Parker Posey vs. Reese Witherspoon by Kharis+partygirllover Aug 2001

Reese Witherspoon had spent the last two hours in the weight room working out with a light assortment of weights to keep her petite 5'2" frame in shape. Satisfied that she'd put in a sufficient amount of work toward her goal this day, she stood in the center of the gym flexing her arms and legs to test the effect of the workout on her limbs. She could feel the considerable strain her physical exertion put on her muscles, but she was far from tired. Quite the opposite, she felt charged and exhilarated.

Tightening and extending her curvaceous thighs while lightly running her fingers over her upper arms, she flexed the muscles as solidly as possible while glancing into the mirror in front of her for a view of her body. Reese was clad in a skimpy, tight, sun-yellow string bikini matching the mane of hair that fell past her shoulder blades. Sidling closer for a better view of her limbs, she checked herself briefly, tightening her stomach muscles on which she'd also worked on in the weight room. A light film of sweat just covering her almost like a second skin.

Finally satisfied that her workout would produce constructive enough results for the day, she stepped away from the mirror, turning to a nearby chair to retrieve the matching yellow robe that lay over the back of the chair, almost beckoning her to put it on. The robe appeared as if it would be quite comforting to her bare skin. Picking it up, she slid her body into the thin, silky material, easing her arms down the sleeves and enjoying the feel of the fabric gliding along her skin, caressing her back and legs as she tied the sash around to her stomach.

Absently flipping her hair so it would fall over her collar, Reese turned and left the weight room, heading for another section of the exclusive, celebrity health spa. This place was strictly reserved for those famous (and affluent) enough to afford the services offered. Reese had only joined recently, as had another actress she had recently shared a war of words with concerning their recent films. Reese wondered if she and the other woman would bump into each other today.

Entering the private section of the health spa where the swimming pools and hot tubs were, Reese headed for the nearest Jacuzzi to spend some time relaxing before taking a shower and leaving. Making her way across the room, she saw there was no one else present. Her bare feet resounded with quick slaps as she walked to the spot where she would hang her robe. Then she turned back to the Jacuzzi and, by pure coincidence, saw another figure just entering the room. Slightly taller, the woman was dressed in a blue robe that barely reached mid-thigh on her slender legs.

Upon seeing Reese, the other woman's eyes narrowed and locked tightly on Reese. Seeing how close Reese was to the hot tub, the new arrival moved toward the same hot tub in an obvious attempt to pre-empt her claim on it. Opting to humor the attempt on the woman's part for the time being, Reese deftly approached her, her pretty face widening in a maddeningly cheery grin. "Parker Posey!" she taunted the woman. "They let YOU in here? I thought this was restricted to celebrities!"

The alluring, 32 year old brunette actress Parker Posey had once been dubbed "Queen of Independent Film" by Time Magazine for her prolific appearances in indie films. While she stood a scant inch taller than her lovely blonde rival, Parker was actually smaller in most every other physical respect. Nevertheless, she stood like a giant in front of Reese, assuming a distinguished air of superiority as she looked down with disdain in her cat-like eyes at the perky blond. A smirk crosses Parker's full, luscious lips as she considered Reese's "welcome" of her and then dismissed it with a slight scoff. Placing her hands at her sides on the silky smooth satin material of her skimpy robe, Parker continued to look on the object of her disgust as though she were but an insignificant ant, begging to be squashed beneath her feet.

Finally, Parker haughtily addressed her blonde rival, "My dear little Reese, of course they let me in here! Why in Heaven's name would any establishment that professes to have class and dignity NOT wish for yours truly to grace it with her divine presence? Sadly, however, it seems they've lowered their admission standards or abolished them altogether, to allow a nobody bereft of any legitimate claim to fame such as yourself in here! If you're stomping around, stinking this place up, then I suppose next they'll be allowing common street trash like Angelina Jolie to use the facilities! I shall have to discuss my displeasure about the likes of you being welcome here with the present management!"

Reese quickly became annoyed with Parker's blatant antagonism. The older woman threw her head back to toss her thick black tresses away from her face and folded her arms with a judgmental air and initiated a piercing glance of the comely blonde bombshell before her in a stance that was intimidating even considering Parker's relatively small stature.

Her voice taking a more serious tone, Parker again spoke, "So, what brings you here, anyway? Don't you have any half-assed, straight to video, B-movies, you should be away filming like that one Kevin Smith wanted you to appear in a few years ago? I mean, I know your pathetic self will never amount to anything in Hollywood, unlike me when I take the town by storm in glorious triumph! So, you can't actually be trying to get yourself into shape, because your efforts are doomed to end in failure. So, why don't you return to the hog farm whence you came, little piggy, and allow me to use the hot tub before I run out of patience?"

The indie actress smirked at Reese derisively and relaxed her demeanor somewhat. Parker had been confident her sarcastic berating had put Reese firmly in her place and the sexy blonde actress would no more than silently depart for lack of an appropriate verbal retort. If she expected Reese to humbly withdraw from the scene, however, she would be disappointed.

Despite her annoyance at the dark-haired woman's words, Reese managed to crack a smile at her haughty rival, this one much wider and more cheery than the first. She sensed that Parker's bravado is simply an attempt to mask her embarrassment at running into her. Matching Parker's superior air with one of her own, Reese edged closer to her rival, carrying herself as if she were a great queen being confronted by a lowly commoner with the audacity to treat her as if her existence were insignificant.

"Well, you certainly have a way with words, don't you, Parker?" Reese intoned, her demeanor putting across the message that Parker's words mean absolutely nothing to her. "A real gift of gab. Unfortunately, you've only proven your sad, blatant ignorance, I'm afraid. I was able to join this club," Reese continued, "because the owners know genuine class when they see it, as you're obviously too ignorant to understand. As for the 'straight to video B-movie' you harped on, it happens to be a favorite of my supporters. Not only that, hon, but I've received a great deal of recognition for other, more prominent, roles including one in a film received with much appreciation not too long ago. It proves that, unlike some of us, there are those intelligent enough to recognize real acting when they see it. Or haven't you been paying attention? Further, I achieved success on my own terms. But I suppose I'd expect such ignorance from someone who took as long as you did to get even a bit part in one major film. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to relax in MY hot tub!"

Reese continued smiling sweetly, enjoying the feeling of seeing Parker's attempt to antagonize her more or less meet with failure. This part of the confrontation had by now reached a stalemate and both actresses seemed to know it. Her own anger at the situation rising, Parker decided to raise the stakes, so to speak. Reinforcing her haughty attitude, Parker shot a venomous glare at her blonde rival and spoke again in an attempt to re-establish the advantage she had assumed on confronting her.

"My dear Reese," Parker retorted. "You just don't seem to be able to grasp it, do you? Don't you understand, no matter how you try to debate the matter, I am simply a superior woman to you in every way? Granted, you've managed to make something of a name for yourself, for now anyway; but you must realize my star is still on the rise and I'm confident that it'll outshine yours once it gets to where you are headed now!"

Her arrogant expression suddenly growing thoughtful, Parker changed the subject.

"I understand in your new movie there's much emphasis of how you appear in a bikini, isn't there? Well," she continued, her voice becoming low and insinuating, "I have a scene or two in MY new film where I get to show off my gorgeous assets as well, like this!"

Parker opened her silky blue robe, allowing it to slide off her shoulders to the floor behind her.

Smirking at Reese, she exclaimed, "Eat your heart out, honey! Behold your better in all her splendiferous glory!"

Suppressing a sardonic laugh at Parker's display, Reese retorted, "Not bad, hon.... if you're attracted to toothpicks for legs! But you haven't had a chance to view me in MY seductive splendor, have you?"

Reese removed her own silky yellow robe much as Parker had, revealing her curvaceous frame for her rival to behold, her maddeningly cheery grin broadening at the expression crossing Parker's face.

Again taking the initiative to exercise her dominance, Parker assumed another superior air, strutting sexily around Reese's bikini-clad body as if to check her out from every angle. Sniffing disdainfully, she finally opened her mouth to speak as she came into Reese's line of vision again.

"Not bad," she intoned in a venomous parody of Reese's voice. "That is, if you like insolent little wenches with a fat backside and delusions of grandeur!" Parker finished her statement with another haughty expression. "But," she went on, "there are always other, much more appropriate, ways to decide whose body is superior. I'll be more than happy to demonstrate one unless you get the hell away from MY hot tub.... NOW!"

Parker's patience with her unyielding rival grew increasingly thin with each passing moment as was obvious by the look of aggravation on her breathtaking visage. Used to getting her own way, even by questionable means such as those she'd been trying on the defiant blond beauty, Parker was engaged in an intense stare down with, the petite femme fatale. She'd been unsuccessful in subduing Reese with her usually successful efforts at degradation, humiliation and insult. Now, she was resorting to raw intimidation to drive away the willful Reese. Something that worked for her far less often than her considerable intellect.

With the Indie Film Queen's smaller size, Parker seemed a less than imposing physical presence and, lacking the fearful presence of a more statuesque woman, she was often underestimated by others in circumstances such as this. That, however, had been a cardinal mistake in the past as Parker usually counted on being categorically dismissed as a threat then capitalized on such foolish thinking by teaching them a lesson about the folly of taking her for granted lest they crave another beating.

Reese wasn't about to make such a grave error, however. She proudly stood her ground, but her refusal to step aside and to let Parker succeed in bullying her around and belittling her, was solely due to her belief in herself and in standing up for her rights. Reese deserved to be there every bit as much as anybody and she wasn't about to be treated like a second class citizen by a patronizing, egotistical bitch like Parker.

When it became evident that Reese wasn't budging a fraction of an inch anytime in the near future, the dark haired vixen reached a fever pitch of agitation, though she wouldn't give her the satisfaction of such knowledge. Instead, she had another plan to get under Reese's skin.

Abandoning the tense demeanor she had maintained during the stalemate, Parker suddenly smiled and threw her hands in the air, cheerfully adding, "Well, I give up! I refuse to engage in such a juvenile disagreement as this, over a hot tub. Quite frankly, I'm above it. Why, I expect any moment now, you'll begin a stimulating intellectual argument based on you having been here first or some such nonsense! I have better things to do with my time and, after all, I have a hot tub at home far nicer than this! So, have at it, my dear child, and boil like a bloody lobster!"

Matter-of-factly, Reese put her hands at her sides and calmly replied, "How very kind of you, Parker. I can't say it's been a pleasure, because it hasn't been! I wish you luck in growing up someday!" Reese had managed to maintain her composure despite Parker's persistent attempts to claim the tub.

Parker remained tight-lipped despite her burning anger inside at her foe's refusal to further participate in her mind games. With a smile of zero sincerity, she held her hands palms up to the side in the direction of the hot tub, seeming to say it belonged to Reese now. The gesture gave the impression that Parker had done no wrong by proverbially stepping on Reese's toes, and Reese had stepped out of line and made a patently disrespectful gesture by defending her space. It instantly struck Reese as strange that her detractor would so easily concede the hot tub to her after the awful fuss she'd already put forth over it. She didn't know Parker well, nor did she have the desire to come to know her well. But she had an idea of how the high and mighty woman operated, realizing that this was too good to be true.

Still, wishing to avert any sort of conflict in such a public place, Reese went about her way, approaching the hot tub without another cross word or the briefest glance toward Parker. Soon, she would find her suspicions were correct, as Parker stuck her leg out as she passed by, tripping her up. Credited to her agility, the blonde was able to maintain her balance and prevent herself from falling to the ground, much to Parker's disappointment.

Infuriated by Parker's scheming, Reese instantly twirled around after completely regaining her footing, and sent a bone-chilling stare her way. Despite the letdown of not seeing Reese flat on her back and disheveled from a bad tumble to terra firma, Parker was amused by finally getting a reaction out of her and giggles.

When she finished laughing, Parker spoke to Reese in the condescending tone she was so adept at, "Why, you clumsy thing you! My deepest apologies for laughing, but how pathetic can you be that you could possibly trip on your own feet? One thing's for certain, you could never be a ballerina as I'd once planned to be! Such an art takes grace, class and things you would never know anything about! What's wrong? Were you born with two left feet, you sad, sad girl? It must be hard on you knowing what a ridiculous little freak you are. By the way, nice bikini bottom. How you found one to conceal your entire cellulite ridden ass, I have no idea. As you'll see on my way out, when I leave you to your clumsy self, I wear a g-string to show off my perfect little ass because I have absolutely nothing to hide and everything to flaunt! Toodles, dearie!"

Parker did a one eighty and began sexily walking away from the area, making sure to emphasize her small but sensuous thong back-revealed buttocks with each step for Reese's "benefit."

Reese watched Parker turn her back and head for the double doors to the swimming pool and Jacuzzi room. The thong of her blue bikini barely covered her sexy ass. She barely managed to hold her anger in check at the juvenile tactic the dark-haired woman had used to get under her skin. The brief but insult-ridden stare-down between them had pretty much resulted in a moral victory for the blond bombshell and her seductive raven-haired rival felt the need to compensate for it by resorting to juvenile insults to save face.

The thought fueled Reese's annoyance even as she fought successfully to repress it; Parker's remark about her apparent reason for wearing a fuller bikini bottom, according to Parker, didn't serve to help matters all that much either. But then, a curiously funny and suspicious thought struck Reese quite suddenly and without warning.

In the brief instant she watched Parker sexily strutting away from her in light of her derogatory remark, it suddenly dawned on her that it was rather odd Parker would comment on her physical assets, and then immediately make it a point to "model" her own attributes to Reese; namely her posterior, in an apparent move to show her up.... or was it?

Reese suddenly found herself reconsidering. It took only a couple brief moments before the implication of Parker's words and subsequent display occurred to her. True, on the surface it seemed as if it was a catty attempt to anger her more. But underneath that it seemed as if there was something else present, almost as if there was some kind of an underlying motive behind Parker showing off her rear.

Reese discovered that what she realized made her laugh and that's exactly what she did, loud enough for Parker to hear clearly before she reached the doors to the pool room. There was a sharp, inexplicable something about that sardonically ironic laughter that froze Parker dead in her tracks. It was as if Reese knew something that Parker herself didn't, or perhaps didn't want to admit to herself.

Turning back where she stood to cast an irritated glare at Reese, she uttered one annoyed question, "What the hell is so damn funny?"

Still laughing out loud, Reese smiled sweetly at Parker. "Oh, nothing much," she replied. "I was just wondering why you made it such a point to show off that thong-encased rear end of yours to me on your way out. And the reason you seemed so interested in seeing more of my rear. Could there be something you're trying to, um, tell me there, Parker?"

Reese exploded into fresh laugher, most of it resonating with great humor, but there was nonetheless that part of it directed at Parker's apparent intentions as to the actual motives behind her physical display. The implication infuriated Parker, who narrowed her eyes at the hysterically laughing Reese as she suddenly found herself walking forward to confront her blonde rival.

When she arrived within striking distance, Parker intoned in a low threatening voice, with all the previously existing humor she assumed earlier now completely absent from her face, "Perhaps you'd like to explain what you're saying in just a bit more detail, Reese."

Still laughing hysterically, Reese exclaimed, "Oh, I think you can figure it out for yourself, hon!"

There was no mistaking Reese's meaning as her laugher continued. In a flash of anger, Parker finally realized what Reese was insinuating - that the reason Parker compared her physical attributes with Reese's was because she harbored a secret lustful desire for her golden-haired rival. Turning an interesting shade of red at the suggestion, Parker felt her anger rise exponentially at the amused expression on Reese's face and the hysterical quality of her laughter.

It abruptly became too much for Parker to bear as she closed the short distance between them.

"Bitch!" Parker intoned. "Even if I was a lesbian as you claim, you'd be lucky if I even considered sleeping with your sorry ass!"

She reached back and slapped Reese across the face with the back of her hand! The slap was hard enough to end the laughter coming from the sexy blonde. The only thing was that Reese's expression had darkened considerably at Parker's sudden physical action of slapping her across the face.

In a few seconds, the anger fueling Reese's defiance boiled over and with an exclamation of "bitch!" she returned the favor, slapping Parker on one cheek almost hard enough to leave her handprint.

