Playboy's 50th Anniversary Bash - (Golden or black 'n' blue?) by Irish
Hugh Hefner and Playboy Inc. geared up for their yearlong 50th anniversary celebration. They decided on a tour of 50 major cities throwing parties for the company and their many fans, supporters, and readers. (HA! Lookers and lurkers more likely!) One of the first cities of the tour was The Big Apple, New York City! Months of planning went into the event with many top name celebrities invited to the Manhattan Bash as well as Playboy's biggest names being called on to help host the event (and be available to pose for pictures with fans.)

"Karen, I'm counting on you and the other Playmates of the Year to come through for me big time in this event," Hugh Hefner said. "New York's the biggest media outlet in the country and all the local news agencies are going to be swarming all over the armory to cover the event. Like old Frankie said, 'If we can make it here we can make it anywhere!'"

"Don't worry Hef, if there's one thing you taught us at the mansion, it's how to throw one helluva party," said Karen McDougal.

"That's my girl! Are you bringing that Irish guy?"

"Whadda you think Hef?" Karen laughed. "Wild animals couldn't keep that boy from a party - especially a Playboy T&A Extravaganza like this!"

"Isn't New York his old stomping grounds? Surely he still has friends there?"

"Those are the wild animals I was referring too! Friday is the guys night out, but by Saturday he'll be sober and ready to party again!"

Hef smiled at Karen and left to make some last minute arrangements. During the week of the party, the Playboy entourage arrived in New York and checked into a posh midtown hotel not far from the event sight. Irish helped Karen get her bags to her room and asked, "You sure you're alright with this babe?"

"Go! Get out of here! I'll see you tomorrow night," Karen laughed.

They parted with a tight embrace and a passionate kiss, then Irish took off out the door, leaving Karen to unpack the suitcases and set the alarm clock prior to drifting off to sleep in the king size bed. When she awoke, she'd have the rest of the jet lag displaced with a nice message at the hotel's salon. That night, Hef and the girls were to meet in the lounge for a couple of drinks before Karen planned on turning in to get a good night's sleep before the night.

Early the next evening, Karen's cell phone rang and when she picked up she heard Irish's voice, "Hi babe how's your day so far?" Karen knew something was up when, before waiting for her answer, he continued, "I'm caught in some serious traffic on the L.I.E., and it looks like I'm gonna be a bit late. Go on ahead and I'll meet you there."

"Don't worry babe, just drive safely. There's 49 more parties for me to drag you along to....but only if you're good!"

"Thanks for understanding, I'll get there as soon as I can," Irish said, flipping his phone closed and going back to screaming obscenities at the car in front of him that still wasn't moving. It didn't help, but it felt great to vent and get it out of his system!

Karen was a little disappointed, but she put on her best game face - and Irish's favorite silver metallic bunny outfit - and went to meet the other girls in the lobby for the limo ride to the party. Her outfit was a pain in the ass to get into with a rear zipper, but by the time she had to take it off, she'd have help. As a smile crossed her face thinking how Irish would nibble on her ear, working his way down the side of her neck until finally reaching the zipper which he'd use his teeth to pull down.

As Hef and his posse loaded into the awaiting limos, he asked Karen, "Where's Irish?"

"Remember those wild animals that I told you about not being able to keep him away?" Karen asked with a smile.

Hef laughed, "No problem Karen. He doesn't know what he'll be missing. You can ride with us."

The Playmates where all similarly dressed in light color Playmate outfits and when they arrived at the armory it was already a beehive of activity. Initially the girls posed for pictures with fans and VIPs, then a few very special guests got waitress service from the lovely bunnies as a never ending supply of top shelf liquor flowed like the mighty Mississippi! All was going well and the big bossman was very pleased with how well the party had begun so Karen sneaked away to find a quite spot and gave Irish's phone a call.

"Just stepping into the shower babe," Irish said. "Should be there within the hour," he'd answered before Karen had even gotten a chance to say hello.

"You'd better hurry before I promise the last dance to someone else," came her playful reply before she hung up.

