Pop Music Brawl by TNT

"Hey, Lookout! Duck!" CRASH! Katie Couric ducked just in time and the flying glass bottle smashed into the wall behind the spot where her head had been a split-second before. "What the hell? I thought this was supposed to be a rehearsal; this is a...um...geezezzz!" Katie said as she dodged a chair.

"Sure looks like a brawl to me," Leeza Gibbons said with a touch of awe in her voice. "It's a brawl in the worst way," she added as she stepped over a woman who was sent sprawling at her feet, trying to take in all the wild action at once.

"Heck, it looks like fun," Julie Chen chirped cheerily. "Well, maybe not fun for SOME; look over there," she exclaimed, pointing to a busty and screaming beautiful young singer who was desperately trying to fight off two of her peers.

"No...stop it!" Jewel screamed as she tried to parry Mariah Carey's fast punches and slaps while Britney Spears pulled the buxom blonde singer's hair from behind with one hand, ripping her top and punching her in the back with the other. "AIEEEEE!" Jewel let out a yelp as Mariah grabbed her top in the front and yanked it down to her belly button, exposing a huge left breast. Grinning, Mariah drove a straight right into the lovely orb, flattening it against Jewel's breastbone and draining all the color from the curvy warbler's face. At the same moment, Britney tore the back of Jewel's top wide open down the back with a yell of triumph!

The three lovely reporters stood staring at the wild, erotic melee which was going full throttle. They glanced at each other only briefly, each wondering what she should do. All three had been invited to do interviews during a big pop music celebration and had arrived early. But now the set was filled with screaming, yelling, brawling pop singers each of whom seemed bent on dismantling her rivals in addition to destroying the once elegantly decorated TV set.

"You bitch, I'm gonna kill you," a beautiful and familiar singer screamed as she pursued another lovely artist past the three stunned reporters. "Awwwwwck!" Vanessa Williams screamed as Beyonce Knowles caught her by a handful of hair, spun Vanessa around and drove her fist into her stomach. Vanessa's mouth gaped open as she sucked air and while she was too winded to fight back, Beyonce grabbed the front of Vanessa's tight satin blouse and pulled it open to expose the tall dark beauty's stuffed lace bra.

"YIEEEEEEEE!" a bloodcurdling shriek caught all three reporters attention and they instantly spun on their heels to see Janet Jackson bitch-slapping Jessica Simpson. She whip-lashed the blonde's face, sending her staggering backward. Janet danced in, grabbed Jessica's low-cut bodice and RIPPPPed it wide open. Janet's lightning quick fingers attacked swiftly and in seconds, Jessica's tattered bra was twirling from Janet's fingers as the angry embarrassed blonde blushed crimson, tried to cover up and then decided modesty was futile and started to plan a suitable payback.

"Now that's not exactly fair," Leeza chirped as she pointed to two pretty blondes attacking a third gorgeous young girl.

"Get her! Help me get her," Shakira yelled to Christina Aguilera as she struggled to maintain a headlock on Toni Braxton who was screaming as she fired a punch to Shakira's thigh while Christina jumped on her back and tore apart the rear of Toni's skimpy outfit.

"Great observation for a wannabe so-called "reporter," Katie snarled at Leeza, mocking her inane comment.

"What? Where do YOU get off giving me crap, Miss Perky Katie?" Leeza huffed, her face flushed with anger.

"Ladies, please try to be civil; act like ladies, professionals - though, of course, these girls are NOT," Julie said trying to calm her peers as she watched Brandy smash a fist to Pinks jaw. Pink reeled and staggered back, her eyes glazed. Brandy smiled as Pink's muscular legs wobbled, then buckled and she dropped on her butt with a low groan and rolled onto her back with her knees in the air.

"That girl needs help," Julie chirped, unable to take her eyes off of Pink's pink panties..

"Hey, don't get involved," Katie yelled. "We're supposed to be imparti...," but Julie was already gone.

"Why you blonde cunt, take th...AIEEEEE!" The blondes' mellow voice brought back memories flooding back for both Leeza and Katie for as she screamed; her yells sounding quite musical. The two reporters looked over to where lovely Paula Abdul was firing slaps and punches at the still gorgeously slender Olivia Newton John. The blonde seemed only able to duck every other one until Paula got the fingers of one hand on Olivia's tight white blouse in addition to the one already in her silky hair.

"I've gotta help poor dear Olivia out," Leeza chirped as she turned and started to walk toward the fray.

"The hell you are!" Katie shouted as she grabbed the back of Leeza's jacket and pulled her off balance. Katie buried her fingers in Leeza's hair and threw her to the floor. Leeza's long luscious legs thrashed wildly, kicking out and up as her skirt rode clean up to her waist and her heels went flying.

"OUCH! Dammit Katie!!" Leeza screamed as Katie reached down and grabbed her full breasts, squeezing the large firm mounds as her fingers twisted and ripped until the front of Leeza's blouse came apart in a shower of buttons. Leeza dug her sharp nails into Katie's wrists as she looked up in desperation at the smiling but angry face of another approaching woman with two long, strong arms.

"Get offa her Couric, you stupid bitch!" the angry voice shouted. Before Katie could turn around, she screamed as her scalp exploded in fire.

Katie released Leeza as she felt herself lifted up; her heels slipped off her feet as she was lifted higher and higher. WHUMP!. Her attacker dropped her suddenly. "Unggggh!" Katie gasped as she hit the incredibly hard floor on her butt. She looked up to see a short skirt wrapped around a luscious full-figured beautiful body. "Oh NO!" she screamed, realizing she was in a world of trouble.

"Wanna dance, Katie?" Tina Turner snickered as she grabbed two handfuls of Katie's soft, carefully coiffed hair and yanked the lovely reporter to her feet, turned her around and bitch-slapped her, sending Katie crashing into and nearly over, a nearby table!

