Reese Witherspoon vs. Christina Ricci by Oberon/FightDir

Reese enters the room waiting for her opponent to arrive to begin their conflict. Her tight leather bikini matches her night-raven hair, now streaked with purple. She notices the heat is turned up on the thermostat significantly as she moves close to the bed, easing herself onto the mattress as she waits for Christina Ricci to enter. After a few moments of waiting the door to the room swings open and silhouetted in the door way is Christina Ricci. She steps into the room to be revealed in her usual black leather micro-bikini, which is working overtime to restrain her assets. The black , which matches her hair, provides a stark contrast to her pale skin. Her red lips break into a smirk as she sees Reese already in the room.

Upon shutting the door the fact the thermostat has been raised is all too apparent. As Christina pushes a dark strand of hair away from her face, she grins and says, "It's hot .. good.. that just means I'll leave you in a puddle.. in more ways than one."

Reese grins evilly as Christina purposefully approaches her, her excitement rising at the prospect of putting her body up against her opponent's as Ricci slowly lifts one leg to kneel on the bed facing her, then the other. They appraise one another's bikini clad bodies to anticipate strengths and weaknesses. Christina has an advantage in size and height, apparently ready to use it as well as the endowment of her chest against her foe. Reese, on the other hand, has the muscles in her upper thighs and upper body strength. Talking trash as they edge closer to one another on the bed, Reese and Christina begin to taunt each other.

"You're going down, little girl," Ricci says. "I'm gonna wear you down until you scream for mercy."

"The only screaming I'm gonna be doing is when I make you give me head after I crush the life out of you," Reese shoots back.

They edge toward one another closer still, extending their arms until their fingers clasp together tightly. The alabaster skinned felines proceeded to test their strength against each other, breathing heavily and dancing on their knees all over the bed until they come together in a bone crunching, breast to breast double bearhug, muscular arms exerting fierce pressure. Christina was initially shocked, but that turned to pleasant surprise as Reese initiated the action. The Gothic beauty was used to initiating the action, but it seemed that Reese was going to meet her on her own ground. The temperature in the room, and that of the combatants, steadily rose as the two pale young actresses' ground their bodies together in a sweat-soaked embrace. Sweat trickled down their slim necks into the valley of their cleavage which was mushrooming out between them as they stayed locked in an embrace that was far from loving. It was the slow trickle of sweat that gave Ricci an idea.

Between the grunts she and the raven haired Reese were huffing, Christina looked Reese dead in the eye and said, "Wow, Reese, it must be humiliating for you to feel my chest practically swallowing yours."

Reese didn't have to look down to know that it was true. While Reese was no slouch in the chest department, she knew Christina's chest was overwhelming hers; and the bitch was right, it was embarrassing that compressed this tightly, her own chest felt lost in her rival's. Taking advantage of Reese's distraction, Christina pulled her hips back, allowing a bit of air to come between her body and Reese's but the moment it had, Ricci thrust her abdomen forward. The result in the nearly silent room was a we slap of flesh on flesh that echoed like a gunshot in the tiny room. The sudden slap of flesh with her own, not only brought a grunt from Reese but the realization she had to focus on the match as well as Ricci, who she was sure had many more tricks up her sleeve. The two girls stayed locked together in a sweaty embrace, the sight of which was both violent and erotic at the same time. Something would have to give, but who and when..?

Reese found herself at a growing disadvantage since her opponent had successfully distracted her from focusing on the task at hand, and her ultimate goal: to keep her promise of beating this bitch with whom she struggled and claiming the victor's prize of being eaten out by her. The sudden thrust of Ricci's abdomen had knocked the wind out of her and allowed Christina to press the advantage of her surprise.

The two alabaster skinned beauties continued their battle, maintaining the crushing grip around the midriff of her adversary, their stomachs grinding together in earnest, their breasts seeking to engulf the others' their sweaty skin slipping as they strove to maintain their grip on the other. Their teeth were gritted in their efforts to out-squeeze their respective opponents, their breathing became more labored, soon turning to groans and guttural sounds emanating from deep within their throats as neither was willing to give in to the other. Their arms began to tremble from the strain they exerted upon one another.

