Laura Prepon vs. Kimora Lee Simmons by Mr. Chris

Two Amazons stood in their respective corners of the ring, awaiting the opening bell. And they WERE truly Amazons; two of the taller women you’ll be likely to see facing each other in physical combat. In one corner, standing fully six feet tall, Kimora Lee Simmons, the former fashion model and the lead designer for her company, ‘Baby Phat.’ In the opposite corner stood the flame haired, 5’10” tall, actress, Laura Prepon. This is a special “challenge match” arising out of a recent incident...

Kimora Lee, her boyfriend, and 'best girlfriend' Tyra Banks were having drinks at one of those 'exclusive' new clubs in downtown LA. Boyfriend left to go to the restroom and on his way back, he was grabbed by big Laura Prepon. Either Laura was drunk or she really had the hots for him - or both - but she began to seductively fondle him, loosening his tie, unbuttoning his shirt, etc.

When Kimora saw what was going on from across the room, she went ballistic! Getting off her barstool, she told Tyra, “Oh, I’m gonna beat that bitches ass like a red-headed stepchild!!”

She began to storm toward Laura but Tyra caught up with her and took a strong grip on Kimora’s forearm. “Whoa, girlfriend! Think about this. You already got a rap sheet; including possession of weed, eluding an officer and reckless driving. You don’t need an assault and battery charge too.”

“It’s self-defense! She’s assaulting my man!” replied Kimora, trying to pull away from Tyra’s iron grip.

“I’m not letting go!” said Tyra holding her firmly in place. “Besides, I’ve got a better idea!”

Still steaming and staring daggers across the room at “Big Red”, Kimora says between clenched teeth, “I’m listening.”

“OK,” said Tyra. “First - and you’re not going to like this but hear me out – don’t do anything at all. That woman is a big, mean fucking bitch! She’s beaten girls so bad they’ve ended up in the hospital. You’re tough, but I think she’s more than a match for you. Shit girl, I’m a stronger fighter than you and I can tell you; I’m not eager to get in a brawl with her, so just back the fuck off.”

“Not an option,” growled Kimora.

“Then find a way to beat her ass legally,” Tyra said. “Someplace where you can beat the shit out of a celebrity and the law won’t touch you.”

“Well, that could be the Catfight Resort. Or are you talking about me challenging her in a FEMWAR match?” asked Kimora.

“Fewer spectators at the Resort; more people will see a televised match,” shrugged Tyra.

Kimora made her choice. Fast-forward a few weeks and the two women find themselves here in the FEMWAR arena as the announcer begins, “Ladies and Gentlemen, next up we have a special challenge match, first, in this corner, the challenger,” he points to the dusky beauty. “Standing six feet tall and weighing 134 pounds…KIMORA LEE SIMMONS!”

Kimora steps forward wearing a black leather thong and nothing at all up top. She raises her hand and receives a lot of support from the crowd. Raven-haired and almond-eyed, she has those beautifully exotic looks; a ‘Tiger Woods genetic cocktail’ can give a gal; half Asian and half African-American. For someone so tall, she still manages to be curvaceous and since she’s topless there’s no doubt at all that she sports a good-sized pair of breasts. Then there’s those impossibly long legs – one of a few female celebrities who claim membership in the “42-inch” club (others include wrestler Stacy Keibler and porn star Brianna Banks). Kimora restlessly stirs in her corner, pacing about like a bull pawing the ground before goring some poor victim.

“And in this corner, the challenged party,” he points to a young red-headed Caucasian beauty whose nearly as tall as Kimora. “Standing 5’10” tall and weighing 135 pounds, LAURA “BIG RED” PREPON!”

Laura leans back in her corner ignoring the boos and jeers that greet the mention of her name. She’s heartily disliked by the fans. Her red hair flowing freely, the busty young actress tonight wears a butterscotch plaid bikini. She looks exceptionally fit, as she should given that among her hobbies are gymnastics, tennis, ballet, ice-skating, golf -- and of course there’s her sexy rasslin’ in FEMWAR matches.

Prepon, although five years younger than Kimora Lee, is the more experienced when it comes to organized fights so the odds-makers have installed Big Red as their favorite tonight.

DING-DING! The bell rings and the match begins. Kimora attacks immediately, bounding toward Laura so quickly the redhead is surprised. Kimora lands a couple of solid body punches before Laura can raise her defenses. But even with clenched fists covering her face, the ferocity of the attack is such that Kimora slams several rapid fire punches into Laura’s face that drop the big actress to her knees. Then Kimora Lee decks her with a savage uppercut that knocks the redhead onto her back.

