Resolution by Tonloco
The following story contains literary descriptions of celebrity violence, sex, and expletive language. If you are not of legal age to read it then by all means peruse a much more violent fairy tale instead. This is a work of pure fiction and has no bearing on the celebrities mentioned within including their sexual preferences, thoughts, actions, or anything except for their names. If you believe it does please seek professional help before it's too late. Thank you.
Greetings celebrity catfight enthusiasts! I know story contributors don't normally have a statement before their story but I needed to explain a few things that have bothered me on a long time basis so please bear with me. If you recognize the writing style of my story after reading it, it's from a couple of literary abortions I posted to this board and another one I think Ginny hosted years ago. The first was entitled 'Down Home Country Catfight' and was written under the name ReelWorld that the readers, as well as myself, seemed to lose interest in so I never finished it. The second was 'The America's Sweetheart Tournament' under the name M.I.N.D.S.E.Y.E that was never, and won't ever be by me at least, completed. Quite frankly I bit off a lot more than I could chew with that one so if anyone else wants to finish it, feel free to do so or it can be deleted, either way I apologize to anyone who was reading the stories or were fans of them.
That brings me to the new story. Being a long time fan of this board I've read tons of great stories by many excellent writers before swearing to write one myself and actually finish it before posting it. The story involves Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and a mystery guest star (more on that in the Afterword) and takes place in Hollywood, California which I've never been to so if I messed anything up on that then I apologize up front. Also, it's based on other catfight stories I've read here, now posted on the Archive page, so I thank all the authors of those stories for the relevant catfight history. The relationship aspects come from stories at The Celebrity Sex Story Archive (C.S.S.A.) including “A Night At Faith's” among others if you wish to check out some stories there (a few involve celebrity catfights).
Chapter 1: Instigation
"OK, that's a wrap!" the director yelled, ending another magazine advertisement shoot for Shania Twain's new self-titled Stetson perfume. The chestnut brown haired beauty strolled leisurely back to her dressing room unaware that just one stage door away Britney Spears had also just wrapped up another magazine advertisement shoot for her own perfume entitled Fantasy. The flaxen haired hottie was in the process of changing out of her costume in her dressing room when there was a knock on the door.
"Just a minute!" Britney called out through the closed door. Moments later she answered it wearing a pair of tight faded Levi blue jeans that hung low on her hips to draw attention to a black thong peeking out from the sides and back of them, a hot pink tank top with the word Princess embroidered across her large breasts in artificial rhinestones, and matching hot pink sandals. She knew she was in the best shape of her life after her pregnancy and had no trouble showing it off.
"Hey, do you know who's in the next studio?" Pamela, her makeup artist, asked excitedly. "Shania Twain!"
"Oh really?" Britney sneered, her angelic face contorting into a sneer upon hearing the name, "So?"
"So you should go over there and say hi! I mean it can't be a coincidence that you're both shooting an ad for your new perfumes on the same day right next to each other!" Pamela explained as if Britney had all of this figured out already, "It's got to be fate that you two are supposed to meet!"
"Fate, huh?" The blonde snorted with annoyance since she had talked to Pamela earlier while she was doing her makeup and she knew the older woman was into all this 'everything happens for a reason' mumbo jumbo, "Uh huh. Wait, did you say she has a new perfume too?"
"Yeah. Anyway I just thought I'd let you know. I have get home and get ready for my date. See you around!" Pamela chirped and then left the blonde alone with her thoughts. Britney slowly began to realize that maybe the makeup artist wasn't so off base after all. She didn't want anything to spoil her upcoming comeback tour or have anyone to compete with for perfume sales and, if she could somehow eliminate Shania from the equation, it couldn't hurt either one. She didn't like Shania because she believed her public image was nothing more than publicity manipulation and that the Country Music Diva looked down on musicians like herself with a less than wholesome image. After reflecting on a few confrontations she'd had in the past with her, Britney knew she could win if she were to challenge her to another fight. After she beat and humiliated Shania the word would get out and, while she got all the glory, her beaten opponent would be peppered with questions about yet another shameful loss. With her mind made up and a cocky smile on her angelic face she headed towards the parking lot to confront her.
Meanwhile, Shania was just leaving the studio wearing a black belly shirt to show off her most famous feature, her toned flat stomach, along with a pair of tight black jeans that hugged her form as if she was poured into them while short top cowboy boots completed the outfit. She was walking towards a waiting limousine when she heard someone call out her name.
"Ms. Twain!" The voice called and she turned to see it was Pamela, whom she had met earlier that day dressed in a knee high gray pleated skirt with black pantyhose, powder blue blouse, and matching heels walking quickly towards her.
"Hi, Pamela." Shania began pleasantly while she gave the makeup artist a little smile, "What can I do for you?"
"Well I was just about to get into my car to go home when I saw you coming out of the studio and I wanted to tell you something." Pamela rattled in a rapidly perky tone. She then related the same tale about the coincidence of Britney being in an adjacent lot, that the Pop Diva was doing an ad for her new perfume, and how the two singing sensations were fated to meet.
"I don't think that'd be such a good idea." Shania surmised with a long sigh after Pamela had finished, "We don't exactly get along and...wait, did you say she has a new perfume too?"
"Yeah but that's okay." Pamela replied with a sigh of her own, "Anyway I need to get going. It was nice talking with you!" The makeup artist then rushed off to get into her car, leaving Shania alone with her thoughts. After most of her rivalries had ended she had taken some time off from the catfighting scene and had been able to avoid confrontation for a while but there was a part of her that missed the rush of defeating a woman and proving she was the better fighter. She was still in the best shape she could be in after her former pregnancy and stayed toned and fit afterwards so, if she did decide to fight Britney again, she had no doubt she would win. She despised Britney and thought the Pop Princess was nothing more than a spoiled brat who wasn't a good role model for the countless girls all over the world who idolized her. If she fought the Pop Princess and beat her after the tumultuous time the musician had during the past few months then a humiliating defeat at her hands just might be the final straw that sent her spiraling down into more bad press and self doubt as to whether she could pull off her upcoming comeback tour. After making up her mind, Shania told the driver to wait and turned away from the limousine with a cocky smile to walk towards the studio where Britney was supposed to be. When she did, though, Britney was only five steps away from her standing with her hands on her hips in a dominant pose.
"Long time no see." The blonde singer said in an arrogant tone, "I hear you have a new perfume out. I know it won't sell as good as mine but congratulations anyway."
"Sounds like a fantasy to me, but thanks. By the way I like your shirt." Shania shot back as she put her right hand on her hip and struck her own pose, "It suits you."
"Let's just cut to the chase, okay?" Britney stated, knowing they could just trade veiled insults all day, "I think we both know what's next."
"Midnight at my penthouse suite?" Shania offered in acceptance of the unspoken challenge to a fight between them. "Nude?"
"Fine with me." Britney acknowledged with a cocky grin, "I do have one condition though."
"Let me guess. You get to broadcast it live on your absurd reality show? Is that still on?" Shania dug at the Pop Princess with a little laugh.
"No, I'd hate to embarrass you in public again so this will be just between us. The condition is that if, I mean when, I win," Britney began and then corrected herself , "You have to sing my praises to the press. You know, tell them how much you respect me and my singing talent and what a wonderful role model I am to all those little girls who worship me. Stuff like that."
"What? What kind of condition is that?" Shania asked as she wondered what Britney was up to, "Is the air in your head running low again?"
"Bring yourself down from your high horse and think about it down here with the rest of us. What could be more humiliating than getting your ass kicked by me again and then having to say all that nice stuff to the press after word gets out that I totally destroyed you! Oh, it's going to be sooo delicious!" Britney explained giddily with a gleam in her eyes while she pictured it in her mind after having thought about what would hurt Shania the most if she lost.
"That's fine but I trust you about as much as I would a Timber Rattlesnake so I have a condition of my own." Shania agreed after pausing a moment to weigh the stakes while cocking one eyebrow with suspicion, "If I win you have to clean up your image and tell the press I was your inspiration for doing it. Oh, and just in case you decide to go back on your little condition after I kick your ass again, there'll be a camera set up to record the fight and the winner will take the tape as a trophy. I'm sure it'll be a hit at my next celebrity get together."
"Or mine." Britney countered reluctantly after she too mulled over the stakes involved, but she was still confident she would win, especially with so much on the line. "OK, you're on."
"See you at midnight." Shania stated with another little laugh and then they went their separate ways, neither woman seeing the glint of a camera's telephoto lens inside a car in the parking lot where Pamela had been taking pictures of their confrontation and listening in with a high powered radio mike she had borrowed from a friend that was a reporter.
"This is going to be good." The black haired vixen posing as a makeup artist said to herself, "But I think I know how to make it better." In truth the coincidence that the two musicians were in the same place at the same time was anything but. She had called in some favors and gotten the agents of the two women to set them up in adjoining studios and then, using her beauty academy training, pulled off an elaborate ruse. A little push to get the two singers together was all that was needed after that and, judging by the outcome, she had provided that convincingly. At first she had planned on hiding a video camera in the room but now all that was needed to do was to get her hands on the tape after the fight since it was to be provided by Shania's camera. Getting the tape wouldn't be easy, but the wheels inside her mind turned fast, and she started making some phone calls.
Chapter 2: Preparation
Shania looked at the clock flashing the current time of 11:45pm with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. On the one hand there was always a rush of adrenaline before the fight that gave her a natural high but on the other hand if she lost she would have to say Britney was a good role model for girls everywhere which went against something she believed in. When she had been part of the catfighting scene she had lost a movie role, been humiliated privately and publicly, but even after all of that she was consoled by the fact that she had finally semi-retired to focus on her career and family to leave it far behind her. Now with so much on the line, she wished she had stayed retired, but it was far too late for that. Pushing the negative thoughts from her mind with a heavy sigh, she tightened the belt on her navy blue hotel robe, and walked slowly across the plush white carpeting of the living room area of the suite to stand in front of the four floor to ceiling windows. Staring out into the city lights of Hollywood she began to prepare herself up for battle.
At the same time Britney was also wondering what she had gotten herself into. If she lost the fight against Shania it would only add to her insecurities as to whether she could pull off a successful comeback. When the word got out that she had been defeated, all of her old rivals would line up to battle her, one of them possibly reinjuring her surgically repaired knee for good, and thereby ending her career if Shania didn't do it first. She hadn't fought since returning from the injury and her opponent wasn't some amateur that had two fights in high school. Shania was a catfight veteran on a par with herself and, if she was to ever get the respect back for her fighting abilities, she had to win. Tightening the belt on her beige overcoat with a heavy sigh, she sat in the back of the taxi and began to psyche herself up for the fight.
Meanwhile, Pamela had made some phone calls to the two key players other than Shania and Britney that would ensure the tape she needed would be in her hands when the two musician's fight was over. Looking across the parking lot she saw Britney emerge from a taxicab in an overcoat, dark sunglasses, and a baseball cap. It was a disguise celebrities often used when wanting to move freely among the people that mobbed them upon sight so she recognized her immediately. She watched as Britney paid the driver and walked into the hotel so she settled in to wait and send in her two accomplices currently enjoying some champagne while they sat across from her in the back seat of the black stretch limousine. She wanted to make sure her uninvited party crashers didn't ruin her carefully laid plans and go after their targets upon sight and, as it turned out, it was a smart move.
"When am I going to get my hands on that little bitch? I can't wait to rip into her!" Christina Aguilera growled as she stared at the dark eyed beauty who had recruited her with barely contained rage that was fueled slightly by alcohol in her eyes.
"In about," Pamela began before pausing to glance at her watch, "Thirty two minutes."
"Patience, darlin," Faith Hill soothed as she handed the younger blonde a refreshed drink, "Trust me, they'll never know what hit 'em."
"You can kick both their asses to Hell and back for all I care," Pamela told them both with a hard stare, "Just remember our agreement and bring me the tape when you're done."
"No problem." Christina remarked snottily, "It could be awhile, though. I owe that slut big time for what she's been saying about me in the tabloids. "She thinks I'm scary now? Just wait."
"Hon, everyone in the world that can pick up a scandal sheet and read knows how much you hate Britney. Now why don't you give it a rest?" The Country Music Diva suggested, "You're givin me a damn headache."
"Oh, and I suppose you're not just itching to get your hands on Shania again after everything she's done to you?" Christina shot back, "Especially after she found out your about little secret."
"What the hell do you know about that? You better shut your damn mouth about it or you and I are gonna have a major problem! I got my own business with Shania and you'd do well to leave it at that!" The older blonde warned, her eyes narrowing into slits and her nostrils flaring while she stared coldly at the younger blonde.
"Okay, okay, I'm sorry. Rumors get around you know." The antagonistic Pop Star apologized as she held her left hand palm up in front of her since her other one was occupied with a drink," I just want to get on with this. This waiting is driving me fucking crazy!"
Faith didn't respond, her mind drifting back in time to a cabin where she had a savage catfight with Shania and was defeated by her rival. Left in a dream like state afterwards, her subconscious had inadvertently let out her darkest secret vocally, that she wanted to be sexually dominated by her nemesis. Shania had taken advantage of it by teasing her with a riding crop until she made her refer to her as Mistress and next came a harsh spanking with the crop before the Canadian Cutie had satisfied her sexual urges on the elegant blonde's face. After that the Canadian Cutie had left a tape of her defeat and humiliation when she left the cabin as a final insult. As much as Faith hated to admit it to herself, she still had the tape and watched it occasionally for her own sexually gratifying purposes. It was something she would never forgive or forget but she added it to the reasons she was going the extra mile to end to her and Shania's rivalry once and for all!
In the penthouse suite, the object of Faith's flashback had her own thoughts suddenly interrupted by the doorbell ringing incessantly. Britney had decided to arrive early but that was fine with her. She was now in a state of readiness for her confrontation with the younger singer and, padding across the same white plush carpet towards the door, she walked differently than before. Now she strode like a hungry lioness in search of prey, her steps determined and sure. Opening the door she saw Britney standing there in her disguise and almost pounced on her.
"It took you long enough to answer." Britney remarked with disdain as she breezed past the older singer and walked to the center of the living room area, "Then again you're so much older than I am I guess you move slower."
"Maybe it's because you're so much younger than I am that you can't wait to have your ass handed to you." Shania countered after shutting the door to let it lock automatically behind her and turning to face her opponent, "Now shut up and strip so we can get on with this."
"Age before beauty." Britney replied smartly, then tossed her hat and sunglasses aside to land on the couch a few feet away, all the while staring at her foe.
"More like pearls before swine." Shania smirked at the younger blonde as she gripped the belt on her robe to loosen it and let it fly open, allowing a peek of the body Britney would be facing. The brunette then slid her hands to the sides of the robe and slowly slipped if off her shoulders, letting it fall quickly but softly to the carpet behind her. Shania stood nude with her large breasts bouncing ever so slightly with each breath she inhaled into her taunt stomach before her toned legs carried her two steps towards her rival. Putting her right hand on her hip in the same dominant pose she had used in the studio parking lot, she waved her right hand in front of her to tell the blonde it was her turn.
Britney took her cue and took her time disrobing as well. She slowly undid the belt to her overcoat and then, in one swift motion, dramatically sloughed it off herself to reveal her newly shaped body in all it's naked glory. Although her breasts were slightly smaller than Shania's they were just as firm and that, combined with her flat stomach and lean muscular dancer's legs, made her a sight to behold. She put her right hand on her hip and the other in her hair, making her chest jut out while she struck her own pose and there was a brief silence as the two singing sensations took in the sight of each other's naked forms before they began circling warily.
"This is it for you, Shania," Britney taunted while trying for a psychological edge on her foe, "After I beat you this time you might as well retire for good."
"If I do decide to retire after I finish whipping your slutty ass then I'll go out on a high note you'll never be able to hit." Shania countered with a slight smile, "Look on the bright side. At least you get to limp off into the sunset."
"You fucking bitch! We'll see who's limping when I'm through with you!" Britney screamed at the brunette as her hot button, her leg injury, was pushed, "As for me I'm gonna milk your defeat, and your fat tits, for all you're worth, Grandma!"
"The only thing you're gonna do with my beautiful tits tonight is be smothered by them!" Shania yelled back at her foe as her hot button was pushed as well by her opponent. Britney was referring to the fact that she had lost some catfights and been humiliatingly milked when she was lactating while being powerless to prevent it. That combined with being called a name only Britney used to refer to their age difference set her off and the two musicians began circling faster, both glancing between their opponent and the clock on the wall. At the exact stroke of midnight, they both lunged simultaneously with the mutual intent to hurt, maim and destroy each other.
Chapter 3: Confrontation
Sounds of squeals, grunts, and groans came out of Shania and Britney's mouths moments later. Britney had her left hand laced into her adversary's long chestnut brown hair and was yanking harshly while her right hand gripped her foe's full left breast and squeezed for all she was worth. Shania had retaliated in kind, her left hand woven into the shoulder length flaxen locks of her rival to yank her head back while her right hand concentrated on the twisting and pulling of her opponent's ripe right breast. They were locked in this stalemate for a few minutes to see who would be able to take more pain but then it was suddenly broken. Although Britney couldn't see with her head pulled back, she could feel, and she let go of Shania's breast to trail her hand down the singer's trademark abdomen and then reached her prize, a handful of the brunette's dark pubic hair which she pulled mercilessly.
"Yahhhhh!" Shania cried out and increased the pressure on the blonde's breast but she was taking the worst of it and knew it. Loosening her hairhold she suddenly raked her long, sharp, crimson red fingernails viciously down her opponent's left cheek to break the hold.
"Arghhhh!" Britney squealed and pushed Shania away from her to back up, the back of her left hand pressed against her burning cheek while she checked for blood while her right hand cradled her tenderized breast. A few feet away Shania was using her right hand to rub her pain filled nether region and her left hand to cup her damaged right breast.
