Jamie Pressly's Payback #2: Brittany Daniel by Interac

The phone rang in a small, cramped apartment and after several rings, Jamie Pressly answered, listened briefly and smiled, "You got the information eh? Good. Yeah, I know the place; it'll be nice and empty. Brittany had better enjoy herself."

She hung up, hurriedly dressed in a denim top, dark blue jeans and sneakers, then ran to her car. When she got to the private club, she saw it only had a few tables set up around a stage in the middle. Brittany was sitting at the bar and the blonde turned around as she heard the door open. A smile creased her face on recognizing Jamie as their eyes locked. Brittany slid off her stool and removed her blouse. Jamie did the same, and then both walked out onto the dance floor nodding their heads.

"You truly want to get you're ass kicked, don't you Jamie?" Brittney purred cattily.

"I'm looking around and I don't see anyone here to help you beat me," Jamie snarlied. "There’s no Heigl, no Cuthbert and no Theron; and everyone knows, having your friends help is the ONLY way you could beat me!"

"Is that a fact?” Brittney grumbled. “Well, put up your hands and let's see how strong you are...unless you're afraid?"

Jamie took her up on her challenge and locked one hand, but as she raised her other arm, Brittany nailed her with a kick to the stomach, then grabbed Jamie by the hair and swung her around toward the stage. "Fuck that!” Brittney laughed. “I already know I'm stronger. Now I'm just going to beat you like I own you!"

Jamie pushed off the edge of the stage, but Brittney grabbed her by the shoulders and drove her knee up into the blonde’s stomach. Jamie doubled over and Brittany held onto her wrists and yanked them up, making Jamie scream as her arms were bent further back then should be. "Am I hurting you? Well it's just beginning for you Jamie." She let Jamie go, lifted her up straight and nailed a punch that draped the upper half of Jamie's body on the stage. Jamie lay there moving her jaw, then pushed herself the rest of the way up onto stage as Brittany looked over at the bartender and blew him a kiss as he watched the brawl with amazement.

"Look at her crawl away, she wanted this and now she realizes just how wrong she was,” Brittany told him as she jumped up on the stage.

But like a cat, Jamie kicked her feet out and swept Brittany’s legs out from under her. Brittany hit the stage with a loud SPLAT as her body dropped straight down on her belly and chest. Jamie had a sinister smile on her face as she lifted Brittany’s head with a handful of her blonde hair, then smashed it down on the stage twice before jumping down off the stage. Jamie stretched her arms, still feeling some pain from what Brittany had done, then turned around and grabbed Brittany by the ankles and fell backward, slingshotting the dazed blonde off the stage and sent her crashing down onto a table several feet away!

Jamie jumped back up to her feet and looked at the bartender whose hands were out of sight below the bar and laughed, "It's all about the end, and in the end I'm walking out of here and she’ll know better than to attack me."

Jamie swaggered over to Brittany who had slipped off the table and was on her hands and knees on the floor. Jamie jumped on her back and wrapped one arm around Brittany's throat. Brittany sat back on her heels and raised both hands trying to block it, mumbling "Fuck you; that won't happen."

Throwing her ass upward, Brittney threw Jamie off her back but Jamie quickly scurried away and hopped back to her feet. Brittany grabbed the table and pulled herself up and they glared at each other as they slowly now circled with their fists raised.

"You got so lucky the first time we fought Jamie, I beat you all around that ring,' Brittany said as she fired a right, which Jamie easily blocked.

"But I DID win the fight now didn't I,” Jamie hissed. “And you couldn’t take that and jumped me after I beat you and then joined in with Ashley," Jamie growled as she fired a punch, which was easily blocked by Brittany’s raised arm.

Brittany tried a counter punch, which hit Jamie in the cheek but Jamie, in pure reflex, nailed Brittney with her own punch. Brittany opened her hands and ducked, then lunged forward, grabbing Jamie by the hair, twirling her around and throwing her toward the bar. Brittany followed Jamie in and as she hit the bar, Brittney swung at Jamie who barely ducked it and then straightened up under Brittany, burying her fist low and deep in Brittany's belly. As Brittany doubled over gasping, Jamie slipped around behind her she grabbed Brittany by the back of the neck, straightened her up and powered her face down on the bar. She tried to do it a second time, but Brittany got her hands on the bar and blocked it.

Brittany threw her elbow back into Jamie's strong six-pack abs and followed that by grabbing Jamie by the back of the head and slamming HER head on the bar. Reaching down, Brittany scooped Jamie up between the legs, heaved her up shoulder high and dumped her on the bar! Brittany jumped up on the bar just as Jamie got to her knees and when Brittany tried to grab her hair, Jamie slapped her hands away and nailed her with a hard left hook. Brittany’s head snapped to one side but she rocked back and hit Jamie with her own left cross, then went under and drove a right to the underside of Jamie's left breast that brought a squeal of pain from Jamie so Brittany repeated the punch, this time a left to Jamie’s right boob.

