Tara Reid vs. Kari Wuhrer (Video by Allyson Hannigan) by Blizzard

Ahhhh, Carson Daly, that lucky bastard! The MTV personality has much to be thankful for. The network has made him famous - he should certainly be grateful for that. With his success he's had the opportunity to date beautiful starlets, most notably Jennifer Love Hewitt. But alas, the tabloids feast on celebrity couples and Carson and Jen weren't immune. Soon, the lovebirds were history.

Enter Tara Reid! The 5'6" long haired blonde of the 'American Pie' movies hooked up with the bachelor, much to Jen's chagrin. Tensions between the actresses escalated, culminating with Tara beating the hell out of Ms. Hewitt in Mexico at an MTV shoot. Then came Mena Suvari. Tara's 'American Pie' costar suffered a humiliating loss to Tara, establishing Tara's reputation as a vicious catfighter.

Daly was thrilled with his new lady's prowess and proposed marriage in October 2000. Once again the tabloids reared their ugly heads and their joyous engagement was reduced to rubble amid lurid accounts of infidelity on both sides. They split although Tara kept close tabs on her former husband-to-be.

Cut to the MTV reunion party and ex-MTV personality Kari Wuhrer! Juicy tidbits of a possible tryst between Carson and Kari found their way to Tara, enraging the bitchy blonde. Unable to quell her anger, Tara called Kari one afternoon and angrily "requested" the slender 5'6" brunette to come over that evening, to discuss her relationship with Carson.

Kari laughed but quickly accepted, knowing full well she was headed for a showdown. Tara, exhilarated with her acceptance, phoned another 'American Pie' costar, Allyson Hannigan. She explained her situation and asked the cute little redhead to come over to videotape her thrashing Kari as a surprise gift to Carson. Allyson was reluctant.

"Gee, Tara, are you sure you can handle her?" Allyson teased, trying not to let her voice betray her grin.

"Look Allyson, I destroyed those cunts Hewitt and Suvari. You saw that over-the-hill tramp Roseanna Arquette kicked Wuhrer's ass in the boxing ring?! Well, I'm gonna fuckin' tear that skinny, dark-haired whore a new asshole."

Allyson agreed despite the fact that Tara had left both she and Natasha Lyonne with a bad taste in their mouths after they appeared on the Howard Stern Show together. Tara had been a miserable bitch during the interview, at one point snapping at both Allyson and Natasha after Howard ruffled her feather's. When Tara hung up, she cackled with delight. Carson would shit when he saw the tape.

The grandfather clock had just chimed 8:30 when Tara and Allyson heard Kari's car in the driveway. Tara had spent the last half-hour pacing back and forth across a cleared area on her living room carpet.

"I was afraid the bitch wasn't coming," she said with irritation. "She's a half-hour late."

Tare was set to skip pre-fight formalities, having already stripped down to her hi-cut purple cotton panties and bra. And she'd already pissed off Allyson, repeatedly instructing her how to tape the battle so everything would be 'perfect for Carson.'

Kari rapped once on the front door and when it opened under her knock, she walked into the house cautiously, stoping at the door to the living room. She was wearing spandex running shorts with a tight tank top that accentuated her shapely breasts. Kari stared at the blonde as she flicked her finger at Allyson, who had begun taping with a handheld vidcam.

"What's SHE doin' here?! 'Fraid to face me all by your lonesome?" Kari sneered.

Tara scoffed, "Allyson's here to videotape me kicking your skinny ass. It's my present to Carson."

Kari laughed and stepped out of her street clothes. She stood with her hands on her hips in a shiny black thong and matching bra. She jiggled her impressive tits with her hands as she lifted her breasts and let them drop to seat them firmly in the bra as she eyed Tara coolly.

"If I'd known it was Carson's birthday, I'd have given him a real special gift," she said, licking her lips lasciviously as she reached down and caressed her pussy.

Tara's face flushed beet red with anger.

"But I guess there's still time later tonight," finished Kari with a wink. "I can take the tape over and he can watch me undo you while I'm doing him. Yummy, bet that'll really make him hard!"

Tara's temper boiled as she curled her fingers and beckoned the brunette to step into the living room.

"Let's go, slut!" Tara hissed. "You're nothing but a two-bit tramp whose whole career has been 'straight-to-video' trash!"

Kari slowly approached Tara, piercing her with a cold stare as they circled, telling her, "This isn't about careers, Ms Pseudo-Tough Girl-Teeny Bopper bitch. This's about fighting so shut your filthy mouth and show me what you've got."

The women cautiously circled one another in the center of the room as Allyson recorded the determination on their faces while they faked and feinted. Tara and Kari were even in height and although Tara probably had a good 15 pounds on the brunette Kari had an obvious edge in fitness and muscle tone. The redheaded camerawoman felt a wave of excitement pass through her, goosepimpling her freckled frame. She was glad she'd agreed to accept Tara's challenge.

