Christina Ricci vs. Britney Spears by Scott
(also starring Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Charlize Theron)

(Buck) "Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to Celebrity Fight Night. I'm Buck Booker and joining me tonight is guest commentator Scott, uh…Scott, what IS your last name?”

(Scott) "You can just call me SIR Scott, Bucko."

(Buck) So you were knighted by the Queen of England? What did you do to deserve that? You aren't even English.

I represent several English actresses that have made a significant contribution to the English society.

(Buck) Who are some of those actresses, Sir Scott?

"Ivana Sucku and Lucy Lust to name two.

(Buck) "Th…those are PORN stars. What do THEY contribute to a civilized society?"

(Scott) Have you ever heard of sex education videos? Children watch those lovely ladies in action and learn how to please a woman. It's a public service.

(Buck) You're unbelievable and besides that you aren't even English.

(Scott) Hey neither is Anthony Hopkins.

(Buck, shaking his head in disbelief) OK, let's get to tonight's main even that features a pair of featherweights: Christina Ricci vs. Lindsey Lohan. What are your views Scott?

(not answering)

(Buck) Scott? Scott? (clearing his throat) "SIR” Scott?

(Scott) Well Lindsey has a hard time finding anyone she matches up with being so small. Outside of the Olsen twins she would be the underdog in any match-up. I'm sure she thinks little Christina can be had but Ricci is a ring veteran with several wins over much larger women. I look for an easy win for Christina.

Both girls are in the ring Christina is ready to go, bouncing up and down but Lindsey looks hesitant.

(Scott) LiLo’s scared. She’s gonna pee her panties any second.

(Buck) "Hey what's going on? (The house lights go off and music starts blaring, "Baby, Hit me one More Time") Can you see who that is Scott?"

(Scott) Not sure. It looks like Cousin IT and Uncle Fester from the ‘Adams Family’. ‘Case you missed it, that was an abstruse reference to Christina’s early career work.

(Buck) NO. Will you look at that, it's Paris Hilton and her best girl friend Britney Spears!

Spears and Hilton come swaggering down the aisle hand in hand toward the ring past the stunned commentators

(Scott) "Pee-yew. Did you get a whiff of that Buck?

(Buck) "All I smell is the wonderful aroma of their signature perfumes these two lovely ladies are wearing.

(Scott) "Quick someone get me some air freshener."

(Buck) Will you stop! Having Lindsey scheduled against Ricci may just have been a front. Now that Brit’s divorced, she may once again have feelings for Justin Timberlake with whom Christina Ricci had a torrid love scene in her terrific new film, ‘Black Snake Moan’. No doubt Britney, in a fragile state of mind right now, may have snapped at the sight of Ricci with Justin - even if it was only a movie - and could have gone over the edge.

(Scott) Quit making excuses for the girl Buck. She has been acting crazy for the last four years. She doesn't wear panties - not that THAT’S a bad thing; she walks barefoot into gas stations; holds her baby on her lap driving, stays out late partying; shaved her head...all in all, she pretty much reminds me of your last wife, Bucko.

(Buck) That's enough Scott! And for the record, none of my previous wives shaved - their head or otherwise! Well, whatever the reason for their visit, Britney and Paris aren't just merely for moral support. Look, they’re climbing into the ring. Wow! I guess this trio needs a nickname Scott. How about the Three Amigos?

(Scott) I was thinking of the Three Stooges; guess which one is Curly?

Britney is taking off her robe.

(Buck) Wow, look at Britney in that bikini Scott. Since her baby, she’s bustin’ out all over. OHMIGAWD, she's removing her top...

(Scott) …and she’s inviting Ricci to do the same! Uncle Fester with tits, I'm gonna be sick! She looks like a medical experiment gone horribly wrong.

(Buck) She doesn't want to get into a breast fight with Ricci.

Both women parade around the ring showing off their breasts. Ricci has been regarded with envy as having one of - of not THE - best pair in Hollywood for years. Britney, especially after a couple of babies, is showing off her huge pillow soft breasts.

(Scott )"Look she's dripping! MILK THAT COW CHRISTINA!"

(Buck) Hey Paris and Lindsey aren't leaving. This looks like it’s gonna be a three on one! Trouble in Dodge for Christina Ricci!

(Scott) "Dodge? More like Skankyville. GET OUTTA THERE, CHRISSY!"

Britney, Lohan and Paris fan out as they cautiously move toward Christina. But instead of running, Christina runs towards Lohan and jumps in the air, hitting a Flying Drop Kick to Lohan's huge chest. She falls backward on Paris and both crash to the mat.

Britney charges but little Christina trips Brit and she falls to the mat face first. Quick to her feet, Ricci runs to the ropes, launches herself off them back toward Lohan and Paris - both of whom are still down with Paris behind Lohan. Ricci does a baseball slide and knocks both of them out of the ring.

(Buck) Ricci is a ball of fire!

Christina gets up and when she turns around, Spears is running towards her. Ricci ducks a Clothesline and kicks Britney in the belly, then throws a couple of punches to Britney's midsection. But the punches from the petite actress tiny hands have only limited affect. Britney returns fire and Christina is stunned by the surprisingly powerful fists. Christina is forced back by a series of hard body punches.

