Pickman’s Masterpiece #2: Alyson Hannigan vs. Jordana Brewster by The Walkin’ Dude


Sarah Michelle Gellar was lounging comfortably across the sofa in her hotel room outside of Crystal Lake when someone started knocking on the door. Looking up from the television, she paused the tape (on screen, the her from a few weeks ago was Super Kicking the face off an airborne Natalie Portman) and headed for the door. Padding across the carpet, she called, “Yeah, yeah, I hear ya Katie. Can’t you remember to take the freaking key card with you just once?” The blonde was about to chew out her traveling companion some more when she realized it wasn’t Katie Holmes waiting in the hall.

Watching her old friend’s surprised expression with a wry smile, Alyson Hannigan said, “Katie and I have the same knock? That’s a disgusting coincidence.”

Sarah smiled back and said, “Sorry Aly, I thought that was Katie coming back from the vending machine. You want to come inside? I was just checking out the tape of the ‘Circle Match’ last week.”

The diminutive blonde took a step back, letting the redhead pass into the tiny but well furnished room the promotion had provided. Flopping down on the couch, Alyson looked at the television, then back to Sarah. “You should have a copy of that frame blown up and sent to Natalie. I’m sure she’d love it.”

Sitting down next to her friend, Sarah restarted the tape and said, “I thought about it. Maybe put it in one of those talking greeting cards; you know, one of those ‘sorry you suck’ types. When she opens it up, it could say, ‘I SUBMIT’ over and over on an endless loop.”

Alyson chuckled and said, “That’d be amusing. Serves her right, especially after she blindsided Eliza like that.”

Sarah nodded thoughtfully, “Don’t worry about Eliza, she’s channeled all her anger into some nasty sparring. She’s getting over it and I wouldn’t want to be Nat the next time those two meet.”

The redhead nodded in reply and kept watching the tape. After a few seconds of silence, she said almost apprehensively, “Sarah, I was wondering if I could talk to you about something. It’s kinda stupid, but it’s been bothering me.”

Gellar frowned slightly and responded, “Sure, what’s wrong? Not butterflies is it? I mean, I know tonight’s your first Main Event for Rich, but it’s certainly not your first time headlining a card.”

Aly shook her head no. “No, it’s not that. The match doesn’t bother me. I mean, Jordana’s good, but I’ve beaten girls like her before and I’ve seen what she can do. It’ll be a fight, but not anything that I can’t win.”

“So what is it?” Sarah had known Alyson was Sarah’s oldest friend in the wrestling business. She knew that the redhead didn’t get flustered easily, and if something was troubling her, it had to be pretty heavy indeed.”

Alyson didn’t reply for a moment, instead she picked up the remote. Pointing it at the TV, she hit reverse and waited for several seconds before hitting play and then pause just as quickly. Alyson looked gravely at the screen. “That’s who I’m worried about.” On the screen, the mystery woman Rich and the other guys in the office had started calling ‘The Hood’ was standing over a dazed and confused Katie Holmes.

Sarah recalled the moment all too well. Whoever the Hood was, she had come out of nowhere and blasted Katie in the back with a chair, right as the brunette was getting ready to put Megan Fox out of commission with the Holmes Wrecker. Sarah’s face went several shades colder and she asked, “The Hood you mean? That’s what’s bothering you?”

Alyson nodded. “Stupid I know, but I’ve never dealt with anything like this before, even the possibility of something like this. Run ins I can deal with, but these weird psychological tricks she plans before her attacks, I don’t know how to deal with it. I thought maybe since you’d dealt with the Darkness, you might have some suggestions to how I could… I don’t know, psyche myself up for her, in case she does appear.”

Sarah glared at the picture of the Hood and then tried her best to answer her friend. “Whoever this chick is, she’s working different from Katie and her cronies; when the Darkness was working their light mojo, they just used it as a cover to hit the ring to get the jump on whoever it was they were looking to… well, jump. But the Hood, she seems more interested in scaring everyone. The attacks are almost incidental. It’s hard enough to try to prepare for someone that might not even show up, but it’s even harder to anticipate the plans of someone playing Scooby Doo style mind games.”

The redhead sighed heavily and said, “That’s what I was afraid of. It’s just… this is my first Main Event, and I don’t want my win to be overshadowed by some creepy parlor tricks? I mean, what the hell does she even want?”

Sarah was about to answer when a voice from the hall interrupted, “She wants to drive me crazy.” They looked toward the door where Katie Holmes was leaning against the door frame, soda in hand.

Sarah looked confused and said, “How’d you get in Katie, I thought you forgot…”

Katie held up a key card, “Your nagging finally got to me Tiny.” She looked to Alyson, “Hi Red. What’re you doing here? Shouldn’t be getting ready for your wrangle with Jordana?”

“I’ve faced tougher girls than Jordy,” Alyson said. “It’s your new secret admirer I’m worried about.”

Katie scowled and closed the door behind her a little harder than necessary. Sitting in a chair opposite the couch, she sneered, “That bitch! Cost me a World Title shot. No offense Tiny, but I’ve taken you before, and I would’ve done it again! When I find out who that freak is, I’m gonna snap her in two.” Katie took a pull of her drink, then continued, “Why are you worried about the Hood, Red? She hasn’t shown any interest in you.”

Alyson shrugged. “I don’t know, just a premonition I guess.”

Holmes nodded slightly. “Good enough for me; instincts won’t steer you wrong. You wanna know how to avoid the Hood? As soon as you win, get out of the ring. She likes to hit right after the bell…and for God’s sake, don’t look up into the spotlight. I learned that the hard way.”

Alyson smiled again, she looked a little more upbeat now. But the expression was short lived; frowning again, she glanced between Sarah and Katie as she asked, “When you walked in, you said she wanted to drive you crazy. What’d you mean?”

Smiling at her tag partner, Sarah quipped, “Hard to imagine someone being able to drive you any crazier than you already are Holmes.”

Katie rolled her eyes and fired back, “Always so droll. That’s why I like you Sarah. It’s also why I loved hitting you in the face all those times.”

Now it was Sarah’s turn to roll her eyes, “As smug as ever Katie. Tell ya what, after I whip Charlize’s butt and take the belt, you’ll get the first shot. It’s been too long since I smacked you around.”

Katie was on the verge of saying something else when Alyson interrupted. “Uh ladies, can you hold off on the hesitant partners schtick for just a moment? I really want to know why you said she’s trying to drive you crazy.”

Katie sheathed her claws for the time being and sat back in the chair. Brushing some hair behind her ears, Katie looked at the ceiling for a moment and then said, “She keeps saying she wants me to Come Home. And since the Toledo tourism board doesn’t employ druids, she has to be talking about the Darkness. Whoever she is, she’s got serious poser issues Rich has already confirmed that Kris, Erica and the two Jess’s were accounted for at the time of the attacks. I suppose it could be Ashley, but subterfuge isn’t her style; she’d just punk me out face to face. Of course, I’d just beat her ass down, but the principle of the thing would be the same. No, whoever this is, the Hood wasn’t one of us.

“Exactly what she could want with me or a new Darkness, I don’t know, but that bitch is in for a nasty surprise. I don’t do the group thing anymore; when I get my hands on her, it’ll be me and only me that tears her sneaking, skulking ass to pieces! That might not be of help, but you can take some consolation in the fact that if she DOES attack you, I’ll give her one for you, and many, many more for me!”

Alyson smiled wanly and said, “Guess I’ll just have to watch my back tonight.” Suddenly she stood up and stretched. Looking to Sarah she said, “All right, I’ve taken up enough of your movie time. I’m gonna go hit the gym for a little while before the show starts.”

Sarah got up and gave her friend a quick hug. “You’ll be fine Aly, just don’t worry so much about the Hood that you overlook Jordana. She’s a pretty tough opponent.”

“I never overlook anyone Sarah. That’s why I worry.” The pair had reached the door of the room and Sarah opened it for the redhead. “We’ll be rooting for you Alyson.”

“I won’t!” Katie called out. “But I won’t be rooting against you either, if that means anything.”

Sighing, Alyson called back, “Your exuberance is touching.”

Patting the redhead on the shoulder, Sarah said, “Don’t mind her, she’s been crankier than usual lately.”

As she stepped into the hall, Alyson glanced back at the blonde. “Wish me luck!”

“You don’t need luck,” Sarah replied with a grin.”

“Couldn’t hurt! See you later Sarah.”

“See ya Aly.” Sarah watched her walk down the hall and then closed the door. Walking back towards the couch, she saw Katie was watching the Hood’s attack again. “You really think Hood wants a Darkness sequel?”

Katie didn’t look away from the screen, “Yep!”

“How do you know?” Sarah sat down on the couch, staring intently at the quiet brunette.

Holmes’ normally calm demeanor suddenly became very angry. “I just know. I’ll tell you later Slayer, but my suspicions are a little odd. And I sure as hell don’t want you to think I’m crazy. Now would you mind shutting up? I’m trying to figure out who kicked my ass.”