"Oh, you little bitch!" Shania hissed while glancing down to see a few of her neatly trimmed pubic hairs laying on the floor and a low growl escaped her throat. That moments hesitation was all it took for Britney to come charging at her but she saw her foe coming and stopped Pop Princess short. Grabbing the blonde's right outstretched arm with slender fingers curled into claws, she used her opponent's own momentum to bring the blonde into a hard knee she lifted into her taunt stomach.
"Uffffffff!" Britney gasped as the air was violently expelled from her frame while she fell to her knees with her foe still holding her arm.
"What's the matter, Brit?" Shania taunted above her before kicking the blonde in her ribs twice like she was punting a football, "Having trouble breathing?"
"Ourghh! Plughhh!" The blonde gurgled and then another kick from the Country Music Diva landed in her aching side. She hadn't retaken her wind back from the first shot to her stomach and now her ribs were beginning to take a beating from her adversary while she was in no position to prevent it.
"I thought you were the new improved Britney." Shania continued while she verbally, as well as physically, abused the Pop Princess with a fourth kick into her throbbing ribs, "Right now you look like the same pathetic slut you always were!"
"Wurghhhh!" Britney wailed in response, barely able to draw a breath as tears formed in the corners of her eyes, and she knew she had to get out of this predicament or Shania would just continue her punishment until the fight was over only minutes after it began.
"Don't think I forgot what you did to my breast either!" Britney heard Shania warn from above her as she lined up for another kick, this time aimed for her right mammary. When she did though, Britney pushed up with her left hand that she had been using to balance herself with and grabbed her foot. Then, losing her balance, Britney fell over onto her back and flung a startled Shania over her to land with a dull thud on her back.
"Hunhh. Hunhh." The blonde huffed, quickly turning her head to see if her foe had recovered yet but luckily Shania had struck the back of her head on the floor when she landed and was temporarily stunned.
"" The Country Music Diva moaned softly as she brought one hand slowly up to head to caress the back of it. She knew Britney was taking some needed time to get her breath back so she rested and gathered her strength to continue. Two minutes went by and Shania turned to one side before making it to her knees and looked up just in time to see Britney only two steps away from her with one hand holding her aching ribs and a look of absolute rage on her face.
"You fucking cunt!" Britney yelled angrily as she rushed toward the brunette and slammed the point of her kneecap into Shania's temple, "Did you really think I'd be that easy to beat?"
"Wughnnn!" Shania cried out in response, and all the cobwebs she had cleared from her head returned in a flash of white hot pain erupting from the left side of her head. She fell over onto her back and tried to lift her arms, but they felt heavy and her focus was blurred, leaving her an easy target.
"I'll show you how weak and pathetic I am!" Britney promised, then quickly straddling the brunette she sank both hands deeply down into Shania's pliable titflesh.
"Aierrghhhhhh!" Shania wailed, feeling tentacles of pain radiating outwards through her chest from the ten points from the pop star's sharp carnation pink painted fingernails, most especially in her left breast where the blonde had squeezed earlier.
"Who's pathetic now, you fucking slut? Huh?" Britney demanded before twisting her hands in opposite directions away from each other and pulling upwards, her teeth gritted in determination while she felt a rush of glee and adrenaline from doing this to her foe.
"Yearrrhhhhh!" Shania howled in reply, the cobwebs being cleared enough for her to reach up and grab both of her foe's wrists to try to pull them upward but she had no leverage and, although her counter move alleviated the pressure somewhat, it wasn't stopping it. Eventually her arms would give out and Britney would just undoubtedly punish her breasts until she submitted, so the wheels in her head spun to find another way to get free.

"What's the matter, Grandma?" The Pop Princess arrogantly teased now that she had fully regained her wind and saw tears beginning to pool in the corners of her adversary's pretty eyes while she leaned her head down to yell in her screaming face and taunt her, "Do your saggy tits hurt?"
"Rrghhhhhh!" Shania pained response came and then she did the unexpected. Releasing the younger singer's wrists she reached up and grabbed the back of Britney's head before using two fistfuls of hair to slowly begin to pull downward.
"Urrghnn!" Britney grunted as her head was lowered while Shania pulled down while her arms strained from the effort, "W-What are you doing?"
" a closer...urghhh," The Canadian Cutie grunted through gritted teeth of her own, "look tits." At that moment Britney knew exactly what Shania was doing but it was too late and, with her arms bent to eliminate her leverage, it looked as if her opponent might succeed.
"Mpghhhnn!" The blonde beauty's cry then came as her face was shoved between The Country Music Diva's heaving chest that she had been mangling just moments before. Shania quickly brought her elbows in on each side to mash her breasts together as much as she could to smother her.
"Just go to...urghh..sleep, bitch." Shania hissed while Britney began to panic at having her air supply dramatically reduced again and the blonde did what Shania expected her to, letting go of her tortured breasts to place her hands on the floor on either side of herself and push upwards with all her arm strength.
"You first." Britney gasped after finally managing to push herself up enough to draw in a few breaths and then reaching up to clamp both her sweaty hands securely over Shania's mouth and nose. She knew this would bring her face back into her foe's chest but she had drew one deep breath, wincing with pain from her sore ribs as she did so before attempting the bold maneuver, and believed she could outlast her rival since she was getting a little air while Shania received none.
"Plughhhh!" Shania spat and tried to turn her head from side to side but Britney held on like an enraged Pit Bulldog, eager to finish off her opponent and, after two minutes of squirming, her lungs began to cry out for much needed oxygen. Having no other choice, she released her hairholds to grab the blonde's wrists again and push upward until she could draw one welcome lungful of hot air into her burning lungs.
"Oh no you don't!" Britney huffed and a test of arm strength ensued between the two determined musicians. Unfortunately for Shania though, Britney raised up to garner herself more leverage to push down, and she soon lost the battle to allow her adversary to resume suffocating her into unconsciousness.
"Mffffff!" Shania's muffled cry of panic came from under her foe's hands and, looking up to see a mask of concentration on Britney's face while her air supply was completely cut off again, began to make a plan to escape before it was too late.
"I've got you now, you cocky bitch!" The blonde snidely taunted her helpless opponent, "Get ready to get sent to dreamland, cunt!"
"Flughhh yughh!" Shania protested, her convoluted cry telling her rival she wasn't through yet, but she knew actions spoke louder than words, and if she couldn't escape this debilitating hold soon all her bravado would be for naught. The darkness had already began to swirl around the outer corners of her vision and it was now or never. Slowly letting go of the blonde's wrists yet again she let her arms slowly slide down to fall limply at her sides. As expected, Britney immediately began her celebration and it cost her.
"I-I did it! I beat her! I beat Shania Twaaaaieeeeeee!" Britney proudly proclaimed before screaming in absolute agony as her seemingly lifeless opponent sprang to life and drove both her fists in upward arcs into her sides, filling her already tenderized right ribs with intense mind numbing pain. This caused her to break her hold to roll over to Shania's left side curled up in a ball and roll back and forth while clutching her sides with both hands and deal with the pain.
"Acglckkk! Ahunhhh! Hunhhhh!' Shania coughed a few feet away while she tried to catch her breath. The last time she had allowed Britney too long to recover and it nearly cost her the fight. This time though she had severely hurt the blonde and it would give her the much needed time she needed to recover.
"Urghhhh. Hunhh. Hunhh." Britney groaned in the meantime, every ragged breath causing her agony from the brown haired beauty's desperate move. She knew she couldn't take much more punishment to her ribs and, knowing Shania would target such an obviously weakened area, silently promised herself to protect them at all costs. Likewise, Britney knew she had hurt Shania in her assault on both her head and breasts and, if she could somehow damage either one further, it could decide the outcome of the fight so while she rested she began to make a plan on how to do exactly that. Five minutes of coughing, hacking, and sputtering slowly crept by as both injured musicians regained their breath and rested for the next round of battle while hanging on the wall above them the clock changed to read 12:15pm.
Chapter 4: Aggravation
"I'm bored." Christina whined while she sat in the back of the limousine and stared intently at the front door of the hotel impatiently, "Can we go in now?"
"Not yet. We want them to put on a good show first." Pamela reminded the young musician with annoyance, "Besides, you've waited this long. Fifteen more minutes isn't going to kill you."
"No, but I might." Faith spoke up with a hard look at the younger blonde, "You bitch and whine more than an old woman."
"I guess you'd know all about what an old woman does." The Pop Star retorted as she returned the look, "By the way I like your hair now that it's blonde again. For a little while you looked kind of like Shania. I've been meaning to ask you if that was on purpose."
"Listen you little bitch," Faith shouted at the younger blonde as she tried to restrain herself and not expend her energy on the upstart Pop Diva, "I know you're in a hurry to get in there and feel Britney's fingers in you again but you're just gonna have to wait so I suggest you shut the fuck up and do exactly that!"
"Oh you fucking cunt! How dare you bring that up!" Christina yelled back as the memory of one of her most humiliating defeats flooded back into her consciousness from her long term memory. She had teamed up with Mariah Carey to face Shania and Britney in a tag team match that ended with the Country Music Diva scissoring her breasts with her powerful legs while Britney used her fingers to humiliatingly masturbate her to a screaming orgasm. After that Britney had used her face to slowly ride to a powerful orgasm while Shania instructed her on how to drag it out and simultaneously rode Mariah's face. It was an indignation she would never forget and she added it to the list of things she owed Britney for. If given the chance, she planned on paying Shania back too, but she'd settle for making her hated rival suffer both physically and sexually at her hands.
"You can dish it out but you can't take it, huh?" Faith shot back, interrupting the younger blonde's trip down memory lane with a derisive snort, "That's too bad cause you're kinda hot. Hell, I wouldn't mind slippin a finger or two in you myself!"
"Just try it!" Christina warned with a growl while she glared at the older woman while her hands clenched into fists, now ready to attack Faith right then and there.
"Will both of you please just shut the hell up!" Pamela suddenly screamed at them, drawing both musicians immediate attention, "Save it for Britney and Shania or did you forget why you're here?"
"No, we know why we're here. The question is what are you gettin out of this other than a tabloid exclusive like you told us?" Faith answered first, deciding to get some answers from the mysterious woman.
When Pamela had called them and offered each musician a crack at their long time rivals and settle some old scores, she had told them she was a freelance reporter for the tabloids and, after explaining the circumstances, asked for the tape as payment for setting everything up because she could further her career just as Faith and Christina planned to do with their respective victories over Shania and Britney.
Christina jumped at the chance after reading about Britney's comeback in the tabloids but Faith had been more wary after having retired from the catfighting scene to focus on family and career and, except for a brief beating from Country Music singer Gretchen Wilson that she didn't wish to repeat anytime soon, was enjoying not being a part of the seemingly endless battles.
"So why Shania and Britney? You could have gotten Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie to fight a lot easier. Those two really hate each other!" Christina added as she jumped on the interrogation bandwagon, "Don't forget Teri Hatcher and Courtney Cox either. Rumor is that Courtney is being wooed to be on 'Desperate Housewives' and Teri isn't so keen on sharing the spotlight with a more established actress."
"Is that all you do is read those rags all day?" Faith asked and, although she enjoyed the gossip and read the tabloids too, she wasn't going to share that fact again if the younger blonde missed it during their earlier conversation.
"I like to keep up on current events." Christina said and Faith couldn't help but chuckle at the notion that the world revolved around celebrity rivalries and behind closed doors catfights.
"To answer your question, Faith," Pamela stated to draw the willowy babe's attention away from Christina and another impending threat contest, "What I'm getting out of this is what I said. An exclusive nobody else in town will have."
"Yeah but why them?" Christina persisted as her focus went back to Pamela and away from Faith like the posing makeup artist had wanted.
"Why not them?" Pamela replied in an aggravated tone, "It's not like I can just walk down the street and see two celebrities catfighting is it? Obviously it's because I got a tip they were going to go at it tonight and were making a tape of the event."
"Hmph." Christina huffed in a miffed tone that suggested she wanted to know more but, after seeing the look on Pamela's face warning against further questioning, was wise enough to let it go.
Faith on the other hand was worried. Whatever the mysterious woman sitting across from her had planned, she had went through a lot of trouble just getting Christina and her there when she may have been able to get the tape another way, so there must be a more pressing reason for doing so but for now she decided to let it drop as well.
As for Pamela, her mind traveled back in time to the event that had caused her to arrange all this. It had been a long time ago but she could still remember looking up into the face of the woman that was about to facesit her. The arrogant look on the woman's face along with the fact she had been bullied by her to say she'd do something against her principles before being smothered into unconsciousness made it even more painful. Tonight that demon would be laid to rest after she confronted the musician and insured it never happened again.
"I wonder if there's a winner yet?" Faith suddenly asked, snapping Pamela back to the here and now, "They've been goin at it for a while now."
"Like that matters!" Christina laughed out loud in answer to the older blonde's question, "Both those bitches are going to be losers when we're through with them."
Chapter 5: Determination
As the digital clock on the wall switched to read 12:20pm, the two fighting females in question were slowly getting to their feet to continue their fight. Both were hurting but whomever made it to her feet first would have a decided advantage over their opponent. Shania, being able to breathe easier than Britney, made it to her feet first and sprang at her adversary ready to dish out more pain and punishment. The Pop Princess saw her opponent coming just as she made it to her feet though, and moved sideways to leave Shania with two handfuls of air before waiting until Shania quickly turned around to face her, and sent a wicked right hook to the Country Music Diva's left cheek that spun her head sideways.
"Ughnnn! Rrrghhh! Owrgnnn!" Shania then cried out while Britney, seeing an advantage, used a left, right, left combination of punches that had the Canadian Cutie backing up towards one of the two middle floor to ceiling windows.
"This time I'm not gonna stop," The blonde began with another punch to her foe's now groggy head, "Until you're finished!"
"Rughhhnnn!" Shania groaned as another hard punch connected and she realized she had miscalculated by thinking she could rush at Britney instead of using a slower and more methodical pace to inflict pain. She was paying for it now with her back braced against the cool glass and the Pop Princess continuing to throw punches, not just at her head, but at her stomach and still hurting chest. She tried to get her hands up to block some of them but Britney was bursting through her defenses like a runaway locomotive, going for whatever target she wasn't able to cover.
"I'll teach you to play possum with me!" Britney continued as she sank her fist upwards into Shania's right breast and enjoyed the scream of agony from the brunette that followed. She was more angry at herself than Shania for being fooled by such an obvious tactic but she was took it out on her adversary with all the ferocity of wounded tigress.
"Waieeeerghhh! Oh my...ahhhhh..breasts!" Shania howled, feeling Britney's knuckles compress her mammary into her ribcage with tremendous force, and she felt the same impact a few seconds later on her left breast as her foe's plan to work on an already badly damaged area of her anatomy paid off.
"Your fat tits are the least of your worries!," Britney sneered confidently as she grabbed a handful of Shania's chestnut brown mane in her left hand and then began banging the back of her opponent's head off the glass while her right hand resumed punishing her foe's breasts and belly with fists that felt like mini sledgehammers to the Country Music Diva.
"Ufffff! Wugghnnn! Arghhhh!" Shania grunted, groaned, and screamed as multiple parts of her body was being attacked at once, and her tears that had began trickling down her pain contorted face now ran freely to let the salty drops fall to the carpet far below.
"Had enough of getting your ass kicked yet, Grandma?" Britney demanded, seeing her foe's arms beginning to fall limply to her sides as she sent a vicious knee upward between Shania's legs that lifted the aching singer onto her toes. "No. Somehow I don't think you have!"
"Yaiierrrghhhh!" Shania's tortured wail of anguish came as she felt the pain shooting through her most private area from the young blonde's attack and then she felt an even worse sensation of pain radiating throughout her already aching chest. Britney had left her knee between her legs to hold her up while she grabbed both her adversary's rapidly bruising and battered breasts in her hands before pushing upward.
"Tell me you give up, Shania!" Britney yelled into her adversary's crying, screaming face as she lowered her knee and pressed her hot bare body against the brunette's twitching form to hold her up instead. Their faces were mere inches from each other now, but that was how Britney wanted it. She wanted Shania to admit defeat and see her smile of triumph through her teary eyes. "Say it, bitch!"
"Noarrgggghhh!" Shania bawled with tears now streaming from her eyes and, even though she was wracked with pain while her breasts felt as if they were being ripped from her body, her tenderized crotch was still throbbing, and her head was cloudy at best, still defiantly refused to admit defeat. She tried to raise her arms and they responded but she knew they didn't have the strength in them to mount a counterattack. Still she wouldn't give Britney the satisfaction of hearing her give up no matter what and, with grim determination, dug deep down inside herself and began to slowly lift her arms up towards her rival's throat.
"Don't bother trying to fight back, Shania! You're finished!"" Britney teased with a cruel smile as she twisted her hands in opposite directions back and forth, just as she had effectively done earlier in their battle, and backed up a step before sending another knee upward into Shania's womanhood. She knew the Country Music Diva couldn't take much more of this punishing combination, would soon have no choice to submit to her, and in the meantime she was enjoying inflicting this much pain to her opponent.
"Waieeeeeee!" Shania's blood curdling scream emanated from her soft lips as she felt another wave of pain crashing between her legs while her ravaged breasts continued to burn fiercely from Britney's crushing, twisting hands while her arms came up in reaction to the low blow only to fall lifelessly onto the young blonde's shoulders.
"Are you going to say it now, you stubborn cunt?" Britney asked again, this time bending her left knee and bracing her right foot on the floor, allowing her to push up with all her strength and leverage and lift her opponent up to her tiptoes.
"Ourghhhhhhh! No! Ahhhhhhhh! Damn it!" Yarggghhhhhhhh!" Shania managed to answer between her screams of untold agony and Britney began to get frustrated so she lifted her foe almost off the floor before sitting her back down on the flats of her feet.
