Michelle Trachtenberg vs. Billie Piper (IC Title Match/Qualifier) by The Walkin’ Dude

Earlier that evening...

The links of the steel cage seemed to sigh and whisper as Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Super Kick connected squarely to the chin of the Cuban Assassin, Mayra Veronica. As the LAS enforcer went sprawling onto the mat, the slender blonde Slayer succumbed to exhaustion and collapsed onto her hands and knees. The two-time World Champ should have gone for the cover or the Sharpshooter, but her war with Veronica had taken a toll on her body and she just didn’t have the energy left. But she DID have enough to crawl toward the cage door - which was exactly what she did! Scrambling on all fours as fast as she could, SMG was within clawing distance of the egress when she gestured to the ref to open the gate. As the crowd rose to their feet to cheer the Slayer’s victory, the zebra swung the door wide.

WHAM! Unseen by Sarah or the ref, the rest of Mayra’s LAS compatriots swarmed over the barricade from the audience and SLAMMED the door shut, hitting the Slayer in the head in the process.
Shoving the ref aside, Jen Lopez threw the door open and growled her underlings, "GET IN THERE AN' HURT HER!"

Needing no more incentive than the bosses desire, Shakira, Vida Guerra and Sofia Vergara stormed through the door and pounced on the dazed blonde.

Trusting her followers, J-Lo strutted up the steel steps into the ring where she helped her Cuban Assassin to her feet. Slapping Mayra’s cheek, Jen said, “You OK hon?” The brunette nodded, 'yes.' and muttered, “I think so.” Lopez gave her a murderous grin and nodded toward the woozy Sarah whom Sofia and Vida were whipping into the ropes.

“Good, because I want you to take a piece of that bitch too!” When the Slayer was within reach, Sofia shot forward, dropping low as she wrapped Gellar up around the hips; lifted her straight up and started to drop backward - planting Sarah’s face and chest in the canvas in a Flapjack. As the Slayer’s downward progress was about to come to a jarring halt, Vida charged in from the left, leaped in the air and caught the falling blonde’s head in a Three-Quarter’s Facelock. Vida’s weight added momentum to the ex-champ’s descent and Sarah hit the mat with a ring-shaking THWAM as she was force-fed another helping of their brutal finisher, The Tequila Sunrise!

Popping to her feet, Vida kicked Sarah onto her back, planted a boot on the Slayer’s perky chest and chirped, “Next?”

Rubbing her hands along her mythic hips, Jennifer answered, “OK everyone; string that bony slut up in the ropes.”

More than happy to comply with the leader’s demand, Shakira and Mayra scraped Gellar off the mat, marched her to the ropes and pushed her back against them, each holding her up with a handful of breast meat as they entwined the blonde’s arms spread out in a T.

Shooing the others away, Lopez strutted over, grabbed a handful of Gellar’s hair and lifted the Slayer’s face. Looking down she disdainfully asked, “So, do you still think throwin’ my belt in that wood chipper was a smart move?”

Mumbling through the pain, Sarah smiled and replied, “Maybe not smart... but it was good TV. You should thank me Jenny... when I whoop your ass at the Fourth, at least I’ll take a REAL title from around those nasty cellulite laden hips of yours.”

Lopez chucked. “Oh honey, honey, honey.... You’re not gonna make it to the Fourth...” The last word trailed off in an angry hiss as the Latina Supreme SMACK slapped Sarah as hard as she could. Backing away from the helpless Slayer, Jen motioned to the LAS tormentor and snarled, “Hit her! Hit her HARD as you can!!”

Taking her place at the head of the line, Shakira lined up her shot, scuffed her feet against the mat, then exploded forward at a dead run. When there were still several feet still between her and Sarah, the Colombian Highflyer left her feet in a spectacularly leap that culminated with her driving the soles of both boots into Gellar’s face with a flawless Flying Dropkick. Having nowhere to go, Sarah’s body arched, her head slammed against the cage, then she sagged and slumped back into the ropes with her butt on the middle strand of rope.

When Shakira rolled clear, Sofia Irish Whipped Vida Guerra toward the strung-up blonde. Unable to match Shakira in terms of speed, the powerful dynamo lowered her shoulder and DOVE, damn near tearing Sarah in half with an undefendable Spear. Laughing evilly as the Slayer sobbed in her bonds, Guerra pushed to her feet and told their victim, “Your ass is dead…bitch!” Turning to Sofia, she added with a wave, “Your turn hon.”

Never taking her eyes from the decimated Slayer, Vergara roared forward and when there was virtually no distance between them, the powerful battler threw her left leg around in a wicked arc and THWAP! Drove her boot into the side of Sarah’s face. Pulling her foot off the top rope, Sofia turned her head to the side and muttered, “Still conscious. I guess we’ll have to try harder!” Taking a moment to adjust the ropes trapping Gellar in place, Sofia stepped back and called out, “You’re up, Mayra!”

Aches and pains fading at the thought of destroying the obnoxious blonde, Veronica tore forward and left her feet, using her whole body to simply MASH Sarah’s body against the side of the cage with an Avalanche Splash. After grinding her sweat-slick belly on the Slayer’s face, Mayra looked back over her shoulder, “All yours Jen!”

Taking a moment to snap her black bikini briefs in place on her hips, Lopez smirked and said, “You HAD to know it was going to end this way Sarah. And if you didn’t... you will after tonight.”

She bounced against the ropes at her back, dug in her toes and headed toward the helpless gamine. As the distance between them closed, J-Lo leaped; executed a gorgeous 180-degree turn; and nearly smashed Sarah’s skull with the Flying Ass Smash that was a deadly part of her ‘assinal’ (least that’s how it sounded when she said ‘arsenal’).

After the combined attacks of the Latina Assault Squad, Sarah was little more than putty, a fact Jennifer illustrated by pulling Gellar out of the ropes and dragging her unprotesting out to center ring. Trading smug glances with her LAS sisters, Jennifer said loudly, “I think this outclassed bitch could use a taste of the Spanish Fly. Shakira, you willing to go up top?

The normally stoic blonde sneered and answered, “You lift her up and I’ll bring her down!”

“Beautiful! Ladies, you know what to do.”

Jen, Mayra, Sofia and Vida each took a position at one of Gellar’s limbs and cinched her up tight. While the others were spread-eagling the Slayer in a tawdry blonde X, Shakira hopped onto the top turnbuckle and paused, waiting for the signal. J-Lo dipped her knees and counted, “On three! ONE... TWO... THREE!” The LAS dropped down, and then rose up fast, lifting Sarah off the mat and swinging her higher than their heads just as Shakira soared off the top rope, tucked herself in half, then straightened out again. The Colombian Sensation came crashing down across the Slayer’s belly at the apex of her momentum - as the LAS let her go!

The crowd gasped in collective shock as Shakira connected with a Frog Splash several feet in the air that made the following BWWWAAAAAM! of Sarah’s landing all that more vile. Even in her decimated state, the Spanish Fly ripped a pained scream of anguish from the blonde’s lungs - though truth be told, she didn’t scream for long.

Helping Shakira up, Jen placed her foot on Sarah’s heaving chest and told her minions, “Strip her out of that trash she’s wearing and then put her on her knees. I’ve got a message to send.”

While Jen stood over her beaten adversary, the rest of the LAS swarmed over the Slayer, rolled her onto her belly and rudely undid the zipper at the back of the blonde’s red leather one-piece. With little more than a tug, they stripped the garment from the ex-champion, leaving her in only her boots, pads and a thin black thong. Shed of her armor, the blonde was hoisted to her knees and had her face positioned ominously before Jennifer’s swaying backside. Accepting a microphone from Mayra, Lopez looked over her shoulder and said, “Get her in close, I don’t want her to breath anything but me.” Vergara and Guerra JAMMED Sarah’s face in the Latina Supreme’s ass, treating Gellar to yet another humiliating session of Aroma Therapy.

Wiggling her butt into the Slayer’s weakly protesting face, Jen brought the mic to her lips and said, “This is a message. Not for the Slayer, I think she already… Ummmh.... a little more to the left AHHH, that’s better. Now as I was saying, Sarah’s already gotten her message so our match on the Fourth is just a formality. No, this message goes out to…ummmmmhhh…to all the women who are going to come after her. The Jessica Biel’s… the Katherine Heigl’s…the Erica Durance’s... the Neve Campbell’s...the Charlize Theron’s….

“I want you ALL to pay very attention to…ohhhhhh.... to what’s happening to Sarah. I haven’t just beaten her, I’ve SUBJUGATED her. Made what was once a proud, strong wrestler uuummmmhh into nothing more than an ass-kissing worshipper of the GREATEST mASS WEAPON in the sport. You mess with me or the LAS? Oh yeeesssss.... THIS is gonna happen to you. Keep it in mind ladies... you get IN my face; and I’ll sit ON your face! You’ll kiss MY ass... then you’ll kiss YOUR ass goodbye!”

Dropping the mic with a dull THUMP, Lopez stepped away, whirled around and lifted Sarah to her feet. Going nose-to-nose with the brain-addled Slayer, Jen purred, “Do me a favor hon, wash your face before the 4th!”

J-Lo hoisted Sarah off the mat and inverted her, forcing the blonde’s head tight into her crotch while she had to endure Gellar’s womanhood mere inches from her own face. Adjusting her grip so that both arms were locked around Sarah’s waist, Jennifer turned in a slow circle, making sure everyone saw what was coming. Then J-Lo rose up on her toes and dropped to her knees - spiking the crown of Sarah’s skull into the mat with ‘Ridin the Six’ J-Lo’s own version of the dreaded Tombstone Piledriver.

Resting on her haunches, Jennifer pushed to her feet and grinned to the rest of the LAS. Flashing them a content grin, the Latina Supreme said, “C’mon ladies, that’s enough playing with garbage for one night. Let’s get out of this shit-hole town.”

As the crowd cheered (or jeered) Jennifer strutted out of cage with the rest of her compatriots in tow, leaving the devastated Slayer to recover from the worst beating of her career; and this only days before her rematch with the Champion!
The cage had been dismantled for only a few minutes when the fans at the Dark Tower were treated to the Announcer stepping into the center of the ring. “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP! In addition, the winner of this match will defend her title against Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk in a Triple Threat match scheduled for July 21st. Introducing first, she is the challenger, standing 5’7” tall, she is Michelle Trachtenberg!”

The distinctive opening to Little Sister rolls through the club and the brunette bombshell breezes through the curtain shortly thereafter, allowing the fans of Woodsboro to take her in. Standing atop the ramp, it was easy to understand why the brunette was one of the hottest up and coming wrestlers in Fannin’s employ. Her lean form was clad in a revealing teal bikini that stood out in wonderful contrast to her pale complexion. Her gear was rounded out with matching knee and elbow pads and short white boots.

Giving the folks in the audience a quick pose, Michelle flipped her auburn hair over her shoulder and started towards the ring, moving with a competitive bounce in her step as she slapped hands with the folks at ringside. Reaching the apron, she slid under the bottom rope and popped to her feet, flashing that perfect grin once more before heading to her corner to await the arrival of the girl she hated more than she’d ever be able to put into words.

When the Challenger’s music died out, the Announcer brought his mic back up and continued. “And her opponent, at 5’6”; she is the ‘One Woman British Invasion’ and YOUR Intercontinental Champion, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you, Mssss Billieeeee PIPER!”

The distinctive guitar riff of AFI’s ‘Miss Murder’ burst into life and the crowd was on it’s feet as the One Woman British Invasion breezed through the curtain. For her biggest title defense to date, Billie was clad in her typical ring gear, a simple black bikini with a small Union Jack insignia emblazoned on the right hip. Taking the time to slap hands with the fans on the aisle, Billie sauntered up the steel steps, leapt over the top rope and landed in a confident little pose all in a single graceful motion.