Sarah sighed and turned her attention to the tape, “Well turn up the volume at least, I want to hear Natalie tap out again. That never gets old.”

Katie didn’t say anything, but she did crank up the volume; leving the two reluctant champions alone with their thoughts to a soundtrack provided by the ‘Sixth Circle of Hell.’
It was getting on toward the end of February when Richard Fannin’s promotion made its way back to the tiny town of Crystal Lake New Jersey and the little roadside dive called ‘Voorhees Roadhouse.’ Being as how this was to be their first show in the new year for the good fans of the Roadhouse, Fannin had gone out of the way to make sure that the card was stacked from top to bottom and he had lined up an especially impressive Main Event to cap off the evening. In the final match of the night, sultry brunette Jordana Brewster would take on the recently hired Alyson Hannigan.

Since her arrival in the company less than two months ago, the redhead had been on a streak the likes of which hadn’t been seen in a very long time. Of course, there’s always someone looking to play the role of the spoiler and tonight that happened to be Jordana. The tall brunette certainly had the skills to put Alyson on the canvas, and it was clear from the gossip going around the locker room that she was eager to rain on the redhead’s parade. But your nameless narrator fears he may be talking too much, so without further adieu, I’ll hand things off to the erstwhile Ring Announcer who’s already firmly ensconced in the squared circle.

Bringing the mic up, the Announcer took a breath and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen it’s time for tonight’s Main Event! Introducing first, she stands at 5’ 7”…she is, JORDANAAAAAHH BREWSTEEEEERRR!”

The distinctive opening drumbeat of ‘Judith’ by A Perfect Circle roars to life and several second later, the brunette pushes through the curtains and stands at the top of the ramp. Dressed in a short black silk robe that ended well above the knee, the brunette paused for several seconds with both hands on her hips. Surveying the multitude, Jordana smiled slightly and then undid the sash. Slipping the garment off her shoulders, she basks in the crowd’s adulation as they take in her simple dark green bikini and her simple black pads and boots.

Letting the cheers roll over her, Jordana saluted the mob and then strutted down the ramp. Reaching the edge of the ring, she nodded to Richard Pickman; the quiet artist had set up a tripod and easel at ringside so that he could both sketch and photograph the action as it took place. Checking his camera quickly, Pickman nodded politely to Jordana and then went back to adjusting the camera. Turning her attention back to the ring, Jordana slipped under the bottom rope and popped to her feet. Turning to all four sides of the ring, she dipped into a low, arrogant bow, letting the crowd take her in for a few more moments before her music died down.

Waiting for the crowd to quiet down, the Announcer brought the mic back up and resumed, “And her opponent; she stands 5’ 6” and is currently UNdefeated with a record of 15-0. Please allow me to introduce, ALYYYYSSON HANNNIGAAAAN!”

The opening chords to Godsmack’s ‘Serenity’ pulses through Voorhees and the redhead makes her presence felt a moment later. Standing sat the top of the ramp, the pale beauty is a sight to behold, clad simply but very effectively in a midnight blue, two-piece vinyl bikini that echoed the look of the outfit worn by her best friend, the Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Grinning widely for the crowd, Alyson walks quickly down the ramp, slapping hands and exchanging words with the fans all the way down to the ring. Flashing a smile at Pickman as she slipped under the bottom rope, Alyson rolled to one knee and then rose to her feet before walking towards her corner. Stepping onto the second turnbuckle, she raised both hands over her head and nodded confidently as the crowd continued to explode. Waiting another second, the redhead hopped down from the corner and settled in to wait for the opening of the match.

DING! DING! DING! The bell clanged loudly, signaling the beginning of the match, though there was no need to ask for whom it was tolling since the two most likely candidates for that distinction were already in the ring. Giving her supporters one last smile before things turned ugly, Alyson turned her attention across the ring to Jordana before slowly padding out towards the center of the ring.

From the other side of the squared circle, the brunette glared smugly at the redhead, bounced on her toes a couple of times and then sauntered out to meet her opponent for the evening. Stopping within a few inches of the pale beauty, Jordana put both hands on her hips, as she looked Alyson up and down. Letting her gaze come to rest on Alyson’s face, she commented, “Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal about you is. Maybe everybody just likes to see the ‘girl next door’ get roughed up every now and then. If that’s the case, I won’t disappoint. You’re in for the worst ass kicking of your life Hannigan. I’m gonna beat you like a…. well, like a redheaded stepchild I suppose.” The tanned brunette grinned evilly as if daring Alyson to answer with a taunt of her own.

Rolling her eyes ever so slightly, the redhead took a half step forward and replied, “Well as long as we’re starting with the obvious insults, I’d like to see you try it…Punky.”

Jordana sneered as she dropped down into a deep crouch. In the next instant she lunged forward, locking up with Alyson in a simple Collar and Elbow Tie-Up. Not caught off guard by Jordana’s quick attack, Alyson leaned hard into the clench, doing her best to impose her will on the lithe brunette. The contest of strength led to several seconds of mindless wandering around the ring as both beauties stamped and staggered back and forth in an attempt to emerge the winner in this initial encounter. The stalemate was broken when Alyson suddenly planted her feet and twisted violently to her right, causing Jordana to lose her footing and go back first into the turnbuckles. Still maintaining the simple grapple, Alyson leaned in as hard as she could, making sure to get her hands under Jordana’s chin and push pack with all her strength.

Gritting her teeth as Alyson ground her into the buckles, the brunette spotted the ref out of the corner of her eye and muttered, “I’m in the ropes, how about you do your job?” The admonition broke the ref from his reverie and he quickly moved in between the ladies, forcing Alyson to break the clinch and step back several paces.

Pleased with putting Jordana in her place so quickly, Alyson ran a hand through her hair and fired off, “I think maybe these people are more interested in seeing the mouthy bad girl get put in her place. But with all the mouth on you, I’m gonna have to find a pretty big place to put you in.”

Stepping out from the corner, Jordana glared daggers at her foe while she made minute adjustments to her dark green bottoms. Satisfied with the state of her attire, she resumed her crouch and spat, “You should enjoy our little chats while you can, bitch. By the end of the match, you won’t be able to hear them over your screaming.” Taking advantage of the split second Alyson used to start formulating a reply, Jordana leapt at her startled foe and slapped on another Collar and Elbow Tie-Up. Knowing the redhead was still off balance from her lunge, the brunette returned tit for tat as she whipped around and flung Alyson into the buckles. Getting in close to the pale skinned girl, Jordana chested into her foe and grabbed a double handful of Alyson’s crimson locks. Yanking Alyson’s head back and forth, Jordana sneered, “C’mon baby, how are you gonna put me in my place if you start sobbing when I pull your hair? You’re pathetic you know that?”

Holding back the cries building in her throat, Alyson got her hands on Jordana’s wrists and held fast, stopping the hair pull just long enough to shout, “HAIR, REF!” The zebra (who was already moving in to enforce the break) saw what the brunette was doing and immediately began his five count.

Dark eyes blazing, Jordana looked to the ref and then back to Alyson before muttering, “Wimp” and releasing the hold.

Letting Alyson slump back in the corner, Jordana raised both hands high and stepped back, feigning innocence in front of the official. The ref had just nodded his approval when she shot forward and wicked Knee Lift that caught the redhead right in the belly. Alyson gasped and stumbled forward, dropping to one knee for a moment before Jordana yanked her back up by the hair. Blatantly ignoring the nattering of the official, the brunette backed her opponent back into the corner before grabbing her left wrist.

Flipping a bit of hair from her eyes, Jordana grinned smugly and said, “I can’t believe he fell for that! Seems that you’re not the only sucker in this ring Alyson.”

Not letting her prey get a word in edgewise, Jordana planted her feet and then whipped Alyson across the ring at a diagonal, sending the blue-clad beauty back first into the opposing turnbuckles with ring shaking force. Positive that Alyson wasn’t playing opossum, Jordana broke into a flat out run that carried her across the ring in the blink of an eye. Seconds before she ran through the redhead, Jordana brought her right arm arching up, smashing it right across Alyson’s breasts in an undependable Clothesline.

The force of the collision knocked Alyson back even further and her legs flailed haplessly in the air for a moment before coming to rest on the canvas. She hadn’t even had time to take another breath when Jordana peeled off of her and sent her staggering back into the middle of the ring. Pursuing her injured adversary with a satisfied look on her face, Jordana easily caught up with Alyson and wrapped her up in a tight Waist Lock.

Grinding heavily against the redhead’s back, she taunted, “I’ve already damaged the T, now lets get to work on the A.”