"This's kinda fun, ain't it Jewel," Britney chirped as she delivered another hard slap to the busty blonde singers face, knocking her back into Mariah who caught the dazed beauty, cupped her left breast and squeezed hard as she finished tearing Jewel’s top off. Mariah also groped for Jewel's newly-free breast but she was too late, Britney's eager hand had already cradled it from behind!

"Please, stop! OWW! Not my beautiful boobs. Ohhh, you're hurting my boobs...please let go....pleaseeeee?" Jewel moaned, her beautiful eyes quickly filling with tears.

"But your tits are sooooo big," Britney laughed as she pressed herself against her whimpering captives' back while Mariah pressed herself against Jewel’s ample chest; her erect nipples straining against her skimpy top. Mariah giggled as she felt Jewel's nipples stiffen and begin to play a sensual game of "touch-tag" with hers. "Guess you're just like us; you really love to dance, eh girl?" Britney cooed as she squeezed Jewel’s' breast hard at the base as she pushed her own firm breasts up hard against her lovely prisoners shoulder blades; her free hand pulling Jewel’s hair gently back from her ear so she could nip and bite her ear lobe.

"Damn you two bitches! Let me go, NOW!" Jewel snarled.

"She's right, Mariah, let’s let her go OK? Let’s see what happens, huh? Huh?" Britney cackled as Mariah rolled her eyes. She knew exactly what she wanted to happen; she wanted to take Jewel down hard, then the irritating, smart-ass, 'stuck-on-herself' Britney. "Ready…set…one, two, three!" Britney laughed as she and Mariah suddenly released Jewel and stepped back.

"Brandy, stop that! Let her go, get away from her, she's had enough," Julie Chen shouted as she barreled toward Brandy who was standing over her dazed diva victim, Pink. WHOMP! "AIEEEEE!" CRASH! Julie screamed as another luscious body seemed to appear out of nowhere and slam into her. The beautiful Asian and the tall incoming beauty hit the floor in a sensuous pile of feminine flesh. "What the hell, get OFF of me," Julie snarled as she looked up at the half-naked Vanessa Williams whom Beyonce had just finished slapping senseless before she stripped off her blouse and ripped half her bra away to expose a gorgeous, full, right breast. Then Beyonce had socked Vanessa in the jaw, given her a shove and sent her flying just as Julie ran by. As the two angry beauties tried to get up, Julie ‘accidentally’ closed her hand on Vanessa's beautiful bare breast.

"Why you little bitch!" Vanessa hissed and drilled a perfect punch to Julie's jaw. Julie groaned, grabbed her jaw and then punched Vanessa hard in that same beautiful breast. Beyonce stood watching the whole thing laughing as they buried their fingers in each others hair. Beyonce finally decided to join in as she’d always wanted to fight a lovely Asian and Julie was just too tempting to resist. Beyonce decided to put her anger toward Vanessa on hold for the moment…

"Nooooo..." Julie screamed as Beyonce grabbed her arms and pulled her up and back. Vanessa grabbed Julie's skirt and pulled it off, then jumped to her feet as Beyonce put the CBS morning anchor into a half-nelson.

"I do believe reporters should only report events, not get involved," Beyonce rasped as she tore Julie's blouse open exposing her sheer white bra. She ran a long index finger over the bra cup, smiling as the beautiful Asian reporters nipples stiffened and poked against the sheer fabric. When Julie moaned, it made both Beyonce and Vanessa giggle.

"Yeah, yank 'em down, but just a bit slower OK?" Vanessa said as Beyonce gently tugged and pulled Julie's' shoulder straps off her shoulders, then pulled on her bra to slowly reveal her gorgeous firm and perky breasts.

"Stop it, please, no don't," Julie pleaded as Beyonce began to pinch, twist and pull her stiffening nipples.

"Gosh you're mean, girl, but you're soooo good," Vanessa cackled as she jerked the whimpering reporters arms back a bit harder, forcing Julie’s lovely chest out.

"Enjoying this, you little spoiled blonde brat?" Janet Jackson hissed at Jessica Simpson.

"AIEEEEEEEE!" Jessica screamed as she tried desperately, but futilely to dodge and block Janet's' fast and furious accurate punches and slaps to the now topless blondes face, stomach, ribs and full breasts. "Big mouth, big boobs, little brain; that’s a bad combination on such a sweet cutie," Janet taunted as she grabbed a handful of silky blonde hair and another of firm breast, twisting the erect nipple as she pulled blonde hair; forcing Jessica's head down as she shot her leg up hard and fast. CLUNK! Pretty face, met hard knee! Janet released her lovely rival and watched her slump to the floor. She shook her fist at Jessica who was in no shape to see it, then turned to watch the exciting melee all around her, hoping to rejoin the "party."

"Stop it, please, somebody HELP!" the frantic screams seemed to rise above the loud familiar sounds of a catfight brawl,(screams, cussing, the erotic sound of clothes being torn off of luscious bodies). Jewel had experienced freedom but only for a few short moments after Britney and Mariah had released her. She traded her freedom for two wild punches; one quite lucky one connected with Mariah's chin, temporarily and mildly stunning her. But when the busty blonde spun around, she caught a well-placed fist to her naval!

"Gotcha!" Britney chirped as she watched Jewel suck air as she doubled over. Britney snapped a quick headlock on the whimpering singer as she invited the now furious Mariah to have some more fun. "The bitch needs a good strippin'," Britney chirped as she tightened her hold around Jewel’s neck, adding a handful of blonde hair which she pulled viciously.

"Nooooooo..." Jewel rasped as Mariah grabbed the top of her short skirt and pulled down.

Jewel’s screams did nothing to slow Mariah's fast fingers as she relieved her of her skirt and then her silky panties. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The whimpering blonde Diva’s sexy white derriere was blotched by pink hand-prints thanks to the laughing, giggling Mariah. Britney turned her headlock into a choke which she squeezed slowly and firmly; snickering as her busty captive gasped for air and squirmed as her tense muscles slowly relaxed.