Britney grabs Christina’s arm and pulls her toward, giving her a Clothesline around the actress's neck that sends Ricci backward thru the ropes. She lands on the ring apron and tumbles to the arena floor where Lindsey and Paris are quick to come over and stomp her back a few times.

Hauling Christina up, Lindsay and Paris roll her back into the ring under the bottom rope to the waiting Britney. Christina is on her hands and knees when Britney marches over to her, grabs her the hair and drags her before pounding her on the back and driving the smaller girl to her knees! A kick to the gut leaves Ricci on her knees with her butt in the air and her face on the mat.

A Double Ax-handle finally drops the raven-haired beauty flat on her belly. She tries to push herself up but Britney stomps her back and head several times, bouncing Christina’s body on the mat. Not letting up, Britney next drops a knee on the back of the neck that has Ricci stunned to the point where she can only scuffle her legs back and forth.

Britney hair-hauls Christina up and Irish Whips her into the corner turnbuckle. Christina’s back hits and her head is whiplashed back against the top turnbuckle. Stunned, she starts to slump as Britney backs up to the middle of the ring, then charges into the corner with a Shoulder Block.

But Christina manages to move aside just before Britney arrives and Britney’s shoulder slams into the turnbuckle. She screams in pain as she drops to her knees rubbing her shoulder. The sight energizes Christina and she pushes Britney’s head between the ropes under the middle turnbuckle and slams chop after chop to the back of Britney's neck.

Christina has Britney reeling but the singer manages to reach up and pokes her in the eyes. As Ricci stumbles away blinking and rubbing her eyes, Britney grabs the actress by the hair and pulls her forward - right into a brutal Kneelift to the crotch that brings Christina's momentum to a screeching halt!

(Buck) I thought Christina had turned the tide.

(Scott) Fatal error trying to outslug Spears at her size. She should know better than to get in a brawl with a bigger opponent.

Britney turns Christina back against the ropes and throws some chops of her own, tenderizing Christina’s robust rack! While Christina's chops had Britney staggering; the singer's chest chopping have Ricci sliding down the corner until she lands hard on her butt in the corner, her bare breasts already taking on a ruddy hue as they jiggle up and down.

Britney kicks her a couple of times before she hair-hauls the panting pretty up and stands her in the corner.

(Buck) Christina’s kinda just hanging on the ropes like a drunken sailor.

(Scott) Yeah, her eyes are glazed over. I'm not sure she know where she is.

(Buck) "Owwww!" Well, she does now! Britney just kicked her between the legs.

Ricci doubles over, her mouth wide and sucking air as she clutches her womanhood and begins to topple over, but Britney catches her under the shoulders and stands her back up against the turnbuckle where she launches one fist after another, pounding away to Christina's soft mid-section. Ricci, her arms draped over the middle strands, is unable to defend herself and she's lucky to still be upright as she slowly slumps down.

Again, Britney hauls her back up - then rocks back and violently drives her shoulder into the pit of Christina's belly, smashing the little girl and driving all the air out of her lungs.

(Buck) Looks like Christina’s having trouble breathing.

(Scott) This whole situation stinks. This was supposed to be a match against Lohan. Britney tricked Ricci into the ring and then took over the fight. She’s nothing but a big bully!

Britney backs up a few feet, posing with hands on hips to admire her handiwork. Ricci, looking like a wreck; gasping for air; holds the ropes with both hands just to keep from falling.

(Buck) It's amazing she hasn't passed out yet.

(Scott) You can never count Christina out. She's a spunky little gal who’s gotten herself out of big jams before.

Spears goes back on the attack, dragging Christina out to the middle of the ring. Facing the shorter female, Britney wraps her arms around Christina’s lower back, locks her hands, then lifts her up in the air in a huge Bearhug. Ricci lets out a yelp as Britney tightens her arms and Britney's engorged breasts envelope hers. Ricci swings her legs in agony and pushes her hands against Britney's face.

Britney squeezes even harder and Christina’s arms drop as air rushes out of her body thanks to Britney's deadly, crushing, embrace. Christina groans as her ribs are crushed; her arms dangling limp by her sides; her lungs burning for air and her impressive breasts forced flat, oozing out to both sides and feeling like they’re about to burst. Her head droops and her cheek rests on Britney’s shoulder as she gasps for precious air. Christina begins to bob her head, fighting the pain and lack of air as she struggles to stay conscious.

Some fluids begin to leak a bit from Britney’s milk-engorged breasts as they overwhelm Christina's once magnificent mammaries, flattening them like cookie dough. Britney's face contorts with the effort of applying ever-increasing pressure, her face twisted and contorted; looking like she wanted to break Christina in half.

Christina cries out as Britney flexes her arms and a soft 'crack' is heard. The brunette looks terrified and her eyes fill with tears; but the little battler is tough and she begins to thrash wildly in Britney's arms. Christina SLAPs every part of Britney she can reach; mostly weak, harmless, blows against the singer's broad back. She kicks Britney in the shins with her tiny feet which does little damage. Still, her small limbs do some damage and Britney's grip loosens due to Christina's thrashing and the pop star must move her upper body a little closer to reinforce her Bearhug. Seeing her chance, Christina snaps her head forward and SMACK her forehead crushes Britney's nose!

The Headbutt wasn't real strong, but Christina followed up with a second - more forceful - Headbutt square on the singer's nose! Britney shrieks as blood fills her nose and she drops Ricci like a rock. Christina crawled around on the mat sucking air while Britney backed away shaking her head to clear the cobwebs before going back on the attack.