"Fuckin' cunt, I'll kill you!" Tara snarled, her hands in front of her face.

Kari mirrored her stance, carefully watching the younger woman.

"You've got a filthy mouth, blondie," she said in a low growl. "I oughta stick a bar of soap in it."

Tara lunged at her and clipped Kari with a quick jab to the chin, knocking her off balance. She followed with a hard punch that penetrated Kari's defense and cracked onto the side of her face. She cried out as she stumbled across the carpet, her body tilted to one side. Disoriented, Kari twisted and straightened back up to face the onrushing blonde. Tara stepped toward Kari with her fist cocked, ready to fire but Kari caught her coming in, with a snap kick between her tits that staggered Tara, sending the grunting blonde backpedaling and gasping for air.

Kari pursued, trying to shake off the effects of Tara's punches. As Kari closed on the blonde, Tara suddenly launched herself at her, driving low as if from a football stance. Tara drove a shoulder into Kari's midsection as she lifted her off her feet. Pumping her legs, Tara carried Kari back several steps. Then Tara slammed Kari to the carpet, hearing a whoosh of air from the brunette's lungs. Tara straddled her overwhelmed foe on her knees, grabbed two handfuls of brown hair and commenced to slam the back of Kari's head into the carpet.

"The only jamming going on tonight is your fuckin' head into my living room floor!" hissed Tara as she hammered the brunette relentlessly.

Kari yelped and her arms helplessly slapped against Tara's hips and back, unable to reach high enough to retaliate. The crazed blonde finally stopped, leaving Kari semi-conscious and stretched out beneath her moaning. Tara's eyes widened with excitement as she ogled Kari's superior breasts. With an animal growl, Tara viciously attacked them, yanking up Kari's bra until both tits dropped out of the cups. When Tara started to gouge and crush them with her fingers, Kari screamed in agony as she kicked her legs and her bare feet beat the floor. Allyson scrambled around to get her 'money shot' filming up between Kari's flailing legs at her crotch and Tara's ass and back as her elbows pumped up and down. "What a scene, Carson will love it, Allyson thought to herself.

"Are you proud of these, you fuckin' bitch?!" growled Tara, viciously torturing her rival's tender mammaries. "You think Carson's impressed by THESE?!"

Kari shrieked with pain drenched rage as she finally managed to reach Tara's smaller tits and dug her fingers into her bra. The attack drew a howling response from the blonde as she battled back with an assault on Tara's firm boobs.

"A lot more than he was by THESE, you cunt!" snarled Kari through her gritted teeth as she dug her nails into Tara's bra.

Kari pinched Tara's nipples with her thumb and forefinger, twisting and yanking and sending spasms of nauseating pain through her. Tara's screams grew deafening as the brunette took control in their breast battle. Unable to take any more abuse, Tara released Kari's tits and clawed at her girl's arms, desperate to break her hold on her tits.

Kari stared deliberately at her crumbling rival as she continued the torture until Allyson thought Kari was about to rip the blonde's nipples from her breasts. Allyson's heart pounded and panted through her moistened lips as she panned in to get a close-up of the face of the faltering blonde, making a sticky mess in her panties. She had secretly hoped it would be the bitchy blonde's destruction she would capture on tape instead of Kari's.

Tara was squealing and whimpering, the pain in her breasts unbearable. In desperation she swung her fists wildly toward Kari's face, one of them connecting with her chin. The brunette's hold was broken as she grunted and tried to protect her face, stunned and dazed by the punch. Tara got up and belly stomped Kari who jerked her knees up as she clutched her belly gasping for air.

"You like to eat pussy, huh bitch?" snarled Tara. "Oh yeah, I saw 'Kate's Addiction' and it looked to me that you were into your character a little TOO much. You aren't THAT good an actress not to."

Tara's feet framed Kari's head as she prepared to drop her cunt on the brunette's face. She was going to get off in more ways than one riding this bitch; Carson would so love to see this tape!

"I have one you can eat, fish face!" Tara hissed as she squatted down on her target.

Kari fought off the pain in her gut and snapped her hand up, raking and clawing the blonde's pussy through her damp panties. Tara's eyes widened and she shrieked as Kari dug in and held on tight. Kari pushed Tara up as she struggled to her feet to face face still holding her pussy in the claw hold.

"THIS nasty, slimy gash?" Kari growled! "Jeez, the stench is almost as irritating as your filthy mouth!" Kari spit as two of her fingers wedged into Tara's moist cunt.

Kari's other hand grabbed the blonde by the throat and backed her against the wall as her sharpened fingernails ripped and tore at the soft lining of Tara's pussy.

"You want someone to eat THAT," Kari hissed. "You better douche with a gallon of disinfectant first!"

