Sharon Stone vs. Christina Ricci - by Scott 24-May-00

After being humiliated and abused by four young actresses a few weeks before, Sharon Stone was out for revenge. She had heard of this private gym where Drew Berrymore and other younger actresses worked out. She decided to drive over and see who might be there.

Christina Ricci had been exercising in the training room and was just getting out of the shower. She had only been able to put on her white panties and bra when she heard Sharon come in. Sharon was wearing a trench coat which she quickly took off revealing her beautiful body dressed in only a thong and bra.

"Where's Drew?" Sharon demanded

"She's not here. Must be your lucky day. I heard she kicked your ass. Maybe you ought to leave before your face runs into somebody else's breasts."

Christina seemed to be challenging Sharon. Blame it on youthful enthusiasm, but Christina should not have talked to Sharon Stone that way.

"Why you little slut"

Sharon was in no mood to be talked to like that and if she couldn't nail Drew, then Christina would do just fine. Sharon who worked with Robert DeNiro did her best imitation of the actor.

"You talkin to me?" Sharon turned around like Robert did in TAXI DRIVER then turned back to Christina.

"You must be talkin to me, I'm the only one"


Sharon could not finish her sentence as she was cut off by a slap to the face by the surprisingly aggressive Christina.

Christina was giving away several inches to Sharon. She also had lost several pounds recently and looked incredibly sexy. Her only advantage was her youth and ample breasts. But would she have the opportunity to use them as weapons?

Sharon looked stunned. She could not believe this little girl would dare strike her.

Christina immediately stepped up to Sharon and again slapped her hard across the face. She then wrestled the blonde bombshell to the floor. Amazingly Christina was able to get on top of Sharon and got her shapely legs around Sharon's neck while sitting on her chest.

"Who the fuck you calling a slut?" Christina said as she struggled to maintain her position against Sharon

"I'll call you anything I want" Sharon hissed back.

"That will be pretty hard when I'm sitting on your face," Christina threatened,

But even before she could complete the threat Sharon pushed the younger girl off her.

"That's what you think" Sharon shot back as she grabbed both of Christina's legs in an attempt to gain control.

Christina was easily able to kick away and managed to get behind Sharon and attempted a full nelson while both were in a sitting position. Christina also wrapped her legs around Sharon's waist to add pressure to the beauty's midsection. Poor Christina's arms were just too short to wrap around Sharon's broad shoulders and while able to maintain control of the hold she could not put much pressure on Sharon's neck. In fact she barely got her hands on either side of the larger women's neck, but her legs were causing some pain to Sharon as the older actress struggled to break the hold.

"Come on big mouth, What's the matter? Is the little slut kicking your ass?" Christina was enjoying her early superiority over Sharon.

Sharon was clearly frustrated and surprised by Christina. Christina was able to roll Sharon on her stomach while sitting on her lower back. Still strong Sharon just did a push up and when she arched her back Christina could not maintain her hold and slipped off. Both girls were back on their feet although Sharon was a little winded thanks to Christina's scissors.

Sharon charged Christina and went low for Christina's stomach. The ladies again wrestled each other to the ground with Christina on top. Christina managed to move up on Sharon and went for a breast smother. Christina actually held the hold for a few seconds before Sharon pushed her off. Sharon then wrapped her strong legs around Christina's midsection.

"Let go of me" Christina demanded as she was feeling the effects of the crushing body scissors. Christina was now trying to choke Sharon to break the hold.

"Not on your life" Sharon was still on her back and was not about to break the hold.

Sharon reached up and grabbed Christina by the hair and began twisting her head back and forth. Christina was forced to break her chokehold and was trying to escape from Sharon's powerful legs and arms.

Christina was able to get to her feet but Sharon kept her legs around the girl's waist. Christina tried getting away but when she moved, Sharon's body dragged with her. Frustrated Christina started slapping Sharon on the legs but lost her balance and fell landing on top of Sharon again. Sharon's strong thighs absorbed most of Christina's weight as she still maintained her scissors. The women continued their struggle. Christina attempted to bring Sharon's head in her ample bosom but was pushed away. Sharon pushed with so much momentum that Christina landed on her feet in a standing position, but still in Sharon's scissors. Again she tried to move away but Sharon did not let go. This time Christina let herself fall on Sharon knowing she could not continue the fight in between Sharon's legs.

Both women lied side by side now. Christina tried to put her large breasts on Sharon but Sharon was able to put her arm around Christina's neck pulling her away. With no one gaining an advantage the girls broke their holds. Christina went right after Sharon though and wrapped her body around and behind the actress. Christina was again able to wrap her legs around Sharon's waist She then attempted to wrap her arms around Sharon's neck to no avail, as Sharon was able to fight Christina off. Still Christina was able to grab Sharon's arms and continued squeezing Sharon's stomach causing Sharon to grunt out in pain. After a few moments Sharon muscled out of Christina's arms and Christina was forced to let loose of her leg scissors.