Britney hair-hauled the smaller woman to her feet, stood her up and CRACK gave her a viscous Chop across the chest that dropped Ricci on her rump! Hauling her back up, she grabbed an arm and whipped her back into a turnbuckles. Ricci hit with a THUD and began to sink, but Spears charged and Bodysplashed her in the corner. When Britney backed off Ricci toppled forward and SMACK landed face first on the mat.

Britney, feeling proud of herself, began to strut around like a rooster, waving to crowd and throwing kisses to everyone including Scott.

(Buck) Hey Scott looks like Britney wants to make up.

(Scott - yelling at Britney) "You made your point! Aren't you late for your appointment with your barber? You're getting a five o'clock shadow on her skull."

"Fuck you Scott!” Britney yells. “I heard what you said about me. I'm just getting warmed up"

Scott and Britney hurled insults to one another until Britney noticed Christina rolling over and heard her moaning. She returned her attention to the petite woman and repeatedly stomped her stomach and ribs. Little Christina’s body bounced like a rubber ball up and down on the mat. Then Britney planted a foot on Christina’s throat while with her other foot she applied pressure to her nose.

(Buck) Christina certainly is having a tough time of it!

(Scott) I don't know what is worse, having her throat crushed or having to smell Britney's stinking foot. Who knows what filth she has been walking in today."

(Buck) the crowd is throwing sandals into the ring.

(Scott) Those aren't sandals, they’re flip-flops; the official shoe of Louisiana. It's what they wear when they want to dress up all, you know….fancy.

(Buck) I’d like to apologize to our viewers in Louisiana. Scott's views do not represent those of the network.

(Scott) The fans are just looking out for the girl; they want her to wear something on her feet when she visits a gas station, apparently she can't afford shoes.

(Buck) That was a one-time event Scott.

(Scott) Well I heard she went to the gas station on the way over here and was barefoot again. She didn't get gas though, just stopped to shop for some vegetables for her kids.

(Buck) That proves she is a good mother despite what the tabloids claim!

(Scott) She bought catsup!

(Buck sighing) Let's get back to the action shall we?

Britney is continuing with the choke, leaning on the ropes for added leverage; putting all her weight against the petite actress. Christina’s pounding the mat with her feet; her mouth gaping open and gagging, but can’t budge the pop diva. Britney has her left foot on Christina’s neck and is pinching Christina's breasts with the toes of her other foot.

(Buck) You're not saying anything Scott.

(Scott) I was just thinking back to an old time wrestler…you remember George the Animal Steel? He was a crazy, bald headed, barefoot goon. Seeing Britney just now, well (sniff) it brought back so many happy memories the Animal. You know he was down in Louisiana wrestling about 26 years ago or so. I hear Brit’s momma was a HUGE fan!

(Buck, gasping) Ah…are you implying…..

(Scott) I'm implying nothing. Just saying…Britney looks more like George than the man her momma married. Now Britney’s acting like him too.

Britney is pinching Christina's nipple, digging in with her toenails. Ricci is trying to push Britney off but she just doesn't have the strength.

(Buck) Ricci appears to be hopelessly trapped and weakening fast. She better do something quick or this fight’ll be over in a minute.

In desperation, Christina digs her fingernails into Britney's calf. She tries to maintain the choke, but the pain is too much for her and she removes her foot. The singer backed off massaging her calf, leaving Ricci on the mat coughing and gagging.

Britney goes over the raven-haired beauty and hauls her to her feet, swings her around and THROWS her between the middle and bottom ropes over the apron and onto the arena floor where Lohan and Paris immediately pounce to add their own kicks and stomps to her already battered body.

Britney climbs down to join them and, with Paris and Lindsay’s assistance, they grab Christina's limbs and lift her, then start swinging Christina back and forth like they’re going to toss her back into the ring. But instead, they release her on the back swing she goes sailing through the air to…CRASH…land ass first on top of the unsuspecting Scott.

(Buck) Christina’s just been thrown on my partner, knocking him backward out of his chair. He’s on the floor with a semi-conscious Christina Ricci on top of him. The number 69 comes to mind for some reason...

Lindsey and Paris march over and drag Christina to her feet and throw her back into the ring. Britney pulls the groggy Scott back up and shoves him into his chair. Then she grab the collar of his shirt and pulls him toward her…and SMACK plants a liplock on the stunned Scott who, still dazed, doesn’t even realize at first what’s happening. Then he begins to struggle wildly, trying to break free of Britney’s embrace as she has her tongue halfway down his throat. Finally Britney breaks her lip lock and shoves Scott backward. He - and his chair - CRASH back onto the floor.

(Scott, after regaining his composure) Quick! Someone get me some mouthwash. Who knows what kind of fungus is living in that she-beast's mouth? I need a bucket, I think am going to throw up.

(Buck) "Oh good grief!"

Britney meanwhile was walking around ringside accepting applause from some - dodging soda cans from others.

(Scott) Those are her fans tossing her soda cans. Britney’s drinking one can after another as if she is having her first drink in days after wandering the desert.