Her hand crushed the blonde's throat, strangling her even as she abused her love nest. Allyson dropped to her knees as she zoomed in on Kari's hand, her fingers delving deep into Tara's crotch, as it jerked and pumped. The soft-bellied blonde was defenseless to resist her opponent's cruel intentions. With Kari holding her upright by the throat, her hands could only vainly paw the bicep of the arm Kari's was reaming her cunt with.

Tara's eyelids began to droop, her gurgling trailing off and her tongue protruded from her mouth. Kari was staring into her glazed eyes with cool confidence, watching calmly as the blonde bitches resistance collapsed. Kari eased up on the choke, her mind intent on totally humiliated the wimp and capturing it all on video tape. This was far from over for poor little Tara. Kari pulled her fingers out of the blondes dripping pussy and shot the camera a look of disgust.

"I should be wearing gloves," she said nastily, then wiped her slimy fingers on Tara's lolling tongue, forcing the blonde taste her own fluid.

Tara's face showed her revulsion as she frowned and spat in Kari's face. But still she looked at Kari forlornly, perhaps hoping for mercy - of course, she was granted none. Instead of mercy, Kari drove her fist deep in the blonde's belly then stepped back as she doubled over, groaning in agony and clutching her gut.

Kari snatched a handful of blonde hair and walked the bent over blonde to the center of the room. She stood behind Tara and snapped her foot up between her spread legs, traumatizing Tara's pussy again. The girl howled like a wounded animal as she dropped to her knees, her hands between her thighs, then slowly tilted forward as the brunette planted a foot between her shoulder blades and shoved her forward until she was stretched out face down on the carpet.

Tara gasped and groaned, her mouth frozen open and her eyes squeezed shut. She could only manage a short whine as she felt the panties being dragged down over her hips and then yanked off down her legs. When her limp legs dropped back to the carpet, Kari kicked them open wide and jammed her heel into the suffering blonde bitches ass. Tara whined pitifully still holding her demolished cunt as she lay face down.

"The home team isn't playing very well tonight," teased Kari, winking at the camera as she twirled Tara's panties on her middle finger.

She unhooked Tara's bra and yanked it off, rolling Tara's body over in the process. Then Kari pulled the protesting girl's arm from under her, twisted it behind her and used her own bra to tie her wrist's. Tara threw a weak tantrum, her feet smacking the carpet in anger as she whined but Kari just leaned over and roughly scrubbed Tara's moist undies across her face as the blonde whimpered, gagged and meekly turned her face away.

"I'd gag too," giggled Kari, twisting Tara's face back to the camera and tucking the panties into her mouth. "Suck on these for a minute, bitch. I'll be right back."

As she walked past Allyson, Kari blew a kiss at the camera. As Kari disappeared into another room, Allyson used the opportunity to slide one hand down into her sweltering, buzzing crotch as she kept the camera on Tara with the other. Kari returned with a bar of soap. Allyson smiled devilishly and winked at her as the brunette went to Tara and roughly yanked her to her knees by her long hair. She removed the panties from her mouth and wrinkled her nose as she glanced at them and tossed them away. When Tara spied the bar of soap in Kari's hand she turned white with fear.

"O.K., Kari.....I've had enough....... you win," Tara stammered nervously.

Kari held Tara on her knees by the hair, posing her body before the camera. When she ordered the blonde to admit her defeat to Carson, Tara immediately did, hoping Kari's abuse of her would end. The embarrassing beating was hard to swallow, but submission was her only option with her hands tied and her pussy aching from the brunette's punishment. She was finished - and she prayed Kari was too.

"C'mon little kitty," cooed Kari, pulling the reluctant blonde's face toward her cunt. "Kissy, kiss, kiss!"

Tara's hopes for mercy were snuffed out and she began to sob, her shoulders shaking. Kari pressed her face to her as her blubbering lips brushed the front of her sweaty thong.

"Would you rather eat the soap, stinky girl?!" threatened the dark haired woman.

"No-no!!! I'll do it!" sniveled the blonde, her flushed cheeks streaked with tears.

Tara sniffled and whimpered as she pressed her full lips to the front of Kari's musky thong and kissed.

"You're a good little bitch!" exclaimed Kari, holding Tara's face in place. "Now, take a deep breath."

Her humiliated rival whined and then inhaled deeply.

"Now, THAT'S one sweet pussy -note of the difference," teased Kari. "Smell Carson there?! You should!"

Tara's sobbing intensified, the words cutting like a knife. Kari shoved Tara on her back on the floor and straddled her tits.

"I WAS gonna make you eat my sweet snatch, but I think I'll save that treat for your ex-fiancé later. Besides, I don't want your putrid mouth touching it."