Sharon stood up, angry now, while Christina was gaining confidence. Christina went for another take down but when she got on top of Sharon the larger woman simply just lifted herself up. Christina stayed on Sharon's back holding on hoping for the best. Instead Sharon just fell with Christina landing on her backside with Sharon's weight on top. Christina managed to keep her legs around Sharon's midsection but was doing no damage. Sharon broke the hold and quickly got on top of the smaller brunette. They struggled for position but Sharon was able to force her breasts over Christina's face. Christina was able to squirm away though, as neither woman could maintain a hold.

After some more struggling Sharon got on top of Christina and started to squeeze her breasts.

"So it's my boobs you like" Christina asked not really feeling much pain.

"It's that big mouth I hate" Sharon answered.

Sharon started to apply more pressure now that caused the determined Christina to push off with her legs knocking the bombshell off her. As they both got to their knees Christina was able to catch Sharon in a headlock.

"Why don't you tell me who is the better woman right now?"

"Can you say Christina?" Christina was gaining confidence and loved taunting Sharon. She was hoping to place Sharon's face in her breasts.

"You'll be sorry for that" Sharon threaten, she may have been weakened a bit by the headlock but she was also getting madder by the second.

Christina now started dragging Sharon around while maintain the headlock but Sharon was able to push Christina out of the hold. Each gal tried to put holds on the other as their bodies, now glistening with sweat, rubbed against each other. Finally Sharon landed on top of Christina and sat on her stomach.

"That's a comfortable position" Sharon exclaimed as she was resting while sitting on Christina. The fight had begun to take its toll on the smaller girl and she was now breathing rapidly.

Christina was clawing at Sharon's tits which caused Sharon to say "You like my cute tits?"

"Cute or mi-nute?" Christina was making fun of Sharon's smaller breasts but wasn't laughing when Sharon brought her tits over Christina's face.

"I like to squash your face with my little titties" Sharon said as she covered Christina's face.

Christina started to pull at Sharon's hair then at her thong causing Sharon to break the breast smother. Sharon quickly wrapped her arms and legs around Christina from behind as they continued their battle on the padded floor. Christina turned around but Sharon maintained her scissors and was now pushing Christina's face against her body causing Christina to be short of breath. Sharon thought she had Christina and eased the pressure but to Sharon's surprised Christina had plenty of fight in her and lunged forward trying once again to smother Sharon with her breasts. Sharon stilled maintained her scissors around Christina's waist but was panicking a little now as she was having flashbacks to her previous breast smother at the hands (that is breasts) of Drew Berrymore

"MMMPPPH" Sharon was worried now but maintained her scissors. Neither lady was willing to release her hold. Sharon struggled to push back Christina and her ample breasts from doing their job. Sharon's strength was greater than Christina's and Sharon was able to push Christina off while still maintaining her scissors around Christina's waist. Sharon pushed Christina on her butt and for a moment they were both in a sitting position. Sharon quickly pushed Christina on her back and tried for the breast smother. Christina started slapping at Sharon's ass and tried to grapevine her legs, with no success, as Sharon wasn't budging. A pull of Sharon's hair caused Sharon to release the hold but she was right back on Christina as the tide was turning in the older woman's favor.

Sharon wrestled Christina to the floor with one arm around Christina's neck and slid one of her sexy legs around Christina's legs. Christina was trapped and in trouble. Sharon now laid on her back with Christina on top of her but immobilized as she was sapping the strength from the young actress. Sharon then slammed Christina to the mat hard while maintaining her chokehold. All Christina could do was weakly slap at Sharon's ass in protest as she was now visibly weakened.

Sharon attempted to get on top of Christina's back but Christina had enough reserve to buck her off. Christina frantically tried to get a quick hold on Sharon but was thwarted off. Now both women got up and stared at each other. Sharon knew this match was hers and she even turned her back on Christina and dared her to attack.

This extra time aided Christina and she managed to get Sharon back down to the mat and once again was temporarily able to push her breasts in Sharon's face.

"I'm going to sit on your freaking face until you can't breath" Christina said more out of wishful thinking than an actual threat. Sharon pushed the girl off but Christina was able to secure a weak headlock on Sharon but Sharon slithered out of it and her body was lying perpendicular on top of Christina's. Christina was squirming and both girls got to their knees but Sharon had her arm around Christina's arm and was slapping Christina's butt with the other.

"You do have pretty tits and a pretty face."

"All the better for me to smash and crush" Sharon said perhaps in anticipation of soon to be pleasures as she drove Christina on her back.

Christina tried to push Sharon off, but Sharon with her arm around Christina's neck just overpowered the girl as she again drove her back down to the mat.