"Are you going to admit I beat you or do I need to rip your tits off your chest first?" Britney threatened with a growl and repeated the maneuver to emphasize her point.
"Owwrrrrghhhh! N-No! Owwwwrrghhhhh! G-Go to...urrggahhhhhh...Hell!" Shania howled in response and then, realizing the only way out of this was to hurt herself further, pushed her body agonizingly downward.
"What's the matter, Grandma?" Britney taunted the Country Music Diva and pushed harder upward to counteract her opponent's downward motion, thinking the brunette couldn't take anymore of having her breasts pulled toward the ceiling and was trying to alleviate the pressure, "Your tits needed a little lift anyway!"
"S-Shut...urghhhhh...up!" Shania managed to say through her clenched teeth and, after lowering herself enough to bend her knees slightly at the cost of even more pain in her mangled mammaries, unexpectedly braced her hands on Britney's shoulders and used her legs to jump up and wrap them around the startled blonde's midsection.
"Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh!" The suddenly pain ridden Britney's wail of misery then echoed throughout the suite as she felt her sides being crushed as if they were locked inside a vise. She immediately let go of Shania's breasts, much to the relief of the brunette, and instead began pounding on her legs with her fists to free herself.
"Urghhhhh. Ghnnnn." The brown-haired beauty grunted but held on desperately, knowing that if she didn't Britney would undoubtedly finish her if she latched onto her breasts again. Pushing off of the window with her hands she bent her torso forward and wrapped her arms around the blonde's head to try for another breast smothering move but the Pop Princess quickly grabbed her wrists to prevent it.
"N-Not...erghhh..again!" Britney hissed but then she realized that the move was a distraction for Shania to twist to her right side and throw her off balance. Both hurting musicians crashed to the carpet with a dull thud and cried out in pain synchronously, but unluckily for Britney, Shania managed to maintain her leg scissors. Although stunned for a second, the Country Music Diva recovered quickly enough to shake her hands free from the blonde's and propped her arms up behind her for maximum leverage.
"Payback's a...ghnnnn...bitch, ain't it?" Shania remarked, now knowing she had the leverage to really pour on the pressure to hopefully make Britney submit quickly after the damage she had already inflicted.
"" Britney groaned and, even though her sides felt as if she was in the coils of an Amazon python, she saw a way out of her dilemma. Bending her arm back as far as she could, she fired a punch as hard as she could into the brunette's pubic mound.
"Yarrrghhhh!" Shania yelled as more pain shot through her womanhood, the punch not connecting fully due to the fact she had her legs squeezed so tightly together, but it did hit her sensitive clitoris and drew an immediate response to prevent it from occurring again. Slowly rolling her body toward her left side so she could use her arms to prevent another crotch shot at the expense of better leverage.
"Waurghhhh!" Britney howled and, realizing she couldn't attack her opponent's crotch to get out of the debilitating hold, began agonizingly trying to get her legs under herself to attempt to make it to her knees.
"Now who's finished, you little bitch?" Shania taunted as she watched her foe squirming between her legs in an attempt to break free, "I'm gonna squeeze until I break you in half while you beg me to stop!"

"Errrrrggggahhhhhhh!" Britney responded, using her remaining breath not to respond to her adversary, but instead to achieve her goal. She got one leg under herself and was working on the second when Shania decided to add to her pain.
"Don't think I forgot about what you did to my breasts either, slut!" Shania hissed before reaching down to grab Britney's right hand that she had been using to prop herself up with by the wrist and pull forward. This brought her foe down to her side and allowed the brown haired beauty to latch onto Britney's right breast, sink her sharp fingernails in, and twist her wrist in opposite directions while pulling on it, just as the Pop Princess had done to both her topside treasures just moments ago.
"Waieerrrghhh!" Britney wailed in reply to the savage maneuver and, although her right breast felt as if it was being pulled on by an F-1 tornado, tried to work through her torment to gamely continue to get her other leg under herself. Her every breath burned like she was sucking in the atmosphere from Mars but she refused to give in to her pain. She had been through a lot of pain before with her knee injury and knew she could do it, if she didn't pass out from lack of oxygen first.
"How's that feel, huh?" The brunette teased, her face contorted into a murderous expression as she paid her opponent back as much as she could for her savage breast mauling just minutes before, "Maybe I'll even rip an implant out before I'm done!"
"Owwrrghhhhh!' Britney screamed at the threat, her tears now streaming from her tightly shut eyes much to Shania's delight, but she had finally made it to her knees and began to push her traumatized body towards her opponent.
"W-what are you doing?" Shania suddenly asked in surprise and tightened her leg and breasthold to prevent whatever her adversary had planned but it was too late.
"S-Shutting you...urghhhh..up!" Britney gasped as she made a fist with her free hand, cocked it back, and sent it crashing down into Shania's aching left breast with all the strength she could muster.
"Yearrrrrghhhhhh!" Shania bawled after more punishment was delivered to her ravaged chest, and she quickly let go of Britney's mammary to protect herself, but that was exactly what the Pop Princess had counted on as she reached both hands down to lock them around Shania's slender throat and squeeze mercilessly.
"Urghhhh. Choke damn you." Britney hissed, finally able to draw brief breaths now that Shania's leverage was eliminated and she could concentrate on choking the life out of her, "Choke you...gnhaaahhh...bitch."
"Fllurkk!" The Country Music Diva managed to get out with her windpipe constricted while Britney throttled her from above using all the leverage she needed to soon have her unconscious and at her mercy, but the Canadian Cutie wasn't finished quite yet.
"This time I'll...rghhhhnnn...put your ass out...ghnnnn...for good! Agclkkk" The Pop Princess promised but then she felt her own air supply again cut off completely as Shania's hands suddenly snaked up and wrapped around her throat in retaliation before she rolled onto her left side to negate Britney's leverage advantage. Shania had been in choking contests before, most notably in a series of battles with actress Heather Graham in which she had lost consciousness during most of them, but she was confident that she could maintain her leg scissors long enough to render her opponent unconscious and gain the victory.
Now both battling beauties were locked in a stalemate to see who could outlast the other. It would come down to each woman's intense conditioning, ability to block out the exponentially pressing urge to obtain even the slightest breath of oxygen into their burning lungs, and determination to prove that they were beyond a shadow of a doubt the better fighter. Time, being the constant inconstant that it is, marched on and above the two women the clock changed to read 12:30am.
"It's time." Pamela finally announced in the limousine as her watch also changed to read 12:30am. The two musicians from different worlds had been driving her crazy like small kids during a long drive for the past thirty minutes and, although she would be relieved to see them go, they would have to deal with each other a little while longer if her plan was to succeed. Minutes ago she had instructed the driver to pull into a dark corner of the parking garage where she could wait undisturbed and handed Faith a keycard to gain access to Shania's penthouse suite. It was easy enough for her to purloin one from a member of the custodial staff and she watched the two blondes file out of the vehicle before releasing a sigh of relief. Settling back into the comfortable leather seat she poured herself a glass of champagne and waited patiently for the time she would go to the scene of the battle herself and finally settle her issues with one of the celebrities currently engaged in a fierce catfight inside. Her plan was that by the time she arrived, her target would be weary, beaten, and battered, leaving her easy pickings for revenge. She could have fought the object of her plan herself, being an able and talented fighter for many years who had engaged in many woman to woman wars, but it wasn't about beating her enemy this time. It was about setting an example for any other celebrity that ever dared to bring their grievance to her doorstep again.
"Finally! I can't wait to get my hands on that big mouthed bitch!" Christina cheered minutes later as her and Faith walked off the elevator together into the hallway of the uppermost floor. Luckily they had been able to do so undetected, without the use of a somewhat obvious disguise, by using the service entrance to the building.
"Shhhh! We're supposed to be surprisin them remember?" Faith advised in her sultry Mississippi accent as she the pointing finger of her right hand up to her soft lips, "If you keep yappin like a little terrier they're gonna meet us at the damn door."
"Sorry," Christina replied in a much quieter tone, too wrapped up in her thoughts of revenge to catch the meaning of the older blonde's veiled insult, "I'm just so excited to be able to finally pay her back."
"Oh, believe me darlin," Faith responded with a unseen roll of her eyes while she slipped the keycard into the magnetic slip and swiped it to admit them entrance, "I know exactly what you mean."
The two blondes stepped inside the suite and found a development neither them, nor Pamela, had expected. In front of the four windows lay Shania and Britney splayed out nude on the carpet next to each other.
Both women had stubbornly refused to give each other the satisfaction of a victory with the stakes so high and held on even as the darkness swirled in and overtook them from their mutual chokeholds, sending both singers spiraling down into the inky depths of unconsciousness and ending their battle with a decidedly undecided draw.
Chapter 6: Interruption
"What the hell do we do now?" Faith said more to herself than anyone else in the room as the door shut itself and locked behind them.
"I know what I'm going to do." Christina replied as she began undressing by kicking off her Nike sneakers, "I'm going to do what I came here for and beat Britney's slutty ass so bad she'll never disrespect me again!"
"I figured as much." Faith responded smartly and also began to slowly strip out of her clothing, first kicking off her powder blue high heels, then sliding quickly out of her matching blue thigh high dress, lacy white bra and matching panties.
"Look, you take care of Shania and leave Britney for me, okay?" Christina asked after having pulled her hot pink tee-shirt with the words 'Bad Girl' written on the chest over her head and throwing it down to the floor and unbuttoning her black Calvin Klein jeans before shucking them down her luscious legs to reveal she hadn't bothered wearing any underwear for the fight. The two blondes stood nude with Faith a few steps behind Christina and, just as the younger of the two took a step toward Britney's slumbering form, she felt a hand grab her by the elbow.
"Sure but you know," Faith said thoughtfully as she put one finger to the side of her head as if concentrating, "I know what I wanna do too."
"What?" Christina asked and turned around to see what Faith meant by her remark only to receive a backhanded slap across her left cheek that made her fall to the carpet on her tight buttocks to look up at her accomplice with a shocked expression.
"Owwww! What the hell!" Christina began as she quickly tried to get to her feet only to be slapped back down again, "Yeoowwww!"
"Even you oughta be able to figure it out, you brain dead bitch." Faith hissed as her eyes narrowed and her nostrils flared just as they had in the limousine, "I'm about to kick your ass!"
"But we're on the same sideeeyahhh!" Christina whined and then cried out as Faith grabbed the Pop Star by her shoulder length flaxen hair with her left hand and began snapping her head from side to side with sting slaps from her right hand.
"I'll show you what an old woman can do!" Faith growled as she sent yet another sharp smack across the younger blonde's rapidly reddening cheek, "You need a lesson in respect little girl, " She continued before pausing to give her another hard slap, "And I'm gonna give it to you!"
"You...arrhhh...double crossing...ughnnn...cunt!" Christina wailed and finally began to fight back by reaching up to grab two handfuls of Faith's long golden tresses and yank her down to the floor. The two rolled around and back and forth for a minute, each woman jockeying for position only to be countered by her foe. After a minute they both sensed a stalemate, and simultaneously separated to scramble to their feet and warily circle each other with hands formed into sharpened claws .
"I ain't double crossin anyone." Faith stated as they moved side to side in a loop, "I'm still gonna finish my business with Shania but since she's takin a nap, I'll just finish your sorry ass first!"
"Well here I am!" Christina shot back, already channeling her anger away from Britney towards her new unexpected adversary, "So just bring it, bitch!"
"Consider it brought!" Faith hissed and then made her move, feigning a left handed slap that the younger blonde saw coming as expected and grabbed her wrist to prevent, before lining up the shot she was really intending to deliver.
"That was patheturrrrrghhhh!" Christina began to taunt but suddenly was pulled forward into a hard knee that Faith buried into her abdomen. She doubled over and let go of Faith's arm to clutch her stomach in response and the Mississippi Girl immediately pressed her advantage.
"No, darlin, you're the one who's pathetic!" Faith corrected before interlacing her long, slender fingers into one fist, raised both arms above her head, and slammed them downward between her gasping foe's shoulder blades which drove Christina face down to the floor.
"Wughnnnn!" The Pop Star grunted while more air was forcefully pushed from her lungs, and even though she realized she needed to get up quickly, it was too late. Faith placed her right foot in the small of Christina's back and leaned down to grab her hair with both hands before pulling upward so hard her arms strained from the effort.
"I bet you won't be so worried about my hair color," Faith stated, planning to pay Christina back for each and every insult she had said to her in the limousine, "After I rip your rats nest out by the roots!"
"Aieeeeeerrghhhh!" Christina howled while her scalp burned intensely with searing pain and her back, now arched upward a few inches off the floor along with the rest of her upper body, began to spasm involuntarily from her opponent's punishing hold. She reacted by reaching for her head to alleviate the pressure but quickly realized Faith had been two steps ahead of her since the onset of the fight.
"Have you ever been surfing, hon?" Faith inquired, and at first the younger blonde had no idea what she was talking about but then she felt her more experienced adversary let go of her hair to grab first her left wrist and then her right one before twisting them behind her while continuing to savagely yank back, "It's a hell of a lot of fun with the right surfboard!"
"Yuurrrgahhhhh! Bitrrghhhhh!" The Pop Star wailed as a response, now locked into an agonizing surfboard maneuver, her arms feeling like they were being pulled out of her sockets and her back flowing with a waterfall of pain that began between her rotated shoulderblades to cascade downward through her lower back and recycle itself.
"I don't hear you runnin your smart mouth now, Christina!" Faith's verbal assault continued along with her physical one and, after five minutes that seemed to last an eternity to Christina, finally released the hold to let her arms flop lifelessly to the floor.
"" Christina replied while she lay at Faith's feet while the Mississippi Girl decided how she wanted to inflict more damage. Christina knew she this may be her only chance to make a comeback and that she needed to seize it or the willowy blonde would systematically destroy her.
"I know you're a slow learner," Faith sneered as she leaned down to turn her foe over, "But that's okay because I wanna take my time kickin your aaaaiiirrrrghhhh!"
"You were saying, hon?" Christina mocked as she got to her knees and turned to see Faith standing in front of her with her eyes and mouth wide open and both hands tucked tightly between her legs before she slowly sank to the floor. Christina's taunt had been on purpose and she knew it would provoke her opponent to continue her assault, thereby giving her the opportunity she needed. Just as Faith had grabbed her right arm to pull her onto her back, she had funneled every bit of strength she could into her left arm and drove a wicked uppercut between her long legs to stop her haughty foe in her tracks. Now all she had to do was capitalize on her sneaky low blow after getting to her feet.
"G-Get...orghhh...away." Faith groaned, needing time to recover after such a vicious move, but she was unable to prevent Christina from pushing her onto her back and straddling her midsection, trapping her arms that were still clutching her wounded womanhood in the process.
"No fucking way!" Christina smirked as she grabbed a handful of the older blonde's hair in her left hand and began slapping her adversary's face with her right hand just as Faith had done to her earlier, "You've got an asskicking coming!"
"Ughnnn! Ahhhh! Dammit! Rghhhh!" Faith cried and cursed, feeling each of the Pop Star's slaps rain stinging pain across her reddening cheeks while she began to try to buck her off, but Christina was in the better position and prevented it by using her hairhold to bang the back of the Mississippi Girl's head against the floor to stun her.
"Now let's see what kind of damage I can do to your Barbie Doll tits!" Christina snapped with glee as she slid backwards slightly to gain better access to her intended targets before punishing them.
"N-No! Owrghhh! Yahhhhh! Wughnnnn!" Faith protested groggily from having her head bounced off the carpet and then screamed in agony as Christina raised her right hand above her head, made a fist, and sent it crashing down knuckles first into her right breast. The Pop Star repeated the maneuver with her left hand and then began punching Faith's breasts alternately as if she was working on a heavy bag at the gym. After ten hard shots to each breast she had tears running down Faith's face and relished in the fact she was beating on an older, more experienced opponent.
"You know what, String Bean?" The younger blonde asked, remembering the name Shania called Faith repeatedly during their many catfights and using it as a personal dig, as she took a moment to push the hair out of her eyes before raising her right fist again.
"Oh, my...orghhh...breasts. S-stop." Faith pleaded in a hoarse whisper as she looked up into Christina's face that had a wicked grin on her soft lips and a gleam of merciless joy in her eyes. Her breasts were throbbing from the Pop Star's fistal fury and, with her arms trapped uselessly at her sides, she knew if her younger foe continued to work on them she would soon have no other choice but to submit and accept a shameful loss to the fight she had started.

"I...really...hate...being...called...little...girl!" Christina suddenly answered, before accentuating every word with another alternately flattening blow to her opponent's battered and bruised titflesh, finally ending with a double-fisted shot that had Faith on the verge of defeat.
"Urggrghhhh! Waughhhhh! Aieeeeeee! Ourghhhhhhhh! Yarrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Faith's piercing wails echoed off the walls and, after the final two fisted blow, her hands pulled forward palms up with fingers curled upward to harshly attacked the nether region of her adversary.
"Ooowwwwraaaaaahhhh!" Christina wailed at the unexpected pain shooting through her privates as two of Faith's manicured maroon painted fingernails raked across her clitoris. She quickly rolled off and away from her opponent to massage her scratched labia, freeing Faith's arms to tenderly cradle her chest. Faith knew the younger blonde would recover faster to continue their battle so the wheels already had begun turning in her mind to again gain the upper hand.
"You're for hurtin my...sob...breasts." Faith hissed at the younger blonde in a defiant tone when she saw Christina getting back to her feet a few minutes later.
"The only thing you're going to do, you backstabbing bitch," Christina growled before stomping towards her still downed adversary and standing over her. "Is suffer!"
"N-No...sob..p-please!" Faith pleaded while looking up at the younger blonde with a frightened look on her face while she wrapped her arms tighter around her chest to protect her mammaries, "Not my...sob...breasts! N-Not...sob...again!"
"Fuck you, Faith!" Christina spat before reached down to remove her adversary's arms so she could attack her wounded breasts again, "I am soooo going to enjoy this!"
