Michelle Trachtenberg vs. Ashley Poole by Jackflash

Ashley Poole was tired of waiting. The blond was already a pop star as a member of the girl group 'Dream,' and was certain her fame in film was inevitable as well. After all, she reasoned, anyone as beautiful and talented as she is *must* be destined for greatness - if only the small and petty minds of those around her didn’t hold her back. But hold her back they did! In particular, she wasn’t being allowed to display her magnificence in the elite catfighting circle in front of LA's movers and shakers. She’d first learned of it from a video director several years ago and immediately wanted to participate. But, she was told she had to wait until she turned 18. Well, she was 18 now, yet the 'powers that be' held refused to give her the chance she so clearly deserved.

She’d been training with a fitness expert for months now, learning the moves she’d need to compete and getting her body fit for battle. The officially stated reason for the delay was that the people who arranged the matches were looking for a suitable first opponent for her, but she’d heard rumors...that others were jealous of her beauty and her success and wanted to undermine her. That was a rather skewed version of the truth; the simple fact was, many people found Poole to be so insufferably vain and arrogant and were looking for any excuse to keep her out of the fight game although more than a few spectators would’ve relished watching her be dismantled piece by piece. But there was always the chance she may actually WIN her match - then she’d be hell to put up with!

But Ashley wasn't the kind of girl to patiently wait for her chance…she had plans and everyone else had bloody well learn to live their own lives around HERS. So, instead of waiting, Ashley took matters into her own hands!

Arriving at a Bel Air party one Saturday night, she scanned the crowd looking for a specific person...and she found her. Michelle Trachtenberg, like Ashley, had been anxious to catfight for several years, and like Ashley had been training for it. Michelle had just turned 18 herself and it was said she’d soon get her first match. Michelle was widely liked, and people seemed to fall all over themselves to help her and that made Ashley sick! As far as Ashley was concerned, Michelle couldn't act, couldn't sing, and her face and body definitely wasn't half as perfect as Ashley’s! Naturally, Ashley hated the brunette, turning her frustration to anger directed at Michelle. Very well, then, Ashley thought, if Michelleis their golden girl, then I’ll just have to tarnish her to show everyone who is truly worthy of adoration! Like a shark, Ashley glided through the crowd until she came up behind Michelle. Feeling a tap on her shoulder, Michelle turned and saw Ashley standing there, hands on her hips, her body language spoiling for a fight.

"I hear you think you're tough," Ashley sneered. "Tougher’n me?"

Michelle laughed off the challenge, "I don't really care. You have a problem? Then go bother someone else."

She turned her back on the blond to resume her conversation...but suddenly felt Ashley’s hand on her shoulder. Roughly whirled around, Michelle is too startled to block Ashley’s the open hand from slapping her cheek. The resounding CRACK brings the room to complete silence.

Bringing her hand to her reddened, stinging face, Michelle's eyes flare with fury. "You witch," she snarls. "I oughta kick your ass!"

Smiling, Ashley's only response is to step back and spread her arms wide, silently inviting the brunette to try. The crowd, most of whom were regulars at the scheduled catfights, quickly obliged by forming a large circle around the two teenagers while Michelle kicked off her heels and Ashley did the same. Michelle was wearing a yellow party dress...hardly the best choice for a fight, but she didn't have much choice! Ashley was in a black leather mini-skirt - showing a hint of garter above black stockings - and a white spaghetti strap top. Rather than tearing into one another, they began to cautiously circle looking for an opening. Obviously, both were going to rely on their wrestling training for this battle.

