, pulling her forward into the punches by her top.

Michelle smashed her fists into Tracy's round breasts, nearly burying her fists up to her wrists in Scoggins' tits. Phieffer seized the brunette's left nipple between her fingers and rings, giving Tracy a vicious nipple twister, as Scoggins moaned in pain. Michelle gets in close to Tracy, and grabs both of Tracy's nipples and twists, corkscrewing the screaming woman's breasts till they turn an angry purple. Determined to put the bitch away, Michelle pounds on Tracy's mauled breasts. The force of each blow mashes Scoggins' breasts flat against her ribcage.

Finally, Pfieffer stops, gets up and pulls Tracy in toward her. Michelle lifts Tracy up in a bear hug, and Tracy's beaten breasts disappear into Michelle's firm breasts. Tracy cries out in pain as her body is crushed, but she deftly reaches down between their bodies and clamps a hold on Michelle's right breast, giving it a hard squeeze. Michelle, taken by surprise, screams out in agony and drops the brunette, clutching her throbbing melon as Tracy straightened up with a look of utter fury on her face.

She grabbed Michelle's left nipple with her left hand and pulled up. It almost looked as if Tracy was trying to pull the breast over Michelle's left shoulder, and Michelle's face showed the agony of this move. But then Tracy slammed her fist into the exposed underside of Michelle's breast. Michelle's breast took a horrible pounding as Tracy squared up and put maximum force behind her punches. She had to contact Michelle's breast from the side, somewhat under her arm to avoid pulling away her nipple hold. Tracy concentrated on Michelle's chest, power-slamming the purple and red of her beaten left mammary in contrast to the untouched right breast.

Tracy still had Michelle from behind. She pushed Michelle up against the wall, and twisted her back and forth, until Tracy slid Michelle's sweaty body down until she was kneeling. Tracy Scoggins knelt down beside Michelle Phieffer, and draped the blonde's wounded left breast over her knee. Tracy then smashed a vicious karate chop to the top of Michelle's left breast as it hung over her knee, the contact point bending the breast in half over the kneecap. Michelle screamed in agony as the chop pounded the top of her aching breast, while Tracy's dug up into the beaten underside. Tracy landed a second chop and then threw the blonde hard onto the floor.

Blood rushed into Michelle's smashed breast as she painfully got to her feet, pulsing the pain that increased with the swelling. Michelle was in agony as she stood up, her throbbing breast reddening. Michelle charged Tracy and they met in a mutual bear hug in the centre of the room. Michelle grabbed the backs of Tracy's bikini bottoms, painfully pulling the fabric up between her legs. Tracy was able to lift Michelle off the ground, but could not throw her because of her hold on her bikini. So Tracy moved to the corner carrying Michelle and slammed her back into the corner, releasing a grunt of air from Michelle's lungs. Michelle released her grip and slumped to the floor... but it was a trick! Michelle grabbed the front of Tracy's bottoms and pulled them to her ankles and pushed. Tracy tripped backwards onto her butt, allowing Michelle to pull the bottoms the rest of the way off, and quickly toss them aside.

Before Tracy could get to her feet, Michelle grabbed her left leg and twisted, occasionally pausing to pound her hard fist into the extended thigh muscle. Michelle placed her right heel into Tracy bare crotch and continued to twist and pull her left leg. Tracy knew she was in trouble as the pain in her leg grew.

When Michelle removed her heel to stand and face Tracy, she noticed just a trace of blood from Scoggins' pussy on her foot. Tracy staggered to her feet and rushed at her blonde foe. Tracy moved left and right trying to catch Michelle off balance, but it was Michelle who made the first move. She dove for Tracy's legs, but missed and landed on her face with Tracy on top. Tracy slipped her hand down Michelle's ass and began to pinch her tender flesh, really digging in her manicured nails. Michelle was a strong woman and she reacted by lifting Tracy from below until she flipped Tracy, slamming her to the floor by standing and falling backwards. Michelle turned and controlled Tracy's right hand, painfully twisting Tracy's arm, while driving her heel into Tracy's underarm, nearly dislocating the woman's shoulder. Tracy desperately grabbed at the foot pressed into her underarm, twisting and pulling at the toes until Michelle had to pull away.