She made her way back to the main party room just as a commotion broke out at the front door. When Karen looked over, she saw a blonde making her grand entrance into the party. Dressed in a black satin bunny outfit with matching ears, and wearing dark sunglasses, the blonde made her way across the floor to table #1 were she brushed Karen's purse aside and took her place at the table. Sitting at Hef's table at a party was like being seated at the captain's table on a luxury cruise ship and Karen had been excited to be granted the honor.

Now, every eye in the room was on the blonde and there was a feel of electricity in the air as Karen walked over to the table to see what was going on. Just as she arrived, the blonde slid the sunglasses up onto her forehead, and brushed the hair out of her face. The contrast between the two women was like night and day. Karen, the dark-haired girl-next-door with the silver costume compared to Pam, the blonde bitch, in her dark threads.

Christy Hefner was sitting across the table from Pam thinking, "This is going to be so great!!"

As Karen stood behind her, Pam Anderson looked back and said with a barely contained smirk, "Be a dear, and bring me a martini waitress."

Karen was livid, "Who the fuck does she think she is!? First she's late, then she's not wearing the 'uniform of the day', then she steals my seat, and now she expects me to wait on her hand and foot. The bitch has another think coming!"

But before Karen had the chance to tell Pam what she could do with her martini, Hef jumped up and came over to defuse the situation, "Karen would you do ME a favor? Please get Pam a drink and bring me another scotch while I take care of this!"

Karen couldn't say no to Hef, so she forced a smile, turned on her heel and stalked over to the bar muttering under her breath. Hef intended on straitening Pam out, but just as Karen turned away, Christy tapped her father on the shoulder and pointed out former Mayor Guliani who was just arriving and Hef hot-footed it over to greet the honored guest.

Christy took advantage of the window of opportunity that had opened before Karen or her father returned, telling Pam, "Don't let McDougal bother you Pammy. She tries to come off as a real Miss Goody Two Shoes, but she's really a bitch on wheels. You ever see what she said about you on her web site?" Christy could tell by the way Pam sat up a little straighter and puffed out her chest that she'd piqued the bimbo's interest. "She said she should've been the top Playmate of the 90's, not you! She also didn't have too many nice things to say about your acting career - I think she's jealous you got all the plum roles while she's forced to work in those thong and loincloth 'B' films - when she can find work at all!"

Pam had been drinking long before the party but she appeared to sober up quickly and sat bolt upright at that!

"Oh? Is that so? Well, I hope she likes being treated like shit because she's going to regret ever showing up here tonight!"

Christy was all smiles and had to hide behind her napkin as Karen approached carrying the two drinks Hef had ordered. She looked around for Hef for a moment but she didn't see him. Then Pam began to bang her spoon on the table impatiently.

"Well! I'm waiting....waitress!" Pam spat and Karen showed her great restraint by not pouring Pam's drink over her head, but rather reaching around in front of the blonde and setting it on the table before her. As Karen leaned over Pam, her breast brushed the blondes cheek and Pam took special notice.

As Karen placed the drink, a little of it spilled and Pam snapped loud enough to be heard over the din of the party, "What's your problem bitch!"

Karen stepped back behind Pam and stood with her fists tightly clenched. Christy saw an opportunity to throw salt in an open wound and purred, "Oh take it easy Pam. You forget most waitresses work for tips! I guess little ol' Karen there thinks you're going to stiff her."

Karen locked eyes with Christy, unable to hide the fact that, at that moment, what she wanted more than anything was to dive across the table and pound Hef's precious daughter silly! Pam saw an all too familiar look in Karen's eyes and realized Christy was the only other person in the world to Karen at that moment she she decided it was time to have a little fun at Karen's expense. Pam reached into her purse and pulled out two dollar bills, folded them in neatly in half and proceeded to wedge in down in Karen's cleavage.

Pam let her fingers tarry a moment longer then necessary as she purrred cattily, "Here you go my little bitch! Now, let's see you earn it by getting my friend Christy a drink too!"