Then she bent her knees and then straightened back out, lifting Alyson off the canvas and high into the air. Holding her opponent prone, Jordana waited several seconds, letting the crowd get its fill of seeing Alyson wriggle as she tried to escape her predicament. Only when she felt Alyson’s weight begin to wear on her did Jordana suddenly dropped to one knee and bring Alyson down; dropping her butt across the posted joint in a simple but effective Atomic Drop. Lightning raced up the redhead’s spine as she limped gingerly forward, both hands going to her wounded tailbone as she sought any relief from the pain of Jordana’s last maneuver. While this was able to afford her some mild relief, it was soon to be blotted out by another explosion of pain.

As Alyson staggered away and lowered her hands, she left her head unguarded and that’s where Jordana was aiming for now. Lining up behind the oblivious beauty, the brunette bounced off the ropes and raced back towards Alyson, trapping her in a loose Headlock as she went by. Pulling Alyson over double, Jordana was all smiles as she took another few strides and then leapt into the air, soaring for a few more feet before she came down on her butt and Alyson came down on her face, courtesy of the Bulldog! Alyson groaned aloud as her face, chest and belly bounced off the canvas, but aside form rolling limply onto her back, there didn’t seem to be much else she could do at the moment.

Standing a few feet away from the wounded redhead, Jordana watched dispassionately as Alyson slowly rolled over onto her side and then got to her hands and knees. Cocking her head to the side Jordana looked surprised and muttered to herself, “And how are you undefeated again? Oh, who cares? Ending your sad little winning streak is gonna put me back in the title hunt, which is right where I want to be.”

Ending her soliloquy, Jordana tensed up for a moment and then sprinted forward, this time bringing her boot up into Alyson’s unprotected ribs. WAP! “AAARRRRRRGH!” The sound like a baseball bat striking wet clay was followed almost instantly by a pained scream from the redhead. The kick sent Alyson rolling almost to the edge of the ring, but she was able to grab the bottom rope at the last second to keep from tumbling out onto the floor below. Of course, the extra distance might have actually been a blessing because then Jordana wouldn’t have been able to reach down and yank Alyson to her feet!

Muscling the dazed redhead towards the corner, Jordana unceremoniously tossed her foe into the buckles before leaning in and brushing some of the hair out of Alyson’s face. Patting her cheek gently, the brunette cooed, “Ya know Alyson, your hair really is your best feature. The dark red rally works well against your skin, you’d think you’d want to have more red in your outfit, but instead you went with this shabby old blue thing. As a public service, I’d like to add a little more red to your look; I’m sure I’ll be happy with the results.”

Speaking no more, Jordana placed one hand on Alyson’s chin while she reared back with the other. Waiting for just a moment, she brought the limb whistling forward, cracking Alyson right across the breasts with a mean-spirited Knife Edge Chop. Smiling savagely at the WOOOO that broke out all over the building, Jordana leaned back and administered several more echoing shots, each crisp little CRACK forcing a woozy cry of protest from Alyson and raising another angry red welt on her formerly unmarred skin.

Sitting slumped in the corner, soaking up Jordana’s abuse, a lone thought broke through the haze of Alyson’s pain and cleared her head for the first time in minutes, ‘Sheesh, this tramp gets in one cheap shot and you let her just wail on ya for the next five minutes? What the hell is wrong with you?’ Answering her own question she thought, ‘I’m too nice. Let’s see if I can’t remedy that.’

Before the domineering brunette could deliver another sizzling chop, Alyson shoved forward and grabbed a wicked double handful of Jordana’s dark mane. Ignoring Jordana’s startled yelp, Alyson twisted her hips and reversed their positions, leaving the brunette dazed and hung up in the corner. Smiling as her supporters came to life, Alyson pulled Jordana’s arms away from her chest and let them splay over the top rope. Getting her hand under the brunette’s chin, Alyson locked eyes with her opponent and chided, “Thanks for the fashion tip Jordy. Now let’s add some more red to your outfit. With all the green, you may end up looking like a Christmas tree, but that’s still a little less garish than you’d normally look.”

Holding the protesting brunette firmly in place, Alyson pulled back and delivered a receipt, a good dozen Knife Edge Chops that had the tanned beauty writhing and cringing with each flesh tingling impact. Alyson had just taken a break from the action to shake out her chopping hand when Jordana pulled an arm free and jammed a thumb into her eye. Blinded by the sneak attack, Alyson grunted in anger and pain before staggering backwards, shaking her head wildly in an attempt to clear her vision.

Watching hatefully from the corner, Jordana took a moment to cross her arms protectively across her welted chest and then she pushed free, stalking after her injured quarry. Easily catching up with the blinded redhead, Jordana grabbed a handful of Alyson’s dark blue tights and whirled her around to face the brunette. Ducking low, she wrapped both arms around the redhead’s hips and clasped her hands tight under Alyson’s butt.

Holding on tight as Alyson started to struggle, Jordana sneered, “You’re the one who should be worried about looking garish. After all, it’s not going to be too pretty when I strip you down and stuff that nasty outfit in your mouth is it?”

Through talking, she pushed up, hoisting Alyson a few feet off the ground. Knowing she had to act quickly, Jordana looked over her shoulder and then stumbled back a few steps before falling straight back, dropping Alyson throat first across the top rope in an insidious Hot Shot. The redhead made a horrible little gurgle in the back of her throat but that was the only sound she managed before she put both hands around her neck and pressed down tight, trying her best to massage out the furious burning that had been set off in her windpipe. She was still in this prone state when Jordana grabbed her at the hip and shoulder, only to whirl her around to face the brunette.

Already in motion, Jordana purred, “What’s the matter honey, can’t breathe? Let’s get you onto your back then.”

Continuing her assault, Jordana went low again, wrapping her arms around Alyson’s thighs for the second time in as many minutes. But this time when she exploded upward, Jordana drove herself forward and down, smashing the full length of Alyson’s back into the unforgiving mat with a ring rattling Spinebuster.

Popping to her feet, Jordana brushed some invisible grime off her hands and then addressed the crowd. “Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my fill of torturing this poser. So I’m just gonna end this thing before it gets any harder to watch.”

To a wave of raucous cheers, the brunette ambled over to the nearest set of ropes and slowly climbed to the top. Turning around to face towards the ring, Jordana raised both arms in a ‘let’s makes some noise’ gesture before she leaped into the void - and came crashing down on the body of Alyson Hannigan! Well, the crowd obliged the brunette’s request but not for the reason she was expecting. Because as she came hurtling down towards the redhead, Alyson had pulled her knees up tight and waited patiently for what she knew would be coming shortly. She didn’t have to wait long as Jordana dropped full force onto the bony joints and then bounced off, the brunette rolling around across the canvas in maddening agony as she tried to protect her suddenly tenderized ribs.

Still lying with her knees tucked up to her chin, Alyson finally stretched out and pushed to her feet. Taking a deep breath, she ran a hand through her hair and pulled her briefs into proper alignment before turning her attention to Jordana. Looking out at the crowd, the redhead grinned that trademark grin and joked, “She’s right, that was hard to watch. I bet she won’t want to see this coming either.” Leaving the crowd to figure out her intentions on their own, Alyson walked over to where Jordana was splayed out and pulled her to her feet. Grabbing a handful of dark hair, Alyson wasted no time in doubling Jordana over with a hard Knee Lift to the belly.

Releasing her grip, she stood to the brunette’s side and smirked, “YOU called ME a poser? That’s only correct if you count the posing I’m gonna do over your beaten ass when this match is over. And good news for both of us, I don’t think this is going to go on for much longer.”

Looking to make good on her prediction, Alyson backed into the ropes and loped forward, making a beeline for her dazed foe. With very little room between them, Alyson brought her right leg roaring up and blasted Jordana right in the temple with a Running Knee Lift. The brunette’s jaws clacked together loudly, but that was the only sound that came out of her before she fell backwards and landed on the mat in an awkward sprawl. Looming over Jordana, Alyson said rather too cheerfully, “All right, let’s get you up off the mat and back on your feet. I’m sure with a little help you’ll be bawling your surrender in no time.”

She hauled Jordana up by her bikini straps and then grabbed her by the wrist. Pointing the discombobulated brunette toward the cables, Alyson flung her opponent toward the ropes and waited patiently as Jordana stumbled back towards her. Waiting until Jordana was almost upon her, Alyson stepped to the side and slipped behind the brunette as she passed. Without a second’s hesitation, Alyson leaned against Jordana’s back and wrapped her right leg over, then between Jordana’s right leg. Securing the first part of the hold, Alyson wrapped up Jordana’s left arm with her right and pushed down hard, bending the brunette’s midsection painfully over the redhead’s taut thigh. To complete the Abdominal Stretch, Alyson placed the palm of her right hand over Jordana’s chin and pushed down hard, adding even more pressure to the brunette’s exposed abdomen. Having locked the Stretch in, Alyson smiled tensely as Jordana began to moan in her grip, the trapped brunette trying desperately to free herself from the agonizing hold. Alternately relaxing and increasing the pressure to make the move all the more unpleasant, Alyson rudely palmed Jordana’s face in her hand shook it back and forth, roughly pie-facing her captive.