Bottomless, Tracy approached Michelle, then bull-rushed her, pushing her back against the wall. Michelle was surprised at the fury of this onslaught and failed to react in time to prevent Tracy from smashing a fist into her tender breasts, making the beautiful blonde gasp loudly in pain. Tracy managed to grab Michelle's right nipple firmly with her free left hand, pinching it between her thumb and middle finger. Michelle's face winced with the painful assault. Tracy pulled the struggling Michelle by her nipple across the room. Michelle was whipping her body around, trying to break Tracy's nipple lock. Tracy began to maul the undefended chest of the now-screaming Michelle. Tracy pounded her fist into Michelle's stomach while keeping a firm hold on the right nipple. As Michelle's body bent with the punch it pulled down and jerked the nipple, but Tracy held tight. A punch to the left breast straightened her up for another gut punch that tore at her sore nipple.

Tracy pushed Michelle down to her knees, then tripped her back onto her butt. Tracy used Michelle's legs to turn her to her stomach and drag her away from the wall. Michelle's sore right breast dragged painful across the rough carpet, abrading her aching nipple. As Tracy tried to straddle Michelle, Michelle managed to turn and slammed her fist into the descending girl's belly. Tracy let out an "oomph" and fell to her knees beside Michelle. Tracy faked a punch to Michelle's left side and instead landed an open-handed slap with her left hand smack on to Michelle's right breast. It hit the top of the breast and made more sound than pain, but it still stung. It startled Michelle enough that she failed to block a solid low blow to her undefended pubic mound that pushed her back. But as Tracy tried to step in and follow with another right, Michelle surprised her and hooked Scoggins around her knees and pulled, landing Tracy on her back.

Tracy turned to her stomach, and Michelle slammed the brunette repeatedly into Tracy's bare back, punching her kidneys and spine as hard as she could. Then Michelle snatch-slapped Tracy as hard as she could, digging her manicured fingers into Tracy's vagina. and pulled up as hard as she could, trying to lift Tracy off the floor. Michelle's strong nails sliced into the tender flesh between Tracy's legs and she screamed out in pain. Tracy managed to stand, and Scoggins threw her left arm behind Michelle's neck as Michelle continued to apply her groin claw, Michelle's fingers, nails, and rings grinding into Tracy's soft labia.

When that did little good, Tracy reached back again and this time found a hold on Michelle's damaged left breast and twisted it savagely, digging in her fingernails into the softness and squeezing with vengeance. Michelle immediately dropped her hold on Tracy's pussy and tried to pull away. It proved to be a mistake, as Tracy was ready and landed another solid low blow to Michelle's naked torso and sill maintained her breast hold enough to pull Michelle toward her.

"It's time for a little more bush whacking, you whore," smiled Tracy as she grabbed Michelle's left wrist and left ankle and pulled them apart.

Tracy dug her left hand up into Michelle's exposed crotch, scratching her labia and vagina, while simultaneously landing punch after punch into her stretched belly, pounding deep into her bladder and stomach. Tracy used Michelle's pubic hair as her target, and slammed her fist in deep again and again, until Tracy dropped her to the floor.

Michelle began crawling away from Tracy, but the vicious brunette smashed a hard kick up into the blonde's dangling breast, crushing it into Michelle's chest and knocking the wind out of her. Michelle was in agony from Tracy's foot flattening her damaged breast. A furious Michelle dug her free hand up into Tracy naked crotch. She managed to force her finger into Tracy's anus and pulled up. When Tracy's legs separated as she was pulled, Michelle slammed her into the revealed slot, doing a little bush whacking of her own. Michelle was exhausted already, and she dropped her victim and slid to the floor, while Tracy lay on her back, moaning in pain as her hands clutched her bloody groin.

Michelle stumbled to her feet, and managed to get control of Tracy's sore right arm and began twisting. She managed to get it turned behind Tracy's back, then dropped down, and tripped Tracy to the floor, face first. Tracy's arms were extended over her head for balance and Michelle landed a solid right to Tracy's right breast before she brought her right arm back to cover. Now Tracy winced in pain-- Michelle's hard breast punch was incredibly painful. With her leverage gone, Michelle rolled Tracy over onto her back. Tracy fought off the blonde by arching her back and pressing up on the back of her neck. But Tracy's belly then presented the perfect target, and Michelle slammed home three consecutive hard rights into Tracy's midsection, deflating her back onto her shoulders. Michelle wrapped her hands around Tracy's ankle and wrenched hard, as Scoggins cried out as her ankle was almost fractured by Phieffer's savage twist.