The tall, raven-haired beauty stands over the prostrate redhead with fists clenched; her naked breasts heaving excitedly as she yells, “Get up! Get up and fight! I’ve gotta a lot more to dish out, bitch!”

But Laura grabs Kimora’s ankle and yanks, toppling the almond-eyed Amazon to the mat beside her. Both scramble to their feet and Laura backs away to collect herself. Kimora raises her arms, the traditional invitation to a Test of Strength. Laura accepts and they carefully entwine their hands and glare hatefully into each other’s eyes. It’s a rare sight to see 5’10” Laura Prepon have to raise her head to look an opponent in the eye, but that’s what she must this night facing six foot Kimora Lee!

Their arms tense and their leg muscles bulge as the titanic struggle begins. For a few moments they strain without either moving and Laura is shocked by the strength of her fashion designer foe. The big redhead arches her back, putting more power behind her effort and soon, almost imperceptibly at first, Kimora’s arms seem to waver a little and then slowly start to get pushed down. Just at that moment, Kimora rips her right hand out of Laura’s grasp, grabs Laura’s right arm in both hands and twists it around and levers it up behind her back into a Hammerlock. She yanks up so hard with both hands that Laura lets out a shocked cry of pain.

Kimora whispers into the actress’s ear, “I’m gonna whip your ass, bitch; but I’ll take my time doing it. Understand?”

Again the tall, dusky, beauty levers up on the Hammerlock but the formidable Jersey girl is gyrating and twisting, squirming and wriggling trying to escape. Kimora realizes she can’t maintain the Hammerlock, so she converts it to a Full Nelson which she augments with a fistful of Laura’s long, red hair. Kimora presses down on the back of Laura’s neck as she raises her elbows, forcing Laura’s arms up harmlessly, shaking and jerking her around and making her arms flop around like a puppet’s.

Laura tries to bend over in an effort to lift Kimora off her feet, a tactic that usually works with other opponents so she can ram her back into a turnbuckle. But Kimora's so tall she’s able to maintain her footing on the mat. Then she reverses the situation and pulls back, lifting Laura off the mat with the Full Nelson, shaking the red head back and forth a few times before she drops Laura on her ass on the mat!

Kimora struts around the ring, flexing her arms as she accepts the cheers of the crowd, most of whom are pleasantly surprised at the way the match has gone thus far. Meanwhile, Laura has risen to her feet, her face beet red as she turns to confront this opponent who has dared to try to show her up. ‘Big Red’ does not look happy!

Kimora reels around and attacks with a Martial Arts Kick to the head but Laura ducks. The raven-haired six-footer quickly closes the distance and drives a sharp Judo Chop to the side of the actresses neck, dropping her like a ton of bricks. The fashion diva kicks Laura onto her back, then steps on Laura’s upper arms with both feet. The tall, proud, Black woman reaches down and pulls Laura’s butterscotch plaid bikini top off and casts it aside leaving them both topless! But Kimora doesn’t stop there!

She reaches down again and this time she grabs two handful of big pale boobs, one fistful with each hand, then begins to pull up with a Titty Stretcher! The redhead lets out a horrified shriek of distress as Kimora, after stretching them out to their limit, and perhaps a little beyond, eases off slightly…then cruelly yanks up again, trying to tear them off. This time, Laura really lets out a wild scream as she arches her back, trying in vain to lessen the pressure.

Kimora releases the Titty Stretcher and stands straddling Laura’s head with her hands on her hips, haughtily surveying the damage she’s wrought!. Laura is in a daze, mentally benumbed by the great pain inflicted on her sensitive mammarys as her pale skin now glows bright red. Kimora drops to one knee, the other knee raised, her thigh parallel to the mat. She lifts Laura’s body and drapes it over her raised thigh, face down, then pulls down Laura’s bikini bottom and leaves it bunched around her knees. The young redhead is completely naked as Kimora holds her with one hand on the back of her head and the other on the small of her back.

“I said I’d beat any bitches ass if she flirted with my boyfriend! Well, I’m a woman of my word!”

Kimora brings her hand down SPLAT on Laura’s bare bottom. SLAP. SPANK. SMACK. Each spank causes a grimace of pain from Laura who is trying to tough it out. SPANK. SWAT. WHACK. Kimora grins with satisfaction. For Laura, as much as the spanking stings, it’s the humiliation of being put over her knee and spanked like a child that is far worse. But she hardens herself and refuses to let the tears escape that are welling in eyes, despite the pain and the shame. At some point, while Laura is kicking her legs in protest, her bikini bottom goes sailing off into the crowd.

After about twenty WHACKs, Kimora raises her hand all the way, then brings it down in one big final SPLAAAT that knocks Laura off her thigh and sends her sprawling on the mat.