Parker was ready to engage in a physical confrontation with the blonde bitch that had insulted her. Throwing another slap at Reese's face, she seized double handfuls of her blonde mane as Reese almost instantly did the same. Within moments, they were dancing and stumbling along the floor, yanking at double handfuls of one anothers hair with harsh abandon and yelling curses at the top of their lungs until their legs entangled and they fell to the floor hard enough to knock the wind out of them.

They rolled around over and over a couple of times until Reese somehow managed to pry Parker's hands from her golden hair. Knocking Parker to her back, Reese eased herself along Parker's smooth, bikini clad skin, positioning herself squarely onto Parker's pretty albeit flushed countenance.

"You want to talk about my ass, hon? Well, here it is, up close and personal!"

Reese proceeded to do a mock-seductive bump and grind directly on Parker's face, her liquid movements cutting off Parker's breathing. Now fully enraged, Parker struggled to lift her legs in order to slam them tightly around Reese's midriff even as the blonde bombshell sought to completely humiliate her sexy rival. Feeling their way along her adversary's sides, Parker fought to coil her legs around Reese when she sensed they were wrapped around the section between Reese's ribs and hips. Locking her ankles firmly together, she kicked her limbs outward, applying enough pressure to force a sudden huff of air from Reese's lungs as Parker forced Reese from her position on Parker's face and down to the floor.

Sitting up as Reese already struggled to free herself, tightening her stomach muscles in protest, Parker could feel the soft flesh of Reese's sides giving way between her lithe, sinewy thighs as Reese's pretty face was contorted in discomfort.

This encouraged Parker to further tighten her legs around Reese's waist, saying, "These 'toothpicks' as you referred to them are gonna scissor you right in half, bitch!" Then to herself Parker thought, "The audacity of this cunt!"

Burning rage filling her tiny, but energetic body at Reese's implications that the attractive brunette harbored a secret desire for her, and her subsequent amused laughter at such a prospect combined with her just-concluded sensual riding of her face, drove Parker to contract her sexy thighs even tighter, strengthening the already vice-like grip her thin, yet long and muscular legs had around the agonized blonde beauty's squashed waist.

Perker felt an almost perverse, sadistic pleasure as she observed the pain etched all over Reese's lovely face. Reese deserved this, at least so in her own mind. After all, she was Parker Posey, Independent Film Queen and future Hollywood superstar! She could say whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted to, and Reese had no business talking back and getting lippy; that was that. After Reese's inexcusable trespass against her, Parker was determined to make the insolent little bitch pay in ways she never imagined a human being could for their sins. An example would be made of her, stating unequivocally that anybody who screwed with the mighty Parker Posey would suffer grave consequences.

Reese was a fighter, however, and she wasn't about to allow the vengeance-minded brunette to celebrate any sort of victory over her. Fueling on her own desire was Parker's shabby treatment of her even before this incident. Despite the anguish on her face that told a vivid story of the torture Parker's leg scissors was doing to her, Reese was building up her strength to counter Parker. Apparently, she was also unknowingly luring Parker into a false sense of security as her appearance of suffering combined with Parker's vast self-confidence left the brunette thinking the blonde would beg for mercy any moment. The stern look on Parker's visage turned to one of enjoyment and she smiled brightly while studying Reese in her dilemma. The next stage of Reese's punishment was to taunt her and Parker did just that.

"What's wrong, laughing girl?" Perker spat. "I don't hear those 'delightful sounds of joy' from you anymore! You don't find me amusing anymore, now I'm kicking your ass? So sorry to have spoiled your fun, but this is what happens to worthless cunts like you who think they amount to a pile of shit compared to me!"

Just before the fight began, Reese had discovered what to do to shake Parker up and had done so, simply acting on what she believed may be true. The dumb blonde stereotype was one that could never apply to Reese as she possessed great intellect and knew what to do when the time was right. Since her earlier comment about Parker being attracted to her worked before she went to the well again, responding sweetly to the raven haired woman.

"Why, Parker, if that's how you talk to women you're as hot for as me, no wonder I never see you with a girlfriend! If you're trying to sweet talk me into the sack, you'd better try a different approach, hon!"

Again, Parker's enjoyment at Reese's expense vanished in a cloud of rage. She reacted to Reese's remarks and her scorn by grinding her teeth as she went totally wild-eyed mad.

After a guttural moan of aggravation, Parker angrily barked, "You're just asking for it you little shit. You must want me to split you in fucking half this instant, you insolent slut! But that's too damn good for you! No, first I'm going to do something your mother should've done when you were little, instead of fucking everything in sight!"

Parker altered her leg scissors slightly, using her arms to rotate Reese's body until it was on it's right side with her right shoulder and side of her head pinned uncomfortably on the floor. With the victim of her wrath satisfactorily positioned, Parker was ready to make Reese red-faced with embarrassment; as well as making something else even several shades redder.

"My dear," Parker taunted. "This is going to hurt you more than it does me! Let's see if you ever laugh at me again after I've whipped your ass raw!"

Parker punctuated her statement by spanking Reese's firm, bikini clad ass with her right hand, the resounding crack of the blow echoing through the room. Not one to let up until she was satisfied the defiant blonde had been subdued and sufficiently disciplined, Parker followed that spank with another and another, giving Reese a full blown paddling until she moaned in discomfort at having her ass beaten. Still, despite appearances to the contrary at the humiliation she was suffering, Reese's plan was working since the change in position left Parker's legs with less control in their grip around her waist.

As the alluring Parker enjoyed brutally spanking Reese in a manner that would give her satisfaction, she was almost unaware that the young blond had nearly slipped completely out of her scissors. Unaware that is, until with lightning fast speed, Reese successfully escaped her deadly clutches. The sequence of events happened so fast Parker couldn't grasp what happened until moments after Reese became a free woman and flipped Parker over, grabbed onto her legs and locked her into a painful Boston Crab.

It was inconceivable to Parker that one moment she had such a decisive advantage over someone only to have the tables turned and now have Reese sitting back, with her legs in tow, bending her back at an impossible angle. It was now Parker's moaning in agony as she thrashed madly under Reese, desperately trying to wiggle her way out of the hold. While she writhed with little success, Parker caught a glimpse of the blue robe she'd discarded earlier. Then she realized that her being in such haste to strut her sexy stuff for Reese that the blonde knockout suspected her feelings for her might be more erotic in nature than she'd let on. Parker had unwittingly dug herself a deep hole from which she now had to find a way out.

But Reese had already gained a clear advantage over her exquisite dark-haired rival and she wasn't about to relinquish it as easily as Parker had. Reese had Parker right where she wanted her and planned to take full advantage of her. Enjoying her position, Reese twisted and wrenched Parker's squirming body to seemingly impossible angles despite the pained grunts and groans the Indie Queen couldn't suppress despite her clenched teeth. Parker almost panicked as her fervent struggles only gave Reese a firmer grip on her thrashing limbs while Parker lay helpless with her lithe stomach on the floor.

"Just relax, hon," Reese taunted her from her perch astride Parker's ass as she gave the dark-haired seductress' legs another twist. "I don't think you're going anywhere for a while."

Reese's sarcastic comment further enraged Parker who gave another drawn-out groan as she increased her struggles to break free of the agonizing hold Reese had ensnared her in. Reese responded to Parker's writhing by lifting her butt an inch or two higher then slamming it down on Parker's backside. She repeated the move a few more times with near mechanical precision, twisting at Parker's arms and legs until she was satisfied she'd overcome Parker's thrashing enough to mount another assault.

Reese finally let Parker's legs drop to the floor and lifted herself from atop Parker. Standing briefly, Reese watched the Indie Queen began to crawl to her hands and knees, still harboring enough energy in her agonized body to turn to Reese and throw her an animosity-filled glare.

Smiling sweetly as she saw the expression cross Parker's countenance, Reese dropped and pushed her rival face down to the floor as she sat beside the raven-haired actress. Extending her legs, Reese slithered them tightly around Parker's neck, her smooth thighs gliding softly across the soft skin of the Indie Queen's throat. When she was satisfied Parker's neck was far enough up between her thighs, Reese hooked one ankle behind the other, stretching her legs as far outward as they would go to apply fierce pressure on Parker's neck until she cut off her breathing.

Reese gloated, "Now it's my turn to put the squeeze on you, hon!"

As she felt Reese's silky thighs close remorselessly around her windpipe, her ankles locking together, Parker gasped and choked for air as she felt the crushing pressure. Beneath the softness of Reese's legs, Parker could feel her muscles working overtime to strangle the Indie Queen as she renewed her struggle to free herself. Reese's legs felt like a pair of hungry serpents constricting around her neck as Parker squirmed and kicked her long legs trying to break Reese's leglock.

Reese chuckled as she watched Parker's struggles trying to free herself from the agonizing hold, "How's that feel, Indie Queen? You comfortable enough, or should I squeeze harder?"

Before Parker had a chance to respond, Reese stretched her legs in a harsh pulse, choking off an answer, then continued, "Tell you what; here's something I imagine will take the focus off!"

Reese slapped her open palm on Parker's bare, bethonged backside just as hard as she could while maintaining the punishment using her legs wrapped tightly around Parker's neck. Reveling in the effect her ass-slapping was having on Parker, Reese went from spanking Parker's butt to twisting her clawed fingers into Parker's unprotected ass. Another pained groan was choked off by a pulse from Reese's constricting thighs as the blonde bombshell's fingernails dug into the soft flesh of Parker's ass. In desperation, Parker raised her own hands to Reese's thighs and proceeded to claw and scratch at the pale flesh of the encircling limbs.

Just as Parker had hoped, her sudden counterattack caught Reese off guard. The blonde beauty shifted her legs to get a better purchase around the seductive raven-hair's neck but Parker seized the opportunity by sinking her teeth deep into the soft flesh of Reese's inner thigh. She delighted at the sudden pained cry as she finally managed to wriggle her way out of the devastating leg scissors.

Parker let go of Reese's bottom and forced herself up to a sitting position while Reese did likewise. Parker snarled like a wild animal as she suddenly jumped onto Reese's lap, pressing her sexy thighs together along Reese's sides as she grabbed for double handfuls of Reese's hair again. Seeing what Parker was doing, Reese bent forward and grasped Parker's breasts through the bikini top. Screaming out loud as Reese's fingers dug into her soft tits, Parker let go of Reese's hair and reflexively seized Reese's own soft breasts with both hands.

The battling beauties struggled against one another like this for a few moments until with a mutual scream of animalistic rage, they began to roll on the floor, ripping into each other, their fingers blindly assaulting exposed skin. Neither was willing to be second best this day and they both rolled over tearing into the other's ever-so-tender titties with her nails like her life depended on it.

The expressions on their faces, which could have been mistaken for pain and agony judging by the bright red scratches and marks all over their breasts, were instead revealing the unfettered determination and fight within the warring women. In their state of near-insanity and desire to emerge from the struggle as the acknowledged superior woman, neither could feel pain, only the burning dislike of the other and need to inflict as much damage as humanly possible to a rival. This had been brewing for some time between them and finally this golden opportunity to release a lot of pent-up frustration had arrived and both were taking full advantage of it.

At one point during the tussle, the combatants came to a rest from their desperate struggle for a favorable position and Parker had just gained such a position on top of her blonde foe. Taking a moment to think as each took a break to collect themselves, the Independent Film Queen decided it would be advantageous in her quest to maul Reese's shapely breasts if she were to free them from the skimpy bikini top. Momentarily letting go of Reese's abused globes while she and Reese engaged in a stare-down that spoke volumes to the animosity they had for each other, Parker instead grabbed hold of the form-fitting fabric and pulled, ripping the thin string between the cups to bare Reese's lovely tits in their glorious fullness.

Parker flashed the sadistic smile that Reese had seen earlier upon beholding the bosom now fully revealed. The younger beauty still maintained her grip of Parker's own tits, but was slightly distracted by her own curiosity about what was going through the evil mind of the dark-haired beauty. Reese found out when Parker grabbed both her tits from underneath, dug her nails hard into the soft flesh and twisted as if turning a door knob. The punishing hold Parker had locked on Reese's breasts, now bereft of protection by the revealing bikini top, drove Reese to violently throw her head back; her grimace revealing how the hold hurt like hell. Now more concerned with her own boobs than Parker's, Reese frantically struggled to break the double tit claw she was caught in.

Characteristically gloating over her opponent's current misfortunes, Parker taunted Reese as she relentlessly continued her merciless assault, "You see, cunt? This is what you get when you fuck with me! Didya think you'd get away with spanking me like some disobedient little child? You stupid whore, nobody spanks my sexy ass and lives to tell about it! Maybe you'll realize just how badly you fucked up getting on my bad side after I rip these silicone enhanced babies off your damn chest!"

This wasn't a particularly smart comment, as it motivated Reese to retaliate against the bitch who'd make such a false statement. Their rivalry had lasted for a long time, but it was the Indie Queen, not Reese, who instigated this confrontation.

Groaning in aggravation through clenched teeth, Reese shifted her focus to Parker's tiny, but attractive tits and returned the favor. Doing just as Parker had done moments before, although in her agony it seemed like hours, Reese reached for the bra cups that concealed Parker's adorable little breasts and yanked down, snapping the string and releasing her tits from the minuscule top and allowing them to fall free as they bobbed in the breeze.

Realizing how naked she now was, a shocked Parker relinquished her grip on Reese's breasts to cross her arms over her chesst to protect herself. Parker loved flaunting her cute little body in revealing outfits and she craved the attention doing so got her, but despite being an exhibitionist, even she had limits. Self consciously, she looked around to see if anybody had seen her chest bared so shamelessly in public. Parker's distraction was more than enough for Reese to turn the tide in her favor. She grabbed Parker by the sides and threw her down, reversing their position of moments ago. Now Reese was on top in position to dish out punishment.

When a startled Parker looked up and saw the vengeance in Reese's eyes, having an audience see her pert breasts exposed was the least of her worries. More than eager to make Parker pay for the pain she'd inflicted on her aching globes, Reese grabbed Parker's arms and pried them away from her chest. Tucking the worried vixen's arms between their bodies and securely trapping them, Reese exacted payment in full. She repeatedly raked her nails across Parker's bare tits, eliciting howls of agony as Parker wildly tossed her head about, trying to endure a taste of her own medicine Reese forcefully addressed the trapped Parker, who madly wriggled about, trying to put herself back in the game before it was too late.

"Here's a news flash, Parker," Reese growled. "These are all natural! Nothing artificial here, hon! Oh and another thing, they dwarf the little bumps you've got! Do these even qualify as tits?" Reese laughed, giving Parker's boobs a squeeze. "You must still wear a training bra!"

Parker was so outraged by Reese's cutting remarks that she was endowed with a kind of second wind despite what was currently being taken out of her by the brutal raking of the blonde's nails across her breasts.

Parker yelled, "FUCK YOU, CUNT!"

With the same sweet smile that so pissed off Parker etched on her pretty face, Reese glibly replied, "Why Parker, I know that's exactly what's been on your mind, you poor..."

But Reese's words were cut off when she felt herself pulled toward Parker. The slender brunette had managed to free her arms from between them and wrapped them around Reese's waist. Parker's hands locked together at the small of Reese's back and she began pulling her forward until their bodies were compressed tight together. Now, Parker was the one who had the grip on Reese and was crushing the lovely blonde against her small, but powerful frame. Her life being sucked out of her by the sudden bearhug, Reese was immobilized. Her situation was made much worse as Parker's long, lithe legs wrapped themselves firmly around her waist to further intensify the pressure put on her nubile body.

Parker's eyes narrowed and she smirked sinisterly as she watched the expression on Reese's face change to one of pain again. With control again in her favor, Parker rocked back and forth, causing Reese as much discomfort as she could and in the process, grinding their bare breasts roughly against each other.

While Parker tried to grind and squeeze her into oblivion, Reese thought she heard a peculiar moan from her she hadn't heard before during the conflict. But it was of no consequence now. She had to escape and escape now or it would soon be lights out.