Britney hopped back into the ring and went over to Christina who had used the extra time to drag herself to the middle of the ring where she gamely struggles to her hands and knees. Spears grabs Christina’s hair and lifts her head up, then WHAP slaps her. To Britney's dismay, Christina acted like she didn't feel anything. She also had lost the look of fear in her eyes, replacing it with a vacant stare. Britney slapped her again and this time Christina’s eyes filled with rage.

(Buck) Britney took too much time showboating when she should have stayed on the attack. She’s allowed Christina time to recover.

(Scott) No one has ever claimed she is the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

Before Britney could react, Ricci slammed her hand up between the singer's legs and clamped on a Crotch Claw. Britney’s mouth opened in a huge “O” as her knees bowed and she tried frantically to push Christina’s arms away. Knowing Britney would be able to break her grip, Ricci released her - but only to move closer and drive her head up and under Britney's jaw!

Britney went stumbling backward, but Ricci tripped her up and she fell on her back. Ricci kicked Spears over onto her belly, then quick as a cat, she dropped her knee in Britney's lower back, grabbed one of the singer's ankles and pulled it back as she lay on top of Britney. Christina reached around with her other arm and clamped it under the singer's chin, pulling straight up.

Britney was the one in tears now as her body was being stretched out unnaturally. Paris and Lohan began cheering for their friend, urging her to break free, but Ricci had the hold locked in. Not wanting to see Britney submit, Lindsey climbed the ropes in the corner and got ready to leap on Christina’s back.

Ricci heard the screamed warnings from the fans, saw it coming and let rolled off of Britney just as Lohan crashed knees first onto Britney's back. Britney's ribs were aching and the air was knocked out of her. Britney instinctively rolled out of the ring to get away from the action to recuperate while Christina hauled the embarrassed Lindsey to her feet.

Christina kicked the tall auburn-haired girl in the gut, doubling her over and securing Lohan in a Headlock. Just then, Paris entered to try and stop Ricci, but the diminutive brunette pulled Lohan across the ring toward Paris and when she reached Paris, Christina kicked her legs out and brought Lindsey down in a classic Bulldog while she kicked Paris in the legs, taking her off her feet as well.

With Lindsey nearly knocked out and Britney temporary disposed of Ricci scrambled to her feet to deal with Paris who throws a clumsy swing that whistled just over Ricci’s ducking head. Christina speared Paris in the stomach, tackling the heiress and slamming her to the mat with Christina on top of her.

Before Paris could wriggle away, Ricci scooted up and slapped her breasts onto Paris's face. The slim heiress bucked and thrashed her legs, but Ricci had her hands clamped tightly behind the blonde's head and Paris's face had no wiggle room once it was trapped deep in Christina's cantilvered cleavage.

Christina wanted to have fun with Paris, but time was precious and she had to concentrate on smothering Paris out before Britney and Lindsay recovered. Soon, Paris's movement slowed as little oxygen was available for her to breathe in. Christina almost had Paris out when she felt herself being grabbed and pulled up by the hair.

Britney was back and - with Lohan's help - they dragged Ricci off of Paris. Ricci broke loose and got to her feet, then began slugging it out with the two women. With two against one, Christina couldn’t concentrate on either and not only was Britney was stronger than she was, but Lindsay was deadly accurate with her punches; never giving Christina time to set herself to punch or even to block both of their fists.

It wasn’t long before Ricci was overwhelmed by Britney's hard and Lindsay’s accurate blows. Once Ricci was staggered and doubled over, Britney scooped the mighty mite up, lifted her overhead andjust let her drop. Christina smashing to the mat, a fall of nearly 6 feet! She smashed down on her chest and face and rolled over out of breath.

She tried to roll out of the ring to buy time to recover, but Lindsay started stomping on her belly while Britney stomped and kicked her legs. After working over her legs and abs, the two vixens each stepped to opposite sides and started to stomp a tit apiece; smashing Christina's breasts flat against her breastbone. She could only yelp in pain, as she was defenseless against the non-stop onslaught. Her already red and battered large breasts began to swell. The heavier Britney’s stomps had a bit more force behind them and after a dozen or more stomps, blood was trickling from Christina’s nipples.

By then, Paris had recovered and she joined in the beating. Britney then broke away and climbed the top rope while Paris and Lohan sat down with Christina. Lindsay held Christina’s legs and Paris her arms as they stretched her out for Britney whose 140 pounds came crashing down on the middle of Christina’s tiny body. Christina bucked in the air once, then slumped and lay quaking so violently Lohan and Hilton couldn’t maintain their grips.

Ricci curled in a fetal position and stopped moving. Spears spread the defenseless Ricci out and slapped her breasts over the beaten brunette’s pale face. Christina had no more fight in her and the buxom singer's pillowy, sweaty, breasts easily molded themselves to cut off Christina's air supply. All she could do was sweep her legs slowly in protest for a few minutes before she stopped moving and lay still - a victim of the Britney Breast Smother.

Paris went over to her bag and took out an electric razor. "What you going to do now Brit? Lohan asked, though it was obvious Britney meant to shave Ricci.

"Is this necessary? We already beat her!" Lohan complained. She and Paris began arguing.

(Buck) You have to wonder about the stability of that friendship.

Lohan had her back to Britney so she didn’t see the singer pick Christina up in a Reverse Bearhug, lift her in the air and then drop her onto her posted knee. The brunette’s crotch slammed down on Britney’s knee and the sharp pain snapped her awake. She let out a loud bleat of pain and started to wobble around holding her groin as tears ran down her cheeks.