As her music began to fade, she climbed onto the middle rope and raised the title high overhead, a slightly more golden version of the sign she always threw up before the start of a match. Grinning back at the fans mimicking her movements, the blonde stepped down from the ropes and turned her gaze towards the brunette watching her from the corner. Walking towards Michelle, Billie shrugged the belt off her shoulder and laid it on the ground at her feet. Never taking her eyes of Michelle, the blonde beckoned the challenger in even as she was backing into her corner.

After the ref had collected the belt, the bell rang three times and those in the audience hoping for a slow, simmering staredown to start the match were terribly disappointed when Michelle damn near charged out of her corner and made a beeline for the Champ. Under most circumstances, Michelle was more than happy to psyche her opponent out with a subtle smirk or a whispered insult, but she was in no mood for that tonight. Despite having lost only a handful of matches in the last year, two of those involved Billie Piper and she’d be DAMNED if she let that condescending bitch walk around one more night with the Title that should have been hers from the very beginning.

On the other side of the ring, Billie watched Michelle’s stormy approach and welcomed it with a cold smile. She’d developed a dislike for the lissome auburn haired beauty the moment she’d laid eyes on her, and judging from the hateful sparks flashing in Michelle’s eyes, the American felt the same way about her. Warming herself with the memory of Michelle’s nose snuggled against her crotch, Billie rolled her shoulders and stalked out of her corner without uttering a single word. Heartbeats passed and then the mob was treated to the first sound of battle, a low, clapping SMECK as the rivals bumped into one another at center ring and simply refused to quit moving.

Tilting her head down to keep her eyes locked on Billie’s, Michelle was silent for a moment before hissing, “I’ve finally... FINALLY got you right where I want you. You’ve embarrassed me twice Billie. Ya wouldn’t even let me walk out of the ring after my last fight with Allison and in the Circle you... you....”

The brunette choked on her rage, the memory of those final moments were just too much for words to describe. At least for her. Ignoring the fact that she had to crane her head up to keep her eyes level with Michelle’s, Billie smiled and finished, “That’s OK girl, I can say it. I sat on yer face. And ya know what? I bloody LOVED it.”

The genuine pleasure she heard in the blonde’s voice had Michelle curling her hands into white-knuckled fists, but she was able to hold back the physical violence at least a little bit longer. Chesting hard into the smaller girl, she growled, “I’m not just going to beat you tonight Piper, I’m going HURT you. Make you CRY. Make you feel USELESS. And sitting on your disgusting face is only a very SMALL part of my plan.”

Smile fading, Billie arched an eyedbrow and replied, “Given ow’ bony and small yer arse is, I’m not surprised. Tell me Mish, did the first part of yer plan involve talkin’ me ta death? Cuz if so yer doin’ a bang up job.”

That was it. Billie had pushed Michelle too far and the challenger let her know it with a bone chilling scream of rage. Moving faster than most gave her credit for, Michelle brought up her arms and trapped Billie in a Collar-and-Elbow Tie-Up. Snarling like a feral cat, the slender brunette powered her surprised rival back across the canvas on a diagonal and before Billie could even dig her heels in, she found her back pressed in tight against the turnbuckles. Shifting her hands a bit, Michelle dug her nails into the shelf of the Champ’s chin and squeeezed as hard as she could, eliciting a loud yelp of pain from her blonde.

Licking her lips, Michelle cooed, “Whatsa matter Billie? Bitch got your tongue?” The challenger would have been more than happy to mangle Billie’s features all night long, but sadly, the ref stepped in and started his count, forcing the brunette to release at ‘FOUR.’ Pulling her hands away from Billie’s cheeks and chin, Michelle held her talons up at her shoulders and told the official, “OK, OK, I won’t scratch her any more.”

THWOCK! In the blink of an eye Michelle lashed her right foot up and caught Billie with a Toe Kick that landed just above the low-slung line of the blonde’s black briefs. Laughing aloud as Billie gasped and sank to her haunches, Michelle taunted, “I’m gonna end this match fast baby, but the slaughter? Oh, that’s gonna go on all night LONG!”

Intent on keeping her word, she took a step forward, dropped to one knee and wrapped both arms around Billie’s thighs. Locking her grip, Michelle stood up fast, took two giant steps back and then sat out with her long legs spread in a perfect V. Billie landed on her back between the challenger’s gams, an unwilling recipient of the ingeniously delivered Sit-Out Powerbomb variant. Watching closely as Billie’s head bounced off the mat a few times, Michelle slid her calves over the blonde’s biceps and held her in place as the ref swooped in to count off, ‘ONE... TWO...’ Michelle may have stuck fast and hard, but it was going to take a hell of a lot more than that to keep Piper down for a three count.

Shaking off the pounding in the back of her head, Billie scrambled to her feet and immediately sank into a wrestlers crouch. Much to her disgust, Michelle wasn’t ready for another go-round, hell the brunette wasn’t even FACING her. Instead, the lithe beauty had her back to the Champ and was making a silent but enticing show of pulling her chestnut locks together in a loose ponytail. Sparing Billie a glance, the American offered her a wry smile and asked, “Up already?”

Stifling a growl, Billie replied, “Ya don’t hit THAT ‘ard.”

Michelle released her hair, letting it tumble onto her shoulders. Spinning around, she adopted a crouch of her own and countered, “You’re right. I actually hit much harder.”

Billie invited her in with a slight curling of her fingers. “Then show me what ya got teacake.”

Irked by the blonde’s insolence, Michelle stalked forward and tangled Billie up in another clinch, but in her haste she’d made herself predicatable and Billie capitalized on this by twisting her hips as hard as she could to reverse position with her adversary. Now it was Michelle who found herself being marched across the mat and it wasn’t very long before the thinly-padded steel of the corner was pressing against her back and butt.

Remembering how Michelle had clawed at her face Billie chose a different route. Leaning in with all her strength, she forced the brunette’s head back at a terrible angle, just to prove she could. When the zebra reached ‘FOUR’ Billie broke her grip and stepped in close.

Raising her hands in a ‘don’t shoot’ sort of gesture, she went nose-to-nose with her wary rival and whispered, “Don’t worry Michelle, unlike yerself, I don’t NEED cheapshots to win a fight.” THWAP! Billie twisted her hips and brought her right forearm up in a lightning-fast arc, lifting Michelle up on her toes with the best European Uppercut on the planet. As Michelle groaned and slumped against the post, Billie added, “But that doesn’t mean I won’t take one if the opportunity presents itself.”

Shooing aside the official, Billie scooted in, wrapped her arms around Michelle’s waist and hoisted the discombobulated brunette into a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Grabbing hold of the challenger’s jaw in her left hand, Billie smushed Michelle’s features together in an embarrassing ‘fish-face’ while she chided, “Yer an overrated, undertalented piece a shit Michelle Michelle and ya NEVER belonged in my ring. So kindly take yer fuckin’ leave now!”

Releasing her hold on Michelle’s cheeks, Billie paused just long enough to line up her shot and then THWAP! stapled another European Uppercut to Michelle’s chin. In the first of what the crowd hoped would be countless ‘HOLY SHIT’ moments, the force of Billie’s strike sent Michelle reeling back in a drunken swoon - which would have been fine if she hadn’t been perched on the turnbuckles. The leaning and yawing tipped the slender grappler over and WHAM she went crashing to the mat on the floor outside the ring in a lanky tangle of limbs.

Shaking the tingle out of her arm, Billie smiled and muttered, “Should’a saved that fer Scarlett; DAMN it felt good!” Taking note of the ref’s count, she strutted to the edge of the ring and watched Michelle struggle to get to her hands and knees. When she looked more or less recovered, Billie took a seat on the middle rope and sat down heavily. Taking the top cable in one hand, she pushed up, opening them for Michelle. Extending her free arm towards the challenger, Billie said rather loudly, “WALK IT OFF SUNSHINE, YOU’VE STILL GOTTA LOTTA TALKIN’ TA BACK UP!”

Billie’s taunt cut through the haze in Michelle’s brain like a beacon and when she opened her eyes again, the brunette saw everything through a crimson veil. Before Billie even had a chance to react, Michelle lunged forward and slashed her left arm out, catching the blonde across the cheek with a teeth-rattling SLAP! The Briton grunted and staggered back into the middle of the ring and that was all the time Michelle needed to slide under the bottom rope. Popping to her feet, Michelle went into an anticipatory crouch and charged forward the moment her footing was secure. The Champ’s vision had just started to clear when Michelle lowered her shoulder and DROVE it right into her nemesis’ belly.

Michelle’s Spear certainly isn’t the deadliest move in her repitoire, but that was fine, she just wanted Billie on her back and the tackle did that more than adequately. They’d been on the mat less than a second when Michelle reached up, buried both hands in the blonde’s thick mane and started to TEAR with the sort of vile tugs usually seen in apartment house bouts or no rules catfights. Not that it stopped Michelle from twining her fingers in Billie’s locks as she beat her head on the canvas over and over! Caught in the vicious joy that results from destroying her most hated rival, Michelle’s voice was high and delirious as she screamed, “YOU (THUD!) ARE (THUD!) NOT (THUD!) BETTER (THUD!) THAN ME! (THUD!) (THUD!) DO (THUD!) YOU (THUD!) UNDERSTAARRRGGHH!”

Apparently Billie DID understand the concept, because she returned it in kind, diggin her talons into Michelle’s dark tresses and yanking her out of her mount. Rolling over and switching places, Billie leaned all her weight into her Straddle as she screamed, “I (THUD!) AM (THUD!) SO (THUD!) FUCKIN’ (THUD!) BETTER (THUD!) THAN (THUD!) YOAAAAUNNNGH!”

Not willing to lay there while Billie bashed her brains in, Michelle reversed their positions again. They traded positions for the next thirty seconds as those lucky fans at the Dark Tower were shown the kind of mindless, post-adolescent fantasy catfighting rarely seen outside the ring. Eventually though, their training took over and a wrestling match broke out! Michelle snaked around behind Billie and slithered her legs ‘round her waist. Just like that, Michelle locked her ankles and began to crush; her long, elegant legs shredding something fierce as she put every muscle to work cutting Billie in half!

Placing her hands flat on the mat, Michelle rocked up and down for added leverage as she compounded Piper’s misery by grinding her thighs into the Briton’s ribs. Biting her bottom lip in a coy grin, Michelle leaned in and asked, “Feel that bitch? THAT’S what legs can do when you give ‘em more exercise than the ol’ stretch and spread!”

Fuming, Billie gripped Michelle’s knees and tried to force her Scissors apart, but it was hopeless; like trying to fight out of a 5’7” vise. Answering the ref’s submission inquiry with a disgusted sneer, Billie glanced over her shoulder and replied, “Ya should know all about that Michelle! From what the locker room sez, ya can throw yer ankles back behind yer earZAAAAGGGHHHHHH!”

In a scene of pure, unbridled bitchiness, Michelle slapped both hands flat on Billie’s shoulders, then raaaaakked down her back, leaving a trail of eight parallel crimson welts on the Brit’s cringing back. Cooing happily into Billie’s ear, Michelle whispered, “When this is all over, your body’s going to be able to bend in ways you could only UNNNNGHHHH!”

Getting close proved to be a mistake since it let Billie snap her head back and CRACK the bridge of the brunette’s nose with a modfied Headbutt.

Feeling the pressure on her waist ease, Billie clawed her way free of Michelle’s grip to scramble around behind her and apply a Body Scissors of her own. Now the IC Champ wasn’t well-known for her submission game, but she knew a few holds very well and the Scissors was one. Anyone looking for evidence just had to observe the stunned, gaping expression on Michelle’s pretty face when the blonde clamped down on her trim waist. Pouring all her strength into the breath-taking hold, Billie’s thighs were thrumming like tuning forks as she leaned forward to chide, “Ya wanna use yer claws luv? At least learn to use them properly!”