"Pleasant dreams!" Mariah and Britney chirped simultaneously as they watched their lovely rival slump to the floor. They looked satisfied and content with their handiwork as they turned to each other snarling as they bared their claws.

"Now, I get to pound YOU!" Mariah threatened.

"Likewise cunt!" Britney sneered.

"AIEEEEEEEE! HELP!" Both beauties looked over at the lovely source of the frantic screams. Toni was trying desperately to fight off her two blonde attackers, Christina and Shakira who had already stripped her topless. Shakira held Toni in a full nelson as Christina was slapping her, drilling punches into her stomach and ribs and mauling her beautiful breasts between punches.

"Betcha wish somebody'd come to your rescue, huh bitch?" Christina chuckled as she pinched her lovely victim’s hard erect nipples and ground her knee on Toni’s pubic mound. "Too bad! ‘Cause nobody's comin'!" Christina teased as she drilled a hard punch to Toni’s jaw, snapping her head back as she knocked her cold.

"Eeeeeeeek! YEOW!" Christina bellowed as her scalp exploded in a burst of fire.

"Two against one, just isn't fair!" Britney said with a bit of a smile as she buried her fingers in Christina's hair, bent her backward and fired a punch deep into her stomach.

BAM!!!!!!!!!!! "Uhhhhh..." Shakira grunted for just as she released her limp prisoner, Mariah's fist exploded on her jaw!

"Surprise!" Mariah shouted as she looked into Shakira's beautiful, glazed-over eyes. "Lets have a little one-on-one since two-on-one isn't nice," Mariah said, feeling like Britney a bit of a hypocrite because she knew very well that 2:1 can - and usually is - a LOT of fun. Shakira grabbed desperately for Mariah's top. WHAP! Mariah slapped the blondes hand away hard, fired a punch to her ribs, then went for her top.

"Noooooo..." Shakira screamed as her halter top was pulled from her body and she grabbed for Mariah's hands, trying desperately to retrieve her top.

"Sorry girl," Mariah snickered as she tossed the top aside and fired a fast accurate flurry of punches to the screaming blondes face, stomach, ribs and then her exposed small, firm, breasts. Seemingly a glutton for punishment, Shakira lowered her head and charged into Mariah's assault.

"Umpfhhhh!" the battered blonde groaned as she reeled under Mariah's painful face claw, then Mariah swept her legs out from under her and dropped her on her ass on the floor. WHUMP! SLAP! "Uhhhh...." SLAP! "Uhhhhhh..."

Mariah sat on Shakira's waist and began slapping her hard; backhand, forehand, backhand. Seeing the blondes eyes glaze and go blank, Mariah grabbed her boobs and squeezed hard, pinching the small erect nipples until Shakira's eyes filled with tears. Then a double handful of long silky blonde hair, a bit of head-banging and a quick knockout punch put Shakira to sleep for the evening.

"Good get her! Make fast work of her, Brit!" Mariah muttered as she watched Britney going at it with Christina. Mariah couldn't wait to grab a handful of Britney's silky hair and sink her fingers into her annoying rivals firm-but-fake tits. She jumped to her feet and moved closer to the two battling singers.



Christina and Britney's groans and moans were quite erotic as they traded slaps and punches. Britney's punches were more powerful than Christina's and while Christina was quite fast throwing a punch, she was way too slow in dodging and blocking. Her eyes began to glaze as her long legs started to wobble. Suddenly, she screamed as she lunged at Britney, barely dodging an incoming punch. Britney yelped as her rival knocked her off balance and Mariah’s leg shot out, ‘helping’ Britney on her way to the floor. Christina landed on top of her and they buried their fingers in each others hair as they rolled around, screaming and cussing; their long legs grapevining in their erotic battle for control of the others lower body. Both of their short skirts were soon up around their waists but it was Britney's legs that finally overpowered Christina's, scissoring them into submission!

"AIEEEE!" Christina screamed as her left breast felt the sharp pain of an angry opponent’s twisting, pinching fingers. "OW! My tit, my tit, let go," Christina shrieked as Britney pinched the firm mound viciously through her sheer top. Christina latched onto Britney's left breast but was stopped instantly as sharp nails dug deep into her wrist.

"I'm going to make you beg, bitch!" Britney snarled as she pinched her rivals erect nipple between her fingers as hard as she could. The thin fabric of Christina's top offered little protection as the frantic blonde shrieked in agony; her beautiful eyes filling with tears as her mouth opened wide in a plea for mercy. As Christina writhed, Britney rolled her over, tightened her leg scissors and clamped her free hand over her whimpering captives mouth. RIPPPPP! Britney tore Christina's top off baring her beautiful breasts. Mariah winced when she saw the singers ‘scars.’ "Any last words, cunt?" Britney snarled as she gave Christina's bouncing twin treasures a last painful squeeze, then reached up and clamped her nose shut as she tightened her hand over her mouth. Britney's strong, sensuous thigh and calf muscles tightened as her lovely victim squirmed frantically, furiously one last time before going limp. "Stupid blonde bitch," Britney hissed as she jumped to her feet.

"Now about you and me, Carey?" Britney said as she raised her hands angrily and stepped forward to face the most beautiful angry, Mariah.

"I've been waiting a long time for this Britney," Mariah snarled as she stared into her rivals beautiful eyes. She couldn't wait to wrap her fingers around Britney's throat after she'd pounded her silly and striped her nubile young body naked.

"Can't wait to have that chubby butt beaten and stripped!” Britney taunted as she balled her fists and stepped toward Mariah. She secretly relished the idea of working Mariah's lush body over, relieving her of her tight skimpy top and short skirt to get at the goodies beneath.

"AIEEEEEE!" A bloodcurdling scream caught both singers' attentions and they looked over to see Jessica Simpson trying desperately to block Janet Jackson's lightning fast fists and blistering slaps which peppered the topless blondes belly and breasts.

