Part One: Vanessa Marcil vs. Alyssa Milano by Interac

The Three ladies from 'Charmed' went into a local pool hall for a drink. Rose was still the worst from the wear after fighting Angelina Jolie in a Hell In a Cell while Holly was her usual quiet self. The conversation was Alyssa and Rose playing 'Can You Top This' while Holly just listened with amazement. Her two costars had been in every kind of fight there was and had far more wins then losses. She didn't bother to play, she just sat and listened in rapt attention.

"So how long before you and Angelina settle your differences once and for all Rose?" Alyssa asked with a curious look.

Rose smiled, "When I'm healed completely and she's healed completely we'll hear from the man who set up that Hell In a Cell. Or maybe if we see each other sometime before that, we'll just fight. We got into it a couple of times at the hospital after fights. I told you about that, right? They had to put us in different hospitals. Why was it we came here anyway Alyssa?"

Alyssa looked around and locked eyes with a brunette on the other side of the room she turned back.

"Remember what happened with me and Monaco? Well beating up that PlaySlut didn't force her to fight me so maybe destroying a soap star will."

Alyssa got up and walked over to the pool room were the victim was waiting. The woman's friends all left the room and shut a door leaving the two of them alone. Vanessa Marcil put down her pool cue and walked up to Alyssa getting in her face.

"What the Hell do you want with me anyway, trying to send a message to Kelly. You're pathetic if you go through with this the only message that gets sent is how I beat you worst then she did."

Alyssa pushed Vanessa by the shoulders, "Is that so, then let's see you give her that message."

Vanessa bull rushed Alyssa, grabbing her by the hair and ramming her into the far wall but Alyssa grabbed at Vanessa's dark hair, turned her around and slammed her back into the wall. She went to knee her, but Vanessa caught it and nailed her own knee between Alyssa's legs. Moving in, she lifted Alyssa in the air and ran forward, slamming her down on a pool table. She grabbed Alyssa's hair and smashed her head on the green felt, then slapped her face. Finally, reaching down, she ripped open the front of Alyssa's shirt.

"I'm going to make you hurt," Vanessa said as she choked Alyssa with one hand while reaching for the pool cue with the other.

Alyssa's fist shot out and connected on Vanessa's jaw, knocking her of her and sending her to the floor. Alyssa rolled onto her side and fell off the bar, aiming her knee at Vanessa's pussy. Opening her eyes, Alyssa glared at Vanessa as she ripped the front of her shirt then reached for the fallen pool cue. Vanessa felt Alyssa's move and turned to reach for it herself. Both women pushed and shoved as they fought for the pool cue until Alyssa screamed, "Oh, fuck it!" and slapped Vanessa.

Standing up and bringing Vanessa up with her by the hair, Alyssa heaved her up into the wall and ripped the rest of the shirt from Vanessa's impressive body. She stepped back and targeted a punch to one of Vanessa's breasts but Vanessa exploded up from her position and nailed a thunderous punch of her own that cracked on Alyssa's cheek. Reaching over and grabbing Alyssa by the hair, Vanessa threw her up against the wall. She grabbed the neck of Alyssa's shirt and ripped it wide open but as she grabbed onto Alyssa's large breasts, Alyssa grabbed Vanessa's wrists and forced her arm's down. Then Alyssa whipped a backhand up and across Vanessa's face sending her reeling backward a step.

Alyssa drew back to slap Vanessa again but Vanessa raised her forearm and blocked it, then reached around behind Alyssa's neck and and held her head as she tried a slap of her own! But Alyssa blocked this one and got her own hand around Vanessa's head and grabbed a handful of hair. Both women held on as they used their free hand to push her opponent's jaw upward. Their hips and bellies were forced together as their upper bodies were bent backward. Vanessa was surprising Alyssa by how strong she was, not letting Alyssa push her back. All of a sudden, Vanessa stopped pushing Alyssa's chin up and slashed her hand down into Alyssa's bra, pulled her forward and drove her knee up into Alyssa's stomach doubling the surprised Charmed star over gasping for air.