The words were still coming out of her mouth when she criss-crossed her arms across Michelle’s chest and cupped her breasts. In the next instant, she JERKED her talons apart and Michelle wailed in anguish as Billie left her mark. Using her pain as a motivator, Michelle brought up both arms and then drove the boniest point of her elbows down into the meat of Billie’s constricting gams. After two more Elbows and the Scissors dropped away entirely, allowing the American challenger to scramble to her feet. Hands on her knees, Michelle was doubled over and staring at the mat when she heard Billie chuckle.

Flipping hair out of her eyes, she looked up and that’s when the blonde said. “Well, it looks like ya can’t punch with me, and that just proved ya can’t catfight with me...” She stepped back and sank into a low, tight wrestler’s crouch. Moving to her left, Billie concluded, “Wanna see if ya can grapple with me?”

Grinding her teeth, Michelle adopted a crouch of her own and closed in on her adversary. With their fingers almost touching, the brunette promised, “When I get done with you Billie, you’ll need skin grafts to cover all the mat burns.”

Keeping her eyes locked on the challenger, Billie tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and replied, “Very clever Mish...” Billie lunged forward in a blur of motion and spun around behind her opponent. While Michelle was processing this information, Billie wrapped her in a tight Waistlock, LIFTED her up off the mat and then her to the canvas on her belly, pooling her full weight onto Michelle’s squirming back, Billie kissed the base of Michelle’s neck before adding, “…and completely bloody useless I’m afraid.”

Absolutely SEETHING at the feel of the blonde’s lips on her skin, Michelle managed to fight to a seated position but wasn’t able to break Billie’s grasp. Tugging furiously at Billie’s wrists, the brunette thought she was making some progress only to have the blonde roll her over onto her shoulders into a pinning predicament. Keeping her wits about her, Michelle rolled off her back almost immediately, but the Champ managed to do this to her a few times before she was finally able to loop her ankles around the bottom rope to demand, “BREAK!”

Looking to twist the knife when Michelle’s back was to her, Billie ignored the ref’s count and leaned down, spooning herself across the curve of the American’s back. Cheek-to-cheek with her rival, Billie mused, “Shit Michelle, if I’d known it was goin’ ta be THIS easy I’d ‘ave let Kristin finish ya off so I could’ve beat Scarlett.”

The undisguised disdain in Billie’s tone drove Michelle mad with rage, but before she could offer a comeback, Billie released her and got to her feet. Breathing deep, Michelle fought a silent war with the voices raging at her to gouge the blonde’s eyes out right then and there. As satisfying as that might be, she wanted the British bitch to see what was happening to her. Straightening up, she smoothed out her hair and adjusted the edges of her outfit before returning her attention to Billie. Stalking toward the Champ, Michelle allowed Billie to say, “Feeling pretty?” and then nearly took her face off with a CRAAACK slap that echoed through the building.

Standing her ground, Michelle watched Billie stagger back with a small, cruel smile on her face. When next Billie’s eyes met hers, the brunette challenged, “Feeling tacky?”

Lips curving up in a sick smile, Billie growled, “You’re about to...” and exploded forward with claws aimed for Michelle’s face.

Digging deep into the bag of tricks Sarah had taught her, Michelle settled into a slight crouch and then popped up in a vertical leap, at the apex of which she shot her legs out and locked them around Billie’s skull.Locking her ankles, the sinewy beauty twisted backwards and ripped Billie off her feet with a Hurricanrana, but when she THUD hit the mat, Michelle didn’t release her grip. Instead, she rolled onto her side, laced her hands behind Billie’s neck and pulled forward as hard as she could, brutally mashing the blonde’s nose against the crotch of her briefs. Grinding her hips forward in rude, tawdry jerks, Michelle flung her head back and asked, “WHO’S FEELIN’ TACKY NOW SLUT?”

Howling her fury into Michelle’s trunks (it never occcured to her that the challenger might actually enjoy the sensation) Billie twisted and wriggled on the mat for several seconds before she came to her senses and started pounding short, stiff punches into the American’s belly. It took nearly a dozen, but they did the job and a few seconds later, the Scissors popped open and they were both pushing to their feet.

Grinning like the proverbial cat that ate the canary, Michelle made a show of adjusting the edges of her briefs as she told the blonde, “Gawd that felt good. Next time you’re down there, I’m gonna make you scream ‘I’M MICHELLE’S bitch’ to make it even more enjoyable.”

Glaring a murderous hole through her taller rival, Billie sneered, “When I sit on yer face, I won’t make ya say nothin. Ye’ll be too busy tryin’ ta draw a breath ta think of anything cute.”

Michelle extended her arms to her sides, a ‘come and get me’ gesture if there ever was one, “Let’s see you do it then bitch.”More than happy to oblidge her challenger, Billie charged forward to do just that and was promptly dumped on her face compliments of a Drop Toe Hold. And things only went from bad to worse when Michelle got up, swooped into position and smashed a hard Leg Drop on the back of Billie’s head. Resting on her butt, Michelle smiled and said, “Here’s something special just for you Billie. I hope that pasty neck of yours can take it.” She slid her free other leg under Billie’s chin, effectively trapping the Briton’s head between her calves. In the same motion, she rolled over onto her stomach, placed her hands on the mat and PUSHED up in a move that lifted Billie’s upper body off the mat while simultaneously wrenching her neck back at a hideous angle. Raising and lowering herself in a motion an awful lot like push-ups, Michelle glanced over her shoulder and demanded, “GIVE UP!”

Pushing frantically at the gam that was snaked across her throat, Billie shook her head ‘no’ as best she could and gurgled, “NEVER!”

Grinding the ball of her heel against the blonde’s temple, Michelle muttered, “Never’s a long fucking time slut!” and cranked back on the Scissors a little harder.

Fearing permanent neck damage if she didn’t fight out of this fast, Billie fumbled around until she got hold of Michelle’s ankle. Once her grip was secure, the Briton began to twist as hard as she could. The sudden twinge in her foot caused Michelle to break her concentration and that in turn was enough to allow Billie to fight her way free of the innovative Neck Scissors. But Billie’s freedom had come at a high cost (as the gasping and black dots in her vision would attest) and it made her easy pickings’ as Michelle got to her feet and loomed over her.

Pulling the Champ up with a double handful of hair, Michelle trudged her over to the edge of the ring before dipping around behind her. Bending double, the brunette wedged her head between Billie’s torso and right arm even as she was wrapping the blonde up in a Waistlock.

Taking a second to catch her breath, Michelle bent her knees and lifted Billie high into the air, giving one side of the arena a delightful view of her trembling backside. When she figured they’d seen enough Michelle took a half step to the side and tossed Billie down, ramming her groin onto the top rope. Billie sobbed in pain and tried to wriggle her way free, but such a move had a way of paralyzing even the strongest women and she was no exception!

Quite confident that Billie wasn’t going anywhere for a while, Michelle swatted her rival’s butt and said, “Don’t worry English, I’ll get you down from there.” Acting on her promise, Michelle strutted towards the corner in front of Billie and climbed to the top rope. Facing her woozy rival, Michelle paused to look out at the crowd and say, “I THINK IT’S TIME TO TAKE THIS FIGHT TO THE PEOPLE!”

As the mob urged her on, the American leapt out into the void, tucked her knees up against her chest for a moment and then pistoned them out, catching Billie flush across the chest with a Missile Dropkick. All the air ‘whooshed’ out of the Champ’s lungs in an instant and if that wasn’t bad enough, Michelle had angled the collision to send her blonde rival tumbling to the outside of the ring where she landed with a dull, wet ‘SPLAT!’ Pushing to her feet, Michelle strutted over to the edge of the ring, shoved the ref aside and looked down just to make sure Billie hadn’t gone and broken her stupid neck in the fall. What she found was the wounded blonde face-down, ass in the air as she tried to recover from the double shot of Dropkick and landing.

Smoothing her hair with both hands, Michelle offered the audience a subtle little pose as she murmured to Billie, “Pick your grimy Eurotrash ass up Billie, you aren’t through kissing my feet yet... or several other parts of me for that matter.”

In response, the Briton voiced a loud groan and started to push to her hands and knees which meant that Michelle had to get back to work. Making sure she was positioned properly, the brunette did a quick 180 and headed for the ropes on the other side of the squared circle. Bounding back towards her recovering adversary, Michelle seemed about to bounce off the ropes for a second time but instead she simply went into a hard, much like a baseball player heading for home plate.

THUD!’ In this case, home plate was Billie’s sternum and her breathless scream was much louder and emphatic than anything usually seen on the diamond. Letting her momentum carry her out onto the floor, Michelle made a point of stepping over Billie’s gasping form on her way to the announcer’s table.

Turning her attention to D and Flash, Michelle indicated the pitcher of beer sitting on the edge of the table and asked, “Would you fellas mind sharing a drink with a lady?”

Flash poured her a glass and handed it off. “Not at all.”

The brunette brought it to her lips and stopped. “It’s not imported is it?”

D shook his head, “Nope, special of the house.”

The challenger smiled. “Good, I wouldn’t want to remind that bitch of home.”

Spinning away, Michelle headed back towards Billie who at the moment was using the barricade to get her feet back under her. Burying her free hand in Billie’s blonde mane, Michelle spun the Champ around to face her and SPLASH’ flung the contents of the cup into Billie’s startled face. Laughing aloud as her opponent sputtered and flailed, Michelle tossed the cup aside and snarled, “WAKE UP BITCH, IT’S TIME FOR THE ASS KICKING TO CONTINUE!”

Easily reaching through Billie’s meager defenses, the brunette took her opponent’s left wrist in both hands and pointed her towards the barricade. Encountering no resistance from the blonde, Michelle took two giant steps back, dropped to her knees and flung Billie towards the steel. Half blinded, eyes stinging, Billie was still aware enough to know what was happening to her, but she was also aware that she probably couldn’t stop it. Doing her best to minimize the hurt, she turned into her momentum at the last second and ‘BWANG!’ crashed back-first into the steel guardrail separating the fans in the front row from the ringside area. Michelle watched Billie’s slow slide down the barrier the way a hungry snake might eye a crippled mouse. Wanting nothing more than to hand Billie the most one-sided, humiliating defeat of her career Michelle purred, “Slump and stagger all you want slut, this won’t end until you’re blubbering for mercy. And even then the end will be a long time in coming...”

Acting on those ominous words, Michelle took off towards the seated blonde and never even slowed down as she left her feet tucked her knees in close and then jabbed them out again, mashing Billie’s breasts with the THIRD Dropkick in as many minutes. Resting on her back, Michelle took the opportunity to grrrrriiiind her heels back and forth across Billie’s protesting chest. She was just about to offer up something snide when she realized the ref had started his count. Not wanting to let this thing end in the ignominy of a double count out, Michelle got to her feet, jogged over to the ring apron and rolled under the bottom rope to break the count. Sliding back out onto the floor, she glared up at the zebra and said, “Just so you have fair warning, if you let this end on a count out, I’ll hunt you down and whoever they send to look for you won’t bring back ALL the pieces.”

Having put the official on notice, Michelle sauntered over to Billie and drove a swift Knee to the Brit’s forehead. Mashing the bony joint home, the challenger looked at the fans on the other side of the barrier and said rather conversationally, “Billie here is supposed to be some sort of bar fighting legend back in whatever Renaissance Fair town she crawled out of, but she doesn’t look so tough now does she?”

Over the general hooting and yelling, someone replied, “She might look tougher if you take your knee off her face.”

Michelle pondered that for a moment, then shrugged, “Yeah, guess she might.” She glanced down, pulled her knee away for a moment and said, “Nope! WRONG!” Then gave Billie another vicious Knee to the forehead. Putting her hands on her hips, Michelle regarded the fans with a cagey smile and said, “Any of you who are fans of TALENTED wrestlers, please do me a favor and warn me if the Pied Billie of Dye Jobs starts to move. Those of you who are fans of UNTALENTED wrestlers, feel free to bray like morons if she starts to move. Either way, I’ll know what’s going on.”