"You stupid spoiled blonde brat!" Janet snarled as she sent her rival staggering back into a table. Like a big cat taking down an antelope, Janet pounced and wrestled Jessica to the floor where she wrapped her long muscular legs around the blonde and began to maul her full, firm, beautiful breasts; pinching and pulling her erect nipples while Jessica could only kick furiously, and futilely, as she writhed and squirmed.

"OUCH! My boobs, leggo a my beautiful....mummmppffff," Jessica wailed as one of Janet’s hand tortured a firm breast while her other slipped up and clamped down on Jessica's gaping mouth, muffling her protest. Janet rose up and leaned into Jessica, smothering her until the struggling blonde stopped writhing and lay still.

"Bitch had it coming!" Mariah said as she stared at the erotic scene that had riveted her and Britney's attention for the past several minutes. Both had been warmed by the excitement and felt a strange lust. Their earlier battles had fueled their desire for more action and now it was about to happen.

"NOW!" Britney shouted as she stared at the woman she wished to destroy. Her loud angry challenge fell on deaf ears for Mariah's attention was already on another erotic battle that was fast coming to an end.

"Uhhhhh." "OHHHHH." "Uhhhhh." The beautiful busty singer staggered as her angry opponent fired punch after punch into her weary body. RIPPPPPPPPP! "AIEEEE!" THUD! Brandy was all over the dazed, punch drunk Pink; hammering the beautiful singer senseless. She grabbed Pink’s top and tore it off, exposing her beautiful breasts, then she grabbed two handfuls of firm breast meat as she fired her knee up hard! Pinks' eyes rolled back and she crumpled to the floor. THUD!

"Why you bitch, how cruel, how mean!" screamed an irate Leeza Gibbons fast approaching the now victorious Brandy.

"Back off; stay out of it," Brandy warned, but Leeza - already agitated from her spat with Katie and angry over the unfairness of some of the battles as well as this one-sided one - had lost it and she swung a wicked roundhouse that Brandy blocked. She returned fire, her hard knuckles CRACKing into Leeza's jutting jaw, knocking the lovely reporter backward.

"Stupid bitch," Brandy hissed as she watched Leeza stagger back.

WHUMP! "What the hell?" Britney shouted as Leeza crashed into her, knocking her off balance.

"Whoops, sorr...AIEEEEEE!" Leeza's embarrassed apology turned into a scream as an angry Britney buried her fingers in her hair and jerked her to her feet.

SLAP! "Uhhhhh." SLAP! "Uhhhhhh." RIPPPPP. "Noooooo." RIPPPPP. "Nooooooo." Britney fired several hard slaps to Leeza's face, sending her staggering over to Mariah who grabbed Leeza's already torn blouse and tore it open further before she gave the older woman a hard push sending her back to Britney. Britney tore Leeza's shredded blouse clean off and shouted, "Later, Mariah, hon." Mariah smiled; knowing this unexpected interference would be lots of fun and the delay would only make her battle with Britney all that much more sweet.

"Please, stop it, let me go, now damn it!" Julie Chen's' combination plea and demand brought a smile to both Vanessa and Beyonce's faces as they took turns holding, taunting and working over the gorgeous Asian reporter. What was to be a fun evening of reporting on a multi-talented, multi-artist evening of pop music was turning into a nightmare for Julie and a few others; those who were on the losing end of the battles. "Ouch, that hurts, stop that, please, let gooooo..." Julie cried when Vanessa cupped her firm breasts and squeezed hard.

Beyonce tugged at her bra that had given up its treasures much earlier. Julie angrily screamed out further protests as her two attackers pulled her hair, slapped and squeezed her breasts, pinched and pulled her long hard erect nipples and shredded her pantyhose. "Arggggh! Uhhhhhh..." Julie moaned as she felt herself pulled to the floor, her pantyhose torn off and her luscious body spread-eagled helplessly.

"Ummmmmm, I'm hungry for some Chinese takeout," Beyonce giggled, as she watched Vanessa straddle Julie's waist, smiling as she stared down into Julie's frantic, angry eyes as she leaned forward and ran her tongue over her lips, looking hungrily at the beautiful naked Asian.

"Yeah, me too," she said her voice huskier than normal. "Aiiiiiieee!" THUD! "Uhhhhhh...." Vanessa's bare right breast burst into pain as Julie's fast, angry fist found its mark, her third knuckle slamming into the firm tender mound, plowing into the sensitive nipple inverting it. Vanessa's lightning fast reflexes produced an instant ‘fist of fury’, her solid punch smashing into Julie's jaw and sending her swirling down into a pitch-black pit of dark nothingness.

"You stupid ass! I wanted to have some fun with her," Beyonce snarled as she grabbed Vanessa's hair and dragged her off the lovely unconscious Asian reporter.

"I always wanted a piece of Miss Perky," Tina Turner snarled sarcastically as she delivered a most devastating bitchslap to Katie that sent the lovely ‘Today’ anchorwoman flying once more, this time into a second table.

"Uhhhhgggh!" Katie's loud groan was music to Tina's ears as she charged in, grabbed a handful of Katie's silky hair and jerked her to her feet.

"I hear you're quite muscular, Couric; lets see some muscles," Tina chirped. RIPPPPPPPPP!! With a single hard, skillful, yank, she tore Katie's blouse open to expose the reporters overstuffed white lace bra. Another hard yank and Katie's blouse was history. "Nice! Nice arms," Tina snipped as she stared at Katie's strong, muscular biceps. Then she smiled and ripped her own top off, revealing her overstuffed bra and her own pair of strong arms. "Let's dance, Katie!" she laughed as she grabbed Katie's hands, interlocked her fingers and began an erotic test of strength.

"Uhhhhhhhh..." they moaned and groaned sexily as each tried to control the other and force her to her knees.