As they closed distance between them, both reached for one another with a shared snarl, their hands grasping for hair. They struggled in an awkward embrace for several moments before Ashley pulled Michelle's head into a tight headlock, the subtle but distinctive muscular definition of her arm apparent as she poured on the pressure. She would have been wise to quickly segue the headlock to another hold, keeping Michelle off-balance, but Ashley lacked the experience. While she continued to try to hurt the brunette with her headlock, Michelle had the presence of mind to begin firing fists into Ashley's kidneys. After several punches, the blond released the headlock and jumped away from Michelle rubbing her aching side. Michelle wasted no time in seizing the advantage, lunging at Ashley and grabbing her wrist, then quickly twisting the blonde's arm until Ashley was bent forward at the waist slapping her shoulder, desperately trying to numb the pain. This time, however, it was Michelle’s inexperience which came into play as she put too much reliance on her hold, and neglected to consider Ashley was already plotting her escape. As Michelle began to step to the side to increase her leverage, Ashley swept Michelle's other leg out from under her, sending her tumbling to the floor. Survival instinct kicked in as Michelle released Ashley's arm to cushion her fall.

Now Ashley was free, and Michelle was sitting on the carpet. Ashley massaged her aching shoulder, careful not to take her eyes off of Michelle who as soon as she started to stand up, Ashley lashed out with a kick that caught Michelle between the breasts, sending her sprawling on her back. A second kick, this time better-aimed, nailed Michelle flush in the jaw with the ball of the foot, snapping her head and making her eyes to roll back in her head. That gave Ashley the time she needed to recover from the hammerlock.

A searing pain in her scalp helped Michelle regain her wits as Ashley grabbed her chestnut mane and hair-hauled her squealing in pain to her feet. Her face twisted into an angry mask, Michelle drew back, balled her fist, and aimed a punch at the blonde's face...but she never delivered the blow because Ashley raked her fingernails across Michelle’s eyes. The pain made her yelp as she stumbled blindly backward, leaving herself wide open for a punch from the blond that sank deep into her belly. With a whoosh of air, Michelle doubled over; right into a kneelift to the forehead that sent her stumbling backward several steps on unsteady legs.

But Michelle didn’t fall; although glassy-eyed and gasping for precious air, she awkwardly brought her hands up to defend herself, trying to shove Ashley off as the pop diva moved in to grab her dark tresses again. The two teens struggled for several moments until Ashley grabbed the bodice of Michelle’s dress and with a heave, hip-tossed her into the nearby wall. Michelle hit the plaster with enough force to dent it, then sank slowly down, sitting on the floor with the left strap of her dress torn and her left breast exposed!

That was too tempting a target for Ashley to ignore and she dug her fingernails into the orb, clawing deep as Michelle let out a high-pitched wail, choked with sobs as tears welled up in her pretty eyes.

Grabbing Ashley’s wrist to try and wrench it from her breast, Michelle struggled to end her torment...but was so focused on the breast claw, she never noticed Ashley's free hand was again wrapping up a fistful of her hair. Grabbing close to the roots, Ashley slammed Michelle’s head back into the wall again and again, each one reverberating in the room with a cruel THUD! By the tenth impact, Michelle's arms dropped limp to her sides and her jaw hung slack; only a low, pained moan escaping her pouting lips.

Ashley stood up and stepped back to admire her handiwork. Michelle, dazed and confused, rolled onto her hands and knees and began crawling across the room as that tiny voice deep in her fogged brain screamed at her “flight not fight!” Watching Michelle slowly drag herself along the carpet, a sinister idea came to Ashley’s mind. She jumped on Michelle’s back and began bouncing up and down, riding her like a pony girl as she held onto her hair like reins, screaming, "Giddy-yup!" It was a degrading spectacle, and more than a few of the spectators wanted to step in to spare Michelle further humiliation but the unspoken rule prevailed - No interference until one girl submitted or was physically unable to continue. Michelle was still at least semi-conscious, and thus had a chance, however slim.

Leaning close to her victim's ear, Ashley began taunting, "Guess you're not so special after all, huh sweetie? Tell me, are you gonna cry like a baby now?"

