Pink vs. Reese Witherspoon by Oberon

A hush settled over the crowd in the huge auditorium like a shroud as every overhead house light suddenly went off, shrouding everyone in complete, total blackness. The dark was almost pitch; no one could see even a foot ahead of them. Most had seen this intro before and knew whose arrival it heralded. In the inky darkness everything was about to shortly be revealed to the audience; each of the pyrotechnics and the key players who would contribute to the introduction. For several moments nothing else happened and a certain tension built in the auditorium as people began to wonder what was going to happen next. Their question was to be answered right about......NOW!

Like a surreal, dreamlike beacon, a single red spotlight pierces the pitch darkness like a red-hot knife slicing clean through butter. The beam, emanating from the rear of the auditorium, finds its way to the center of the arena, where the ring was located, appeared unspoken to suggest devilish seduction, beckoning everyone present to gaze upward at it. The spotlight holds its lonesome position from the back of the arena on the ring for several moments, then, suddenly as it appeared, it was joined by another spotlight; this one originating from the opposite side of the hall and shining on another section of ringside.

The glow cast by the first light was increased by this second one as, holding its position, it was joined in the same pattern by a third light, then a fourth, a fifth, and so on.... The display added to the steadily rising tension in the audience as they eagerly awaited the appearance of the two fighters.

As this was happening, a dry ice machine in the ceiling was releasing smoke which wafted lazily downward filling the brightly illuminated ringside area and the first few rows of seats around it. Eventually, the cloud reached far back covering most of the ground level above everyone’s heads. As more crimson spotlights were activated one after the other, bathing the arena in a profoundly hellish atmosphere, the opening strains of Bathory’s “Odens Ride over Nordland” began to resound throughout the hall, given a clear, crisp sound from the sophisticated sound system owned by the league. As the music grew more pronounced, something else joined in as well; a single keyboard note permeated Bathory’s surreal introduction to their “Blood, Fire, Death” album in the same key as the first piece. The audience sat utterly transfixed as the spotlights continued their pattern, watching everything hypnotized by the odd musical ensemble, when with startling suddenness....


It was received with a mixed reaction of shock and awe and rising excitement. Without any form of prior warning whatsoever, the arena appeared to suddenly erupt in searing hot flame wherever one’s head could turn, startling everyone out from their induced hypnosis. From all four turnbuckles, the arena entrance, the walkway leading down to ringside and finally from strategic places situated in the arena - far from where there were audience members seated - ejaculated the brightest reddish-orange columns of flame, originating from the canisters placed in their various locations and reaching high upward, upward, upward, a good fifty feet high into the air above them. In the wake of this brilliant display the Bathory intro segued into the acoustic strains of their song “A Fine Day to Die,” which echoed malevolently throughout the auditorium through the amplifiers situated all around the arena, until suddenly....


Two more columns of that bright reddish - orange flame shoots far upward from either side of the gaping hall entrance as the song crashes into electric guitars and pounding percussion, reaching toward the same heights as they had the first time they went off, again startling the gathered audience. Under the surreal light cast by the special effects, a lone female figure could be seen silhouetted in the entranceway itself. As just about every head turned to see who it was, the shadowy figure stepped with deliberate slowness into the glow cast by the crimson spotlights. The woman paused just at the end, revealing herself to the audience as none other than......Reese Witherspoon!

With a sense of utmost confidence, Reese surveyed the scene before her as the Bathory song pounded on relentlessly, gazing far out into the arena as if marking the throng of female wrestling fans who had come tonight. Reese was clad in a tight-fitting semi-see-through leopard body suit that hugged her voluptuous body like snakeskin; her flowing blonde hair cascading downward lazily onto the material. The effect was breathtaking and quite sexually appealing.

Slowly stepping from her position just above the walkway leading to ringside, Reese carried herself with poise and confidence, exuding the air of a woman fully prepared to wrestle in the battle of her life. As she made her determined way down to ringside, more canisters situated on either side of the catwalk, spaced apart from one another along the way, ejaculated that glorious, brilliant, dazzling flame as the song pounded on. One after the next the double columns of flame shot upward as Reese made her way, marking her steady path to ringside...