Finally, they found themselves forced to let go of one another, leaning back on the bed to catch their breath, glaring at each other in sheer animosity. Underneath Ricci's stare, however, Reese could see the look of excitement in her eyes, which betrayed the fact that Christina was enjoying this much more than she was letting on. Reese also discovered that she knew what that look meant, because she recognized the look as mirroring her own. For the barest instant, Reese noticed that her own nipples had hardened from the constant bodily contact between herself and Christina.

In that fleeting moment of distraction, Ricci unexpectedly lunged at her foe, meaning to launch another attack on Reese that would lead to an easy victory. Cursing herself for allowing herself to become distracted again, Reese met Christina's lunge with one of her own, the sticky slap of sweaty skin colliding with sweaty skin resounding throughout the room again. Ricci moved to coil her arms around Reese's midriff a second time, the desire to squeeze the fight out of Witherspoon and wear her down into a submission clearly showing in her eyes.

Reese controlled her trepidation at the thought of being trapped in Christina's powerful grip again. At the last possible instant, Reese lunged forward as her adversary began snaking her arms around her, moving swiftly forward to plant a wet, lingering kiss directly on Ricci's lips. As Reese had hoped, the move caught Christina off guard as the raven-haired beauty's eyes widened in surprise from Reese's tongue pushing its way into her crimson mouth. Taking advantage of this, Reese lunged forward again, pushing Ricci underneath her and immediately coiling an arm around her neck to secure it firmly behind her other forearm.

Ricci choked and gasped for air as Reese's arms constricted tightly around her throat. Her hands shot upward toward Reese's arms, trying desperately to pry them apart as their sweat slicked bodies rubbed and slid against each other. Ricci attempted to lower her mouth to inflict a bite into Reese's skin for extra impetus.

"I don't think so, honey," Reese snarled as she compressed her arms around Ricci's neck tighter still. "I'm gonna show you who's the tougher bitch here.

She continued, wrapping her legs around Ricci's waist in a figure-four, compressing the lower abdomen area, just above her groin, in the area between her ribs and hips.

"Break out of this one, you slippery fuck," Reese growled at Ricci like an animal.

Christina's eyes widened as she felt the constricting power of Reese's thighs around her waist, but she also knew that by upping the ante sexually the poor girl was moving them into her territory... after all at CWC she had yet to lose an erotic encounter and was determined that this sweating little trap, clamped down on her waist, was not going to be the first.

Still and all the thigh's where making it awfully hard to breath and had become more painful that she would have thought the small girl possible of administering. Christina raised her arms in the air making a pained face as if she was going to submit..

"I.... I..... Reese.. I.."

Reese's large eyes widened as she knew that Christina was going to concede the match to her, but those eyes filled with pain as the raven haired beauty brought the point of her elbow down hard into the meat of Reese's thigh, causing not only tremendous pain, but the scissor lock to spring open from around her waist.. Christina just smirked and finished was she was saying..

"I can't wait to hear you scream your submission.. whore."

With Reese in agony, it was easy for Christina to scramble up the girls body until she was laying in a full body pin atop her rival. Reese could feel Christina's sweat slick body plastered against her own as the round faced vixen stared down at her smirking.

"You seem like you wanna play on my turf, Reese."

And with that Christina lowered her lips and kissed her rival as hard as she could.. Now it was Reese's turn for her eyes to go wide with shock. Christina was pushing all of her buttons and she was defenseless and trapped under the girls sweaty body. Just as Reese was starting to give in a little and return the kiss, Christina lifted her larger chest up and slammed it down hard on the smaller chest beneath her, and laughed as Reese winced in pain from the crushing of her chest.

Christina just grinned and said, "Ohhh you're gonna be so much fun to toy with."

The profusely sweating Reese again had the wind knocked out of her by the impact of Christina's drenched chest slamming harshly against her own. Her pretty face was contorted in agony from the collision, her breathing becoming increasingly labored as she fought to catch her breath, trying to flex her thigh where Ricci had elbowed her. Reese's opponent grinned down at her malevolently as she maintained the full body pin, holding Reese's wrists down firmly while wrapping her legs around Reese's thighs to grapevine her. Taking deep breaths as best she could, Reese squirmed to free herself as Christina lifted up slightly and slammed her chest against her foe's a third time, prompting a guttural groan from the woman's throat. Laughing in a low, seductive voice, Ricci proceeded to grind herself sensually against Reese, abrading her sweaty form systematically up and down along Reese's own sweat-slippery skin. Her breathing becoming more labored still, Reese feared if she didn't at least try to do something she would soon be screaming in submission or orgasm, whichever of the two came first.