Reese struggled desperately for a better position as Parker remorselessly increased the tight compression her sinewy limbs inflicted upon Reese's curvaceous body. With her customary defiance, Reese locked eyes with Parker as she fought for an appropriate position to mount a counterassault. The enraged Indie Queen's cat-like eyes to near-slits. There was an expression of sadistic joy on her face as she saw Reese's face showing the effects her bearhug/scissors having on her. Parker was clearly enjoying herself as her arms and legs tormented Reese's squirming body, which in turn aroused her will to fight back.

By this time, Parker had such a firm grasp on the blonde hottie that their warring bodies appeared glued together. In Parker's heated exertions to gain revenge for the spanking Reese had administered while choking her with her shapely legs, her own encircling legs clamped tighter around Reese like the tentacles of a crazed octopus sensing its prey was losing its fight. Reese felt the breath being forced from her as the crushing continued. She realized she had to do something before she passed out from lack of oxygen.

Lifting her hands to Parker's face, Reese twisted her fingers into claws again, raking them across the Indie Queen's eyes; her fingernails gouging deep ruts in her enemy's skin. Reese delighted at the sudden agonized scream from Parker and she felt the devastating grip of her wiry legs loosen a bit. To continue her attack, Reese grasped Parker's face with one hand while her fingernails assaulted the soft flesh of Parker's neck; her thumb and forefinger pressing down on Parker's throat.

Taking pleasure in the choked gurgles coming from between her clenched teeth, Reese increased the pressure on Parker's neck, writhing as frantically as she could to break free of the deadly crushing legs. Still, it was becoming a contest of wills as Parker was reluctant to release her grasp on the blonde. Parker struggled to maintain the bearhug and scissors as Reese's nails dug into her face. She felt herself starting to feel lightheaded from Reese's grip on her windpipe and, eventually, her arms and legs began to shake and tremble from the exertion of maintaining the crushing pressure on Reese's torso and midriff.

Finally, with a choked scream of animal rage, Parker released her bearhug and raked her own long fingernails up Reese's back from the base of her spine to the nape of her neck, leaving long red scratches in her smooth skin. Reese mewled in agony as she arched her body, released Parker and then reared back and slashed at the Indie Queen's face with her own nails. Reese's attack was punctuated by a knee to Parker's womanhood that forced her to release her scissors. Howling in pain and rage, Parker retaliated, leaning forward and sinking her teeth into one of Reese's soft, pert breasts.

Screaming loud enough to shatter glass, Reese raked her fingernails across Parker's eyes once again, prompting another pained cry from the raven-tressed seductress as her teeth opened and extricated themselves from Reese's breast. Delivering a slap to Parker's face hard enough to knock her backward, Reese dove on top of her, returning the favor with her own teeth buried in her enemie's breast while her nails clawed into the other.

Parker screamed again and, in a reflexive motion, she rolled Reese over to pin the blonde beneath her. But Reese used the momentum and rolled Parker away from her into the edge of the hot tub. The Indie Queen struck her head against the unforgiving concrete and stunned her.

Breathing hard, Reese struggled to sit up, glaring with naked hatred at her rival as she hissed, "You know, I'm surprised there was enough of your tit to bite in the first place, bitch!"

The remark enraged Parker.

"You insolent cunt! I'm gonna rip your fucking tits right off and shove them so far up your fat ass you'll be able to spit them out!" Parker screamed as she rushed Reese.

Parker grabbed Reese around the waist and the blonde balled her hands into fists, slamming them with harsh force down on the Indie Queen's bare back. In retaliation, Parker began slamming her knee up into Reese's unprotected womanhood. Reese's big eyes bugged wide as the two women struggled and danced around the Jacuzzi until they toppled over the edge, plunging headlong into the roiling hot water.

Emerging from the surface fighting to regain their balance, they took a few seconds to regain their breath and their bearings, glaring openly at one another before slamming forward in the waist-deep water and coming together with a clash of bare flesh striking bare flesh and a slew of vile insults hurled at each other. Fingernails raked and scratched naked skin, hands sought purchase until Reese finally slammed her fist into Parker's face, dazing the Indie Queen for long enough to allow her to surge forward before Parker could shake off the effects of the punch.

Seizing Parker around the waist, Reese tilted her head back and let out an animal yell through clenched teeth as her arm muscles constricted Parker's slender waist. Reese pushed Parker backward through the bubbling water until she slammed up against the edge of the Jacuzzi with her upper thighs out of the water.

Reese was in a rage by now as she snarled, "You want to make it a point that you're more woman than me? Let's see whether you're 'woman' enough to handle this!"

She lifted her knee repeatedly, slamming it into Parker's womanhood as she kept the tight bearhug around the Indie Queen's waist, her muscular arms squeezing and grinding at Parker's skin, their bare midriffs pressed together tightly as if in a passionate lover's embrace.

Despite the slowing effects of the water on Reese's leg as it rushed toward its target, Parker had felt every punishing blow to her precious cunt. But, with the tight bearhug Reese held her cinched in, Parker was unable to vocalize the agony she felt with so much as a moan despite the deafening outcry of agony that was building up inside her. Parker's only expression of the pain she was going through, between her pussy being ravaged and her midriff having the life squeezed out of it, was the tears pouring from her eyes and streaming down her lovely cheeks. Parker was in deep trouble, more than she'd been up to this point.

Though she was near defeat, however, Parker still had the undying desire to win on her side. The petite seductress held no resemblance to a winner at this time, weakened as she was by Reese's two-pronged assault on her body. Her head slumped lifelessly on Reese's shoulder, resting as if on a fluffy pillow. Reese could sense victory. Satisfied by the sensation of Parker's head resting limp on her shoulder, Reese taunted her rival between vicious blasts to her womanhood.

"Awww, are we going nightie-night, hon? Not so cocky now, are you, Ms. High and Mighty? Well, like the saying goes, the bigger they are, the harder they fall! But you're such a diminutive little slut, I'm not sure that applies to you, hon."

Her body tensing with energy fueled by Reese's sarcasm, Parker defiantly responded with a weak, but determined, "The only one who's going to fall is you, cunt. I'll see to that. I'm Parker Posey and I'm not about to lose to a trashy bimbo!"

Using her newfound drive to make a comeback and conquer a bitch she considered so unworthy of even being in the same room as her, Parker planted her bare feet on the bottom of the Jacuzzi and closed her thighs tightly, preventing any more of Reese's knees from connecting with her battered pussy. Parker's head slowly lifted off Reese's soft shoulder and the two silver screen goddesses' eyes met. Reese realized she was nowhere near victory when she saw the fight in her captives brown eyes as they locked with hers.

Reese's repeated attempts to break her knee through the barrier of Parker's thighs failed and the motivated brunette brought her hands up to the sides of Reese's head and latched on. She roughly pulled back on Reese's head, bringing a satisfying squeal of pain, until there was enough distance between them that she could deliver an effective head butt. The desired result was achieved as the toll on her body from Reese's powerful bearhug to begin to ease. With a scream, Parker threw her head into Reese's a second and then third time.

Parker was free! Reese relinquished her grasp and staggered away holding her face with both hands. The series of headbutts had dazed her, not to mention giving her a sudden and severe headache. But Reese wasn't the only one the meeting of minds had left it's mark on, however. Parker was also left dazed and confused, along with having her forehead cut open by her own desperate escape from Reese's clutches.

There was a brief break in the action as both warriors took time to recover before answering the proverbial bell for the next round. Still, the mind games continued, as the two hard breathing, soaking wet, women again traded intimidating glances during their brief recuperation period. Then, out of the blue, Parker began doing something strange indeed. She reached down to her revealing light blue g-string and began untying the strings at the hips of her dainty body. Reese's look became one of curiosity as she watched Parker stripping down to her birthday suit.

The same woman who moments before had been self-conscious about her tits being bared was now about to brazenly reveal the most intimate part of her body. With a final tug, Parker pulled on her bikini and boldly and un-apologetically stood before the blonde bombshell in all her erotic glory, completely naked.

Staring at Parker with wide eyed incredulity, stunned by her spontaneous act of exhibitionism, Reese gasped, "Wha... what the hell?"

The naked brunette vixen, now on display for anybody to admire, smiled sexily at Reese and responded in a breathy voice worthy of such a seductress, "My dear Reese! I'm doing two things: giving you a glimpse of heaven on earth and THIS!"

As Parker completed stripping, Reese hadn't considered the import of her disassembled bikini bottom. That soon became apparent when Parker reached her right arm back and slashed the unsuspecting blonde beauty's face with it. Normally, this wouldn't have caused much damage, but soaked with water it was a makeshift whip. With a resounding THWAP, it smacked into Reese's cheek, the impact knocking her head to the side. Still gripping the bikini-turned-weapon, Parker proceeded to unleash a fusillade of strikes to Reese's round face.

Parker grinned from ear to ear seeing the effects her efforts were having as the smacks had left Reese wobbling. Recognizing it would take something stronger to take the gorgeous blonde head off her feet, Parker charged her with a full head of steam as she threw caution to the wind and launched herself at Reese with an outstretched right arm.

The attempted flying clothesline worked, and Parker connected with Reese's throat. Both women disappeared into the churning water with a giant splash. Being in the better shape of the two despite having her strength drained by Reese's bearhug and the knees to her tender womanhood, Parker was the first to break the surface, Reese following seconds later, but while underwater, she had lost track of Parker's position.

When Reese's head popped out of the water clutching her aching throat, Parker was behind her closing in quickly. She felt a long, powerful arm wraparound her throat, knocking her own hands aside. Before she could prepare any sort of defense, Reese was again trapped in Parker's relentless clutches, this time in a textbook sleeper hold.

Contributing to the relaxing effects of the potent hold, Parker had the hand of her free covering Reese's eyes, immersing her in darkness. In no time, Reese felt herself slipping away. She tried not to fight the maneuver, her extensive combat knowledge gained through years of celebrity fighting having taught her that it would only put her under more quickly. But with Parker's arm around her throat cutting off her oxygen it was easier said than done. Reese struggled to break free before it was too late and she paid a visit to lala land.

Hoping to hasten Reese's departure on this trip, Parker soothingly rocked back and forth while grinding her adorable little titties into the blondes back. As she tried to put Reese away, Parker softly talked to her, much as Reese had done earlier while she was clamped in the blonde's bearhug.

"You were saying something about going to bed? Well, dearie, you're about to have sweet dreams indeed! Or perhaps not so sweet nightmares! If you're lucky, maybe, JUST MAYBE I'll wake you up to a little bump and grind like you tried on me earlier! You'd love that, I know I would and that's all that's important, right 'hon?' "

With these taunting words, Parker cinched the sleeper tighter around Reese's throat, further cutting off her breathing. Reese choked off another gasp for air as the Indie Queen's strong limb constricted her windpipe. Parker seemed to be in her element now, clearly enjoying her position of dominance as she exerted total control over her sexy rival. The steady rocking of Parker's slender body grew more fervent as she held Reese in the devastating sleeper, releasing a deep breath in Reese's ear as she continued to grind her perky breasts in Reese's bare back. As she held her, Parker found that having the perky blonde writhing against her bare skin trying to escape from the hold filled her with excitement. Acting on this, she wrapped a bare leg around Reese's thigh underwater to further hinder her movements.

"What's the matter, bitch?" Parker taunted in a low, seductive voice. "Having trouble breathing?"

Reese found it difficult to move when the Indie Queen secured her leg with her own and she felt herself gradually succumbing to the effects of the sleeper hold, but her burning will to resist was reawakened by Parker's sarcastic words. Eventually, her struggles to escape became more violent as she fought the choke Parker had on her, thrashing her entrapped thigh to shake Parker's sexy limb off. Throughout this, Parker enemy maintained the hold while grinding her chest on Reese's back, then unconsciously releasing another long sigh. Parker's lips were right at Reese's ear and she could hear the breath clearly. In the few seconds it took her to consider it, it began to dawn on her that Parker was enjoying this position more than she was letting on, and not just that she had Reese under control. Though she couldn't exactly put her finger on it, it sounded to Reese like Parker was sexually aroused by the constant friction of their naked flesh.

Hoping she was right, Reese knew she had to act before she passed out from the sleeper hold. Her only chance was to capitalize on Parker's sexual arousal and hope she was correct. Despite having Parker's leg still wrapped around her thigh, Reese channeled her struggles through another route, pushing her bikini-clad ass back into the Indie Queen's crotch and grinding it back and forth in a desperate effort to turn the tables on her sadistic tormentor.

When she first felt Reese's butt rubbing against her, Parker's eyes widened showing the utter surprise she felt, not just that Reese was trying to fight back, but that the smooth cheeks of her ass were grinding against her bare skin in such a suggestive way. At the instant she began to feel it, Parker uttered an exclamation much as Reese did earlier when Parker removed her bikini.

"What are you.... just what the hell do you think you're doing, Reese?" Parker gasped in confusion.

Ignoring Parker's reaction, Reese increased her grinding on the Indie Queen's womanhood. Surprisingly, she heard another inadvertent exhalation from Parker as, amazingly, the tactic seemed to be working. Parker's sleeper hold was slowly beginning to loosen. Encouraged by the turn of events, Reese ground herself harder on Parker, getting her lower back into it as she pressed her ass cheeks more and more hard on Parker's bare skin. Finally, the hold around her throat loosened enough that Reese was able to breathe. Angered by Parker's sadistic treatment, Reese leaned over and sank her teeth as deep as she could in Parker's bare arm.

Parker screamed as she jerked her arm from Reese's mouth as she realized that Reese had successfully escaped the devastating hold she'd been trapped in. Turning around, Reese charged, seizing Parker around the waist, lifting her off her feet and carried her to the edge of the hot tub. Slashing Parker's face with her nails again to stun her, Reese bent and lifted Parker's leg up to dump her out of the Jacuzzi onto the floor.

Parker flopped around on the floor, dazed like a fish out of water while Reese pulled herself from the hot tub, water dripping down her voluptuous, half-naked body. When the Indie Queen tried to get up, Reese kicked her in the chest, knocking her back to the floor. Sitting on Parker's thighs, Reese reached down and jerked her up by the hair, snaked her legs forward and caught Parker's slim waist between her curvaceous thighs.

"Okay, bitch," Reese intoned, "looks like I'll be compressing your anorexic little body yet again!"

Crushing Parker's sides between her ribs and her hips as she pinned the Indie Queen underneath her, Reese leaned forward and trapped Parker's alarmed face between her damp breasts.

"Here's an advantage of having a bigger chest than yours anyway, Parks!" Reese taunted Parker as her tits descended down over Parker's face.

Parker could have kicked herself, if it were humanly possible in that position. But instead, it was her sexy young rival who was the one administering punishment. As the brunette beauty once again felt Reese crushing the life from her petite body she could only look on helplessly as Reese's dripping wet, sensuous, breasts slowly descended over her face.

Parker thought how she herself, along with the blonde's seductive abilities, was to blame for her present predicament. She knew if she hadn't given in to her "sensual cravings" when Reese was erotically grinding her bikini encased ass ever so deliciously against her naked womanhood, she could've kept the devastating sleeper locked in until Reese succumbed to induced slumber. Then she'd be celebrating a victory over the woman she knew in her heart was her inferior. Instead, due to Parker's impulsive surrender to her own erotic needs that screamed at her during Reese's well planned desperation attack on her sexuality, Parker found herself welcomed to a world of darkness as the rejuvenated blonde imprisoned her face within her sizable breasts. Under different circumstances, this could have been an enjoyable situation for the Indie Film Queen.

This was not such a circumstance. In no time Parker's breathing was severely hindered by the seal formed over her nose and mouth by Reese's wet globes. Further complicating matters was the things Reese was doing to make her life even harder. Escape from the suffocating flesh of her rival's tits was virtually impossible because of the cradling hold Reese's arms had on the back of her head to keep her face trapped where she wanted it. A place that would bring about Parker's defeat moments from now, when she passed out from lack of oxygen. Compounding her already basically insurmountable problem was the almost equally debilitating leg scissors Reese's legs had tightly clamped around her lithe waist.

Knowing a posthaste escape from Reese's clutches was essential to maintaining consciousness, and her pride, Parker thrashed beneath her captor, frantically trying to fight her way out of the death hold she was ensnared in. Reese took delight in the sexy sensation of Parker's naked body madly squirming and wriggling, grinding against her bare skin along with the hot breath that was becoming weaker and weaker from Parker's mouth onto her nude chest.