With the last ejaculation of flame, Reese had reached ringside and climbed into the ring. As she did, the red-orange flames shot high upward into the air from the turnbuckles. The spotlights lighting up the house progressively became brighter as she entered ringside in full view of everyone present. There were a good number of them fixed solely on the ring where Reese was, while the majority of the others

Standing in the center of the ring Reese began to writhe and undulate seductively to the heavy, pounding music, her body squirming like that of a snake in heat. Her sensual liquid movements steadily began to incite the audience; seeing she had a captive audience, Reese immediately increased the intensity of her dancing, mesmerizing the audience with her fluid motions. As the intensity rose to a fever pitch, Reese suddenly grabbed the front of her leopard-skin body suit; in an animalistic, provocative motion, tore the thin material from her chest, revealing her ample assets in a tight-fitting black vinyl bikini. The audience roared their approval!

Throughout the song, Reese continued her seductive writhing as the song pounded it’s way to the end, building the rising excitement of the crowd farther and farther still as her movements became steadily more pronounced with each and every passing second. Amazingly, Reese seemed to be showing no visible sign of getting tired whatsoever. As the song finally concluded with a resounding drum roll, the house lights finally came up again as a seemingly endless series of fireworks and M-80’s were detonated high overhead, signaling the end of the first introduction Reese lifted her arms triumphantly over her head as the audience howled its approval as if they were attending a heavy metal show.

Borrowing a microphone from the ring announcer, Reese strutted confidently to ring center and called out in a loud voice, “COME ON OUT, PINK! WHENEVER YOU’RE READY!” at the top of her lungs before throwing the mike down with a resounding thud and seductively insinuating her way toward a corner to await her opponent.

After the ceremony of Reese’s entrance was complete and before the time before Pink made hers, the house lights dim and flicker out again. Now bright blue spots illuminate the arena, two of them focused on the entranceway as, “Who Wants to Live Forever” by Queen plays through the sound system while referee Rebecca Gayheart is carried to ringside on a dais borne by a handful of exotically dressed women wearing revealing attire. Rebecca holds her head high as she is carried to the ring in an electric blue bikini that brilliantly reflects the spotlights from above her. Reaching the ring, Rebecca climbs off the dais, then her handmaidens carry it back out of the arena as Rebecca climbs into the ring to wait for the third party to show.

After the long wait for Reese’s entrance, Pink’s didn’t take nearly as long. The lights in the arena turned dark pink and laughing was heard, followed by “Let’s Get This Party Started” by (who else?) Pink herself. But no one came out of the entrance. Reese stared after the song is about half way through, then suddenly - out of nowhere from behind.Reese - Pink entered the ring out of the crowd. She was wearing black pants with multiple stripes down the middle and a long belt (ala Grandmaster Sexy) with a white cut-off shirt that read ‘Cruel’ in red letters across the chest.

Reese had her back to Pink but she thought she noticed a commotion in the audience behind her when Pink emerged from the crowd to climb through the ropes. She was just starting to turn around to see what was causing the commotion when, without warning, she felt the impact on her back as the slightly taller Pink jumped her from behind and wrapped her arms around Reese’s throat and midriff. The impact of Pink’s body landing on her would have knocked her from her footing if Reese hadn’t noticed there was someone creeping up behind her. But when she caught a glimpse of the woman out of the corner of her eye she had a half-second to prepare herself before Pink enveloped her within her arms and legs. Reese stumbled but stayed on her feet, fighting to stand upright as the woman on her back tightened her arms and legs around her while shifting her weight on Reese’s back to try and bring her down!

Reese was stubbornly standing her ground with Pink riding her back, balancing herself the best she could and refusing to allow Pink to topple her to the canvas. But Pink had nonetheless been able to establish a solid grip on her with all four of her limbs and Reese felt her air being cut off as Pink shifted her arms, clamping her right forearm over Reese’s windpipe and locking it behind her other elbow. Pink tightened her legs, squeezing Reese’s waist in a quick, harsh pulse, shifting her weight and forcing Reese to lose her balance.

Reese let out a startled yelp as she crashed to the canvas on her chest with Pink’s full weight landing on top of her. Pink’s slightly taller stature crushed Reese’s curvaceous, half-naked body into the mat, forcing more air from her lungs as they compressed on impact, squeezed between Pink’s hard body and the unyielding canvas.

Sensing she had Reese right where she wanted her, Pink released the choke hold and leaned back on her hands, tightening her legs around Witherspoon’s curvy waist, shifting her legs until her inner thighs were pressed tight against her sides. Pink’s legs were stretched out, her ankles crossed as far from Reese’s stomach as they could allow. Letting out a boisterous, animalistic yell, Pink tightened her legs on Reese’s middle with another hard pulse! Reese gritted her teeth in an effort to fight the crushing pressure around her body as Pink’s legs pulsed a third time, refusing to be denied as they sought to squeeze the life from Reese’s squirming body.

