Denise Richards vs. Salma Hayek (c) by John J. 28-Jan-00

Denise Richards' eyes blazed with anger as she read the short interview from Salma Hayek in the magazine. She crumpled up the magazine and threw it into the nearby trash can violently. The interview had followed Salma Hayek's viewing of Richards' latest movie, "The World Is Not Enough." A reporter saw Salma and asked her to do a quick interview.

The reporter asked, "Miss Hayek, what are your impressions of the movie?"

Salma answered, "Pierce is quite a hunk! He was terrific as always. The action was great! It was the typical James Bond action thriller. I would have called it a great movie except for one thing."

The reporter took the bait and asked, "And what was that?"

Salma smirked as she said, "It's just took bad that Pierce didn't have a leading lady that could act. Everybody knows Denise Richards got that role because of her bra size! She's nothing but a no-talent, Pam Anderson wanna-be."

The reporter said cautiously, "Those are some pretty sharp words. Anything else that you would like to add?"

Salma answered, "Yes, they are sharp words and I meant them all. Maybe next time, Pierce will get a better leading lady, somebody who could act, and somebody who could show him what it's like to have a real woman at his side. Somebody like me! Oh, and one last thing, everything I've said is TOTALLY ON THE RECORD! I want to see every word in print. And I want that stupid bimbo Richards to see it too!"

Two weeks later, the magazine issue came out, and Salma Hayek had the cover, with the caption, "Hayek flames Richards at Bond Opening. Fire sure to follow." After Denise calmed down from her initial fury at Salma's comments, she called the same reporter and demanded an interview of her own. A few days later, the report met with Richards.

He asked Denise, "You wanted to respond to Salma's comments. Please tell us your feelings."

Denise smiled seductively as she said, "At first I was very angered by Salma's comments, but then I thought more about it. I saw that there was no reason for me to worry about the comments from a jealous little Spic bitch that didn't have a decent enough figure or looks to warrant consideration for the role. That's all that is comes down, jealousy. She wanted the role for herself."

Now it was Salma's turn to be enraged when she saw Denise's return salvo. Her hot Hispanic temper got the best of her, and immediately called her agent and demanded that a "meeting" be arranging for her and Denise in private to discuss matters in private.

The agent knew exactly what she meant. He tried to calm her down, but her hot temper wouldn't be cooled. She wanted Denise bad! He made the calls, and Denise quickly accepted the invitation to the private "girl talk" session with Salma at Salma's home on Saturday night. After she calmed down, Salma realized that she had been a little hasty in challenging Denise to a fight over something that she started. But, she knew that she couldn't back down from the fight now.

Saturday night arrived and Salma had a room in her basement cleared of most of the furniture and prepared as an apartment wrestling arena. Right on time, the doorbell rang and Salma answered it. As expected, it was Denise Richards.

Salma hissed, "I'm impressed, you can actually follow directions."

Denise sneered, "Save the smart ass comments for somebody who cares. Let's settle this, bitch!"

Salma said, "I agree. Let's finish this."

Salma led Denise to the basement and they entered the room that would soon be the fight arena. Salma closed the door. Denise dropped the small overnight bag that she had with her right beside the door, while Salma stepped forward and turned. The two beautiful actresses faced off, about six feet apart in the spacious den. Salma wore a tight white crop top and matching short skirt along with matching heels. Denise was attired in a navy blue crop top and short shorts along with heels. They both raised their fists defensively and began to circle each other as they closed the distance to fighting range.

The two gorgeous actresses exchanged some ineffective blows as they tested each other's defenses and reactions. Salma feinted a left hook at Denise's ribs. Denise easily blocked it, but left herself wide open for the right hook that slammed into her head. Denise backed up, seemingly a little rattled that Salma landed the first blow. Salma gave chase and tried to gain a quick advantage, but Denise danced out of her range and blocked her blows.

In a change of strategy, Denise suddenly stopped. Salma was caught off guard and walked into a hard left that flattened her right tit into her ribcage. Salma moved her fists to protect her tits, and Denise took advantage of that move as she plowed a hard into Salma's jaw. Salma's head snapped to the side as the blow landed. Salma backed off to regroup.

Denise took off and chased after her. Salma managed to block a lot of Denise's punches as she moved away, but Denise also got in a lot of shots and left Salma with bruised tits and ribs. Denise cut off Salma's retreat and trapped the Hispanic actress against the wall. Salma blocked and countered Denise's next punch. She surprised Richards as she put a jab down her cleavage. Denise instinctively backed up a couple steps, and that gave Salma her chance.

Salma lowered her head and lunged. Denise staggered as Salma whacked her with a solid headbutt to the chin. Salma grabbed a fistful of her dazed rival's hair and clamped her into a headlock. Salma drove Denise's head into the floor with a DDT. Denise cringed in pain as Salma stomped on her tits and ribs with her high heel. Denise swung her legs around and took Salma's legs out from under her.

Both beauties got up pretty quickly and faced off again. Salma lunged at Denise. Denise made her pay for that hasty attack with a hard kick to the gut. Salma doubled over. Denise grabbed her by the hair and flung her at the wall. Salma hit the wall hard and started to slump down just as Denise rushed in and nailed her with a knee to the ribs. Salma gasped in pain as Denise nearly cracked one of her ribs.