"I don't think so, bitch!" Faith snapped with a suddenly hardened tone to her voice and, before the Pop Star could react, grabbed both Christina's wrists, brought her knees up, and launched a double footed shot between her confident rival's spread legs before flipping her over her head to land flat on her back behind her with a dull thud.
"Yaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Ughhhhnnnnnnn!" Christina howled in anguish and lay stunned for a moment but then curled into a ball with her right hand between her legs and the other one on the small of her back trying to massage away the pain. Faith knew she had struck a critical blow and took a few minutes to recuperate before slowly rising to her feet with one hand still tenderly cradling her aching chest while she walked over to on her still downed adversary.
"Now we'll see who's gonna suffer!" Faith taunted while she leaned down to grab Christina's left arm that she had been rubbing her spasming back with and cranked it harshly upward. She then jumped up and come crashing down with both kneecaps landing with savagely surgical precision into Christina's spine before letting her arm go.
"Urrrgahhhhhhhhh!" Christina cried out and, just as the Mississippi Girl had planned, rolled onto her back with both hands holding it to protect it from further abuse. Faith took immediate advantage and, just as Christina had done to her earlier in their battle, quickly straddled her foe and trapped her arms in the process by doing so.
"I'd talk about Barbie Doll breasts if I was you, darlin." Faith began as Christina looked up in horror that her breasts were now at Faith's mercy, especially after what she had just done to hers, and then she felt twin claws sinking deep into her titflesh, "Don't worry though, they're gonna swell up really nice after I'm through with them!"
"Waieeeeeeeerghhhhh! M-My tits! Yahhhhhhh!" Christina's shrieks of torment bounced off the walls as her opponent then began pulling upward and downward while twisting back and forth as if she was a human taffy machine. Faith soon had tears flowing down Christina's face but she wasn't finished, planning to show the Pop Star just who she was messing with when she shot her mouth off earlier.
"Here's a little piece of advice, you little slut," Faith offered with a sideways smile as she released her foe's breasts momentarily and transformed her claws into fists before raising the right one above her head, "Don'!" Faith then mimicked her adversary's attack that had been perpetrated on her own breasts by accenting every word with a jackhammer like blow to the Pop Star's clawed and mangled titflesh, ending just as she had with a double fisted shot that left her opponent quivering in agony beneath her.
"Ourghhhhhhhhh!" Christina choked through her tears after the last barrage, now in the same position she had Faith in just minutes before, on the brink of admitting she had lost the catfight to spare further abuse to her chest.
"Like I said earlier," Faith responded as she raised up on her right side slightly to slide her leg partially under her adversary, "You can dish it out but you can't take it."
"I'll!" Christina hissed, finally freeing her left arm and trying to use it to reach for Faith's right breast, but her experienced opponent knew it would be coming, and easily caught her hand.
"Show me what?" Faith grinned down at the frustrated Pop Star before pulling on Christina's arm and rolling her body up enough to slip her leg completely under her, "How loud you can scream?"
"Damn it! N-No!" Christina protested and tried the same futile attempt at attacking the older blonde's left breast with her now freed right hand but Faith quickly grabbed that one too.
"You know, I just realized somethin since you tried that. Dumb as you give blondes a bad name!" Faith cracked, watching with amusement while Christina struggled helplessly while she stretched her other leg over the Pop Star's stomach and locked her ankles together in a crushing scissors hold.
"Rrrrrgahhhhhhh!" Christina replied to the taunt the only way she could now as her back and stomach suddenly became compressed together as if the two parts of her anatomy were in a trash compactor. Faith added to her agony just for kicks by letting her body fall to the carpet while still holding both her arms by the wrists and sliding forward before reapplying the hold.
"Are you ready to admit I kicked your sorry ass yet?" Faith taunted and let go of her foe's arms since Christina was now hopelessly trapped with no way to escape from between her legendary long legs unless she allowed it, "I sure as hell hope not cause I'm really enjoyin this!"
"Aghuhhhh. N-No....ughnnnnhuh." Christina grunted in reply while clawing at the carpet, barely able to breathe as she lay on her stomach sandwiched between two of the most beautiful legs on the planet that slowly crushed her like a Boa Constrictor. What worried her more than losing the catfight was what might happen afterward, and she could already feel the dampness from Faith's crotch pressed firmly against her left side.
"No?" Faith asked with false surprise while wove her long slender fingers into the hair on the back of Christina's flaxen hair to pull her head up and look down into her crying pain filled face, "Are you sure? Sooner or later you're gonna pass out so why not make it easy on yourself?"
"O-OK." The Pop Star gasped a few minutes later when Faith temporarily broke the hold to slip her long legs upward until they even with her breasts, "I...gasp...give up."
"I'm afraid you're gonna have to do better than that, bitch. I wanna hear you fuckin scream it!" Faith shot back sweetly in her sexy southern accent and, with that said, reapplied her leg scissors with the Pop Star's ravaged breasts as her target.
"Arrghahhhhhh! Urgggahhhh! You win, Faith! Waurghhhhh! I give up!" Christina's howl of agony pierced the air after sucking in a few deep breaths. She knew she couldn't take anymore and, no matter what the Mississippi Girl did to her after the fight, it wasn't worth the plastic surgery she may need on her breasts to repair the damage her foe had already done and the further abuse she was currently giving them.
"Maybe you aren't such a dumb blonde after all." Faith sneered as she accepted her rival's submission and eased up on her hold while she thought about how she wanted to humiliate her "Now...who's the better woman?"
"Y-You...sob...are." Christina choked out, her face burning with embarrassment as she said it, "You're the...sob...better woman...sob...Faith."
"Damn straight and don't you ever forget it!" Faith affirmed before bending her left leg up to unceremoniously roll the Pop Star over twice and free her right leg.
"Ohhhh. My...sob...beautiful...sob...tits." Christina moaned while laying face down with both arms wrapped around her injured mammaries, I fucking...sob...hate you."
"Even more than me?" A voice behind them both suddenly asked and then Faith felt a crushing blow to her skull as the newly revived Britney smashed a lamp into the back of her head and sent the pieces scattering in multiple directions.
"Ughnnnnnn!" Faith cried out and then fell face first to the carpet from the blow much to Christina's relief and detriment. On the one hand, Faith was out of the picture temporarily but on the other hand, she was now alone and defenseless against a rested and bitter rival.
"T-Thanks." Christina muttered nervously and slowly rose to her feet as she watched Britney drop the remains of the lamp and walk slowly over to her.
"Don't bother thanking me," Britney replied with a malevolent smirk as she advanced on Christina, "I just wanted her out of the way."
Chapter 7: Unification
"Look, can't we work something out?" Christina asked, trying to reason with her nemesis since she was at such a severe disadvantage, "What about Shania? When she wakes up she's going to be looking for revenge."
"So what? I'll just kick her ass again but first I'm gonna kick yours!" Britney yelled and then curled up her right hand to punch Christina in the mouth but slender fingers suddenly grabbed her wrist from behind, spun her around, and delivered a hard right punch to her left cheek.
"I got news for you, bitch," Shania hissed with another punch, this time sinking her left fist deep into the blonde's taunt belly, "You didn't kick my ass the first time!"
"Uffffffff!" Britney's whooshed cry came as the air was forced out of her mouth from the blow and she sank to her knees. She had been so preoccupied with wanting a piece of Christina that she discounted her rival's warning about the Country Music Diva recovering and now she was paying for it.
"We have some unfinished business, Brit." Shania stated before pulling her opponent's head between her legs and beginning to apply crushing pressure to it. "Now you're gonna learn what happens when you fuck with me!"
"Urghnnnnnn!" Britney grunted in pain and reached up to latch onto her foe's breasts but Shania easily grabbed her wrists while Christina decided to get a cheap shot in and, seeing her nemesis on her knees with her legs spread slightly, seized the opportunity to kick her between them. "Aierrrrghgghhh!"
"Take that you cocky whore!" Christina cheered but Shania wasn't happy that her fight with Britney was interrupted. She didn't want her victory, or loss for that matter, to be dependent on an outside factor and she quickly let the Pop Star know it.
"Stay out of this you little bitch." Shania warned with a menacing look, "Unless you wanna be next."
"My bad." Christina stated, quickly backing away and lifting her hands palms up in a defensive stance, "I couldn't resist."
"When I'm done you can have whatever's left." Shania offered with a smile while still slowly squeezing Britney's head between her muscled thighs, "Until then she's all mine, got it?"
"Fine. I'll just go entertain myself with Faith until then." Christina shot back with a perturbed look but she knew that as much of a threat that the awoken Britney was to her, if she decided to take on Shania in her current mood, there would be no doubt that the brown haired beauty would demolish her.
"Nourghhhhh!" Britney protested in the meantime as her head felt as if it was imploding and she was in no position to do anything about it. She had already felt Shania's powerful legs wrapped around her waist and had barely managed to escape then, much less with the severe pain shooting through her nether region from Christina's unseen kick.
"Oh yes!" Shania crowed and then suddenly dropped down to her knees in a Pedigree like maneuver that slammed her rival's forehead into the floor with such force that it almost knocked her out, wanting to make sure Britney was unable to fight back from what she planned to do to her next.
At the same time, Christina advanced on Faith with the intention of paying her back for the humiliation she had endured earlier at the willowy beauty's hands.
"I may not be able to make Britney suffer yet," Christina stated with a cocky smile as she reached down and rolled Faith over onto her back and began to slowly straddle her stomach, "But there's nothing to stop me from making you suffer."
"Except," Faith replied as her eyes shot open and her hands flew up to latch onto both of the Pop Star's breasts and sink ten fingernails of fury into them to pull her off of her, "I ain't about to let that happen!"
"Yaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" Christina howled while trying to pry the older blonde's hands from her throbbing chest to no avail just as Faith had planned. She had been playing possum for the past few minutes, the hollow lamp stunning her but not knocking her completely out, and she had rested like a coiled cobra until the right moment to strike.
"Get up!" Shania yelled down at her fog minded foe just a few feet away as she pulled Britney up to a kneeling position by her flaxen locks and then yanked her throbbing head between her thighs again and clamped her legs around it.
"Urghhhh." Britney groaned in a weak protest, barely coherent after Shania's previously brutal move but the brunette planned to change that.
"Now I'm gonna pay you back for what you did to my breasts, you little bitch!" Shania yelled down at the helpless Pop Princess while she reached under the blonde to grab both of her opponent's previously tortured mammaries in each hand and pull upward on them.
"Waiiiiieerrrrrghhhhh!" Britney howled in response to the savage maneuver, brought fully awake again as she felt her breasts being yanked away from her body, and her tears quickly flowed down her face like a waterfall to form a salty puddle on the carpet.
"Now tell me you give up!" Shania demanded, relaxing and pulling alternately with her arms to drive her point home, "Scream it you fucking cunt!"
"Aaarrghhaaaahhhhhh! I-I..sob...give up!" Britney instantly cried out between tugs on her pain filled breasts, "P-Please...sob...let go! Owwwwwrghhhh!"
"Smart move." Shania affirmed before spreading her legs slightly to let Britney fall to the floor on her ravaged chest and begin loudly sobbing. the Pop Princess had no time to recover though as the Country Music Diva quickly rolled her defeated foe onto her back and laid down flat on top of Britney while mashing her own sore breasts into her adversary's in the process.
"Orghhhh." Britney winced in pain and looked up through her tears to see Shania's smiling countenance looking down at her with a dominant smirk.
"Now tell me who the better woman is, Brit." Shania ordered, knowing she had the blonde helpless and hurting, and could easily torture the confession out of her. She wanted to be in Britney's face when she said it as payback for being forced to almost surrender earlier when the Pop Princess was in her face and had her on the brink of defeat.
"Y-You're...sob..the better...sob...woman." Britney choked out in embarrassment as her eyes pleaded for mercy from the Canadian Cutie.
"Say it louder, slut!" Shania screamed so loud it hurt Britney's ears and her foe's reply was immediate.
"You're the...sob..better woman, Shania!" Britney cried out, now just wanting her ordeal to be over, but she knew by looking into her conqueror’s eyes that Shania had more in store for her.
"Don't forget it, bitch!" Shania hissed and then slid her body up until her breasts were even with her vanquished adversary's crying face before suddenly dropping down to breast smother her into oblivion.
"Mpghhhhnn! Flughmffff! Ughnnnn." Britney's panicked cries came from under her while Shania used her elbows to mash her beautiful breasts together and finish the job. In seconds the Pop Princess had succumbed and mercifully passed out but Shania held on a few moments to be sure before getting to her feet.
On the other side of the couch things had went from bad to worse for Christina. Not having recovered from her first fight with Faith and, expecting to simply dish out punishment to a helpless foe, instead encountered an angry, rested opponent. The willowy babe now had her long legs wrapped securely around Christina's waist and had abandoned her twin chest wreckers for two handfuls of Christina's hair to pull the Pop Star's face between her soft, sweaty breasts.
"So you thought you'd just waltz over and attack me while I was down, huh?" Faith hissed as she tightened her leghold and was rewarded by a heavy grunt from the frantically struggling singer, "You shoulda quit while you were behind!"
"Plight! Muffs! Ughnnnnn." Christina replied in the only manner she could with her air supply completely cut off. She was unable to draw a breath between the perfect seal the blonde beauty's breasts had formed over her face and the long, luscious, constricting legs that squeezed any air she already had in her lungs out of her. Christina soon felt the swirl of unconsciousness creeping up on her from somewhere in the back of her brain and then everything faded to black.

"You ready yet, hon?" Faith asked after finishing Christina off with a shameful breast smother while her secret partner had taken the time to tie Britney's hands behind her back using the belt from the beaten blonde's overcoat.
"Just waiting for you, babe." Shania replied as she walked around the couch and then watched as Faith retrieved the Pop Star's shirt and tied her hands behind her back with it. Then the two Country Music Sensations left the two slumbering Pop Divas where they lay for the moment to sit down on the couch together to rest, their hands reaching out to gently massage each other's punished anatomy.
"Looks like we showed them both who the better women are." Faith remarked while moaning slightly from Shania's fingertips gently rubbing over her sore nipples, "Just like we planned."
"After we get through with them," Shania added with a sigh from the attention her own breasts were receiving, "They might even be as close as we are."
"I doubt it but at least they won't be messin with us anytime soon." Faith surmised with a sigh of her own and, with that said, the two Country Divas kissed passionately, opening their mouths to let their tongues intertwine and dance over each other's lips and teeth.
"Damn it," Pamela cursed in the back of the limo as she looked at her watch that read 2am, "Where in the hell are they?"
She had expected Faith and Christina back fifteen minutes ago with the tape but something had apparently went wrong. She briefly thought about leaving and forgetting the whole thing before her secret was exposed but she quickly dismissed the idea since she had been as patient as Death itself so far to exact her revenge. The plan had been that a fresh Faith and Christina would easily overwhelm the most likely tired and injured duo of Shania and Britney and, after taking no longer than an hour to beat and humiliate them, would return to her with the tape.
What she didn't know is that Shania and Faith had put their long storied rivalry behind them months ago after developing a mutual respect for each other's catfighting abilities. Both agreed they were tired of the constant battles that had interfered with their lives both personally and professionally so the two Country Music Sensations concentrated instead on their families and careers. They had stayed in touch and eventually become friends, which sometime later led to an occasional lovemaking session, since years of having each other's naked bodies pressed together in battle and facesitting endings made them realize how attractive they were to each other. So when Faith had been called to charge in on Shania and Britney's battle and attack her friend she had called the brown haired beauty to let her know. Together the two hatched a scheme of their own to take down both Britney and Christina that had ultimately succeeded.
Letting out a long sigh, Pamela checked her watch again, poured another drink while chiding herself for being so impatient, and made the decision to give her two accomplices until 3am or she was going in anyway.
Back in the penthouse suite, the kissing interlude had been wrapped up in lieu of the business at hand. Both Shania and Faith knew that simply beating and opponent wasn't enough and, if you wanted to make a lasting impression, you also had to humiliate them to try to prevent future reprisals. The two Country Music Sensations sat a few feet apart on the couch with Britney's unconscious form draped over Shania's lap while Christina's motionless body lay over Faith's lap, leaving the two Pop Divas face to face when they awoke.
"Wake up, Brit!" Shania snapped as he held the beaten beauty's head up by her hair with her right hand while she slapped her in the face with her left hand.
"Ughhhh...w-wha?" Britney asked through her fog and then she realized where she was and began to struggle but Shania had her left leg over her right leg to secure the young musician firmly in her lap. She saw Christina's sleeping face in front of her and then a hand come down to land across her long time rival's right cheek.
"You too, Christina!" Faith ordered with a series of light smacks that soon had her conquered foe awake as well to look into Britney's terror filled face and also began to squirm but the Mississippi Girl had trapped her leg as well.
"Now that you're both awake," Shania began with a sharp tug on Britney's hair, "I think it's time you put your rivalry behind you."
"In fact, maybe you could even kiss and make up." Faith added with a chuckle that filled the two Pop Divas with anger.
"Never! Sooner or later I'm going to pay you back for everything you said about me!" Christina yelled into Britney's face. The hatred between the two ran deep and she wasn't about to let it go now, if ever. In fact she had promised herself that when this was all over the one thing that was certain was that she would go after her nemesis again.
"Fuck you Christina!" Britney screamed back at Christina as the fire returned to her eyes, "You're a loser and you'll always be a loser!"
"See?" Faith remarked with an amused look at her partner, "I told you they wouldn't listen to reason."
"Yeah they've got really bad attitudes." Shania replied in a playful tone, "Maybe we should give them an attitude adjustment."
Chapter 8: Humiliation
"What the fuck are you two crazy bitches talking about?" Britney growled as she tried to turn her head to look up at Shania only to have it yanked harshly forward again.