"Not so tough now are we?" Vanessa sneered as she wrapped her arms around Alyssa's waist and lifted her in the air.

Vanessa powered Alyssa straight down, slamming her belly down over her knee. Alyssa rolled off and thrashed on the floor gasping while her opponent stood over her and smiled devilishly. Vanessa dropped on Alyssa's back and pulled her head up by the back of her hair, then reached around and started slapping Alyssa's face over and over.

"Not so tough now, I said Alyssa." Her slaps coming faster and harder. "Thought you'd walk all over me, eh?"

When Vanessa hauled back and hit Alyssa with a particularly thunderous slap, she felt the deadweight of Alyssa's head pulling her arm down. Slamming Alyssa's face on the dirty floor, she scrubbed it back and forth before sliding backward down Alyssa's back and pulling her shirt completely off, then threw it aside as she hauled Alyssa off the floor by the back of her pants. Vanessa ran Alyssa forward slamming her stomach into the corner of the pool table. Alyssa's body folded over the table and she slammed tits down on the table top. Vanessa rammed her pelvis into Alyssa's butt pinning her, as she reached over her back and unclasped Alyssa's bra.

"Thing is Alyssa," Vanessa purred. "I'm not afraid of you because I know how to beat you!"

"Well guess what," Alyssa gasped as she snapped her heel up and kicked Vanessa squarely between the legs.

The soap starlet staggered back a few steps, then doubled over wincing in pain, too hurt to cry or scream. Alyssa was still the worse for wear after all she'd been through and it took her a few moments to recover. Then she turned, grabbed a handful of Vanessa's hair and ran her head into the wall. Pulling her back, she did it again! Alyssa had a wild look in her eyes as she started calling Vanessa a bitch as she pounded knee after knee up into Vanessa's firm stomach. Vanessa tried to back away but Alyssa held her fast by the hair, jerked her head up and slapped her with two thunderous slaps.

"Not so talkative NOW are we?"

Alyssa pulled Vanessa upright and locked her in a bearhug; her strong arms wrapped around Vanessa's waist crushing her as Alyssa's slightly fuller breasts engulfed Vanessa's. Vanessa refused to surrender and clapped Alyssa's ears, then as Alyssa's head was still ringing, she bit down on Alyssa's face just above her eye. Alyssa screamed and stumbled back, losing her bear hug. Alyssa backed up to the pool table and as she leaned back on it with both hands, Vanessa hauled on Alyssa's hair and started climbing up onto the pool table for a leverage maneuver. Alyssa pushed herself backward up on the table also, but Vanessa had gained the 'upper hand' and she got her breasts pressing down on Alyssa's face as she forced her down onto the pool table. Vanessa applied as much pressure with her body as she could manage as she tossed her hair to the side and glared down at her hated rival.

"I'm gonna humiliate you! When I drag you outta here everyone will know how pathetic you are," Vanessa said through clenched teeth.

Alyssa felt Vanessa's underwire bra digging into her face and knew she was going out if she didn't do something quick. Reaching behind Vanessa, Alyssa grabbed the bra straps and pulled, then pushed her backward, sending Vanessa rolling over the edge of the table. Alyssa sucked in a mouthful of much needed air as she sat up while Vanessa sat on the floor massaging her back. Vanessa looked around and saw the pool cue and as Alyssa looked over the edge of the table, Vanessa nailed her with a punch that sent Alyssa tumbling back over the opposite side. She landed on the floor with a loud, OOMPH!

Vanessa slowly walked around the pool table to where Alyssa had landed Alyssa! She bent down and looked under the table then before she knew what was happening Alyssa came flying across the table top from the far side and just as Vanessa looked up, Alyssa's fist crashed into her face and sending her reeling back to the wall.

"Well come on then...," Alyssa taunted as she swung her legs over the side of the table and dropped to her feet. "...humiliate me."