Denise yanked Salma to her feet by her raven hair. With a solid hair hold, Denise forced Salma's head down into her own knee. Salma's head snapped back as she took the knee lift fully in her face. Salma groaned as she flipped over and checked her bloody nose. Denise charged at her downed adversary. Salma slowed her down with a big kick to the crotch. Denise cried out in pain as she dropped to the floor. Salma got up slowly, but faster than Denise got up. Denise was only to her knees when Salma got to her and yanked her the rest of the way up by the hair.

Salma trapped Denise in a headlock. Salma set herself for another attack. Denise showed a lot of strength as she reached back and grabbed a hold of Salma's long black hair, and then yanked her off her feet by the hair. Salma looked up in shock at Denise, very surprised to find herself on the floor. Denise went right on the attack and landed a leg drop to the tits. With a hard yank on Salma's hair, Denise slid her other leg into position and poured on the pressure with a breast scissors hold. Salma struggled to pull free, while Denise clamped down and crushed Salma's tits and ribs with her powerful thighs. Denise held Salma between her thighs until the Hispanic beauty began to weaken.

Denise added insult to injury as she added a pussy claw to the hold. As Denise's nails dug into her tender pussy flesh, Salma quickly snapped back and began to struggle again. Salma dug her nails into Denise's thigh and raked them down. Denise howled in pain and rolled away from Salma, with bloody scratches down her thigh. Salma wasted no time and jumped at Denise and splashed down on her. Salma tried to grapevine Denise and tire her out with the hold, but Denise muscled Salma over and the two gorgeous actresses started to tumble over and over across the room as they both sought the dominant position.

Salma achieved control by accident as the paired rolled and smacked into the wall. The wall stopped the roll and left Salma on top. Salma straddled her foe and wrapped her hands around Denise's neck. Salma's hands constricted tightly across Denise's windpipe as she tried to choke out the other actress. Denise tried to pry Salma's hands off her neck, but couldn't. The brunette quickly changed tactics and tore off Salma's crop top. Denise twisted Salma's nipples and then clamped down hard on the tender globes with her sharp nails. Bloody streaks were soon visible around Denise's hands as she dug in without mercy.

They struggled silently as each beauty desperately fought to make her rival give in first. Salma's already battered tits couldn't take the abuse and Salma cried out as she released Denise's neck and pulled on her rival's hands. Salma shifted her position to get a better grasp and she yanked Denise's nails off her bruised tits. Just as the look of relief came to Salma's face, it was immediately replaced with a shocked look of pain. Salma left herself vulnerable to attack and Denise capitalized as she slammed her knee up into Salma's pussy hard! Denise grabbed Salma's tattered top and lunged at her.

Denise extended her knee as she splashed down. Her knee caught Salma squarely in her bruised pussy. Denise inched her way forward as she full body pressed Salma and held her down. Denise tried to roll Salma over and secure a submission hold, but Salma fought it and bucked. Denise was almost toppled off Salma, but she held her position.

Salma had a momentary advantage, which she took as she tore at Denise's crop top and ripped it off. Salma wrapped the torn top around Denise's neck and yanked hard to the side. Denise tumbled off Salma, as the Hispanic beauty pulled to the side.

As Denise landed, Salma pulled in and applied more pressure to Denise's neck. Denise yelled in pain, as she was still weak from the previous attempt to choke her out. Denise's yelps only made Salma pull harder and apply more pressure. Thinking that Denise was nearly done in, Salma moved in for the kill and wrapped the torn top around Denise's neck tightly. Denise moved slightly forward and bit down hard into Salma's bruised right tit.

Salma screamed.

She forgot all about her chokehold as pain engulfed her. A yank on the hair pulled Denise's teeth off Salma's boob.

Denise hauled back and fired her knee into Salma's pussy twice more. Salma yelled again in pain as she tried to cover up. Denise reached in and yanked Salma to her feet by the sore tits. Denise whipped Salma into the wall and kidney punched her a few times. As Salma went down, Denise locked her long legs around Salma's neck and applied a head scissors. Denise squeezed as hard as she could, until Salma nearly passed out, then Denise released the hold. Denise continued to batter Salma with a leg drop across the tits and another knee to the pussy. Salma's panties had started to turn red after this last knee drop.

The pain just flooded over Salma and she begged, "Please stop."

Denise hissed, "Not yet, bitch! I'm not finished!"

Denise wound her long legs around Salma's neck again, this time with a figure-4 headscissors and squeezed as hard as she could. Denise demanded, "Now, you're not going to be opening that damn loud mouth of yours about me, any more. Are you?"

Salma said weakly, "No. I promise."

Denise added nastily, "And I want an apology! A public apology."

Salma quickly agreed with, "I promise."

Denise finished off the hold and choked Salma out cold. Denise got up and changed into her outfit in her overnight bag. She left Salma out cold in the den and left.

A week later, Salma made a TV appearance and publicly apologize to Denise about her comments about the Bond movie. She retracted her statements and had said that Denise was the best Bond girl from any of the movies.

The end.