"Go ahead and do whatever sick twisted things you've got in mind," Christina added with a hard edge to her voice, "Because after we get done with each other we're coming after you!"
"Well, at least they agree on somethin." Faith giggled and Shania let out a little laugh at the joke, "Even if it's that they never learn."
"Don't you think we thought of that?" Shania asked with a roll of her eyes, "Trust me, after tonight you'll never bother either of us again."
"Shyeah right!" Christina spoke up at the threat, "We may have lost tonight but we'll see how big you talk when we fight you again!"
"I told you they never learn." Faith answered the slightly squirming blonde on her lap, "So let's just stop talkin to them and show them what we mean."
"Sounds good to me," Shania agreed as she used her left hand to rub Britney's tight asscheeks, "I've been waiting for this all night."
"No! Damn you!" Britney hissed and began furiously struggling but after a couple of seconds, quickly realized she had nowhere to go.
"I noticed your shirt said 'Bad Girl' on it, Christina." Faith's voice said from above her helpless target as Christina felt a hand caressing her buttocks as well and she immediately started to panic, "Well, where I come from bad girls get a spankin!"
"Noooowwwww! Owwwwwww! Ahhhhhhhhh!" Christina then bawled as Faith lit into her naked backside by alternately raining down hard swats while she futilely kicked her legs and squirmed, much to the older singer's delight.
"So do spoiled princesses." Shania stated and began her own spanking of Britney while the Pop Diva screamed out in pain and indignation at being treated this way.
"Ahhhhhhh! Rgggahhhh! Yeeooowwwww!" Britney howled and after twenty slaps felt her hot tears begin running down her face.
"Are you ever gonna mouth off to me again, Christina?" Faith asked with another hard slap on Christina's right asscheek that was already crisscrossed red with her handprints, "Because if you do, you little bitch, this is what you're gonna get!"
"Wahhhhhh! N-No! I...sob..swear! Owwwwrghh! I won't! Aieeeee! P-Please...sob...stop!" Christina quickly affirmed through her tears while both her buttocks burned as if they were on fire from the spanking, but Faith continued to smack away.
"What about you, Brit?" Shania demanded with five more alternating swats to Britney's burning backside, "Got anymore threats you wanna make?"
"Nooowwwww! My..sob..ass! Yeoowwww! S-stop!" Britney quickly cried through her own tears but Shania wasn't through yet and resumed spanking her.
"If you ever and I mean ever call me string bean again you snotty little bitch," Faith stated as she continued to spank Christina like a naughty schoolgirl, "Then I'll be doin more than this to you!"
"I-I...sob..won't. I..sob..promise." Christina choked out while Faith took a couple of minutes to let her right hand quit hurting while she run her left hand over the crimson buttocks of her vanquished and humiliated foe but by this time Christina was crying so much and was so preoccupied with her pain that she didn't realize just what the older blonde was even doing.
"And if you ever call me Grandma again you sorry little slut," Shania yelled down at the screaming and writhing Pop Princess, "I'll rip your tits off your fuckin chest!"
"Yarghhhh! I...sob...won't! P-Please...sob..stop...ohhhh, my ass!" Britney pleaded and then loudly sobbed after Shania finally stopped to let her deal with her pain.
"Good girls." Faith affirmed in a seductive tone, then her right hand slid down past Christina's asscrack to descend slowly to her womanhood and rub it softly, "Because I'd hate for the tabloids to know all about what else we're gonna do to you."
"W-What?" Christina asked, not really wanting to know the answer as she began to feel a slightly pleasurable sensation between her legs that she had been too preoccupied with her pain in her backside to notice.
"Oh...sob..fuck." Britney groaned on the other side of the couch after feeling Shania's hand doing the same thing to her crotch. She knew exactly what Shania had in mind after participating in the act as a winner and now she was the loser and powerless to prevent it.
"Remember when I said I wouldn't mind slippin a couple of fingers in you, Christina?" Faith suddenly asked, referring once again to their conversation in the limousine, and then it dawned on the Pop Star what the Mississippi Girl meant as she slid one finger inside her, "And you said to just try it," She continued as she added another finger and began slowly sliding them in and out of her, "Looks like I'm gonna take you up on that offer."
"Nooohhhhhh! P-please..sob...d-don't...mmmmm...n-not...sob..again!" Christina begged but she knew she was helplessly being forced to relive a part of her nightmare as Faith pumped her fingers in and out of her rapidly aroused crotch faster and faster, "N-not...ohhhhhh...this way!"
"Damn it! Stooooohhhhhpppp!" Britney demanded as she felt two talented fingers slide inside her and begin pumping away," I' for...mmmmm...this!"
"Why?" Shania asked gleefully as she let go of her handful of hair to slide her index finger between Britney's pain ridden buttocks and slide it in and out, "You know you love having my talented fingers in both your holes!"
"You're right, Shania. I don't know what I was thinkin." Faith said with amusement next to her partner before she couldn't contain herself and let out a mischievous laugh, "A slut like Christina probably needs a finger or two in her ass to get off too!"
"Nooohhhhh! Fuck! Ummmmm! Oh! Ah!" Christina protested and then moaned loudly after Faith added a digit of plunging pleasure from her other hand to her tight rear entrance as well, " sick...oh..oh...ahhhhhhhh!"
"You know you love it! Just look at you laying there moanin and groanin while you enjoy being fingered in both holes like the nasty whore you are," Faith gloated and stepped up her rhythm on both fronts until the Pop Star was panting heavily and about to achieve orgasm, "In fact, I bet you're about to blow any second now!"
"It's true, Faith." Shania concurred as she continued to jam her middle finger slowly in and out of Britney's tight asshole, "I know this little slut likes having her ass fingered!
"! Oh! Oh! Fuck! Ah! Ah! Ohhhhhh!" Britney panted as she tried to fight the building passion between her legs but she was quickly losing the battle.
"Bitch, huh?" Shania inquired while slightly raising her eyebrows, "Just for that you get some more fingers! Now do you have any more names you want to call me?"
"Noohhhhh! Oh! Oh! Ahhhhh! Y-Yes! Yesssss! Ah! Ah!" Britney wailed in response as a second digit entered her rear entrance and a third was added to her crotch to pump furiously in and out.
"Yessssss! Ohhhhh! Yes! Mmmmmm! Ah! Ah!" Christina cried meanwhile, lost in her pleasure due to the older blonde's talented fingers working steadily to drive her over the brink, and no longer caring about the circumstances of the who or how she would find her sexual release but the matter of when.
"If you want to cum then you better ask me nicely and call me Mistress Faith," The Country Music Diva demanded sweetly as if she was talking to a child, knowing she had the Pop Star on the verge of orgasm, and deciding to use the secret that Christina had thrown in her face earlier that day as another form of humiliation, "Think you can do that, slave?"
"Ahhhhh! Oh! Oh! Y-Yes! P-Please...mmmmmm...Mistress Faith! Ah! Ah! Please let me...ohhhhhh...cum! Oh! Oh!" Christina wailed, her soft tongue licking her lips as her toes and the fingers of both her hands curled while she felt the burning heat of an all consuming explosion about to rocket throughout her writhing body, "Yes! Yes! Yesssssss! Ahhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh! Ah! Ah! Ohhhhhh! Ummmmmm!"
"I wanna hear you beg too, Britney," Shania stated while she used the thumb of her hand that was fingering her victim's drenched womanhood to rub it hard over her pulsating clit, "And you can call me Mistress while you do it too!"
"Ah! Ah! Oh fuck! P-Please...mmmmm...Mistress Shania! Mmmmmm! P-Please...ah ah...I need to...ohhhhh...cum!" Britney squealed as her inner geyser began to spew and she jerked violently on Shania's lap while she was humiliatingly masturbated to orgasm, "Fuck yesssss! Ahhhhhhh! Ah! Ah! Ohhhhhh! Mmm! Mmm! Ummmmm!"
"Looks like we both have the same secret now." Faith laughed after Christina's breathing had returned to short gasps while she caught her breath, "Now if you don't want another spanking bad girl I suggest you and Britney kiss and make up.
"Great idea, Faith! Be a good slave, Brit, and give Christina a kiss or your ass is gonna burn." Shania warned while rubbing the Pop Diva's backside with her right hand to let her know she meant it. Britney had given in to Shania's demand to call her Mistress because she was so close to climaxing but to have to kiss her most bitter rival was over the line. Still, she knew she had little choice and the Country Diva would just torture her until she did, so she closed her eyes and puckered up. Christina on the other hand was more receptive and, having already closed her tear filled eyes and pursed her lips, felt Britney's warm, soft lips against her own and kissed them softly.

"Open your mouths and use your tongues." Faith instructed and both Pop Divas did as they were told, Christina even moaning softly in response while her tongue danced with Britney's in each other's wet mouths before they were pulled apart by mutual hairholds.
"See, that wasn't so bad, was it, Brit?" Shania teased before releasing her leg and rolling the Pop Princess off of her lap to land face up on the carpet at her feet with a soft thud. She then leaned down to clean her fingers, still coated with Britney's sticky juices, off on her hair. Christina simply lay there sobbing after the shameful act she had just been forced to participate in slowly sunk into her consciousness, and she now knew exactly what Faith had been talking about during her spanking.
"How about you, Christina? Did you enjoy that, slut?" Faith asked while she wiped her fingers on the Pop Star's teary right cheek before releasing her leg to let her fall face up on the carpet and gulp in gasps of air through her choked tears of humiliation. "Because I know I sure did."
"Hey, Faith." Shania suddenly said with a sexual gleam in her eyes, "Did spanking these two whores and listening to them get off make you horny or is it just me?"
"No, it made me really hot too." Faith agreed with a seductive look and then Shania leaned over to whisper something in her partner's ear, "Why don't we let these two take care of that for us?"
"I...sob...swear," Britney croaked out defiantly when she saw Shania stand up briefly before sitting down to straddle her waist, "We're going to..sob...get you for...sob...this."
"Oh you're gonna get me all right, Brit." Shania retorted with a cocky grin, "In fact you're gonna start by getting my breasts in your face."
"Mffffffff!" Britney cried into Shania's sweaty chest less than a second later as it abruptly descended over her face to smother her again while Faith laid down on top of Christina in the same fashion.
"How about you, hon?" Faith teased while Christina squirmed under her and heightened the arousal she was feeling, "Are you gonna get me too?"
"Plughhhhh!" Christina responded from the willowy blonde's cleavage while she kicked her legs in protest as an answer.
"If you don't want to be smothered or spanked any more you two whores better get busy making up for what you did to our breasts. Got it?" Shania demanded and, after feeling Britney nod her head in the affirmative, she raised up to let the blonde do exactly that.
"Don't forget to...ummmm...suck our nipples too." Faith added with a low groan as she felt Christina's hot mouth beginning to worship first her right breast and then the left one just as Britney was doing for Shania next to her. The two Pop Stars were laying head to head on purpose, to give Faith and Shania the opportunity to make out with one another as the two beaten blondes were made to sexually please them.
"Mmmmmm." Shania groaned as she kissed her partner while feeling Britney's hot mouth continued softly kissing and licking her right breast then sucking on her hardened nipple for a moment before moving to the left one.
"Ahhhhhhhh." Faith moaned too while Christina's soft lips and tongue went to work on her breasts and that, combined with Shania's wet tongue swirling in her mouth, soon had her crotch wet with anticipatory arousal.
"Ohhhhh...I think it's time for something else now." Shania stated in a lilting seductive tone, then raised up to her knees, spun around to face Britney's feet, sat down on her battered breasts, and looked over her left shoulder.
"Urghhhh!" Britney winced a the weight of Shania's frame compressed her chest and, to add insult to injury, the brunette wiggled her buttocks back and forth a few times and laughed while Faith got into position.
"Ourgahh!" Christina then cried out as Faith settled in on her extremely sore breasts and moved her backside back and forth a little too.
"You know, Shania, after all the lip these two have been givin us after we kicked their sorry asses, " Faith suddenly said as she looked over her left shoulder at her vanquished opponent, "I don't think they meant it when they said we were the better women. I think they should kiss our asses and tell us again."
"N-No! Fuck! Yarghhhh!" Britney cursed before Shania lifted her shapely rear end and dropped it down hard on the blonde's tortured titflesh to silence her fit with a scream while Christina, having already realized that her resistance was futile, remained quiet.
"Now shut up and kiss my ass, Brit." Shania ordered with a smirk and waited for the blonde to comply, knowing she had no other choice. After a second or two she felt her beaten foe's soft lips brush against her right and urged Britney to continue.
"Your turn, Christina." Faith commanded sweetly and immediately felt the younger blonde's soft lips kissing her backside again and again, both Pop Stars crying fitfully as they did so.
"Tell me who the better woman is again, bitch." Shania ordered while softly groaning in pleasure as her womanhood became wetter from humiliating Britney this way, "Or else I'll take my frustrations out on your breasts."
"Y-You're....choke...the better...choke..woman, Shania." Britney sobbed loudly after being screamed at for not doing so by the brunette earlier.
"What about me, Christina," Faith then asked with a soft moan and a slight wiggle of her buttocks, Am I the better woman, bitch?"
"'re the...sob..better...sob..woman, Faith." Christina choked out, her body wracked with another crying fit from the shame.
"I guess they really mean it this time." Shania said with a little laugh, "So maybe it's time they showed us."
"Good because I don't know how much wetter I can get!" Faith happily agreed and both Country Divas slid forward before beginning to wiggle back and forth as a silent command to lick them or smother.
"Plughfff!" Britney cried into Shania's muff as she felt the wetness of the brunette being rubbed into her face, and she knew what to do after having been in the position before after previous catfights. Opening her mouth with a sigh of resignation and disgust, she slipped her tongue out and began to lick.
"Mmmmmugh." Christina moaned, her resistance broken already by the willowy beauty planted on her face, and she eagerly began lapping away if for nothing else than to have her ordeal finally over.
"Ohhhhhh...that's it Britney," Shania soon moaned out as the Pop Princess explored the recesses of her crotch before licking upward toward her throbbing clitoris to flick her tongue across it a few times and repeat the process. "I think you've even...mmmm...gotten better since the...ahhhhh...last time I sat on your...ohhhhh...face."
"Urghhhh." Britney responded to the taunt but she continued, realizing she had little choice. Meanwhile, Faith was enjoying what Christina was doing and began a steady humping of her face, sliding back and forth as she felt a long awaited orgasm building rapidly within her.
"Ahhhhhh! Ah! Oh yessssss! Keep...ohhh...ohhh...going, Christina! Make me...ahhh...ahhh...cum...ohhh...ohhh....on your...ahhh...ahhh...face!" Faith cried out and intertwined her fingers with Shania's while she continued to throw her head back and forth.
"Orghhhh." Christina grunted from under her but redoubled her efforts by concentrating on Faith's pulsating clitoris with some furious licking combined with some occasional sucking. After only three minutes she already had the flaxen haired honey ready to blow and this didn't please Shania in the least because she believed that Britney was slacking on her oral servitude.
"C'mon you...ummmm...fucking...mmmm...bitch! cum...ahhh...ahhh...together!" Shania demanded as she mashed down and rubbed more vigorously on her conquered foe's face, "Or you're gonna... ohhhh... ohhhh... need new implants to...ah...ah....even have tits!"
"Ughnmnnn!" Britney wailed into the Country Music Diva's crotch more from having her air supply completely cut off again than as an answer but, after Shania felt the Pop Princess begin to lick and suck feverishly on her engorged clitoris, took it as one.
"Ah! Ah! I-I'm gonna...ummmm...cum!" Faith announced while she tried to hold her erotic explosion to climax together with Shania after seeing that her partner was quickly catching up to her, but Christina's talented tongue was still working it's magic on her love button and was about to drive her over the edge.
"M-Me too! Ah! Ah! Kiss me! Mmmm! Mmmmm!" Shania called out and, with their slender fingers laced together, their tongues dancing in each other's mouths, and their hips rocking back and forth in unison, both Country Music Divas then felt themselves riding a sea of ecstasy filled with waves of pleasure.
"Mmmmm! Mmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Faith and Shania's muffled screams of unbridled passion then came as they began performing a duet of synchronous orgasmic overload that echoed throughout the penthouse suite, "Ah! Ohhhhhhhh! Oh! Oh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Oh! Oh! Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm!" They finished after their kiss was temporarily broken in the heat of the moment and resumed at the end.
"Erghh." Britney groaned and, after feeling Shania's love liquid flowing down her face to mix with her tears, felt more debased than she had in a long time as she lay under her.
"Ughnn." Christina echoed her beaten rival's sentiment as she too felt dirty after having had her face ridden so hard it hurt and then coated in Faith's juices before being left under her to breathe in her musky scent.
"Damn...huff...that was...gasp...good," Shania remarked as she sat there a moment trying to catch her breath after such a powerful explosion, "I bet you could...gasp...make a comeback...huff...doing that!"
"Yeah but...huff...she might have...gasp...some competition!" Faith replied while she too let her breathing and heartbeat slow down before continuing, "So what should we do we do with them now?"
Chapter 9: Motivation
"I've got an idea." Shania replied with a devious smile and finally, after a few minutes of rest, both Country Divas slowly rose to their feet and prepared their two beaten opponents for their final act of shame. Both Pop Stars were now almost senseless from so little air so it was easy for them to place their beaten foes where they wanted before untying and then retying them.
"Owwwww! W-Wha…?" Christina asked when she felt a hard smack across the back of her head and then suddenly realized where she was, in a sixty nine position on top of Britney with her wrists tied to her rival's ankles and her ankles tied to Britney's wrists with different articles of her own clothes.
"Ahhhhhh! Damn it! What the fuck?" Britney cursed as she was awoken the same way a few seconds later and at first she thought it was Shania laying down on top of her but then she heard the Country Music Diva's taunting voice from somewhere above her.