Shifting her weight onto her right elbow, Pink gathered a handful of Reese’s generous gold tresses in her left hand, curling them tightly around her fingers. Reese felt as if her scalp was on fire from the unforgiving fingers pulling at her hair; the legs wrapped around her waist like a boa constrictor trying to crush the resistance her body before moving in for the kill but the thought of being worn down and beaten so early in the match fired Reese’s indomitable fighting spirit.

Doing her best to ignore the pain in her scalp, Reese reached under the thighs pressing into her sides and ran her fingers over Pink’s pants, seeking out the muscles in back of her thighs. This strategy had worked before and she felt confident this would force Pink to give up the crushing body scissors that was compressing her hourglass figure into a smaller and smaller space. Finding the muscles at the back of Pink’s thighs, Reese curled her fingers in claws and dug into the tensed muscle, concentrating her effort on forcing her fingers into a pressure point to break Pink’s leg lock.

For a while it appeared the women were at an impasse; Pink fighting to maintain her scissors and Reese fighting to extricate herself from it; neither willing to give in. But as Reese continued digging her fingers into the sensitive muscles behind her legs, Pink found it harder and harder to maintain the crushing pressure as her legs reflexively bent at the knee in reaction to the nerve compression Reese was applying. Pink’s legs continued to gradually react until Reese breathed a quick a sigh of relief as she felt a wide enough opening appear to allow her to wriggle free from the constricting grip.

Writhing her way out from the leg lock, Reese twisted her body around so that she was face to face with Pink whose hand was still clutching her hair. Reese raked her fingernails across Pink’s eyes in a quick, fluid motion, blinding her briefly. Then she buried a hand in Pink’s hair at the back and twisted the locks until her fingers were down to the roots. Reese slithered her lower body forward as she wrapped her own legs around Pink’s stomach, locking her ankles together in the small of her back, then stretching her legs as far out as they’d go.

The muscles in Reese’s deceptively soft thighs bulged into visible definition as the outward thrust of her legs narrowed the space between them, compressing Pink’s waist and bringing a gasp of pain from the surprised Pink who thought it was clever for Reese to do to her what she’d done to her just moments before. And, just like Reese, Pink knew what she was getting into because Reese’s main attack consisted of wrapping her legs around her like a snake would it’s prey and also by doing pressure points.

Pink was starting to tire but she didn’t want to look like some sort of fool and give up after only five minutes in her first match. She started to rock from side to side, trying to turn both herself and Reese over. Finally, both girls rolled onto their fronts. At first, Reese didn’t realize turning over would loosen her grip. Although not much, it was enough for Pink to twist her body around to face Reese who, although she didn’t know what Pink was thinking, since it was Pink she figured she probably wasn’t going to like it!

With Pink now turned, she flipped once more so now both were on their backs with Reese behind Pink who used her great leg strength to wrap her legs around the bottom rope, hoping Rebecca Gayheart would force Reese to break her hold. Watching the two opponents in their almost Herculean struggle, Rebecca was the first to notice Pink’s legs draped over the bottom rope which wasn’t in Reese’s line of vision.

Rebecca signaled for both women to break apart and after pulsing her legs around Pink’s waist in one final compression, the blonde let Pink go, releasing her scissors and rolling away to regain her footing. Waiting for Pink to do the same, Reese stretched her body to work out the cramps in her legs from her muscles straining to maintain her tight hold and also to alleviate the remnants of the pressure Pink had put on her midriff and throat. Glancing around briefly, Reese saw the movement caused an excited stir among her fans at the sight of her scantily clad, undulating body. Smiling slyly, she repeated the motion, displaying her half-naked frame for her fans in attendance.

Reese wished she had more time to maintain her leglock around the singer’s body before she got her legs on the bottom rope to force the break, but little did Pink know that she had other tricks up her sleeve Pink was still unaware of that she would graciously unleash on her one after another when the time was right.

Pink regained her footing and headed to where Reese stood posing for her fans and waiting to see what she had in mind. Reese saw Pink was pissed at having been trapped between her crushing legs and was itching to subject her to some suffering before the match was over. Then, without warning, Pink threw caution to the wind and hurled herself at the slightly shorter blonde hellcat, her eyes burning with aggression. Reese stood ready to meet her but she had the disadvantage of a few inches to contend with, while Pink was strong and fiercely determined to win the match. Reese figured directness against directness would be good as a strategy, so she met the charge of the slightly taller vocalist with an equal dose of enthusiasm.