(Buck) That must have hurt! What was that move Scott, an Atomic drop?

(Scott laughing) I don't know, but I’m getting a kick seeing Ricci stagger around bow legged holding her crotch.

In fact, Ricci was in agony holding her lower back AND her crotch after Paris Clotheslined, her sending her to the mat.

(Scott) Looks like Paris doesn't wanna be left out of the fun.

The two tramps then landed one elbow drop after another until Christina was flopping about like a bowl of Jell-O during an earthquake.

Spears then picked up the stunned lightweight and Powerslammed her to the mat. The bulk on Britney's weight landed right on top of Christina’s chest, punishing her ribs and leaving her breathless. As Christina lay withering in pain, Britney took off her panties.

(Buck) Look Scott, Britney's stripping. She's hairless down below too.

(Scott) MY EYES! MY EYES. I've gone blind!

(Buck) You better keep her eyes closed my friend because Paris and Lindsay are following Britney's lead. They’re all going nude!

(Scott) It's a sign of the apocalypse.

Britney stood over Christina, looking down at her in contempt. Then she squatted slowly until she straddled the actress's chest. Chritina was moaning and totally out of it as Britney lifted her ass in the air and slammed it down on her belly driving out any air that may have remained in her lungs. The singer then roughly kneaded Christina’s proud tits until the color of young star's breasts matched Lindsay Lohan’s crimson hair.

Lohan squeak as Britney and Paris each knelt next to Christina and grabbed a nipple, “What about me?”

"Lindsey, we let you hang with us, but never think you are an equal," Paris lectured the redhead.

"Give it to her Britney!"

Christina’s eyes went wide but she could do nothing but scream…"NOOOFFFMMM"

The busty singer slowly lowered her enormous boobs over Christina’s face. Britney reached around and pulled Ricci’s face into her cleavage while Paris handled Britney's breasts to ensure they covered her nose and mouth completely. Spear's soft breasts easily covered everything except Christina’s forehead, a perfect smothering mass of female flesh that had Ricci thrashing desperately for a breath of air.

Lindsey knelt behind Britney and began rubbing her breasts back and forth on her back as she reached around and started to fondle Ricci’s pussy; adding insult to injury.

"Listen to that slut squeal," Paris exclaimed.

(Scott) I can't stand any of these spoiled brats, but I'd be squealing too if that baldheaded freak put those ugly sacks of flesh on MY face.

(Buck) It's just a phase Scott. Get the girl some slack. And her breasts ARE magnificent!

(Scott) Christina seems to be trying to stay something. Maybe she’s trying to submit?

"Mmmmmm . . . mmmmmmmph . . . mmmmmmmmph."

(Buck) I don't think Britney understands mumble.

"What was that Chrissy?" Britney questions as she lifts her breasts for a moment. Christina is too out of breath to respond and as soon as she inhales a mouthful of air, Britney again shoves her face back between her breasts. Lindsay, with nothing else to do, stomps on her stomach and abdomen.

Britney holds the smother while Christsina’s arms flail and her legs thrash. She only releases the hold after Ricci’s limbs fall limp and lay flat to the mat

"Did you want to say you are sorry?" Britney asks as she releases the breast smother and slithers back to sit on Christina’s breasts, glaring down at the semi-conscious brunette. Her eyes are glassy and she’s too breathless to answer.

"Answer 'Miss Spears' you tramp!" Paris growled. "Guess you gotta teach the girl some manners, eh Brit!"

Lohan watched as Britney began diddling herself just inches from Christina’s face. Britney had that crazed looked in her eyes as she pleasured herself and Lindsey watched in rapt amazement as Britney's snatch grew wetter by the minute. Christina let out a brief scream that was quickly muffled by Britney slapping her shaved pussy right down on her face. The singer squirmed around on Ricci’s face until she felt comfortable - which meant Christina’s nose and mouth were wedged in her sex.

(Scott) The breast smother was humiliating but being under Britney's crotch has got to be one of the most repugnant things that can happen to this young actress. Oooooh (shivering)

(Buck) You gonna be OK there Scott?

(Scott choking) We need a fan over here. We are downwind from these three and their disgusting aroma is wafting out way. This place smells like a barnyard.

(Buck) Behave yourself! It's poor little Christina whose getting a face full of Britney; we should feel for her!

Britney eased back a bit looking down on Lindsey.

"She offers her tongue Brit; she wants you!" Paris laughs, gleefully rubbing her hands together.

(Buck) It appears Christina has chosen to service the singer rather than suffocate.

(Scott) Well, it's either that or not breathing. These three bitches are in heat and they aren't gonna stop until they satisfy their perverted appetite.

Britney eased up on the smother and Christina stuck out the tongue to lick her dripping slit. When Christina paused to catch a breath, Britney mashed her pussy back onto her face, smothering her all over again. Her air was completely cut off. When Britney lifted up again, Christina quickly stuck out her tongue again, flicking it rapidly as if to say ‘I'm sorry’ and hurriedly went back to servicing the sultry singer; filling the arena with sounds of her lapping Britney's wet flesh.

(Buck) What's wrong Scott? You’ve got a puzzled look on your face.

(Scott) Well, I have mixed emotions seeing any one of these girls humiliated is wonderful; but seeing this over-exposed, over-sexed, coked up, crazed Southern piece of...

