Christina Ricci vs. Amber Frey by Bob

Christina Ricci was sitting by the pool reading a movie script and having a few drinks before dinner. Christina was not happy about the final scene in the script. She and co-star Amber Frey were supposed to be competing for a guy. The scene would end with a knock-down, drag-out fight. What bothered the fiery little sex-pot was that she hated working with the blonde, blue eyed beauty because she hadn’t done anything to merit being offered a part in a movie. The attractive blonde had done nothing on the set to establish herself. In addition to the fact that Amber’s acting ability left a lot to be desired, she constantly did not remember her lines, which was delaying the shooting. As if working with a no-talented hack hadn’t been bad enough the scene that really bothered Christina would end with her losing both the guy and the fight. She had told fellow cast members that the cute little blonde couldn’t take a guy away from her and if she and Amber really had to fight, she would destroy the bitch and send her back to her dressing room without any clothing or hair.

Suddenly, Christina heard a car door slam and from the loudness, she figured whoever got out of the car must be very angry. She put down her script and listened to the clip-clop of high heels on the pavement getting closer. Christina could sense the source of the sound and guessed the irate person was coming to see her. The brainy brunette picked her script up again and resumed reading, ignoring the click of high heels coming down the brick stairs to the pool; nearing the door to the cabana, then opening it.

Christina continued to read until finally, without even lowering the script or glancing up, she cheerfully said, “Hi Frey, what can I do for you?”

The petite blonde slapped the script out of Christina's hand and snarled, “I didn’t come to talk. You know why I’m here!”

The tiny brunette stood up. She was barefoot and Amber was wearing heels which made her several inches taller than Christina.

“Of course I know why you’re here. You’re angry because I said I'd tear you apart if we fought and you’ve come here to prove me wrong.”

Amber glared at Christina and said, “Today on the set, everyone was teasing me about how you would kick my ass in a real fight. The chances of you kicking my ass are slim but if you really think you’re so tough…prove it.”

Christina jerked her head back so that her hair flew across her face. If I can’t beat you I’m not half the woman I think I am. I’ll strip on the set tomorrow - and I don’t usually do nude scenes, so you can imagine how scared of you I am.”

The tiny diva then flexed her muscles in the hopes that her rival would be intimidated. Amber copied Christina’s head movement, defiantly putting her hands on her hips, “I’m so not afraid of you. Maybe I’m not as muscular, but I’m a lot stronger than I look - and I can fight! And IF I can’t beat you I’ll walk onto the set nude tomorrow!”

“Figures you’d walk on the set nude," Christina sneered. "It's the only way you can get attention from the men when I’m around. You’re a bitch and a whore and I’m going to kick your sorry ass! Do you really want a piece of me? If so, go ahead, you throw the first punch so I can tear you in half.” The petite blonde was now fuming. Hearing the sassy brunette accept her challenge, the blonde dynamo swung wildly at Christina, almost falling as she missed badly. Christina laughed, “You’re going to have to do a LOT better'n that.” Then she slapped the blonde, “You’re going to learn the hard way. I’ve had a lot of fights and I always kick ass.”

Amber spit in Christina's face. Christina pushed Amber backwards, causing the blonde to lose her balance and fly into her pool. Christina couldn’t help but laugh as Amber floundered in the water. The angry blonde’s face was beet red as she finally swam to the side of the pool and climbed out. Christina continued to laugh as water dripped from Amber’s expensive clothes.

Christina said, “You’ve never looked better Frey. Now get out of here while you can still walk!”

Irate, the blonde kicked off her wet pink heels and charged like a wild bull. Christina easily sidestepped Amber's charge, grabbing the spirited blonde’s long wet red dress as she roared past, then ripped it down and off in one quick motion. Turning around in wet pink bra and panties, Amber blushed for several seconds. Christina threw the blonde’s red dress in the pool and then laughed defiantly, “I thought you had nice tits, but apparently I was wrong!”

The brunette’s laughter and taunting made Amber even angrier and she quickly retaliated, grabbing the sexy brunette’s pink bikini top and ripping it off. Christina’s large melons bounced about, causing Amber to stare for a couple of seconds. After thirty seconds of fighting, the blonde had lost her dress and the brunette had lost her bikini top. Amber again went on the attack, grabbing Christina's large tits, slamming them together, and squeezing them with all her might. The brunette screamed, as she tried to pry Amber’s hands from her aching breasts.

Now it was the blondes turn to laugh as it became apparent she wasn’t lying when she said she was a lot stronger than she looked. Christina was surprised when she found she wasn’t strong enough to remove the dirty blonde’s hands from her tits. But acting on instinct, she grabbed Amber's pink bra and ripped it off; then grabbed Amber’s pink panties and ripped them off as well, leaving Amber wearing nothing but black stockings!