Leaving the audience to their duties, Michelle walked several feet away, dropped to both knees and grabbed hold of the edge of one of the pads covering the floor. With a single hard TUG, Michelle ripped the mat loose of its position and peeled it back, exposing the gleaming hardwood beneath. Thoroughly enjoying what was about to come next, Michelle spared a look to the referee and said, “Remember what told you?”

The held up both hands in a ‘surrender’ gesture, shrugged (a few seconds after Michelle threatened him, he’d gotten a signal from the front office to not enforce the ten count). Heading back over to Billie, the brunette yanked her blonde rival to her feet and instantly wrapped her up in a tight Front Facelock. Backing up until she was in the proper position, Michelle slung Billie’s near arm over her shoulders and used her free hand to cinch up Billie’s tights. Bending her knees, Michelle hoisted Billie off her feet, inverting the blonde above her head for a solid ‘FIVE’ count before falling back and…

THWACK! Billie’s back hit the exposed floor and the Champ immediately let out a pained scream. Sitting beside Billie as the blonde sobbed and arched her back, Michelle patted her butt and taunted, “You think THAT hurts Billie? Let me show you what REALLY hurts.”

Taking the British babe by the shoulder-straps, Michelle brought her to her feet and led her over to the apron. Taking a seat on the edge of the ring, Michelle spread her legs and pulled Billie in close. Locking her ankles, Michelle hooked Billie’s arms behind her and started to squeeeeeeze. Breathing onto the back of Billie’s neck, Michelle increased the pressure of her Scissors and whispered, “Go ahead bitch. If you can still lift your head, look out at the crowd and tell them how much it hurts to have your ass kicked.”

Wriggling helplessly as Michelle continued to torture her, Billie shook her head ‘no’ and growled, “Is this the UNNNGHH best ya can UNNNGHHH do?”

Michelle shook her head, “Not at all bitch. I just wanted to fuck with your body before I started fucking with your mind. But since you’re so damned insistent about it...” She shifted her grip on Billie’s arms so she could immobilize them with one arm, then using her free hand, she fumbled with the knot on Billie’s bikini top for a few seconds, pulling it free.

Realizing what the brunette had planned, Billie snarled, “Don’t ya fuckin’ dare!”

Undeterred, the American asked, “What? THIS?” With one quick jerk she ripped Billie’s top away and flung it into the audience. As the crowd went nuts, she finished, “Or THIS?” Releasing her hold on Billie’s arms, Michelle swept her arms around the blonde’s chest and SLAMMED her hands down on Billie’s breasts. Curling her fingers closed around the soft flesh, she dug her nails in DEEP!

The Champ threw her head back and wailed as Michelle pinched, ripped, tore, mauled and generally worried the exposed jugs. After nearly thirty seconds of tit torture, Michelle stopped and kicked Billie away, sending the decimated blonde stumbling, then collapsing to all fours. Running a hand over her own modest (but still impressive) assets, Michelle said, “Gee, I hope you savored every day with that title, Billie. In a few minutes, it’s gonna belong to ME!”

Michelle grabbed the blonde by the back of her briefs and hauled her to her feet. Spinning Billie around, Michelle threaded an arm between her thighs and the other over her shoulder. With a grunt, she hoisted Billie off her feet into what looked like prep for a Body Slam - but Michelle’s fans knew the set-up for the Michelle Special when they saw it!

With Billie’s head positioned over bare hardwood, it looked like the Briton’s title was in serious jeopardy. Billie must have realized it too because she started bucking and twisting as soon as Michelle hoisted her into position. In her thrashing, she managed to elbow the brunette in the temple which was enough to gain her release! Dropping behind Michelle, Billie knew she didn’t have much time before Michelle turned around. She didn’t waste a second, pounding a hard right into the brunette’s liver. Michelle sobbed and started to sag, but Billie would have none of that!

She wrapped her up in a tight Waistlock. Holding the American prone, Billie shifted her grip slightly, keeping her left arm around Michelle’s middle while she used her right hand to grab the taller girl behind the knee of her right leg. Forcing her head between the brunette’s torso and right arm, Billie bent her knees in a deep crouch and then lifted up and backwards, taking Michelle off her feet and hauling her into position for a Belly to Back Suplex. But instead of falling back to complete the move, Billie stayed on her feet for a few seconds and then sat out, driving Michelle forward as she did so. The challenger didn’t even have time to cry out as she was driven face-and-chest-first into bare floor with the Back Drop Facebuster everybody knew as ‘Anarchy in the UK.’

Popping to her feet, Billie left Michelle’s sputtering wreckage behind and headed back into the ring to break the count. It was only when she got to the apron that she realized the zebra wasn’t counting. Staring curiously at the ref, she asked, “Where’s the count?”

“Orders from the back…well, and threats from Michelle. Long as you don’t kill each other, you can fight anywhere, for as long as you want.”

Billie smiled. “Perfect.” Strolling back to Michelle, she realized her state of partial nudity. Crossing her hands over her breasts, the blonde looked in the direction Michelle had tossed her top. “Whoever’s got my top. I’ll give ya ALL of Michelle’s kit - and a lock of ‘er ‘air - in exchange for its safe return.”

A few rows back someone said, “Sorry! I’m a bigger fan of your tits!”

Billie rolled her eyes. “Well of course ya are, ya can see! But are ya sure ya don’t ‘ave a secret loser fetish ya’d like to indulge in? I can’t think of a bigger loser than Michelle ‘ere.”

“No sale!” replied the voice.

Shrugging, Billie looked down at her chest, cupped her bare breasts and murmured, “Sorry girls; I tried.”

Turning back to Michelle, Billie pulled the trembling brunette to her feet and noted with no small pleasure the small cut on her forehead. Wiping her thumb through the blood, Billie smeared it between her breasts, then whispered, “Yer goin’ ta pay for tryin’ ta embarrass me Michelle.” She pulled Michelle to the apron and muscled her up onto it, pushing her legs and hips under the bottom rope, leaving her upper body and head hanging over the apron. Standing before her wounded adversary, Billie cooed, “Lets see ‘ow much blood ya need to lose before the quitter comes out…bet it’s not much.” ‘

THWAP!’ The words were barely out of her mouth when Billie twisted away, then spun back and brought her right forearm up in nasty arc that ended against Michelle’s lacerated head. Smiling as the European Uppercut turned Michelle into the world’s biggest bobble-head, Billie reset her stance.

‘THWAP!’ Another European Uppercut and the cut on Michelle’s forehead seemed to bleed a little more freely. But the blonde wasn’t going to be satisfied until it was gushing! She dug down deep and went to town on Michelle with a whole series of European Uppercuts…THWAP! THWAP! THWAP! THWAP! THWAP!

Billie didn’t stop until her forearm was slathered with Michelle’s blood. When she was satisfied, she grabbed Michelle’s damp chestnut locks in both hands, pulled her back out of the ring and dropped her on the floor. Maintaining the hair hold, Billie forced Michelle to crawl back to the ring steps on all fours, then kicked her in the ribs, collapsing her on the mat.

Straddling the brunette’s torso, Billie looked into the nearest camera and announced, “JENNIFER LOVE ‘EWITT! THE NEXT TIME WE CROSS PATHS, LUV, I OWE YA A PINT FOR GIMMICK INFRINGEMENT. NO ‘ARD FEELIN’S I ‘OPE!”

She bent down and grabbed both of Michelle’s ankles, pulling her legs up and then tucking them into her armpits. Moving gingerly, she bent down a bit farther and grabbed her opponent’s wrists, one in each hand. Pausing for a moment, Billie took a deep breath and then pulled up, lifting Michelle off the canvas by her feet and hands, bending the trapped brunette in a sadistic U.

The Rocking Horse Crab (better known as ‘The Love Clutch’ around these parts) had just been cinched on and Billie added her own sadistic touch to it by swinging Michelle gently back and forth, putting even more intense pressure on her captive’s captured limbs and bent back while ALSO smacking her bleeding head on the steps with a staccato THUD! THUD! THUD!

The excruciating pain of this hold brought the brunette around, but having her head bounced off the steps every few seconds wasn’t the most pleasing wake-up call and she immediately started trying to fight her way free. Hating the pained note she heard in her voice, the challenger growled, “LEMMME GO!”

Billie just chuckled and said, “Can’t submit on the floor ‘on. But if ya give up at the top of yer lungs, maybe I’ll take pity on ya and finish ya fast.”

Moaning as her forehead rattled off the steel with another THUD, Michelle screamed, “FUCK YOU!”

Glaring angrily at Michelle’s back, Billie released the hold and quickly scraped Michelle off the mat. Spinning the American around to face the ring, Billie cupped Michelle’s right breast, squeezed down hard and sneered, “No, FUCK YOU, Michelle.”

Through on the outside for the moment, Billie rolled Michelle under the bottom rope and slid in after her. Getting her feet under her, Billie ran a hand through her hair and adjusted the edges of her togs before moving onto the next stage of her attack. Bringing Michelle up, Billie instantly caught her in a Three-Quarters Facelock, dropped to one knee and dumped the brunette over onto her butt with a simple Snap Mare.

Popping up, Billie ran the ropes at Michelle’s back and on her way towards the slumped American, she left her feet in a low head-first dive that took her straight towards the brunette. In the instant before the collision, Billie twisted her whole body in a sharp little corkscrew motion that allowed her to drive her right forearm up and across the back of Michelle’s oblivious It seemed as if Billie was learning to hit the European Uppercut from every angle!

Back on her feet, Billie sank her claws into Michelle’s hair, scraped her off the canvas and locked her up in a Front Facelock. Moving to the edge of the ring, Billie prepped Michelle for the Vertical Suplex, lifted her straight up into the air and held her for several seconds. When the time came to drop her, however, Billie stepped forward and instead dropped her belly on the top rope! With Michelle hung up and helpless, Billie patted the back of Michelle’s head and mused, “I don’t know what it is about this move and yerself Michelle, but I never get tired of ‘ittin ya with it!”

Billie set her feet and proceeded to nearly decapitate the American with the hardest European Uppercut of the night! The force of the strike flipped Michelle over the ropes and when she dropped, she bounced off the apron and tumbled off to splatter on the mats below. Intending to show up Michelle in every aspect of the game, Billie waited in nervous, fidgety silence for her to start getting to her feet. When she was almost upright, Billie took off for the ropes behind her, bounced off and came roaring back toward Michelle. As the distance between her and the ropes shrank, Billie left her feet and dove OVER the top rope to come crashing down on Michelle with a Plancha that crushed the slender vixen into the mat.

Enjoying the sensation of Michelle squirming beneath her, Billie took her time in peeling away from her opponent and when she did, it was only to say, “IT’S U.K.O. TIME LADS!” Grabbing a generous handful of Michelle’s teal briefs, the blonde peeled her victim off the mat and pulled her in close. Hammerlocking the brunette’s arm behind her back with none of her usual theatrics, Billie did allowed herself the luxury of nuzzling against Michelle’s cheek to say, “My finisher may not be as nasty as yers on bare wood, but the people will still cheer it. After all, everyone loves seein ya get yur skinny arse kicked!”

With no answer forthcoming, Billie bent down to hook Michelle’s leg but that’s when Michelle shot her leg up and caromed her Knee into Billie’s forehead. Billie moaned and sagged noticeably, but her grip didn’t fall away, so Michelle encouraged her with a trio of brain-rattling Knee Lifts that rattled THWOCK, THWOCK, THWOCK off the Champ’s skull. The last of these forced Billie to abandon the U.K.O in favor of a strategic retreat, but the brunette wasn’t going to make it that easy!

Stalking after her woozy nemesis, Michelle snagged Billie’s hair in both hands and pulled the glassy-eyed blonde back towards her. Twisting Billie around to face her, Michelle brought her knee up again, this time impaling the blonde’s trunks with a blatant Low Blow that probably would have called for a disqualification under most other circumstances. Too angry to speak just yet, Michelle yanked Billie in close, trapped her in a grinding Front Facelock, and set her feet like she was preparing to plant her with a DDT.

