Christina Ricci vs. Mena Suvari by Catfight Contributor (fr CWC)

After a couple of previous battles, Piper Perabo had been more than ready for a third with Mena Suvari. But with her recent beating at Piper's hands still fresh in her mind, Mena wanted no part of it. So rather than answering Perabo's latest challenge, she issued one of her own to Christina Ricci in hope of a fresh start against someone else.

With little hesitation, Christina made herself available. And so on the same day and in the same place where Mena had backed away from Piper, Ricci arrived in a tight black tanktop that barely covered her ample chest, black leather panties and matching black leather chaps. Her hair tied in a ponytail, the rather Gothish brunette strolled cockily to the ring.

Christina reached the ring and slid in, then turned to Suvari. Clad in a simple black tank top and matching thong panties of her own, Mena looked less flashy but no less alluring than her new opponent.

"Mena, you should think before you open your big mouth," Christina informed her. "You don't want a piece of me, honey. If that little wimp Piper can kick your ass, then there's no telling what I'm going to do to you." Walking over to Mena, Christina reached out and gently ran her fingers through her blonde hair while looking her up and down. "Come to think of it, I'm really gonna enjoy kicking your sorry ass, just for fun. But if you want to call me out, you're gonna have to play by my rules. It's going to be a smother match...and judging by the looks of you, that plays seriously into my favor...." She was smiling as she glided her finger up and down Mena's arm. "So…whaddya say, are we on?" Then she gave Mena a playful smack on the derrière. "I'm going to really enjoy feeling you squirm beneath me, girlie...that is, if you're even woman enough to accept."

Mena took a deep breath as the tension mounted. "First of all, I didn't back off from Piper," she said, "and second, there's no way I'd back off from you. Think I don't know how Rose kicked your ass? And I've got no problem smothering you…" she added, placing her hand on her own behind, "….with this right here." Lunging forward, she reached around, grabbed Christina's ponytail and jerked her head back, "But maybe I'll be nice and stop when you're begging me for mercy..."

Ricci cried out, shocked by Mena's sudden attack, but she immediately reached up and she pried at Mena’s hands trying to separate them from her hair. But realizing that all she was achieving was ripping her hair from her head, she stopped... then lifted her foot off the mat and stomped it down hard on Mena's who quickly released her hair and starting hopping around on her other foot.

Ricci went quickly on the attack with a hard slap across her face. "Don't you ever try pulling my hair again, bitch!" she chided her, then grabbed the petite woman's hair and started yanking her head around before lifting a knee into her soft belly. Christina looked down at her, smiling confidently. "How do you like it?" she taunted as Mena doubled over moaning.

Mena knew she should fight back, but she was already reeling and the fight was barely a minute old. Imitating Christina's tactic, she stomped her bare foot down on her opponent's. But it didn't achieve the same effect, and Christina maintained her grip on her hair...then used it to toss her face-first to the mat. The petite blonde groaned as she hit the ground, and groaned again as Christina landed a kick to her side.

But the brunette got sloppy and turned her back for a moment, Mena quickly composed herself and launched into the back of Christina’s knees, bringing her down. Mena tried to maintain a grip on her surprised opponent, but Christina wasted little time wriggling free and pivoted to face her opponent. The two petite women were now facing each other on their knees, and Christina quickly grabbed hold of her rival. Mena did likewise, and found herself in a test of strength she wanted no part of. They pushed and pulled at each other, trying to gain some sort of advantage in their awkward test of strength and their hands slapped at each other as they maneuvered for positioning and their hair whipped wildly in every direction. Grunts and groans could be heard from both women, but Christina slowly gained the advantage.

As Christina was pushing Mena down, she surprised her with a sudden tactical move intended to help her win the fight the way she wanted to. Grabbing the back of Mena's head, Christina suddenly fell backward onto her back, pulling Mena with her. Wrapping her legs around Mena's waist, Christina locked her ankles as she plunged Mena's face down into her bosom and wrapped her arms around her, hugging her tightly.

"I'm going to end this one right now, bitch! Good night!" Christina taunted as Mena's screams were muffled as she tried to escape.

"Mmmmmfffff..." Mena moaned, her faced engulfed in Christina's generous chest. Her body squirmed and her legs flailed behind her, but she was still stuck in her opponent's grip.