It took a moment for Karen to process what Pam had just said as she glanced down at Pam who still had her fingers down the front of her bunny outfit like she was seeking out a nipple to tweak before withdrawing. Karen immediately stepped back, pulling away from Pam but as she did, Pam simply pulled down the top of the costume! Karen let out a surprised yelp, then quickly readjusted her top covering her bared breasts as she glared daggers down into Pam's twinkling blue eyes.

"What's the matter slut? I saw your tits, so now you wanna see mine?" Pam laughed as she pulled down her top, letting both large breast spill over her top, then shook her chest, making her bare breasts bounce wildly from side to side. Karen couldn't believe what was happening as she stared numbly at the hypnotically swaying breasts.

Across the table, Christy felt like she was about to piss herself but she wasn't about to leave until this all played out. Karen's distraction lasted but a moment before she shifted her gaze back to Pam's eyes and prepared to knock her on her ass. But that split-second of distraction was all Pam needed and Karen's crotch exploded in an eruption of mind-numbling pain. Karen grunted and gasped aloud as her body jacknifed forward and her hands dropped to the scene of the crime to massage away the awful ache in her pussy.

In one fluid motion, Pam reached up, grabbed two fistfuls of Karen's hair and pulled Karen's face down into her cleavage, trying to smother out the stunned brunette bunny. Karen began to panic at the sudden darkness and loss of air. She frantically tried to get her hands and arms up in between she and Pam, but the brief distraction, the low-blow direct hit, and now with Pam's overwhelming breast smother expertly locked into place had been too much!

Darkness starting to creep into Karen's peripheral vision as her lungs started to burn from oxygen deprivation. Not leaving anything to chance, Pam took a half-step back with her right leg, holding Karen's head tightly embraced in her Silicone Valley. Pam's change of position pulled Karen forward and down, hunching her over even more at the waist. With Karen perfectly positioned, Pam stepped forward and drove her right knee deep into Karen's belly. She repeated the kneeing several more times before Pam redirected her aim and used her knee to pancake Karen's now bare breast into her breastbone; first the left one, then the right!

One more knee to the point of Karen's chin and the sound of the brunette's teeth cracking together could be heard throughout the now-silent armory. Pam let go of Karen's hair with her right hand, leaving Karen swaying on wobbly legs, and drove her elbow down on the back of Karen's neck, piledriving the brunette to the floor facefirst between Pam's feet! She stepped over the fallen Playmate, readjusted her top and stowing her big guns, then paused and took a big swig of her martini.

As Karen began to stir, Pam put down her glass and just as Karen made it to all fours, Pam stomped down on her back, smashing her tits-first back to the floor with a loud grunt. Pam dropped her ass down in the small of Karen's back and reached for the famous Playboy collar and bow tie around Karen's neck. The bow tie was fastened in the back by a clip to hold it into place which was what Pam grabbed as she slid her fingers under the strap. Clenching her grip tight so it couldn't open, Pam twisted her fist 180 degrees, tightening the bow tie even tighter on Karen's neck. Karen grabbed the bow tie with both hands trying to pull it away and gain space between the bow tie and her neck so she could breath. Not realizing exactly what she was doing, Karen began to raise her ass in the air with her elbows firmly planted on the floor. Pam, holding onto the bow tie like a bull rider with a bridle, began to viscously spank Karen's upturned ass with her free hand, screaming joyously, "Yee-ha! Ride 'em cowgirl! Hey Christy! Not a bad ride for two bucks! You wanna give her try?"

Karen was able to inhale a little air due to her Herculean efforts, but she still wasn't in any position to unseat Pam from her dominant position astride her waist. In an act of desperation, Karen lunged forward and crawled under the table which was at the perfect height and it smashed Pam in the face as Karen scrambled under the table. Pam's head snapped back when it hit the table and the impact dislodging her from her 'ponygirl' Karen.

After the low bridge knocked Pam from her seat, Karen crawled further under the table before pausing to unwrap the bow tie from her neck and sucking in some badly needed air. Christy quickly ran around to where Pam and Karen had disappeared from her sight and she stood on tip-toes, craning her neck as the peered over the table. Karen crawled forward, grabbed both of Christy's ankles and then jerked her feet right out from under her, dropping the startled Christy on the floor flat on her back in front of Karen who crawled out Christy's side of the table, got up and stomped her belly as hard as she could!