So far, the match has been one-sidedly in Kimora’s favor, but she’s not taking any chances. She knows she should start winding things up and get the fight over with so she drags Laura’s head up by her red locks and wedges it tight between those long lean thighs of her 42-inch legs. She gives a quick pulse of power causing Laura to cry out. Then leans forward andwraps her arms around Laura’s torso, clasping her hands under her belly button. Grunting with effort, Kimora lifts the redhead upside down, then with a little hop, she Piledrives the tall young actresses head into the unyielding mat.

An experienced celeb fighter, Laura, like most has undergone special neck and back strength conditioning to lessen the impact of any Piledriver they may have the misfortune to be subjected to. Still, she sees flashing spots and she is in pain and moving slowly.

Kimora straightens Laura’s body out, then snakes her long legs around the redhead’s bare midriff and begins to squeeze. A Leg Scissors using legs as long and strong as Kimora’s generates its own unique kind of pressure and pain – the thigh muscles are just that much longer and impact upon a greater surface area on the victim. Laura’s really feeling the pressure as she strains with all her might to maintain her abdominal wall intact against the closing vise and as Kimora bears down with the Scissors as hard as she can, the scene presents the interesting contrast with Laura’s milky-white stomach being cut in half by the long, coffee-toned limbs of her tormentress.

Kimora decides to add a new element to her hold, grabbing Laura’s hair and pulling her head under her bare breasts. She keeps pulling and tugging – while maintaining the constricting scissors – until Laura’s face is buried by Kimora’s formidable boobs.

“Lights out time, you man-stealing ho!” Kimora announces as she hugs Laura’s face tight to her bosom and pressures the Waist Scissors at the same time.

“AAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE…..” A scream like that of a wild jungle cat, reverberates through the arena. To the surprise of all, it’s Kimora who starts frantically trying to push Laura’s head away from her breasts. Laura’s fangs can be seen clamped onto Kimora’s boobs, worrying them like a dog with a bone! Kimora starts beating on the actresses head, but Laura’s jaws remain clamped tight like a snapping turtle’s, her teeth sunk into Kimora’s tender tit tissue.

The crowd holds their breath until a desperate Kimora is finally able to force Laura to release her bite as they separate, thin rivulets of blood can be seen streaking the undersides of the fashion diva’s bouncing breasts. Going into a paroxysm of rage, Kimora screams, “YOU DIE NOW!”

Kimora scrambles up and goes bounding after Laura who is shakily to her feet as well. When the rampaging Kimora gets close, ‘Big Red’ sidesteps, turns and clamps a Side Headlock on Kimora, wrenching the hold as she bends the tall Black woman over at the waist. Laura holds the raven-haired beauty’s head tightly to her side against one of her large breasts as she slowly forces Kimora to walks around the ring, occasionally pausing to give the Headlock a hard, wrenching twist, forcing muffled “UNGHH” grunts from Kimora.

Laura uses this time to regain her energy; the fight thus far had taken a lot out of her and she needs to get recharged if she hopes to be competitive. When she feels she has sufficiently recovered, she re-adjusts her grip to a three-quarter Facelock and executes a Snap Mare that brings Kimora down to the mat on her back! The lanky red head grabs a fistful of black hair and Hairhauls her back up.

“You’ve been dishing it out,” says the husky-voiced Jersey girl. “Let’s see if you can take it!”

WHAM! She drives a big Right Cross to Kimora’s chin that crosses her eyes as it sends the big Black beauty reeling. Laura pursues, fists raised; poking a snapping Left Jab at Kimora who flinches. Then Laura unleashes another big Right Hook to the fashionista’s face that nearly decapitates her! Few women on the circuit pack a more powerful right-handed punch than Prepon and aside from the few such as Theron, Bell and Biel, not many are her equal for that matter!

For the next few minutes Laura puts on a boxing clinic, brutally and methodically taking poor Kimora apart. The almond-eyed beauty tries to defend herself and counter punch, but she’s nowhere near as experienced as Laura and is quickly overwhelmed by the strength and accuracy of ‘Big Red’s’ attack. Laura continues to batter Kimora, backing her up across the ring with PEK! PEK! PEK! jabs; firing breath-taking shots at her body that make Kimora grunt from the impact; then when Kimora has to drop her hands to defend her body, CRACK, Laura rocks the Black Beauty with hard shots to the head.

Finally, Kimora disgraces herself when she turns tail and tries to run away! Prepon smirks contemptuously and shoves Ms. Simmons face first into a corner turnbuckle. Then Laura really goes to work; displaying her inate cruelty by pounding the big Black woman’s back and kidneys; pummeling her with fist after fist until Kimora begins to sob for mercy! Laura grabs Kimora’s shoulders and spins her around to face her, then drives a flurry of Punches into Kimora’s belly. Laura’s fists go deep into the once-firm abs and each THUD makes Kimora’s cheeks puff out as the air is driven from her failing body. Finally, Laura steps back, letting Kimora fold over in agony, her hands clutching her belly.