(Buck) OK Scott we get your point. You’re not a big Britney fan.

Lindsay was getting tired of just watching and laid down between Christina’s legs. She began massaging her crotch with her foot before inching it into the actress's love hole. Lindsay stuck in her big toe first, making Christina shiver and she didn’t stop until half of her foot was wedged in Christina’s pussy. She then began foot-fucking the redhead - slowly at first but increasing in speed as Britney increased the intensity of her Facesit until she was on the verge of cumming. Britney had placed her cunny on Christina’s face and was riding her hard.

(Buck) "Well, at last; Lohan is getting some pleasure out of this too.

(Scott) Now all we need is for Paris to find something to get off on! It can't be fun having Lohan’s sharp toenails scratching away at your insides. In fact, it looks like there’s some blood on Lindsay’s foot.

The abuse went on as the ring became a mixture of sound of sexual lust and torture. Britney laughed evilly as she rode Lohan's face.

Christina’s pitiful moaning vibrated Brit's pubes, driving the singer mad with lust and at the same time the young actress was being brought to orgasm by Lindsay’s foot! Christina sucked Spears sticky slimy flesh hoping to be allowed some air but Britney was in heat and she just rode the girl harder, pumping and humping her face, caring only for her own gratification. Christina’s body shuddered with Britney's quivering pussy on her face and Lindsay’s foot doing a number on her own pussy. She was just about out when she felt Britney hips flex and her thighs clamp down on her head.

"Ahhh cummmmm..." Britney screamed, nearly drowning the girl beneath her.

Seconds later juices pouring around Lindsay’s thrusting foot signally that Ricci had also come. Britney sat on Ricci’s face, slowly grinding up and down until she emptied all her sticky slime on her face and into her mouth and nose. When Britney finally eased off, Christina was unconscious and her face covered in goo.

(Scott) Finally this is over.

(Buck) Well Britney is sliding off but it looks like Paris is taking her place.

Ricci was out but that didn't stop Paris from prying open her mouth and wiggling her cunny over it.

(Buck) Well it looks like Ricci is gonna have to give Paris cunilingus whether she knows it or not.

(Scott) Looks like Christina is moving ever so slightly. The only thing that comes close to Britney's foul scent for smelling salts is the aroma of Paris's nasty twat. I'm sure the strong smell has awakened Christina.

(Buck) Or it could be because Lohan is fingering her down below. These girls seem to be experts at this three on one.

Christina’s eyes fluttered open and she blinked, then realized a second shaven pussy was on her face. Paris pinched her nose shut when she didn't feel Christina’s tongue so Ricci once again began licking and sucking pussy. It wasn’t long before Paris felt her hot fluid flowing. Seconds later, the blonde erupted and little Christina’s face got a second helping of skank juice

After Paris had come and slithered off, Lindsay was pounding Christina’s crotch with fist. She even Head-butted her in the crotch. Mercifully, the young woman passed out again.

Lindsay sat back on her haunches and began to finger herself.

"Hey Paris, we still have some unfinished business," Britney reminded her co-conspirator.

"You're right" Paris remarked with an evil grin as she reached for the razor.

As they turned back toward Christina, the crowd began to buzz.

(Buck) What's going on? The crowd is going crazy?

(Scott) Someone's rushing the ring!

(Buck) It's Charlize Theron! The Academy Award winning actress who Christina co-starred with in "Monster." They were lesbian lovers in the movie and word on the street is that carried over into their ‘off screen’ lives. When an actress says she “formed a special bond" with another actress, I guess we all know what THAT means!

(Scott) Hey I'm all for someone helping out Christina but men shouldn't be allowed to interfere in Ladies matches - or even ones with Britney who is certainly no 'Lady.'

(Buck) "What the hell are you babbling about Scott?

Didn't you know? Charlize was born CHARLES Theron? She was born a boy but out there in the jungle some local witch doctor accidentally cut off Charles' little pee-pee. Ever since, Charles has been given a steady diet of female hormone shots in an attempt to turn him into a woman. Look close at Charles's crotch and you can make out what little's left of his manhood.

(Buck) "Scott you're an idiot. Charlize is - and always was - a beautiful female who was born in a real hospital and delivered by medical professionals."

(Scott) "Well how to you explain those tiny tits. Jeez, I got bigger boobs than that."

(Buck) "I wouldn't go around bragging about that Scott."

Lindsay jumps out of the ring and steps in front of Charlize…who runs right over her, knocking Lohan flat on her back!

Paris is standing at the ropes awaiting the charging Charlize but when she sees Lindsay get run over, she suddenly realizes she doesn't stand a chance against the big South African and the thin heiress decides to vacate the premises. Before she can escape, however, Charlize grabs a handful of Paris' bleached hair, turns her around and kicks her in the midsection. Paris folds like a cheap card table and Charlize scoops her up in Piledriver position.

Before she can drop the heiress, however, Britney runs up behind her and drives her foot into the big blonde's right knee. Charlize's grimaces and drops Paris, grabbing her knee. Instead of joining Britney to double team Theron, Paris scrambles out of the ring, leaving Britney to face the veteran alone!

(Scott) Well, Paris ain't as stupid as I thought!

(Buck) So much for loyalty to Britney.