They locked arms in the middle of the ring and Reese could feel the muscles under Pink’s forearms as they intertwined together, their fingers digging into the skin of their adversary. The women began pushing one another in their efforts to gain an advantage, their legs planted firmly on the canvas for leverage to hold their ground while forcing the other into a defensive position. As they strained to keep their footing, Reese noticed how formidable the power of Pink’s legs was as she exerted energy into forcing Reese back.

Reese’s thigh muscles were more visible as her legs were bare, but those who could see all the action close-up saw Pink’s thigh muscles bulging in her tight pants, a vision in itself! Pink was going all out to push Reese backward, but Reese was equally set on pushing her back and her own legs strained to match the strength of Pink’s. Reese’s nails dug in reflexively to Pink’s shoulders as they fought, their bodies alternated between separating and then slamming together until, in their combined efforts, their hands came together and their fingers entwined and clasped.

As their fingers tangled, Reese opted to begin a test of strength against Pink, looking her directly in the eye as she used the strength in her arms to raise their interlaced hands above their heads. Reese could feel Pink steeling herself as this struggle commenced and the women focused all their energy into their muscular arms. Remaining locked in that position, they poured energy into subduing their opponent; their teeth gritted, their limbs locked solidly - neither willing to give an inch.

It wasn’t long before their arms were trembling from their effort to overpower the other as their legs remained firmly planted on the mat. Pink’s face was contorted in a rictus of sexiness, her mouth open, her face tilted slightly down as she poured her strength into overpowering Reese, her eyes narrowed as she returned Reese’s glare. Soon the struggle began to incorporate more erotic overtones as the two women’s bodies clashed for dominance over the other’s.

Rebecca was about to call for another break when, remembering the out Pink used to escape her leglock, Reese broke the stalemate herself by lifting her knee and driving it into Pink’s belly. The hard knee shot slammed into Pink’s stomach with a resounding impact, doubling her over enough for Reese to release her hands and shift position. She slipped her left arm up under Pink’s right armpit, then behind her neck as she coiled her bare left leg around Pink’s thigh.

Having already had the breath knocked out of her by Reese’s knee shot, Pink gasped audibly as the curvaceous blonde tightened her abdominal stretch, putting the strain on her right armpit and side as she bent her backward, gritting her teeth in her concentration as the expression of overpowered sexiness on Pink’s face deepened along with the pink flush of her skin. Leaning close, Rebecca watched the women locked in this position and waited for the possibility of calling a break. As Reese stretched Pink’s right side, Rebecca eyed the trapped wrestler, asking if she’s still in the match.

Pink glares at Rebecca as to say, “This ain’t over yet!” then let’s out a scream of pain.

Pink struggles desperately until she manages to wriggle an arm free, then she targets Reese’s naked sides as she hits Reese a few times in the ribs with hard elbows. Reese yells out in pain as well but doesn’t let go of her abdominal stretch until Pink sticks her thumb close to where she hit and drills it into a pressure point on Reese’s side. Reese winces in pain as she sets her free. Pink drops and rolls under the bottom rope to the outside of the ring to take a breather.

As Pink temporarily exits the ring, Reese slowly backs away to the center of the ring on the balls of her feet, watching Pink move around to catch her breath outside the ropes. Reese absently favors the pained area around her ribcage where her opponent rammed the hard elbows into her with the arm that wasn’t trapped in the abdominal stretch, followed by jamming her thumb into the sensitive pressure point in the same area. As Reese stretches and rubs he side, Rebecca asks if she’s alright and Reese nods almost imperceptibly as she continues massaging her left side with her right hand while keeping a watchful eye on Pink.

After a few moments, Pink reenters the ring and begins stalking Reese while the curvaceous blonde is still rubbing her side. Returning Reese’s glare, Pink decides to attack that particular area on her half naked frame as her best strategy for the moment. She advances upon her, balling her fist and throwing a punch to the same spot she thumbed. Reese manages to twist her body at the last instant so the punch doesn’t connect with her ribs as intended, but it grazes the area along her smooth skin and still causes her to suck in a breath.