Sharon now got up and sat on Christina's chest.

"They do look kind of crushed like that" Sharon now was tormenting the girl

"I love your panting, your breathing" Sharon said as Christina was struggling to free herself

"If you had 300 pounds on you, you would be panting too" although Christina was in trouble she still had the smart-ass mouth.

Sharon then attempted to scoot up Christina's neck but Christina was able to sneak out from underneath. Christina got up but Sharon gave her a swift kick to the midsection then easily picked her up and powered slam her to the mat.

Before Christina could recover Sharon gave her a right fist to the side of the head further stunning the overwhelmed girl. Sharon then placed her ass on Christina's face. When Christina tried to kick out Sharon grabbed her legs and lifted them up and back.

"Oooohhhahhhh" Christina cried. With Sharon's full weight on her and with her legs also under control she could not escape.

"Gim off uf me" Christina cried out in a mumbled voice. All she could do now is weakly slap at Sharon's shapely bottom.

"I didn't here you, Didn't your mother ever tell you it was impolite to talk with your mouth full?" Sharon teased her captive prey. Sharon now began bouncing her ass up and down Christina's face. She now let lose of one leg but held on to the other and started slapping Christina's bottom.

"Ooooh, Ahhhh" Sharon moaned in pleasure. She began to enjoy her ride as Christina continued her ineffective slaps on her ass.

Sharon now began to take off Christina's bottoms as she continued her smothering.

"Get off of me" Christina pleas went on deaf ears. But when Sharon had to lean forward to complete her strip job, Christina was able to escape her ass.

Christina was able to wrestle Sharon to the mat and was behind Sharon with her arms grabbing Sharon's breasts and her legs around Sharon's waist. Sharon was about to power out when Christina moved her arms to Sharon's neck as she knew if Sharon got up she had no chance to win. If Christina was bigger or Sharon was smaller this maneuver may have worked but Sharon simply pulled Christina's arms off her neck. Christina's scissors were doing no damage either. Sharon began rubbing her backside against Christina.

"I enjoy rubbing my ass against your pussy" Sharon knew she could do what she wanted with Christina. Even though technically Christina held her captive, Sharon knew she could break the hold anytime she wanted.

"OWWWWH, OOOOOH" Sharon suddenly cried out.

Perhaps Sharon relaxed too much because Christina slipped her arm back around Sharon's neck and got a pretty good choke going. Christina even grapevine Sharon's legs and had things going her way as Sharon now was slapping Christina in desperation. At this point Sharon decided it was time to take Christina seriously and with her power she was able to break free of Christina. Sharon immediately turned around facing Christina. Christina wrapped her arm around Sharon's neck trying to keep Sharon from gaining control. But Sharon was able to move up Christina and place her breasts on Christina's face. Christina was able to squirm out of Sharon's breasts but now Sharon had her arm around Christina's neck and was applying great pressure.

"Owwww, I give!"

Christina was having her neck crushed and was in hurting. Sharon quickly moved up on the weaken girl and applied a reverse facesit. Christina tried to bring her legs up around Sharon's neck to no avail. Then Christina reached up blindly hoping to reach Sharon's tits.


Sharon was able to pry away Christina's hands but had to lean back farther on Christina to prevent a repeat attack on her breasts. When she did Christina was able to slip under Sharon's ass and escape yet again like a cat with nine lives.

Sharon quickly got Christina back down to the mat and laid her body across Christina's neck and upper chest.

"You know it's nap time!"

Sharon knew Christina was extremely tired and wouldn't be able to wiggle out of this hold. Sharon could lie there as long as she wanted.

"Does that mean your quitting?" Christina said, more hopefully than anything else. Her breathing was becoming more labored.

"Yeah, I'm quitting right here on your face" Sharon now move her ass back in reverse facesit position.

Christina again brought her legs up around Sharon's neck hoping to escape, but was unable to apply much pressure and Sharon merely slipped out of the hold then moved back on Christina's body.

"I think I'd like to see you not breathe," Sharon said menacingly to her prey.

"Ow, Ow, Ow"Christina cried out as Sharon was squashing the brunette's breasts on the way to her intended target (Christina's face). Sharon was causing great pain to the younger woman as she struggled to escape.

Within seconds Sharon felt Christina's nose against her thong-covered ass.

"That's better, now I can get right on your nose, breathing is a bad habit anyway"

Christina continued to struggle but it was useless. She tried reaching for Sharon's tits but only found her bra, which lay a few inches lower.

"Oh forget it, here it's all yours" Sharon said as she took off her bra.

"It won't fit me," Christina said foolishly.

She was in no position to insult Sharon.

"Wait a minute. Is that mouth still uncovered? Let me cover it so you can't talk."

Sharon was now rubbing herself vigorously on Christina's face.

"Get off me," Christina pleaded as she tried to bring her legs up hoping to make contact with Sharon's head or waist.