"Aieeeeee!" Katie flinched as she heard the scream and looked up to see Leeza was in trouble, serious trouble!

Leeza was trying hard to fight off both Britney and Mariah and as Katie struggled with Tina she watched the erotic two on one battle unfold with mixed feelings. She disliked Leeza, but hated unfair battles! She’d already watched her colleague, Julie, go down in a most unfair fight. Then she was distracted by another scream from Mariah as Leeza landed a hard, lucky, punch to the singers left breast, then followed with a knee to her stomach. Maybe Leeza could somehow win, or at least hold her own Katie thought as she summoned her strength, her biceps bulging as her attention returned to her own battle.

"Uhhhhh!" Leeza groaned in pain; as her punch bounced off Mariah’s hard tight abs, Britney grabbed the older woman’s' arms from behind and jerked them back painfully. Mariah sunk a vicious punch to Leeza’s stomach, smiling as she returned the reporters earlier favor. Leeza grunted, then groaned as Mariah’s knee smashed upward into her crotch.

"Lets see your tits, bitch!" Mariah snarled as she grabbed each of Leeza’s bra's shoulder straps and pulled.

"Aieeeeee!" Leeza screamed as the straps broke and Mariah dragged the broken bra down, peeling the cups away from her luscious full breasts like peeling grapes. The beautiful reporters' light brown nipples stiffened instantly and Mariah giggled as she sank her long, strong, fingers deep in Leeza soft breasts; squeezing and twisting the large firm mounds as she held her against the wall and slammed her knee into her groin again and again! When Mariah stopped the breast torture, she unfastened Leeza’s skirt and let it drop to her feet. Then Mariah ripped her pantyhose to shreds as she raked her sharp nails down her captives thighs before she went back to attacking her breasts.

"Yeah, squeeze her boobs good, Mariah!" Britney cheered her rival on, as she pulled Leeza’s arms back painfully, forcing her back to arch and her chest to stick out further for Mariah while preventing her from using her hands to defend herself. Britney smiled as she watched Mariah switch tactics again to pinch and pull their captives rock hard nipples.

"NO! Stop….please," Leeza shrieked, frantic as she struggled and squirmed against the combined strength of the two singers.

"Shut her up! “Mariah demanded and Britney smiled a most mischievous, nasty smile. She intended to do just that!

"What’s the matter, Tina, having a hard time taking me down?" Katie snarled as she started to slowly take control of Tina. The beautiful singer swayed and moved her luscious, strong body every which way; her hips swiveled, her short miniskirt revealing the muscular beauty it failed to cover. Katie glanced over to another struggle, her heart sinking at the sight of one of her all time favorite singers in a similar situation and going down even faster!

"Uhhhhh…Ohhhhhh…Ouchhhh…Noooooo..." Olivia Newton Johns' erotic protests and groans signaled the beginning of the end for the lovely singer as she struggled desperately to block Paula Abdul’s lightning fast attacks. Olivia’s blouse was soon in shreds as Paula slapped her senseless, grabbed a handful of long silky blonde hair and jerked the long legged beauty off balance then flipped her to the floor. Olivia rose to her hands and knees and tried to escape, but Paula caught her by her skirt and tore it off, then wrestled her into submission by grapevining her legs. As they struggled, Paula unsnapped Olivia’s bra, pulled it off and wrapped it around her neck. "Nooooo…Umppppfh…" Olivia struggled furiously as Paula tightened her devastating, strength-draining choke; the tall lovely blondes sensitive rosebud pink nipples felt Paula’s twisting, pinching, wrath of her attackers fast fingers as she slowly slipped into darkness.

"Pleasant dreams, blondie, I like your music too," Paula cooed as she slowly unwrapped Olivia’s bra from her neck, tossed it aside and jumped up to seek out more fun.

"You bitch, I'll kill you!" the angry voice sounded furious, determined and strangely erotic. Vanessa's angry threat seemed quite empty; at least Beyonce thought so as she jerked her beautiful rival around, pulling and twisting her hair. Beyonce slammed her screaming rival into a wall. "Stop it…stop it now or I'm gonna pound you good," Vanessa screamed.

Beyonce just snickered as she reached down, squeezed Vanessa’s exposed breast and got an earful of curses as Vanessa's long hard nipple took a painful pinch. "Don't need this, do ya hon?" Beyonce laughed as she fired a vicious punch to her fellow singers kidney, taking her breath away and leaving her unable to resist as she unsnapped her bra and pulled it off. “Ummmm, yummy tits," she cackled. Beyonce cocked her fist and SWISSSSH her fist blazed out but hit only air as Vanessa, ducked.

Vanessa came in low with a devastating punch of her own to Beyonce’s naval and hers didn’t miss the mark! "Uhhhhhh!" Beyonce grunted as she sucked air, then screamed as she felt a tug on her leg and began to fall backwards. The floor came up like a rocket and Beyonce grunted when her sexy ‘booty’ made hard, painful contact, her strong legs flying opposite directions.

"Now its my turn, HON!" Vanessa growled as she raised her foot and…"Eeeeyahhh! Ouwchhhahhh." Vanessa’s savage war cry turned to surprise and pain as her foot slammed down on the floor instead of Beyonce’s groin when Beyonce rolled away at the last second. From her back, Beyonce snapped a hard kick to Vanessa’s knee that made her scream in pain as she dropped to the floor holding her knee and moaning.

"Sorry, girlfriend, but its my turn again,” Beyonce sneered. “Tag! You're it!" She jumped to her feet and threw an uppercut to Vanessa’s jaw. As the topless beauty swayed ready to fall, Beyonce grabbed her boobs, stood her upright and reintroduced her to the wall - face first. Vanessa’s knees buckled, but Beyonce spun the dazed beauty around and gave her two bitch-slaps; backhand, forehand then dug her talons into Vanessa’s beautiful breasts, stabbing her thumbs into the tender areolas, scraping the nipples with her nails as she hammered her knee into Vanessa’s groin, once, twice, three times! That was more than enough as Vanessa slid down the wall to the floor and sat with her eyes squeezed tight shut, tears streaming down her red cheeks and both hands clasped over her battered pubic mound.