Pink attempted to follow up with a knee to Reese’s left side, but Reese eluded this at the last instant, grabbing Pink’s leg behind the knee. She twisted the fingers of her other hand into a claw and drove the claw into Pink’s belly, applying a standing stomach claw on Pink’s unsuspecting midsection. Now it was Pink’s turn to suck in her breath as Reese’s fingers dug deep into her stomach. Smiling sweetly into Pink’s eyes, Reese maintained the hold for some payback for the attack to her ribcage as Pink’s hands grabbed and pulled at Reese’s wrist. Reese’s claw didn’t ease in its intensity until the vocalist tried a blow to some strategic part of Reese’s body in retaliation and when she did, Reese instinctively kicked Pink’s support leg out from under her while she was distracted.

Reese released her stomach claw as Pink crashed to the canvas with Reese still holding Pink’s kicking leg. She twisted the trapped limb until Pink was forced to roll face down on the mat. Lowering herself onto Pink’s prone body, Reese seized her other leg, hooking the ankles under her armpits and sitting back, applying a fierce Boston crab to weaken Pink’s muscular legs. To increase the intensity of the hold, Reese began alternating between leaning forward to lift her backside off Pink’s, then crashing down on her ass to jerk her legs painfully back again.

As Pink screams in pain and Rebecca again asks the fallen songbird if she wants to give up. Pink shakes her head in a silent, stubborn, “NO!”

Although Pink feels like tapping out, she tries to crawl to the ropes but Reese drags her back to the center of the ring. Then Pink gathers her strength, plants her hands palms on the mat and starts to push up while at the same time, she kicks out with her powerful legs. The move succeeds and - out of nowhere - Pink flips Reese over flat onto her back!

Pink crawls over and mounts the dazed blonde vixen. She stares into Reese’s eyes and gives her a mean glare, then proceeds to grab Reese’s hair with one hand as she starts punching her in the face with the other. Rebecca warns Pink about hitting with a closed fist, so Pink stops and starts cussing Rebecca out while still seated on Reese.

Rebecca begins arguing with Pink as Reese squirms underneath her. They share an exchange for several seconds before Pink returns her attention to Reese. But now, as the dominant Pink’s eyes turn back to her, Wildcat Reese lifts up her hips, tipping Pink forward. She grabs Pink’s face with one hand, her fingers scratching her eyes. Rebecca warns Reese about clawing Pink and now she and Reese share a brief exchange of opinions regarding the rules.

Releasing Pink’s face after her argument with Rebecca, Reese is about to try another offensive when Pink’s powerful legs suddenly shoot forward and wrap her waist in a tight scissors, trapping Reese in the sitting position she established to retaliate against Pink when she had the prone blonde under her. Crossing her ankles, Pink leans back on both elbows, thrusting her crushing legs together with an outward kick compressing Reese’s waist in the process.

Reese grits her teeth to suppress the pained groan that originates deep in her throat and escapes her trembling lips. Pink’s legs are like a pair of thrumming cables entwined around Reese’s heaving waist as her legs pulse Reese’s midsection in harsh staccato bursts as she slowly tightens her grip.

Pink is glaring at her trapped adversary, her eyes narrowed to slits in concentration as she tries to force the squeeze the air from the nubile ingénues body. Steeling herself against the hold, Reese tightens her stomach muscles, expelling a gasp of air in the process. Encouraged by the gasp of air, Pink thrusts her limbs in another vicious spasm of the leg lock; forcing her thighs together and compressing Reese’s midriff into an ever smaller space.

Fiercely determined not to be outdone, Reese leans back as far as she can as, in painstaking slow motion, she wraps first one leg, then the other, around Pink’s thighs. Completing the hold by crossing her ankles, Reese exerts pressure to Pink’s thighs, twisting her half-naked pneumatic body to the side slightly for added pressure.

The pain of the counter maneuver registers on Pink’s face, encouraging Reese to apply greater pressure and force the vocalist to release her scissors. Feeling her leg hold beginning to loosen, Reese twists her body further to the side to strengthen her retaliation and extricate herself from Pink’s crushing compression of her own body. As the hold loosens ever so slightly, Reese continues twisting until she’s flat on her stomach with just enough space for her to wriggle out. Completing her move, she scrambles away on hands and knees to put distance between she and Pink.

Rearing up on her knees, Reese slowly regains her footing but Pink is quickly on her. Raising her hands, Reese invites Pink to a test of strength. Smiling, Pink obliges and shortly both women are again exerting energy in their arms trying to force the other back; their muscles quivering from the strain. Not wanting to make the same mistake as before, this time Pink knees Reese in the stomach before she can knee her. Reese body jackknifes and Pink pulls the actresses head between her long legs, grabs Reese’s bottom and jerks up, giving her a painful wedgie. Then Pink wraps her arms around and clasps her hands under Reese’s belly and lifts her hips, setting her up for a powerbomb. She drops and she hits it!