"Don't like that too much do you?” Brittany chuckled. “Well then, get up and lets find out what else you don't like."

As Brittany hauled Jamie back up to her feet, she slammed her fist into Jamie's boob again but Jamie brought her hands up and raked Brittany's eyes, then as she howled and tried to back away, Jamie grabbed her byt the back of the neck and pulled her back to her, pounding her knee into Brittany's stomach which knocked the wind out of her. Holding Brittany up, Jamie returned the favor by hammering Brittany's boobs with six rapid-fire punches, three to each bouncing breast!

"How do YOU like it Brittany Huh? Well tell me!" Jamie demanded as Brittany, her eyes filling with tears, dropped to her knees.

But from her knees, Brittany quickly grabbed Jamie around the knees and tripped her. Jamie landed on her back and Brittany reached up and grabbed Jamie's bra, ripping it down and then off! Jamie reached for Brittany's bra to retaliate and she pulled on it, hauling her up and ripping it off over her head. They each had a handful of the other's hair and were looking the other in the eyes. It was obviously pointless as neither would let the other go; so they both got up still holding onto their opponents hair.

Both women were already panting as Jamie said, "We can't do nothing up here, it's ..."

Before Jamie could finish," Brittany interrupted with a wry smile. "I agree, this is pointless."

They both carefully and tentatively eased off on their grip of the others hair. Brittany started to jump down off the bar but as she looked down, Jamie used her amazing balance to run at her and speared Brittany, knocking her off the bar. She hit the floor with a sickening THUD! While Jamie was also a little dazed from her attack, she shook her head and sat up grinning.

"Dumb bitch! I knew you’d fall for that one!"

Jamie hit Brittany with two thunderous punches, which forced Brittany to lift her arms in front of her face.

"Oh it's not going to be that easy," Jamie said as she got up and drove her foot down onto Brittany's stomach, causing her to jerk upward. Then Jamie smiled as she reached down, grabbing Brittany with one hand on her face and the other at the back of her hair and lifted the gasping, dazed and disoriented blonde to her feet. Running full speed, Jamie rammed Brittany into the wall so hard it knocked down several paintings.

Keeping her hand at Brittany's throat, Jamie brought her free hand down to her belt, unbuckled it and slammed her knee up into Brittany weakened stomach. Pulling her belt out of the loops, Jamie grabbed one of Brittany's wrists and lifted it over her head.\

"Now Mrs. Pretty Wimpy Thing, it's time for me to get even!"

Brittany fought with her free hand and nailed a kick to the inside of Jamie's thigh causing her to lose her balance as well as her grip on the belt; leaving it completely in Brittany's hand. She swung her arm downward and the leather cracked against Jamie’s bare back THWACK!

That famously smug grin returned to Brittany's full lips at the welcome sound of Jamie’s scream as she tried to scramble away on her hands and knees in disbelief that she’d gone from having the fight won to being whipped!. Five more times Jamie was whipped as she scrambled to her feet, then again once she was upright, knocking her forward sprawling across a tabletop where she was hit once more! Brittany pressed one hand on the back of Jamie's head, pinning her to the table as she used the other to unbutton Jamie's jeans.

Jamie tried to grab the belt, but Brittany nailed her with a punch to the back of her neck.

"Piss off, bitch! I'm not done yet," Brittany yelled as she pulled Jamie's pants down to her ankles.

Keeping a hand on Jamie's back, Brittany hauled back her arm, but as she tried to start spanking Jamie's perfect ass, Jamie grabbed an ashtray off the table and flung it back over her head, hitting Brittany in the forehead and getting ash in her eyes.

Jamie jumped grabbed Brittany’s arm, trapping it as she rolled over onto her ass and kicked both feet out into Brittany's stomach. The blonde doubled over gasping for air, allowing Jamie to wrestle the belt away from her. Using a quick move, Jamie threw Brittany face down on the floor and began to viciously whip her across her shoulders, back, butt and legs as she writhed in pain.

"How do YOU like it?" Jamie screamed as Brittany tried to crawl away.

After the seventh slash, Brittany managed to crawl under a table as Jamie was tripped up in her own pants. While Jamie pulled her pants the rest of the way off, Brittany took the opportunity to get away and take off her own belt, removing her pants so she wouldn’t trip as Jamie had. Brittany stood up holding her belt, tears running down her flushed cheeks and wearing nothing but a red thong.

Jamie was back on her feet wearing only her black thong. Both tanned goddesses were breathing hard as they walked towards each other with sweat glistening on their magnificent bodies as they raised their hands to whip the other.

With their first swings, each hit the other across the breasts! They both grimaced and then they screamed obscenities as they begain to go crazy, swinging wildly and hitting each other all over their face and bodies. It went on for two minutes before exhaustion set in and the pain became too much. The belts slipped from their hands as they both dropped to their knees. Brittany reached for Jamie's belt, but Jamie swept it away as she dove for Brittany’s belt but that too was kicked away as they struggled on the floor over it.