"I think it's time you two licked and made up too." Shania teased as she looked down at the sight of the two beaten Pop Stars struggling to no avail.
"To be fair though, we're going to go in the other room and freshen up to give you a little privacy while you get started." Faith offered while taking Shania's hand in her own, "We'll be back before you finish because, after all, who hasn't wanted to see you two get it on together?"
"Or us for that matter." Shania added smartly as she began to be lead by a gentle tugging from her partner, "Oh, and by the way, if you two don't do it," She paused at the threshold of the bathroom door to continue, "Then we're going to make you when we get back. Trust me, you don't want that." The brown haired beauty warned before Faith and her entered the restroom and shut the door behind them.
"Now's our chance," Britney said, already starting to struggle as soon as she heard the water start running in the bathroom, "While they're busy we can get loose and get the fuck out of here before they force us to have sex."
"Or we can go to the hospital when they get back and see us trying!" Christina countered while spreading her legs so Britney couldn't use one hand to untie the other, "Besides would doing it with me really be that bad?"
"Are you high? I fucking hate you!" Britney shot back in anger while trying to keep her voice low, "So shut up and help me!"
"Well I fucking hate you too but that isn't the point!" Christina hissed back as she heard the water in the bathroom switch over from the steady drone of rushing water to a more sedate summer shower sound after the switch at the end of the tub had been changed, "If you still want to get your ass kicked by me after all this, then fine, but for now we'd better do what they want!"
"You're such a..ughnn...brain dead bitch, you...ughnn...know that?" Britney retorted as she continued to try to force her rival's legs together, "Quit being such...ughnnn...a good...ughnn...little girl and...ughnn...close your...ughnn...damn legs!"
"No! You're just too...ughnn...stubborn to know're beat!" Christina protested as she matched Britney's struggles in a force versus counter force battle that ended in a stalemate, "And I hate...ughnn...being called...ughnnn...little girl!"
"Damn it! I should've known you'd give in so quick by the way you licked Faith like that!" Britney finally cursed when she realized she couldn't escape unless the blonde on top of her helped, "You probably enjoyed it being the slut you are, but when I do get free, your ass is gonna pay little girl!"
"Fuck you, Brit!" Christina almost screamed at her hated rival as she tried to keep her voice to a level that the still running shower would cover up, "It's not my fault that I know how to please a woman when I have to! It doesn't make me a slut, it's just another reason I'm better than you!"
"Ha! You think you're better than me?" Britney snorted with disdain, "I've been with a few women too and they all left just as satisfied as the men I slept with!"
"Prove it!" Christina countered with an argument ending offer that she hoped would goad Britney into conceding, "I bet I can make you cum before you make me cum!"
"Do you really think I'm that stupid?" Britney asked and, realizing she left the door open for Christina to walk in with an easy barb, hoped she didn't answer, "What's the fucking point of that?"
"I'll tell you what the point is, Brit." Christina began as she heard the water continuing to stream in the bathroom, "Whoever loses has to go to the tabloids and take back everything they said. After they admit they were wrong and embarrass themselves they also have to say that we settled our differences. Make up your mind quick though because who knows how long they're going to be in there."
"You're on, Christina!" Britney agreed after a moments consideration and, with more public embarrassment on the line than she'd probably receive if anyone found out she had lost to Shania again, pulled her arms as far above her head as she could to bring her foe's lower body down and began quickly tonguing her already damp womanhood. She would never admit it to Christina but, after having her bitter rival's hot nude body squirming on top of hers she had become aroused, and she wanted to be sure she gained an early advantage.
"Ummmm! You cheating bitch!" Christina exclaimed before stretching her own arms out to the sides to splay her rival's legs open and diving in with her tongue, "I'll show you!"
"Ahhhhhh! Ah! Like..ohhhh...hell!" Britney countered and tried to concentrate on Christina's quickly hardening clitoris but the blonde kept turning her hips from side to side to prevent it.
"Ummmm! you...mmmm...don't!" Christina warned and tried the same tactic but, since she was on top, had easier access to Britney's love button and flicked her tongue rapidly over it to make her rival start to pant, "I'm going to show you what this little girl can do!"
"Ohhhhh! Ah! Ah! I'm not...ummmm...finished...ahhhhh...yet!" Britney shot back and slowly began to bring her arms up to push her opponent's lower half downward enough to lock onto her swollen nub with her lips and suck into her hot wet mouth.
"Ummmmmm! Ah! Ah! Oh fuck!" Christina cried out as she lost her advantage and worse, began to feel the faint stirrings of an orgasm while Britney continued sucking hard to provide the sensation overload needed to achieve it. Her only counter was to pull with her arms to spread Britney's legs into the air and lick for all she was worth before she exploded. For the next fifteen minutes each Pop Star did their best to get the other off as their naked bodies writhed and squirmed together, neither willing to give into their nemesis after years of rivalry and hatred, until finally they could take no more.

"Damn that's hot." Shania said to Faith as they entered the living room portion of the suite again to take a seat on the couch, "If we weren't so clean I'd get dirty all over again."
"I know what you mean, hon," Faith agreed with a chuckle as she licked her lips, "But I'm pretty spent after the fight and riding Christina's face."
"Ahhhhhhh! Ah! Ah! Damn it! Ohhhhhh! N-noooohhhhh!" Britney wailed while her body quivered from the effects of her rival's frantically licking tongue on her clitoris and soft lips alternately pulling hard on it that was about to drive her over the edge. Both Pop Stars were so into what they were doing that they hadn't realized Faith and Shania had even returned, much less were sitting a few feet away and watching.
"Me too but it looks like we got here just in time," Shania pointed out as the two sensuous songbirds cuddled on the couch in their hotel towels while they watched the near ending of the licking sexfight, "I think they're both gonna blow any second now."
"Who'd have ever thought," Faith mused more to herself than to her partner with a laugh, "That those two would ever get along that well."
"Ummmm! Um! Um! Fuck! Ummm! Ahhhh! Ah! I-I'm!" Christina howled also feeling Britney's tongue sending electric shocks of pleasure coursing through her as it concentrated on her love button, "Oh yessss! Ah! Ah! Make me...ummm...cum you...ummm...fucking whore!"
"Ah! Ah! M-Me too! Ohhh! Ohhhh! Keep fucking slut!" Britney called out as she felt the beginning of her orgasm and she wasn't alone. Christina was at the same point and together, just as Shania and Faith had done when they exploded together on their faces a short time ago, began to scream out their mutual submissions.
"Ohhhhhh! Ummmmm! Um! Um! Ahhhhhhh! Ohhhh! Oh! Oh! Ummmmm! Ummmmmmmm! Ah! Ah! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" Christina and Britney's cries then came as they experienced dual passionate peakings, both convulsing with pleasure as the sensations rocketed through them, and all while the two Country Divas watched with amusement.
"Well, it looks like they worked out their differences." Shania stated with a huge smile, "At least for tonight."
"It's a start. I reckon we should let them go now, though." Faith pointed out as Britney and Christina caught their breath and basked in their mutual afterglows.
"It is getting late but can't you stay here tonight?" Shania asked, not wanting their time to be over just yet and already a little aroused again from listening to the two Pop Stars getting each other off.
"I'd like to but I've got a video rehearsal across town tomorrow afternoon and I need some sleep." Faith said with a heavy sigh, "I'll be in town tomorrow though. Will you take a raincheck?"
"Sure." Shania replied and, after giving Faith another long kiss, both of them stood up.
"We're gonna untie you now so don't try anything stupid." Faith warned as she worked on freeing Christina, "Not that I think you've got the energy for it now."
"Here's what you're gonna do," Shania added as she untied Britney, "Get dressed, get out, and be grateful we didn't throw you in the elevator naked and show up in the lobby."
"This isn't over." Britney stated after she was able to stand up, retrieve her clothes, and begin to get dressed, "Sooner or later we'll get even."
"Give it a rest, Brit." Christina replied, rolling her eyes as she picked up her clothes and began to get dressed as well, "If you'd use that talented mouth of yours for more than talking shit maybe you wouldn't get your ass kicked so much."
"I'd talk, Christina." Britney shot back with a look at her rival, "If you'd wiggle your tongue for something other than making useless threats maybe you'd save yourself some beatings too.
"Do you two ever stop?" Faith suddenly inquired while she joined them in putting on her clothes to leave, "You two could've given Ghandi a migraine."
"Let them argue, Faith," Shania interjected with a smile, "Oh, and if you two decide you still want a piece of me or Faith I'd think twice about it if I were you."
"Why?" Britney huffed with disdain, "Like you could stop us if we ever teamed up."
"Maybe not," Shania retorted as she placed her hands on her hips in an all too familiar pose, "But think about it. Maybe Faith or I would lose to both of you at the same time but what would you lose?"
"Will you stop talking like a fortune cookie and spit it out already?" Britney demanded as she now stood fully dressed with an annoyed look on her face, "Not that it matters because you've still got a major asskicking coming."
"It's like this," Faith broke in with a sweet smile and soothing, but hard edged, voice after she was dressed, "If you come after one, or both, of us then the tape of you two having fun together will be your next video after it gets edited and anonymously sent to MTV and VH-1 executives or downloaded onto a few adult sites."
"Is that simple enough for you, Brit?" Shania added as she stared at the two Pop Stars, "Faith and I are retired from the catfighting scene now and we want it to stay that way just like our relationship."
"In fact the only reason we wanted to even take you two on is to show you something it took us a long time to figure out." Faith added, "That our rivalry was destroying us publicly and privately."
"Well I guess that does make sense," Christina admitted after instantly flashing back through years of animosity with Britney and what it had cost her in her mind, "I suppose."
"Since I need to concentrate on my comeback I'll call a truce for now. " Britney added after doing the same in her head, "But after that you better watch your back."
"Hey, maybe we can do both! If we teamed up and took out the competition by beating and humiliating them we could be on top again!" Christina offered excitedly while the door closed behind them as they left, "Have you read the tabloids lately? They all hate each other!"
Chapter 10: Revelation
"That went well but at least we got to get together again." Shania remarked with a smile as she turned to Faith and then asked about something that she couldn't quite remember from the events of the night happening at such a fast pace, "By the way how did you know I was up here fighting Britney again?"
"This reporter, Pamela, wanted us to attack you and Britney so we could get a tape of the fight she heard you were making and use it to get an exclusive." Faith explained and then went into greater detail but, since the posing makeup artist hadn't told her she actually set the fight up and it was just happenstance, the brunette didn't put two and two together, "Obviously I couldn't let that happen so I waited until we got here and attacked Christina like we planned. Not that the little bitch didn't have it coming after she annoyed the hell outta me."
"Thanks for that, babe, but should I be worried about this reporter?" Shania asked with a slightly worried look.
"No, once she gets the tape she should go back wherever she came from." Faith surmised, having no real proof the woman waiting for her in the limousine was anything but what she said she was, "Although I don't trust her myself."
"Here." Shania offered after listening to the willowy blonde's warning, going into the bedroom, and returning with a video cassette tape, "Give her this, then."
"What is it?" Faith asked as she turned it over and around to look for a label only to find there wasn't one, "A blank?"
"Better," Shania said with a mischievous grin, "It's some of my videos from my Greatest Hits CD. Trust me she'll love it."
Both Country Music Sensations laughed for a minute and then, after one last lingering kiss, Faith left the hotel suite to go back to the limousine while Shania reflected on the night's events. Still aroused from witnessing Britney and Christina's tied sixty nine she pulled over a chair to the bookcase in the living room of the suite and pulled a tape out of it before going back into the bedroom. Once there she opened the twin oaken doors of the wardrobe to reveal a television and video cassette recorder and pressed the rewind button. Deciding to get more comfortable she took off her towel and laid down on the bed in all her nude glory before reaching for the remote and, after hearing the audible click of the tape hitting the beginning, pressed play to watch the catfight she had recorded with a hidden camera perched high enough to get a wide view of the entire living room. At first she considered not even making the tape in case she lost the fight but now she believed it was worth the risk as she lay with her hands gently caressing her marred breasts. She stopped for a moment and fast forwarded to the spot she knew would arouse her the most, from the spanking of Britney and Christina forward, and she knew by the time the tape was done she would be sexually satisfied.
Still sitting in the limousine located in the parking garage and looking at her watch that now read 2:50am, Pamela's patience had run out. She was about to go inside the hotel but then saw Britney and Christina leaving together and wondered what had happened between them even after they had disappeared up the exit ramp to hail a cab. She thought about following them but since they were together, confronting them would most likely prove to be a foolish move. Besides, if Christina had told Britney that she had originally been sent by the posing makeup artist to attack her then she would have an enraged Pop Diva challenging her then and there. It was something Christina wanted to stay a secret for now since she didn't fully trust her new alliance with Britney and, if her rival knew she had been set up, would give her even more reason to want to fight her instead of maintaining the truce. Pamela decided Britney and Christina had played their roles and, after doing so, were of no use to her but she wondered where Faith was. Minutes later her pondering was answered as the long legged blonde exited the building through the service entrance, walked over to the limousine, got in, and sat down beside her.
"It took you long enough." Pamela remarked with obvious annoyance, "Did you get the tape?"
"Sure, hon." Faith replied and handed the tape to the brunette along with the key card that she stuck in her purse, "I hope it was worth all this."
"I'm sure it will be. Is Shania still up there?" Pamela inquired as she looked eagerly at the service entrance door.
"Yeah. She's probably resting after all that fighting and," The blonde responded but then was halted mid sentence as Pamela produced a small object and stuck the electrodes into Faith's side, "Yahhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnn."
"Thanks for everything, hon." Pamela smirked before putting the stun gun back in her purse, exiting the vehicle, and walking up to the driver's side window, "Driver, take Mrs. Hill home. Here's an extra fifty to answer all the questions you're not going to ask me."
"Yes ma’am." The driver replied before leaving with a lot of questions, a fifty dollar tip, and a wild story his friends would never believe.
Standing outside the door to Shania's penthouse suite minutes later, Pamela took a deep breath and swiped the key card to gain admittance. She wasn't sure if her target would be asleep or not, so she tried to be as quiet and cautious as she could while slipping inside. Hearing low moans and groans of pleasure mixed with squeals and screams coming from the bedroom she realized Shania was still awake and was silently happy that the bedroom door was pulled almost shut or she would have been spotted when she entered. Peering through the crack in the door, Pamela saw the object of her revenge laying nude amidst tangled sheets after having thrown the covers to the bottom of the bed. Shania's right hand was tucked between her splayed open legs while her slender fingers rubbed her crotch and her left hand roamed from breast to breast to pull on her hardened nipples. Pamela couldn't help but stare as the Country Music Diva masturbated in fantasy like fashion and she briefly considered whether to let her target finish what she was doing to drain her energy further or interrupt the brown haired beauty now. Seeing that Shania was minutes away from peaking with her eyes closed and her head thrown back into the pillow as loud grunts and groans emanated from her quivering lips, she decided on the latter of the two.
"Ooooooo! Oh! Oh! Ah! Ah! That's it you sluts! Ummm! Ah! Ah! Ummmm! Make each other cum! Ah! Ah!" Shania cried out while Pamela quietly opened the bedroom door, walked over to where she lay, and picked up the discarded remote left on the end table. She then shut the television off before putting it back where she found it.
"Having fun?" Pamela asked and, as soon as the television went blank and the noise abruptly ceased, Shania's eyes flew open to see the makeup artist standing over her with both hands resting comfortably on her hips.
"Pamela? What the hell?" Shania asked in shock as she tried to reach for the sheet to cover herself but she was stopped short as the black haired beauty put her right knee on the edge of the bed and suddenly reached down to latch onto her sore breasts with both hands before she could react, "Aieerrrghhhhh!"
"The name's not Pamela, bitch," The curly black haired honey hissed as Shania frantically grabbed for her wrists to relieve the sudden pain of having her mammaries squeezed by two strong hands, "It's Ginny!"
Chapter 11: Stipulations
"Owwwrghhhhh!" Shania replied in the only way she could with a piercing scream as she felt even more agony while she was pulled into a sitting position by her breasts while tears quickly pooled in the corners of her eyes. She was clutching Ginny's wrists but was unable to break her hold and, caught off guard by the sudden assault combined with dizzying pain that made it hard to concentrate, was temporarily unable to fight back.
"What's the matter, Shania, does that hurt?" Ginny asked with glee as she continued to pull until she had the Canadian Cutie draped face down on the bed with her top half hanging off of it, "I guess Britney really did a number on your breasts huh?"
"Yearrrghhhhh!" The brown haired beauty screamed in response as Ginny let go of her breasts with one last hard tug before taking a few steps back and waiting for her target to recover somewhat. She could have pressed her advantage but she just wanted to get the Country Music Diva's full attention and she certainly had that now.
"I bet you don't remember me, do you?" Ginny stated while Shania quickly scrambled to her knees on the bed with her left hand holding her still hurting breasts, "After all it's been a few years now."
"Who are you?" The Country Music Diva inquired as she searched her memory and drew a blank just as Ginny had expected.
"I told you my name already but let me refresh your memory. You came to my office with your hulking amazon assistant and demanded that my partner, Kim, and I stop putting catfight stories our contributors wrote about you on our website." The black haired beauty offered and then saw Shania's expression change from blankness to possible recognition, "Ring a bell?"
"As a matter of fact it does," Shania hissed as she got to her feet and curled her hands into claws, "But you made a big mistake coming here and attacking me. You should've just let it go."
"You're right, it is ancient history," Ginny began as she took a defensive stance and curled her hands into fists in case the Country Music Diva decided to lunge at her, "Normally I would've just chalked it up to your celebrity ego."
"I bet you didn't even stop putting the stories on your website," Shania pointed out as she took a step toward Ginny to intimidate her but the woman didn't budge, "So what's this really about?"