Britney sends a hard sidekick into the blonde's belly. Charlize's groans and is doubled over as Britney pours on the assault. A sharp right turns Charlize's head followed by a right hook has her swaying on her feet but Britney still can't drop the bigger woman. Feeling she has Theron weakened, Britney grabs her arm to whip Charlize into the turnbuckle, but the South African stops in her tracts and kicks Brit in the gut and whips her in the turnbuckle like she were a doll.

Brit bounces off and is met with a Clothesline by the charging actress. Theron hauls the singer up and places her head between her knees and drops Britney in a Piledriver. Brit's body bounces up and she lays spread-eagled and KO’d!

(Scott) I gotta give to Charles; he's one powerful dude.

(Buck) It's Charlize, Scott.

(Scott) Like I said, Charles is one powerful dude!

With Lindsey and Britney unconscious and Paris gone, Theron goes over to Christina and sits down next to her to offer comfort. At first, Christina seems relieved and returns her petting and kissing, but then, suddenly, she sits bolt upright and shoves Charlize away.

"Why didn't you come sooner?" the tiny actress asks with hurt disappointment

Charlize is apologetic, but Ricci continues to scold her.

SMACK! Ricci slaps Theron!

Charlize gets to her knees so she can face the smaller woman eye-to-eye and puts her hands together, begging for forgiveness.

CRACK! Ricci slaps her again.

Charlize gets to her feet, pulls Christina toward her and snaps her knee up into Christina’s torso.

"UNNNNH!" Ricci gasps and staggers back into the corner turnbuckle.

(Scott) That is disgraceful! How dare that big brut hurt that sweet girl.

(Buck) Scott has left our table and gone to ringside where he and Miss Theron are trading obscenities. There goes our FCC license! Scott is so enraged he tries to enter the ring but some woman came up from behind and kicked Scott right between the legs. Ouch! Now Scott has crumbled to the floor holding onto what's is left of the family jewels.

(Buck) Well, here comes Scott crawling back to our table. Oh waitress, some ice over here.

(Scott) Who kicked me?

(Buck) Not sure, but her jacket said, "K&G Enterprises" on the back. Oh, look Scott, Charlize is giving you a one finger salute!"

(Scott) Chuck is just damn lucky those Italians, Monica Bellucci and the rest, aren't here - they'd show her!!

Charlize turns her attention to Christina who's on her feet only because she's got a tight grip on the ropes. Charlize turns her back to Christina, drops her shorts and sticks out her panty clad butt, showing the raven haired female her ass(ets).

(Buck) I must say, Charlize has a shapely booty; not bony like most of those underfed actresses.

(Scott) Most men have large asses! You notice she's keeping her panties on? If she takes them off her dark secret will be revealed.

(Buck) Scott, you retard!

The Amazon blonde backs up and slams her ass in Christina’s face, rubbing up and down and giving her the Stink Face. Ricci waves her arms frantically but has no hope of escaping. After a few minutes of grinding her rear in Christina’s face Charlize steps off and Ricci slumps down barely conscious. Theron pulls her up and drags her to the middle of the ring.

Ricci weakly throws wild swings but her small arms don't reach Theron who kicks Christina in the belly, doubling her over. Then she lifts her upside down then executes a Tombstone Piledriver! Christina’s legs spasm a few seconds and then become still with Charlize sitting over her like a lion that has just killed its' prey.

Charlize gets up and sees Britney struggling to her feet so she walks over, coming up behind her and lifts her up in the air above her shoulders and drops backwards. Brit's lands on her back and the back of her head hits the mat with a loud THUD! Charlize puts the singer in a Cobra Clutch and Britney thrashes wildly but she doesn't have the strength to escape the strong blonde.

(Buck) A Cobra Clutch is like a Choke, isn't it Scott?

(Scott) Yea, it is also called a Cross-armlock or Cross-arm choke. The wrestler stands behind the opponent and uses one arm to place the opponent in a half nelson. The wrestler then uses their free arm to pull the opponent's free arm across the opponent's neck, thereby using the opponent's own arm to choke them. With those long arms and large hands Theron is also able to pinch Britney's nerves that have a paralyzing affect.

(Buck) With her blood supply to her brain restricted, Britney’s growing lightheaded.

(Scott, sarcastically) Oh? How's that any different from any other time?

(Buck) What's this? Charlize is screaming!

(Scott) Britney is biting Charlize's arm. I tell you, she's reminding me more and more of George the "Animal" Steel each day. God I used to love George.

Charlize is forced to let loose of the cobra clutch but Britney is terribly weakened. The blonde stands waits for the singer to rise. Britney is on unsteady feet with her back to Charlize. The blonde grabs her by the back of the head and drags her to the turnbuckle and rams her head into the turnbuckle.

The crowd counts off as Charlize rams Britney's head into the turnbuckle 8...9...10 times!

When Charlize lets go, Britney staggers backward about ready to fall but Charlize grabs her in the painful Cobra Clutch first, interlocking her long legs with Britney's as Charlize lets herself drop to the mat. She painfully spreads Spear's legs as she applies the devastating nerve hold.

(Buck) There’s be no escape for Britney this time.

As her eyes begin to flutter Britney thrashes around like a beheaded hen hoping to find an escape but Charlize has a tight grip and just clamps down harder.

(Scott) Looks like Charley is taming your she-beast.

