Victoria Principal, Kathie Lee Gifford and Linda Evans by TNT

"So tell me, was it fun doing the catfight scenes?" Kathie Lee asked Linda.

Linda smiled, and said, "Yeah, it was great...a lotta fun. I mean, I love to get physical," Kathie Lee smiled.

Then she asked Victoria the same question.

"I think it's very unladylike to roll around pulling hair," Victoria said with a half smile. "It's just unsophisticated."

Victoria crossed her beautiful long legs as she adjusted her tight silky blouse, appearing a bit nervous. Kathie Lee secretly enjoyed every minute of the impromptu interview. She'd invited the Victoria and Linda to the set early, before taping, because she had a hidden agenda. Kathie Lee wanted to work the lovely Linda over...because....well, because she hated the lovely blonde. Kathie Lee wanted to know if she could take her. You see, Kathie Lee's hatred of blondes ran deep; her hubby Frank had a special interest in blondes!

A week earlier, Kathie Lee found that, like her, Victoria also despised Linda. A phone call, a little underhanded planning and she and Victoria were prepared to teach Miss Linda a very painful lesson. Victoria had disliked Linda for as long as she knew her. she always thought Linda was a bully and wished that Joan Collins would "kick her ass royally" sometime - the sooner the better.

Now, most folks didn't know that, quite secretly, Victoria loved to catfight. Once at a party she'd taken her costar, Linda Gray, in the ladies room and...Let's just say that a wisecrack by Linda brought a hard back-hand, followed by some vicious hair-pulling. The lovelies went at it furiously until Linda ended up topless with sore breasts for several weeks.

But when it came to blondes, Victoria had severe dislike...bordering on hatred...especially young, uppity types. She'd gotten it on with nubile Charlene Tilton in the swimming pool on the "Dallas" set. Oh, Charlene had a small victory; she'd succeeded in ripping Victoria's sexy one-piece swimsuit down clean to her waist and mauling her lovely breasts. But her success had been brief and in the end, lovely young busty blond Charlene had nearly been drowned by the older, more experienced Victoria. The unfortunate young blonde lost her entire bikini, some of her beautiful hair and a very, very large part of her dignity to the angry Victoria. Indeed, Charlene had never again been featured on either Dallas, or any other program.

So here we have three beautiful women seeming to be enjoying the interview. Remember, this was the eighties when "Dallas" and "Dynasty" were the top evening soap-operas on primetime TV. Their characters had it all; extravagant lifestyle, greed, revenge, jealousy, and of course, "all-out" catfights! Linda and Kathie Lee had worn beautiful, short, tight dresses while Victoria had a short skirt and beautiful sheer blouse...

"What's legal in a catfight anyway? Are there rules?" Kathie Lee asked as she rose from her chair.

Linda stood up also and, after looking around seemingly confused, Victoria did the same. But she slyly slithered close up behind Linda while the blondes attention was on Kathie Lee.

"Well, if you're asking what's allowed, I can demonstrate," Linda said, with a giggle as she stepped up to Kathie Lee and a feisty, fiery, look suddenly flashed in her eyes. "Most fights start with a push," Linda said as she suddenly gave Kathie Lee a quick, hard shove.

Caught off guard, Kathie Lee stumbled back and almost lost her balance. Her face flushed with embarrassment, Kathie Lee decided now was the time....

"Does the fight ever start like THIS?" she snarled as she delivered a wicked backhand to Linda's face.

The blonde screamed as she now stumbled backward. Victoria grabbed two handfuls of Linda's hair as Kathie Lee moved in for the kill.

"Stop! Keep away from me," Linda screamed as Kathie Lee began to slap her and pound her stomach, ribs, and breasts with her fists while laughing and saying, "Is THIS legal in a catfight? How about THIS?"

Linda squirmed frantically to break away from Victoria's strong grasp but Kathie Lee grabbed the front of her dress and ripped...

"NOOOOOO!" Linda shrieked as Kathie Lee grabbed onto the large, firm, full breasts as they fell into her hands, squeezing through Linda's sheer lace cups. "Stop,,,pleaseeeee!" she whined.

Kathie Lee's strong fingers twisted Linda's breasts out of the bra cups and then she clamped down hard on the stiff brown nipples. In sheer desperation, Linda managed to bring her knee up hard into Kathie Lees groin....THUD! The lovely interviewer released her tit hold as she shrieked in sheer agony. With a burst of energy, Linda broke from Victoria's grasp, spun around and sank a well-aimed fist deep into the Dallas beauties stomach. As Victoria started to double over, Linda socked her in the jaw!