But her legs fell short of reaching anything and dropped back harmlessly to the mat

"What's that? I can still here you. Ah, there, I think it's covered now. Yeah, it's covered good."

Sharon went all out rubbing her ass rapidly against Christina's face trying to smother the girl out. Sharon now added a few hard thrusts to Christina's face and added a breast squeeze.

"Ooooh! Mmmppph!"

Christina was helpless to prevent Sharon to do as she pleased. She could only make weak cries now as Sharon slapped her legs, ass and cunt while Christina lay under her losing consciousness.

"It must be covered, I don't hear you talking. I don't hear you breathing. Hello down there!" Sharon said as Christina could only squirm beneath the beautiful actress. Sharon's weight and scent were too much for the smaller woman to take. Now that Christina was barely moving Sharon began playing with Christina's erect nipples.

"Maybe it's time for you to take a rest," Sharon said as she continued grinding, now slower and more erotically on Christina's pretty face. Christina was finished but Sharon wasn't.

"Oh, sweet dreams, Lullaby and Goodnight" the only movement from Christina was coming from her stomach pumping up and down with her breathing and infrequent leg movements as Sharon just rested her ass now on the still girl. She was enjoying her domination of Christina.

"I think I closed the mouth on that one, that big mouth bitch," Sharon said to herself as she continued to sit on top of Christina for a few more minutes just to catch her breath.

She wasn't close to being through with the little brunette. Sharon then resumed her slow back and forth rubbing on Christina enjoying the feel of her facial features on her ass. Sharon's thong was still on but was so far up her butt she might as well have been naked.

"Come on get over there cunt," Sharon said to a practically unconscious Christina as she got off her and pushed her over a few feet just to sit back on her again.

Sharon now slipped out of her thong and was completely naked.

"Don't even try to escape. It's all over."

Sharon, perhaps remembering what had been done to her by the young actresses a few weeks ago, seemed extremely angry and was now going to take it out on the helpless Christina Ricci. Christina eyes open just long enough to see Sharon's fury snatch descend on her mouth.

Sharon now went for a front face rub and leaned backward as she rubbed her cunt against Christina's face then covered her mouth and nose rubbing slowly then quickly getting herself turned on as Christina was being smothered out again.

"Let's get your head right in there and really squeeze it," Sharon said moving up on Christina and covering her entire face except for her forehead and eyes.

Sharon began moaning in pleasure while Christina could only make muffled sounds of protest. Sharon grinded back and forth on Christina's face and her moans were getting louder until she thrust her hips faster and faster and then with a high pitched scream she came with a powerful orgasm on Christina drowning her face with her juices. Sharon rested a few moments than quickly moved to a reverse facesit.

Seeing that Christina still had movement in her seemed to anger Sharon. She leaned back on her captive and placed Christina's arms over her legs. Sharon love the feeling of Christina's entire face smothered and trapped beneath her spreading, sitting weight. Sharon took her time to position herself so that Christina's nose got far up her ass and Sharon began to slowly wiggle her ass. Christina could only shuffle her legs a little then was still. Sharon let up on the pressure, turned around and slapped Christina awake. She then went back to rubbing her sex on Christina.

"Get your nose right up in there! Breathe it in!"

Within minutes, Sharon was in the throes of another orgasm, grinding hard onto Christina's face. In order to breathe at all Christina had to open her mouth and was forced to drink from Sharon's dripping pussy. Still, not satisfied, Sharon got back up and reversed sat Christina.

"Come on, show some respect to your elders. Kiss my ass."

Christina was too weak to respond, so Sharon slipped a couple of fingers in Christina's pussy bringing the girl quickly to attention.

"Come on. Kiss it right there," Sharon pointed to her ass.

Christina was aware enough to give a weak kiss to Sharon's right cheek.

"Come on, I don't hear a smack of your lips"

Christina complied and used her remaining energy to kiss Sharon's ass. Not satisfied Sharon demanded Christina kiss the other cheek. Christina now whimpering had no choice and kissed Sharon's other cheek.

"Oh sweet thing, sweet thing!"

Sharon loved it and began rubbing on Christina's neck and face again but keeping her nose uncovered so Christina stayed awake (barely)

"Yeah, show some respect to your superior. Good girl."

Christina's head now bobbed back and forth as Sharon continued a gentile rocking motion. Christina's eyes were closed and she was practically unconscious. Sharon then covered Christina's entire face and began rocking back and forth and side to side on her motionless victim's face.

"OK, now sleep tight, sweetie pie!"

Christina was out in seconds but Sharon continued her ass smothering for several minutes just to be sure Christina would not awaken anytime soon. Satisfied after feeling no movement from Christina, Sharon got off her victim with a huge smile on her face and left Christina spread eagle and covered with two coatings of her sex.