But in the midst of her fall to the wood below, Michelle raised her free arm and brought her elbow slicing down across the back of the Briton’s neck. The Elbow Strike combined with her own momentum didn’t so much pull Billie off her feet as send her straight down, face-first, into the exposed floor. ‘THUD!’ The crowd groaned in shared agony as Billie’s features were melded to the floor of the Dark Tower compliments of Michelle’s deadly modified DDT, aka, the Finishing Touch.

Still holding her tongue, Michelle got her hands under Billie’s shoulders and rolled her onto her back. Michelle’s bloody face lit up in a passionately cruel smile when she saw that she’d opened a gash over Billie’s left eye. Straddling her victim’s waist, Michelle looked every inch the lioness looming over a fresh kill as she leaned her face down to meet Billie’s.

Breaking her silence, the brunette promised, “Before that bell rings again... you are going... to... scream... my... name.”

She punctuated it with a vile Forehand Slap, then pulled Billie to her feet. Muscling the bloodied blonde onto the ring apron, Michelle rolled her into the ring and followed. Rising to her full height in a graceful, sinuous motion, Michelle stalked over to Billie and took her time bringing Billie to her feet in a series of reefing jerks and tugs. Spinning around behind the wounded Brit, she bent Billie backward, forcing her chin under her armpit to clamp on a potentially lethal Inverted Facelock.

Digging her locked hands in between Billie’s shoulderblades to keep her from escaping, Michelle was apparently oblivious to the thin rivulets of blood running down her face as she sneered,”You EMBARRASSED me...” She dropped to one knee, bringing Billie down across the broadest part of her thigh in something that was equal parts Reverse DDT and Backbreaker. Straightening up, she blew hair out of her eyes and continued, “You talked an ENDLESS stream of SHIT about me...” She sank down a second time, giving the gasping blonde another chance to experience the diabolical joys of Michelle’s posted joint. Standing up one more time, Michelle adjusted her grip on the Facelock as she finished, “And NOW I get to show the world that it was nothing but the lies of a worthless, mouthy WHORE!”

The last words were still coming out of her mouth when she sat out hard, fusing the back of Billie’s head and shoulders to the canvas below with a picture perfect Reverse DDT!! Going for the cover just for the hell of it, Michelle flung herself across Billie’s gasping belly and hooked the far leg. Impressed and terrified by the things these women were willing to do to one another, the ref dropped to his knees and slapped the mat, ‘ONE... TWO...’

Billie rolled her shoulder, saving her title reign with a second to spare. Resting on her knees, Michelle thought about what she was going to do next and was torn between two equally appealing choices. On the one hand, she really, REALLY wanted to submit Billie and have this whole farce be done with. But on the other hand, she had an almost insane urge to humiliate the blonde the way she’d felt humiliated when Billie dumped her from the ring following the Final Surrender Match; then again when she’d ridden the brunette’s face to win the 6th Circle of Hell.

Suddenly, the American was all smiles. Why compromise - she could do both!! Deciding she would humiliate the blonde into surrender, Michelle pulled her victim into a sitting position, grabbed a wrist in each hand and rudely shoved the soles of her feet against Billie’s back. As she prepared to cinch the hold in, Michelle found her voice and said, “Now Billie, when you’re up there screaming into the lights, try to think about all the damage I’m doing to your shoulders and back, not the THOUSANDS of people that are gawking at your nasty British tits.”

The blonde tried to offer up a response, but Michelle cut her off by pulling back on her ankles, even as she thrust her legs forward. The result of the strange combination of holds forced Billie to her feet to alleviate some of the pressure, but even then it wasn’t much use as Michelle pulled back even harder, forcing the trapped Champion to be bent backwards across her feet in shape almost like an upside-down J. Careful to make sure her own shoulders stayed off the mat, Michelle jerked back on her hand-holds and pushed up with her legs, jostling Billie violently with this odd twist on the Surfboard.

Bending and extending her legs to achieve maximum effectiveness, Michelle worked her hold in silence for the better part of fifteen seconds before she asked, “Ready to give it up, Saggy Maggie Thatcher?”

Shaking her head ‘no’ Billie closed her eyes against the lights, blood and sweat before panting, “I’ll never submit ta the likes of ya, Mish!”

Nostrils flaring, Michelle bent her knees to the point where Billie’s feet almost touched the ground before she THRUST them back up, forcing another shriek of pain from the blonde. Licking her lips, the brunette purred, “You will give up sweety. Maybe not to this hold, but you will tap to me. One way or another, you’ll tap.”

A moment later, Billie’s weight started to wear on her, so she bent her legs again and released her grip on the blonde’s wrists. Before Billie could move away, Michelle shoved her legs up one final time to send the British grappler flying forward in a comical arc that ended with her landing flat on her face. With Billie temporarily removed from the equation, Michelle took the time to re-tie the laces of her right boot.

She was still on her back with one leg in the air when a voice from the crowd said, “I DEMAND YOU STOP BEING SO HOT! IT’S TOO DAMN DISTRACTING!”

Finishing with her laces, Michelle turned her head towards the source of the interruption and answered simply enough. “No.”

Rolling onto her feet, the lissome brunette strutted towards her shopworn adversary and pulled her to her feet. Standing in front of Billie, Michelle thought about just slapping the taste out of her mouth right then and there, but she decided against it. Slapping Billie stupid would be SO MUCH MORE satisfying when she had the IC gold around her waist. Instead, she laced an arm through Billie’s thighs and grabbed hold of her butt. Sliding the other arm over the blonde’s shoulder, Michelle lifted the Champ onto her shoulder and marched her towards the nearest corner where she proceeded to force Billie’s shins over the top rope and lock them in place under the top buckle, securing her to the unenviable Tree of Woe.

Stepping back to admire her handiwork, Michelle glanced over at the official and asked, “Did you forget what I told you about counting?”

He shook his head. “No ma’am, not for a second!”

She smiled, “Good.” Slipping through the ropes, Michelle hopped down onto the floor and stood behind the corner where Billie was currently strung up. Brushing stray hairs off the blonde’s features, Michelle taunted, “Aww you look so disgusting when you’re upside down!”

Struggling furiously to get free of her bonds, Billie snarled, “Fook ya Michelle! When I get outta ‘ere, I’m gonna do things ta ya that’d make Scarlett blush.”

Unable to hold back a wicked little giggle, Michelle replied, “Thing is, you’re NOT getting out of here bitch. Not unless you scream my name of course.”

Unwilling to EVER do such a think, Billie spat, “No way in ‘ell UNNNGHHHUMMMMPPH!”

Michelle cut her off by reaching around either side of the post and locking her fingers across Billie’s chin. Clamping down tight, she pulled back as hard as she could, bending Billie’s neck back across the bottom turnbuckle with a simple Chinlock. But in the Tree of Woe, nothing was simple; especially with a ref who’d been told that counts were only to be made for pins.

Billie had to fight with all her heart and soul to keep from screaming as Michelle bent her neck to the breaking point. Luckily for her, and her neck, Michelle seemed to tire of this amusement and let the blonde go to slide back into the ring. Billie still might have been tied in the Tree of Woe but at least Michelle wasn’t trying to tear her head off anymore. That had to be an improvement, right? Well it was, at least for a moment.

But then things went right back to ‘terrible’ when Michelle shooed the ref out of her way and jogged to the other side of the ring. Setting her sights on the inverted blonde, she took off at a dead run that only stopped when she left her feet in an impossibly high leap. The challenger seemed to be suspended as she tucked her knees under her chin and lined up her shot. Then gravity took over and Michelle pistoned both feet down into Billie’s face, nearly murdering the blonde with the same Hesitation Dropkick that had helped spell the end for Allison Mack several months ago!

The vicious impact of the maneuver sent a chilling spasm through Billie’s entire frame and the subsequent tremors were finally enough to shake her loose from the Tree of Woe. Knowing quit when she saw it, Michelle lugged Billie to her feet and led her out into the center of the ring where she quickly took the blonde’s wrist and Irish Whipped her to the ropes. Settling into her stance, Michelle waited until Billie drew within striking distance and then lashed her right foot up in a wide, swooping arc that would have looked just as at home in the Joffre Ballet as it did in the wrestling ring. All the training and drills with the Slayer had paid off because Michelle’s Spin Kick connected flawlessly, mashing the side of Billie’s face and nearly turning the Champ inside-out in the process!

Regaining her balance while the flashbulbs were still going off, Michelle dropped to her knees, shoved Billie over onto her stomach and hooked both legs. A heartbeat later the ref dove in and ticked off, ‘ONE... TWO... THNO!”

Billie’s kick-out wasn’t the strongest of her career, but it was still a kick out and that meant the match had to continue! Slapping the mat in frustration, Michelle pushed to her feet and stalked around behind her opponent. Sinking into an expectant crouch, she waited with her hands on thighs, swaying gently back and forth like a cobra getting ready to strike.

Watching Billie for any signs of movement, Michelle whispered, “C’mon bitch, you wanted to get up. Well get your ass up.”

Billie lay still for a few more seconds, then she groaned and started to push to her feet. Feeling the time draw near, Michelle rubbed her right foot back and forth across the canvas, wondering what it would feel like when she kicked Billie’s head off her shoulders. Finally, the blonde got to her feet and lurched around towards the waiting brunette. As soon as she saw the whites of Billie’s eyes she hurled herself forward only to leave her feet in another beautiful leap, at the apex of which she lashed out with her right foot, sending the arc on a collision course with Billie’s temple. But for all her injuries, Billie was still remarkably fast on her feet and as she saw the Enziguiri coming for her, the Briton ducked and let Michelle’s blow sweep over her head.

Michelle hit the mat with a dull THUD that wasn’t really very painful, at least that is, until Billie jumped up and came down with both heels SMACK into the small of the brunette back in a heinous Double Stomp. Mashing her heels down into Michelle’s defenseless back, Billie sneered, “Pretty bony if ya’s ask me love. Still, maybe yer jest supple ‘nuf to bend before ya BREAK!”

Wanting to see if this was true or not, Billie hopped off Michelle’s back and hoisted the teary-eyed challenger to her feet by the back of her bottoms. (The resulting wedgie was inadvertent, but no one in the audience minded at all) Wrapping her arms around Michelle’s toned midsection, Billie bent her knees and lifted up fast, hauling the lanky brunette over her head with a Gut Wrench. But instead of falling to the mat to complete the Suplex, Billie dropped to one knee and swung Michelle back the way she had come; impaling Michelle’s belly across the posted joint. Beaming happily as the challenger laid wretching across her knee, Billie tightened her grip on Michelle’s waist and got back to her feet.

Demonstrating impressive strength for someone her size, Billie lifted Michelle in the air, spun her around in a swift 270-degree arc and then dropped back to one knee; hitting the Backbreaker to complete the second half of the move known as ‘The Rose’s Thorn.’ Michelle let out a piercing shriek as the Backbreaker bent her into a nasty inverted U, but as much fun as it was for Billie to keep her in that position, the Champ had other plans in mind for the irksome Ms. Trachtenberg. Shoving the lithe beauty off her knee, the blonde took a few breaths to collect herself before helping Michelle up with a tug of her sweaty chestnut locks. Leading her toward the corner, Billie slung Michelle back against the turnbuckles, then slowly leaned her weight in onto the brunette’s heaving chest.

Panting into the American’s dazed, bleeding face, Billie whispered, “Congratulations Mish. Ya’ve officially taken something that started as an impersonal wrestling match and turned it into a very personal fight. And while ya MIGHT ‘ave been able to best me in a wrestling match, there’s no way in ‘ell ya can beat me in a fight.”