Pink goes for a pin as, dazed from the powerbomb, Reese wriggles and writhes weakly beneath her, struggling to lift her shoulder from the canvas before Rebecca can count her out. With a magnificent effort, Reese succeeds and, seizing Pink by the hair, she tries to roll Pink over onto HER back. As Reese and Pink vie for dominance, Rebecca kneels down to see who will pin who as Reese rolls on top of Pink.

Rebecca drops and starts the count, “1.......2........3... NO!” Pink kicks out barely in time.

Pink rolls out of the ring one more time but this time she goes under the ring and pulls out weapons like chairs, trash cans and other stuff - all of which are painted pink (think Goldust!) She sets up a pink table on the outside, then comes back in carrying a pink steel chair but Rebecca intercepts her and tells her it’s not a hardcore match.

Standing in the ring’s center, Pink brandishes the steel weapon as she argues with Rebecca while Reese waits patiently, trying to figure out what Pink plans next. Rebecca finally manages to convince the vocalist to put away the chair after a heated exchange of words. Pink is visibly upset at not being able to put the chair to good use as she makes clear through her facial expression and threatening attitude toward the slightly shorter referee.

Pink and Reese begin stalking one another, their feet padding on the canvas until suddenly they lunge together, their arms intertwining for a brief instant before Pink curls her arm around Reese’s neck. With a throaty roar, Pink tightens the choke, parading Reese around the ring until the trapped woman lashes out with her foot making Pink lose her balance and crash to the mat with Reese on top of her.

Pink refuses to release her neck, however, and Reese is forced to shift her body, slamming her knee repeatedly into Pink’s groin. The knee shots reverberate hollowly within earshot of Rebecca, with Reese grunting in satisfaction through the choke each time she connects. Pink persists with the hold until Reese sinks her teeth into her forearm, forcing her to uncoil the choking limb.

Rolling on top of Pink, Reese spins around and seizes her ankle, then stands up and turns around, raining kicks down on the muscle at the back of Pink’s thigh to continue weakening her powerful legs. Deciding to capitalize on the pained, pissed-off expression on Pink’s face, Reese twists around again, dragging the trapped leg with her before she drops on her, bending the limb at the knee and pinning it across her other thigh with her own leg. Her figure four complete, Reese leans back on her hands and applies fierce pressure, her eyes seeming to ask Pink if she’s ready to quit.

Pink is starting to feel very tired and weak but she hastily refuses to concede defeat. She starts swinging from side to side once more until she turns the move over to where it’s now Reese who’s hurting. To make matters worse, Pink grabs onto the bottom rope for some extra leverage when Rebecca turns her back to kneel and ask Reese if she’s had enough.

Clenching her teeth as tight as she can, Reese pushes herself up on both hands, fighting the pain wracking her sweaty physique as Pink bears down on her with the agonizing reverse figure four; a look of torment on her sweet face as the fierce vibrations of the leg lock travel up her spine to envelope her brain. Finally seeing Pink’s grip on the bottom rope, Rebecca warns Pink to release it! In the argument that follows, Reese begins to twist her body, slowly, slowly, until they’re again lying with their backs to the canvas.

With Reese now in the position of advantage, she pulls Pink away from the ropes and applies ferocious pressure on her trapped leg; her face set in grim concentration. Rebecca moves close to the two fighting females to see which one will force the other to give first. She asked Pink if she’s still in the match but Pink’s pain was so intense she almost can’t hear Rebecca’s question.

Pink tries hard to get out of the hold but the pain is unbearable! Feeling like her leg is about to snap, and like she’s about to pass out after half a minute of struggling, Pink starts tapping on the mat to indicate her surrender.

Seeing Pink tap out, Rebecca signals Reese the match is over and Reese untangles her sweaty legs from the painful figure four in which she has ensnared the vocalist. Standing up on shaky limbs, Reese raises her hands victoriously over her head, then she bends down to where Pink is laying on the canvas and pulls her to her feet, stepping back to give her opponent a look of grudging admiration and respect.
The door to Reese Witherspoon's dressing room slowly opened and in strode Reese, her nubile hourglass figure covered by a thin but visible sheen of sweat that gave the impression her tight-fitting black vinyl bikini was glued to her body. Her torn leopard print bodysuit was draped casually over one arm as she entered and closed the door behind her, tossing the flimsy garment in the corner where a laundry bag lay unobtrusively. With the dressing room door locked, she began to peel the vinyl bikini from her curvaceous, sweaty figure, tossing it on the floor with the bodysuit.