Ignoring her foe’s indignant cries, Alyson purred, “This is quite the pose I’ve got you in right now isn’t it Punky? Of course, if you don’t like it, you could always give up. Then I’d have to let you go… eventually.”

Shaking her head furiously ’no’ as the ref checked for her submission, Jordana glared up at her tormentor and spat, “I’ll never submit to you, bitch. You’re gonna wish you’d never pulled your knees up.”

“I’m sure that’s a regret you’ve never had.” Alyson fired back, adding a little more pressure to the Abdominal Stretch as she spoke.

Gritting her teeth to keep from screaming, Jordana snarled, “Shut the hell up, smart-ass!”

As the words left her mouth, Jordana knew she had to get out of the Ab Stretcher before Alyson finished her off then and there. Fighting through the ever-growing burn in her abs, the brunette craned her head toward the ropes and realized she was less than an arms-length away. Groping wildly with her free hand, Jordana managed to grab the top rope, then shake it furiously, demanding the zebra force Alyson to release her.

Sighing with derision as the ref told her to let go, Alyson used up most of the allotted five seconds before letting the brunette drop in a sweaty pile of jumbled limbs at her feet. Taking a step back to catch her breath, Alyson waited for Jordana to get up and turn around before saying anything; then locking eyes with the brunette she taunted, “Looks like the good girl just stretched your no talent ass out a few inches. Not so good at taking what you dish are ya Jordy?”

Snarling furiously, Jordana shot back, “Let’s see you deal with me now you smarmy slut!”

The barb was still hanging between them when Jordana exploded forward with left arm extended, clearly intending to take Alyson’s head off at the shoulders. But the redhead saw the impulsive attack coming and she easily ducked and slipped under the wayward Clothesline. Getting ready, she tensed just as Jordana whirled back around to face her and then she booted the brunette in the gut, taking the wind out of her. In the same motion, Alyson strode forward and hauled Jordana up across her shoulders in a simple Fireman’s Carry. As Alyson moved back towards the middle of the ring, the explosion from the crowd seemed unlikely given the how basic the move being employed was, but folks in the know were well aware that Alyson had made this simple carry the starting position for all sorts of innovative offense.

Turning in a half circle, Alyson tightened her grip and shouted, “I think I just heard Jordana’s stomach rumbling. Maybe she needs to eat something!”

Before Jordana could protest, Alyson rose up on her toes and tossed the brunette over her head, so that Jordana hit the canvas directly in front of the redhead. As her prey began to fall backward to the mat, Alyson dropped to one knee and let the brunette land belly first over her posted joint. Jordana’s already tenderized ribs were dealt another painful blow by the Gutbuster and she curled up in a tight ball at Alyson’s feet, trying hard to suck air into her oxygen deprived lungs.

Admiring her handiwork with a calculating stare, Alyson put hands on her hips and said, “You’re always curled up favoring your belly, I’d hate for your back to feel left out. Maybe we should both pay a little more attention to it.”

With those ominous words, she knelt down and pulled the gagging brunette to her feet again. Steeping behind Jordana Alyson bent down and applied a Waist Lock with one hand while the other gripped Jordana behind the left thigh. Setting her feet, Alyson lifted up and back, pulling Jordana into the void and into position for a Back Drop Suplex. But the redhead had another move in mind and when the brunette was posed to start falling back, Alyson quickly shifted her weight and dropped to one knee, bringing the full weight of Jordana’s body crashing down across her knee in a ingenious application of the Backbreaker.

Letting the small of Jordana’s back take the brunt of the impact, Alyson held her foe bent in that terrible inverted U shape for a few seconds before pushing the brunette off her knee and letting her roll limply across the canvas. Getting to her feet, Alyson stalked across the mat toward her crippled foe. The look on her face now wasn’t anything like the smiling girl that had started the match. She was still beautiful, but that beauty had transformed into something cold and dispassionate, she knew that Jordana was hurt and she was going to put the brunette away now. A convincing win over this arrogant girl would prove to all the doubters that Alyson was a force to be reckoned with inside the squared circle - not some innocent ‘girl next door’ archetype who’d simply gotten lucky in all her previous outings.

This line of thought passed through her mind in the instant it took her to come to a halt by Jordana’s side. Still reeling from the Backbreaker, the brunette was arched up, her midsection deliciously exposed as she remained blind to the looming threat of the redhead. She heard Alyson’s feet leave the mat, and she opened her eyes to see what was going on, but by then it was too late to prevent what was coming. The brunette opened her mouth in a helpless scream that was cut off when Alyson came crashing down, driving both padded knees deep in the pit of Jordana’s stomach. Jordana gagged even more violently and tried to wrench herself away from the pale girl, but Alyson reached out and easily snagged the waistband of the brunette’s green briefs; pulling Jordana backward onto her back.

Alyson easily straddled the other girl’s waist and placed her right hand palm down on the brunette’s tormented middle. Not bothering to wait for Jordana’s vision to clear, Alyson dug her fingers deep into the brunette’s belly, pulling and twisting at the soft flesh in a strength-sapping Stomach Claw. Jordana thrashed and howled as she tried to escape, but Alyson held fast and she only increased the pressure.

“Give it up now Punky. I’m not one to hurt my opponents any more than I have to, so just spare yourself more hurt and tap out right now,” she said, punctuating her demand with a twist of Jordana’s sweat slick belly flesh.

Her feet beating an erratic tattoo on the mat, Jordana slowly opened her eyes and glared up into Alyson’s face and retorted, “Go ahead and hit me with everything you can loser. Unlike you, I love hurting girls more than I have to. So get your licks in now because when I take over, you’re gonna scream and sob until I think you’ve had enough. And then I’ll hurt you some more, just on general principle.”

Alyson looked annoyed and spat, “All right, be a bitch. I don’t know why I’d ever take pity on a tramp like you anyway.”

She shut up and dug her hand back into the brunette’s stomach, openly relishing the pained cries coming from her captive. Trying as best she could to ignore the Five Fingers of Death buried in her gut, Jordana craned her head back and found that the ropes were still several feet behind her. Stifling a sob as Alyson dug in a little deeper, Jordana planted her hands on the mat and started to crawl backwards, pulling their combined weight slowly but steadily towards sanctuary. Several seconds of eternity passed for the brunette but she was finally able to reach out and grab hold of the bottom rope. Looking back towards Alyson she sneered, “Get off me bitch, I’m in the ropes.”

Looking nonplused, Alyson looked up and fired back, “I’ve got five seconds to work with,” digging her fingers into Jordana’s belly for a final round of clawing.

Unwilling to wait that long, Jordana took matters into her own hands, or hand if you will. Pulling one hand away from the rope she curled it into a loose talon and raked it across Alyson’s face, forcing a startled cry from the redhead. Alyson shifted her weight in response to the attack and that was all Jordana needed too pull free and then kick her opponent away, creating some much needed space between them.

Using the ropes to get to her feet, Jordana observed the reddish imprint of Alyson’s hand on her stomach with a growing rage. Turning her ire on the redhead, she stalked forward and trapped the wounded beauty in an inescapable Front Face Lock.

Allowing herself the luxury of giving Alyson a cruel wedgie with her free hand, Jordana sneered nastily, “So you wanted to rip my stomach out did you, bitch? Well I’m gonna split your fucking skull open, that should make us just about even.”

Then she fell back hard and fast, looking to drive Alyson’s forehead straight into the canvas with a DDT. But Alyson’s head never touched the canvas. Right as the brunette started to drop back, she reached out and latched an arm over the top rope and held tight. When Jordana’s momentum pulled her off her feet, the brunette hit the mat by herself, landing painfully on her back while Alyson stayed on her feet, thanks to her makeshift anchor.

Clearing her vision after Jordana’s claw had blinded her, Alyson looked down at the brunette and replied, “I wasn’t specifically focusing on your stomach Jordana, I was just going for an all around generalized dismantling of your defenses. If you’d like me to take a look at you r head, all you had to do was ask.”

Not waiting to see if Jordana really would ask, Alyson bent down and pulled her opponent to her feet before applying a tight Standing Headscissors.

Helping herself to a generous handful of dark green bikini bottoms, Alyson taunted, “How’s this feel?” as she executed a short hop, stamping her feet onto the canvas and wrenching Jordana’s neck at the same time. A quizzical smile on her face, Alyson continued, “Still hurts does it? I guess we’ll just have to apply some localized anesthesia.”

She jumped again and fell to her knees, brutally driving the brunette’s face into the mat with a move that could best be described as a Pedigree but without the hooking of the arms. Sitting comfortably on the back of Jordana’s head, Alyson preened for the crowd for a moment before lightly spanking the brunette’s upturned rump.

“Feeling any better?” she purred. “No? Well I guess we’ll have to try something even stronger.”

Slowly peeling herself off of the brunette’s crumpled form, Alyson reached down and pulled the dazed girl to her feet. Grabbing Jordana’s wrist in both hands, Alyson turned her towards the corner and sent her loping towards the steel buckles. Not wanting to give her adversary a second to breathe, Alyson took off after her, preparing to smash Jordana against the corner as soon as the brunette made contact with the corner.