Reese locked her legs as tightly as she could around Ricci's calves to attempt to take control of her situation. She began to twist her wrists in her foe's grip to free her hands as she returned the seductive grinding she was receiving from her tormentor, writhing like a snake, rubbing her stomach up against Christina's as she made an effort to roll Ricci from her perch so she might find herself on top. Slowly.. achingly slowly, Reese managed to roll the two pallid beauties to their sides. Flesh struggled against flesh as the nearly naked bodies of the two starlets ground together in a battle for top positions. Beads of sweat dripped down their foreheads and dark hair, plastered itself to the girls heads as they struggled trying to tip the balance in their favor.

After what seemed an eternity, Christina found herself on her back looking up at Reese's smirking face, "Hope you enjoyed being on top Ricci, cause it's the only chance you're gonna have in this match."

With that Witherspoon drops her chest down hard on her rival's. It didn't get the reaction Reese expected!

Christina started laughing, "God is that the best you can do, slut, it felt like someone dropped a feather on me."

Reese was incensed by the cruel words. Granted she wasn't as busty as Christina but she was no slouch either. The more she slammed her chest against Christina, the more the sweat soaked Ricci laughed. Finally in frustration, Reese let go of Christina's pinned hands and whipped off her own bikini top.

"You wanna talk about my tits? Well why don't you take a look - up close and personal."

Reese lowered her glistening breasts on Christina's wide eyed face, soon all light and air were cut off for the gothic beauty on the bottom. Reese wrapped her arms around her head as she pressed her chest on Christina's alabaster face, securing them firmly. With one hand, she held a handful of Ricci's raven hair to keep her pretty face trapped in the smothering grip of her chest. Christina began to buck and squirm like a crazed bull, trying desperately to topple Reese from her position of supremacy as her oxygen was cut off.

Now it was Reese's turn to laugh as Ricci desperately struggled to free herself, "Bigger is not necessarily better, honey. NOW who is the superior woman?"

As if in reply, Christina slammed her arms around Reese's midriff again, constricting her arms as tightly as they would go. The hold was slippery at first, considering the amount of sweat that had gathered on both their bodies; though with an amount of effort she was able to secure the hold well enough to cause Reese significant discomfort. To compound her attack, Ricci began to lightly, seductively kiss and suck on the soft skin of her foe's breasts, teasing her skin. The sudden combination of pain and pleasure that washed over Reese progressively became too much to bear. Christina kept at it, working her into a frenzy as Reese started to writhe in agony and ecstasy. When she felt the time was right, Christina made claws of her fingers, raking them up Reese's naked back.

Howling in pain and rage, Reese finally let go of her opponent and the women rolled away from each other, lying flat on their backs atop the bed, utterly exhausted from their heated combat. For a while they lay there, catching their breath; then, slowly, they rolled over to their hands and knees; almost simultaneously crawling slowly toward one another. When they came within striking distance, Reese made a grab for Christina's bikini top, tearing it partly off before Ricci lashed out and slapped her across the face.

Reese returned the favor, slapping Christina as Ricci pulled her bikini top off the rest of the way. She threw another slap at Reese, who grabbed her arm. The combatants met in the center of the bed, their sweaty bodies coming together. They bucked and rolled on the bed; fighting for the upper hand until they somehow found themselves laying side by side facing the other's feet. Reese snaked her legs around Christina's throat, locking her ankles together and squeezing fiercely. Ricci responded in kind and soon both women were exerting fierce pressure to scissor the other into submission.

Christina felt Reese's legs tighten around her neck, but she also knew her own were constricting her rivals neck.. and that this could easily turn in to a battle of attrition, which she didn't want it to be. No she liked playing by her own rules, but she was still in a position to. She knew that she was arousing feelings deep in her dark haired rival, and that was to her advantage.

Even as the breathing became more difficult for both girls, Christina rolled the double scissor until she lay atop her rival. Both girls were so slick with sweat it looked as if they'd just stepped out of a shower. With a cruel smirk on her face, Christina didn't attempt to fight the scissors, instead she began to lightly kiss and lick the thigh of her opponent know the chills it would send through Reese's body. Christina was rewarded with a moan from the girl beneath her and a shudder from the sweaty body atop hers. Even as the moan started, Christina's nails began to trace light teasing patterns on the sensitive flesh of Reese's inner thigh. Despite the constriction on her neck which was making her face more and more red by the second, she knew she had Witherspoon right where she wanted her.