"So you wanted a floor show for your party?" Karen hissed, giving the wheezing and gagging Christy a kick in the ribs. "Don't bother to get up, bitch. I'll get back to you for a little chat right after I beat the shit out of your big boobed Baywatch slut!"

Stepping on Christy as she walked around the large table to where Pam had just been straddling her, slapping her ass, Karen couldn't wait to give bitch Pam what was coming to her! But as Karen rounded the corner of the table, she got a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach for Pam wasn't where she'd left her! Karen quickly scanned the room looking for Pam, knowing she couldn't have gotten too far in the short time she was dealing with Christy. Then Karen leaned over and looked back under the table where there was a red smear of blood that started right at the edge of the table and continued down the tablecloth. Karen noticed a small pool of blood on the floor and drops leading under the table right below the spot where Pam must have struck the bridge of her nose on the table. All she had to do was follow the blood trail to find her wounded prey.

Bending at the knees, Karen knelt besides the table being careful not to put her knee in the blood as she slowly raised the tablecloth and peered under it looking for Pam. Just as she pushed her head under the table, Pam jabbed her in both eyes using a move right out of the Three Stooges.

"Hey! Wise Guy....nyuk-nyuk-nyuk!" Pam giggled.

She'd sought refuge under the table, crawling in right behind Karen and watching her every movement just by following her black high heels and stockinged feet. Now Pam was pinching the top of her nose trying to staunch the free-flowing blood that by now had been reduced to just a trickle. When Karen walked back to her side of the table, Pam coiled like a snake ready to strike and as Karen foolishly stuck her head under the table cloth, Pam jabbed her fingers in her eyes, temporarily blinding her!

Karen reeled back off balance on one knee, then tumbled over on her butt as she cried out in pain from the unexpected attack. She landed on her back and it was only a split-second before Pam launched herself from under the table and crashed down on Karen who still had both hands over her tearing eyes. Pam reached down and yanked Karen's top down to her waist baring her breasts, then Karen forgot all about the pain in her eyes as Pam stabbed five freshly manicured-to-razor-sharpness nails down into each firm breast.

Karen let out a long, plaintive wail as she quickly removed her hands from her eyes and grabbed Pam's wrists trying to pull the two clutching, clawing hands from her precious tits. Forcing her eyes open, Karen saw the blurry face of Pam as she sadistically straddled her waist, leaning forward mauling her breasts with a big smirking grin on her blood streaked lips. Karen's pain grew worse although her vision slowly began to clear.

One of Karen's friends ran over to pull Pam off of her, but she was instantly stopped in her tracks be Christy's stern command, "Touch one hair on her blonde head and not only will you never work for Playboy again; you'll end up walking back to LA!"

Unable to break Pam's tight grip on her boobs, Karen reached up with her left hand and pinched Pam's nose closed. Her grip began to weaken and was lost altogether when Karen chopped the side of her left hand with her right that almost twisted Pam's nose off her face! As Pam grabbed her nose and whimpered, Karen bucked her hips, tossing Pam off. Karen rolled over and used the edge of the table to pull herself to her feet. Her breasts felt like they were on fire so Karen grabbed a glass of ice water and poured it down over her red, raw breasts, bringing blessed instant relief from the stinging burning sensation where Pam's claws had left parallel red welts on Karen's proud rack! Of course, once the icy cold water hit them, especially in her excited state, Karen's hard nipples looked like a hatrack as the cold liquid brought them to perky prominance!

Karen turned around to finish Pam off, but Christy couldn't stand to see Karen's nipples so damnably erect and as Karen reached down to pull up her suit and cover her injured breast, Christy around Karen from behind and clamped down with her thumbs and forefingers on both of the eraser-size hard nipples.