Vanessa's eyes were wide as she realized Alyssa wouldn't stop but she had the same mentality and lunged with her claws out. Alyssa caught her wrists and they each brought their arms up in the air as they both tried pushing the other back. It was a standoff that only resulted in them mashing their breasts together. They stepped back and took turns hitting knees to the other's sides as they held on but Alyssa eventually let one hand go and slapped Vanessa. She lost her footing and fell back a couple of steps, righted herself and shot out a backhand that nailed Alyssa. Alyssa fell back a step, then started back for Vanessa.

"Did you think I was gonna back down?" Vanessa asked as Alyssa came at her.

Vanessa landed another slap that rocked Alyssa but she kept coming and answered with a slap of her own.

"If you were smart, you'd just give up..." Alyssa grunted as she slapped Vanessa again, then put her right hand back on the wall and pushed off. She brought both hands up and wrapped them around Vanessa's throat and squeezed. "....and save yourself all this pain."

Vanessa got her hands up and matched Alyssa's choke as she spun Alyssa and shoved her against the wall, "You talk too much, bitch!"

It was bad enough the fight lasted this long for Alyssa but the fact that Vanessa was still going strong and turning everything around, really pissed Alyssa off! She wanted humiliation and she put her foot back on the wall and shoved off. But Vanessa swiveled her hips at the last second and sent Alyssa tumbling to her hands and knees. In an instant, Vanessa jumped on Alyssa and slammed her down on the floor but she was quick to throw an elbow but as she turned around into Vanessa, Alyssa was caught in a head scissors. She fell to her knees but got back up. Spreading her legs far apart for support, Alyssa reached up and grabbed Vanessa's ankles as she tried to push Vanessa's legs off her head. Vanessa wouldn't let it happen though, and to add more pressure she grabbed a handful of hair as she slapped with her free hand.

"Why don't you just give it up, you're no way gettin' out of this," Vanessa laughed.

Alyssa started letting her hands slide down in defeat, then shot them back up, clasping her hands and nailing a double ax-handle to Vanessa's crotch. Vanessa's legs loosened her scissors, then completely let go when Alyssa repeated the blow. Vanessa curled up in a ball with her hands wedged in tight between her clenched legs while Alyssa rolled away, her body red from the scissors, gasping for air. She glanced at Vanessa who was doing her best to get up at the same time Alyssa started finding her way back to her feet.

"It's not over yet, cunt," Alyssa said as she leaned with her hand on the wall and her chest heaving.

"Well, come over and let's finish it once and for all, you lousy slut," Vanessa said as she raised her fists.

Alyssa came off the wall at Vanessa and raised her hands also. Even though both were circling with their fists up, neither had any formal boxing training and they swung with reckless abandon. Some punches hit, but most didn't! Vanessa landed the first good punch, one that backed Alyssa up a few steps. Then something snapped in Alyssa's brain and she jumped into a punch that caught Vanessa on the side of the head dropping her to one knee, Alyssa nailed her with another punch that sent Vanessa sprawling on her belly. Vanessa tried to crawl away but Alyssa jumped on her back and as she looked up, she saw Vanessa was reaching for that pool cue again.

"I don't think so!" Alyssa growled as she grabbed Vanessa's hair, yanked her head back and then slammed her face into the floor.

Alyssa leaned over Vanessa, picked up the pool cue and slid it under Vanessa's chin, then reared back, locking in a deadly 'pool cue camel clutch.' Vanessa was too weakened to escape and with the pool cue cutting off her air she quickly passed out. Alyssa fell back and lay on top of Vanessa with her head resting on Vanessa's firm butt. She was relieved she'd finally won the fight even though she knew Rose was listening and probably figured out what happened. Still, she had to prove it. Alyssa stripped off all of Vanessa's clothes, then lifted the unconscious actress over her shoulder and proudly walked out of the private room. She tossed Vanessa's naked body on the floor and put her foot on Vanessa's ass as she smiled proudly at Rose.