"Freedom of speech added to loyal writers and readers kept the stories coming. I did manage to save the website from multiple crashes and server problems but nevermind that," Ginny responded before realizing she had went off on a tangent that her listener probably didn't know much about, "What really bothered me is that out of all the celebrities that are written about, you showed up at my office uninvited and made it your personal business to deliver your message."
"So now you want a piece of me, huh?" Shania surmised as she took another step and stood two steps away from Ginny, "Why not try asking?"
"Because you never would have accepted a challenge from an unknown," Ginny answered having already considered the idea but she wasn't a celebrity, "Besides, the word through the grapevine is that you retired from the fighting scene."
"Hmph. So you set this whole thing up." Shania snorted back at the black haired beauty, "But what do you get if you win?"
"Nothing other than settling an old score and sending a message of my own," Ginny replied and one look into her eyes told Shania it was the truth, "But I bet you have something in mind."
"As a matter of fact," Shania agreed with a sly smile before stating her terms, "What do you say that if I win I there'll never be another story even mentioning my name on your website again. You may not control the writers but you do control what gets put on there so I know you can make that happen."
"Agreed. Now that I think about it, though, there are a couple of things," Ginny snapped after a brief pause while she considered the stakes involved, "A little promotional favor, so to speak. I help run a bar now hosting celebrity fights and I want you to spread the word to all your famous friends that, if they have a score to settle, that's the place to do it. Also, I want a personal apology for what you did and your word that it will never happen again."
"Easy enough. But after this is over it's the end of it because the rumors are true I'm retired now." Shania warned with a pointing of her right index finger, "And I want to stay that way until I choose not to be."
"It ends tonight, on that you have my word. Oh, one last thing I just thought of, why don't we tape the fight so the winner has a souvenir and a little insurance."
"No problem. You can undress in the living room while I set it up." Shania said thinking that since she was already naked the two should fight nude and, after walking into the living room, she put a blank tape in the video camera and pushed the record button.
In the meantime, Ginny had kicked off her black heels, unbuttoned her white blouse to let it fall silently to the floor before reaching behind her back to unclasp her black lace bra and discard it as well. After that her black leather miniskirt was unbuttoned and slid down her taunt legs followed by her black lace panties. She now stood in all her nude glory facing a still naked Shania, her breathing rapid while the two began to circle and prepare for the upcoming battle. Ginny knew her opponent was hurt but resilient so taking Shania lightly would prove to be a mistake as a lot of the Country Music Diva's other opponents found out when they suffered a last minute defeat. Shania on the other hand was worried about facing an unknown enemy that she couldn't possibly prepare for. Her previous talk had been nothing more than bravado after Britney had severely hurt her breasts so she had to protect them at all costs, especially after feeling the power of Ginny's hands crushing them just minutes before. As the clock on the wall changed to read 3am, both sexy brunettes charged at each other with the intention to settle things once and for all.
Chapter 12: Conflagration
"Ahhhh! Urrghhh!" Both women screamed after their bodies collided together and each grabbed the other's hair to pull in a classic catfight opening move. Force and counterforce canceled each other out as Shania tried to push Ginny towards the four ceiling to floor windows while her opponent tried to push her toward the couch. At first the two battling brunettes were locked in a stalemate but Shania, realizing that her strength would soon be depleted by a fresher foe, hooked her leg behind her adversary's.
"Damn it!" Ginny cursed, knowing exactly what Shania was doing, and she stumbled backward until her back was pressed against the cool glass before the Country Music Diva began to repeatedly beat the back of her head off of it.
"Maybe I'll finally beat you some sense into you!" Shania warned and, having already felt her adversary's hands starting to release her hair, pressed her advantage.
"Ughnnn! Ugh! Ughnn!" Ginny grunted in pain but she knew exactly what she was doing too as she suddenly tightened her hairhold again and, just as her opponent pulled her head forward, pulled Shania's head forward to let their skulls collide.
"Aghhhh! You bitch!" Shania cried out while quickly backing up with her right hand holding her head to gain enough distance to recuperate.
"Guess having a...ughn...hard head isn't...ughn...always a bad thing." Ginny remarked as she too held her head and took a few steps away from the windows before the two began circling again, each looking for an opening to strike.
"Neither of us is getting any younger, especially you, so fight me!" Shania hissed, finally coming to a stop in front of the windows after it had dawned on her that all the warily circling was just wasting time and energy, "Because after I kick your ass, I'm gonna sit on your face again since you so rudely interrupted me as I was getting myself off!"
"You're going to pay for that remark, cunt!" Ginny growled and waded into the Country Music Diva with a hard right fist that knocked her backwards, followed by a left hook that almost rattled Shania's teeth. The barb had hit home and the image from long ago of Shania about to sit on her face as she looked up at between her heaving breasts briefly flashed into her mind before she went ballistic.
"Owwwrghhh! Aghhhhhhh!" Shania screamed but, just as Ginny was about to send another right smashing into her face, she grabbed her foe's wrist with both hands and whipped her back first into one of the two middle windows.
"Aghhhh!" Ginny screamed at the unexpected move when her back felt the impact and the Canadian Cutie followed it up by pulling her forward again and burying her left knee into the pit of her stomach, "Wufffffffff!"
"Which remark?" Shania taunted as she let go of Ginny's arm and watched her gasp for the air that was forcefully driven from her abdomen, "The one where I said you were old or the one where I said I was gonna sit on your face again?"
"You...huff...cocky...hunh...bitch." Ginny gasped and reached up for Shania's breasts and latch onto them and give herself a decided advantage but the brown haired beauty had her guard up and grabbed both her wrists to bend her arms straight up towards the ceiling.
"Don't be stupid," Shania reprimanded using one of her song titles, "You should know better than that but since you were going to try to attack my breasts why don't I attack yours instead?"
"Arghhhh! Ourghhh! Yahhhhhh!" Ginny then screamed as Shania lifted her right knee into first her left breast and then her right one before crushing both simultaneously with her thigh. Ginny knew she was at an extreme disadvantage with no leverage and, while she was thinking of a way out of this punishing hold, her opponent decided to punish her in a different way.
"If you liked that," Shania crowed and, maintaining her two handed hold on the black haired beauty's wrists to pull her up to a standing position, lined her up perpendicular to the right middle window, "You're gonna love this!" The Canadian Cutie finished and began pushing forward and then backward to slam her adversary breasts first into it again and again.
"Ughnnn! Wufffff!" Ginny cried out, much to her opponent's delight, as her already hurting breasts were subjected to more abuse by being mashed against the cool glass of the window while she mentally shifted gears to figure out a way to escape the hold. Tears began to well up in the corners of her pretty eyes but, after five chest flattening slams, Shania decided to rest and pulled her arms out to either side of her body before pressing her own chest gingerly into Ginny's back.
"You should have never came here tonight, bitch." Shania warned with a hissing whisper in her Ginny's ear, "I'm gonna make you sorry you did."
"Go to..ughnn...Hell!" Ginny shot back as she tried to free her wrists and, although she could feel her opponent's grip weakening somewhat, Shania was still too strong for her to break it. In time she might have managed it but the Country Music Diva suddenly let go to wrap her arms around her and go after her breasts.
"You know I don't personally read your website," Shania stated after locking not onto Ginny's breasts, more specifically her nipples with the index fingers and thumbs of both hands, "But I have a friend who does and he says your nipples are really sensitive!"
"Noooorrrrghhhhhh!" Ginny then protested with a yell as she felt her nipples inflamed with pain as they were fiercely tugged on. The upper part of her arms were trapped, and she reached for Shania's wrists, but had no leverage.
"I guess they were right, huh?" Shania teased while pouring on the pressure to her combination of a reverse bearhug and nipple pull. To add further to her adversary's misery she then began twisting her body from side to side and lifted the black haired beauty off her feet a couple of times.
"Fuck! Aieeerghhhh! Let...ahhhhhh...go! Aieeeeeee!" Ginny wailed as her tears began to flow and she tried to rake at her tormentor's legs with her sharp fingernails but, with her arms pinned to her sides and being shaken back and forth like a ragdoll, she couldn't manage it.
"Does that hurt, Ginny, was it?" Shania asked, adding insult to injury now as she acted like she couldn't remember her foe's name, "Are you sorry you fucked with me yet?"
"Not as...arghhhh...sorry're going!" Ginny promised with cries of pain and grunts of exertion but Shania only laughed at her threat.
"Why don't you quit struggling and just give up? Face it! You're finisheyyyyahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Shania demanded after stopping to rest a moment but then she felt her opponent's hands sliding between her legs and a searing pain shot through her womanhood as Ginny's sharp fingernails raked harshly into her most sensitive flesh.
"I'm not...urghhh..finished yet!" Ginny proclaimed through gritted teeth while she fell to her knees after her countermove immediately broke Shania's hold and she turned her head to see if her adversary had recovered yet. The Country Music Diva was sitting on her shapely buttocks a few feet away with tears in her eyes, her right hand tucked between her legs, and slowly rising to her feet. Pulling herself to her feet as well with her right hand cradling her tenderized nipples, Ginny slowly stood to face her opponent again.
"You're gonna pay for that," Shania promised as her hands curled into fists at her sides, "I was gonna finish this early but now you're going to suffer!"
"Well here I am, bitch," Ginny shouted as her hands turned into razor sharp claws, "So come over here and try it!" With that said, Shania took a step forward to do exactly that by attempting to grab her foe's left nipple with her right hand.
"I don't fucking think so!" Ginny admonished the brown haired beauty but then she felt the impact of a hard punch to her right cheek.
"Arghhhh!" Ginny screamed as she shot backwards from the force of the blow and tried to quickly shake the cobwebs from her head but ended up taking another punch to her face.
"Still don't think so?" Shania taunted as she then rocked her opponent's head from side to side with a right, left, right combo that had the black haired babe seeing stars.
"Ohhhh, you fucking bitch." Ginny groaned, desperately wanting to clear her head so she could fight back after falling for Shania's feint but the Country Music Diva was right on top of her.
"Got that right." Shania hissed with a punch to her foe's belly that had Ginny coughing and gagging after the air was involuntarily expelled from her body before she wrapped her arms around her again and charged forward toward the window.
"Arghhhhh! My back! Fuck!" Ginny wailed as her back felt the impact even as Shania continued her assault by throwing punches at her face and chest.
"Looks like you're gonna be my punching bag tonight." Shania promised and, although Ginny was in an awkward situation, still blocked most of the Country Music Diva's blows until one punch got through her defenses and pain shot through her right breast as it was compressed into her ribcage.
"Aieeeeee! My breast! You fucking whore!" Ginny screamed and then, gaining a sudden rush of adrenaline, unexpectedly grabbed Shania by her long brown hair and punched her in the face, causing her foe to stagger backwards.
"I'm not anybody's punching bag!" Ginny yelled and lunged at Shania but was rocked by a stinging slap to her face.
"You could've fooled me." Shania countered as she watched the brunette stumble to one side before again sending her fist into Ginny's stomach.
"Urghhhh!" Ginny gasped as more oxygen was pushed out through her groaning mouth and she bent at the waist to cough and gasp for air.
"Get up, bitch," Shania ordered while she kept up her assault by grabbing Ginny’s hair and flinging her into the window shoulder first to fall to the carpet, "I've got more for you!"

"Yarrghhh!" The black haired babe yelled from the impact and quickly got to her hands and knees but Shania kicked her in her left side to keep her down on the carpet. Ginny was taking a beating from the Country Music Diva but every time she thought of striking back Shania would attack her in a different way.
"Had enough yet, Ginny?" Shania taunted while looking down at her adversary on her knees drawing in ragged gasps as she clutched her ribs and, to emphasize her query, stomped down hard on the small of her opponent's back to flatten her out on the floor before sitting on her back, grabbing a handful of her hair, and viciously pounding her head off the floor. "Because I haven't!"
"Wughhnn! Ahhhhh! Urghhhh." Ginny howled, her head bouncing off the carpet with dull thuds as she was beat into a fog until her cries of pain diminished and the Country Music Diva finally stopped.
“Maybe it's just me but you don't look so tough now,” Shania laughed as she stood up to look down at her adversary softly moaning and practically senseless on the floor, "And maybe I should just finish you now but first I'm gonna pay you back for hurting my breasts in the bedroom."
"Ohhhhhhh." Ginny softly groaned in response while Shania added a soft kick to her buttocks to add some humiliation to her fallen opponent.
“I guess nobody will be reading about me on your little website again either.” Shania stated while kneeling beside her fallen foe and beginning to roll Ginny onto her back in preparation for a breast attack she was sure would pay her back for the abuse she had suffered earlier while also causing her adversary to scream out her surrender.
"Don't bet on it, bitch!" Ginny growled before suddenly springing to life and swinging her left elbow up to strike a surprised Shania flush against her left cheek.
"Owwwrghh!" Shania yelped and toppled onto her back with a shocked expression on her face from Ginny’s unexpected resurgence. She had thought that her foe was all but done for but Ginny was proving to be a resilient opponent who refused to go down easily if at all.
"Now it's time to shut your mouth once and for all!" Ginny shouted as she mounted the dazed Country Music Diva and unleashed a barrage of left and right punches to her face to draw cries of pain from her while the brown haired honey's head snapped back and forth from the multiple impacts. Ginny now had a sudden surge of adrenaline flowing through every fiber of her being and, after hearing Shania's taunt about her website, she was using it to inflict damage with all the intensity of an enraged tigress.
"Wughnnnnn!" Shania screamed after her foe's last fist collided with her right cheek and she tried to focus but Ginny jumped up and pulled her up to her feet using a handful of hair.
“Let's see how tough you look after this, you arrogant cunt!” Ginny snarled in reply to Shania's earlier taunt while holding her by her hair with both hands to look into her dazed eyes a moment before she lifted her right knee into the Country Music Diva's crotch.
"Waieeeeeee!" Shania screamed in agony, her previously injured womanhood again inflamed with searing pain, and Ginny let her hair go to watch her fall to a kneeling position with both hands tucked tightly between her legs with tears streaming from her pretty eyes.
"How'd that feel, Shania?" Ginny asked before using the flat of her foot to push the injured musician onto her back, step behind her head, and place both feet on the Country Music Diva's long chestnut brown hair that flowed down to the carpet on either side of her head, "You're not the only one who can fight dirty!"
"N-no!" Shania pleaded, her hands instinctively reaching up to grab Ginny's ankles when she felt the pressure on her head from having her hair tightened to both sides of it, but then the black haired babe clasped both her hands by her wrists to pull upward, "Noooorrghhhhh!"
"That's the problem with long hair," Ginny said as if she was talking to herself more than Shania while she pulled on her arms until the Country Music Diva's back was arched off the floor, "It's so damn easy to pull!"
"Yaarghhhhhh!" Shania replied in the only way she could manage while she felt her hair being seemingly yanked from her scalp as Ginny continued to torture her. The wheels in her head spun like gas crisis pump numbers as she frantically tried to figure out a way to counter the hold but all she could focus on was her pain.
"As fun as this is," Ginny began moments later after finally releasing the hold to let Shania roll to her left side away from her tormentor with both hands holding her burning head while she dealt with her pain, "It's time to end it!"
"N-Not...sob...yet!" Shania declared and, just as Ginny reached for her breasts to possibly try and end the fight after pushing her onto her back with her foot, swung her torso over and up to cinch her legs around the black haired beauty's waist. Twisting again she brought her adversary down to the carpet beside her before wrapping her right arm around Ginny's neck to choke her as well.
"Rrrrrggghhh...gasp...fuck!" Ginny grunted, Shania's powerful thighs now beginning to crush her sides while the Country Music Diva's right arm continued to constrict her windpipe and already she could feel her breathing diminishing from the painful hold.
"Choke...nnghnnn...damn you...yahhhhhhhh!" Shania hissed through clenched teeth, tightening her powerful thigh muscles to hasten her demand as she said it, but then she felt a stabbing pain in her left breast as her adversary struck back with her elbow causing her to shriek in pain.
"Luugghnnnnn! L-Let...gasp...go...gasp...bitch!" Ginny grunted and, to emphasize her own demand, twisted her body and reached out with her right hand to grab Shania's right mammary and twist it while her sharp fingernails dug deeply into the pliable flesh.
"N-Never! Yeeeeeeeearrghhhh!" Shania howled in response and, instead of reaching for Ginny's hand that was squeezing her already sore breast, latched instead onto the black haired babe's left nipple to pull and twist harshly on it while she tightened her legs.
"Ohhhhrghhh!" Ginny gasped, her ribs feeling as if they might crack from Shania's strong legs while her left nipple throbbed as the Canadian Cutie's hand continued to try to rip it away from her mammary with her thumb and forefinger while sharp fingernails from the rest of her digits dug painfully into the surrounding areola. She was getting light headed from lack of air and, knowing she needed to get out it the situation quickly or possibly pass out before Shania let go, made a last ditch attempt to free herself by stretching her free left hand over to lock onto her adversary's mangled left breast.
"Aieeeeeeeeee!" Shania cried, the agony in her chest now reaching both sides as her breastflesh was crushed by Ginny's strong hands.
"I...erghhh...said...arghhh...let...ughnnn...go!" Ginny bawled, trying valiantly to ignore the pain in her left nipple and her air deprived lungs until she forced Shania to release her hold to try and pull her hands from her breasts, and she succeeded in one aspect as her opponent simultaneously abandoned her nipple tugging and chokehold.
"Yarghhhh! You...sob...fucking...sob...cunt! Owwwrghhhh!" Shania howled in frustration while using both hands to try and pry Ginny's hands from her chest but she knew it was just a matter of time before she couldn't take anymore pain to that part of her punished anatomy and surrendered.
"I'm rip...ughnnn...your fucking...sob...tits off...orghhh...your chest." Ginny promised with a mixture of grunts and sobs of anguish from the debilitating hold she was in while focusing all her strength into her crushing hands. Her breathing had improved now, but she was still in danger of succumbing to Shania's powerful leg scissors, so she began twisting, pulling, and clawing her adversary's mammary's in multiple directional combinations to inflict maximum damage.