Finding irony in the way in which Parker would lose to her upon remembering an earlier comment the beautiful brunette had made about her breasts being fake, Reese addressed her, not knowing or really caring if she could hear her, "So, tell me, hon: Having had a chance to become more acquainted with them, do you still believe that these babies of mine are artificial in the slightest way?"

No response. Reese wasn't expecting one, she was just waiting for all movement beneath her to stop, indicating unconsciousness on Parker's part. As her air supply was depleted, Parker could feel herself weakening. She realized anything she tried would have to be done now if she was going to emerge from this breast smother under her own power.

She was fortunate to still have use of her hands as Reese had been unable to trap them. Parker used them for an old tactic proven effective already during this contest. A feline backed into a corner knows how to use it's claws to retaliate and Parker was no different. Starting at Reese's shoulder blades, Parker raked her long, red polished nails the length of Reese's back with all the force she could, drawing a yelp from the blonde. Her smothering hold remained intact, however.

Parker repeated the scratching, dragging her sharp nails across Reese's already red, scratched back and getting the same reaction. The scratching continued, with tears welling in an agonizing Reese's eyes as she tried to endure the onslaught by until she had been successfully KO'd Parker. Despite causing Reese terrible discomfort, Parker was still trapped in her clutches, though not quite as securely now.

As Parker scratched and clawed, her hands felt the material of Reese's bikini bottom. This had potential, as Parker knew contained within it a particular sweet little female part far more sensitive than a back. And with Reese slid far up Parker's delectable body, one more accessible now than it would've been if they were face to face. This was a dirty trick, but Parker was not above resorting to shabby tricks. Besides, all's fair in love and war. With one simple plan in mind, the rapidly fading Parker snaked her hands into Reese's bikini front, felt around until she discovered a pair of soft, vulnerable pussy lips and began tearing into them like there was no tomorrow!

Reese uttered a piercing scream of anguish when she felt her delicate femininity being decimated by Parker's brutal attack. Suffocating Parker suddenly was the least of Reese's concerns. She released the imprisoned hellcat and rolled off to the side. The look of intense pain on her face said all that needed to be said. Parker was finally free and able to suck in the oxygen she'd been deprived of for seeming ages.

Just inches away from the recovering Parker, Reese lay curled in a protective ball, clutching her burning womanhood through her skimpy bikini. After Parker had time to collect herself, she went on a rampage. Furious at the insignificant cretin who had almost beaten her, and at herself for allowing Reese to take advantage of her arousal earlier on, Parker attacked.

In an enraged voice, the vengeance minded femme fatale screamed as she crawled to Reese, "You fuckin' bitch! I've HAD IT with you. Now you're in deep shit!"

Once she was within range, Parker maliciously struck out at the helpless Reese, nailing her with a fist to the face that sent her head reeling back until it slammed into the floor. As if Reese didn't have enough problems on her hands, she was now at the mercy of unhappy camper in Parker Posey. But Parker became happier by the moment, witnessing what a world of hurt her opponent was now in. And it showed in her sadistic smile.

With matters once more under control as she thought they should be, Parker taunted Reese, "I really know how to treat a woman's pussy, don't I, bitch? If you don't think so now, you damn sure will in a short while! You'll never fuck anyone again without thinking of me! Or perhaps you'll just never fuck again period!"

With that menacing statement, Parker forcefully grabbed Reese by her wrists and pried them away from her womanhood. Once she had a firm hold of Reese's wrists, Parker viciously powered them to the floor to either side of the gorgeous little blonde vixen. Keeping them tightly pinned, she attempted to mount the defenseless woman and, with little effort, she seated herself atop Reese, facing toward her feet while straddling her waist. Parker made her forthcoming job easier by using her slender legs to tightly pin Reese's arms against her sides. The momentum in the epic war had swung again, this time in favor of dark-haired Parker Posey.

With the struggling Reese firmly restrained, it was time for Parker to finish her off. Leaning forward, she grabbed the waistband of Reese's sexy bikini and slowly worked the water soaked article over Reese's hips and down her thighs until her pussy came into view. With Reese's golden pussy bared, Parker smiled bigger than ever, and even turned around to gloat by showing Reese the sick enjoyment in her face. Reese knew that Parker had something cruel planned and how right she was.

Turning her focus back on Reese's womanhood, Parker in that annoying air of superiority that grates in her seductive voice, "Awwww, isn't that just the sweetest little pussy? I'll just have to do something about that, right, Reese?"

Reese felt her arch rival strike her femininity like a cobra and it stung as such. Parker grabbed Reese in a punishing crotch claw with her right hand, grinding her nails into the tender surrounding skin and squeezing with all her might. To further intensify the effects of the hold, Parker held her right wrist with her left hand and used it dig the claw hold even deeper into Reese's flesh. As the pain wracked her body, Reese kicked her legs about and tried to close her thighs to drive the intruding hand away.

But Parker just laughed at her efforts as she said, "Give up now and I may go easy on you, bitch. This can be as painless or painful as you want; depending on how smart you really are!"

Reese winced, choking back the agonized cries that tried to escape her pursed lips as the sadistically grinning Parker abused her throbbing womanhood. The enraged Indie Queen was in her element now, the tight crotch claw digging into her tender privates, strengthened all the more by Parker's other hand gripping the fingers that tormented Reese. The searing agony of Parker's unmerciful digits washed over Reese's voluptuous body in inexorable waves; her teeth gritted together so tightly that her jaws were almost grinding, the blonde squirmed uncomfortably, attempting to close her thighs in an effort to unhinge the painful claw hold from her sensitive womanhood. Straddling her squirming body, Parker administered her punishment like a woman possessed as she gazed down into Reese's pussy with an expression combining rage with contempt.

"That won't do you any good, bitch," Parker spat in response to Reese's efforts to close her voluptuous, water-damp thighs on Parker's hands. The Indie Queen's voice spoke her complete and utter dominance as she tightened the torture hold on Reese, alternating between clenching and loosening her fingers. "I can keep this up for as long as I please! As for you, I'd strongly suggest that you give up right now before I'm forced to make you suffer!"

Despite Parker's arrogance, Reese stubbornly refused to give in to her. Narrowing her eyes, she shot the Indie Queen a defiant look that served as the only answer she would provide. Though she was exhibiting a grand sense of toughness, she felt the inexorable waves of agony washing over her and knew she'd have to do something to extricate herself from this hold, and fast; otherwise she'd pass out from the pain. After that, who knew what devious things Parker had in mind for her?

Parker had evidently taken Reese's refusal to concede the fight to her as a challenge saying, "If that's the way you want it!" she prepared to tighten the claw hold harder still, fully expecting she would emerging the victor in their little contest.

There was one minor detail the Indie Queen had neglected in her effort to administer pain, however. By channeling all her focus into the devastating crotch claw and keeping her slender thighs pressed firmly against Reese's sides to pin the blonde's arms, she'd had forgotten about Reese's legs. Totally wrapped up in subduing the blonde, Parker hardly expected the move that Reese was now about to make!

Drawing in breath as much as she could, Reese lifted both legs as high as they'd go, then with a long, drawn out guttural groan, propelled them outward with all the inertia she could muster - headlong into the Indie Queen's unprotected breasts. The feeling of the balls of Reese's feet impacting brutally against her dainty globes caught Parker totally by surprise. Uttering a startled squawk of pain and surprise, she was decidedly distracted by the waves of agony that washed over her from Reese's soles flattening her tits against her breastbone.

Sensing the opportunity to regain the advantage, Reese brought up her legs a second time with a decidedly strenuous effort, slamming the balls of her feet into Parker again, this time to the Indie Queen's unprotected face. One of Reese's heels slammed into Parker's nose and the other battered her unsuspecting eye. The impact dazed Parker enough that she was unable to interfere when Reese raised her legs and kicked a third time; driving her heels to both of Parker's eyes. The motion temporarily blinded the Indie Queen and Reese, sensing the tide of battle would change again if she capitalized, brought her legs up to a level with Parker's neck.

Parker's eyes were squeezed shut; the tears that flowed from her tear ducts stung her as they ran from her eyes and down her cheeks. The desperately brutal impact of Reese's feet striking her nose and then her eyes filled Parker's head with a mushrooming agony that exploded in her brain. Reese's now freed hands shot to the fingers assaulting her womanhood, gripping them and bending Parker's fingers back in an effort to loosen them. The blows Reese had landed on Parker's breasts and face had dazed her just enough that she was unable to maintain the claw.

With a Herculean effort, Reese was finally able after a short time to release the fingers that tormented her. Taking just enough time to breathe a sigh of relief, she did her best to ignore the pain in her womanhood, for the time being anyway, as she concentrated her energy into fighting back.

Within the confines of her own pain, Parker barely noticed Reese pulling her hands from her throbbing groin. She was all too concerned with the cobwebs in her head from Reese's feet smashing into her. Shaking her head to clear it, Parker felt two soft, creamy limbs gliding along her soft cheeks. Before she realized it, Reese's legs clamped down hard on her throat with renewed vigor, locking her ankles and tightening around her cutting off her air.

Parker managed to open her eyes and the first thing she saw was an upside down birds-eye view of Reese looking up at her, her pretty face twisted into a mask of feral hatred. Reese's teeth were still clenched, but in grim concentration as she focused her energy into tightening the scissors around Parker's throat.

The muscles of Reese's shapely thighs bulged in rigid definition as they crushed the Indie Queen's delicate windpipe. Tighter and tighter they constricted, hindering Parker's capability to breathe as Reese exacted revenge for the devastating hold she had been subjected to at the hands of the cruel brunette. Parker's eyes bugged wide as Reese's encircling legs around her throat constricted inexorably, like a couple of hungry anacondas.

Parker's lips shortly began to emit agonized choking sounds that Reese took a great deal of pleasure in hearing Still, Reese was just getting started on her revenge on Parker. Beginning to rock back and forth, she gathered enough momentum to topple Parker onto her side, where Reese had much more leverage to inflict crushing pressure on her neck with her creamy thighs.

With a supreme effort, Reese succeeded in forcing Parker down to her side, then she attempted to extricate herself from Parker's slender legs that had reflexively wrapped themselves around her torso, pinning her arms to her sides as she fell over. Now it was Parker's turn to reel mentally in desperation as a tight leg-scissors around hr throat crushed her without compassion. The Indie Queen attempted to coil her own limbs around Reese's body, but their position prevented her from gaining the purchase to do so.

Finally wriggling her arms from beneath Parker's lithe thighs, Reese growled, "Payback's a bitch, Parker, and I'm paying all!"

She repositioned herself so she was straddling the Indie Queen's face, facing her feet much as Parker had done to her.

"All's fair in love and war, right?" Reese taunted, almost as if she had been reading the Indie Queen's mind as she prepared to do what she would next.

With a sudden rage of malevolent fervor, Reese balled her fists, slamming them as brutally as possible into the Indie Queen's crotch. Each impact of her fists sent fresh waves of agony straight up Parker's spine that mushroomed and exploded in her head. Parker screamed as the waves of pain coursing through her body increased in intensity with every blow the blonde bombshell rained down. In desperation, Parker lifted her legs to coil them around Reese's midriff. She managed to snare her legs around Reese. Locking her ankles behind her back she attempted to shove forward and topple her blonde foe from her perch. But Reese leaned back at an angle to prevent Parker from doing it.

"You're not getting off that easy, bitch," Reese snarled as she continued her assault with her fists on Parker's exposed womanhood. Again, again and again her balled fists rained down upon her agonized pussy as Parker howled in pain and rage, for what seemed like an eternity.

As Parker lay on her back, again at the mercy or lack thereof, of her detested enemy, she couldn't help but think how her naked womanhood was being decimated by shot after brutal fist shot to it. She wondered how any one woman could sustain the brutal punishment she had been inflicting upon Reese and still come back time after time. For a split second, it occurred to the normally supremely confident brunette seductress that perhaps she couldn't defeat Reese. That thought, however, didn't last long enough to effect her spirits. She was too preoccupied trying to think of how to escape her current plight.

And a serious one it was, as Reese was now firmly in control and dishing out punishment to her ever so sensitive pussy that had already sustained serious damage in this battle of silver screen vixens. As if that weren't enough, she had a double pronged attack on her respiratory system to deal with. The combination of Reese's sexy legs applying pressure to her neck with the soft flesh of her womanhood and ass enveloping her lovely face left Parker basically in the same condition she had been a short time ago - unable to breathe. There was only minimal airflow in the steamy recess her nose and mouth were trapped in. She was being suffocated in a seductive world of her opponent's feminine scent, one without desperately needed oxygen. Once more, as she had already been so many times, the comely independent film goddess was on the brink of defeat and feverishly looking for a way to save herself.

Before she did anything else, though, as an instinctive reaction to the attack on her womanhood, she frantically thrashed her legs around, attempting to fend off at least some of the punches thrown toward the tender female organ. Completely blinded to the outside world by her foe's soft, silky flesh, this only amused Reese, who effortlessly slapped away Parker's wildly kicking legs as she continued to inflict further damage on her target. The golden-tressed beauty couldn't help smiling, knowing things were decidedly in her favor and becoming more so by the minute as she observed and felt the life draining from Parker. Her movements, once filled with determination, were now more reminiscent of a fish out of water flopping around.

But, the true tell-tale sign for Reese that Parker's defeat was imminent was when she began weakly clawing at her sides with her long nails. She had felt the wrath of these same nails several times already, but this time, there wasn't even enough force behind the raking of her sides to leave a mark. Victory was near. The would-be winner started to make a taunting remark to her fading nemesis, but remembering how it had fired her up before when on the brink of defeat, she refrained. The time for gloating would come after Parker's body went completely limp, passed out and beaten by Reese's masterful multi-faceted attack.

Finally, there was enough lack of movement in Parker's dainty body that Reese began lifting herself from the dark haired seductress. And there was Parker's opening! In a fluid movement, a "possum" playing Indie Queen raised her arms up and joined her hands together at the middle of Reese's back and pushed her unstable body atop her forward at the same instant she pulled her knees inward. What resulted from the surprise attack was Parker's incoming knees slammed brutally into Reese's forehead to an accompanying, resounding THUNK.

Instantly, the blonde, once on the threshold of victory, was reeling from the unexpected blow. And her ride wasn't finished. Parker pulled Reese into two more headache-creating knee shots to the head. When Parker finally let go of her dazed opponent, Reese slumped on top of her, serving to further knock the wind out of the Indie Queen.

The two beauties laid together as if they were passionate lovers locked in a perfect 69 position. Both needed time to recuperate after the damage they had taken at the other's hands. Finally, after Parker collected her wits, she let out a disgusted sigh and rolled the slowly recovering Reese off her.

"Get the fuck off me, bitch! Hit my precious pussy? Sit on my gorgeous face? I'll rip you a new fucking asshole, cunt!"

Both women were still groggy and Parker rose to her feet with considerable difficulty, while Reese stirred around on the floor, trying to clear away the cob webs before Parker could regain an advantage on her in her weakened condition. But it was too late for that. A seriously pissed off brunette terror was already approaching her with malicious thoughts in mind. The only thing that gave Parker any relief from her own state of aggravation was the appearance of agony in Reese's sweet face when she stopped to observe her.

When the blonde bombshell finally opened her eyes after having them sealed shut since her rival's desperate attack, she found Parker hovering imperiously above her, a sadistic smile on her sensuous lips. And then those lips moved as she addressed her prey.

"So, you thought you could get away with defying me, you common whore? I told you earlier that nobody gets away with daring to challenge the Indie Queen's superiority. And now, I'm going to make you my bitch, bitch!"

Parker leaned forward and took Reese by the upper arms. Reese struggled to try and thwart her in doing whatever it was she had planned, Parker eventually succeeded in stretching Reese's arms above her head. Moments later, Reese found the tables swiftly turned on her. While her arms were held pinned in place, Parker lowered herself onto her, resting her crotch area firmly on her face. All efforts to shove Parker off her perch failed, as Parker secured Reese's arms in position with her knees and lower legs. With Reese pinned down and going nowhere, Parker roughly scrubbed her womanhood on Reese's captive face.