Tragically for Alyson, the brunette never did make contact with the corner. As she sprinted towards the buckles, Jordana’s mind cleared and she was able to regain her bearings just in time to execute a beautiful vertical leap that brought her to rest on the top turnbuckle. Without a glance back, the brunette leapt backwards into the void, turning around in midair only to drive the point of her shoulder directly into Alyson’s sternum as she the shocked redhead had no time to prepare for the rival’s breathtaking counter. The ridiculously augmented Shoulder Block knocked Alyson off her feet and sent her rolling across the ring head over heels before coming to a stop in a stunned, moaning heap.

Still shaky from all the abuse she had taken, not to mention her acrobatic counter, Jordana took several steadying breaths before she stalked over to where Alyson was laid out. A vicious hatred suddenly welled up in Jordana’s mind and she scowled hatefully as she knelt down to jerk the redhead to her feet.

Standing dominant before the limp kneed woman, Jordana went nose-to-nose with her opposition and whispered, “You want to try and embarrass ME? Listen up whore, no goody two shoes fan suck up like you is going to humiliate me It’s the heroine that always gets humiliated by the cruel villainess, that’s how these people always want the story to end. And this particular tale is going to be no exception.”

Getting nothing but a weak sounding moan from her victim, Jordana scooped Alyson onto her shoulder like a slippery, redheaded sack of potatoes. Shifting her grip, Jordana wrapped her left arm across the pale expanse of Alyson’s back, right above her dangling arms. Then, Jordana used her right arm to cup the back of Alyson’s neck positioning her so that her head was just about even with the brunette’s hip. Satisfied with her hold, Jordana spun in a full circle before rising up on her toes and sitting out hard. As she fell, the brunette tossed Alyson’s body off her shoulder, sending it flailing out in front of her.

When the landing came, Alyson hit the mat with the full length of her back, but the majority of the impact was felt in her head and shoulders. She had just become the newest recipient of one of the brunette’s favorite moves; an Over the Shoulder Power Slam turned Reverse DDT, she called it, The Brewster Rocket.

Feeling the move connect perfectly, Jordana popped to her feet and roared triumphantly as the crowd sang her praises. Looking from the wreckage of Alyson Hannigan to the top rope, Jordana glared back at her fallen rival and cooed, “Let’s see you get your knees up this time Aly…”

Through with the preamble, Jordana took off towards the corner at top speed and once again leapt into the air to land easily on the top rope. Less than a second passed before she leapt backwards, executing a perfect back flip before coming down chest first across Alyson’s defenseless midriff in a rib shattering Moonsault. Smiling jubilantly as the redhead jackknifed beneath her, Jordana held her perch and reached down to hook both legs. Trapping Alyson in a tight cradle, Jordana put all her weight into the cover as the ref knelt to make the count. He had just passed “TWO!” and was going for three when the pinned girl was able to muscle the brunette off of her.

Obviously frustrated at what she perceived to be a slow count, Jordana glared daggers at the referee before returning her focus to Alyson. Kneeling behind the winded redhead, the brunette pulled her to a sitting position and planned out her next move. Picking her spot, Jordana’s dark eyes gleamed as she reached forward and grabbed hold of Alyson’s wrists, one in either hand.

Pulling the redhead’s arms straight out behind her, Jordana leaned in and taunted, “Bet it won’t be so easy for you to kick out after I’ve dislocated your shoulders.”

Irritated that Alyson didn’t rise to her barb, the brunette rolled her eyes and fell backwards, laying with her back on the canvas, her opponent’s wrists still firmly in her grasp. She’d occupied this position for less than a second when she snaked her legs up and under Alyson’s arms, bringing her knees roughly level to the redhead’s armpits. In the next breath, she crossed her ankles behind Alyson’s neck and simultaneously pushed down with her legs while pulling back on her victim’s arms. Alyson screamed in terrible agony as Jordana continued to pour pressure into the Lotus Lock, an exotic sounding name for a move that was really nothing more than a Full Nelson applied with the legs as opposed to the arms. Secure in the knowledge that Alyson wasn’t going anywhere; Jordana released the redhead’s wrists and put her palms on the mat, pushing herself up off the mat to add more pressure to the agonizing hold.

Licking her lips in anticipation of the submission she was sure to be forthcoming, Jordana rocked up and down on her palms and demanded, “Ready to give it up, bitch? If not I can make sure you end the evening getting fitted for the most adorable upper body cast you’ve ever seen.”

Jordana bore down even harder, trying to force Alyson admit defeat. But Alyson, red hair hanging in her eyes and sweat running down her face, knew if she couldn’t extricate herself from the Lotus soon that the conclusion of this match would be a mere formality. Trying to tug her arms free, she quickly discovered that actually escaping the move was next to impossible so the next best thing would be a forced break. Shaking her head ‘no’ as the ref leaned in to check her, the redhead banged her feet rhythmically against the mat, trying to get the crowd behind her. It didn’t take long for the mob to catch on and soon the club was ringing with the synchronized clapping of a legion of Alyson fans.

Biting her lower lip in an admirable effort to block out the pain, Alyson planted her feet against the mat and used them to haul herself forward a few inches. The ropes were still pretty far away, but they were closer than before and she considered that a major victory. Brushing off Jordana’s taunts, Alyson continued to drag them both towards the ropes in a gutsy show of determination that ultimately allowed her to wrap both ankles around the bottom rope and cry out, “GET THIS BITCH OFFA ME, I’M IN THE ROPES!”

Shaking her head in disgust, Jordana taunted Alyson in a mocking, high pitched tone, “I’ve got five seconds to work with!”

Jordana giggled as she used the precious five seconds to pinch and maul the redhead’s breasts to her heart’s content. Finally giving into the zebra’s demands, she released the hold and pulled away from the wounded beauty. Watching the mauled redhead try to pull herself up, Jordana smelled blood in the water and she intensified her efforts to not only break down Alyson’s physical defenses, but her mental ones as well. Stalking forward with a savagely gleeful bounce in her step, Jordana scooped her prey up in a simple Body Slam and marched her towards the center of the ring.

Turning in a slow, languid circle, she chided, “What’s the matter, don’t cute, wholesome girls like you enjoy having their tits groped? No? Well maybe you’ll like being broken in half, I’m willing to oblige all of my opponent’s whims. Anything to make them… and more importantly, me, happy.”

Not waiting for a response this time, the brunette rose up on her toes and tossed Alyson down to the canvas, watching with a sort of twisted avidity as the pale girl’s back arched on impact. Keeping up her ‘no breathers’ type of offense, Jordana knelt beside her writing foe and quickly planted a knee deep in the redhead’s ribs. Reaching down further, she grabbed hold of Alyson’s right wrist and right ankle before pulling back hard, bending her helpless foe wickedly across her knee with a modified Bow and Arrow.

Flipping some hair from her eyes, Jordana glared down into Aly’s sweat shined face and purred, “Wanna give it up now baby? I can make it so that upper body cast turns full body in the blink of an eye. All you have to do is not submit, and I’ll snap you in two like a rotten stick.”

She ended her tirade by pulling back even harder on the hold and grinding her padded knee back and forth across the redhead’s ribs.

Trying and not really succeeding at blocking the quiver in her voice, Alyson fired back, “Not gonna give in that easy Punky. You’ll have to do something that actually hurts if you want me to tap out.”

Infuriated that the redhead could continue to be so glib in the face of the hurt she was doling out, Jordana cranked back on the Bow and Arrow and snarled, “You want me to REALLY hurt you? Baby, you should be careful what you wish for!”

Jordana cinched on a two fisted grip on Alyson’s hair and hoisted her to her feet. With no wasted motion, she scooped the other woman into position for another Body Slam, but before she could complete the move, Alyson whipped her hands up and Face Raked the brunette across the eyes, returning a favor from earlier in the contest. Blinded by the sudden counter, Jordana let out an angry groan and lost her balance, letting Alyson slide easily down her back. As soon as Alyson felt her feet on the mat, she lunged forward and grabbed hold of Jordana’s hair, tugging the brunette back by the roots. Reeling in her opponent, Alyson easily bent Jordana backwards, wrapping the taller girl up in a painful Inverted Face Lock.

Holding the brunette’s chin snugged tight in her armpit, Alyson chuckled, “That’s why I love bad girls; you’re so damned predictable!”

The words were barely out of her mouth when she dropped to one knee and viciously drove her knee between Jordana’s shoulder blades. Jordana let out a little cry of pain and then she was silent, both hands flying to her injured back as she tried to dull the pain in her upper back. Watching Jordana tend to her wounds reminded Alyson of her own and the tired redhead took a moment to roll her shoulders and try to work the irritating stitch out of her side. Feeling slightly more human after a few seconds, she glared down at her recovering rival with a vindictive stare that looked remarkably out of character on her pretty face. Taking a few silent steps backwards, Alyson crouched and waited patiently while Jordana got her legs under her and pushed up to her knees.