"Now bitch! I'll show you what IS allowed!" Linda screamed at Kathie Lee.

She punched the dazed interviewer in the face...twice before she grabbed her by the hair and yanked her to her feet. Several slaps, a couple more punches...then WHAM! She slammed Kathie Lee back into a wall.

"Ughhh!" Kathie Lee groaned.

Linda reached up and latched onto Kathie Lee's two large and beautiful breasts, sinking her talons deep into the soft globes of flesh, squeezing hard as her fingernails pierced the sheer fabric of her dress and then the bra cups.

"Arghhhhh!" Kathie Lee wailed as she squirmed in agony.

Linda rammed a knee into her rival's groin and as Kathie Lee shriveled in pain, Linda ripped her dress down to the waist, baring Kathie Lees sheer, over-stuffed black lace bra. Her eyes blurred from tears, Kathie Lee looked up to see Victoria coming up fast....POW! Victoria landed a wicked blow smash to Linda's kidneys and the blondes face blanched and turned pale. Victoria wrestled Linda to the floor at Kathie Lee's feet.

"Get her Victoria!" Kathie Lee shouted as she leaned on the wall with her hands on her knees gasping for air as her friend tore into Linda. Kathie Lee rubbed her sore breasts, then briefly tried to repair a broken shoulder strap of her bra. Finally, she shrugged and pulled the bra off entirely and dropped it on the floor.

"To hell with that," she thought as she moved in to join the action.

Kathie Lee laughed as she watched Victoria ripping Linda's loose bra off and when her firm breasts were free, begin to slap them.

"Pinch 'em, Vic!" she cheered. "Hell, twist 'em off!" she added with a cruel sneer.

She'd given the same treatment to two of Frank's blonde bimbos and knew a thing or two about dishing out pain and humiliation. Victoria needed no encouragement, in fact she seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself; squeezing, twisting, pulling and pinching Linda's breasts and pulling on her stiffening nipples.

"Please, that's enough, STOP!" Linda squealed as tears filled her eyes.

Linda was a mess; her hair was disheveled, her beautiful make-up smeared; her pantyhose laddered and her long, lovely legs thrashed wildly as she tried to buck Victoria off of her. Her dress had worked clear up to her waist during the brief struggle, a very erotic sight that Kathie Lee was enjoying...feeling strangely warm as she watched the action on the floor at her feet.

"Okay, I think you've had enough," Victoria smiled. "Here, this one's for Joan!"

Victoria's fist came in like a rocket and it was lights out for the Dynasty Diva! She gave her the unconscious blondes breasts a slow squeeze before she got up, brushed her hair back away from her face and smoothed her tight blouse over her heaving breasts.

Then she turned to Kathie Lee and said with a mischievous grin, "Well, that was quite fun, wasn't it?"

Kathie Lee looked down and couldn't help but notice Victoria's stiff nipples which were threatening to explode through the front of her already strained blouse. Kathie Lee smiled and figured Victoria must have felt the same excitement and enjoyment from her battle that she'd felt herself. Suddenly, Kathie Lee felt a tingle of nervousness - no, down-right uneasy - as Victoria moved toward her.

"Think YOU can take me, Kathie?" Victoria said as Kathie Lee backed away slowly. "Remember, ANYTHING goes!" Victoria shouted as she lunged at Kathie Lee.

"Oh, NOOOO!" Kathie Lee shrieked as Victoria buried her fingers in her hair. Victoria's charge knocked Kathie Lee off balance and the two women tumbled to the carpet. They rolled around in sensuous flurry of straining arms and gorgeous stockinged legs; two beauties pulling hair, slapping, punching, scratching and cussing as they tore at each others clothes as they battled an all out war.

Within minutes, Victoria's skirt was up around her slender waist and once she had her exposed, Kathie Lee's ripping talons turned Victoria's sheer panty-hose to sexy Swiss Cheese. But Victoria also scored as she yanked down Kathie Lee's black bra and released her beautiful left breast which she noted was capped by a dark aureole and an erect nipple.