Finally, Mena managed to wriggle her arms free from between their bodies and, locking her hands together, she reached forward and drove them into the brunette's forehead. It wasn't a knockout blow, but it was enough to momentarily loosen Christina's leglock and her hold on Mena's head, and the petite blonde wasted no time in extricating herself and scampering to her feet as Christina did likewise. Both girls stood and glared at each other, Christina looking a little more confident at the moment.

"That was just a little taste of what's to come, hon," Christina predicted, shaking her boobs at Mena to add some punctuation to her statement.

Both girls circled each other anxiously, feeling each other out with the fight still in its early stages. But before long, Christina took back control by lashing out with her foot and swiping at Mena's legs. The blonde lost her balance and fell to her butt, winding up in a sitting position. But she didn't stay there long, as Christina dove at her feet first. The brunette's feet connected squarely with Mena's tiny chest, leaving the winded woman flat on her back, gasping, as Christina glowered at her.

Finally, the brunette confidently crawled over to her, straddling the petite blonde. With her knees pinning Mena's shoulders, she reined slap after slap to the defenseless woman's face as Mena flinched and squirmed but proved unable to counterattack. Christina was in full control, but growing bored she pulled her knees back and lay flat on her opponent, grabbing Mena's wrists with each hand and pinning them to the ground. Seeking to gain a psychological as well as a physical advantage, she pressed her much larger chest against Mena's, grinding her breasts into her opponent and then reaching between their bodies in an attempt to pull up Mena's top. She easily ripped off Mena's top and tossed it aside, baring her small, perky breasts. She continued to press her own full breasts into Mena's, enjoying the feeling of dominance and the sound of Mena's occasional moaning. But Christina still wasn't satisfied with the effects, so she sat back up, pinning Mena's arms under her knees again, and promptly removed her own top to unleashing her impressive breasts...

"There we you can see what real tits feel like, before I smother you out," Christina said coolly, then glided back down into the previous position and continued her humbling assault...grinding and pressing her chest against Mena's and bouncing up and down as both girls nipples were erect from the contact and the thrill of combat. The sound of flesh slapping flesh could now be heard along with Mena's moaning, which continued to increase in pitch.

"Get off me, you cow!" Mena moaned, frustrated that Christina was so easily dominating her.

Try as she might, Mena couldn't buck the slightly heavier woman off. Her breasts were beginning to grow sore from the weight of Christina's, but at the same time her body tingled from the contact with her sensitive nipples. Realizing she couldn't throw the brunette off, Mena tried other ways to get back at her. Pulling her legs into the air, she brought her feet down repeatedly on Christina's butt, hoping the kicks would prove enough of a resistance to force her release. But Christina barely flinched, grinning as her body continued to overwhelm the petite blonde's.

Luckily for Mena, though, Christina had grown cocky enough that she forgot to control her hands. Reaching up in desperation, she grabbed the brunette's hair and tugged with all her might. Christina screamed out in shock as Mena tugged at her hair. She tried to focus on further asserting her physical dominance over the petite girl, but Mena's attacks were growing too annoying - so Christina shot up and straddled her opponent's stomach, grabbed Mena's wrists and in one quick motion pulled them away from her scalp. It hurt for a moment, but it was worth it as she now had control of Mena's arms once again. After a struggle, Christina managed to lean forward and pin Mena’s arms back down...then lifted her knee and drove it in between her legs, eliciting a moan from the slender woman.

"Maybe I shouldn't go so EASY on you anymore, bitch!" Christina hissed, then drove her knee between Mena's legs a second time before sliding forward into a schoolgirl pin, her crotch inches away from Mena's chin as she looked down at her. "Or maybe I should just finish you off right now," she offered cheerfully as she playfully slapped Mena's face a couple of times.

With Mena's arms trapped beneath Christina’s knees, she was unable to defend against the slaps. She began to snivel, tears of frustration in her eyes, as Christina continued to slap away. The brunette wasn't all that much bigger than her (at least outside of certain areas), but she was dominating her almost at will. Desperate not to be finished off so quickly, Mena tried the only option she could think of and brought her legs into the air, pulling them toward Christina in hope of wrapping them around her head. She tried a couple of times and failed, her pale, slender legs flopping harmlessly back to earth, but on the third try she managed to ensnare the brunette. It wasn't a particularly strong hold, but it was a start. But Christina quickly grabbed Mena's legs by the ankles, trying to pry them away. She fought with Mena's legs for a little while, trying to keep her balance, but eventually managed to trap them underneath her arms. With the hold secured, Mena was stuck with her butt in the air.