"Now there's another... HEY! WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING HERE?" Alyssa gasped as Kelly Monaco walked out of the washroom.
Part Two: Holly Marie Combs vs. Kelly Monaco by Interac

Kelly Monaco arrived at the Pool Hal and saw some of the Port Charles and General Hospital stars sitting at a table that overlooked the rest of the bar. She met up with them and looked down toward were they were looking. She saw the Private Pool room was closed and two women sitting near it with their ears to the wall trying to hear what was going on inside.

"What's going on? Is that Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan?" Kelly looked around, "And where's Vanessa?"

One of the women pointed to the Private room, "She's in with Alyssa Milano. They're playing a game."

They laughed as Kelly started to storm off only to be grabbed by the arm. Kelly looked down at her the woman who quickly let go, "It's not your fight. Let Vanessa handle it herself."

"Well, you have no idea how many calls I get from former Playmates blaming ME, for what happened to Maria Checa. Now, if it happens to Vanessa..."

"We won't blame you, it's her fight. Actually, if you want to know something..." she looked down just as Holly got up from her table. " I'll tell you what you can do if you wanna have some fun."

When Holly stepped out of washroom stall to wash her hands, she looked up in the mirror and saw Kelly standing behind her. She turned around and leaned back, putting her hands on the counter behind her.

"Whadda you want?" Holly snapped. "Alyssa's already kicking your friend's ass but I'm sure she'll be more than happy to kick yours too if you're willing to wait a couple of minutes."

"Actually Holly, from what the girls are telling me, you're tired of being an observer and want to kick some of our asses yourself. So why not do what Alyssa couldn't and..."

Before she could finish, Holly pushed off the counter and shot her hands out to Kelly's shoulders, shoving her back into the wall. She grabbed Kelly's shirt and pulled her off the wall, then slammed her back into it again! Still holding her by the shirt, Holly snapped her hands downward, ripping Kelly's shirt open at both shoulder's. Kelly tried slipping out of the trap Holly had her in, but Holly pulled her down to the floor on her face. She bent down and ripped the rest of Kelly's shirt off of her amazing body.

"You're not as tough as I am!"

Holly grabbed Kelly by the hair and looked up at the mirror. She wanted to smash Kelly's face into the mirror but as she pulled her up, Kelly swung her back elbow back and hit Holly between the breasts. Holly was knocked back and Kelly spun around and nailed her with a wild, roundhouse punch. Holly slumped backward into the wall seeing stars. Kelly swung again, whipping her arm across her body as she dipped her shoulder and dropped her hand almost to her opposite knee before she twisted around and backhanded Holly in the side of the face so hard her body reeled into the washroom stall wall.

"They said I'd have to play with you! Well, play time's over," Kelly hissed as she grabbed Holly's hair, then viciously and maliciously started pounding her head into the stall.

She pulled Holly around and nailed a knee low to the middle of her stomach. As Holly doubled over in pain, with one quick motion Kelly pulled the Charmed star's shirt over her head and started driving uppercuts to her face, not letting her go until Holly slipped out of her shirt. Then Kelly hit her one more time, taking Holly completely off her feet. She started sliding down the wall sobbing, but Kelly ignored her sobs and grabbed Holly by the hair, pulling her back up and flinging her clear across the room. As Holly gamely tried to push herself up, former soccer player Kelly ran in and nailed her with a right footed kick to her ribs that flipped her over onto her back.

"Do you have any idea how much grief I took over what happened to Maria Checa?" Kelly screamed. "Well, make me a promise..." she said as she kept kicking Holly until she'd punted her all the way back to the washroom door. Then she picked her up, turned her around and ran with her a few strides before she threw her body up against the opposite wall. "...promise you'll give Alyssa grief for what happens to you, because THIS is HER fault!"

Kelly sat down straddling Holly's legs and started torturing Holly's breasts, squeezing, pinching, pulling and punching. Whatever came to mind, Kelly did it. After two minutes of breast-beating, she got off of Holly who just lay on the floor crying uncontrollably.