"Augghhh!" Kathie Lee yelped as Victoria pinched the hard thick stiff nipple painfully, twisting her wrist with skill honed by years of practice in the dressing rooms of countless movies and TV shows. But Kathie Lee retaliated with a rapid-fire series of punches and slaps that sent Victoria reeling. As Victoria stumbled and fell on her back, Kathie Lee straddled her, sitting on her stomach and shredding the Dallas beauties sheer blouse, sending buttons flying in all directions. She yanked Victoria’s bra loose, then worked her fingers under the cups and squeezed, hard, getting a firm pinching grip on those long, dark, exquisitely firm nipples. Victoria screamed as she squirmed frantically, but the bigger, heavier, Kathie Lee wrestled her down and wrapped her legs around her waist.

"I think I CAN take you, sweetie!" Kathie Lee snarled into Victoria's ear pink ear.

"I'm not done YET, bitch!" Victoria gasped as she reached down and delivered an agonizing painful scratch to Kathie Lee’s tender thigh, shredding her stockings.

Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Kathie Lee yelped as her pale flesh was shredded by Kathie Lee’s press-on nails.

Victoria reached up, grabbed Kathie Lee’s head and, with a sudden burst of energy, flipped Kathie Lee over onto her back. A few well-placed punches and suddenly Victoria was back in control. She straddled Kathie Lee’s waist, a cruel grin causing her full lips to curl.

"No need for this any longer?" Victoria announced with a sneer as she ripped away Kathie Lee’s black bra and flung it away. "Remember THIS tactic? How’s THIS feel, hon?" she giggled as she clamped onto Kathie Lees full breasts and crushed them in her strong grip. "Remember,” she laughed. “AnyTHING goes!"

Kathie Lee screamed, squirmed, screamed again and bucked furiously, her long, sexy, silk-clad legs flailing and kicking wildly as she tried to escape her tormentor.

"Ummmmm. Such nice firm little nips!" Victoria sneered as she yanked at Kathie Lees rock-hard nipples.

Puh….puh…please! Not my precious boobies,” Kathie Lee squealed. “OW! OUCH! Hey, that hurts! NOOOOOO!"

Victoria's strong fingers kneaded her rivals firm breasts like bread dough. Victoria leaned back and forced a hand down between Kathie Lee’s thighs, working her fingers closer and closer to their ultimate target. The place from which all catfights are won…or lost!

"Aieeeeeee! NO!" Kathie Lee shrieked in agony.

Only the two of them knew what was happening. After several minutes of "rack torture" and other agonies too personal to detail in a family forum, Victoria finally released her sobbing opponent, stood up slowly and let Kathie Lee’s agonized, muscle-straining body to slump panting and gasping to the floor.

After several minutes, Kathie Lee slowly climbed to her feet, her head bowed submissively as she rubbed her throbbing breasts and burning pussy. Meekly, she looked at Victoria, sighed and admitted she was beaten with a soft whimper. She turned to leave, but then, suddenly and without warning....

Kathie Lee lunged at Victoria and swung her fist in a wild, roundhouse punch. Victoria ducked, but not quick enough! She received a glancing blow that rocked her back on her heels. Kathie Lee swept her arm up, wrapping them around Victoria’s torso in a tight bearhug. Mistake! No, make that a BIG mistake!

The two beauties lush bodies melded into each other; four gorgeous breasts mashed together, soft breast-flesh mushrooming; biceps bulging; long, beautiful back muscles straining; lovely faces contorting in agonized, straining expressions; four stiff, erect, rock-hard nipples piercing and thrusting in their own ‘battle-dance.’

"Ughhhhhh! Ohhhhh!"

Two mature beauties at the apex of womanly sexual maturity moaned and groaned. Kathie Lee grew queasy, weak, dizzy. Everything was growing hazy, her vision blurry.

"Ohhhh! Uhhhhhh!" Victoria moaned as she tightened her grip.

Kathie Lee felt Victoria's breasts overwhelming hers. Her spine creaking from the strain of Victoria’s powerful hug.

"You're mine now, you smug bitch!" Victoria snarled.

Kathie Lee began to weaken, her biceps tightened; Kathie Lee screamed - then…everything went dark!

An hour later…

"Well lookie here!" the security guard said to his companion. “This’s some sight. Damn! I wish we had a camera.”

And what a sight it was! A near naked Linda Evans and a naked Kathie Lee Gifford tied together with they own bras and pantyhose.

“That’s one sweet sight, even for the eighties," his partner sighed. “Guess we SHOULD untie them?”

“Yeah, sure we should. Otherwise WE could git in trouble. Only thing is…” the first guard mused. “Who the hell tied them up like that?”