A few seconds later the singer's arms fall to her side. Britney's body spasms as Charlize continues to apply pressure until she’s certain the pop diva is out. Soon, the singer's only movement is the feeble fluttering of her hands and feet

Charlize releases the hold and rolls the semi-conscious Britney on her stomach, walks over to a handbag that Paris left behind and pulls out a heavy strap-on dildo. Theron positions herself at Britney's behind and buckles it on with the 'prick' at attention.

(Buck) It doesn't look good for the young woman.

"No one messes with my girl but me!" Charlize tells Britney as she leans forward and buries the sex toy deep in her ass!

Britney's body shivered as she felt the object press up against her rear opening. Theron kept on pushing slowly until she force nearly 6 inches inside the singer. Britney cried out and bucked as she felt her ass being violated by the intruding prod. Theron allowed Britney to buck all she wanted because she wasn't going anywhere. Britney's cries turned to soft whimpers and mewing like sounds as she realized her fate.

"OWEEEEEEEE!" the pop diva let loose with a blood curdling scream when the blonde plunged the huge black rubber strap-on deep and continued to go deeper. Britney felt like her ass was being torn apart. As soon as Charlize felt Britney's ass relax, she eased the tool in another few of inches.

She held the singer by the hips and began to slowly fuck her and Britney grunted and cried helplessly with each thrust. As Theron was fucking the singer, she reached around and forced her hands in Britney's mouth, stretching her lips as she rammed her ass. Britney was in tears; being ass raped AND having her mouth torn apart.

(Buck) Charlize definitely is more agitated than usual; she's usually not this intense with most opponents.

(Scott, sarcastically) You think Buckie boy?

(Buck) You have to think being rejected by Christina made her a little emotional.

(Scott) Well, that and she couldn't stand seeing Britney beating up Christina. She really lost her composure. The message is clear - don't mess with Theron's bitches.

(Buck) Did you say, SHE? So you DO admit Charlize is a woman!

(Scott) I said he. You're just going deaf from listening to Britney's records.

The ass fucking continues...

(Scott, sarcastically) You know I almost feel sorry for her.

(Buck) Yeah I can see you're all choked up!

Tears continue to gush from the singer's eyes, tears of pain and humiliation. Theron tirelessly continues on with this brutal violation until she has the entire strap-on all the way up Britney's now bleeding ass. Britney has her eyes half closed and has become numb; now nothing more than a puppet under Theron's control.

Her head is hanging from Charlize's strong grip. Saliva is pouring down from her mouth off Charlize's hands to the mat. Her body vibrating from Charlize's penetration. After a few more minutes the blonde finally notice Britney's blood trickling down the object and the South African finally gives Britney relief by pulling the huge fake cock from her ass. A loud POP can be heard as the tool is removed. When she pulls out and releases her grip, Britney falls face first on the mat, nearly unconscious and spittle dribbles out of the corner of her mouth as she lay motionless.

Britney’s hoping her ordeal is over, but it is not! Charlize rolls over the singer onto her back and wraps her legs around Spears neck. The singer only moans as this is happening. Theron isn't applying much pressure but she roughly grabs one of Britney's tits and starts squeezing at the base, gliding her hand up like she’s giving Britney's boob a hand job.

(Scott) Well, Theron's doing what Christina couldn't!

(Buck) You mean...

(Scott) Yeah, she's milking that cow!

Britney grabbed Charlize's thighs but the blonde pulled them away, tucking one arm under her leg and holding down the other. Minutes later, tit juice begins to seep from Britney's breast. The singer moaned and bucked so Charlize gave her neck a hard squeeze with her legs and Britney's body shook, then she went limp. Moments later, milk soaked Charlize's hand and ran down onto the mat where it formed a puddle. The blonde then went to work on the other tit and in minutes that milk filled breast begins to express its fluid as well. Theron worked her magic until that one too had been milked dry.

Charlize then flexed her legs and squeezed Britney's head with all her strength. Britney's arms and legs twitched a few seconds before they fell still as she lapsed into unconsciousness. Theron kept the pressure on a few seconds longer, enjoying feeling the singer quiver against her body.

Finally, Charlize released Britney who lay out cold and spread-eagled on the mat, got up and picked Britney up and pressed her overhead with both hands.

(Buck) "She's walking towards us Scott, be careful!"

(Scott) "What's that crazy she-male up to"

(Buck) "Look out!"

Scott gets to his feet to protest what he realizes is about to happen.


(Buck) Charlize has just thrown Britney out of the ring right on top Scott! The medics are coming over to attend to my partner and Miss Spears. Scott appears to have been knocked out but he is convulsing as the unconscious Britney Spears lays on top of him with her crotch on his face. A more fitting ending to this night's festivities I could not have imagined. Well, that concludes tonight’s … what? Wait a second folks, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have reappeared at the top of the ramp. Paris wants to say something…

(Paris) Theron, you overgrown hunk of junk! What gives you the right to come into OUR match and interrupt OUR fun!? And what you did to poor Britney - that was way over the top! We’re issuing a challenge to you, you fraud. You think you’re tough? Well, we challenge you to a handicap match; the thrree of us against you!

(Lindsay) That’s right lard ass! Hard core rules! No time limit! No submission. Falls count anywhere. What say Theron, you accept or are you AFRAID of us!?

(Charlize, after a brief hesitation) You got it, you twisted bitches!