Michelle’s glazed-over eyes started to fade, but all that meant to Billie was she needed to start hitting her again - exactly what she did! Holding a handful of the brunette’s hair in her left hand, Billie balled her right hand into a fist and fired a furious litany short, sharp punches into Michelle’s face, with a good many of them directed at the cut on the American’s forehead. Anyone in the audience unfamiliar with Billie’s near-legendary reputation as a street fighter in her native England got a crash course on the subject (as did Michelle). During the next minute, sharp-eyed fans noted the blonde connecting with no less than FORTY-FIVE gnawing, murderous jabs.

Finally, the ref felt compelled to step in but it wasn’t to count; he just grabbed Billie’s arm and said, “Bring it out of the corner Billie or I’ll call it right now!”

Breathing in fits and starts, Billie answered, “Well we wouldn’t want that now would we?”

Turning back to the battered and bleeding brunette, Billie wrapped her up in an Over-Under Clasp reminiscent of MMA than wrestling. Regardless of where it came from, it worked just fine for Billie’s purposes! She led the crippled challenger out into the middle of the ring. Still drunk off the deluge of punches Billie had forced down her throat, Michelle could only moan in disgust as Billie took her left arm and levered it up behind her back in a simple, but effective Hammerlock. Rolling her free hand into a tight fist, Billie raised her arm into position and drew a bead on the brunette’s heaving chest.

Hoping to God Michelle was coherent enough to understand her, the blonde chided, “This move was strong enough ta bring Alli Mack to ‘er knees and she’s TWICE the grappler ya are ‘chellie ma gal...” The One Woman British Invasion pulled her punching arm back a little further and then snapped it forward in a motion that was almost mechanical. PAK! Her hard knuckles pancaked Michelle’s right breast as skewered the challenger with a devastating Heartpunch! Michelle’s pretty face went a sick, ashen gray and her legs buckled but Billie wasn’t going to let her go that easy! As the American swooned, Billie yanked up on the Hammerlock, forcing her back to her feet. Blowing an insolent kiss into Michelle’s face, Billie added “I believe the two of ya are already well met...”

She drew back a second time, twisted away from Michelle, then spun back into her, clipping her neatly under the chin with another European Uppercut that took the last bit of strength from Michelle’s vaunted gams. Releasing the Hammerlock a second before the brunette sprawled at her feet, Billie slowly sank to her knees, laid across Michelle’s gulping paunch and hooked her far leg.

Impressed that Billie would go for the cover after such a simple maneuver, the ref dropped down and counted off, ‘ONE... TWO... THRNO!” Michelle kicked out her legs and broke the Cradle with less than a second to spare.

Panting hard, Billie seemed to be on the verge of saying something when a thought appeared to strike her. Glaring down at Michelle, the blonde slapped the heel of her left hand against her forehead and said, “What the ‘ell is wrong with me? Ya flung my top ta the crowd ages ago and I JUST NOW think about returnin’ the favor? Yer bad ‘abits must be rubbin off on me.”

Getting no response from the brunette, Billie scooted in behind her victim and pulled her to a sitting position. With Michelle’s back posted snugly against her knee, Billie reached around, grabbed the cups of Michelle’s top and slowly peeled them up, baring the challenger’s bounty for the appreciative crowd. Offering the mob an evil smile, Billie pulled the teal garment up to Michelle’s throat, then JERKED back, strangling the brunette with her own top while simultaneously putting her breasts on lewd, jiggling, display for all who cared to see them!

Michelle was unaware of her nakedness for the most part, she just knew she was being strangled and had to fight her way out of it. Digging her nails into Billie’s hands, she thrashed and flailed wildly, yet was unable to free herself. A small part of the American’s mind was already zooming ahead to the NEXT time she got her hands on the blonde. Billie on the other hand was so caught up in her strangling that she almost didn’t hear the ref start to count. Only when he reached ‘FOUR’ did the blonde relinquish her grip and fix him with an incredulous, wide-eyed stare.

“What the hell’dcha start countin’ for?” she asked.

Exasperated he replied, “Jesus Billie, you can get away with a lot; but ya can’t choke her to death.”

Shaking her head, Billie mumbled, “Baby...” and then tossed the top away. Maintaining her perch behind the red-faced challenger, Billie scooted forward, planting her right foot just inside Michelle’s right thigh. In the same motion she snaked her left arm around the American’ left arm, pulling back hard. With Michelle’s head completely exposed and her right arm free, Billie cocked her arm and placed the tip of her elbow against the side of the brunette’s face. Grinding the joint into Michelle’s cheek, the Champion said, “Give up right now or I’ll break yer bleedin’ jaw.”

Still fighting to catch her breath, Michelle panted, “Go... to... hell.”

“Fine. But yer comin’ with me.” Without another word, Billie drew her elbow up and then brought it smashing down against Michelle’s cheek over and over again.

For several seconds the venue was filled with a darkly monotonous PAKPAK PAKPAK PAKPAK PAKPAK PAKPAK PAKPAK PAKPAKPAK PAKPAK PAKPAK! As Billie wore herself out busting up the brunette’s delicate features. Only when she tired of this treatment did Billie snake her striking arm across Michelle’s head, forcing the American’s chin into the crook of her elbow. Not hesitating for a second, Billie tightened up and PULLED back with all her strength, twisting the brunette in a knot with the Stretch Plum.

Cranking back on the hold, Billie glared up into the lights and demanded of the ref, “ASK ‘ER!”

Dropping in close to the action, the official tapped Michelle on the knee and said, “What do ya say Michelle? Do you want to give it up?”

“ARRRGGGHHHH!” For one startled second the ref thought the scream had come from Michelle, then he realized it was Billie doing the vocalizing and it didn’t take long to see why. Somehow even after all the abuse she’d taken, Michelle had been able to nuzzle her mouth against Billie’s bare skin and bite down hard. The screech he’d heard was Billie trying to fight through the pain of the bite, but it was a battle she was destined to lose and she released the Plum a moment later for fear of leaving a small piece of herself in Michelle’s jaws.

Out of her mind with hate for the stubbornly tenacious brunette, Billie ignored the pain in her arm just long enough to whirl around in front of her nemesis, draw back her leg and THWUMP! Nearly took Michelle’s head off with a Soccer Kick that had the whole audience wincing in sympathetic discomfort. Hands on her hips, the Champ watched Michelle cradling her chest and decided that she had had just about enough. Slipping the point of boot under the American’s ribs, Billie flopped the brunette over onto her belly and slowly sauntered down to her feet. Speaking in a low, infuriated voice, the Briton muttered, “Yer gonna give it up soon Michelle. And yer gonna give it up real loud.”

Intent on making good her boast, Billie stood on the brunette’s thighs, just above the knee. Bending down, she pulled her captive’s lower legs up and locked them inside her calves. The first half of her hold complete, she leaned down further and grabbed hold of Michelle’s wrists, one in each hand. Holding her prey’s arms in her grasp, Billie looked out at the audience, offered them a coy smile and then jerked back once. The tug lifted Michelle’s torso off the mat and bent her back at an odd angle before setting her back down on the canvas.

Knowing that had to hurt like hell, Billie bent her knees and jerked back a little harder. This time the force of the tug ALMOST brought Michelle past her tipping point, but again she dropped back down onto her belly with a sweaty THUD! Adjusting her grip on the brunette’s wrist, Billie told the mob, “OK, I GOT IT THIS TIME!”

Indeed the third time was the charm because this time when the blonde pulled on her opponent’s wrists, she fell until her back was on the mat and Michelle suspended in the air above her. With the Mexican Surfboard cinched on in the middle of the ring, Billie knew victory could be hers in mere moments. Bouncing her legs and pulling back on her arms, Billie stretched her foe as hard as she dared and snarled, “THIS IS THE ENDGAME MICHELLE! GIVE IT UP WHILE I’LL STILL LET YA!”

Shaking her head frantically ‘no’ Michelle found her voice and spat, “SCREW YOU BITCH! YOU COULDN’T MAKE ME GIVE A FEW MINUTES AGO; WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN DO IT NOW?”

Offering a rather vulpine smile to Michelle’s back, Billie answered softly, “A few minutes ago I wasn’t shredding yer pathetic tits, Mishie ol’ girl.”

Not caring if Michelle had heard her or not, Billie released her grips on Michelle’s wrists one hand at a time so she could worm them up through the brunette’s armpits and latch onto her breasts. The instant she felt the swell of Michelle’s modest assets yielding under her fingers, Billie clamped down and dug in, ripping. kneading, mauling and twisting the challenger’s bounty. Basking in the brunette’s agony, Billie sought out her rival’s nubs and paid them special attention; rolling, twisting and otherwise stretching the pliant flesh with strong fingers. After an especially hard nipple twister had Michelle sobbing for relief, Billie taunted, “NOT SO FUN WHEN IT’S ‘APPENIN’ TA YERSELF IS IT MICHELLE?”

Unable to hold back tears, the American could not BELIEVE that Billie had the unmitigated gall to think she could submit the brunette with her own ‘Michelle Twist.’ Vowing to personally visit the most vile tortures of hell on the blonde, Michelle did her best to numb the pain and when the Champion paused in her work for a moment, the leggy brunette let out a furious scream and WRENCHED her way out of the hold, managing to execute a pretty decent twist in her short descent to the mat. Landing chest-first on a stunned Billie, Michelle instantly Scissored her legs and snapped them shut over the blonde’s right arm, pinning it to the canvas. With her left hand she pinned the Briton’s left shoulder to the mat and that left her right arm free to do its black-hearted business. Looking at Billie with the blackest hate gleaming in her eyes, she panted, “This is.... where... is where I find...the quitter in you bitch!”

Over Billie’s ineffectual protests, Michelle lined up her shots and proceeded to drop BOMBS across the blonde’s face in the form of the stiffest, most vile series of Forearms the promotion had ever seen. With every THWAP! making her smile a little wider, Michelle didn’t even THINK about stopping until blood was running from Billie’s nose and lips. Even then, she added another half dozen for good measure. Feeling in control of the fight for the first time in several minutes, Michelle released her Crossbody and slowly got to her feet. Rolling the kinks out of her shoulders, she smoothed out her hair and gave her chest a cursory examination to make sure Billie hadn’t done any serious damage. Satisfied, Michelle put her hands on her hips and stalked around the downed Brit, using the respite to get back some of her energy and perhaps even more importantly, plan what she would do next.

She was on her second circuit around the fallen Champion when the ref asked her, “Don’t you want to go for the pin ‘Track’?”

She threw a sadistic smile his way. “Not fuckin’ yet I don’t. That limey bitch has got a lot more sufferin’ comin’ her way.” The words were barely out of her mouth when Billie let out a loud groan and rolled over onto her belly. Watching the blonde try to push up to her hands and knees, Michelle glanced back at the official and said, “See? I haven’t hurt her NEARLY enough.”

Looking to change that, Michelle stalked over to her rival, buried both hands in her hair and pulled her to her feet. Billie had been completely vertical for less than two seconds when the brunette slammed a knee into her belly and trapped her in Front Facelock. Not bothering with a taunt just yet, Michelle bent her knees in a deep crouch and then pushed straight up, lifting her whole body high off the mat. Using all her concentration to maintain her balance, the brunette held herself several feet in the air, long body fully extended and nearly parallel to the mat.

She maintained this position just long enough to let Billie think about what was coming and then she pistoned her knees in and fell backwards, taking the blonde off her feet and smashing her forehead into the canvas with a brutal version of the Implant DDT that hit from several feet higher than the original incarnation. Billie was jerked off her feet and her forehead was driven into the mat like a tent spike, the power of the move actually standing her on her head for a second before she landed forward and landed on her back, looking up at the lights with glazed, glassy eyes.

Blowing a loose strand of hair off her face, Michelle filled her lungs with fresh air and then sat up, looking a good deal better than her opponent did at the moment. Deciding she was having a lot of fun battering Billie’s skull, Michelle hoisted the blonde to her knees and held her there with one hand. Using the other hand to slide her kneepads down to her shins, Michelle added her second hand to Billie’s hair when she was done and said, “Is this what you meant by endgame? Me fighting off your pathetic offense and splitting your ugly face wide open?”

