Jada Pinkett Smith vs. Anna Nicole Smith by Rob 1-18-01

After Anna finally recovered from the thrashing Brooke Shields gave her, she felt totally embarrassed. To be beaten and KO'd by a smaller woman really got under the big blonde's skin. She decided to go to the gym and work out to prevent such a thing from happening again.

As she worked out at the gym, Anna noticed a slim young Black woman pounding the heavy bag. It was Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of big-time movie star Will Smith. Anna eventually introduced herself and asked Jada if she'd be interested in sparring a few rounds, "... just for the exercise."

Jada agreed, thinking it would just be a harmless sparring match. She didn't know Anna was such a mean bitch, who planned to take out her frustrating defeat on the much smaller woman.

They met in the center of the ring, Anna in her red shorts and white bra, Jada in bicycle pants and a jogging bra. Anna touched her red gloves to Jada's black ones and the match began. After a little dancing about and sparring, Anna threw a hard right that really jolted Jada.

"Hey, this is supposed to be for fun!" Jada protested, rubbing her aching jaw.

Anna merely shrugged and smiled. "Honey, if ya'll can't take it, just give up and walk away!"

The Black woman realized what Anna was up to and she didn't like it. Resolving to give the bosomy blonde a real boxing lesson, Pinkett put up her gloves and began bobbing and weaving. Anna was glad Jada hadn't quit. She really wanted to knock out her foe. She started throwing big, wild haymakers at Jada, going for the quick kill. But the Black chick easily evaded the slow blonde, laughing at Anna's eventual frustration at not being able to land more that a glancing blow.

"Stand still, you skinny bitch and let me hit you!" Anna snarled.

She was starting to pant and her gloves were growing heavy.

"Yeah, right!" Jada snickered as she began throwing some punches of her own.

At first Jada's light blows didn't seem to affect the blonde, but punch after punch sinking deep in Anna's belly soon began to take its toll. When the bell rang to end the first round, Anna stumbled back to her corner gasping for breath and moaning softly. She resolved to finish the fight quickly in the second round, before those stinging blows could send her to the canvas.

Unfortunately for the former Playmate, Jada had other ideas. When the bell rang, she danced out and immediately started in on Anna's aching tummy. But when the big blonde covered up, Jada unleashed a series of stiff uppercuts to those round, bobbing boobs that Anna was so proud of. The blonde began to sense she was in deep trouble.

"Oooo! No - UH! - don't hit - OWW! - mah tits! - Ohhh! GAAAWWWDDD! I can't - Ufff! - I can't stand it! Oww! OWWWW!" she gasped and squealed as Jada seemed to be trying to punch Anna's tits completely flat.

Anna was out of steam and hurting badly. She began to cry as Jada wove back and forth in front of her, alternating combinations of rocket-like punches to her tummy, breasts and face.

"I - I g-give up!" Anna whimpered. "You - you're killing me! Stop it! Oh, Gawd, Ah cain't take much more of this!"

"You won't have to, you big blonde wimp!" Jada replied. "Here's something for trying to set me up!"

With that she drew back and threw a punch that seemed to start from the floor. It crashed into Anna's jaw with a sodden thump and it was plain for all to see that the fight was over. Anna got a funny far-away look in her eyes and her mouth formed a little "O" of surprise. Then slowly her jaw sagged and her eyes rolled up. She toppled slowly to the mat and landed with a crash, flat on her back and out cold! Her legs twitched and her big nipples were sticking out of the low-cut bra, aiming at the ceiling.

"Come see me again when you learned how to box, you fat cow!" Jada told her.

But Anna couldn't hear her. She was too busy watching little birds as they circled around her head, tweeting and chirping.