"You think that's it do you?" Kelly sneered. "God, I have to beat you now for the 'Just in Case' file." She lifted Holly once more, hoisted her unresisting body in the air and then slammed her back down in an inverted Atomic Drop. "You know what I mean, the 'Just in Case Alyssa beats Vanessa' file."

Kelly grabbed Holly's ankles, rolled her onto her back and then tucked her ankles under her arms. She fell back and slingshotted Holly clear across the bath room.

"I've never have been too good with my submission moves," Kelly laughed. "I guess this is a good time to practice." She again grabbed Holly's legs but this time she turned Holly over on her chest and locked her in a Boston Crab. Leaning as far back as she could, Kelly laughed at Holly's full-throated cries of unconditional surrender. "Not loud enough whore, but I'm done anyway."

When Kelly dropped Holly's legs with a thud, she tried to crawl away but Kelly walked beside her until Holly crawled to the door and reached up, weakly groping at the door handle. Then Kelly jumped up and dropped down, crashing her ass down in the small of Holly's back.

"I'm done with that move, but not with you," Kelly smiled. "Here, this's one I want you to tell Alyssa about."

Straddling Holly's back, Kelly slipped her arms under Holly' armpits, clasped her hands under Holly's chin, then leaned back. She could feel Holly's tears dropping on her forearms. She let go again and Holly flopped limp on the floor between Kelly's legs. Kelly looked down at her and saw Holly was out cold! Reaching down, Kelly grabbed Holly's arm and dragged her body back, turning her around. Looking down at the defeated Charmed girl, Kelly raised a foot and stomped down on the middle of Holly's stomach. As Holly's head and feet spasmed up, Kelly ground her foot in until Holly looked up and weakly tried to push Kelly's foot away - to no avail.

"Got a little fight left in you yet, eh?" Kelly laughed. "Well, I'll get rid of that soon enough!"

She took her foot off Holly's stomach and pulled Holly up using a handful of her disheveled hair. Holly tried a surprise punch to Kelly's stomach but the weak blow just bounced off and had no effect. But Kelly's knee to Holly's stomach lifted her clear off her feet! She would have crumpled back to the floor but Kelly scooped Holly off her feet, lifted her upside down in front of her as if to bodyslam her, then carried Holly upside down and heaved her face-first into a bathroom stall. Holly's face knocked the door open and she flew through it, ending up on her knees with her limp arms draped over the toilet seat. Kelly looked down at her and watched as Holly's body slowly slid back off the toilet seat as it unfolded sprawled on her back out cold!

"Damn I was gonna do so much more to you," Kelly pouted. "Here, make sure you give this note to Alyssa. It says to be careful of what she wishes for because she could just get it!"

Kelly left the note tucked in Holly's bra where it would be found by Alyssa. But another of Holly's friends found the note first and swore to get revenge for her under the assumption Alyssa was incapable of doing it. When Kelly stumbled out of the bathroom she had put on Holly's jacket on to cover her nudity. She paused, looked over at Alyssa who looked up at her from her seat. They stared a long minute at each other before Kelly threw back her head laughing and swaggered out of the pool hall.
Part Three: Kelly Monaco vs. Shannen Doherty by Interac

It's the same bar where a few weeks earlier, Kelly Monaco beat up Holly Marie Combs in the ladies restroom. Kelly had gotten a note a few days later saying simply, 'Revenge'. It's instructions were clear, 'Show up where Vanessa Marcil and Alyssa Milano fought.' Now, Kelly was in the poolroom, looking at the single table. Feeling the vinyl of the pool table, Kelly looked down and thought to herself, "So Alyssa! This is what you wanted, to get hurt again. That's fine by ..."

"It's not Alyssa who sent the note," a voice said. Shannen Doherty stepped into the room and locked the door behind her. Kelly looked surprised as Shannen made her way toward her.

"Shannen? You're looking for revenge for the little wimp that tried to take me on? It's a shame really that you're the one wanting to avenge her. But I guess if you think about it, who else could? Certainly not Alyssa!"

Shannen stopped in front of the Playmate and looked at her, agreeing, "No, not Alyssa!"