Breathing through swollen lips and a mashed nose, Billie mumbled, “ ‘aven’t won... anything yet... skag...”

Jerking Billie’s head from side-to-side, Michelle replied, “Oh yes I have honey. I’ve broken your spirit and that’s ALMOST as good as winning the title. No need to rush it though, I’ll have the gold soon enough.”

Michelle began hammering a slow, steady barrage of Knee Lifts to the blonde’s forehead. Right, left, right, left, right, left, Billie’s head snapped back upon every impact but Michelle’s intruding hands didn’t let her get far. Only when the Brit seemed to go limp in her clutches did Michelle stop and even then it was only to pull the decimated grappler all the way to her feet. With every inch of Billie’s frame laid out before her like a world class banquet, Michelle took time in selecting her next course before TUP! she helped herself to a greedy serving of the blonde’s quivering paunch. The impact doubled Billie with a bleat of pain even as Michelle was springing her next trap.

Molding herself to Billie’s chest Michelle trapped Billie in a tight Front Facelock and fell to the mat, landing on her back with Billie on top of her. Before the Briton could stop her, Michelle Scissored her long legs up around Billie’s thick waist and locked her ankles. With her Scissors secure, Michelle gave the trapped blonde a colossal tandem squeeze, mashing her middle with the Scissors and her skull with a Facelock. The Guillotine Choke was a monstrous move even in novice hands but when someone like Michelle locked it on, the end was usually not far in coming. Doing her best to wring every last drop out of the Champ, Michelle snuggled Billie into her and squeeeezed down on both holds even harder.

Absolutely loving the feel of the blonde quitting against her, Michelle leaned her forward, kissed Billie lightly on the shoulder and whispered, “That’s it for you baby. Now be a good bitch and scream my name.”

Rejecting that order with every fiber of her being, Billie fought the building asphyxia by planting her palms against the canvas and lurching towards where she thought the ropes might be. With her head trapped in the Facelock, it was slow going, but it was going and several seconds later, she felt the cables brush against her and she grabbed at them the way a drowning person goes for a lifeline. Unable to believe that Billie had been able to wriggle her way out of the Guillotine, Michelle kept the hold locked in until the ref reached ‘FOUR’ and then insolently kicked her away.

Still in absolute control, Michelle rolled to her feet, took Billie by the hair and led her over to the nearest corner. Lifting the blonde the way one would lift a loathsome sack of garbage, Michelle placed Billie face-first in the buckles and threaded her arms over the top rope. Spooning herself against the Brit’s sweaty back, Michelle cooed, “I don’t expect you to give up to this Billie, I just want to leave you with a little reminder of this ass kicking...”

Taking a step back, the brunette brought both hands up, placed them Billie’s shoulders only to immediately raaaake them down the blonde’s spine. Billie wailed aloud at the demeaning treatment, but if she thought Michelle would be satisfied with one pass, she was sadly mistaken. Grinning ear-to-ear, the American reset her hands over and over again, clawing Billie’s exposed back like a Bengal Tiger with a classy old world scratching post.

Finally, when her fingertips came away a wet crimson, Michelle ceased her heartless slashing and dumped Billie from the corner to the canvas with a single shove. Settling down beside her gasping foe, Michelle treated Billie’s chest to a single slap and said, “I don’t know why, but the softer a girl is, the more I like scissoring her out. And Billie baby, I gotta be honest. You’re the softest girl I’ve ever been in the ring with.”

Michelle took possession of Billie’s shoulders and pulled the woozy blonde into a sitting position. Snuggling in as close as she could, Michelle slipped her legs around the Champ’s belly and locked her ankles. Placing her hands palms down on the mat, the brunette took a deep breath, lifted her rump into the air and proceeded to pour everything she had left into the Bodyscissors, mercilessly mangling and squeezing Billie’s abused middle in the bear trap of her thighs. Drinking in the sight of Billie’s misery, Michelle made a case for having the best Scissors in the promotion. She alternately tightened and relaxed her grip to make sure the blonde never had a second of relief.

Locking eyes with Billie, Michelle added to the blonde’s misery by grinding her thighs back and forth, compressing the Champ’s ribcage even further. Going for broke with the Scissors, Michelle bounced up and down on her palms as she demanded, “Say my name bitch! Say it right AFTER you say, ‘I QUIT’!”

Growling low in the back of her throat, Billie glared murder at the brunette and wheezed, “’ow’s the kindest... way ta say this? Ya’ve got NOTHING YA PATHETIC SLAAARRRGGHHHHHH!” Billie found the energy to scream those last few words and then she was just screaming as Michelle stabbed out both hands and repaid her earlier torture with some Breast Clawing of her own.

Rolling Billie onto her back, Michelle kept the Scissors in place as she sneered, “’scuse me what was that? I got distracted trying to rip your tits off!” This must have been a distraction Michelle enjoyed because she took Billie’s nubs between thumb and forefinger and TWISTED hard drawing another mindless shriek of agony the British Bombshell.

Seeing the brunette through a shimmering haze of tears, Billie knew she needed to get out of this fast or her traitorous mouth would end up bawling out a most ignominious surrender to the American bitch. Fighting the pain with happier thoughts of torturing her opponent, Billie curled her hands into claws and Raked them across Michelle’s eyes. The Face Rake wasn’t the most scientific counter, but it did hit home and forced Michelle off of her and, to Billie, that made it damn near perfect!

Rolling onto her belly, the blonde Champion tucked her knees up under her and cradled her arms across her chest in a desperate attempt to get herself back into the fight before it was too late. Unfortunately for her, she was still in this prone position when Michelle grabbed hold of the back of her briefs and YANKED her to her feet. Going nose-to-nose with her crippled adversary Michelle whispered, “You’re DONE Billie. I know it, you know it and all these people know it, so just do yourself a favor and try to lose with whatever dignity you’ve got left.”

Getting back to the task at hand, she trapped her victim in an inescapable Front Facelock, grabbed a big handful of Billie’s togs and heaved the groggy blonde up overhead. But when the time came to fall back for a Vertical Suplex, she changed her mind and instead dropped straight down; spiking Billie’s skull into the canvas from several feet up with a diabolical Brainbuster.

The Brit’s head hit the mat with a murderous THUD and she immediately rolled over onto her side, whimpering and cradling her battered noggin in both hands. And even then Michelle wasn’t done with her brutal campaign against Billie’s head. Scrambling to her feet, Michelle scrambled around behind Billie and pulled her into a sitting position before she yanked the blonde’s head back at a hideous angle and stepped forward, trapping Billie’s head between her thighs as she clamped them tight in the Standing Inverted Headscissors that had brought her many victories in the past.

Placing her hands on her thighs for balance, Michelle squeezed for all she was worth, putting intense pressure on the Brit’s skull while bending her neck to the limit; denying her brain oxygen and as the final bit of humiliating icing on the cake, Billie’s nose was wedged DEEP into the crack of Michelle’s pert ass. Rocking on her heels, the American ripped at Billie’s defenseless chest as she taunted, “Get your face in there bitch, it’s the only place your ugly mug belongs!”

Even though the pain was nothing short of mind numbing, it was the humiliation of having Michelle’s ass in her face that really motivated Billie to fight her way out. Doing her best to shut out the damp, musky aroma of her nemesis’ womanhood, Billie vowed she was going to do terrible, TERRIBLE things to Michelle and readied her escape.

Curling her right hand into a wicked trowel, the blonde swung her arm up and buried her Crotch Claw in Michelle’s groin. With Michelle’s thighs dampening most of her senses, Billie couldn’t be sure, but she was fairly certain she heard the brunette screeching in surprised indignity. This was confirmed a few seconds later when the challenger’s Scissors popped open, allowing Billie to draw a full breath. Sadly, her relief was short-lived as Michelle booted her in the back of her head and knocked her flat on her face.

Breathing hard, Michelle ran her tongue over her teeth and growled, “OK bitch, that’s it for you.” Her promise was still ringing in her ears when she pulled Billie to her feet and buried a Knee between her legs, then slipped a hand between the blonde’s shivering thighs and scooped Billie up as if for a basic Body Slam. Holding her inverted, Michelle angled the blonde’s head between her thighs and sneered, “I’m gonna enjoy this SOOO much.” She sat out, dropping Billie head-first to the mat with her version of a Michinoku Driver, the Michelle Special.

Biting her bottom lip in a snarky smile as the Champion spasmed in the aftermath of her finisher, Michelle glared toward the entryway and roared, “ALLISON.... KRISTIN... THIS IS COMIN’ FOR YOU TOO!”

Wanting nothing more than to feel the pleasant point of Billie’s nose between her cheeks, Michelle scooted forward and sat down; bringing the full weight of her flawless, heart-shaped rump to bear on the blonde’s upturned face. As soon as the Facesit cut off her air, Billie started to thrash - something Michelle was prepared for. She slipped her booted feet up on either side of Billie’s head to keep her from pulling away from the embarrassing butt nuzzling. Happy to prolong Billie’s humiliation, Michelle leaned forward just a bit and slapped her open hands on the blonde’s exposed belly. Kneading the sweat-tacky flesh, she began a slow Bump and Grind on Billie’s face just as the ref swooped in to count, ‘ONE... TWO... THRENO!’

Some way, somehow, Billie got her hands up against Michelle’s ass and shoved hard, breaking the cover at the last possible second. Beyond furious, Michelle got to her feet and was about to scream in the ref’s face when she stopped in her tracks. Pretty face lighting up in a cruel smile, she glanced over her shoulder and told Billie, “All right Billie. You don’t like my medicine, then let’s give you a taste of your own.”

Acting on her cryptic statement, Michelle pulled Billie to her feet and spun her around. With Billie at her mercy, Michelle reached out and snagged her foe’s left wrist with her right hand. Acting quickly, the brunette pinned Billie’s arm up behind her back in a Hammerlock and held the limb in place while she reached around Billie’s back with her left arm. Taking possession of the Briton’s wrist with her left hand, Michelle used her recently freed right arm to reach down and grab Billie’s left leg behind the knee.

Taking a deep breath, Michelle savored the beauty of what she was about to do, then bent her knees and hoisted Billie off the mat, lifting the blonde up until her crotch rested against Michelle’s navel and her legs were loosely Scissored about the challenger’s hips. Smiling knowingly as the crowd erupted in ‘OH HELL NO’ mutters, Michelle let go of Billie’s knee and snaked her right arm across the back of Billie’s neck before pulling her head down into a tight Front Facelock.

With the hardest part behind her now, Michelle rose up on her toes, executed a pretty little pirouette and sat out hard, landing easily on her butt with the Briton still in her lap. The return-trip to the mat was not nearly so pleasant for Billie; her Hammerlocked arm was nearly wrenched out of socket and her head was bent down and forward at a hideous angle with the point of her chin disappearing into the top of her cleavage. The moment they landed, the American released her holds on Billie and the blonde sprawled backwards, landing stretched out on the mat between Michelle’s legs.

The crowd leapt to its feet and cheered uproariously as Michelle had perpetrated the ultimate insult by spiking the Champion with her own U.K.O. finisher. Tossing Billie’s legs aside, Michelle straddled Billie’s waist and planted her hands on the blonde’s shoulders. Flipping her hair out of her eyes, Michelle preened for the crowd as the ref counted off, ‘ONE... TWO... THRE…NO!’

Billie rolled a shoulder off the mat, no matter how bad off she was, there was NO WAY she would succumb to her own finisher. Sighing, Michelle muttered, “I should have known a shitty move like that wouldn’t keep you down. But I know what will.” Lifting Billie by the roots, the challenger dragged her victim over to the nearest corner and quickly hopped into a seated position on the top buckle. Making sure to keep her grip on Billie’s hair secure, Michelle slowly stood up and forced the blonde to climb up the buckles with her. Careful of her balance, Michelle cooed, “You’re done bitch...” as she slipped her right arm through Billie’s thighs; her other arm Michelle wrapped up Billie’s shoulder and hoisted her onto her shoulder for what she planned to be a Michelle Special off the top rope.

