Britney Spears vs. Christina Ricci [From FCWL archives (by unknown)]

The two sexy young starlets are in the ring waiting to be announced. The crowd begins to boo and hiss as Christina Ricci is introduced, for she has already set herself up as one of the heels of this female celebrity wrestling league. She struts and flips off the audience in a seductive display of arrogance. Her full body looking incredible in her black latex bikini.

Suddenly the crowd begins to scream and cheer as Britney Spears is introduced. Britney begins to strut her stuff in the ring much to the crowds delight. Her firm young body is displayed beautifully as she prances around in pink bikini bottoms and a matching sports bra. Christina became flustered when the attention was turned to Britney and attacked. With her back to the gothic beauty the fans warning cry was too little to late as she was yanked onto her back by a vicious pull to her long brown hair.

The bell rang to begin the match with Britney already at a disadvantage.

While on her back Ricci's bare foot thundered down repeatedly on the young singing stars famous belly. Britney curled into a ball trying to gain her breath as she found herself frightened by the cruel delight Christina was having at her torment. Suddenly the kicks and stomps to her chest and stomach ceased as she was given a couple seconds for recovery. Through the ringing in her ears she could hear the crowds expressions of disapproval as they watch in horror when Christina grabbed a hold of her ankles. Ricci spread Britney's legs as the pallid aggressor brought her foot down hard between her foe's parted thighs.

After the shrieks of agony from the young girl died down to a whimper, Ricci cried out "Baby One More Time," and again her foot came thundering down hard into Britney's womanhood.

Having grown tired of the torture for the moment, Ricci grabbed the brown haired beauty by the tresses and yanked her to her feet before slamming Britney into the corner. Suddenly those pale fingers went to work pulling off Britney's panties and sports bra off leaving the poor Pop star naked against the turn buckle.

Once again with her intentions clear on humiliating Britney past the point of reason Christina wrenched the singers arms up in a hammer lock. With her left hand free to explore Spears body, she expertly drove her fingers into Britney driving her to the very edge of sexual frenzy. Stopping short of the goal, leaving the young singer not only humiliated but moaning in sexual frustration. Christina lessened the pressure on the hammerlock and before Britney could breath a sigh of relief, she found herself rocketed backward against the ropes.

The crowd was almost silent, as they had expected their young superstar to make quick work of the gothic looking bitch, but it was quite the other way around. Britney rebounded off the ropes only to be met by Ricci who stopped her cold in her tracks by wrapping her arms tightly around Britney's sexy waist and lifting her into a crushing embrace. The crowd could see Britney's eyes widen as the pressure was over barring. Christina began to grind her body against Britney's till it became obvious to all watching that Britney was about to climax.

The teen princess began to orgasm down her leg trying to deny her loud cries of mercy.

"Nooooo Pleeeeeeessssssssse!"

But it was too late, her body had taken over as she began to grind back against Ricci who had easily dominated her. When her tremors had subsided, Britney begged Christina her submission but the cruel gothic beauty was not satisfied as she tightened her grip on the young singers waist once more. Britney threw her head back and screamed as her elevated body couldn't bare the pressure much longer. Her body started to grow limp from the lack of oxygen and soon her head slumped forward onto Christina's pale shoulder. It was only when Ricci felt the unconscious beauty begin to drool on her back that she tossed Britney down like a rag doll lifelessly to the mat. Christina smirked at the crowd who was booing their heads off, as she grabbed a hold of Britney's legs and spread them wide.

Christina whispers, "A little hint you worthless school bitch, this is how you stop an orgasm!"

Ricci continually thumped Britney between the legs till her love juices turned to blood before dropping her silky smooth legs to the mat. She placed one foot on top of the beaten singers breasts making sure to pump them mercilessly while raising her arms in the air, proving to all that she was the winner. Fans make their displeasure known, shouting profanities at the young Ricci. But the truth remained, she had dominated and humiliated the teen tyro beyond satisfaction. A very fulfilling win for the gothic beauty, Christina Ricci.