Parker began riding Reese's face in an imitation of the blonde's bump and grinding of her earlier in the match. Imagining Reese experiencing the same torment that she had a short time ago when stuck in a crotch smother.

Parker laughed sinisterly, "How's it feel, cunt? To have a nice, juicy piece of woman meat in your face? I'm sure this is as close as you've come to any real action in ages, unlike my sexy self! But smothering you with my sweet, womanly pussy isn't all I have in store for you, my dear bimbo! You're just the kind of little bitch I can sink my teeth into!"

Carefully balancing herself on the comfy cushion of Reese's face, Parker extended herself over Reese's torso until she could seize her legs despite the younger woman's protesting flurry of kicks. Just as the problem had been for Parker, the inability to breathe had a decided affect on Reese, effecting simple bodily functions such as moving limbs about. It was only a matter of time before Parker achieved her goal and secured both of Reese's legs under her left arm. With that done, Parker leaned back with Reese's sexy legs in tow raising Reese's ass off the floor. In the back of her mind, despite having her face ridden by a vengeance-minded Parker, Reese wondered just what twisted thing the sexpot atop her was planning.

She soon found out as, after drawing Reese's lower torso closer to her, Parker lowered her head toward her firm ass and bit into Reese's right ass cheek like a hungry animal with a fresh meal. Parker felt Reese's wail of agony against her womanhood and knew she'd left her mark. it was payback time and nothing was out of the question as far as she was concerned. Hoping to cause further discomfort before her pussy smothered Reese unconscious, Parker chose a place near Reese's womanhood that looked particularly sensitive and again buried her strong teeth into the soft, womanly butt flesh.

Reese's breathing had been seriously hindered by Parker's sitting on her lovely face with the Indie Queen fervently bumping and grinding as payback for the blonde bombshell's smothering facesit. Now she was repaying Reese's punishment of her seductive brunette rival's tender womanhood. As Parker's butt cheeks bore down upon Reese, the Indie Queen began to grind her pussy on Reese's nose. Reese gasped and struggled for breath and her sexy legs kicked in protest, her suppressed choking becoming a long wail of pain as Parker secured both limbs underneath her armpit as she sank her teeth into the soft flesh of Reese's rear.

Parker bit Reese countless times, pressing her womanhood into the blonde's face each time her teeth assaulted her backside to prevent Reese's cries of pain from escaping her. Reese increasingly writhed her voluptuous body, trying to get her arms from under Parker's lithe, muscular thighs that held them pinned. Her struggles came to nothing as in response, Parker mercilessly ground her womanhood on Reese's flushed face again, delivering yet more bites to her reddening cheeks.

Reese was in dire straits for sure, but the fight was not entirely gone from her just yet. The gorgeous blonde knew she had to act fast, for the odds of her passing out under Parker's sadistic assault increased with each passing moment. She began to writhe and buck her upper torso like a snake, letting the fluid motion travel all the way down to her lower body, which she finished by kicking her legs outward as violently as possible, in an effort to escape the merciless hands - and teeth - of her tormentor. Parker recognized Reese's motions weren't a counterassault, but a last desperate attempt to free herself from her clutches before she passed out.

"Nothing doing, bitch," she half-breathed, half-snarled. "I got your ass exactly where I want you now, and I intend to hold you here until you plead for mercy! Now HOLD STILL!"

Parker finished by pressing her womanhood down onto Reese's face again, harder than ever, as she repositioned her hold on Reese's legs, twisting her fingers into claws and digging them into both of Reese's red butt cheeks. Reese was near desperation at this point. She saw the chance to do so when Parker had to reposition her hands on her thrashing legs. To keep her nails dug into Reese's butt, Parker had to release the hold and rest her arms in back of Reese's thighs. Reese continued her serpentine writhing and, as expected, Parker pressed her ass and womanhood into her face again. This was the moment Reese chose to fight back!

Opening her mouth, Reese sank her teeth into Parker's unprotected womanhood and at the same instant kicked her legs out with a Herculean effort. As when she was subjected to similar treatment at the hands of the Indie Queen, the agonized scream escaping Parker's lungs was piercing enough to shatter glass. Reflexively, Parker lifted off of Reese's face, enabling the relieved blonde to try pulling her arms from under Parker's legs again.

Reese's retaliation also distracted Parker enough that she loosened her tightly gripping fingers that were tormenting Reese's ass. Whipping her legs in a convulsive shake, Reese kicked free of Parker's hands, lifting them enough to slam them back with as much force as she could muster and wrap them around the Indie Queen's slender waist. Locking her ankles, Reese whipped her body convulsively, throwing Parker face down to the floor with a resounding thud.

Reese squeezed her creamy thighs as hard as she could, straining to pull her arms from Parker's leg-grip despite the struggling of her opponent. Fueled by her anger at Parker's treatment of her, Reese's legs crushed her enemy's bare flesh harder and harder, the scissors increasing in strength and intensity until Parker let out one tightly agonized cry that seemed forced from her by the sexy, punishing limbs encircling her sleek body.

Without warning, Reese rolled herself and her seductive foe over so Parker was laying face up on the cold, hard floor under the heated blonde sexpot, who snarled, "I much prefer you in this position, bitch."

The sudden movement startled the Indie Queen, and Parker's slender legs loosened enough for Reese to wriggle her upper arms free from Parker's trap. Reese elected to keep her own legs tightly coiled around Parker's body, though, and she extended them outward with a fierce grunt, applying crushing pressure on the Indie Queen and forcing another pained cry from her.

Reese moaned, "You know something? That's music to my ears, sweetie; I think I want to hear it again."

She began to alternate loosening and tightening her legs around the hapless Parker's body, payback for her earlier treatment.

She remorselessly tightened the scissors with another stretching of her creamy limbs, saying, "Moan louder, Parker! Plead for mercy, Indie Queen!"

Reese smiled sweetly in spite of her aching body when Parker loosed another agonized groan.

"Maybe I should let Tara know I had you suffering between my thighs! She might get a big kick out of that!" Reese chuckled.

Parker knew she meant Tara Reid, who appeared in 'Josie and the Pussycats' with Parker. The possibility of Reese sharing the story of their fight with others, and the humiliation it could cause Parker, fired her anger again. But right now she could only endure more pain as Reese increased the pressure of her scissors with another unmerciful stretching of her limbs, prompting another long groan from Parker's crimson lips.

When Reese felt she'd punished the Indie Queen's sleek waist long enough, she released the scissors and let Parker slump to the floor. Getting up and staring down at her for a few moments, Reese reached down to Parker who lay on the floor, trying desperately to catch her breath. Hauling her up by the hair, Reese delivered a sharp, stinging slap to one cheek, then the other before wrapping Parker up in a tight bearhug. Again, Parker couldn't hold back an agonized groan as her head fell back as she gasped for breath as the air was forced from her lungs.

Reese suddenly broke into a run, straight toward the swimming pool carrying Parker in the bearhug in front of her. Reese went headlong into the swimming pool, with the Indie Queen beneath her, keeping the agonizingly tight bearhug firmly about Parker's squirming frame. Holding Parker underwater for a few moments after she herself regained the surface, Reese finally roughly pulled Parker up desperately gasping for breath.

Reese loosened her arms briefly, then cinched the bearhug tight again with a jerk and plunged Parker into the water again and held her there for a few more moments before pulling her to the surface. Reese repeated this pattern several times until she was satisfied her punishment had been satisfactorily administered.

Pulling the gasping, coughing Parker out of the water a final time and bringing her to face level with herself, Reese intoned, "I'm not quite done with you yet, bitch!"

She moved forward to the side of the swimming pool, slamming Parker's body against the edge where she bent the Indie Queen backward, pinning her against the cold stone using her voluptuous body. Wrapping her legs around Parker's thighs to curtail movement, Reese took the Indie Queen's agonized face in an extremely tight double face claw while continuing to bend her body backward over the edge of the pool. Parker knew she was in a serious bind.

Despite her great endurance, fatigue was starting to weaken Parker. Not only had she been engaged in fierce battle with her attractive blonde foe for some time now, but the latest momentum shift in Reese's favor had lasted too long. But just the fact that Reese had been so dominant at this stage of the contest actually kept the brunette Goddess determined to fight on. Even near exhaustion, furthered by the energy being sucked out of her by Reese's expertly executed face claw and the myriad other physically taxing moves she'd performed on her during the match, Parker still found herself with a burning will to continue, and to win. Parker was endowed with this energy by not only the idea of Reese of spreading word of a defeat, but also an inner rage that burned hot over her being at the mercy of such a cretin unworthy of even being graced with her presence.

Still, escape, as had been the case the entire contest, was difficult with the tight hold the actress had on her. Not to mention that being bent back over the edge of the pool left Parker feeling like a toothpick about to be snapped into two. Wishing with all her being to deny Reese the pleasure of hearing her scream in pain, Parker internalized as much of the agony she was suffering through as possible, but she could only hold so much; the rest escaped in the form of a resounding yell. Like a predator who smelled blood, Reese redoubled her efforts in response to Parker's cries, tightening the face claw and pressing the sensuous, bare body of her enemy harder on the pool's abrasive edge.

Eager to escape Reese's clutches, Parker returned to a proven attack that reaped rewards earlier. She reached out with her sharp, claw-like nails and raked them viciously down Reese's sides. Through the space between her fingers, Parker could see the pain etched on Reese's face by the classic catfight technique. Seeing how successful this was, and recalling the fresh scratches she'd left on Reese's back earlier, that became Parker's next target. She reached behind the blonde and began clawing her water drenched back like there was no tomorrow. Knowing embarrassment would haunt her in the event of a loss, it would be as if there were no tomorrow for Parker if she were to be defeated.

While Parker had left her mark in more ways than one, clear by the anguished expression on her face, Reese persisted with her driven punishment of Parker. And though Parker still hadn't gained her freedom through her efforts, the Indie Film Queen hadn't given up hope of continuing the match and rebounding from Reese's current dominance. So Parker took another page from the reliable book of catfighting dirty tricks.

She grabbed Reese by her lovely blonde locks from behind with her right hand and pulled with all her might, bending Reese's neck back at an unnatural angle, much the same way Parker's back was being bent in. Parker was about to find relief, however, while Reese was left with the sensation of being torn asunder at her neck. Reese's claw hold was broken.

Reese was more concerned with purging her hair of Parker's intruding hand than doing more damage to her gorgeous face. She reached back, trying to pry Parker's hand away but in her preoccupation with Parker's right hand, she didn't see what her left was up to. Reese found out when Parker locked a death grip on her throat, choking her with every ounce of energy she could bring to bear. Reese's eyes bulged as she was strangled and once again she was forced to use her hands for a different purpose, that of stopping Parker from choking her unconscious.

While Parker maintained her grip on Reese's neck and hair, she endured a series of wild punches from the blonde, some of which connected with her face. The precision blows rocked Parker and her holds were lost. Reese didn't realize this was because the devious brunette had already gained her goal of getting free. Distracted by the hair and throat holds, Reese had released her grip on Parker's legs with her thighs. Now completely mobile, and despite being dazed by the fists to her face, Parker placed her hands on the pool edge, braced herself, lifted her legs and kicked Reese square in the chest.

Reese went spiraling backward and disappeared beneath the pool's warm water while Parker got a breather after her extended period of torment. Fully knowing that she didn't have long before Reese reappeared, Parker's respite was brief. When she saw Reese emerge from the water, Parker rushed to gain advantage from her position at the edge of the pool. Pulling herself out of the water onto the edge, Parker patiently waited until her would-be victim was lined up for the kill.

When the unaware Reese was in prime position, Parker leaned forward and braced her feet on the pool's concrete side and launched herself forward. Reese was aware of what was happening until she saw Parker soaring toward her. With her right arm thrust out to the side, Parker caught Reese across her already hurting throat with a flying clothesline that took both women into the water. Unlike the previous time both entered the water together, however, Parker was in control and thinking of bringing their battle to an abrupt end with herself triumphant. Invigorated by her resurgence and offensive, Parker burst to the surface with an unmistakable fire in her stunning cat-like eyes.

Parker approached her stunned rival with a vengeance as she swirled underwater, trying to regain her footing and surface for air. She didn't have to, however, as Parker was more than happy to help her up, grabbing two handfuls of wet blonde tresses and yanking Reese to a standing position. No sooner did Parker get Reese back on her feet than she delivered a series of headbutts, attempting to take any fight out of her that she may have left. Parker laughed sadistically as she saw Reese glassy eyes and her head weakly wobbling around.

Unable to resist the temptation, a confident Parker taunted, "I can't hear you, Reese! I can't hear your intelligent repartee anymore! What's wrong, you arrogant cunt? You're rather tight-lipped when you're getting your slutty little ass kicked, aren't you?! Maybe I should loosen your jaw a bit so we can get your big mouth going again!"

Parker held Reese's by the hair with one hand, while with the other she pounded her in the mouth with an unrelenting flurry of fist shots. When Parker was content with the job she'd done on her dazed rival, she resumed her berating her.

"Oh, still nothing? That's too bad. Actually, I like you much better when you keep your damn mouth shut anyway. That is, of course, unless you were to decide to acknowledge which of us is the stronger! But if not, I believe I can still persuade you to do so!"

Parker's face lit up as an idea dawned upon her. She released Reese's face, then scooped her voluptuous, naked body up as if to deliver a body slam. But instead of throwing the disadvantaged blonde to the pool bottom, she dropped to one knee, extended the other ready for Reese to be broken over it. And break her over it is what Parker did; driving Reese's side down onto her knee and submerging her in the water to boot. After delivering the backbreaker, Parker didn't release Reese or pull her back up. Instead, she rolled Reese onto her back still draped over her knee, grasped the trapped woman by her neck and pussy, and pressed down by both points with all her might.

Reese's back was viciously bent over Parker's knee feeling like her spine would snap with the force the Indie Queen was applying. Further complicating matters was her inability to breathe underwater. The punishment continued for a dangerously long time as Reese increasingly grew desperate for air and relief from the pressure on her back. Finally, Parker pulled her head up by the hair but her other hand kept it's tight, claw-like grip on her naked womanhood. Greeted by the look of sick enjoyment that she'd become accustomed to seeing, Reese frantically gasped for oxygen while the visibly pleased Parker talked to her.

"Well, dear Reese, it appears as though I shall have a wonderful tale to share with your 'Cruel Intentions' co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar, about the time I took a particular blonde bimbo and turned the little slut into my personal bitch! I imagine Sarah will find that quite amusing, don't you? Look, you're fucked anyway you look at it, so you might as well save yourself from me splitting you in fucking two and give up!"

Immediately on the heels of her words, Parker switched her grip from Reese's throbbing womanhood, grabbing her sore ass cheeks with both hands and lifting her squirming body out of the shallow, waist-deep water heaving her onto the cold floor of the pool deck. Reese rolled face up, staring dazed at the ceiling. Gazing at the prostrate form of her hated enemy, Parker smiled to herself despite her physical discomfort, which twisted the enraged Indie Queen's glare into a grotesque sneer.

Placing her hands on the edge of the pool, Parker heaved herself out of the water and crawled over to Reese who was beginning to stir. Their naked bodies glistened with water that dripped from their skin as Parker closed the short distance between herself and her blonde foe. Seeing Parker coming, Reese, who had had a moment to catch her breath after Parker's merciless retaliation, tried to rise from her position on the floor.

Seizing two handfuls of her blonde tresses, Parker hauled Reese to her feet as Reese struggled to regain her equilibrium and mount a counterassault against her raven-haired foe. As if to assist Reese in coming to, the grinning Indie Queen delivered a stinging slap each to each of her rival's angelic cheeks.

As she slapped, Parker taunted the blonde bombshell, "Stay with me, bitch! I want you awake for what I'm gonna do to you next! Besides, I just adore seeing your pretty little face contorted in agony when I put you through the wringer!"