A long, hot shower would do her good after her grueling match. Inside the shower, Reese threw her head back, enjoying the feeling of the hot water cascading lazily downward along her body. In the space of just a few minutes she felt like she'd entered another world far from the wrestling arena, although the memory of Pink's legs crushing the life from her curvy waist was still vivid. Pink was stronger than Reese had anticipated, still, she found herself profoundly invigorated by the physical strain she and Pink had exerted during the contest together.

Reese began to look forward to her next match for Rebecca Gayheart still seemed interested in a rematch with her, and Reese would have to take her up on it. On the heels of that idea came a handful of other thoughts, some of them nowhere near as pleasant as others.

Firstly, there was the California Dream Girl, Danielle Fishel's obvious animosity toward her over which of them was receiving more attention at any given moment. As far-fetched as it seemed, Reese had the sneaking suspicion Danielle wouldn't be entirely finished with her for as long as Witherspoon was a member of the league their paths would cross again.

On the other hand, Reese forgot about the Dream Girl when her mind wandered to some of the other matches of a more erotic - or downright sexual - nature. The clearest memory was her brutal crush war with Rose McGowan, during which Reese's shapely figure was unmercifully squeezed into unconsciousness by the lusty raven-haired vixen. Then there were the matches with Alicia Silverstone and Amy Smart that incorporated foot worship and other elements of sexfighting. Finally, of course, was her wrestling-catfight war with Parker Posey that degenerated into an all-out sexfight. Reese had emerged victorious despite the fact she doubted she'd pull through and, in the end, claim Parker's bikini as a prize.

Britney Spears was vowing revenge on Reese for taking Parker's bikini and, if the situation were to arise, Reese would gladly give Britney the opportunity. She didn't consider the sexfighting necessary for a match, but she wouldn't discourage it should a prospective opponent want to take things in that direction. For the moment, she curbed her rising excitement at the thought of a match taking a more erotic turn as she stepped out of the shower and dried herself off.

Donning a fresh opaque, tight-fitting leopard print lingerie bikini, Reese checked herself out in the mirror, smiling as she saw her hard nipples thrusting through the thin material. Shutting off the light, she re-entered the dressing room, crossed the space from the small shower room and laid down on the comfortable black leather couch. She picked up the current issue of CWC Magazine and began to leaf through it, going through the photos as if she was considering future opponents. She stopped at a page where a few of the lady wrestlers' bios and vital statistics were listed. Christina Ricci seemed an interesting prospect for a match judging from the picture although she hadn't seen Christina there for a while. She imagined if they tangled the match would be as competitively intense as the one with Rose McGowan, even perhaps with the sexfighting to boot? Hmmm....

The first impression Reese got of Eliza Dushku upon seeing her picture was that she was thin, albeit well-endowed. It could be trouble for the Wildcat if this raven-haired beauty decided to use a breast smother against her. Those boobs appeared as if they may put Reese between a rock and a hard place.

Jessica Simpson's legs appeared as formidably dangerous as the expression on her face which looked like she was ready to tear to pieces anyone who entered the ring with her. If they met in a match, Reese would need to rely on her iron will to see her through; drawing on all her reserves of strength. If Jessica decided to use a scissor lock on Reese, she might well find herself in trouble.

Ditto for Nikki Cox whose legs looked like they could cause equal amounts of suffering in a leglock to that of which her ample chest seemed capable of inflicting on her breathing. On the other side of the equation, Nikki had plenty of ample hair for seizing hold of.

Jessica Biel's photo showed her as another potentially dangerous opponent. Her long, slender legs quite eager to wrap themselves around some strategic part of an opponent's body and constrict without mercy. Finally, there was a woman whom Reese hadn't seen in the league for a while, Alyson Hannigan. At five-foot-nine she had a body that appeared vulnerable on the surface but gave an equally strong impression of having the power to give Reese a hurting, especially her leg muscles.

While Reese was looking through the pages of the Magazine, her latest victim sneaked up behind her, this time wearing a different white T-shirt, black shorts, black fishnet stockings and black boots. She took off her shirt to reveal a black bra, then twisted her and wrapped it around Reese's neck to start choking her with it. Pink dragged the movie star out of the chair and swung her around, slamming her into the lockers and other things.