Reese, more and more aroused by the teasing, closed her eyes; almost forgetting where she was and what was going on. Suddenly, her eyes flashed open as a burning pain shot from her thigh up to her head. The little bitch had bitten her thigh and was chewing like a mad dog! The sudden pain caused Reese to release her scissor hold, and Christina sat upright on the girl. The weight of Ricci's sweat slick behind slamming down on her chest sent another shock wave of pain through Reese's body.

Struggling under the weight of her rival, Reese looked up to see Christina peer back over that pallid shoulder and smirk before she said, "Now I can have some real fun."

As Christina spoke, she began to sensually grind her slippery buttocks on Reese's breasts, causing her to grit her teeth tightly as a loud guttural groan escaped her throat. Ricci laughed mockingly at her tormented foe as her sweat-slicked ass cheeks ground into her aching tits. Ricci prolonged the agony a few moments more before bending to face Reese's crotch, sliding her legs around Reese's chest. The crushing pressure of Ricci's slick alabaster legs around her was taking its toll as Reese's fingernails clawed and scratched Christina's thighs, trying desperately to loosen them. Meanwhile, Ricci was sliding her hand along the smooth material of her bikini bottom in an obvious attempt to excite her. Reese leaned her head back and gasped in combined pain and ecstasy as Christina slipped her fingers beneath her bikini and into her womanhood.

"Just relax, you hot little thing you," Christina laughed mockingly. "It won't be long now," she said as she began to massage Reese's wet pussy, stroking her clit with greedy fingers.

Reese was moaning louder than ever; breathing heavily as Ricci manipulated her inflamed womanhood with expert fingers. She felt if things kept up like this, she'd soon find herself the vanquished in this little contest between them. Desperately, she reached up and began to peel Ricci's own bikini bottom down, leaning over to bunch up her sweaty tits and grind them against Ricci's snatch to bring her to orgasm first. Now it was Christina's to throw her head back and moan aloud as Reese's hardened nipple ground against her pussy.

"I'm.... not.... done.... yet....," Reese hissed through gritted teeth.

Christina's eyes widened as she felt the invasion and knew this spelled trouble; but the feeling was also too good to be denied.. As Christina's fingers stroked her womanhood, Reese's hard nipples were starting to wreak havoc on Christina's libido. Both girls were covered in more than a thin sheen of sweat as they continued their erotic assault on each other, the only sounds in the room where the grunts and moans of both competitors.

Finally, Christina knew if she allowed Reese to continue, the ball would be out of her court. In a quick movement, she spun her body around on top of Reese's. The two girls again found themselves face to face. Christina's pale legs grapevined Reese's as she grabbed her wrists, effectively trapping Reese prone beneath her. In this position, they were face to face, chest to chest, belly to belly and crotch to crotch.

With a light kiss on Reese's full pouty lips, Christina smirked and said, "Now it's time to really have some fun."

Christina began to grind her sweat soaked body on Reese's. Slick skin slide all over each other as the two girls began to grind and hump at each other both trying to hold out, but both knowing that it couldn't last much longer. Both were drawing on every reserve of energy they had as they continued the ferocious onslaught, squirming, writhing and humping like crazed serpents, feverishly rubbing their sweat drenches bodies together to bring the other to defeat. Their heavy breathing and cries of wild ecstasy resounded off the walls of the room as their movements grew steadily more fervent in proportion to their rising arousal.

Trying to wrap themselves all the way around Reese's limbs, Christina slid her legs up and down Reese's thighs as their contest went on, rising to a feverish climax. Reese's hands twisted violently back and forth at the wrists in Ricci's grip, as she began to inch her arms upward to break free of her. Christina decided to take her up on this part of the game and their arms strained against each other, Christina trying to force them down again to show how ineffectual her foe's efforts were.