That was all the invitation Alyson needed and with no further prompting, she surged forward towards the penitent brunette. Jordana turned toward the redhead just in time to see Alyson’s boot come flying in toward her face, but far too late to do anything about it. The Yakuza Kick caught Jordana flat across her cheek and there was a loud THWACK as the blow spun her around and dropped her back onto the canvas. Recovering quickly from the kick, Alyson realized that the simple maneuver might have knocked Jordana cold, so she went about trying to end the fight then and there. Dropping to her knees, Alyson muscled Jordana over onto her back and then draped herself across the brunette’s chest, hooking the far leg up tight as she did so. But even though the ref was in the perfect position to make the count, (which any fan of pro wrestling will tell you is very rare) Jordana was able to get her shoulder off the canvas shortly after ‘TWO!’

Sighing quietly, Alyson looked down into Jordana’s dazed features and said, “I suppose it would have been rather sad if I’d beaten you with a simple kick. It’s not even fancy and martial artsy like one of Sarah’s. I’ll just have to come up with something a little more impressive to keep you down.”

Just then her eyes lit up, and it was obvious that Alyson had just thought of her next move. Grabbing hold of Jordana’s hair, Alyson pulled the spaghetti legged girl to her feet and hoisted her up in another Fireman’s Carry.

Walking slowly around the ring, Alyson looked out at the crowd and grinned while she asked, “What’s she got planned? Could be anything, could be nothing, could be THIS!”

Right on cue she bent her knees and then pushed up hard on Jordana’s knees. The brunette’s body was flung up and over in a tight arc over Alyson head, coming down as if for some modified Death Valley Driver, but instead of simply sitting out, the redhead again dropped to one knee, letting the back of Jordana’s neck slam into the posted joint as she descended toward the canvas. The effects of the viciously modified Neckbreaker sent waves of agony through the brunette’s body, of which the loud screams and full body spasms were only the most obvious indicators.

Rubbing her knee gently where Jordana’s neck had hit, Alyson took much comfort in the fact that this pain was minor compared to the one she had just inflicted. Knowing there was no way for Jordana to withstand a prolonged assault on her head and neck, Alyson pulled the brunette up and went for the move that she hoped would be the final nail in the coffin. Standing back to back with her taller rival, Alyson reached back with both hands and cupped them tightly under Jordana’s chin. Pulling the brunette’s head roughly backward so that the back of her head was resting tightly against Alyson’s right shoulder.

Preparing to deliver her latest bit of offense, Alyson teased, “Looks like you’re gonna be needing to get fitted for a neck-brace Jordy. Don’t worry, I hear the new ‘06 line is much more fashionable than the ‘05’s.”

Not caring if she got an answer (she didn’t) Alyson sat out violently, snapping Jordana’s head back and wrenching her neck painfully with the Reverse Neckbreaker. Watching carefully at the way the brunette immediately tried to cover her head in both hands, Alyson again shoved Jordana onto her back and went for the cover, hooking both legs this time. The ref knelt to make the count, but he only got to ‘TWO’ before Jordana was able to get a shoulder up and break the count. Getting rather aggravated at the brunette’s stubborn refusal to stay down, Alyson got to her feet and pulled Jordana to hers.

Standing in front of the woozy girl she admonished, “Now Punky, if you don’t want to stay down, you better not complain after I…UNNGGHHHRRHHHH!”

She never got to finish her verbiage because Jordana cut her off with a brutal rake of her well-manicured talons across the redhead’s face.

Smiling viciously as Alyson stumbled away, Jordana set her feet and exclaimed, “You know, for a good girl, you sure talk a lot of shit. No wonder everyone’s in line to kick your ass.”

She launched forward and this time the Clothesline connected beautifully, striking Alyson directly across the throat and dropping her to the mat like a marionette with cut strings. Watching Alyson squirm on the mat, Jordana was all too aware that she’d have to act fast if she wanted to keep the redhead down for good. Moving easily to her victim’s side, the brunette dropped into a crouch and then exploded upwards in a tight little leap that culminated in her crashing down hard on Alyson’s belly in an abdomen-smashing Splash.

Not bothering to go for the cover, Jordana barely allowed herself time to breathe before getting to her feet and jerking Alyson up by the hair. Quickly trading in her hair pull for a two fisted grip on Alyson’s wrist, Jordana pointed her captive towards the ropes and whipped her into them with as much strength as she could muster. Knowing that the redhead wasn’t going to be able to pull anything funny, Jordana ran the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and sprinted back toward her charging rival until, with several feet between them, Jordana left her feet and flew towards the redhead in a high, graceful Flying Cross Body.

Well, the brunette had been right, Alyson wasn’t able to pull anything funny, but it certainly was painful; for as Jordana soared towards her, Alyson put on the brakes and brought her arms up, managing to catch the bigger brunette in mid-air and hold her without crashing onto her back. Clutching the furiously wriggling brunette to her bosom, Alyson panted, “Don’t really have much I can do with you in this position. Let’s get you into one I like a lot more.”

Then without missing a beat, Alyson tossed the brunette up and transitioned her into yet another Fireman’s Carry. As the crowd rose to its feet again, Alyson rose up on her toes and pushed up on Jordana’s chest this time, sending her up and out in an arc right as Alyson sat out, driving the full length of Jordana’s back violently into the canvas, a move that could best be described as a Death Valley Driver done off the wrong shoulder. Jordana hit the mat with a loud THUMP and lay still.

Alyson took this as a good sign and she pounced across the downed brunette, hooking her legs in a tight cradle while the ref counted, “ONE...TWO... “Jordana got a shoulder up. Slapping the mat in frustration, Alyson muttered under her breath, then calmed down a bit. She knew getting frustrated would only lead to making a mistake and that could prove lethal against a girl as capable as Jordana.

Steadying her thoughts, Alyson sidled up behind the winded beauty and pulled her to a sitting position. Leaning heavily across her foe’s back, Alyson extended her legs and slowly clasped them around Jordana’s waist, applying a Figure Four Body Scissors.

Leaning back on her hands to ratchet up the pressure, Alyson started to squeeze and she said in a remarkably conversational tone, “You’re not the only one that can use her legs Jordana. My hold might not be as fancy as yours, but I’m willing to bet you’re starting to have trouble breathing.”

Drawing a panting, ragged breath, the brunette was loath to admit that the redhead was right. Shaking her head ‘no’ as the ref checked her, Jordana fought against the slowly rising panic by balling her hands up and driving short, vicious punches into the meat of Alyson’s thighs. She was quite pleased to hear a few low grunts from her tormentor, but her joy turned to fury when Alyson reached forward and wrapped up her arms, stopping the escape tactic. A moment later Alyson pulled back so that Jordana fell with her and the leggy brunette ended up looking at the lights as the redhead’s deceptively strong legs crushed the life out of her.

Sweating and straining against the Body Scissors, Jordana’s pretty face contorted with rage when she heard Alyson ask, “So do you wanna give it up, or am I going to have to crush your ribs? I could do it if I wanted to, but I’d prefer to not have to hear your whining afterward. Whaddaya say Punky?”

Biting back a scream of rage, the brunette hissed, “LEMME GO!” the outburst took Alyson by surprise and her grip relaxed just long enough for Jordana to roll quickly onto her side and grab hold of the ropes.

Seconds later, the ref was goading Alyson into relinquishing her grip, which she did, but only after much prodding. Taking a deep breath, Alyson separated herself from the brunette for only a moment before wading back into the fray.

Picking Jordana up by her roots, Alyson shook her victim back and forth and taunted, “C’mon Jordana, can’t you stop cute little ol me from kicking your ass all over the ring? No? You can’t? Well then I might as well just put you out of your misery.”

Pulling the brunette close, Alyson ducked low and wrapped both arms around Jordana’s waist, preparing to hoist her up and deliver an Inverted Atomic Drop. But when Jordana’s feet should have left the mat, they stayed rooted firmly on the ground. Frowning, Alyson tried to lift her foe up a second time, and that’s when Jordana brought both hands smashing down on the small of her back in a brutal Double Ax-Handle.

Alyson groaned and slumped forward right into the brunette, who wasted no time in applying a stiff Front Face Lock. Grabbing a handful of tights, Jordana grins cruelly as s she lifts up and falls back fast, driving Alyson’s forehead hard into the mat with a bone crushing Implant DDT. Sitting on her haunches beside the groaning redhead, Jordana looks supremely satisfied with herself as she contemplates her next move. Looking up and down Alyson’s quivering frame, Jordana gives her foe’s butt a few light, taunting slaps before she pulled them both to their feet. Knowing she’s the only thing holding Alyson up at this point, Jordana reaches down between the redhead’s thighs and hoists her up, holding her perpendicular across her chest.