"Arrrggghhhhhhh! M-My...sob..tits! Yaieergghhhhhhhh! P-Please...sob...stop! Yarghhhhhh!" Shania howled in agony and having no other choice due to her loss of focus from applying her leg scissors to her pain ridden chest, involuntarily loosened her legs and allowed Ginny to slip free with a sigh of relief.
"Like...gasp...hell," Ginny crowed, now able to straddle her Shania's waist and gain all the leverage she needed, which she did before using her hands to pull upward with all her remaining strength, raked her sharp fingernails up and down each breast, plowed a double fisted shot into them, and then reapplied her crushing handholds to pull and twist some more, "Tell me you give up, Shania! Say it, bitch!"
"Yearghhhhh! I-I...ahhhhh...give up! Arghhhhh! I-It...owwrghhh...hurts so...sob...bad! Aieeeee! P-Please...sob...stop, Ginny! I-I...ahhhhhhhhh...can't...sob...ourghhhh..take it...sob...anymore...yaieeeeeee!" Shania wailed through anguished screams and tortured sobs as the pain in her aching breasts became too much to stand and she pleaded for relief from her foe.
"That's what I thought." Ginny said, finally letting go of her twin tornado handholds on the Country Music Diva's mammaries to sit atop her opponent and catch her breath, secretly relieved the fight was over as well after taking so much punishment herself, "Now let's talk about the consequences of your loss."
Chapter 13: Retribution
"I-I'll...sob...tell everyone I...sob..know about," Shania instantly cried out as she lay on her back under Ginny with both arms tenderly holding her still throbbing breasts and protecting them from further assault, "Just please...sob...don't hurt my...sob...breasts anymore."
"That's a good start," Ginny said as she placed her hands on her hips in a dominant pose, "What else?"
"I-I'm...sob...sorry I...sob..came to and I...sob...won't ever go there...sob..again." Shania croaked as the tears of pain now mixed with humiliation at her loss and having to say what the black haired babe wanted continued to flow down her face.
"I guess we should call it a night then," Ginny said pleasantly after hearing what she wanted, "But first we have one last piece of unfinished business."
"W-What?" Shania asked, looking fearfully up into Ginny's smiling face and the bottom of her heaving sweaty breasts as she dreaded the answer she already knew, "Oh no...sob...p-please. N-Not..sob..that."
"Pleasing is exactly what I had in mind. Especially since you kept saying you were going to sit on my face again so maybe I'll just sit on yours instead." Ginny stated smartly as she scooted forward to plant her womanhood on the Country Music Diva's teary face, "Now get busy, bitch...or else."
"Erghhh....sob..orghhh." Shania choked and, knowing exactly what was expected of her, began to use her lips and tongue to please Ginny while the black haired honey ground back and forth slowly on her face while holding onto her long chestnut brown hair tightly with both hands.
"Ohhhhhh...damn that feels...ummmmm...good." Ginny moaned, her eyelids fluttering and her nipples hardening while Shania's tongue expertly probed her nether regions, "Keep...ahhhhh...going."
"Urgh....sob...plugh." Shania spat in response to the command and doubled her efforts by concentrating on her conqueror’s pulsating clitoris with sucks and licks while the woman's moans and groans increased in volume and intensity above her. Maybe it was the excitement of finally settling an old score and beating Shania in a one on one contest, the thrill of sitting on her gorgeous face, or just the arousal two women sometimes get from their hot naked bodies rubbing against one another in the heat of battle, but after only five minutes Ginny threw her head back, fluttered her eyelids, tightened her two handed grip on Shania's hair, and began to have a sense shattering orgasm.
"Oh, fuck yeah! Ah! Ah! Ohhhhh! Y-Yesssss! Oh! Oh! Mmmmm! Mmmmmm! Ahhhhhh! Oh! Oh! Ummmm! Mmmmmmm!" Ginny cried out as wave after wave of sensory overloading orgasmic pleasure rocketed throughout every fiber of her quivering body, her screams of pleasure still echoing off the walls as she added another humiliating comment, "Take....mmmm...that, you arrogant...ohhhhh....bitch!"
"Mpghnnnn! Plughfffff!" Shania suddenly protested from between Ginny's legs moments later, her air supply having been cut off while the black haired beauty's juices coated her crying face, and it brought the winning woman back to her senses.
"That was...gasp...good!" Ginny huffed, sliding back a little to let Shania breathe with gasping gulps of oxygen, "So good that I suddenly feel bad that I interrupted you earlier when you were getting yourself off."
" won. J-Just leave me...sob...alone." Shania weakly begged her conqueror had other plans and leaned back to slide her right hand between the Country Music Diva's creamy thighs. At first Shania closed her legs but then she felt Ginny place her left hand on her right breast and, fearing more pain, quickly opened them.
"Just relax." Ginny instructed in a soft tone with a mischievous smile on her face as her slender fingers began to probe the soft warm wet flesh nestled in Shania's trimmed furry crotch, "It's almost over."
"Mmmmmm." Shania moaned softly in response as she gave in to the humiliating masturbation of her exhausted and battered body due to the feelings of arousal it was stirring within her. At first she had winced in pain as Ginny's hand came in contact with her chest, but after slowly going from breast to breast to rub her fingers lightly over her rapidly hardening nipples, the black haired babe soon had her cooing in delight.
"This isn't so bad is it?" Ginny asked as she hooked first one finger and then two from the knuckle up into Shania's quickly heated womanhood and began to slowly and then rapidly push them in and out while her thumb rubbed the Canadian Cutie's suddenly erect clitoris.
"N-Nooohhhhhh! Oh! Oh! Ummmm! Mmmmm! Ahhhhhh!' Shania moaned loudly in response as the combination of Ginny's expert digit dipping, clitoris rubbing, and left hand going from breast to breast to alternately tweak each erect nipple stirred up the erotic feelings she had felt when the woman had arrived in the penthouse suite. Maybe it was because she had been so close to orgasm earlier, the scene of Britney and Christina's torrid tied sixty nine, getting to be with Faith again, or a combination of all three mixed with Ginny expert manipulation of her aroused body, but in less than five minutes Shania was panting and on the verge of climax.
"Before I let you cum, Shania," Ginny suddenly said as she saw the telltale signs across her vanquished foe's facial features that she was on the brink while she sat comfortably on her trademark stomach, "Tell me who the better woman is."
"Y-You! Mmmm! Mmmm! You're...ah...ah...the better...oh...oh...woman, Ginny! Mmmm! Mmmm! Ahhhhhhhh! Ah! Ah! Ohhhhhhh! Oh! Oh! Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Ahhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhh." Shania howled in ecstasy as her body convulsed and she turned her head from side to side while riding out her climax with every pore of her sensitive skin tingling, her eyes tightly shut, and her mouth open wide to release her screams of passion before her tired body shut itself down and sent her spinning into oblivious sleep with a satisfied smile on her gorgeous face.
"Wow." Ginny said to herself as she slowly rose and looked down at the slumbering celebrity at her feet after making her pass out with such an incredible forced orgasm, "I guess you enjoyed that."
"Mmmmm." Shania moaned softly in her sleep, almost as if she heard what the black haired babe had said, and then continued peacefully sleeping while Ginny got dressed and collected the tape of their fight as a souvenir. She left the purloined keycard on Shania's end table, took one last look at her nude and battered body still laying on the carpet as she crossed the living room portion of the suite, and left with a broad grin and the knowledge that she had finally evened the score.
Chapter 14: Disconnections
Less than an hour later Shania awoke to a ringing cell phone and, after slowly making it to her feet through numerous winces of pain, answered it to hear Faith's angry voice on the other end.
"Where can I find Pamela?" Faith demanded as her rage filtered through her voice, "That bitch has an asskicking coming!"
"She''s not here." Shania replied groggily as she scanned the suite and found no evidence the black haired babe also known as Ginny was still there before sitting down on the couch, "She left a while ago."
"She was there?" Faith asked with annoyance and then her voice softened as she realized Shania's voice sounded somewhat shaky, "Look, I'm sorry. I'm just a little pissed off right now. Are you all right, hon? You don't sound so good."
"I-I was just tired after Pamela left so I went to bed." Shania stammered while she constructed a lie in her head.
"What was her deal anyway? She shocked me with somethin and when I woke up, I was almost home." Faith asked with less annoyance and more confusion in her tone now, "Did you say she came up there?"
"Yeah, she came here rambling about her husband supposedly having some sort of affair with me after my last show back when I went on tour." Shania explained as her concocted tale took shape and became more believable, "I talked her into letting it go with some money and after she left I went to bed. To tell you the truth I doubt Pamela is even her real name."
"Hmph. Well, I guess I shouldn't have gotten involved with her in the first place. Sounds like she's a real whacko." Faith sighed as she resigned herself to the fact it was unlikely she would ever be able to find the woman even if she wanted to.
"Aren't we all." Shania replied with a weak grin, "Look I'm really beat. I'll make it up to you tomorrow night okay?"
"Sure thing, darlin. Goodnight." Faith said and hung up, much to Shania's relief, and went to bed. The next day, after finding a card on the table the dominant brunette had left for her, Shania made a few phone calls as promised about Ginny's bar to several celebrity gossips she knew would spread the word like a California wildfire on a windy day, all claiming they didn't get the scoop of valuable information from anywhere but themselves, and went shopping for an outfit she planned to use later that night.
That afternoon Britney and Christina met at a local eatery where they discussed who the first opponents of their new alliance would be. Neither Pop Diva trusted the other after years of mutual hatred but they both agreed that, as long as they fought well together, they could ignore that fact and be a force to be reckoned with.
"So who are we taking on first?" Britney asked Christina as she sat in a booth across from the Pop Diva at a local eatery where they agreed to have lunch and discuss their first opponents after forming their uneasy alliance.
"Well there's the Olsen Twins. Lot of bad blood there although they may have made up." Christina replied as she scanned the latest issue of The Star, "Also I wouldn't mind taking a crack at Alicia Keys or Hillary Duff."
"Well that sounds good," Britney replied absently as she looked over the menu, "Like I said last night, their both our competition, and they're standing in the way of my comeback."
"Good point." Christina stated as the server came over to take their order and several minutes later were discussing the details of their ambush when Britney noticed her partner was drinking Coke.
"Are you still drinking that crap?" The Pop Diva asked with annoyance, "You do know you don't have to endorse it all the time, don't you?"
"Well I see you're drinking Pepsi so why don't you ask yourself the same question. Besides, what does it matter anyway?"
"It doesn't. "Britney shot back snidely as she took another sip of the soft drink, "I just figured that after I kicked your ass during our commercial wars that you'd have wised up."
"Um, you didn't kick my ass during our commercial wars. "Christina began trying to control her temper as her partner brought up their old television campaign feud that had led to numerous private and public battles between the two, "Why are you bringing that shit up for anyway?"
"I don't know. Maybe I'm just not as thrilled with this new partnership as you are." Britney explained as she eyed the Pop Star, "Besides, how do I know you won't just start squealing out your surrender after a few punches and leave me alone to face whoever we're fighting?"
"What are you trying to say, Brit?" Christina demanded as her temper took control, "That I can't hold up my end during a fight?"
"Oh you can hold your end up all right," Britney replied with a snorting laugh, "At least long enough to get it kicked."
"You little bitch," Christina hissed as her eyes narrowed and she felt the old hatred for her rival begin to resurface and then boil over, "You should know better than anybody that I don't lay down for anyone!"
"You didn't seem to have a problem laying down for Faith." Britney reminded her partner with a condescending smirk, "Then again, maybe you wanted her to sit on your face after she fingered you so well."
"Go to Hell, Brit!" Christina said as she got up, reached into her purse, and threw the monetary half of the bill on the table with more than a gracious tip added since she cared little about any change due, "I should've known I wouldn't be able to get along with such an egotistical, self centered bitch like you! You're impossible!"
"Fine!" Britney called after her nemesis as she watched her start to leave in a huff, "Like I said before, you're a loser and you'll always be a loser!"
"Anytime you want to see who the real loser is," Christina shot back as she turned to look at her rival one last time, "Take a look in the mirror after you decide to fight me again!"
"Whatever." Britney sneered as she watched her long time rival disappear in the throng of lunch rush people trying to get back to work. She already had plans to challenge Christina to another fight in the future but only after she had made her comeback and was again at the top of the Pop charts. In the meantime she planned to keep the truce going with her rival, that is, unless she got in the way.
That night, Shania made it up to Faith as promised with a night on the town, followed by two hours of passionate sex, and revenge on 'Pamela' became the last thing on the willowy blonde's mind. Minutes afterward the two Country Music Sensations lay nude together in a tangled mess of sweat soaked sheets and basked in the afterglow.
"Wow," Faith remarked breathlessly as she lay in her sometimes lover's arms, "That was incredible! That leather outfit you bought today really brings out the dominatrix in you."
"Well you were pretty incredible yourself...slave." Shania teased with a dreamy look into her eyes before gazing at the outfit discarded on the floor during their sexual session, thigh high black spiked boots, matching arm length gloves, a bustier that showed off her frontal and rear assets while allowing easy access to them, and a leather studded collar with a small chain attached to it that was all Faith was allowed to wear, "By the way I've got something for you."
"What is it?" Faith asked after Shania pulled it out of her end table drawer and looking at the medium sized box wrapped in gold foil paper.
"Open it and find out." The brown haired honey said with a roll of her eyes before she watched Faith rip into her present like a kid on Christmas morning.
"A tape of us kicking Britney and Christina's sorry asses!" Faith exclaimed after reading the cassette tape's typed label, "Thanks! You're the best, hon!"
"I figured you should have a copy since all that business with Pamela got started over it," Shania offered while leaving out the complete truth, "Call it a parting gift."
"Speaking of that, what's your schedule for the next few weeks?" Faith inquired while changing the subject, "We should get together again if possible."
"I have a video shoot for my new song 'Shoes' on the Desperate Housewives Soundtrack that starts tomorrow morning. That's going to take at least a week or so." The brown haired babe replied as she mentally went over her schedule, "A few personal appearances and the CMA's after that. What about you?"
"I have to fly to New York and other cities to promote my new CD 'Fireflies' on a talk show." The willowy blonde stated as she got dressed to leave, "So it looks like it's gonna be a least a couple of weeks."
"Well, at least we'll see each other at the CMA's." Shania said with a smile as Faith leaned down to give her a lingering kiss before she left, leaving the Canadian Cutie alone with her thoughts. Rising from the bed she put on a hotel robe and walked into the living room portion of the suite to stand in front of one of the two middle windows and gaze out at the city lights. She tried to think about ways to promote her new fragrance or what she wanted to do in her video but thoughts of the encounter with Ginny continued to haunt her. She hadn't told Faith the posing makeup artist's identity, keeping her mutual promise that their unresolved issue ended that night rather than leading Faith right to her, but someday she planned to visit the bar alone under better circumstances. She mentally pushed the invading thoughts into a reserved space in the back of her mind and began to concentrate on other things with the knowledge that, whether she actually visited the bar someday or not, she would never forget the night Ginny paid her a visit.
"So how was your visit to Cali?" Kim asked as she and Ginny tended bar to a roomful of customers a few nights later after she arrived into town, "Did you see any stars? We didn't get to talk much since you got back."
"Sorry. I had to tie up some loose ends. I saw a few stars." Ginny replied with a slight smile at the blonde while she prepared some drink orders, "I really didn't have a lot of time for celebrity sightseeing though."
"Then what did you do all weekend?" Kim inquired while motioning for a server to pick up an order and mixing some more drinks.
"I visited an old acquaintance, settled a years old score, and set up some free advertising. I'll tell you all about it when we're not so busy." Ginny rattled off as her memory flashed back to the events of the weekend that blurred through her mind like roadside scenery at a hundred and ten miles per hour. The black haired honey also mentally noted at least a dozen celebrities that ruminated in the establishment, "Looks like the advertising is already paying off."
"Must be." Kim explained as she motioned for another server to pick the drink order she had completed, "It's been busy like this all day."
"You don't say," Ginny remarked with a knowing grin and a twinkling in her eyes, "From the looks of all the celebrities in here there'll be a lot of new stories on the website soon. I was reading ‘The Enqiurer’ on the plane and apparently Nick Lachey has a thing for Jessica Biel and was flirting with her like crazy at a fundraiser. Wait until Jessica Simpson finds out."
"When did you start reading the scandal sheets?" Kim asked and then an excited look crossed her face as she nodded her head towards the entrance, "Well, speak of the devil. Look who just walked in."
"Interesting." Ginny acknowledged as she saw Jessica Simpson walk in with a steamed look as she scanned the bar to find Jessica Biel sitting in a corner booth, "Looks like business is about to pick up."
"So was it worth the wait?" Kim asked while carefully watching Jessica as she approached the former Seventh Heaven starlet and began pointing her finger at her menacingly, "This years old score you settled I mean."
"We'll see. Right now we better get over there." Ginny replied with a smile and approached the bickering Jessica's with an offer to settle their own score.

The End

Afterword - Probably some fine readers out there are going "Huh?" right about now so let me explain the basis of using Ginny in this story while I hope she and/or Kim don't mind that I did so. Many years ago (more than I want to count and show my age) I requested and was granted, thanks to Ginny graciousness in writing it, a story involving her and Shania Twain. The story was entitled 'Shania Twain Pays A Visit.' and it's no longer posted anywhere that I'm aware of. Since Ginny and Kim humbly took a loss to Shania in that story - thanks mostly to a bodyguard that was apparently built like a cross between Chyna and Mr T - and because they kept this board going through server snafus and bandwith bedlam among other things for fans like me, I wanted to say thanks with a story where they meet again and Ginny evens the score. (I omitted Kim from the story because there were only a few bar stories posted and not too much info to go on.)