Beyonce leaned forward, jerked Vanessa’s head up by the hair and hissed in her ear," Maybe some time, but not tonight!" The she smiled, turned on a dime and stepped toward another pair of fighters, ready and eager for another discussion with a fellow singer.

"How dare you, you cruel, mean bitch!" The angry accusation was in stereo, like a duet, or an echo and it caught Beyonce’s ear immediately. She looked around just in time to see the punch coming from her right side. She tried to duck but BLAM her jaw exploded. The tall busty beauty screamed as she blinked back tears and saw an angry Janet Jackson step back to admire the effects of her punch. CRACK! Another punch, this one packing even more power, slammed into Beyonce’s jaw and through her glazed, blurry eyes, she caught a glimpse of the smiling Brandy just before her strong, powerful legs buckled.

"You shouldn't have been so mean to Vanessa; she's our friend. You WERE our friend," the duet spoke as one, but seemed to echo again. "So you like to play ‘Strip her?’ Well, so do we," the two beauties said as one.

Beyonce screamed as she felt her blouse being torn to shreds by four angry hands, sporting lightning fast fingers. "Nooooooo…" Janet tugged at her bra while Brandy relieved the tall beauty of her skirt. Beyonce's embarrassment and fear turned to rage and she fired a punch to Janet’s chin. She screamed as she fell backward. But Janet’s fingers had already latched onto Beyonce’s bra and as she fell, the bra stretched, stretched some more, and then finally broke! Brandy laughed watching Beyonce’s beautiful big boobs bounce free. But Janet screamed as she felt a strong arm clamp around her neck from behind.

"Hi Janet, wanna have some fun?" Paula snarled. Already dazed and dizzy from Beyonce’s punch, Janet offered little resistance as Paula tightened her choke hold, hammering her lower back with punches as she wrestled her down and scissored her. Soon Paula had Janet flailing and gasping weakly for air until the sleeper put her out for the evening.

"Arggggh!" "Uhhhhh!" RIPPPPP! RIPPPPPPP! "AIEEEEEE!" Paula looked up in surprise at a topless Brandy who was trying to dodge Beyonce’s fast and furious punches. Paula smiled when Beyonce landed solid blows to Brandy’s ribs and breasts. She liked to watch evenly matched fights and she didn't care who won. The harder they fought, the more she wanted each to pound the other senseless. They exchanged wicked, devastating punches and soon each had bloodied the others lips and nose. Suddenly, Brandy lunged forward, taking a couple of good hits but she slammed into Beyonce, lifted her up and slammed her back into one of the few tables still standing. Beyonce groaned as her back bent over the hard tables edge with Brandy’s fingers clamped around her luscious throat. As she squeezed, Brandy sneered, watching Beyonce’s beautiful face grimace, her eyes roll. Gurgle. Gasp. Beyonce's legs wavered and Paula moved in between them quickly and…WHACK! Beyonce’s single solid punch to her jaw dropped Brandy like a gorgeous sack of potatoes. Beyonce slid off the table onto the floor holding her sore throat and gagging.

"Sorry sweetie, now that you're alright, you're goin' down." KLUNK! "Oooopffh!" A gentle but firm punch bid Beyonce good night. "This is gettin' fun,” Paula thought. “And now, I'm gonna really have fun!" Paula spied a beautiful singer whom she'd always wanted to hear ‘hit the high notes.’


"Hey you! Yeah, you. You think two against one is fair? You bully! Let’s see if you can take me," Paula snarled as she walked towards her intended opponent.

"Don't be stupid; you don't want to mess with me; that's a mistake," Mariah warned as she stepped out to face Paula.

Mariah was more than ready for another fight. She was excited, confident and ready for action. She’d thoroughly enjoyed the skirmish with Leeza in which she and Britney had worked the beautiful older woman over good and she’d enjoyed stripping her and even had some erotic fun with her before putting her out for the evening. She and Britney had just exchanged their own threats and challenges and their long-awaited battle was just about to begin when Paula rudely interrupted; yet another delay.

Paula had always disliked Mariah since her video "Heartbreaker" came out, Paula thought the fight scene was quite erotic and she wanted to deliver ‘the goods’ on Mariah as she thought they were pretty evenly matched. She stared at Mariah’s beautiful body; her tight top - obviously no bra - and short tight denim shorts. Paula cast a cautious glance at Britney and wondered if she’d interfere or leave them to fight it out. She doubted she’d help Mariah, knowing how much Britney and Mariah hated each other.

"Any last words?" Mariah snipped as she raised her hands and took a defensive stance.

"Yeah, you're history, bitch!" Paula snarled as she lunged at Mariah and they buried their fingers in each others long, luscious, silky hair. The two beauties screamed and hissed out angry threats and curses while Britney watched bemused as they clawed furiously at each others hair, then their faces. She licked her lips watching their twisting, clawing fingers grab the others breasts; grabbing and squeezing the full firm mounds as they attacked tender breast flesh through their tops; both sporting erect nipples. Mariah’s thicker nipples seemed more sensitive because she screamed louder at Paula’s angry attacks. Britney smiled hearing Mariah’s pained squeals and yelps and she made a mental note to revisit that particular ‘weakness’ at the first opportunity!

"I'll kill you!" Paula shouted as she fired a punch toward Mariah’s face, but Mariah ducked and fired one of her own, her fist just grazing Paula’s cheek. As Mariah moved in behind her punch, however, Paula brought her knee up and slammed it into Mariah’s groin. CRUNCH! Mariah stopped in her tracks and gasped, allowing Paula to grab her hair, pull her head down and then slam her fist down on the back of her neck. Mariah was driven to her knees by the blow and Paula snarled as she interlocked her fingers, making one giant fist, raised her arms high to smash it down into her downed rival, "Now I gotcha!"