Tracy rolled away, and pulled herself up to her knees, and landed a solid punch to Michelle's sore left breast, leaving her aching and frustrated. Tracy grabbed at Michelle's pubic hairs and when Michelle moved to defend, Tracy again tagged her left breast with a solid right uppercut. Michelle, completely frustrated by the continued abuse of her left breast, rushed at Tracy who slid to her left just in time, and pushed Michelle along into the corner. Tracy's foot into Michelle's taut belly, sending Michelle to her knees in the corner. Tracy pulled her arms up, exposing her entire torso. Tracy went to work on her, slamming her into her sensitive breasts again and again, as Michelle's head started to droop from the pain. Michelle flopped face first into Tracy's arms. Tracy let her fall to the floor except for the left arm.

Holding Michelle's arm around her neck enabled her to continue to expose Michelle's left breast to continued pounding. Michelle tried to defend with her right hand. Tracy dropped her to the floor and moved behind her to pull Michelle by her left leg. Tracy jumped behind Michelle and sent her knee driving in between Michelle's split legs from behind, causing Michelle to scream in pain.

Tracy grabbed both Michelle's wrists and stood up, pulling her arms straight behind her back. Tracy kept pulling until Michelle's chest came up off the floor, then she dropped her back down slapping both her breasts onto the carpet. Six of these smashes had Michelle dizzy, as her breasts splattered against the floor and oozed out the sides.

Finally Tracy dropped her for the final time and dropped on top of her back, knees on either sides. Tracy saw that Michelle's breasts were accessible along her sides. First left then right she re-positioned her knees onto the portions of the breasts that pressed out on either side, pinching them against the floor. It was extremely painful to Michelle's damaged left mammary. After a short while of grinding Michelle's breasts into the floor, Tracy turned her semi-conscious victim over onto her back. Michelle's arms simply dropped to the floor over her head. Tracy turned her butt towards Michelle's face and Tracy smashed punches deep into Michelle's soft stomach.

Michelle felt like she was going to puke, but struggled to stay alert. Tracy pulled her up and stood to face to face with Michelle. Michelle grabbed Tracy's injured right arm, tugged and then stepped along side, painfully twisting her arm at the shoulder. Michelle slammed her left fist into the back of the shoulder wrenching it further out of the socket. As Tracy went to her knees to relieve the twisting motion, she grabbed and latched onto Michelle's right breast and began to squeeze. Michelle twisted the shoulder harder hoping to release the pain dangling from her chest, but Tracy's grip was strong and she turned her thumbnail into the tender flesh to gouge it.

Michelle released her shoulder hold hoping she could step away from the agonizing assault, but Tracy's hold was vice-like. Tracy's right arm hung at her waist guarding her stomach and she seemed unable to lift it higher. With Tracy's left hand latched onto her right breast, Michelle had open access to Tracy's chest and began to throw haymaker lefts that crashed into the blonde's unprotected breasts.

Tracy answered this attack by continuing to work the hold on Michelle's right mammary, pulling and twisting it up and left, crushing it as hard as she could. The female combatants were now locked into a test of wills. The violence that had erupted in their fight could not last long. Even a single punch like those landing on Tracy's chest would cause an average woman to quit. And Michelle was landing one after another. The tears in Michelle's eyes revealed the agony of Tracy's grip. Tracy's thumb had moved down to gouge directly into Michelle's soft, tender nipple. The drama played itself out in a minute that seemed to last an hour. During this time Michelle's fist plowed into Tracy's fleshy mounds, pancaking them flat against her chest with the "thump" of fist on breast. Tracy would bear down with her grip until another haymaker splattered a breast under her face. She'd take a deep breath and dig and twist some more.