Karen's first sensation was one of surprise, but it quickly turned to pain as Christy twisted and pulled on her exposed breasts. She tried to grab Christy's hands and as she began to crush the Hefner scion's hands in her firm grip, Karen swung one leg back, bent at the knee; her heel rising to strike Christy flush on the mound between her legs. Christy let out a strangled groan as her knees buckled, but instead of releasing Christy's hands, Karen snapped her head back, crushing Christy's nose!

A quick spin to the left put Karen's weight and momentum behind her right cross, one that left Christy sprawled out across the table top with her strapless formal gown rucked up almost to her waist and her boobs threatening to erupt out of the top. But since she wasn't moving, nothing much was going to happen anytime soon so Karen turned her attention back to Pam, walking over to where the blonde was sitting on her haunches. Karen grabbed a handful of hair but as she tried to drag Pam up by her blonde locks, Pam fired a low blow of her own that caught Karen not only by surprise, but right in the camel toe of her Playboy Bunny suit.

Suddenly, it was Karen being held by the hair; bent over at the waist and in a great deal of pain! Reprising her earlier success, Pam brought five rapid-fire knee lifts up into Karen's quivering belly, leaving the brunette gasping and wheezing! Pulling Karen's head under her arm and putting her in a reverse side headlock, Pam again tried choking out the brunette. After she had weakened Karen sufficiently, Pam fell backward, driving the top of Karen's head into the hard wood dance floor. THONK!

Karen lay face down not moving as Pam reached down and started to pull the zipper that Karen had struggled to pull up earlier that evening. Unlike Karen's struggle with it, in Pam's hand the zipper offered no resistance at all and in a heartbeat, was all the way down to its base just above the callipygian cleft of Karen's ass. The slowly recovering Karen struggled to get to all fours but for all her effort, all she got for her reward was a hard kick in the ribs that took all the air out of her and flipped her over, sending her crashing back to the floor on her back. Like a magician pulling a tablecloth out from under a set of dishes, Pam stepped back and whipped Karen's bunny outfit down her legs and off with the flick of her wrists. The still growing crowd pressed tight around them not only gave Pam a loud, raucous cheer, but erupted in scuffles over the trophy as she cast it aside!

Pam kicked Karen onto her belly once more, then gathered her by the ankles and after kicking her own heels off, Pam tucked one of Karen's ankles under each armpit and then began to slowly walk backward, folding Karen's body in half as she walked her into a camel clutch. Once Pam had made it all the way back around, Pam sat down on Karen's back, chuckling as the brunette wailed in pain.

In this position, Karen's pantyhose covered crotch was only inches away from Pam's face, and Pam just HAD to have fun at Karen's expense. She stuck out her tongue as she slowly lowered her face into Karen's crotch and, using her teeth, she ripped out the crotch panel, spitting it onto Christy's body which still lay on the table with her limp legs dangling. Then, working through the hole in Karen's pantyhose, Pam began to wiggle her tongue slowly between Karen's labia until it had penetrated deep in her juicy pussy. Pam had eased up on the camel clutch pressure slightly so that Karen's heavy, rapid breathing could be heard rising clear across the silent room.

"You like this don't you, you filthy slut!" Pam taunted. "Well, don't get used to it because after I make you to cum in front of everyone, I'm dragging your slutty, naked ass back to my hotel room where you'll have a busy couple of days ahead of you as my sex slave!"

Karen felt Pam's grip loosen as she stopped her invasion of Karen's crotch, then reached down for the brunette's waistband. Grabbing the top of Karen’s panty hose, Pam began to tug - working them over Karen's hips until she’d bare the neatly trimmed landing strip. Grinning, Pam worked three finger between Karen's ass cheeks and forced her middle finger inside her anus.

Preparing to go back to work with her tongue, Pam asked, "Are you ready to become my slave bitch?"

Pam thought she had things well in hand and was more concerned with publically humiliating Karen then with closing the deal. It came as no surprise then, that Karen caught her completely off guard when she quickly snapped her powerful legs out straight, sending Pam flying forward like she’d been shot from a catapult!. Unfortunately for Pam, she landed in a very familiar place - facefirst against the edge of table #1. As Karen struggled to her feet, a loud cheer from the other Playmates who thought Pam deserved a beating echoed in her ears. Looking back toward the table, Karen saw that the tablecloth now had a second bloody trail wiped down the side of it right beside the first. Karen walked over to Pam, grabbed her hair and began to pull the blonde up.