"Argggggh!" Paula groaned as Britney’s sucker punch drove deep into her stomach. "Uhhhhhhh!" Her groin melted into pained numbness as Mariah’s fist pounded upward into her pubic mound, turning Paula’s legs to jello as she dropped to her knees in front of the grinning Britney. The ‘pop princess’ reached down and ripped Paula’s top off, then latched onto her full breasts; crushing the erect nipples as her fingers dug in. From her knees, Mariah reached up, grabbed Paula’s shorts and yanked them down to her ankles. Mariah’s hand flashed back up, the fingers stabbing deep as she applied the most painful devastating, excruciating hold one woman can put on another, the dreaded crotch claw! Mariah’s manicured sharp nails cut right through Paula’s French-cut silk panties, forcing the beautiful Paula’s luscious body to twitch and writhe as it was racked with pain from above and below. In a few seconds, Paula’s body jerked, went limp and crumpled to the floor between Mariah and Britney.

"Now, bitch, NOW!" Mariah screamed in the instant before her scalp exploded in fiery pain. The time had finally come; she’d waited for this moment for a long time.

"Get your fat ass up and fight," Britney snarled as she jerked Mariah’s head, pulling her hair viciously. As she pulled her head backward, Britney aimed her fist at Mariah’s upturned face. Mariah screamed and twisted her head to one side, barely avoiding the punch. She smashed her elbow back on Britney’s knee and Britney screamed, releasing her hairhold. Mariah moaned, her elbow feeling like it was broken but she scrambled to her feet just as Britney lunged, tackled Mariah and took her to the floor.

"Uhhhhhh…" Mariah moaned as she hit hard on her back, Britney on top. Mariah reached around behind Britney, grabbed the back of her top and pulled it halfway up over her head until the cloth ripped. "No bra, huh? Guess those fake tits don't need one," Mariah snarled.

Britney’s retort took the form of fast and furious blows to Mariah’s head as they began to roll on the floor. She latched onto Mariah’s left breast and squeezed as hard as she could. Feeling the hard nipple stiffen, Britney laughed, “Horny bitch, aren't ya?"

Mariah’s response was a hard pelvic thrust and a buck that sent Britney flying. Mariah jumped to her feet and kicked Britney’s ribs bringing a satisfying grunt. Another kick found Britney’s right breast and she shrieked in pain. Her torn top only covered half of her breasts now and the bulging pale flesh made excellent targets!.

"Get up, you cunt!," Mariah snarled as she grabbed Britney’s hair, jerked her to her feet and slammed her forearm down across her blonde rivals full breasts, flattening them and making Britney gasp.

"Uhhhhh!" This time it was Mariah who groaned as Britney’s knee came up hard to her upper thigh. It could have been far worse, but Mariah had turned her body just in time to avoid a knee to the crotch. "Too bad, ya missed," Mariah hissed as THUMP! Her knee struck pubic gold - literally - Britney groaned from Mariah’s kneecap splitting her golden pelt. As Britney hacked and gasped, Mariah hooked her foot behind Britney’s and pushed her down, her long legs kicking wildly. Whoosh…Thud! Mariah’s foot slammed into her ribs, leaving her curled up with her arms wrapped around her body.

A handful of hair, a hard yank up and the wall rushed out and smashed into Britney who hit it chest and face first. Mariah danced in, aimed a punch at the back of Britney’s head…WHAM!!


Mariah’s fist like it had broken into a thousand hurting pieces when Britney ducked and she hit the wall. Britney spun around, backhanding Mariah’s face, then a devastating kick to her shin and an uppercut staggered her. Three hard slaps blurred her vision and, in desperation, Mariah threw a wild roundhouse right. Britney easily blocked it, grabbed Mariah’s arm and wrenched it back, bringing Mariah moaning in pain to her knees.

"Nice an’ firm, squeezably firm," Britney snarled as she reached down, grabbed Mariah’s firm breasts and squeezed. Mariah howled as she grabbed the attacking hands, digging her nails into Britney’s wrists. Britney shrieked but continued her painful squeezing, even pulling Mariah’s top up to expose her beautiful breasts so she could latch onto her hard nipples. Britney smiled at the sound of Mariah’s bloodcurdling shrieks as she pinched and pulled the thick, sensitive nubs as hard as she could, watching tears stream down her rival’s cheeks as she writhed and squirmed in pain. "Having fun, aren't we!" Britney sneered as she bent over her lovely rival, taunting her and whispering threats and insults in her ear.

"Eiiyaiiih!" Mariah’s savage primal yell startled Britney as she reached up, grabbed her head and pulled it down. Britney shrieked as she felt herself wrenched downward so sharply her feet left the ground.

"Ungggggh!" Britney gasped as she landed hard on the floor, precious air rapidly escaping her lungs.

"Now, its my turn for some fun." FUN? Fun was the last thing on Britney’s mind as she looked up into Mariah’s angry eyes and snarling, sneering face.

"Ouchhh…Uhhhhh…Noooooo! Unggggh…Yieeeee!" Britney’s groans, yelps, screams and shrieks were sweet music to Mariah’s ears as she hammered blow after blow into her whimpering, pleading opponents stomach, ribs, breasts.

"At last, I finally get to see 'em," Mariah teased as she grabbed Britney’s top and slowly pulled it off. “Well, they FEEL real," she giggled as she cupped the firm orbs to pinch and then twist Britney’s nipples. Grabbing Britney by the nipples, Mariah pulled her to a sitting position, then scissored her waist and went to work pulling hair, squeezing breasts and teasing those hard nipples. "Let's see what Madonna finds so fascinating," Mariah teased as she grabbed a handful of Britney’s hair, twisted her head backwards, turned it and gave her lovely captive a passionate kiss. Britney struggled as Mariah's tongue played tag with hers. While Mariah’s left hand caressed her breast, her right hand slid down her tight abs to Britney’s groin. Britney felt a glimmer of hope as she heard a strange combination of a screaming and shouting behind her.