"You're trapped now, bitch," Christina said cruelly as she let Mena try to wiggle her legs free to no avail. "And you're in perfect position for a smother, too. Time to end this thing, you pathetic little wimp."

With that, Christina inched forward, her thighs enveloping Mena's head and her bottom resting squarely on her face. She wiggled a bit to position Mena's nose and mouth just right, then settled back down. Mena couldn't help but feel like every bit the "pathetic little wimp" that Christina had pegged her as. She was completely helpless, her legs now controlled as well as her arms, and though she squirmed a bit it wasn't getting her anywhere. She was at the mercy of the heavier, more powerful woman, and right now it didn't look like Christina had very much mercy at all.

As humiliated as she already felt, though, Mena wasn't ready to concede just yet; besides, it didn't seem likely that Christina would relent even if she did. So she used the only weapon still available and, opening her mouth as much as she could in her current predicament, sunk her teeth into Christina's fleshy behind.

"OHhhh!!!" Christina let out a scream as she felt Mena's teeth clamp onto her ample bottom. Christina shot up, lifting off of her a bit...but not too much. Still, it was enough to give Mena time to roll away, and she gratefully took advantage of it while Christina swiveled around on her knees, rubbing her backside a bit and glaring at Mena, who had scrambled as far away from her as she could. "You dirty little whore! You're gonna pay for that!" she yelled as the two vixens rose to their feet, Mena a little more gingerly than Christina. They reached the center of the ring and began circling, as Christina, wearing a smug grin, turned her cheek toward Mena and taunted, "Come on, wimp, I'll give you a free shot!"

Mena couldn't believe her good fortune, but at the same time, she was a bit intimidated. If she hit Christina as hard as she could and it didn't have any effect, she'd look pathetic. But there was no time to worry about that now! Planting her feet, she leaned into Christina and delivered the hardest open-handed slap that she could muster right across the brunette's face. Christina’s face whipped to the side from the momentum of the slap.

"OOWWwwwWWW!!!" she screeched as she raised her hand to her immediately reddened cheek as she stumbled back a few steps. But she gathered herself together in a hurry. "That all you got, wimp?" she taunted, trying to force Mena to make a costly mistake. "Maybe it's cause you've been smothered too much with these," she said, cupping her ample breasts in her hands. “…and this," she concluded, turning sideways and slapping her ass cheeks with both hands.

Enraged, Mena forgot all her fears and charged head-on at her cocky opponent. She made decent impact, but failed to knock Christina down. Instead, the brunette grabbed hold of her in kind and managed to twist her around, ultimately overpowering her and forcing her downward. Holding her hair with one hand and her shoulder with the other, Christina swung the petite blonde back and forth several times before forcing her to her knees. Still holding her hair, she pulled her other hand free and smacked her across the face...SMACK again...SMACK and again...SMACK and again...SMACK!

Mena was again at Christina's mercy, reeling from each slap. If the brunette wasn't holding her up by her hair, she probably would have been knocked flat. Instead, she did her best to again fight back, driving her fist into Christina's thigh a couple of times, then pounding it down on her foot, hoping to do enough damage to earn another reprieve. Christina hobbled for a moment, then dropped to her knees in front of Mena. Still with a handful of hair, she manages to pull her foe in toward herself and clamp in her a tight headlock.

"You're a little feistier than I thought," she acknowledged, then slid herself behind Mena and switched the headlock into a tightly applied sleeper hold. "This ought to make you ripe for the smotherin', though, babe!"

Mena squirmed frantically, not wanting to go out this way. She tried to pry Christina's arms away, but the brunette's grip was too tight. So instead, she pulled her unsecured arms forward as much as she could, then drove them back into Christina's side, eliciting a grunt from her dominant opponent as she made impact. Christina tried to maintain her control and fight through the pain in her sides, but Mena made it tougher and tougher by continuing to slam her elbows back. Eventually, Christina had to loosen her grip and Mena managed to slip away - but she didn't get too far, as Christina managed to grab her feet and immediately started twisting at her ankles and her pink-painted toes. Mena screamed out in pain and pounded on the mat with her hands, but Christina had no sympathy.