Kari ripped a punch to the blonde's jaw, snapping her head to the side and leaving her barely conscious. She grabbed Tara's chin and rotated her head back facing the ceiling. Then, with a devious smile, she slowly worked the bar of soap into the girl's slack mouth, leaving sticking halfway out.

"You are so evil!" giggled Allyson as Kari left her flaccid opponent spread out on the carpet. The brunette smiled at the camerawoman and went over to a pack of Tara's cigarettes on the coffee table. She lit one and relaxed as she savored it, out of view of the battered blonde. Eventually, Tara started to revive. She spit out the soap with a grimace and looked over at the redhead.

"Allyson, where is she?" Tara whispered hoarsely, rubbing her tongue over her soapy lips.

The redhead shrugged, "Dunno, smoked a cig and disappeared. Maybe, raiding the fridge? Hope you don't have any cucumbers or eggplant there. She looked like she wasn't done yet!"

Kari had to bite her lip to keep from laughing.

"Help me, Allyson!" urged Tara. "Untie me, dammit! We'll rip that slut in two when she comes back!"

Allyson set the video camera on the back corner of the couch facing Tara. She walked over to the blonde and scooped her up under the armpits, helping her to her feet.

"Hurry up, idiot!" snapped Tara impatiently.

The redhead stood behind her as she slipped her arms under Tara's, capturing the blonde's stiff nipples with her fingers.

"OW, you bitch!!! What the fuck're you doing?!" squealed Tara as she struggled to break free.

Kari smiled, snuffed out the cigarette and walked back into Tara's sight. Tara yelped and squirmed as Allyson pinched her nipples cruelly. Kari went to the camera and checked the viewfinder, making sure Allyson and Tara were in frame.

"Why, Allyson........Why?!......," whined Tara pathetically.

The redhead jabbed her knee up between Tara's legs from behind, making her shriek.

"I can't think of a more deserving, miserable cunt," said Allyson with a nasty grin. "I always figured you were a wimp. Guess I was right about that."

Kari approached the humbled blonde laughing. She stared her square in the face as she reached down to the blonde's pubic triangle, pinched a clump of hair and yanked! Tara responded with a high-pitched squeak. Allyson continued to squash the hard nipples between her fingers and the overwhelmed blonde was enveloped in pain, getting it from both ends. Kari roughly grabbed her cheeks, pushing her lips together in a twisted grimace.

"You are a putrid, miserable, smelly excuse for a woman. I don't know how Carson even got close to you without passing out," hissed Kari.

Tara sobbed uncontrollably, completely at the mercy of both women. She was a humbled, aching, beaten woman. Kari took a half step back and looked at her hands, rubbing them together.

"Please...... I beg you, Kari......," sniffled the naked blonde.

"Carson's going to love this tape," said Kari. "But I bet he'll love my present even more."

Tears streamed down the blonde's flushed cheeks, dropped between her heaving breasts and then ran in little rivulets down over the swell of her belly until they disappeared into her thick pelt of dark blond pubic hair just as the grandfather clock chimed it's first of nine bells. Kari responded by slapping the trapped girl across the face as, with each deep chime, she delivered a stinging slap to Tara's face while Allyson held her tits.

Tara's double-teamed head whipped back and forth in rhythm with the clock's bell, yelping with each whack to her face. After the seventh chime, her head remained tilted to one side. Allyson, feeling her body go limp, struggled to hold her on her feet as Kari continued to slap the unconscious blonde two more times, until the stately clock fell silent.

Kari gently placed her index finger under Tara's chin and rotated her head back toward her. She lightly smacked her one last time, leaving her with her head tipped to the side with her mouth ajar.

"That's ten, bitch.......You're out," she snarled.

"Cunt!" mocked Allyson as she dropped Tara's limp body on the floor, then used her foot to turn her on her back and kick her feet until her legs were spread wide apart.

Kari took the camera and slowly panned the length of the beaten, naked, blondes body. Then both women took turns posing, standing over, sitting on and curled up coquetteishly beside Tara's body while the other filmed her.

"Enjoy your tape, Carson," said Allyson breathily as she smiled sweetly, posing with her foot mashing Tara's tit flat.

Kari got dressed and then both women headed for the door together, video tape in hand.

"She's going to be pissed at you when she comes to, you know," said Kari.

Allyson giggled, "I hope so! I'd like nothing better than to force feed that cunt my carrot-colored short and curlies!"

"You nasty girl!" laughed Kari, giving Allyson's butt a squeeze as she kissed her. "I like you!"

The pair left, leaving the cold-cocked blonde naked and bound on her living room carpet. The only sound in the darkened house was the ticking of the grandfather clock as it slowly counted the minutes until Tara would finally awaken, fired with an unquenchable lust for payback against Kari but an even more horrible retribution against her "friend" Allyson who had not only betrayed her but had joined her enemy in humiliating her.