They ended up lying on the floor kicking at the other with long, sweeping, weak kicks until Brittany finally asked, "Do you give up yet Jamie?" Somehow, both Brittany and Jamie got back to their feet; their bodies covered in red welts. Jamie’s lip was swollen and sheh had a cut over her eye. Brittany’s lip was sliced open and had blood streaming from a deep cut above her eye.

"Fuck you Brittany!" Jamie hissed, shoving her adversary backward.

Brittany's back hit the stage and she turned around and climbed onto it. Seeing what she was doing, Jamie went to the far end of the stage where she too climbed up. They stumbled toward each other, both determined to end the fight. They slowly made their way to each other, trying to get their fists up and once they got close enough, Jamie nailed a thunderous punch that rocked Brittany. But couldn’t follow up because she hurt her hand. As she shook her fist, she looked up just as Brittany’s fist connected with the side of her face. Like Jamie, Brittany couldn’t follow up on her punch.

Brittany glared at Jamie who had regained her balance, "Whatever you can dish out, I can out do. I'm stronger than you and…"

CRACK! Jamie’s next punch buckled Brittany legs and she nearly fell as did Jamie who had to struggled to keep her balance. She did and knew this was the time and Jamie summoned her last reserves of energy.

"There’s no way you can beat me,” Jamie huffed. “I'm the toughest around. No woman yet has beaten me in a slugfest and you damn sure won't be the first!"

Jamie lifted her hand to punch but Brittany’s body arced upward as she put everything she had into an uppercut that lifted Jamie off her feet and sent her crashing down to her back. Jamie lay moaning in the sawdust of the barroom floor as Brittany put both hands on her knees and leaned over her.

"Well come on tough girl,” Brittany taunted. “Let's see you get up... "

The shock of seeing Jamie spread-eagled on her back restored Brittany’s energy and her eyes grew wide as she sensed victory. She lifted her foot and stomped down on Jamie's once strong abs, then ground it in.

"This’s end time now Jamie, I proved it to you punch for punch; now I'm gonna destroy you! Get the fuck up and take your beating like a woman!" Brittany pulled Jamie up by one arm and nailed her with a punch that sent Jamie reeling back against the piano. "Any other woman I’d have left them down and just slapped my boobs in their face or facesat them, maybe force them to satisfy me if they’re really cute. But all I want with you is for you to feel pain!" Jamie tried to sit up and punch Brittany, but she got hit first and went spun around, sprawling facedown on top of the piano. "Too slow Jamie; time to pay the piper." She lifted Jamie's head up and smashed it down on the piano top, once, and then did it again! She rolled Jamie over and looked down at her bloody face. "I know now I'm better! Here comes the real hurt, bitch!" She pushed Jamie away and she staggered toward the edge of the stage, barely able to stand up. "Remember the spear off the bar?" Brittany growled as she lowered her shoulder and ran full speed at Jamie, intending to spear her off the stage onto the tables below.

But Jamie stepped aside and, with a loud, “NOOOOOOOOO!” Brittany went flying over the edge of the stage and crashed hard on a table, smashing it and nearly knocking herself out in the process. Jamie collapsed on the stage, then rolled off the edge onto the floor.

“Yes I do," she said as she crawled towards Brittany and got on her back.

Jamie pulled Brittany’s head back and then slamming it on the tabletop. She did it again, muttering,"You had me, you dumb cunt. You had me beat and you blew it!" Jamie said as she slammed Brittany's head harder into the table. "My beautiful revenge, and I almost lost it." She was yelling louder after each time she sent Brittany's head slamming into the table and after the tenth one her eyes were red and she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

"You didn't win Brittany, I did!" Once more she slammed the blondes head. "I did, and now I have to find..."

Just then, a new voice interrupted Jamie, "I think she's had enough hon. And I believe the name you were about to say was mine."

"YOU!" Jamie looking up at Ashley Judd, letting Brittany's head drop with a dull THUNK! "What are you doing? Come to pick the bones? You wanna fight me now? I might look tired but..."

"Oh shut will you!” Ashley grumbled. “You are one of THE dumbest women around. Has it never occurred to you I've been the one setting all these fights up," Ashley sneered. "I was the one who let you know about Brittany and before her about Izabella. They both wanted you bad…not as much as me, but hey, I'm a patient girl."

"But you don't want to come down there and..."

"Kick your ass? No not yet. Soon Jamie. Soon enough I’ll kick your ass and end your talk about revenge! This all started because you got a lucky win over me and I swore revenge. I didn't ask for them to come at the challenge, I wanted to beat you myself. Now though, you’ve taken a beating and if I were to beat you, I wouldn't know if it was because of what Brittany did or because I'm really just that much better."

"You’re NOT better than me,” Jamie hissed. “But OK, let's wait. No excuses and…" Jamie nearly collapsed.

"She beat you,” Ashley pointed out. “But you got very lucky and got your victory. Your luck will run out when we fight, it’ll run out there for sure. Beat you later, you cheap trailer park slut."

As Ashley walked out, Jamie muttered, "We'll see, bitch. We’ll see!"

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