Turning around so that every side of the club cab see what she’s up to, Jordana is all smiles as she says, “Aly here is not the only one who can whip out new moves from the same old places. Check this out!”

She hadn’t even finished speaking when she tossed Alyson up just over her head and suddenly dropped back fast, letting the redhead free fall belly first into the mat, utilizing a move that was an odd combination of Power Slam and Fall Away Slam. Sitting right in front of her gasping adversary, Jordana quickly turned around and rolled Alyson onto her back before going for a cover. The zebra rushed in and got all the way to ‘TWO!’ before the pinned girl was able to get a shoulder free.

Spitting a curse, Jordana regained her composure and got to her feet. Sauntering around behind Alyson, she slipped through the ropes and waited patiently on the apron while the red head regained her vertical base. Realizing she was on the same side of the ring as the silently working artist, Jordana looked over her shoulder at Pickman.

“Get your camera ready Mr. DeMille, you’re going to like this!”

Pickman only replied with a nod and quickly brought his camera up, waiting to see what the brunette had in store. Turning her attention back towards the ring, Jordana was pleased to find Alyson was just getting to her feet. Gripping the top rope tightly in both hands, Jordana leaned back and called out, “Hey Big Red, I’m over here!”

Alyson whirled drunkenly around to find the source of the taunt and Jordana didn’t disappoint her. Already in motion, the limber brunette leaped onto the top rope and then flung herself at the redhead. Flying in full speed, Jordana scissored her legs open and then snapped them closed as the wrapped around Alyson’s head. With a simple twist of her hips, Jordana fell backwards and tossed Alyson nearly three quarters of the way across the ring with the Springboard Hurricanrana she had dubbed the “J-Buster.”

Popping to her feet the second she hit the canvas, Jordana pumped her fist in the air as the crowd roared their approval. Walking the woozy redhead down from behind, Jordana pulled a thumb across her throat, signaling the end of the fight. Drawing within range of her quarry, the brunette reached out and gripped Alyson’s shoulder before whirling her around to face her.

Watching with hateful satisfaction as Alyson’s eyes widened in fear, Jordana sneered, “Time to end this farce you call a winning streak, you loser.”

She booted her in the gut, doubling her over, then moving fast, Jordana stepped up and put the winded girl in a tight Standing Headscissors. Keeping her victim prone, Jordana raised both arms out to her side, signaling for the Crucifix Bomb. On a wave of cheers from the crowd, Jordana broke her pose and easily wrapped both arms around the redhead’s sweat slicked middle. Bending her knees slightly, Jordana groaned low in her throat as she hauled Alyson up into the air and onto her shoulder. Working carefully, the her arms out to her sides, holding Alyson prone and exposed, Jordana let out a primal scream of triumph as she dropped to both knees while at the same time tossing Alyson forward and slamming her head and shoulders into the mat from a height of several feet!

Ignoring the impassioned roar from the capacity crowd, Jordana threw herself across the smoldering wreckage of the redhead and hooked both legs in a sort of jury-rigged matchbook pin. Seeing Alyson’s shoulders were down, the ref knelt to make the count. “ONE...TWO...THR…NO!”

Alyson dug down deep and managed to roll off her shoulders at the last possible moment. This time Jordana’s scream was one of frustration; she had been hitting this girl with her biggest and best moves and she still wouldn’t stay down.

Reaching the end of her patience, Jordana glared sadistically at the wounded girl and then yanked her to her feet. Trapping Alyson in another Front Face Lock, Jordana applied a heinous wedgie on her victim while she taunted, “I’m gonna split that pretty little face of yours wide open. Then we’ll see just how ‘cute’ everyone thinks you ARRAAWOOAAAHH!”

Jordana had taken just a little too much time to talk and Alyson had made her pay for it. Bringing her arms up fast, the redhead had clasped them around Jordana’s waist and then clamped down tight. In the next breath she lifted up and bridged back hard, taking the surprised brunette up and over with a perfectl Northern Lights Suplex. As she felt the desperation counter connect, Alyson rose up on her toes and maintained the bridge, hoping against hope that she’d be able to keep Jordana down for the three. But despite the impact and suddenness of the counter, Jordana was able to drove a fist into Alyson’s belly, breaking the bridge and the count just after ‘TWO’.

Rolling away from her suddenly lively adversary, Jordana took a deep breath and got to her feet just in time to see the redhead do the same. Locking eyes from across the ring, one thought passed silently between them ‘LET’S END THIS.’ Ignoring the myriad aches and pains that were passing through her system, Jordan limped forward and raised both hands over her head.

Curling her fingers at Alyson, Jordana hissed, “You game?”

Alyson raised her own hands and nodded. Taking a step forward, she replied, “Always.”

The two young women had just locked their hands together when Jordana fired a knee up and caught Alyson right between the thighs. Alyson’s pale face went several shades paler and she would have fallen limp to the canvas if the brunette hadn’t caught her and pulled her in close.

Slipping an arm across Alyson’s chest, Jordana put her lips close to Alyson’s ear and purred, “That’s why I love beating up you good girls. You’re so pathetically trusting.”

She bent her knees slightly, then pushed up fast before falling forward and down; smashing Alyson into the mat with a ‘Rock Bottom’ that Jordana fans knew as ‘Delilah’s Kiss’. Whatever you called it, the move shook the ring with its impact and all but the staunchest of Alyson supporters knew that the brunette had this thing won. Going for the cover, Jordana nodded emphatically along with the zebra’s count, “ONE...TWO...THRE…NOOOO!” The roof damn near came off of Voorhees’ when Alyson weakly rolled a shoulder off the mat.

Unable to believe that the redhead had just escaped from her finishing move, Jordana got to her feet and screamed at the ref about a slow count. The official was unfazed by the brunette’s anger and suggested that she might be better served turning some of her fury back on the downed redhead. Refraining from belting the ref upside the head, Jordana whirled back around to face Alyson and stalked over to the flattened redhead.


Ceasing her tirade, Jordana turned around again and stalked over to the nearest set of turnbuckles. Pausing to catch her breath, the brunette reached out and grabbed the top rope with both hands before slowly climbing up.

Reaching her destination, she looked out at the crowd and posed, letting them take in the figure that was about to unleash some apocalyptic destruction on her helpless opponent. As she posed, the crowd’s reaction grew tenfold and Jordana smiled, knowing that she had them in the palm of her hand. The grin only left her face when the fist came flying up between her thighs and connected viciously with her center. The brunette let out a low, anguished moan, and tried to fall back, only to find herself held in place by supremely vengeful Alyson Hannigan!

Climbing up the ropes behind her stunned rival, Alyson taunted, “Who’s the poser now Jordana? Don’t you know you aren’t supposed to celebrate until AFTER the match is over?”

Getting nothing more than a sobbed curse from the brunette, Alyson took a deep breath and managed to muscle the taller girl across her shoulders in yet another Fireman’s Carry. Standing awkwardly on the middle rope, Alyson managed to turn around to face the ring and climb up to the top rope in one slow, awkward motion. Still holding Jordana across her shoulders, Allison looked out at the crowd and said, “Here’s a special move, for a special loser. I hope you like it, and I hope she hates it. Tell me what you think.”

As the mob started to buzz, Alyson bent her knees and then leapt into the air with Jordana still struggling in her grasp. As she reached the apex of her momentum, Alyson tossed Jordana up and in front of her, while still maintaining a grip on the flailing brunette. As gravity rushed in to claim them both, Alyson tucked both knees up across her chest and simply waited for the landing. Seconds later, she got her wish, hitting hard on her back with a bone-jarring THUD!

But if the landing was hard on her, it was absolute hell on Jordana. The brunette landed full force with her chest being driven top speed into Alyson’s tucked knees, the first official recipient of a move that would later come to be called ‘The Stomach Pump’. The hideously augmented Gutbuster drove every bit of air from the brunette’s lungs and she rolled limply into the middle of the ring and just lay there as Alyson got slowly to her feet.

Moving gingerly, Alyson knew she had the match won, but she wanted to finish the brunette with the move she considered her coup de grace. Putting one foot on the small of Jordana’s back, Alyson looked out at the crowd with a rather languid smile on her face and raised one hand high overhead, the signal for her finisher.

Smiling wider as the crowd went nuts, Alyson reached down and pulled the devastated girl to her feet. Without another word, Alyson bent her opponent over and turned around, so that the small of her back was resting against the top of Jordana’s head. In the same motion, she reached back with one arm and then the other, hooking both of her arms behind the brunette’s elbows. Making sure her grip was secure, Allison took a breath and then ducked down, turning in a half circle so that she was now facing the other direction; the top of her head almost level with Jordana’s butt. Almost done now, Alyson stuck her head between the brunette’s thighs and stood up straight, lifting Jordana off the mat so that her head was pointing down at the canvas, her legs were dangling uselessly overhead, and her butt resting easily against the back. Still holding the brunette up by the elbows, Allison looked out the crowd and noted with no small satisfaction that Pickman was madly scribbling away at his pad.