They struggled like this for a few moments longer until, in the heat of their excitement, both wrapped their arms around the others waist and squeezed fiercely as their bodies ground together more fervently than ever; their moans growing louder and louder. By this time, however, the mutual embrace had become motivated by more than just the desire to make the other submit. Reese and Christina were hopelessly lost in each other's sensuality so the mutual embrace was now one of desire. Reese could feel the resistance being drained from her. In a desperate move, she managed to lower herself so their pussies were pressed tightly together. With a loud guttural groan, she began to wildly hump Christina's womanhood with her own, as she kissed her with an open, wet tongue.

As Christina felt Reese press her mound to hers, she broke into a huge grin and hissed, "Now you're playing on my field completely tramp!"

There was little Reese could do from her position beneath Christina's slightly heavier sweating body. As Christina began to grind on her, Reese's eyes widened - she hadn't expected the girl to respond so quickly or so vigorously!

The two young starlets, clutched each other tightly as their bodies bucked and gyrated against each other, each striving to push the other not only over the edge, to but to her sexual limit as every part of their bodies matched up. Breasts mushroomed out between their slick bodies; tongues entwined like to serpents battling; the rhythmic slap as the flesh of their stomach's collided repeatedly - then there was the omni-present grinding of one girl's sex against the other. The room was filled with moans and grunts from both combatants as the struggled to push the other over the edge. They'd been going at it for what seemed an eternity; it was obvious to both that something had to happen soon.

Reese fought valiantly on, refusing to give in to her adversary as she met Ricci's incessantly seductive assault with equal fervor. By now, the heat in the room was so intense it almost felt like a sauna; the sweat on both combatants pouring down their bodies in waves. The sight of the women locked in battle had reached new heights in eroticism; teeth clenched, faces contorted in agony and concentration, eyes staring hard into the other's, slick skin sliding together.

Glaring defiantly into Ricci's eyes, Reese strove to edge her foe closer to release, although she could feel herself being pushed gradually, remorselessly, steadily toward her own. Christina seemed to have boundless sexual energy as she humped and ground her sexy body against Reese's, sensing victory was within her grasp. Grinning evilly, Ricci tightened her grip around Reese's drenched midriff, renewing her efforts vigorously as she could feel Reese was losing her inhibition.

Their moist pussies ground together as fervently as their bodies. Reese began to moan gradually louder, squirming and bucking desperately to emerge victorious. In a last ditch effort, she flipped over so she was laying on top of Ricci, whipping her body convulsively. In response, Christina constricted her arms as tightly as she could, forcing the air from Reese's lungs and prompting a loud cry of pain and pleasure from Reese's lips as their pussies rubbed together.

Without warning, and seeing Reese was closer than ever to release, Ricci spun around facing Reese's feet again and wrapping her legs tight around Reese's waist, crushing Reese's ribs with her thighs. Remembering the treatment Reese had given her the last time they were in the same position, Christina bunched up her tits and proceeded to grind her hard nipples in Reese's steaming hot womanhood as she squeezed her without mercy.

Christina reveled in the louder-than-ever cries of ecstatic pleasure, saying, "So you thought you were gonna beat me, eh Reesey? Well, now you're gonna eat your words; then if I want, you're gonna eat my snatch!"

Ricci laughed mockingly as Reese practically screamed in pleasure, almost on the verge of climax; gloating as she knew she was about to triumph! Reese was laying there beneath her in the throws of ecstasy. She had heard this panting and moaning from opponents before and knew how close the beauty under her was to orgasm. Her scissors on Reese's head had clamped on so her ear's were pressed against her knees. It was an old trick, but Christina knew that unless Reese had a tongue like an anteater, there is no way she could reach her womanhood. It was hard to suppress a cruel laugh as Christina began to rub her large, sweat soaked nipple in Reese's crotch. Hearing the moans from her as she started only broadened the grin on Ricci's beautiful lips.

Looking back over her shoulder as she continued to work her engorged nipple against the very sensitive clit of the girl trapped under her, Ricci said "You're done for Reese so you might as well lay back and enjoy the ride."

With that, Ricci whipped her head around and began to work in earnest with nothing to stop her or push her to the edge. As Reese was heating up, Christina could feel her own sweaty body cooling down a bit sexually; which would help if Reese were able to somehow turn the tables. But Ricci knew from experience Reese was too far gone for that to happen now. Once she had won, then she could satisfy herself as usual.