Amber, who was still holding the brunette’s tits, was so intense, trying to rip Christina's tits off that she didn’t realize she had lost her bra and panties until the feisty brunette grabbed her tits and started twisting and pulling them. Christina squeezed harder and harder until Amber screamed and let go of Christina’s large tits. The pain was excruciating and Amber knew she had to get Christina’s hands off her breasts. She kicked the brunette in the shins and then slapped her across the face. The brunette felt the sting of the blonde’s hard slap and let go of Amber's tits. Amber was surprised when she saw Christina grab her face and back off a couple of steps.

“What’s the matter Christina? Did that slap hurt? There are plenty more about to come your way.”

She moved towards her stunned foe and threw a hard punch, which landed on Christina’s chin and sent the brunette flying backwards. Amber took one step forward, then reached down and picked up one of the heels she had flipped off just before she had charged at the brunette. Once she had one of her heels in her hand, she walked over to where Christina was lying, grabbed the brunette by her hair, helped her up, and used the shoe as slapped the brunette in the jaw. Christina stumbled backwards. As Amber followed, Christina lifted her foot and attempted to kick the blonde but Amber was very quick, dropping her shoe and catching Christina's ankle. She lifted the brunette’s leg as high as she could and continued to lift Cristina’s leg until the brunette tumbled over backward onto her round curvy ass.

The blonde tried to kick Christina in the ribs, but Christina was able to get her hands up and deflect the blow. The brunette then grabbed the blonde’s foot. She tried to pull Amber down. However, Amber maintained her balance and eventually freed her leg from Christina’s grasp. She then stomped down on Christina’s stomach. The brunette groaned as she grabbed her stomach. Amber took advantage of Christina's position and stomped Christina’s large round tits. Christina screamed like a wounded animal that had been caught in a trap. The brunette was very vulnerable and the blonde knew it. She grabbed the brunette’s ankles and started dragging her across the cement on her butt toward the pool. Christina screamed as the cement ripped the skin off her butt and back. When she looked up and realized that Amber was dragging her toward the pool, she struggled even harder, kicking her legs in an effort to free herself, however, Amber had a tight grip and wasn't about to let go.

The cement started ripping Christina’s bikini bottom. Christina continued kicking vigorously; however she was unable to break free. As the tiny but powerful blonde neared the pool, she let go of the brunette’s legs, reached down, grabbed the brunette by her hair, lifted her off the ground, punched her in the eye and stepped back so that she could watch her foe as she fell into the pool. Amber quickly dove into the pool and grabbed the brunette, who was dazed and holding her injured eye. The blonde grabbed Christina’s long hair and easily wrapped her right arm around the brunette’s head. Now that she had the submissive brunette in a headlock, she was prepared to inflict some major damage. Squeezing the brunette’s head with all her strength, she could feel her muscles straining. She then lowered her right shoulder and dunked the brunette's head underwater; holding her for several seconds before pulling Christina's head up but still holding Christina in her headlock.

Amber threw a left, hitting Christina in the eye again. She could feel Christina’s legs buckle, but she was not about to ease up. Once again she dipped her right shoulder, and shoved the brunette’s head under the water. She continued to hold the brunette’s head under water until she thought the brunette had had enough. She then raised the brunette’s head up. Sensing the brunette was now defenseless. She let go off the brunette’s head, turned, and grabbed Christina’s hair with her left hand.

“I thought you were going to kick my sorry ass!" Amber laughed. "I can do anything I want to you and you can’t stop me. For someone who is supposed to be tough you’re a real wimp.”

She then hauled off, hitting the brunette with her right hand. Christina started to fall backwards. However, Amber grabbed the brunette’s hair with both hands and pulled for all she was worth so that her foe would still be on her feet. Amber then snapped Christina’s head forwards and dunked her rival one more time. The tiny blonde held Christina down for several seconds before letting her up for air. She then repeated the dunking. As Christina screamed for mercy, Amber finally let her go. Thinking the fight was over; wobbly and disoriented, Christina held her sore face as she fell forward, hoping to clear her head while soaking her face in the cold water so that she might alleviate some of the pain.

“You might be done Chicky, but I’m not!” Amber hissed as she grabbed Christina by the hair and dragged her to the shallow end of the pool where the dominant blonde maneuvered Christina over on her back with the brunette’s face was just above the surface of the water. Amber plunged her ass down squarely on Christina’s bruised and sore face!

Despite being conscious, the brunette had been soundly beaten and had nothing left. There was no resistance as the blonde, shook, twisted, and bounced so that she could inflict as much pain and humiliation as possible. After a few minutes of playing with her foe, Amber got up and put her foot on her fallen foe’s submerged stomach.