"That's right girlie, scream!" Christina said. "But nobody's gonna save you now!!"

Mena desperately tried to wriggle free, but Christina held firm. The petite blonde's screaming turned to sobs as the brunette continued to twist her bare feet. Partly she was crying from the pain, but also from the frustration. Every time she tried to push herself upward with her arms so she could pivot and fight back, Christina would just twist harder, and she'd flop back down again. Finally, Mena could take no more! Earlier she might have been able to escape this, but Christina had so beaten her down that she just didn't have the fight left.

"Stop….please stop," Mena pleaded in a near-whisper. "You win."

Christina grinned in satisfaction, releasing Mena's feet but staying on her knees and savoring her victory. But she should have known better than to trust her petite foe, because Mena couldn't help herself from trying to reclaim a bit of dignity. Slowly getting to her hands and knees, she suddenly fired her leg backward, her foot making contact with Christina's bare chest. The air was knocked from Christina’s lungs as she sat with her arms crossed in front of her chest and her mouth gaping open, still on her knees struggling for air; her eyes looking around, trying to figure out what had just happened to her.

Mena was a bit shocked herself that she'd managed to turn the tables, but she wasn't about to waste too much time thinking about. Instead, she instantaneously pivoted and dove into Christina, knocking the heretofore dominant woman onto her back. Christina was bucking wildly, and as Mena straddled her she struggled not to be thrown off. Skirting up a bit, she grabbed Christina by the hair, pulled her head off the ground slightly, and pressed her face against her own chest. Mena hoped she could pull off enough of a breast smother to take some fight out of the bigger woman, but her petite build was posing a problem. Fortunately for Christina, Mena's modest chest made it possible for her turn her face to the side and almost totally avoid the smother.

Still, she was in quite the predicament. Mena was laying on top of her, and she could no longer see what she was doing at all. She was trying to thrash about, but the blonde wouldn't budge - so Christina balled up her fists and started slamming them into Mena's lower back, inadvertently causing Mena's breasts to smash into Christina’s face and actually form a somewhat more effective smother. Mena grunted from the impact of Christina's fists on her bare back, but she did everything she could not to budge. Still, though, she couldn't hold the smother. So rather than waste any time, she suddenly scooted up until her bare behind, ‘covered’ by only a skimpy thong, was atop Christina's face.

The brunette began bucking even more wildly, her legs flailing, but for a moment Mena succeeded in pinning her wrists to the floor with her own hands. Ultimately, though, she didn't have the power to keep Christina under control like that, and in a sudden movement the frantic woman pulled her arms free, wrapped them around Mena's waist, and pulled as hard as she could. With a squeal, Mena tumbled to the side, her ass hitting the ground as she nearly somersaulted backward before managing to sit upright as an enraged Christina went back on the attack. Christina wanted to do all she could to forget the feeling of Mena's behind covering her face, but she couldn't. And in fact, this memory fueled her anger. Shooting up to her feet before Mena had the chance to rise, she grabbed two handfuls of blonde hair and pulled her up as well.

Mena instinctively shot up her arms to block her face from an attack, but Christina shoved her shoulders instead, knocking the blonde back into the corner. Christina then sauntered over to her foe and reached out, grabbing hold of what she could of Mena's tiny breasts and starting to squeeze.

"Now it's time to teach you a lesson in respect!" Christina said disdainfully. "That's right, bitch...scream!"

"Aaaauggghhhh...let go!" Mena moaned, grabbing Christina's hands and trying to pry them away from her chest. But the brunette's grip was too strong, and Mena couldn't make any headway.

Trying another approach, she grabbed Christina's shoulders, trying to push her away, but again she stood her ground. Mena slowly sank to her knees under the brunette's pressure, tears coming to her eyes as Christina continued to crush her little breasts. A sinister smile pursed the lips of the dominant brunette as Mena crumbled before her. Realizing that Mena was now little more than a plaything, Christina proceeded to haul her back up to her feet by her breasts, Mena screaming all the while.

"Are you crying?" Christina snorted, making no effort to hide her contempt. Releasing her hold on Mena's sore tits, she lashed out with a wicked open-hand slap across her moist cheek. "You've gotta be kidding're barely worth the time!"

Grabbing Mena's hair, Christina walked her to the middle of the ring, then pulled her head back to look her in the eye. "Time to finish you off for good..."

