Denise Richards (5’6”) vs. Kelly Hu (5’5”) by Tank

Denise Richards was the talk of the lounge lately. In her last two challenge matches, she’d easily defeated Teri Hatcher and then followed that with an impressive win over Angie Harmon. The sexy blond beat Teri to the carpet, then sat on her and slapped her to tears while with Angie, it had been a crushing leg scissors on her breasts that left her sobbing submissively.

After her wins, Denise would tear off her bra and twirl it overhead as she danced around the room while patrons applauded and whistled. She’d become the hottest woman at the lounge and she knew it!

It was Saturday night and Denise was seeking her third consecutive victory, this time over ravishing Eurasian beauty Kelly Hu who was dressed in a black bikini while Denise wore a white bikini. The two were face-to-face in a staredown moments before the action began.

“Ready for a beating, Kelly?” Denise smiled.

“I’ve been looking forward to this, Denise”, the brunette answered. As they retreated to their corners of the room, Denise, her hair in a ponytail, began to loosen up. Kelly casually practiced her kicks. She would often pause to size up her sexy blond opponent.

The signal was given for the match to begin and both women advanced cautiously. Denise began to pepper Kelly with straight kicks to the body. Kelly blocks them and holds her ground, a stoic expression on her face. Denise moves in and the women exchange a flurry of punches and kicks. Denise backs up. Then she attacks and unloads a flurry of punches to Kelly’s face which has the brunette covering up. The blond backs Kelly into a corner. She snaps her knee into Kelly’s belly. Denise begins to lean on Kelly and presses her into the corner.

Denise launches another flurry of punches to Kelly’s face and body. But Kelly blocks both of them and the ones that slip through her guard are not damaging. Denise backs up. Kelly nails her with a front kick to her belly as she retreats. Kelly moves out of the corner with a smile on her face. They again exchange blows. A left hook to Denise’s jaw has her back peddling. As Kelly advances, the blond suddenly leaps at her and they begin grappling. Kelly trips Denise to the carpet. Denise rolls away from her and gets to her feet only to find the oriental beauty pressing her. A snapping kick to her breasts dislodges Denise’s bra which is now attached by one strap.

Denise, gritting her teeth, rips off her bra and tosses it to the floor. She kicks at Kelly wildly. The Hawaiian blocks it and nails her with a left and right to her face. Denise’s big breasts are undulating as she backs up. Kelly snaps a front kick to her belly.

“OOOOHHHHH” Denise groans as she backs into a corner. She punches at Kelly’s face but it is blocked and Denise is punished with a left hand counter to her face.

Now Kelly has Denise trapped in the corner. She tries to slip out but Kelly pushes her against the wall and prevents her escape. For the next two to three minutes, the battle remains in the corner. Denise punches, kicks, and tries desperately to land a telling blow. But each time she strikes out, she is nailed with a brutal counter from her savvy rival to her breasts, ribs, or belly.

Denise is feeling numb and is panting. She becomes aware Kelly is relying totally on counter punching to punish her. Again, she lashes out with a right fist that misses Kelly’s face. A savage left hook counter to her belly drops her to her knees. As she slowly struggles to her feet, Kelly smiles at her.

‘Can’t take it, Denise? Poor girl!” the Hawaiian beauty chides. Denise stands frozen in the corner, her bare breasts heaving. She is taking a beating. She appears frightened. Kelly stands next to her and pouts, “Well....aren’t you gonna hit me, Denise?”

The sultry blond continues to stand in the corner with Kelly close to her....bearing down on her. Fear is written in Denise’s blue eyes. She dare not lash out at her sensuous tormentor lest she get smashed again by another brutal counter to her luscious breasts and belly. She is confused, disoriented,...scared. For the longest time she stands like a frightened kitten. She is quivering, heaving, hopeless. She does not know what to do.

“YAHHHHHHH!” Suddenly Kelly leaps on Denise’s back and quickly wraps her legs around her waist. She slowly slithers her feet to the floor as the blond struggles helplessly. Kelly has Denise in a standing leg scissors. As the deadly Hawaiian vixen flexes her thigh muscles around her waist, Denise, crushed and conquered, cries out her submission. “I GIVE UPPPPPPPPP!”

Kelly releases the pressure but holds her thighs firmly around Denise’s panties. She watches her victim burst out crying. Finally, she jumps off the beaten blond’s back and let Denise slide to the floor where she came to rest on her knees, her back against the wall, holding her groin and weeping unashamedly. “BOO HOO HOO!”

Kelly raised her hands in triumph and then, imitating Denise, Kelly pulled off her black bra and twirled it above her head as she danced bare breasted around the room. Denise’s brief winning streak had come to an abrupt and painful end as the lovely Hawaiian proved too much woman for her.