The sadistic Indie Queen snaked her slender arms around Reese's voluptuous frame, locking her hands together at the small of Reese's back and lifted her off her feet. Reese grunted as Parker cinched a brutally tight bearhug on her that forced the air from her heaving lungs with a sharp huff. Parker's sexy, cat-like eyes narrowed seductively as once more her limbs crushed Reese's midriff. Reese threw her head back, her teeth gritted to stop a cry from escaping her lips. Still, the brute force of Parker's bearhug forced a long, drawn out groan of agony from her.

"You were right, Reese," Parker half-sighed and half-snarled through clenched teeth as she strained the muscles of her upper arms in her heated exertions to inflict pain on her adversary. "It IS extremely pleasurable, hearing you moan in pain and gasp for air as I crush your body. Wouldn't you just LOVE Sarah to see you being squeezed to death in my loving, ever so sexy grasp!"

Parker continued sadistically, loving every moment of Reese's lovely face showing the waves of pain that washed over her body as she maintained her torturous bearhug, "At any rate, you better concede the fight right now; before I REALLY make you suffer!" Then, cinching the bearhug tighter still, Parker forced another groan from Reese's lips.

Despite the agony in her body, Reese managed to raise her head and face her tormentor. The look in her eyes was filled with complete and utter defiance as she addressed Parker with a visible modicum of anger.

"You really do have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality, don't you, Parker?" she spat between gasps for breath, trying a means of presenting a mental distraction to piss off her sexy rival as, in a desperate measure, she drove a knee into the Indie Queen's unsuspecting groin.

To follow up her latest barrage in the endless game in which they sought to verbally psych out the other, Reese curled her fingers and grabbed Parker's face in another claw even as she repeated kneeing the Indie Queen in the groin as she tried to wriggle out of the devastating bearhug. Once Parker's arms had loosened, Reese finally squirmed free of the Indie Queen's clutches. She lunged forward, hooking her arm behind Parker's knee as she pushed into her foe's midsection. The tackle sent Parker crashing butt-first into the floor. Flipping Parker onto her stomach, Reese grabbed her ankles, bending both sleek limbs upward over the actresses back as she planted her knee on Parker's smooth flesh.

"You think because the characters Sarah and I played were enemies she'd love to hear about me losing this little spat between us?" Reese snorted, punctuating her words by wrenching on Parker's tortured limbs upward toward the small of her back in pulses that provoked more agonized groans. "Not to be immodest, but Sarah, Ryan, Selma and I all worked together to make that movie what it was. You can't be certain Gellar would take very kindly to your little revelation.... that is IF you manage to beat me!" Wrenching her limbs upward again, she added, "As far as shutting up unless I admit you're better than me, it's really not necessary for me to waste time on words. I'm showing you I'm more than woman enough to take the worst you can dish out, and still come back to give the worst right back. I want to see if you can take it!"

As if to expound on her point, Reese bent Parker's legs back again, prompting another agonized groan from the Indie Queen. Releasing Parker's legs after she was satisfied she'd twisted all the fight from her seductive enemy, Reese stood on shaky legs. She was spent and exhausted from the endless contest, but she still had a burning desire to emerge victorious and put the arrogant woman in her place.

Reaching down, Reese pulled Parker up by her hair as she yelled in protest. When the sleek raven-hair's face was level with hers, Reese started to say something, but Parker curled her hand into a fist and slammed it with all the force she could muster into the soft, fleshy underside of Reese's belly.

The blow caught Reese totally off guard and Parker followed up by spinning another fist at Reese's face. The blonde's head snapped on impact, but she returned the favor looping a fist of her own at the Indie Queen that connected solidly with her cheek. The two actresses started swinging wildly, raining blows to the others face, chest and stomach as they carried their clash all over the room. Finally coming together with a resounding smack of bare, wet skin striking bare, wet skin, they grabbed one another's tresses, yanking and pulling with renewed vigor, as they sought to rip the hair out of its follicles.

Naked bodies slapping and banging again and again, they danced around the room, unaware that their struggles carried them toward the glass door leading to a courtyard. Both women were consumed with inflicting pain and suffering on the other as their skin pressed together in mutual exertion; stomachs slapping and grinding together fervently, bare thighs entwined together and their naked pussies bumping against one another with pelvic thrusts denoting their mutual animosity.

Finally, they crashed into the glass door and it gave way, flying open under their collective weight. Falling through the open doorway, Reese and Parker both gave a startled yell as, with their hands buried in the other's hair, they pinwheeled down in a muddy patch in a tangle of arms and legs. Parker hit the ground in a splash of wet earth and Reese landed on top of her, her bare chest striking Parker's and grinding on the Indie Queen as her breasts ballooned as they engulfed Parker's .

Reese flipped Parker over and sat on her backside, her pubic hair as soft as rabbit's fur brushing Parker's bare ass cheeks as she lifted Parker's head and smashed it face down, grinding it into the mud before Parker whirled around, unwilling to endure more suffocation and shifted her weight so she was on top of Reese struggling to keep her pinned as their naked chests, thighs and crotches continually rubbed together.

The fierce contest, that had been so clean with water playing a large role, suddenly become very dirty because of the opening of a door. There were no scientific moves or holds from the two determined combatants. Their competition deteriorated into mud wrestling with both women's bodies becoming soiled as they madly struggled for the advantage in the muddy patch of courtyard.

The advantage turned to the dark-haired Indie Film Queen, with her favorable position on top of Reese. Parker's lovely visage twisted as she rubbed her sensuous body on Reese's bare form, as if trying to grind her into the mud and make her a permanent part of it. She did this with some success, Reese becoming stuck in the gooey ground below as Parker used her right forearm to press down on the left side of her face driving the right side into the mud. Not wanting a mud facial, Reese did her best to dislodge Parker from her perch, putting her hands under Parker's chin and pushing back, trying to put some distance between them.

In this desperate struggle, there was an underlying aspect that neither would could acknowledge. The sensual contact between the naked women was naturally stimulating, though they were too busy to consider their mutual arousal. The only thing on their minds was winning, but as they lay together in the mud at a virtual stand still, victory seemed far away to both. Soon, however, the stalemate ended when Reese was able to separate herself from Parker's body so that, aided by her strong legs being slippery in the mud, she was able to draw her legs up between them until her feet rested on the brunette's belly. With a mighty outward thrust, Reese sent Parker flying off of her onto her back a couple of feet away.

Other than being stunned by the fall, Parker was fine and ready to jump back into action, as was her gorgeous blonde enemy who quickly scrambled to her feet with Parker. As the combatants made ready to have at each other again, Parker suddenly began acting strange. In the heat of battle, she hadn't realized she was absolutely filthy as a result of the mud bath. A sour look of disgust crossed her face on looking down to see her luscious body covered in a layer of mud. Moments later, her expression changed to one of sadness and she appeared about to cry. Normally one to take advantage of such an opening, Reese looked on in disbelief at Parker's bizarre reaction.

Parker looked up at her frozen opponent and said in her whiny voice, "Look what you did to me, bitch! Look at my beautiful body! It's FILTHY, GOD DAMN IT! I'll never get all this shit off!"

Reese couldn't help it. She cracked up, laughing at the childish reaction to becoming dirty. Unable to resist, the amused blonde added commentary between chuckles.

"I don't know, hon, I think the filthy pig look is quite becoming of you!"

That was the last straw! A wild look of insanity filled Parker's eyes and, with a deafening cry, she charged Reese like a bat out of hell, hurling herself headfirst at her stomach. With more than adequate warning provided by Parker's erratic behavior, Reese was easily able to step aside leaving Parker to slam face first into the mud she so abhorred. Repulsed to be even more soiled than ever, Parker lifted her face from the soft, thick ground and gave a guttural moan of frustration. Reese would have admired the lovely sight of Parker so utterly pissed off, but the Indie Queen's loss of control had handed Reese a golden opportunity she couldn't let slip by.

Marching to the spot where the stunned and disgruntled Parker lay, Reese kicked her over onto her back and dropped across her middle in a perfect body splash. Parker suffered the effects of the move, having the wind knocked out of her. Reese pulled herself off the hurting woman, got to her knees and stood up. Hovering over Parker and looking down, Reese found to her satisfaction that her impromptu move had been a smashing success. Parker was partially implanted in the soft ground, clutching her crushed stomach, her face showed her anguish through the mud mask covering her striking countenance.

So effective had Reese's move been, she tried it again, pouncing on Parker with the intent of further doing a number on her. Sadly, Reese had gone to the proverbial well once too often. Though still feeling the effects of Reese's dive on her slender tummy, Parker was able to see that her aggressive foe had thoughts of trying to splash her again. She waited until Reese was in mid-jump and unable to stop herself, then pulled her knees up to her previously unguarded tummy.

Instead of delivering a second successful splash to a reeling Parker, Reese felt as though she had been impaled as her full weight came down with her stomach on Parker's pair of knees. Reese flopped off her intended victim after being nailed with Parker's counter, doubled over and clutching at her own stomach. Though she had an opening to reclaim the advantage, Parker was unable to do so, having to do some recovering of her own.

Still groggy, Parker gingerly pulled herself to her knees and up to a standing position, her bare feet slipping in the slick mud. Even before she had regained her footing, however, her mind was on the also badly battered and exhausted Reese, lying just inches from where she landed when her splash failed. Reese too was trying valiantly to pull herself together and prevent another offensive. By the time she made it to her hands and knees, Parker was within range and caught her with a knee to the forehead that sent her back to the soft Earth.

Not about to let up on Reese, and fully realizing she would pay dearly for making such an error, Parker leaned over and grabbed two dirty hands full of Reese's mud-caked hair. Eager to inflict more damage on her young foe, Parker muscled the wobbly legged Reese to a standing position, making sure that she was as rough as possible with her on the way up. Once she had her standing, albeit wobbly, Parker paused to taunt Reese, continuing the string of insults between them.

"Does poor little Reese have an tummy ache? You really ought to lay off the chocolates and sweets! On the other hand, since I don't give a fuck about your pain, I might as well contribute to it! In fact, from my point of view it's exactly what you deserve for daring to defy me!"

Parker bent over putting her shoulders parallel with Reese's muscular midsection, then wrapped her arms around her, clasping hands at the small of her back. Though she had the starch taken out of her, Reese was still ready to fight Parker off by any means necessary. Seeing the dainty Parker was about to do God knows what, Reese clasped her hands together to make one big fist and delivered a double ax-handle to Parker's back.

It lacked the force needed to fend Parker off, however and shortly, Reese was suffering a seeming never-ending series of shoulder thrusts to her stomach, some with such force that Reese's feet lifted off the ground. With each successive slam of her right shoulder into Reese's stomach, Parker could hear the air being forced out of the young woman's body. The twisted satisfaction she derived from this motivated Parker to continue. But this was physically taxing on Parker as well, and she only kept it up for so long before she had to switch to another attack.

With Parker's arms already around Reese's sexy waist, her next move was an easy choice. She kept her hands locked while she rose from her stooped over position and stood upright. Already brutalized by the flurry of shoulders into her midsection, Reese was trapped in Parker's bearhug. Reese lacked the fire in her eyes Parker had seen previously, and her mouth gaped open while she weakly gasped to collect the air that had been pounded out of her. Parker smiled, she could feel the elusive victory finally within her grasp.

Her confidence having returned, Parker took it on herself to give her fading foe a tongue lashing, "What's wrong, 'hon?' You're not looking so hot! Perhaps it'd benefit your skanky little torn up bod if Parker put you down for a nap! Now, just relax, darling Reese! It won't take me long to finish you off and this will be all over... maybe!"

Even disadvantaged by her predicament, Reese's eyelids narrowed as she glared defiantly at Parker, obviously not too crazy about her cocky opponent's suggestion. It was then Parker realized she'd seriously screwed up making it as it motivated Reese. Parker could see in Reese's eyes her mind was working overtime to find an escape from her latest jam. Knowing the result of such thoughts was usually a reversal of fortune, Parker tried to think of something to sidetrack Reese's thought process.

And she knew just what to do to distract her. It was a situation where Parker's expert seductive ability would serve her well. Before Reese could take any action against her bearhug, Parker went into action, watching Reese's gorgeous face for a sudden change in expression as she started - and very soon she got it.

Reese's eyes widened when, to her shock, she felt Parker's muddy thigh pressed into contact with her tender womanhood. Then, the stimulation began. While keeping the bearhug locked in tighter than ever, Parker sensuously stroked her smooth, sexy thigh back and forth on Reese's pussy in a blatantly sexual act that left her stunned at first, but visibly aroused. Parker smiled sexily seeing that she'd successfully turned on and distracted Reese.

Parker addressed her prey using her breathy voice of seduction, "Oh yes, you like that, don't you baby? I'll bet you're sweet little love hole has never gotten pleasure like this from other lovers, if any, you've had! Enjoy the ride, hon. It won't be long now! Let me take you straight to heaven!"

The bearhug forced squeezed even more air from Reese's lungs and she threw her head back as Parker squeezed unmercifully, her sinewy arms crushing Reese's voluptuous midriff, while continuing the seductive motions of her thigh on Reese's pussy. Before she was aware of exactly what was happening, Reese's breathing deepened and become labored from Parker's 'below the belt' offensive.

The last few moments of her monumental struggle with the Indie Queen involved an increased amount of close physical contact between the warring hellcats. At first Reese had been too involved matching Parker's aggression to notice where the fight was leading. But now that Parker was seductively rubbing her naked, muddy thigh along Reese's slit, the entire contest to that point flashed before her eyes. While their attire had progressively lessened during the course of the fight, there seemed to be a marked increase in how often the combatants held contact between their naked bodies.

Reese recalled her impression of Parker's interest in displaying her slender body for her and realized that as much as the Indie Queen displayed excitement from their naked skin being in close proximity for as long as it had. Reese herself was beginning to become sexually aroused as she felt her body react to Parker's leg gliding back and forth along her inflamed womanhood despite the tight bearhug her opponent wrapped around her body. At any rate, the distraction had worked just long enough for Parker to take another advantage of the situation.

"I got you where I want you NOW, bitch!" Parker sneered into the shocked face of her sexy opponent as she prepared to gain the upper hand as Reese struggled against her crushing arms just to breath. As Parker's thigh massaged Reese's pussy, Parker propelled herself forward as fast as her lithe legs would carry her and then fell forward, bodyslamming Reese into the mud with devastating impact, knocking the wind out of her.

Landing on Reese, Parker released the leg scissors and expertly flipped Reese over as the blonde struggled to get her breath, then found herself lying face down in the mud. Sliding her legs down Reese's sides, Parker grapevined her from behind while she forced Reese's pretty, flushed face down in the thick, clinging, mud lifting her by the hair and pushing her face down into the mud over and over again.

As Parker repeated the maneuver, Reese fought back the near-panic that arose in her as her breathing was further cut off by Parker's actions. Then, Parker had flipped Reese over again and applied a tight scissors around her waist with her slender thighs, adding to Reese's discomfort. Regardless of whether Parker had gained an advantage with the sexual overtones of her retaliation, Reese knew she had to retaliate before passing out from her combined exhaustion and inability to breathe.

Her face set in grim concentration, Reese reached down to Parker's encircling legs, her fingers tightly gripping the muscles in back of her sleek thighs. Curling her hands into fists, Reese determinedly channeled her energy into applying pressure onto Parker's leg muscles, knowing enough pressure would cause Parker's legs around her waist to loosen.

Within seconds, the tight grip on her midriff began to ease and the strain began to show on Parker's face as she struggled to keep her hold. For a few long drawn out moments it was a contest to see whether Parker's scissors would be maintained or broken, with both ladies exerting fierce energy to push the struggle in their direction. Finally, with a yell of rage, Reese balled one hand into a fist and drove it brutally into Parker's naked crotch. The impact forced the Indie Queen to release her hold as Reese slithered away in the slick mud.

Once the combatants had collected themselves they started slowly crawling toward one another until Reese suddenly lashed out with a fist to Parker's face. As the blow snapped her head back and Reese pressed her advantage, plowing into the Indie Queen and pinning her to the muddy ground. Reese seized hold of Parker's tits, raking her nails on the soft orbs, twisting and turning until Parker let loose with a wild cry of pain.

Parker screamed in a seemingly blind rage, "Let go of my fucking tits, you cunt!" as threw a punch at Reese's angelic face.