Reese was almost at the end of her resistance and they both knew it. Christina continued to work her inflamed womanhood with her tongue, while grinding herself against her and sadistically working the tight leglock on her head; grinding her thighs against her cheeks. Reese thrashed and bucked like a fish out of water, but to no avail. Ricci had her sexy adversary right where she wanted her and Reese's cries of pleasure grew louder still.

Soon, Reese was writhing not to free herself, but almost as if she had already surrendered to the seductively sweaty body on top of her pushing her ever closer toward an explosive release. Ricci licked and sucked Reese's wet pussy like the end of the world was around the corner, savoring the taste as much as the slick feeling of Reese's damp skin on hers. In desperation to mount a counterattack, Reese grasped Christina's thighs, digging her nails into them. But Ricci just laughed and redoubled her effort.

Reese could feel the building orgasm starting to overtake her as Christina sensed the end of their contest was at hand. Reese's cries increased in volume until they threatened to shatter glass; her sweat-slick body undulating in sheer pleasure until she stiffened and the first throes of an orgasm racked her body as she cried out loud. It took a good ten or twenty seconds for the waves of her orgasm to finally subside, then she lay still, weak and unable to move.

When Christina was sure Reese was to the point of no return, she used their sweat slicked bellies to literally rotate atop the glistening Reese. Rather than continue grinding, she lay as still as she could on the writhing girl with her cheek pressed against Reese's. The girls moaning was music to her ears! Their large breasts flattened out between them as their stomachs seemed almost glued together. While Reese spasmed beneath her, Christina closed her eyes in ecstasy.

It was only when Reese's shudders slowed that Christina wedged her hips between Reese's thighs so their pussies were aligned and laughed, "Now it's time for me to get mine."

With that statement still hanging in the air, she began to grind her pussy against Reese's. Reese couldn't believe that after such a tremendous climax, she could so quickly be pushed toward another - possibly bigger - one; but it was happening as Ricci rode her body with expert precision. Both girls neared a climax the second for Reese and Ricci's first. This time there was a difference! It seemed as if Christina was racing to get to her orgasm first, but what could the reason possibly be, Reese wondered briefly before being swept up in a sea of ecstasy.

Because of the aroused states of both girls, it only took moments before they were almost there. Soon with the slapping and grinding, it was there! Christina arched her back so that her ever-so-slightly grinding hips were pressing down had on Reese who was grinding back - not from will power but from muscular response to her own overwhelming arousal. Christina kept Reese's hands pinned to the mattress, her stomach pressed had against Reese's so just the nipples of their full breasts brushed and danced invitingly against the others.

Christina threw her head back and began to moan. Within moments, Reese's womanhood was awash in a sea of Christina's orgasmic juice. It was at that moment that Reese herself moaned to the signal her own climax. At the sound, Christina again threw herself forward so she lay flat against Reese and lay almost motionless as a strong climax rocked Reese. Christina's eyes were closed tight and her face betrayed an ecstasy few could understand.

As Reese's orgasm subsided, Christina just lay still a few more moments; Reese almost feared she would start humping her yet again. Finally, Christina rolled off her and across the bed. She made her way to the door which she opened.

Before leaving, Christina looked back at her exhausted rival on the bed and said with a smirk, "Well, you didn't submit but I think we both know who came out on top." Then she was gone.

Reese lay on the bed, utterly exhausted and worn out from being dominated by the sexy creature who had just won their erotic fight and then left the room in smug triumph. Her body ached from the punishment Christina had administered, but at the same time she felt unbelievably turned-on from the close physical contact between them as they struggled to defeat the other.

The dual orgasms Christina had given her with that incessant slapping and grinding her slick, sweaty flesh against her own left her both breathless and exhilarated. The ocean of ecstasy Ricci had swept her into was burned in her mind still. The memory of Christina humping her, their sweaty bodies slapping was too strong to purge from her mind.

Reese wanted a rematch with the bitch but, at the same time; more than anything, she wanted Christina back in bed with her, giving and receiving more pleasure from each other. Without realizing what she was doing, Reese ran her hand down to her wet pussy, caressing and then fingering herself, edging herself a third time to orgasm while imagining it was Christina's hot wet tongue inside her sweet snatch.

Reese fingered herself faster and faster, pumping her engorged clit until, screaming in ecstasy, she came a third time. Licking her own love juice from her fingers as she lay there in a sweaty heap on the bed, Reese wiped the tears from her eyes and began anticipating a rematch with the bitch Christina Ricci.