All of a sudden, Shannen threw one of the pool balls up in the air and as Kelly looked up at it, Shannen nailed her with a knee in the stomach that doubled Kelly over gasping for air. Shannen pushed Kelly onto a leather sofa and sat on her legs as she grabbed a handful of hair and slammed a few punches into Kelly before she could pushed her off of her lap Rolling backward, Shannen got back to her feet and just as Kelly got to hers, Shannen nailed her with another knee - this one between her legs.

"You've never fought anyone like ME!" Shannen said, grabbing Kelly's hair and swing her around before throwing her into the wall. Kelly's back smashed into the wall and she moaned in pain. Shannen grabbed Kelly by the hair and pulled her face into her chest and trapped it there as she slammed her back up against the wall. "Wimpy bitch, I knew you wouldn't be that tough!" She went for another knee, but Kelly caught her leg this time and Shannen's eyes were begging Kelly not to do. "Went to the well too often you little slut!" Kelly grumbled as she nailed a knee to Shannen's wide open pussy!

Shannen fell over backward, her hands between her legs and Kelly stood over her grinning, then dropped on Shannen's legs and nailed a punch to her face. Grabbing Shannen's collar, she ripped the shirt right off the former 'Charmed' star. "My oh my," Kelly chuckled. "Is THAT what you tried to smother me with? How juvenile!" She grabbed Shannen's boobs with both hands and squeezed with all her strength, twisting them like doorknobs to force a scream from Shannen's quivering lips. "Oh shut up will you! Someone might hear and interrupt my fun!"

Kelly drew back her fist to punch Shannen, but she got a hand in front of her just in time to block it and knocked Kelly off balance. As she rocked to one side, it left her body wide open! Shooting her fist up, Shannen's knuckles smacked into the underside of Kelly's full, firm boob. Kelly grimaced and Shannen swung her fist up again but this time with her fingers clawed like a talon and she scratched her nails deep into Kelly's boob, ripping apart the front of her shirt. Shannen pushed with all her strength, throwing Kelly off her down onto her side. With her breast claw still in place, Shannen got to her knees and put her other hand on the back of her wrist to tighten the claw on Kelly's breast.

"You're not fighting some amateur this time," Kelly said as she swung her arm up, hitting Shannen in the shoulder and knocking her hand from her breast momentarily. She got to her hands and knees while Shannen rolled away and scrambled to her feet. The athletic Kelly got up and the two women stood staring at each other. "No more cheap shots, now I'm ready for you," Kelly hissed.

To emphasize her point, Kelly put her hands at the collar of her shirt and ripped it off. Shannen did the same thing and stood there with her equally toned and shapely body; not as big in the chest or as athletic as Kelly's, but damn close. Shannen walked up to Kelly, drew her hand back and nailed a backhand slap which Kelly answered in kind. Kelly tried for another slap, but Shannen blocked it and hit Kelly with a punch that drove her back against the wall. Shannen took a boxers stance and as Kelly looked up, she landed a quick one-two; flattening each of Kelly's breasts in turn.

"You like them? Well, they'll be swollen twice as big when I get done."

Despite being in a deal of pain, Kelly lunged forward and nailed her own knee to Shannen's stomach that backed her up a step. Kelly ran to her, picked her up on her shoulder and ran across to the other wall where she threw the former 'Charmed' star into the wall with a loud CRASH! Shannen groaned in pain as Kelly used a handful of hair to slam her head off the wall, then in one quick motion Kelly flipped Shannen over her shoulder down onto her ass! Kelly bent over Shannen's to grab her hair again but before she could, Shannen whipped her foot up and kicked Kelly in the head. Kelly staggered back a couple of steps which gave Shannen time to turn around and get to her hands and knees. She threw herself at Kelly, her head driving into Kelly's belly as her hands filled themselves with Kelly's breasts. Before she shoved Kelly back to the wall, Kelly's bra was ripped apart and Shannen got her fingers deep into Kelly's soft titflesh; then raked down, bringing a howl from the Playmate. Before Kelly knew what was happening, Shannen grabbed her by the undersides of both breasts and squeezed the aching orbs.