As the blow connected and Reese's anger mushroomed. Leaning down Reese sank her teeth into one of the fleshy globes as Parker howled in pain and rage. Wrapping her legs around Reese's midriff again, Parker rolled Reese over in a heated attempt to pin her into the mud again but Reese rolled with her, raking her nails down Parker's thighs as she tore her own nails upward along Reese's back.

The next thing either of them knew, they were rolling end over end in the mud, making every effort to administer equal amounts of pain with thighs and teeth and fingernails. Parker cried out as Reese mercilessly assaulted her back and sides, her nails digging deeply into the Indie Queen's smooth flesh. Reese managed to drape Parker backward over her knee, returning the favor for the backbreaker the indie actress had given her in the swimming pool. Reese held Parker down by the underside of her chin and her womanhood until Parker retaliated by reaching up and clawing Reese's inflamed tit. Reese responded by raking her nails across Parker's eyes.

They separated to tend their wounds but as Parker tried to crawl away with her hand covering her eyes, Reese crawled up behind and jumped on her back with a resounding thud, wrapping her legs around Parker's waist, coiling them around Parker's ribs and locking her ankles. Squeezing her shapely thighs together, Reese raked her nails sideways over Parker's sore tits, forcing another agonized cry from the independent film queen's lips.

Reese gripped both of Parker's perky boobs in her claw-hands, her nails digging deep. Administering punishment as Parker voiced her discomfort, Reese leaned over and sank her teeth in Parker's delicate earlobe which caused her to scream in even greater agony as she squirmed desperately to free herself.

Reese stubbornly refused to relinquish her bite, tightening her legs around Parker's waist that pulsed as her nails continued their merciless assault on Parker's tender breasts. As much as the Indie Queen was faltering from the pain, she fought desperately to keep a clear head as she slammed her head back into Reese's nose, dazing her enough for Parker to twist around between her legs as the blonde bombshell's teeth were torn from the Indie Queen's earlobe.

Now, Parker could mount her own counterassault. Turning her head to face Reese, Parker leaned up as best she could, planting a lingering, wet French kiss on Reese's lips. What this lustful French kiss initiated by the brunette seductress Parker meant, Reese didn't know but the emotion she felt when Parker unexpectedly pressed her sensuous lips to hers and invaded her mouth with her probing tongue was proof her earlier suspicion about the gorgeous Parker lusting for her sexually had been true.

Still, Reese wasn't sure the crafty temptress wasn't simply trying to seduce her into some trap she'd set. Two things were clear to Reese, however, as Parker madly kissed her and explored the recesses of her mouth. First, Parker was displaying the same passion with her surprise kiss she'd shown trying to win their fight and, second, she was getting heated up in a far different way than she had during battle. The gradual escalation of sensual contact between she and Parker, culminating in this kiss, was undeniably arousing Reese and the affect on her was beginning to take hold.

As for Parker, the constantly increasing sexual tension between them had pushed her past her breaking point. As one who naturally takes delight in pleasures of the flesh, Parker was on cloud nine in this contest, engaging in blissfully tight bodily combat with a voluptuous blonde sexpot even when she was on the receiving end of Reese's wrath. Despite loathing the blonde beauty, Parker's arousal intensified as the battle heated up. She couldn't restrain herself any longer. She unleashed part of her pent up passion in the form of the hard French kiss she planted on the unsuspecting woman atop her.

Even as she expressed herself to Reese through the liplock, Parker couldn't be sure of even her own intentions. If this was an action she was taking to lead Reese into a mistake that she could capitalize on, or if it was the manifestation of some burning desire for her that she did indeed carry. Still, despite this being the act of one person being enamored with another, there was no gentle love in Parker's kiss. It was one rough in nature, lacking any tenderness or affection, instead being filled with aggression. While the Indie Queen may have been revealing a yearning for Reese, she was also venting her rage toward her, as she had been all through their mutual contest.

Finally, when the intensity of the wet kiss had reached it's peak, Parker lightly sank her teeth into Reese's bottom lip and pulled back, causing it to bleed. Feeling the consequences of Parker's move, Reese's eyes bulge out as she pulled back, yelling in pain. The wicked brunette sexpot smiled in satisfaction as she watched Reese wipe away a speck of blood her bite drew. Annoyed by the demented pleasure Parker was getting at biting her, Reese pulled her right arm back and swung, delivering a stinging slap to Parker's left cheek. What she witnessed next came as another shock to Reese's system. Parker was smiling with sick enjoyment, and her eyes had a disturbing look of wild lust as she rubbed her cheek.

In a sensuous voice, Parker said to Reese as she started at her bizarre reaction in bewilderment, "That was good, baby, but can't you do better than that! Hit me harder, damn you! I love it rough, you hot cunt!"

Despite being dumbfounded by Parker's reply, Reese was more than happy to oblige. She reared back once more and delivered another fierce slap across Parker's cheek, so forceful that it threw her head to the side. Still, Parker smiled and looked at Reese with mad, animalistic desire that seemed to say she wanted Reese to beat and fuck hell out of her all at once. In thanks for Reese's slap, Parker retaliated, throwing her own cheek-reddening slap at Reese who found something in this whole scenario so profoundly erotic that she was overcome by an urge of her own.

With no advance warning, Reese forcefully grabbed Parker's wrists and pinned them above her head. Before Parker could protest Reese lowered her sweet face down on the Indie Queen's and planted her own impassioned French kiss on her lips. Now it was Parker's beautiful eyes that bulged out in disbelief, taken aback by the unexpected liplock from her rival.

When her surprise subsided, however, Parker melted into the kiss, returning it with a wet one of her own and tongue wrestling with her gorgeous foe. Further driving the women was the fact that, following the pattern of their contest, the liplock was filled with relentless passion and animosity, as if the two women were each trying to consume the other through the kiss.

Soon, however, the time came when they needed to catch their breath after the amorous display. When they did, their eyes, burning with simultaneous anger, desire and passion, met. During the time that their eyes were locked tightly together, an unspoken understanding took place between Reese and Parker: there was only one way to end this war and that was to do so in the sweetest way, the one that brought her opponent to climax first would win and the fallen one would have to deal with being brought to defeat by way of sexual submission.

The impromptu terms of the contest were agreed upon when the warring hellcats suddenly began fiercely slamming their crotches into each other. The battle was on, with Parker and Reese furiously attempting to be the one who would drive her foe over the edge. While the nature of the battle had changed, the intensity with which it was fought did not. The sexy bodies of the combatants madly rubbed and ground against each other, both using their vast sensual prowess in their favor.

Some things never changed, however. As they used less enjoyable attacks on each other. While using her position of power on top of Parker to her advantage and rubbing herself suggestively into Parker's dainty body, Reese again focused on squeezing Parker's lithe waist between her powerful legs while she nibbled, sometimes painfully, on Parker's neck and shoulder.

But Parker wasn't about to lie back and allow herself to be fucked into defeat, and she fought vigorously against the hands that kept her arms held captive to the muddy ground. She headbutted Reese when the opportunity presented itself but she was still at a vast disadvantage being under Reese. She could feel her arousal growing in her womanhood as she was masterfully made love to by her rival's pussy.

Though her pleasured moans diminished the believability of her words, a breathless Parker taunts her rival through gritted teeth, "Well, if that's the best you can fuck, no wonder nobody wants your tired ass! I get more action from my goddam pillow!"

Taking this for what it was, an attempt to hide her growing arousal, Reese disregarded the comment and confidently rebuffed her as she unmercifully continued pounding away on Parker's aroused sex.

"Now, hon, I know you're feeling right at home being flat on your back and screwed in the mud the way you were by every human being and stray dog in your old trailer park!"

This was the slap in the face that Parker needed to emerge from her haze of lust she was lost in. Her face turned a bright red and she began trembling in rage underneath her dominating foe. The new life breathed into her by the remark served Parker well, as with a burst of energy, she was able to madly flail her arms around and free her wrists of Reese's tight grip on them. Thinking she was near bringing Parker to orgasm, Reese attempted to reassert herself, slashing her nails across Parker's pretty face as well as her already sensitive tits. Though this fazed Parker, nothing would stop her from exacting revenge after the blonde beauty's degrading remark.

A flurry of vengeance driven fists connected at random points on Reese's divine countenance left her dazed, allowing Parker to toss her aside like a rag doll. While the stunned Reese recovered from the sudden onslaught, Parker looked upon her with unfettered rage, consumed with anger that the blonde would dare belittle her so shamelessly. She crawled with determination in her eyes to the spot where Reese was attempting to recuperate. With feline stealth, Parker swiftly reached her prey about the same time the light haired vixen discovered her foes arrival but it was too late. Reese was struck by a brutal fist to her already badly battered face.


At the conclusion of her outburst, she grabbed her weakened opponent's legs and draped them over her shoulders. Once she was pleased with the grasp she had on the sexy limbs, she laid on top of Reese, folding her over and pinning her legs ever so firmly to her shoulders with her body weight.

As Reese tried summoning what strength she had left in her luscious body to counter Parker situating her in a submissive and compromising position indeed, a scowling Reese glibly responded to the Indie Queen's tirade, fearlessly looking her in her cat-like eyes.

"You should know a thing or two about giving head since you've done it so often in alleys for independent film producers, in exchange for crack and two bit roles in movies like 'Flirt'!"

"Oh, you want this, cunt. You want this REALLY BAD!" Parker punctuated her final words by ferociously slamming her moist pussy into Reese's with such power that the thrust caused far more pain than pleasure.

Solidifying the extremely vulnerable position she had Reese in, Parker hooked her hands under Reese's arms, lodging Reese's calves even tighter against her shoulders. Deciding it was time Reese was got an unforgettable punishment for being such a thorn in her side, Parker repeatedly rammed her sex into Reese's as though she were trying to break her in half rather than screw her to blissful release.

The first strikes to Reese's womanhood were more painful, but soon the sensation of having a sexy creature like Parker making love to her like a wild animal got Reese heating up until she was on the verge of exploding in orgasm. Knowing she had to get out of Parker's determined clutches fast, Reese frantically scratched at the brunette's sides and anything else she could get her claws on. Still, this was only slightly effective, she still had to find a method of escape before it was too late.

Despite her disadvantage and the toll it was taking on her voluptuous body, Reese's unspoken strategy nonetheless worked. She had intentionally provoked Parker into a near-rage with her cutting verbal retaliations against the Indie Queen, knowing full well that the brutality of her words would pierce to her adversary's soul and cause an eruption of blind wrath.

As Reese thought, her remarks aroused an enraged blast of pure animosity from the Independent Film Queen that she acted on by launching into a physical retaliation designed to simultaneously inflict pain and pleasure. She began this by verbally baiting Parker with the remark about how she'd tell Tara Reid of their experience, and Parker played into her hands every time she repeated the strategy.

Parker punished Reese's throbbing womanhood with impunity, though her movements spoke clearly enough of a blind fervor that betrayed the undirected anger burning in the pit of her soul. She was on the edge, and Reese knew that it would take one more statement to push Parker over the edge with no return in sight. It was a profound risk Reese knew, but if she kept her own head and played her cards right she might yet emerge the victor in their long, grueling contest.

Reese tossed Parker what she hoped would be the final bait, "Well, Parker," she breathed through gasps of combined pain and pleasure. "You seem quite adept at fucking other women. Did you learn this appearing in those college stag films you were in as an 'unemployed' student at NYU?"

As Reese had expected, Parker flew off the handle at the comment after a moment of brief shock which wore off too quickly. The Indie Queen's face reddened like a stoplight and her eyes flashed with the fires of a woman who had received one catty insult too many.


On the heels of that came the searing pain of Parker's nails tormenting any of Reese's flesh she could get her hands on. The Indie Queen's fingernails raked Reese like cat's claws, leaving angry red scratches wherever they touched. Worse, Parker began to lift her body slightly, then crash down as hard as she could on the back of Reese's legs, slamming her ass, thighs and womanhood in brutal collisions that forced agonized groans from the sexy blond. Reese endured her punishment with gritted teeth, knowing she had cleverly set Parker up for what she hoped would be the final fall. Harder and harder Parker slammed into Reese, their pussies colliding and grinding together with increasing friction, until Reese instinctively seemed to know when the moment arrived to fight back!

Summoning reserves of strength from parts unknown, Reese whipped her lower body in a convulsive shake as Parker descended upon her, pushing upward as hard as she could with her legs and propelling the Independent Film Queen off of her. Parker went flying and crashed into the mud with a thick squish of wet earth. Reese was in utter agony by now; every part of her body ached terribly; but she was aware she must act immediately to end the contest in her favor.

Fighting the waves of agony washing over her, Reese rolled over and slowly crawled over to Parker who was kneeling in the mud, glaring at Reese like a madwoman. With a cry of abandon, Parker hurled herself at Reese who met her with equal fervor. They tore into each other, rolling over and over in the mud, fingernails and teeth digging into one another's soft flesh; their pussies slamming together in their heated exertions.

The motion caused mutual sighs of agony and ecstasy to simultaneously escape their throats as they renewed the heated struggle which would bring the one to sweet release even as their nails and teeth continued to inflict punishment on each other. Digging her claws into the soft flesh of Reese's butt, Parker pulled her forward with a long, guttural groan, humping her as Reese returned the favor as the sexual contest renewed.

Reese chose this moment to act. She dove forward, pinning Parker beneath her as her fingers grabbed Parker's ass. They remained locked in that position, each eager to make the other cum first. The most important difference was that Parker's efforts were wild and unfocused due to her rage at being provoked by the blonde bombshell's words, while Reese's were directed into her goal of emerging the victor. Long, sharp fingernails scratched and clawed the other's ass cheeks to inflict suffering even as their inflamed pussies ground together, each pushing the other closer and closer toward orgasm.

Rolling around end over end in the muddy ground, they slapped and clawed at one another until they somehow ended up in a sitting position, facing each other. Reese's right leg was draped tightly over Parker's left thigh, as was Parker's right leg draped over Reese's left thigh; their pussies were pressed more tightly together than ever. The warring women resembled a ravenous beast feeding on itself as Parker grabbed Reese's derriere and again pulled her inward, grinding her womanhood furiously against the blonde's while Reese's nails raked down Parker's arms, then gripped her upper biceps as she struggled to stay in the fight until she finished first in this race to see who would be "brought" first.

Locked in this position, they humped each other faster and faster, their heads thrown back in the throes of their ecstasy, their eyes closed, their mouths gaping; totally subsumed by their efforts to make the other cum first. The pain/pleasure-filled moans emanating from the throats of the women grew progressively louder as their bodies escalated to the point to where they seemed to act without thinking; almost as if they were on autopilot. Parker hungrily pulled Reese farther into her own body, almost as if trying to pull the blonde bombshell right inside her, increasing the fervency of her womanly thrusts.

Pulling her head forward and looking into the Indie Queen's flushed, mud-covered face, Reese could see Parker was so far gone now it wouldn't be long before she climaxed. Parker's head was back farther than before, her eyes squeezed shut in the throes of her ecstasy as her fingers gripped Reese's derriere. The waves of what Reese seemed to know was the onset of her climax washed inexorably over her. Parker was breathing faster and faster, the moans of pleasure growing louder and louder.... closer.... closer.... closer.... closer....

When it came, Parker's lithe, mud-soaked body stiffened as the first waves of her orgasm gripped her like a ruthless hand. Her mouth opened soundlessly for a few moments, then Parker let loose with a long, drawn out wail of complete and utter ecstasy that increased in volume and pitch until Reese feared for her hearing. Parker's fingers dug into Reese's derriere until they felt like knives piercing her skin, Parker's right leg tightened reflexively around Reese's voluptuous left thigh as she was helplessly seized by a multiple orgasm that rocked her entire body, holding it fast until it finally subsided.

Consumed by her lust, Parker tightened her grasp on Reese's ass and she laid back in the mud, pulling Reese atop her face. She had been utterly devastated by her orgasm at the sexual hands of her opponent and Parker just wanted to bury herself in the feminine scent of the seductive blonde, to taste the sweet womanhood that had pushed her to the threshold of sweet release and beyond.

