Christina Ricci vs Jennifer Love Hewitt by pierre

The words stuck in both Christina and Jennifer's head, "you will have to wrestle to decide who gets the role. The winner will not only get the role, but will have the satisfaction of knowing she is the superior wrestler." Even thought Jennifer is taller, Christina felt that she would be able to use her strength advantage to wear down the thinner woman. However, Jennifer knew something that Christina did not know, she has wrestled many times before, including several wins against her older male cousins. She played like she was against the idea, and acted like she only was wrestling because she had no choice because she wanted Christina overconfident entering the match.

Not a word was said as both women prepared for the match. The fight was not personal, it was business, and both women approached it that way. Both woman wore very revealing thong bikinis, Christina's showed so much cleavage that when she bent down her nipples would also show. Christina wanted Jennifer to be intimidated by her larger chest. Jennifer knew that the only way to really intimidate was to dominate, but as the match started it was Christina who took the offensive, placing Jennifer in a side headlock. Christina walked Jennifer around the ring once, then flipped Jennifer onto the mat where she landed on her back. Christina allowed Jennifer to sit up so that she may execute her next move properly. Christina sat on Jennifer's shoulders from behind her and put her in a sitting neckscissors.

Christina was feeling good about herself until Jennifer stood up with Christina still on her shoulders. Jennifer fell backwards causing Christina to take the worse in the fall as her head bounced on the mat, knocking Christina dizzy. Jennifer easily pried Christina's legs apart, rolled over to her stomach, pulled herself up until she was laying chest to chest with her, and put Christina in a bear hug. christina was in a ton of pain, but since her arms were free, she took advantage of that and boxed Jennifer's ears with her hands twice, the second time causing Jennifer to roll of Christina somewhat dazed. Even though Christina was hurting from the effects of the bearhug, she dug down deep inside and found a way to put Jennifer in a bodyscissors.

The pressure of Christina's legs was excruciating, but Jennifer used her leg strength to arch her body and to roll out of the hold. Once out, Jennifer punched Christina in her chest 3 times, knocking her chest out of the top on the 3rd punch. Christina was too hurt to put her chest back, and Jennifer kept her on the defensive by pulling Christina up while standing up herself and putting Christina in another bear hug, this time with her arms pinned to her side.

Christina's now bare 36D chest was losing the battle versus Jennifer's 36C chest, and slowly Christina's strength slowly left her. Jennifer, sensing that Christina was spent, allowed Christina to slump slowly to the mat. Laying on the mat, barely conscious, Christina was beat but too proud to admit defeat. Jennifer, knowing this, knew what she had to do win. Removing her own top, Jennifer sat on Christina's stomach, and placed her chest on top of Christina's face. Christina was too weak to put up much of a struggle as she lay there until she mercifully passed out. Jennifer got up and stripped Christina of her top and bottoms as a souvenir of a well earned victory. Christina came to about 10 minutes later, angry and humiliated. Christina vowed her revenge.

Part Two

This time it was to be personal. Christina Ricci had to have her revenge and she proposed meeting in a secluded area for a nude wrestling match. No biting, scratching or punching, everything else is fair game. Neither side had any problems with the rules as they were presented. Jennifer recommended a camp she had in the mountains and Christina reluctantly agreed. She did not want to fight on her enemy's turf, but since Jennifer won the first match, Christina had to agree to get her shot at revenge.

Jennifer arrived first, as she had to set up the mat in the camp. Christina arrived 15 minutes later. Both quickly got undressed and met on the mat. "You ready for another ass whipping bitch?, Jennifer asked. "This time I will beat you until you cry your surrender" Christina replied. With that Jennifer put her arms up in a test of strength. Christina put her arms up to meet Jennifer's. Much to Christina's surprise, and chagrin, the taller and thinner Jennifer was forcing Christina down until she was looking straight at Jennifer's pussy.

"Now you learn the meaning of real pain," Jennifer said, as she thrust her hips forward much like a belly dancer would, driving her pussy into Christina's face. The blows to her face felt worse than any punches that could be thrown, and after 10 thrusts Christina was severely hurt. Jennifer let Christina fall onto her back where Jennifer got down beside her and put her in a tight body scissors, wrapping her legs around Christina's 36D chest. "I am going to flatten your fat and useless chest until you wish you never had your tits." "You did not learn from the first fight, I am the better fighter."

Christina was in dire striates, finding it difficult to breath, and having the fight slowly squeezed out of her. In an act of desperation, Christina reached up and pinched Jennifer's pussy, causing Jennifer to howl in pain and release Christina. "No scratching," Jennifer protested. "That was not scratching, it was pinching," Christina countered. Christina rolled away from Jennifer and stood up, breathing freely and away from pain for the first time in the match. Jennifer however did not let up as she got up and put Christina in a chest to chest bear hug, picking Christina off the floor.

"You are not going to be boxing my ears this time bitch," Jennifer snarled "I got your arms tightly held to your body." Christina knew that Jennifer was right, as she tried in vain to pull her arms out so she could do something to escape this vise grip that Jennifer had on her. As she was flailing away, Christina's knee found it's mark on Jennifer's pussy. Again it was Jennifer howling in pain as she was forced to let go of another hold that was certain to bring victory. Christina fell on her back, too weak to mount any type of offense herself. But the time that Jennifer needed to overcome the pain in her pussy allowed Christina the time to stand up and get ready for Jennifer again. Christina stood ready in a crouch, poised to lunge, when Jennifer kicked out her right leg and kicked Christina squarely in the jaw, knocking her back onto her back.

Jennifer went over to Christina and started to stomp on her stomach. Christina covered her stomach, only causing Jennifer to stomp on Christina's chest. Christina could not cover both her stomach and chest as Jennifer kicked whatever was not covered. It was not long before Christina was just laying there, barely conscious. Jennifer then went for the winning move. She sat on Christina's stomach, and put her 36C chest on Christina's face and smothered her into dreamland. Christina found herself alone when she came to. She quickly got dressed and went home. She knew that she would have to get stronger to fight Jennifer again, but she vowed to do it.

(to be continued?)