Pink dragged her back to the bathroom where she finally let go of the T-shirt and let Reese drop to the tile floor. She straddled Reese with her knees on Reese's arms, then pulled a pink lipstick out of her pocket.

"Not so tough now huh Reese?" Pink taunted. "I told you either way, you would get Pinked out."

She Pink wrote her name on Reese's forehead with her pink lipstick. Reese suddenly raised her legs and closed them around Pink's throat from behind, clamping her inner thighs on the sides of the vocalist's neck and crossing her ankles. Pink let out a startled gasp that was choked off when Reese closed the scissors and began trying to force the woman off her and down to the floor.

Pink wasn't willing to relinquish her advantage, however, and bore down on the prone Wildcat, pressing her ass onto Reese's flattened breasts. Feeling Pinks denim clad butt forcing the breath from her body, Reese redoubled her efforts to retaliate

With Reese's legs wrapped tightly around Pinks neck, her face began to change color. Pink dropped the lipstick as her hand hands went to try to pry apart Reese's thighs. She pried them open just enough to take a deep breath and turn her body, but then Pink loses her grip on Reese's legs and the hold is back on. Pink quickly gets on her knees and this time lands a hard fist to Reese's crouch. Reese lets go of the scissors and doubles up allowing Pink to get to her feet.

Pink stands over to the fallen Reese as she checks her nose for blood. Seeing that she's bleeding some, Pink lays the boots on Reese's ribs, which Pink had hurt earlier.

"Fuckin' bitch!" Pink gasped. "Made me bleed."

Reese winces as Pink's boots pound into her ribcage. She tried to raise her legs to topple the singer from her footing but in a split second Pink was on her, dropping to her knees to straddle Reese again. Pulling Reese to a sitting position by the hair, Pink slithered her legs forward and wrapped them tight around Reese's sore ribs where her boots had already caused more injury. In Reese's physically depleted condition, Pink's legs almost feel like steel cables pressing into her sides.

Glaring at her assailant, Reese demanded through her gritted teeth, "Bitch, let.... go, or you'll be.... sorry...."

Pink smiled as she tightens the squeeze, "What you gonna do tramp? Your ribs are hurting and I'm the one hurting them."

Reese fumbled around until she found a pressure point close to Pinks exposed knee. She weakly lifted her arm and pressed her thumb right into the pressure point making Pink not only loosen her grip but yell out loud while rolling on the floor holding her knee.


Struggling back to her feet, Reese approached the downed songstress who suddenly lashed out with an aggressive kick, catching her as she rose. Pink wrapped her arms around Reese in a fierce bearhug but Reese threw her head back and delivered a fierce headbutt to Pink. Reese followed up by slamming her own arms around the vocalist, trapping Pink's arms at her sides as she squeezed down hard in retaliation.

As Reese held Pinks arms trapped, Pink gave out a loud scream. Pink tried to lift her arms only too have them forced back down. Pink tried to lift her legs, but that didn't work either. Finally, she stopped for a moment and stared at Reese.

Pink started to think and finally said, "I know what you're thinking Reese. You like me in this position," she smiled. "I can see it in your eyes...Go ahead, do it, you know you want to."

Hearing something in Pink's voice, Reese smiles back at her, saying, "Not as much as you'd like me to, eh?"

"If that's the way you want it!" Pink exclaims, tripping Reese to the floor and landing on top of her, pinning the now hapless Witherspoon under her so there's no escape.

Pink chuckles as she sees Reese is helpless underneath her, "Oh poor, poor Reese. What to do, what to do?" Pink chuckles some more, "You like movies don't you Reese? Well here's a quote I picked up from one - in my own words of course."

"Reese, you're bound to the floor with a taller and more talented celebrity on top of you. What do you do? Tell me Reese, what do you do?"

Ignoring Pink's taunt, Reese struggled to get out from under her but the singer opted to press down on Reese to prevent her escape. A few moments later, Pink tightened the bear hug around Reese's curvy waist so more, answering her own question.

"Not a damn thing, that's what! 'Cause it's payback time!"

With that, Pink compressed her arms around Reese tighter, punctuating the increasing strength of her bear hug with fierce, sharp head butts. When Pink felt that her job was finished, she let go of the bearhug and pushed the actress aside.

Then she started to laugh, "Well Reese, looks like my job is finished, you're finished." Pink laughs again as she turns towards the door, then stops and looks back over her shoulder and mutters, "Till we meet again," and walks away.