With that, Christina maneuvered Mena's head between her thighs in a standing headscissors, then squeezed...but only enough to hold the humiliated woman still while she administered a wicked wedgie. Mena screeched as Christina tugged on her thong panties. She was momentarily relieved that the dominant woman wasn't squeezing her head harder, but only until she felt the fabric digging into her crotch. Her hands flailed at Christina's legs, but she wasn't doing any real damage at all.

Christina continued to tug, until Mena's feet were actually pulled off the ground and her legs kicked in the air. She managed to steady herself by placing her hands flat on the ground, preventing too much pressure from being placed on her head and neck, but she was in an even worse predicament than before. Mercifully, Christina finally released her panties and then the headscissors, leaving Mena to flop pathetically to the ground and lay flat on her stomach, sniveling as she tried to gather herself for whatever the brunette was going to try next.

Christina looked down disgusted at the mess that had become of Mena, "Looks like you really are pathetic, you little slut," she said as she effortlessly kicked the subdued woman onto her back. Slowly but steadily, she dropped down and plopped her supple, thong-covered rear onto Mena's pretty face. Christina began to slowly wiggle a bit, trapping Mena deeper and deeper in before settling down with her hands on her thighs, looking very satisfied. "This is the end, bitch," she informed her.

"Mmmmffff..." Mena moaned from beneath Christina's derriere. She placed her hands around her tormentor's waist and tried to shove her off, but her efforts brought nothing but a contemptuous giggle from the dominant brunette. Mena was left with her feet kicking harmlessly in the air, but little real resistance.

Panicking at the threat of being knocked out under her opponent's ass, Mena tried the only remaining thing she could think of. Opening her mouth as much as she could, she snaked her tongue out and aimed it as best she could at Christina's crotch, flicking it back and forth in hope of earning some sort of reprieve. Christina flinched slightly as she felt the blonde's tongue, her eyes widening in surprise.

"Oh, so you think you can get out of this that way, huh?" Christina said with a grin. "Well, you might just be right...but you're gonna have to do a little better than this. Rising up for a moment, she slipped out of her panties and turned around so that she was facing Mena's feet, then reclaimed her seat on Mena's face. "Now work it, honey, like your life depends on it," she advised.

Mena wasn't about to waste any time. Utterly at Christina's mercy, she licked and licked as the brunette shuddered. Already turned on from her dominance, Christina knew it wouldn't take long to bring her over the top - but she wasn't going alone, especially when that might give Mena a last chance to get back at her when her guard was down. Reaching down, she put one hand over Mena's small breast and snaked the other down her panties. Fingering her surprisingly moist opponent with one hand, she tweaked and tugged her nipple with the other, relentlessly manipulating Mena’s body until she was moaning as much as Christina, her bare legs shuffling and flailing and her body shuddering. When Christina finally came, Mena was only a moment behind her. The blonde lay flat under the dominant woman, hoping this was all over now, but Christina wasn't quite done.

"Just one last thing," Christina informed her as she slowly rose up off her. "I'm sure you didn't think we were done just yet."

"But, but..." Mena sputtered, panicking again.

"Don't worry, Hon, I'm not going to knock you out," Christina said. "A deal's a deal. But I AM gonna teach you a lesson.

She sat down in front of Mena, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her knees. Looking her contemptuously in the eye for a moment, she stretched her own legs out in front of them and then pulled the blonde down face-first across her knees. Holding her down with one hand, Christina tugged down Mena's panties with the other...and then, in a final bit of humiliation, began to spank her bare behind.

"THIS is for fighting cheap!" she announced as CRACK her hand connecting with Mena's pale flesh. "And THIS is for biting me...” WHACK! “And THIS one's for cheap-shotting me after you gave up...” SMACK! “And THIS’s to teach you never to mess with me again..." THWACK!

Mena sniveled as each slap landed, her legs kicking behind her as her feet pounded the mat until Christina finally relented and shoved her flat onto the floor, where she lay with her arms over her head.

"You, my dear, are pathetic," Christina said as she got to her feet. "Good thing you know how to work that tongue, because you sure as hell can't fight. But me if you ever wanna duck somebody else again."

With that she made her exit! Mena waited until she was sure Christina was gone before following - fervently wishing she'd tried her luck with Piper instead!