It was clear that neither one could take much more, as simultaneously their knees went weak, and they continued their battle kneeling. Michelle's breast felt like it would explode, but she'd swing another mighty left hook that plowed into Tracy's breasts. Tracy would catch her breath after each thud on her chest, grit her teeth, and wrench her handful of flesh up and down, then tear at it left and right, pressing her thumb deep into the pointy end. Tracy's grip was getting slippery from the sweat of her palm and the targeted wad of skin. A final Michelle left hook crashed up into Tracy's right mammary from underneath, the force knocked her back on her ass and her grip slipped off with a final pinch of Michelle's destroyed nipple. With the recoil, Michelle fell back on her butt as well, cupped her wounded breast in her hand, and began to crawl away toward Michelle. Tracy wanted no part of further contact either, her ashen face showing the strain as she crawled toward Tracy.

Michelle stood up with her left forearm guarding her red and swollen left mammary. She was wary that further contact would cause permanent damage. She stalked Tracy, knowing the only weakness she had shown so far was the left leg. Tracy was slightly favoring her left leg, but her eyes peered straight at Michelle's vulnerable breast, not surprisingly the target of her first straight right, which caught Michelle's forearm, but nevertheless painfully compressed the breast back into Michelle's chest.

Michelle dove immediately for Tracy's sore left leg. She got it, but was rewarded with a punch to her left kidney. Michelle stood up with the leg, leaving Tracy hopping on her right foot. Michelle twisted the leg left and right, pulling the muscle and hoping to unbalance Tracy, who hopped around skillfully. Michelle held the leg up with her free hand and punched up into the exposed extended hamstring again and again. The pain of each punch showed on Tracy's grimacing face. Michelle pressed the leg higher, into a Rockette's high kick position that caused Tracy to fall back into the ropes, her leg fully extended. Tracy had to reach back with both arms to steady herself against the wall, revealing the soft target between her legs.

Michelle's fist slammed into Tracy's pussy, eliciting a high-pitch "OOOOHHHH MYYYYY GOD!!!" from Tracy.

A second blow to the same area got a short scream. Michelle went to work, crotch punching as hard as she could while maintaining the leverage on the left leg. Tracy finally hopped away from the wall enough to cover her crotch, but she felt a small trickle of blood run down her inner right thigh, as Michelle returned her attention to punishing the extended hamstring.

Michelle felt she was close to victory. But Tracy used her left arm to reach down between Michelle's legs and pull up. Michelle had to defend this crotch attack and released Tracy's leg. Still favoring her right leg, Tracy trapped Michelle's arms in a full nelson and pushed her down on her knees the corner. Tracy helped position Michelle's damaged left breast directly on top of her kneecap again. Michelle knew what was coming. Tracy held Michelle in place while she smashed another karate chop down on top of the breast. Tracy grinned sadistically at how the breast oozed and expanded as it was bent in half. The nipple seemed to expand as the breast was crushed in half, forcing blood in both directions.

Tracy stared at the target of her violence and after the third hard chop thought she saw some fluid emerge from the distended nipple. The fourth chop confirmed that some edema was leaking from nipple of the battered breast, seeping from the hardened pink skin when crushed.

Michelle's ashen face revealed she was barely staying conscious. Her formerly red swollen breast was taking on shades of dark red and purple, except for the bloodless white area under each of Tracy's chops. Tracy continued to hold Michelle in place as she changed her tactics and dropped her elbow onto the trapped breast. Michelle's eyes rolled up into her head with the pain of this blow. Tracy dropped another elbow, a drop of fluid leaking out onto the top of Tracy's kneecap, making it feel wet and slippery. A third time Tracy's elbow crashed down onto Michelle's flattened gland and the agony was almost too much. Michelle's head slumped forward as she screamed from the pain.

Tracy bent down and cruelly whispered "It hurts?" into Michelle's ear. Pfieffer shook her head yes, as Tracy pushed her away.

Both women got to their feet, both in so much pain they were nearly blinded by it. Suddenly Michelle kicked Tracy in the crotch, and manoeuvred to follow up with a punch to the face, but Tracy met her with a solid high kick to the undersides of Michelle's breasts that drove her backwards. Michelle Phieffer fell to the floor and Tracy Scoggins was immediately on top of the blonde. Tracy grabbed both Michelle's breasts as she lay sprawled on the floor and began banging her knee up into the blonde's crotch.