But Michelle was about to find out there were no sure things in wrestling when Billie started thrashing and squirming in her grip! It wasn’t much, but given her precarious footing, it didn’t take much to upset the brunette’s balance and she had to let Billie go slithering down her back to keep from tumbling to the canvas. In a tragic turn, the tumble might have been a better solution, because with Billie suddenly behind her, it didn’t take much for the blonde to wrap her opponent up in a tight Side Headlock.

Making tiny adjustments to her grip, Billie whispered, “Ya were so close Michelle and ya screwed it up again. That’s gotta be discouragin’.” Through talking, Billie leapt off into the void and took Michelle along for the ride, soaring almost halfway across the ring before gravity brought the Champ down on her butt and the challenger down on her face with a ring-shaking Bulldog. Feasting on the adrenaline surging through her veins, Billie popped to her feet and screamed, “I’M GONNA SHOW ‘ER ‘OW IT’S DONE!”

Pulling Michelle to her feet Billie reached out and snagged her foe’s left wrist with her right hand. Acting quickly, Billie pinned Michelle’s arm behind her back in a Hammerlock. Holding the limb in place, she reached around Michelle’s back with her left arm and took the captured wrist in her left hand. Billie used her freshly liberated right arm to reach down and grab the brunette’s left leg, just behind the knee. After taking a deep breath, Billie bent her knees and picked the challenger up off the mat, lifting the brunette until her crotch rested against Billie’s navel with her legs loose the Briton’s hips. Beaming at the crowd cheered her on, Billie let go of Michelle’s knee and snaked her right arm across the back of Michelle’s neck, pulling her head down into a tight Front Facelock.

With the hard work behind her, Billie rose onto her toes, executed a smooth half turn and sat out hard, landing on her butt with Michelle still in her lap. The short, jarring trip to the mat was especially hard on the brunette as her Hammerlocked arm was nearly torn out of its socket and her head was bent down and forward at a hideous angle with the point of her chin disappearing into the top of her cleavage. The moment they landed, Billie released her holds on Michelle and the brunette sprawled backward, stretching out on the mat between Billie’s legs.

Wrapping both arms around Michelle’s thighs Billie leaned all her weight forward and counted along with the ref as he called out, ‘ONE... TWO... THRENO!’

Michelle found it in her to kick out, making her only the second girl on the roster to kick out of the U.K.O.!! Chuckling quietly, Billie flipped the hair out of her face and murmured, “I don’t think so love. Ya may ‘ave survived one, but no one gets through two.”

Dead set on proving her point, Billie scraped Michelle off the mat, cinched her up for a second trip and WHAM! Michelle ate a second U.K.O. in as many minutes. Tossing the brunette’s legs aside, the blonde threw herself across Michelle’s chest and hooked the far leg. Nodding in time with the ref’s count, Billie smirked and said, “Suck it up sweety...”

Getting in close to the action, the ref dropped to his knees and counted off, ‘ONE... TWO... THRE NOOO!’

Michelle rolled onto her side and no one, Billie included could believe that Michelle had, incredibly, escaped a SECOND U.K.O.!! Staring at the official with stunned, incredulous eyes, Billie purred, “Ya know Mish, yer tougher than I thought. But that’s not goin’ ta save ya. Not... at... all.”

Hauling the semi-conscious brunette to her feet, Billie lifted her up into position for an unheard of THIRD U.K.O. Looking out at the audience, Billie put a little extra sauce on her finisher, breaking into a loping run before she rose up on her toes and dropped to her butt, nearly snapping Michelle’s neck in the process! Judging from the boneless way the brunette splayed out on the mat, everyone could tell that she was out of it; she could have pinned her with one hand, but that’s not what Billie had in mind!

Moving over to Michelle’s head, Billie scooched up until her butt was hanging directly over Michelle’s face. Her hands on her thighs, Billie dropped her ass down onto the brunette’s face and started to grind her hips. Wriggling her shins under the challenger’s shoulders, Billie made sure Michelle wasn’t going to be counted down, she wanted the American to suffer. Tossing her head back, Billie continued her lap-dance on Michelle’s features even as she started to slap and claw the brunette’s breasts. Noting the way Michelle’s legs were weakly bicycling against the mat, Billie glared over her shoulder and said, “Since ya were good enough to kiss my arse, I think ya should tap out on it too. Course, if ya don’t wanna, I could always find another way ta persuade ya...”

She pushed down harder, forcing Michelle’s face to go even deeper. Sobbing in muffled, miserable humiliation, Michelle tried to draw a breath and got nothing but a snout full of Billie’s scent. Unable to deal with the pain any longer, the brunette reached up with her right hand, held it there for a moment and then tapped her submission on Billie’s ass!!.

Hearing the bell ringing, Billie remained seated on her perch on Michelle’s nose and taunted, “That’s it loser, keep slappin’ my ass!” Finally out of breath, Michelle’s hand squeezed Billie’s cheek once, then fell limp to the mat. Getting to her feet, the blonde placed a boot on Michelle’s gently rising chest, offered the redlining crowd a double bicep flex and said, “Yer winner and STILL cham...”

BWANG! Billie’s victory speech was cut off in a clash of metal on skin as an unseen attacker SMASHED a steel chair across her back. Collapsing to her hands and knees, Billie tried to rise only to have the interloper give her another BWANG shot across her back! Groaning aloud, the blonde flopped over onto her back and saw a hazy figure raising the chair for a third shot.

Glaring down at the helpless Champion, Kristin Kreuk smirked, “Who’s the lesser of two evils NOW, cunt?”

Unable to do anything better, Billie brought her arms up to protect her face and... and... Billie looked up just in time to see a speedy blonde blur come in from the right and damn near cut the Hellcat in half with a Spear.

Doubled up in pain, Billie was still trying to catch her breath when the cavalry walked up to her and said, “You OK English?”

Craning her head up, Billie mumbled, “Alli?”

Mack smiled. “That’s my name, don’t wear it out! Now are you going to take my hand or are ya gonna make me stand here looking like a fool?”

Extending her hand, Billie allowed the other blonde to pull her to her feet. Still holding Allison’s hand, Billie gasped, “Thanks AlliUNNNNNGGHHHHHH!”

In the blink of an eye, Mack YANKED the Brit forward, wrapped her arms around Billie’s waist and hoisted her into the air. In the same motion, Allison completed one and a half revolutions before falling to the mat to DRILL the Champion into the canvas compliments of her Deadline Slam.

With Billie starfished underneath her, Mack pushed to her feet and stood over the knocked out blonde. Snagging the IC Title from the stunned official, Allison took a long, hard look at the gold before she said, “This is mine Billie. Enjoy it while you can.”

The ex-champ dropped the belt on Billie’s chest and headed for the edge of the ring. Stepping over Kristin’s gasping form on the way, Allison threatened, “And next time you bring a chair to the ring, I’ll wrap it around your head.” Slipping through the ropes to the floor, Allison walked about halfway up the ramp before she turned around to survey her handiwork. Michelle was still down, Kristin had just pushed to her knees and Billie was on her feet, even if it was just barely.

Holding the belt towards her greatest rival, Billie locked eyes with Mack and said, “Ya won’t take it from me Alli. Even if I ‘ave to kill ya, this title is stayin’ with me.” Allison just shook her head and turned her back on the Briton, she was happier to make her rebuttal in the ring. Watching the other blonde leave, Billie whispered, “I’m sorry Mack, but now ya’ve gone and made this personal! And if ya wanna know what ‘appens when a girl makes it personal, talk ta Michelle - after she washes the stink off ‘er face.”

Then she climbed down to the floor and began limping her way up the ramp. She might not be in the greatest of shape right now, but Billie had made her way into the IC Triple Threat with her title intact and in a few weeks, she’d get to prove to Kristin AND Allison just why she was the rightful owner of the Intercontinental gold.
Clad in her ring-gear (and a faded THE SERVANT T-shirt to ward off the worst of the backstage chill) Billie was still fuming over her latest confrontation with Kristin and Allison as she stalked down one of the myriad hallways in the back of the Dark Tower. Clutching her Intercontinental Title in one hand, the curvy blonde approached the doors at the end of the corridor and steamed through without so much as a thought.

THUMP! This was followed with an audible ‘ungh’ as someone on the other side was clipped by the swinging door. Already passing the unseen obstacle, Bill sighed and grumbled, “Watch where yer’ goin ya bloody...”

Her voice trailed off when she caught sight of the brunette rubbing at her jounced shoulder. Massaging the ache away, Neve Campbell replied, “I could say the same to you Billie.”

Remembering her locker room etiquette, Billie offered an apology, though it didn’t really reach her voice. “Sorry. I’ve ‘ad a rough evenin’ as ya might ‘ave seen.”

The brunette nodded once. “Understandable. You’ve got a lot of girl’s breathing down your neck. So we’ll just chalk this one up to...”

Realization flodded Billie’s face as she interrupted, “You train Allison don’t you?”

The Scream Queen sort of shrugged. “Used to. Now I train WITH her.”

Adjusting the position of the strap on her shoulder, Billie nodded and said, “Well I ‘ave a message for ‘er that I’m just not in the right frame of mind ta deliver. Would ya mind passin’ it along fer me?”

Neve looked curious. “What do you want her to know?”

Stepping forward, the IC Champ made sure there was only a foot or so of clearance between her and the brunette before she answered. “Tell ‘er that I don’t care what SHE thinks; I don’t care what Kristin thinks; I don’t care what the rest of the locker room thinks; ‘ell I don’t even care what YOU think. I busted my arse to win this title and that means it’s MINE! If Alli wants me ta prove it, she can come at me face-ta-face; not sneak up on me from behind.”

The pale brunette was silent as she digested the blonde’s words. After a moment she said, “Don’t let the whispers get to you Billie. You’ve got more pressing concerns than what I or the rest of the locker room think of you.” Billie assumed the conversation was over and as she started to turn away, Neve grabbed her arm and spun the blonde around to face her. “But that won’t always be the case.”

Lips pressed together in a thin line, Billie tugged her arm out of the brunette’s grasp and stepped in close. With inches separating them, Billie said softly, “If ya want a fight, just say the word.”

The corners of Neve’s mouth turned up in the vaguest suggestion of a smile. Speaking in an equally subdued tone, she countered, “IF I wanted a fight, you’d know it.”

Billie held the Scream Queen’s gaze for several silent seconds, then started to pull away. She was still in the process of turning when Neve murmured, “And Billie, one more thing...”

The blonde craned her head back to CRAACCK! Neve’s right hand shot out with viper-speed and tagged her across the cheek with one of the most ferocious slaps she’d ever had the displeasure of experiencing. As lights went off inside her skull, the One Woman British Invasion heard her companion say, “Next time you want a message delivered, do it yourself!”

Waiting for her head to clear, Billie’s eyes were still closed as she replied, “Fair enough....”

CRAACCK! Billie pasted Neve with a slap of her own that sent the Canadian beauty’s head flying back in a billowing brunette cloud.

Much like Billie, Neve recovered quickly and the blonde prepared herself for what was sure to be one hell of a backstage brawl. But instead of unsheathing her claws, Neve rubbed her cheek and smiled that faint smile. Going nose-to-nose with the Intercontinental Champion, the Scream Queen purred, “I’m starting to see why she likes fighting you so much. Stay sharp Billie. One of these days I’m going to find out if you’re as good as Allison says you are.”

Her words were still reaching Billie’s ears when the brunette spun on her heel and vanished through the double doors the Champ had come storming through a minute before. Curling her hands into white-knuckled fists, Billie stared after Neve and hissed. “Me and my belt will be waitin’ for ya Neve Campbell. And when that day does come, you’ll find out I’m not as good as Alli thinks. I’m a whole bloody lot better...”