Pam, in desperation, lunged and threw a ‘hail mary’ shot up into Karen's crotch - but Karen saw it coming this time and she jutted her hips backward out of the way. Pam’s fist missed the ‘sweet spot’ and instead slapped weakly into Karen’s taut abs.

"Not this time slut!" Karen hissed as she roughly introduced her right knee to the point of Pam's chin!
Pam’s eyes begin to spin in her head like the reels in a Vegas slot machine! Pam was hauled the rest of the way up and pulled into a tight bear hug, crushing her body and not allowing her to so much as draw a breath. After several minutes, Karen’s arms began to tremble and so she powered Pam up and flipped her upside down, then dropping to her knees she drove Pam's forehead into the hardwood floor in a classic “Playmate Piledriver.”

Letting go of Pam's waist, Karen watched as the blonde's body toppled over and collapsed on the floor face down. Pam struggled gamely, trying to get back to her feet but then she felt a draft as, apparently, she must’ve lost consciousness briefly during which interval Karen had pulled off her bunny outfit!

Karen allowed Pam to make it to all fours before she buried her right foot into one of Pam's free-swinging breasts. Pam cried out in pain and mindlessly began begging Karen to stop. Her pleas for mercy, naturally, fell on deaf ears and Karen's next kick went deeep into Pam's belly, sending her flipping over in mid-air before crashing back down on her back. As Pam lay writhing in pain, Karen dropped an elbow point down into one bare breast. By the time Karen lowered herself down, straddling Pam’s body, Pam was all but out. Karen sat down crushing Pam’s breasts as she playfully slapped Pam awake with forehand and backhand slaps.

Glaring angrily down into the scared blonde's eyes, Karen hissed, "We still have some unfinished business, you and me. Didn't you want to make me cum in front of all these people?" Karen inched forward until her pussy was a hair's length from Pam's trembling lips. “Well!” Karen sneered, ”I'm waiting!"

The words send a shudder down Pam’s spine for they were the exact same words she’d used earlier when she demanded her drink from Karen. Then Karen reached back, grabbed Pam's breasts and prepared herself for the ride of a lifetime. Truth be told, Pam's talented tongue had come very near to making Karen climax earlier while Pam had Karen trapped beneath her. Now, closing her eyes, Karen hung on for dear life as her pulse and respiration shot through the roof as Pam ‘did her duty’ and it wasn’t long before Karen exploded in a massive climax that sent her hot juices cascading down over Pam's face.

After the tremors subsided, Karen used a handful of Pam’s wild, straw-toned locks to clean herself off before she clambered off of Pam’s drained and exhausted body and stood over her as she slowly, sensously climbed back into her bunny costume after begging and bribing the guy who’d been lucky enough to capture it when Pam discarded it.

Karen was struggling to zip her costume when Irish arrived and looked around for his beloved Karen. As he passed table #1 he saw Christy sprawled out on the middle of the table like an erotic centerpiece. Then passing table #2 he saw a blonde he swore could've been Pam Anderson - but with her hair all sticky and matted, plus the dried blood on her face, it was tough o tell.

"Oh wait that is her! I can tell by that ridiculous ‘Barb Wire’ tattoo," he thought.

Just then a familiar voice called to him, "Excuse me sir, may I get you something from the bar?"

Irish turned to see Karen standing before him in a battle-tattered bunny outfit wearing a big smile on her face.

"As soon as I saw the battleground over there,” Irish sighed. “And Christy laid out cold, I knew you wouldn't be far from ground zero."

He pulled Karen into a tight embrace and, as usual, her perfume had the desired effect on him so he began to nibble her ear. Suddenly Karen pushed him away and asked with a raised eyebrow, "You haven’t been showing Pam how to undo zippers, have you?"

Seeing his customary blank and puzzled expression, Karen knew she’d have to let him in on the inside joke later, but for now she just pulled him in close and resumed their hot embrace.

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