But Michelle's kick to Tracy's crotch had been devastating, and Michelle needed to capiltalise on Tracy's groin pain.. But when Michelle moved to grab Tracy pussy from her knees Tracy's right hand lashed out and up, fingers pointed straight, and knifing deep into Michelle bruised and throbbing breast tissue. Michelle tried to scream but the pain that shot through her left breast took her breath away. Michelle's arms crossed to protect her chest. Tracy was still kneeling in front of Michelle, staring right at her pubic hair.

She looked up at Michelle and said, "No rules this time, BITCH!"

And with that she drove her head forward into Michelle's belly. Tracy's nose was buried into Michelle's pubic hair as her forehead drove deep into Michelle's bladder and ovaries. Michelle dropped to her knees, her body was wracked with pain. Tracy knew she had won, and stood to finish the job. As she drew her right knee back to hammer Michelle's devastated breast for the last time, she was interrupted by a bare-fisted punch up between her legs. Tracy's face showed more surprise than pain, but her insides were aflame and she could feel some of the warmth from that flame begin again to trickle down her inner thigh.

Tracy was not so distracted though, that she did not hear the words from Michelle, "Right you fucking Bitch, NO RULES!!!!"

Michelle did not hesitate to go to work on Tracy's chest in desperate revenge. Michelle lifted Tracy's left arm up to get unobstructed access to her left side. Michelle enjoyed the feel of her bare right fist burying deep into Tracy's breast flesh.

"Now lets see how you like your tits getting smashed into nothing!!!" she said, as she flattened Tracy's breast against her body, driving the nipple into the ribs behind.

Tracy was helpless to prevent the assault and the fear showed on her face. Michelle grabbed both of Tracy's breasts and viciously began to squeeze them as hard as she could, causing the inflamed nipples to pop out. Then she jammed her thumbs into the protruding nipples. Phieffer pushed Scoggins' shapely legs apart, and again snatch-slapped her hard on her red, bloody vagina. But suddenly Tracy bucked her body up and smashed her right knee hard into Michelle's lush back.

Michelle had no idea what had hit her when her body jerked back, again wracked with pain as the Tracy's knee drove into her kidney. Tracy looked up to see Michelle arch back. Beaten and broken, but not defeated, Tracy heaved herself to a stooped over kneeling position, cocked back her right arm, smiled slightly and pounded her are fist deep into her favorite target, Michelle's horribly discoloured and smashed left breast. Michelle's china blue eyes rolled up in her head from the pain and she collapsed to the floor. This time Tracy was sure she had won, when she saw Michelle's a severely red and purple bruised breast flop out. There was considerable swelling and there was a wet mark on Tracy Scoggins' fist where she had hit Michelle's nipple. Tracy savagely squeezed Michelle's nipple to milk another drop of fluid from the pulverized gland, and she watched the drop ooze down the side of the taut skin. Michelle was awake but stayed limp and did not make a move.

As Tracy reared back to flatten the mammary again, Michelle beat her to the punch with a devastating low blow into Tracy's battered feminine organs. It was like something had released inside Tracy and she was sickened by the feel of the flow of warm liquid leaking out between her legs. Tracy lurched forward and threw up. Michelle Phieffer struggled to stand and kicked her foot up into the dangling breast of her enemy. Michelle was kicking Tracy so hard that suddenly the right breast, her blood-engorged nipple beaten to the breaking point, split wide open, in half!

Now it was Tracy's brain that could take no more pain and her eyes rolled back as her body slumped to the floor. But Michelle wasn't careful enough as she approached Tracy's body, when suddenly Tracy Scoggins smashed a devastating punch that crashed into Michelle's pussy, painfully parting her swollen pussy lips. Tracy got to her feet and pounded her hard ringed fists into Michelle's soft stomach and then banged her firm creamy breasts with left-right combos. Tracy slammed Michelle back against the wall where she trapped her with her forearm.

Michelle's head hit the wall and she went limp. But the beautiful brunette kept her body pressed against the wall and pounded her fist into her broken breast, flattening the purple swollen breast against Michelle Phieffer's beaten body. Tracy Scoggins kept smashing her fist into her soft, swollen mound, driving the breast flat against Michelle's body, until with one incredibly hard straight punch, Michelle's breast exploded apart in pain, her torn nipple ripping open. Blood and pus flowed out as Michelle gave a loud moan of pain and crashed to the floor.

Now it was clear who was the better woman.