Grinning, Laura brings down a crushing two-fisted Ax-handle down between her shoulder blades WHAM! Kimora crumples to the mat on her knees, her bowed head bobbing up and down between Laura’s knees as if in supplication. Laura Hairhauls the teary, wheezing, breathless, Black beauty back up on her long, unsteady legs and holds her at arms length by the hair, glaring menacingly at her now cowed and compliant victim.

Her lips quivering, tears streaking her cheeks, Kimora whimpers, “Puh…pluh….pleeeze…no…no more...”

“Aw c’mon,” pouts Laura playfully. “I’m just getting started having fun!” She winds up and POW drives an uppercut to the chin that buckles the taller woman’s knees. Laura steps forward and catches Kimora’s slumping body in her arms, wraps her up tight and then begins to squeeze the Bearhug. “Time to break a few ribs,” she says cheerfully.

She constricts her strong arms around the torso of her raven-haired opponent. The pressure soon becomes intense. Kimora starts getting scared, not knowing what’s going to snap first: her ribs or her spine. She wriggles in Laura’s powerful grasp. Then for no apparent reason Laura releases the Bearhug and drops Kimora to the mat. The big redhead then proceeds to viciously stomp Kimora’s body and while Kimora tries desperately to twist, roll or turn aside or ward off the stomps with her flailing hands, all her efforts are to no avail.

“Want me to stop?” Laura asks. “OK. Upsy-daisy.” The young actress dragged her taller foe off the mat, then once more clapped a powerful, tight Bear Hug around her.

“Oh God no!” Kimora gasped piteously, as once more she was trapped in Laura’s crushing Bearhug.

Laura looks at her with the cold lifeless eyes of a shark and says, “This time I really am gonna break a rib.” She pours on the pressure at her 100% strength level. Kimora screams. And then there is an audible SNAP like a carrot being broken in two. Kimora goes limp in the big redhead’s arms. Laura lifts her up off the ground and swings her back and forth like a ragdoll, then lets Kimora collapse in a heap to the mat where the dusky beauty moved slowly, moaning with the effort.

Laura kicked Kimora onto her stomach and mounted her back, gathered up Kimora’s limp and unresisting arms and tucked them back over her knees. Clasping her interlaced fingers under Kimora’s chin, Laura slowly begans to pull her head and shoulders up and back, the Camel Clutch! Kimora, already dazed with pain, is only dimly aware of what’s happening but she’s powerless to stop it The powerful Prepon continues to pull up and back, bending Kimora’s spine into an ever sharper and scarier curve.

Kimora has never felt such pain - or fear - and she panics. “I submit! Please, I submit! Stop I beg you!”

The referee finally puts a stop to the slaughter and Laura releases the Camel Clutch. As Kimora’s upper body flops on the mat, Laura stands up and poses with her foot on Kimora’s ass while her arm is raised. “The winner, by submission, LAURA PREPON!”

The crowd boos this announcement and begins to get up to leave, unhappy at the outcome of a match, which had begun so promisingly. But Prepon still isn’t finished!

She kicked the prone Kimora over onto her back, then moved to Kimora’s head wher she bent forward and grabbed the defeated woman’s ankles. She raised those long, long legs up, then folded them back and down, Matchbooking Kimora’s legs with her feet on either side of her head. Laura reached out and pulled Kimora’s leather thong down around her knees, then dropped and planted her powerful posterior on Kimora’s blushing face, pinning the back of the calves to hold her Matchbooked legs down and framing Kimora’s visage.

‘Big Red’ bounced a few times, then reached forward and began to gently massage Kimora’s raised, bulging, exposed womanhood. The raven-haired fashion diva shudders as the mean-spirited redhead’s stroking and thrusting grows more forceful, more insistent as she vigorously fingers Kimora’s vulnerable vulva. Her body, against her will, starts to respond to the unwanted ministrations and as the fashionista’s arousal grows, Laura plunges three fingers down into the ever-moistening aperture at the core of Kimora’s womanhood.

Kimora can take no more. She suffers the ultimate humiliation, a forced orgasm at the hand of her conquorer and erupts in a mighty climax, her oozing juices slathering Laura’s triumphant hand. Laura had taken everything her taller opponent could dish out, but still came back strong to win yet another dominating victory. The other celeb fighters watching her performance, shuddered at the thought of having to face the big young redheaded thug.