“So, you’ve had a lot of fights and always kick ass, eh? Well, you didn’t kick ass this time. I’ve had some fights too and I’ve never lost. Looks like I won this one and I must say, beating you was easy. How the hell did anyone think you could beat me? Maybe no one saw the fight, but when you show up on the set tomorrow, everyone is going to see your lopsided face and know who kicked your ass.”

Amber then turned, walked and then swam to where her dress was. She grabbed her dress and exited the pool. Once on the outside of the pool she flung what was left of her dress over her shoulder, grabbed the remnants of her bra and panties, and her shoes, and headed back to her apartment, convinced Christina wouldn’t be bragging about how tough she was any more!


That evening Amber was relaxing on a chaise lounge watching television when someone started pounding on her door. She got up and answered the door. Much to her surprise an irate Christina Ricci stormed into her house.

“You were lucky this afternoon!" Christina ranted. "You barged into my home just as I’m barging into yours and you kicked my ass! Well, honey, I owe you something for beating me.”

Amber quickly sized her muscular foe up and couldn’t help but notice her face was surprisingly unmarked. The blonde dynamo sarcastically asked, “What? Am I supposed to be scared?”

The brunette shook her head and said, “Baby, I’m going to do a number on you. When I get done with you no one will want to look at you.”

Amber put her hands on her hips and said, “Gee, I’m sooo scared.”

Both young actresses put their hands up. Amber started throwing punches and immediately caught Christina with a left-right combination that staggered the feisty brunette. As Christina’s legs buckled, Amber lowered her shoulder and charged at her foe, hitting her chest high with her right shoulder. The two actresses fell to the floor, with the tiny blonde landing on top of the brunette. Once on top, Amber maneuvered so that she was sitting atop Christina’s stomach and started throwing punches with reckless abandon.

Semi-conscious, Christina’s body was quivering badly as the tiny blonde’s facial assault had rendered the diminutive brunette defenseless. She was going to make Christina pay for picking a second fight with her. After hitting Christina with about fifteen punches, the brunette was laying with her hands at her side. Although the sexy blonde was not surprised she was having an easier time with Christina than she had had in their first fight, Amber couldn’t believe that her opponent wasn’t even trying to defend herself anymore. Obviously after getting her ass kicked earlier in the day, Amber’s early onslaught had taken all of the fight out of Christina and once again the blonde was having her way with the brunette - and loving every second of it!

Amber grabbed Christina’s wrists and spread her arms so that they were in the perfect position for the tiny, muscular blonde to do some damage to her hated rival’s round tits. Once Christina’s arms were raised so that they were above her head, Amber leaned forward so that she was able to grind Christina’s tits with her tits. Christina screamed out as Amber’s small tits were doing some major damage to her large tits. Amber continued to sadistically grind Christina’s tits. After torturing her foe for several minutes, Amber shifted her position, rising slightly so that she was sitting just under Christina’s chest. She then leaned forwards until her tits completely covered Christina’s face. Christina started to kick her legs as Amber smothered her with her chest.

Amber laughed and said, “This is for thinking you could beat me. My next move will be to ensure you think twice about starting a third fight.” She moved up and plopped her shapely ass on Christina’s sore face just as she had earlier in the day. Amber started wiggling vigorously and after sitting on her face and wiggling for several minutes, Christina’s body went limp. Amber got up and said aloud, “So you’re going to beat me, huh? Gee Christina, I don’t think so. I’ve beaten you twice and haven’t hardly laid a hand on me. You haven’t shown me anything. If you’re tough, then I’m a fighting superstar.”

Despite winning again, the perky blonde was angry that Christina had the temerity to barge into her house and challenge her to a rematch. She was going to make sure that Christina didn’t try that again. Christina was going to pay for being stupid enough to pick a fight with her after already getting her ass kicked.

The triumphant blonde carefully and methodically stripped her unconscious foe of her blouse and skirt, then removed her s bra and panties as well. Once she had Christina stripped, the victorious blonde stuffed the loser’s panties in her mouth and left her on the floor while she went into her bathroom. She grabbed a bottle of red nail polish and returned to where her unconscious foe was still laying and wrote “LOSER” across Christina’s breasts. Then Amber went to her room and got her camera, taking a couple of pictures for 'proof' of her victory.

She was certain the unconscious brunette wouldn’t want anyone to know about either of their fights and knew Christina would probably deny getting beat twice by the tough blonde, but now that Amber had her proof, she knew working with the beautiful Christina Ricci was going to become a lot more enjoyable and who knows, maybe some night when she was feeling lonely, she'd call Christina and order her to come over and 'show me some love' which she was sure Christina would be happy to do as long as Amber promised not to show anyone her pictures. Yes, life was going to be a lot more fun for Amber - and a lot more difficult for poor little Christina!