"You don't like this do you?" Shannen growled. "Well, I don't fight *just* to win; I like to hurt people!" Shannen stepped back, raised her hands and hit Kelly with an uppercut to the pussy! "Especially dumb Playmates who think they're better'n me!" Kelly dropped to her knees with both hands wedged tight between her squeezed thighs. Shannen grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back, forcing Kelly's tearing eyes to lock with hers. "Don't just fight to win is my motto," Shannen hissed as she bent and bit Kelly's beautiful face, then threw her down to the ground and kicked her in the ass. "I fight to maim!" She stepped over Kelly's trembling body and rubbed her hands all over her own body. "Ooh, I'm a Playmate, I can do whatever I want…wrong!"

Shannen dropped her ass down hard on Kelly's firm belly. Kelly bounced and let out a loud expulsion of air. Shannen quickly grabbed her by the hair and raked her nails across Kelly's face, then threw the whimpering Playmate down on her back.

"Oh is my poor little Playmate hurting? Maybe if I give you a massage," Shannen said, reaching back with her hand and sliding it down Kelly's body; forcing it under the waistband and into Kelly's pants where she rubbed Kelly's pussy. Kelly moaned slightly and Shannen smiled down at Kelly who was having trouble keeping herself in check as Shannen expertly rubbed and fingered. Then, all of a sudden, Shannen's face twisted in a cruel grin as Kelly screamed and her body jerked in pain. Shannen had locked on her dreaded crotch claw and as she maniacally tightened it, she told Kelly, "Give up now and I'll not only tell all of Hollywood, but I'll tell Alyssa first - right after I take her out for jumping me from behind!"

Kelly was screaming and banging her hands on the floor. Suddenly, she shot both behind her and in one fluid motion, whether it was on purpose, an accident or a reflex wasn't clear, brought both up and slammed both hands into Shannen's breasts. The impact from the blow knocked Shannen backward off of her. Shannen was shocked for she thought she had the fight won! She got back to her feet and saw Kelly on her hands and knees crawling toward the door.

"And where do you think you're going missy!? I don't know how you got out of that, but it won't happen again!"

Shannen reached down and yanked Kelly up by the back of the hair. As Kelly reached her feet, she leaned forward and sent a back heel kick up between Shannen's legs, giving her a taste of her own medicine. Shannen staggered back gasping and as Kelly turned around, Shannen tried to kick her between the legs but Kelly had caught her ankle and twisted it, holding her leg up as she sent another kick into Shannen's already throbbing pussy. Shannen fell on her back but Kelly kept a hold of her ankle and then grabbed the other on. Breathing heavily, Kelly took a second to catch her breath, then she maliciously started stomping Shannen's pussy. After five kicks Shannen was crying which was when Kelly jumped in the air and crashed down her knee slamming into Shannen's pussy. Sliding down a little, Kelly looked at Shannen as she unzipped Shannen's pants.

"You know you talk too much," she sneered, grinding the knee on Shannen's pussy as she put an end to Shannen's pain by nailing an elbow to the same spot that numbed the actresses entire body. Kelly ended the fight with her own crotch claw, crushing Shannen's pussy as she frantically tapped out and begged Kelly to stop. Instead, Kelly merely tightened her grip a little more!

"You lousy slut, it doesn't feel so good….DOES IT!?"

Kelly didn't let go until after Shannen had passed out from the pain. She stomped Shannen in the stomach and retrieved her jacket.

"See what happens when you make mistakes, you end up like that, slut. Just like Alyssa Milano did and will again if she continues to pursue me. So if any of your friends are with her when you see her, you tell her that."

Kelly left the bar and one person kept watching her as she entered the cab. Kelly paid no attention, but the person had their eyes solely on Kelly and couldn't care less about everything else.

"It's not Alyssa you need to worry about; not by a long shot," the person muttered under her breath.