Keeping a tight grip on Reese's sexy thighs, Parker plunged her tongue into Reese's pussy, massaging her clit hungrily, alternating between licking, kissing and sucking the sweet button at the center of the blonde's womanhood, breathing deep the lovely scent of Reese's sex.

As for Reese herself, she was too far gone after her physical and sexual exertion to offer much resistance when Parker pulled her onto her lovely, cat-like face. Part of her wanted to claim her prize from the victory that was clearly hers when Parker orgasmed. She threw her head back in ecstasy as Parker's hungry tongue probed her womanhood, massaging her throbbing clit as she continued gripping Reese's rear end in the throes of her ravenous sexual appetite for her opponent. Parker was actually grinding Reese's pussy into her face as she continued stimulating her sweet womanhood, uttering muffled moans from her throat as she edged the blonde beauty closer to release, until Reese's body stiffened in orgasm. The scent of the love juice gathered at Reese's womanhood overwhelmed Parker, goading her to lick it from Reese's inflamed pussy.

When Reese's orgiastic pleasure subsided, she rolled off Parker, laying in the mud beside her glowing opponent, both of them breathless. They lay there for what seemed an eternity. Reese was first to catch her breath. Getting up took all her energy, though she tried to look her best. She spotted something Parker would later overlook, a portable shower on the other side of the courtyard. Exhaustedly making her way to the shower while Parker still lay on the ground, Reese went in and showered the gunk from her voluptuous body before heading back toward the Jacuzzi . Then, a sudden idea struck her!

Emerging from the Jacuzzi room a short time later just as Parker was beginning to stir, Reese wore her yellow bikini again. The robe she'd been wearing earlier was draped lazily over her shoulder. In her hand, Parker noticed, Reese was carrying something - the bikini and robe Parker had worn when they had first run into each other.

"Well, Parks honey," Reese breathed. "Enjoy your last glimpse of my fabulous body in light of our little competition together. That is," she continued, "unless you'd like to try to win these back sometime."

Before Parker could open her mouth, Reese disappeared into the Jacuzzi room and was gone.

Even as the victorious Reese addressed her sexually vanquished foe; about to depart with the trophies of her triumph, her words hardly registered on a defeated and barely cognizant Parker, who was enjoying her own personal heaven far too much. After having her most pleasurable orgasms in recent memory from her rival, the glowing brunette beauty was drunk with lust. She could only lie comfortably in the mud, savoring her seemingly unending series of orgasms, and smile dreamily as Reese spoke to her. Although the world around her slowly resumed normal speed, things still seemed to slow down just a bit for a passion consumed Parker Posey. She heard Reese's words and saw that she'd claimed her skimpy bikini and robe. But nothing registered.

As the gorgeous blonde she had battled departed, Parker observed Reese through alluring, glazed-over eyes of desire, indeed enjoying this last glimpse of Reese's body, especially that delectable bikini-clad ass that she'd been critical of earlier. Parker's eyes followed Reese's gorgeous figure, wishing it would turn around and come back. She disappeared from view, to Parker's displeasure.

Parker gently laid her head back in the mud that had so repulsed her earlier. She didn't care how dirty she was or that she was the loser of their erotic contest. All she cared about was the ever so sweet multiple orgasms that captured her body and endowed unspeakable pleasure for their duration of their time together. Even now, the delicious taste of Reese's love honey clung fresh in her mouth. Parker reached down with her right hand and tenderly stroked her oversexed womanhood with her fingers, she couldn't help but think how beautiful EVERYTHING was.

In time, however, the Indie Film Queen's sexual high wore off, as did the haze in her head that clouded her thoughts. Then her blissful world came crashing down and things weren't so lovely anymore. It dawned on her that her detested rival had won their sexfight. Panic set in as Parker sat up so quickly it made her head hurt, followed close by the rest of her battle worn body. Parker emitted a low, weak moan as she hung her aching head in her hands, cupping her face within.

As the pieces of the puzzle gradually come together, Parker disgustedly muttered, "Parker, you stupid, stupid cunt. How could you let that bitch get to you? You'll never hear the end of this! Maybe if you go in and have your sex organs removed, you won't make a fucking fool of yourself like this again!"

Finished with her self-loathing tirade, Parker uttered an enraged grunt and removed her hands from her mud-coated, scraped-and-bruised, yet profoundly beautiful face.

Seemingly resigned to what transpired, Parker addresses herself once more, "Well, there's nothing more you can do now, horny idiot. Time to get some clothes on your naked ass so you can... OH, SHIT!"

That was when the wild-eyed and nervous Parker came to a startling realization. When Reese left, she'd taken her bikini and robe. As the seconds tick by, Parker frantically looked around and saw Reese nowhere about. She began to panic and chattering but soon her rant became a full blown screaming tantrum.


Moments passed with no response. Nor would there be one. Soon, Parker began sobbing like a little girl as she stood up, gingerly, her body still weak after the brutal contest. She began to walk slowly around in the muddy section of the courtyard that served as the battleground for the latter part of the fight. The dark-haired Goddess was particularly self-conscious about how naked and filthy she was. Covering her dirt and cum soaked pussy with her right hand, and using her left hand and forearm to hide her perky little mud-coated tits Parker tip-toed toward the door to the Jacuzzi and pool rooms from where she and Reese had come.

Fear of discovery painted all over her face, Parker stands to one side and peeks in the door for a sign of life, anyone that might see her, the great Parker Posey, in such an embarrassing situation. Seeing the coast was clear, she emerged from hiding and entered the room apprehensively. As good fortune had it, Parker and Reese's battle happened late in the day and hardly anybody ever used the facilities at that hour. This day was no exception. The frightened Indie Queen knew the way her luck was running out, a crowd of people could arrive at any moment with the sole purpose of mocking her. She did, however, hope one person was still lurking somewhere on the premises.

In her state of desperation to get out of the building without more humiliation than she had already suffered, Parker called out pleadingly in a whiny voice with a sugary smile on her face, hoping the intended recipient of the message was around.

"Reese, please! This isn't funny! You won, isn't that enough? Come on, be nice to Parker. I was nice to you and ate you out, didn't I? Couldn't you return the favor and gimme back my clothes? Pretty please with sugar, whipped cream and a cherry on top? PLEEEAAAASSSEEEE?"

She could have heard a pin dropping after she begged for the return of her articles and quickly the angry, spiteful Parker that Reese had come to know returned.


No answer. Parker had wasted her breath. When it became apparent, the tormented brunette vixen unleashed a piercing scream of aggravation that seemed to emanate from the very core of her being. Then she went on her way, tightly covering up her bare privates in the event she were seen. Now realizing that she'd have to find another way out of this mess, Parker scampered around the room hoping that, by the grace of God, she'd find something, anything, to save her from potential embarrassment.

A thorough search of the area turned up nothing, however, and it appeared that she'd have to brave entering the main building and sneaking to the dressing room and her locker 'au natural.' But, nervously approaching the door, Parker's eyes lit up in delight on seeing an object on a bench. It was a towel and Parker was all too happy to see it.

Looking up thankfully to the heavens, she proclaimed, "Oh, praise Jesus!"

She didn't know if it was randomly left by someone else, or by her arch rival. All that mattered was she could conceal her nudity. Wrapping it around her slender torso, she found that the towel was barely big enough to sufficiently cover her. But, then again, neither did ninety percent of the clothes she owned. It was more than suitable until adequate clothing could be found. After donning the towel, Parker used the corner of it to wipe the mud, dirt and blood from her face along with what little of Reese's sweet love honey remained that she'd been unable to swallow during Reese's climax.

Once freshened up, Parker took a deep breath, then calmly opened the door and entered the locker room. A quick scan of her surroundings for signs of life once more turned up nothing. In no time, that famous cocky smile once again appeared on Parker's sensuous lips as she strutted the room as if she were invincible. Her trademark confidence and overbearing attitude returned. She couldn't help but be pleased with herself and smiled with satisfaction at the knowledge that, despite her devastating defeat, she'd conceivably escape from the incident with her sterling reputation unscathed. The health spa had been a ghost town during their battle, no witnesses or security cameras that she knew of to have recorded her orgasmic defeat by Reese.

If rumors of the evening's events were to ever surface, Parker could categorically deny they ever happened, and sum them up as a product of Reese's overactive, and possibly sexually over-stimulated, imagination. Feeling damn good once more, Parker giggled as she practiced what she'd say, doing so in a exaggerated voice of disbelief.

"What? Reese said that? Why, I've never even met her before! The poor thing, she must be experiencing some serious memory problems. I truly hope she will be alright!"

As she rehearsed her speech, Parker suddenly realized that Reese still had her bikini and robe which would PROVE her claim, when suddenly, a voice called her name from the corner of the room.

"Parker! You should be more concerned about having delusions and talking to yourself! Or maybe you're just a compulsive liar!"

Mortified, Parker froze in shock, her mouth and eyes wide open for she recognized the voice. Reluctantly turning around, she saw the voice hat belonged to a lovely blonde, her hair a darker shade than Reese's. She stood with her arms folded and a knowing smirk on her face. It couldn't be a worse time for Parker, seeing fellow independent film actress and rival Heather Donahue looking at her as if she'd caught her with her hand in the cookie jar.

Parker's face registered her aggravation and her feline eyes narrowed, regarding the Blair Witch Project star disdainfully as she pranced closer with the same irritating smile that indicated she knew too much. When only a few inches separated them, Heather stopped and attentively scanned Parker's filthy, wound-ridden body up and down, observing the film of mud, unsightly bruises and bloody gashes plus the dried cum on her face Parker had missed as she hurriedly cleaning her face.

The war-torn brunette sneered disgustedly, realizing Reese had a witness and the witness was brazenly checking her out. Finally, Heather locked eyes with the annoyed Parker, gave an irritatingly sweet smile comparable to Reese's and cheerfully chirped, "WOW, Parker, I didn't think you were THAT down to earth! Or maybe Reese really did teach you a lesson in humility like she just finished telling me!"

Parker didn't have the patience for this harassment, which she made clear by viciously spitting, "FUCK YOU!" as she threw herself at Heather with reckless abandon.

When their bodies collided, Parker wrapped her arms around the unprepared dark blonde actress as she tried to plow Heather into a row of lockers. At the last second, Heather locked her heels, spun Parker around and drove HER into the cold metal. Although the wind was knocked out of her, Parker wasn't finished. There wouldn't be another loss for her today.

Using the lockers she was pinned to, Parker shoved off and sent herself into Heather and they both went crashing to the carpeted floor with Parker on top of Heather. This time it was the blonde half of the revered indie actress duo at a disadvantage, as she was flattened by Parker's towel-clad body. Outrage in her eyes, Parker used her favorable position as she wrapped her hands around Heather's neck and started to choke her. Two could play that game, however, and Heather retaliated with her own version of the attack, tightening her hands in a vice grip around Parker's swan-like throat. Both women soon were red faced from oxygen deprivation, forcing both to release their death grips.

Neither took the opportunity to take in fresh air, however, as each grabbed a handful of hair as they rolled on the floor. It took very little of the tight bodily contact for Parker to lose her towel and become once again naked to the world. Heather suffered consequences, however, her tight white bathing suit was dirtied, as was her body, though minimally since most of the mud on Parker's body had dried. But neither really cared about dirt as they battled for position on the floor.

This wouldn't become the war Parker and Reese had, however, for two on-duty security guards heard the commotion and arrived on the scene to find two determined hellcats, one barely clothed and the other not at all, battling for supremacy. After recovering from shock, and erotic beauty of the scene, they pursued the rolling ball of femininity until they were able catch the girls, pull them apart and haul them to their feet.

Heather was the more cooperative, accepting her fate when the first officer restrained her, but Parker was irate at the intrusion and furiously struggled, slapping the second officer and screaming, "GET THE HELL OFF ME, PERVERT!"

The little bit of slickness remaining on her bare body from the mud let Parker to slither out of her captor's grasp and make a second run at Heather who was being held by the other officer. But before Parker could land a punch she was again restrained, to her obvious disappointment.

Resigned at being unable to have any more fun with Heather, Parker angrily yelled, "THIS ISN'T FINISHED, CUNT. I'M GOING TO GET YOU AND THAT THIEF REESE, JUST YOU WATCH ME!"

Heather didn't say a word, simply giving Parker a fiery look that said, "bring it on." Fed up with Parker's defiance, the officer hanging on to her addressed her calmly but forcibly, "That's quite enough, Ms. Posey. Fighting's not allowed here! You'll have to leave! And the same goes for you, Ms. Donahue. We'll let you both shower, if you wish, and get dressed SEPERATELY, before you're escorted to your vehicles."

Heather nodded and calmly shrugged, "Fair enough."

Parker continued to protest, boldly proclaiming, "I'm Parker Posey, you can't do this to me!"

Leaning forward, the officer whispered, "It's either that, or we take you away in handcuffs and let you spend the night in jail in that towel. It may not be very good publicity for your career!"

This approach was more effective in subduing the feisty Parker, who instantly relaxed and became a good girl. Calmly, she turned and told the officer with her phony smile firmly intact, "Okay, I'll be good! Just let me wash this gunk off of me and I'll go in peace! Scout's honor!"

As the guard watched closely, Heather went to her locker, removed her dirty swimsuit and put on her clothes before she left. But not without a roll of her eyes and scoff in disgust at Parker's innocent act. Heather hoped to give this twisted bitch a thrashing the same as Reese had someday soon and couldn't wait till the opportunity presented itself.

Suddenly more easy going, the Indie Queen heads to the showers to clean up before her eviction. As she steps in, she takes a quick glance back to see that the officer, apparently a professional and a gentleman, was staring straight ahead instead of ogling her nude body. That he wasn't drooling with lust for her Parker found offensive and her face turned sour. About to read him the riot act on the flimsy excuse that he followed her into the shower, Parker recalled her luck had been bad all day and it might be prudent to keep the outburst building inside her to herself. So instead she turned to him, put her hands on her shoulders and cleared her throat. Seeming to get the picture, the officer nodded and stopped in his tracks, opting to stand guard while Parker showered.

"At least something's gone right," Parker thought as headed for one of the showers.

Parker reaches for the handle anticipating a deluge of hot water hitting her sore, aching body to wash away the various filth clinging to it. After she had it on and the temperature to her satisfaction, Parker moaned in delight as the water pounded on her bare body, cascading down her sexy curves. She idly watched as the muddy reminder of her loss to Reese washed from her tiny, but sensuous body disappeared down the drain. Then her turned to more important matters.

Twirling with a ballerina's grace in the in the shower's spray until every pink inch of her once-flawless skin was thoroughly cleansed, Parker dreamt of the day when she'd avenge her loss to Reese - and punish Heather. So arousing are the images of their sexy bodies as she crushed them into submission that Parker reached down to caress her womanhood as her other hand sensuously stroked her breasts.

As the satisfying visions become more vivid, so did her efforts to stimulate herself become more intense until finally, with a deep moan, a torrent of her female love honey burst from her pussy. Parker relaxed and finished washing herself after her orgasmic delight. She knew deep down, however, that no pleasure would compare to what she'd feel at putting Heather in her place at her feet and taken her revenge on Reese.

For now, however, it was time for Parker to get ready for to party. She dried off and left the shower heading toward her locker with the security officer keeping a close eye on her whenever it was proper to do so. Parker was looking forward to slipping into something dainty and decadent. Entering the combination for her locker, a thoroughly cleansed and refreshed Parker opened it up and fished through her bag for the captivating clothing she planned to wear this evening.

One by one, she removed the articles and adorned herself in them, savoring the sensation of her black seamed nylons delicately sliding up her legs, the garter belt that held them up hugging her sensuous waist, the various pieces of lacy lingerie caressing her heavenly privates so tenderly, her silky see through black dress clinging ever so tight to her sweet little bod, and finally the straps of her stiletto heels wrapping sinfully around her petite ankles.

Tonight, Parker would dance the night away as a self-respecting Party Girl should, putting the events of this fateful day behind her - for the time being. A day would come, and soon, when she'd win back her bikini and robe Reese had taken as tokens of her victory. More importantly, Parker would win back the pride she lost to Reese Witherspoon - at all costs!

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