Michelle's only reply was a low growl as she snapped her head back, smashing it into Ashley's nose. The blond tumbled off her back with a squeal. She landed on the floor and sat up holding her nose, checking for blood -her attention entirely on herself and not on her opponent. Though Michelle desperately needed time to recover, she knew she couldn't waste the opportunity and flung herself into Ashley, driving her to the carpet! Legs entwined, hands grabbing, yanking and twisting at hair, clawing flesh and tearing clothing, the two tigresses rolled across the floor hissing profanity-laced curses. Michelle finally managed to end up atop the blond and grapevined her legs, but as she tried to pin Ashley's wrists, Ashley arched her back, bridging up straining as she slowly began to overpower Michelle until she managed to throw her off.

During the struggle, one of Ashley's garters had come loose and she pulled off the stocking and wrapped both ends around her hands, tightened the silken hose like a noose around Michelle's throat. Michelle's eyes were big as saucers as she gasped for breath and panic filled her senses for several moments…then some innate battle instinct kicked in and she methodically guided her right hand up under Ashley’s mini-skirt to lock on a crotch claw, mauling the singer's mound; her satin panties offering no protection!

Ashley howled like a banshee, released both her hose and Michelle. Ashley managed to pull away from Michelle's claw hold, and although both battlers were free of the other, the fight's momentum had seemingly swung in Michelle's favor. Ignoring her pain and the exhaustion of her body, Michelle swung her right fist and caught the blond in the side of the face; then followed with an adroitly-administered finger thrust to the throat. Ashley gagged and gasped for air, for the first time seeming less than a merciless engine of destruction - indeed, she looked almost fragile as a single tear trickled from her left eye.

But looks are deceiving, and Ashley was far from finished. Staggered, one hand clutching her throad, she threw a looping overhand right that caught Michelle flush on the chin. Facing one another on their knees, the two young Amazons began trading blows, awkwardly swinging their fists, some punches finding the mark, others missing wildly. The barrage of blows that landed badly damaged each of them, sapping their strength and leaving them swaying back and forth on their knees, each pleading with her aching, battered body to continue pummeling despite the cost.

Taut abs soon crumpled under heavy fists, angelic faces were bruised and spittle dribbled from lips curled back from bared, clenched teeth. Each blow drew a gasp or a mewl of pain or a grunt from its recipient and the labored breathing of both teens seemed to merge into one stricken sound. The inhuman pace could not last much longer and it didn't!

A particularly solid punch to the temple sent Ashley collapsing like a marionette who's strings were cut. She merely lay there, bathed in her own sweat, unable to find the power to move, but with hatred still burning in her eyes. There was no way she was going to verbally submit to her rival. Michelle saw the hatred but she burned with an anger all her own; this woman had attacked her, hurt her, humiliated her and now, even in abject defeat, the blonde radiated nothing but haughty defiance. Michelle felt herself possessed by a fury that dwarfed any she’d ever known. She had hurt this bitch in kind, but how she was going to claim whatever haughty pride the pop star still possessed?

Crawling on all fours, Michelle positioned herself over Ashley, staring daggers down at her nemesis, then she sat down straddling Ashley’s face, her crotch covering Ashley's mouth and nose. Although Michelle’s tattered skirt obscured much of the ‘action’ it was clear from the sound of Ashley's muffled moans she was being smothered. She thrashed weakly, but although her spirit was willing, the flesh was far too weak. Michelle, wearing a broad smile, began thrusting her hips, running one hand through her matted mane as the other stroked her bare breast, her breath coming in staccato bursts, eyes closed and her head swaying back and forth as her mouth formed a pouting 'o'.

Ashley's last flailing came at the same moment as a satisfied moan from Michelle, followed by her body stiffening and twitching for several beats, then the last traces of strength seemed to drain from Michelle as she slumped over and rolled of of Ashley onto the carpet; too spent to rise and merely waving weakly as she acknowledged the thunderous ovation from the on-lookers.

Both girls were helped to their feet and led to separate bedrooms in the mansion, where they’d rest and clean up before being driven home. As they were carried from the field of battle, one man...the person responsible for setting up the sanctioned catfights... turned to a companion shaking his head.

"Well now, THAT was ironic...tonight I was going to tell Ashley we’d settled on her first fight."

"What's so ironic about that?" his friend asked.

"It was going to be against Michelle!" he chuckled.