"Eyahhrgggh!" Katie shouted as she felt Tina’s arms suddenly weaken as the reporter slowly forced the gorgeous singer to her knees. WHUMP! Katie suddenly released her fingerlock, lunged forward and caught Tina in a bearhug. With both on their knees locked in a most erotic bearhug; their full breasts crushing together it was a highly erotic spectacle. "Arggggh!" "Uhhhhhhh!" Both were savagely strong; neither wanted to give up. Each wanted to conquer the other and both squeezed as hard as they could; each gasping for air; feeling their own pain and their rivals incredible strength. "Why you bitch," both hissed simultaneously as they unsnapped the others bra.

"When I get my hands on your tits, I'm gonna twist 'em off," Tina snarled.

"Like hell," Katie snapped as she dug her nails into Tina’s back; Tina screamed like a banshee but she returned the favor. BONK! "Uhhhhh…." BONK! "Uhhhhhh….." Katie head-butted Tina twice, each causing Tina to groan in pain. After the second, Katie felt Tina’s fingers loosen and her third head butt, yielded even better results. Tina groaned in agony, her grip slipping. "Tina, look up; somebody wants to say Hi!" Katie said laughing.

"Yieeeeee!" Tina screamed as she felt strong fingers bury deep into her hair and jerk up hard and fast; the pain was excruciating as she felt herself lifted to her feet.

"Noooooooo," Britney screamed as she felt Mariah’s pinching, twisting talons go where they were most unwelcome.

"Yieeeeeeech!" Mariah shrieked as her inner thighs felt the wrath of Britney’s claws.

With a mighty, furious and desperate buck, Britney gained her freedom. A lucky punch flattened Mariah’s nose but the hard elbow smashing into her most tender breast was intentional and it sealed Mariah’s downfall! Britney jumped to her feet, turned and fired three kicks to Mariah’s ribs, then as she lay moaning in pain, she smashed her heel into her crotch followed by the head-banging routine. Mariah’s groans matched the beat of Britney’s sneering jeer of victory as Britney straddled her waist.

"Now for a bit more fun, bitch," she cackled. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Britney, enjoying the erotic rhythm of catfight tactics, set her stinging slaps to Mariah’s lovely bouncing breasts to an upbeat rhythm for several minutes before firing a most perfect uppercut to her rival’s lovely chin that snapped Mariah’s head back and left her slumped on the floor with her eyes shut.

"Goodnite Mariah, now I get to really have fun,” Britney chirped. “What a great idea you gave me; not that I’ve never thought of it before myself.” She leaped to her feet and turned around to join the "fun."

"Sorry, I'm late for the party,” the blonde said as she walked through the door and strolled over to Tina and Katie. “Looks like you're having lots of fun without me…well, maybe not you, Tina," the beautiful blonde said as she dragged Tina to her feet and gave her a backhand that sent her flying. Madonna smiled wistfully down at Katie, who seemed glad but surprised to see the singer. Madonna rushed Tina, grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her to her. Tearing Tina’s loose bra off, she fired two hard quick punches, one to each beautiful breast sending Tina reeling backward.

A strong arm wrapped around Tina’s neck and a sultry voice whispered in her ear, "Tina, aren't you having fun? I am," Britney giggled as she reached around to cup Tina’s left breast. She pinched the erect nipple with one hand while the other clamped over Tina’s mouth, muffling her protesting cries. Tina struggled furiously, but Britney clamped her nostrils shut and held her tight, waiting patiently until her squirming stopped before she laid her down gently on her back.

"Now that was one great big grand show,” Katie chirped. “I can't wait to report on all of this. What an exclusive!" Katie grinned as she stood up, refastened her bra and looked around wistfully at the mostly naked bodies of all the downed singers.

"What do you think; should we let her report this?" Britney asked Madonna, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

"Well, Katie IS a world famous reporter; quite perky too. She'd do a good job," Madonna said as she slowly moved apart from Britney toward Katie. Madonna smiled as she watched Katie’s face as she absorbed the complements, totally unaware of Britney and Madonna’s exchange of winks.

"Get her!" Madonna yelled as Katie, too late aware, turned to run. Britney and Madonna both grabbed her by the hair and as Britney jerked Katie’s head backward, Madonna grabbed her bra and pulled it down exposing Katie’s beautiful left breast. Britney put Katie in a full nelson, bending her back which allowed Madonna to gather Katie’s exposed breast in both hands. Squeezing firmly, Madonna pinched the nipple while she finished tearing Katie’s bra off.

"Please, stop it…NO… don’t…“ Katie pleaded as Madonna reached down, unfastened her skirt and let it drop.

The two singers easily wrestled Katie to the floor and shredded her pantyhose. In no time, they were having fun with her with Madonna taking the lead as usual. Katie fought frantically at first; tearing Madonna’s dress to leave her in bra, panties, garters and stockings; very sexy erotic attire whose effect wasn’t wasted on Britney. They double-teamed Katie, pulling her hair, squeezing, twisting slapping her beautiful breasts and shredding her pantyhose. As Katie weakened, Madonna scissored her waist and Britney scissored her legs. They had Katie gasping for air and begging them to let her go. Then they were both sitting on her and as Katie struggled for air, the two blondes leaned forward and locked eyes.

"Gosh, you're beautiful," Britney sighed as she slipped Madonna’s bra straps off her shoulders, cupped her breasts gently in her hands, her thumbs teasing the nipples. Madonna did the same and as they leaned together over Katie’s body, they began to kiss passionately.

"Oh Katie, you sure are quiet for a reporter. You better pay attention, we want you to get ALL the details of this musical exposition tonight. It’s an event to remember!"

"Ummmm." "Ahhhhhh..." "Ohhhhh!"