Turning in a slow half circle, Allison smiled again and said, “Bored Now.” right as she rose up on her toes and sat out, driving the top of the brunette’s skull into the mat with the move she had dubbed, “The Freefall in Crimson”

The crowd leapt to its feet and roared madly as Alyson released her grip on the brunette’s elbows and let her collapse to the mat. Knowing she had all the time in the world, Allison still moved rather quickly as she pushed Jordana over onto her back and hooked the far leg in a loose cradle. Everyone in attendance knew it was academic at this point, but that knowledge didn’t stop them from chanting along with the ref’s count. “ONE...TWO...THREE!”


As the bell rang, the volume of the crowd was kicked up several notches - Alyson had extended her winning streak one more show, this time at the expense of a very tough opponent! Getting to her feet, Alyson posed for the crowd and said under her breath, “Well, it seems the good girl can win sometimes. Too bad you had to learn that the hard way Punky.”

She’d just gotten to her corner where she climbed to the middle rope when the lights went out all over the club! For a moment, the only thing that could be heard was the buzz of the crowd, but then the speakers came to life, spitting out the opening to ‘Paint it Black’ before being cut off by ‘Vermilion.’ When the music stopped, the red spotlight came on again, illuminating Alyson all by herself in the middle of the ring.

Staring wildly around her, the victorious redhead said, “I told Sarah this would happen, I just knew…”

Then someone tapped her on the shoulder and she whirled around, ready to fight - only to find no one there. She looked around with a confused look on her face when it happened a second time. Spinning around even faster this time, she was shocked to find herself still alone in the ring. “What the hell is going on?” she muttered.

She was about to make another inspection of the ring, when several more of the stealthy taps came, this time on the top of her head as well as her shoulders. Suddenly, Alyson understood that a person wasn’t taunting her at all. Something cold and dark was dripping on her from high above her head. In the bright red light, the stuff looked black, but Alyson honestly couldn’t say what color it really was. Looking at the stuff in disgust, she rubbed a little of it on her fingers, and saw the smear came away red.

Brow crinkling in disgust, she muttered, “What the fuck?”

The crowd suddenly started shouting and Alyson looked out fast, only to see the multitude pointing up towards the rafters. Instinctively, she looked up to see what they were pointing at only to find out much too late to do anything about it. A torrent of the cold black fluid rained down from the sky in a column that struck the unsuspecting redhead right in the face and immediately coated most of her body. As the crowd gasped in shock, the red light suddenly clicked off and the house lights came back up.

The ring looked like the set of a bad slasher flick. Nearly every inch of the canvas had been coated with the dark red slime that looked strangely like blood. Alyson was no exception, as more than just her hair was red thanks to the mysterious bloodbath from the sky. Standing dumbfounded in the center of the ring, Alyson brought her hands up and surveyed them silently, Not knowing what else to do in the situation, she did what any sane person would do; she fainted dead away, collapsing in a heap amidst all the red goo.

Seconds later, a horde of officials and medics hit the ring, to make sure that Alyson was OK. After slipping and sliding around for a moment, the officials were able to get to Alyson and pull her out of the ring and onto a waiting stretcher. As the EMT’s checked her signs, one of them looked to the refs and said, “She’s fine, she just fainted from the shock. We’ll treat her in the back.”

The zebra’s nodded and they were on their way, carting the unconscious redhead to the back even as the crowd was giving her a standing ovation.

Watching silently amidst the chaos, Richard Pickman glanced up at the rafters and said, “Excellent work. They didn’t even see you and you caused a panic. A few more tricks like this one, and you’ll have the whole roster running scared. Katie will have no choice but to join us.”

With that, the artist put the lens back on his camera, folded up his tripod, and closed his sketchbook before moving thoughtfully up the ramp and out of sight.

Hanging the still dripping photograph up to dry, Richard Pickman took a step back and took in the results of the nights work. “All in all, it was a good set.” he thought. There were plenty of pictures that would make perfect reference material for his latest set of paintings, and even those that couldn’t be translated to canvas made for intense viewing. But as intriguing as most of these action shots were, (here his gaze stopped for several seconds, scrutinizing a shot that showed Rachel McAdams in the process of delivering her ’McAdams Smasher’ finisher on a dazed looking Charisma Carpenter) it was really the last several pictures that captivated the young artist. The focus of these pictures was the rather theatrical ’public unveiling’ he and his protégé had arranged to be unleashed at the end of the evening’s festivities.

Cocking his head to the side, Pickman let his eyes take in the half dozen or so shots that showed the stage blood torrent pour down from the rafters and douse the unfortunately placed Alyson. Reaching the end of the line, Pickman smiled again, he even impressed himself sometimes. He had caught Hannigan in mid-swoon, mere seconds from sprawling to the mat, still covered in the dark crimson goo she’d been slimed with. Chuckling under his breath, Pickman muttered, “You played your part grandly my dear. It was a small sacrifice for great art.”

At that moment, the door to the basement darkroom opened up and Pickman’s newest student closed the door behind her. Knotting the sash on her floor length black silk robe shut, she let her eyes adjust for a moment before she came gliding down the stairs. Seeing Richard looking at the photos she asked, “How’d tonight’s set turn out?”

Watching her movements with great interest, he answered, “Wonderfully, if I may say so without sounding too arrogant. Of course, the shots of our little ’CARRIE’ reenactment are the highlight. Thank God I’ve got a high-speed lens or I never would have been able to get more than one shot snapped off before it hit. I trust you were able to get all the blood off your hands, so to speak?”

She walked up beside him, leaned her head on his shoulder and replied, “Oh yes, I only spilled a little when I was lugging it up into the rafters.” She looked from the photographs to Pickman and back again. “They don’t suspect a thing do they?”

He put an arm around her shoulders and squeezed gently. “I’m sure they all have their suspicions, but what they THINK doesn’t matter in the slightest. The only thing that matter my dear is what both of us KNOW. And what we know, is everything that comes next. That knowledge is going to be very powerful in the coming weeks.”

She smiled and then looked expectantly at the artist. “Does that mean you’ve figured out what our next ‘object D’art’ is going to entail?”

“I have,” Pickman answered. “And if you thought this evening’s entertainment was breathtaking, I can assure you that this masterpiece is going to positively set their world on fire.”

“And the poor unfortunates that are going to be the recipients of this ‘interactive display? Have you picked them out too?”

“Yes. But our timetable may change depending on their reaction. You see, my lovely protégé; I want you to do some recruiting next week. Katherine Heigl and Jessica Biel will be battling one another in the Main Event and I want you to approach the winner, as your hooded alter ego of course, and ask her to join you. Either one of them would make fine disciples of the New Darkness. Are you up to the task?”

There was no hesitation in her response, “Of course. But there are some risks involved. Biel was a member of the original Darkness and I don’t see her having much interest in joining again. And Kat’s always been a loner; she doesn’t have much use for anyone but herself. What if they turn me down?”

“If both young ladies are foolish enough to refuse you, our newest bit of stagecraft will make sure they come to regret their decision, not to mention make them very wary of challenging you down the line, when there is no longer any need to disguise your identity or intentions.”

She nodded, then said, “I’ll do as you ask but I’m making one request right now. When the time comes to force Katie’s hand, I want to do it by myself. Regardless of whether Kat or Jess joins us, I want Katie one on one. I know you want her to side with us, but part of me wants her to turn us down so I can destroy her once and for all. And I will destroy her, Richard Pickman. If only to prove to you that I’m a better student than she ever was.”

“Don’t apologize for your feelings. I understand you still feel the need to prove yourself to me but you’ve already done that. Think back to tonight; picture their faces, their surprise, their confusion… their fear. You caused all of that beautiful chaos, and I could hardly ask for a better showing from one of my students. Think of it this way, none of those people actually SAW the Hood do anything, and yet they FELT her presence everywhere once those lights went out. That’s the power of chaos and misdirection; that’s the power you’ve learned to wield so expertly and you shouldn’t be afraid to use it.”

She gave the artist a small hug and then pulled back and, looking grave, asked, “Even if I have to use it destroy your favorite student?”

She didn’t have to say Katie’s name, both of them knew who she was talking about. His smile vanishing, Pickman gave her an almost imperceptible nod, “Especially her! I gave Katie Holmes all the tools she would ever need to become a force for chaos and she repaid that by turning her back on the Darkness. I haven’t given up on her just yet, but if she refuses to see where her destiny lies, it is my sincerest wish that you annihilate her. Is that the sort of reassurance you were looking for my dear?”

The mystery girl grinned coldly, “You always know what to say Richard Pickman. Now, how about we go upstairs and you can show me just what you’ve got planned for the Hood next week.”

The artist’s grin was just as malevolent. “That’s my girl,” he whispered.

With that, they both headed up the stairs and closed the door to the basement behind them, leaving only silence and the eerie red glow of the darkroom in their wake.

CONTINUE TO “Pickman's Masterpiece #3”