Denise Richards vs. Angelina Jolie by bocarat

“Hello! Best Friend!” Denise recognized the voice over her cell phone as Angelina Jolie’s.

“Good morning Angelina!” Denise said.

Jolie continued, “Got your bedroom repaired yet?”

“Yeah, I got it repaired…no thanks to you!” Denise silently mouthed the word “Bitch!” but no loud enough for Angelina to hear it. “So what do you want?” Denise inquired.

“Right to the point huh! Well you and I have some unfinished business, it seems that some people think you kicked my ass! I imagine that you have been spreading all kinds of shit about me. Well I want to talk and settle this little dispute as soon as possible.”

Denise answered quickly, “I don’t want to fight you! My body is still recovering from our last fight.”

“You mean fights! Jolie added. I hear that you have been a busy little girl lately!”

“What?” Denise answered.

Jolie continued, “Don’t be coy with me princess. I heard through the grapevine that you have tangled with some Hollywood pretties since our fight a couple of weeks ago.”

Denise listened paused, and then replied “Look bitch! I don’t have any reason to fight you.”

Jolie added “Don’t you want your robe back you prissy little bitch!”

Denise paused again, and said, “Okay where do you want to meet?”

Jolie laughed over the phone and said, “I’m using a friends house; a producer. We can settle this matter there.”

“Fine! Denise said, give me the address and I’ll be over in a couple of hours.”

“Can’t wait to kick your sweet ass, princess!” Angelina answered before she gave Denise the address and a time they could meet to resolve who was the “Top Bitch in Hollywood.”

Denise was feeling the pains, and scars of her previous fights, and dreaded taking on Angelina again. The raven-haired actress knew no boundaries to any fight, and Denise feared that despite her best efforts, she would regret agreeing to take the younger actress on in any kind of fight. Denise was stopped at a streetlight, and was on the verge of feigning some excuse to get out of the fight, but took a deep breath, not wanting to appear to fear a showdown with the action star vixen.

“Who knows,” she thought to herself. “I’ve been beating some tough bitches over the last couple of weeks.”

Denise drove to the address given to her by Angelina, and arrived at a beautiful Beverly Hills estate. Denise parked her car, but as she was driving she noticed a black sports car following her. Denise figured it was Angelina, but the driver a female appeared to be blonde, but was wearing big sunglasses and a baseball cap. Denise peered at the driver, but as she pulled into the Beverly Hills estate driveway, the woman drove off. Denise tried to get the license plate, but the car sped off after being spotted. Denise shrugged it off, and figured that it was going to be a problem to be dealt with later. Right now she had a beautiful 5’7”, athletic bitch to deal with.

As per Angelina’s instructions, the two women were dressed in bikinis as Angelina had instructed. Angelina’s was wearing a tiny black bikini revealing her athletic, lean body with a healthy dose of full, firm breasts and strong legs to finish the ensemble. Denise wore a white bikini, not as quite as revealing as Angelina’s, but her assets were nicely displayed.

Angelina greeted her, “Right on time! I thought you might chicken out.”

“No way! I want my robe back, and I ain’t scared of you!”

Angelina then said, “Follow me my little fly to my parlor!”

Denise puzzled by the remark, said, “We’re here to fight, right? Nothing kinky, or I’m out of here.”

Angelina seemed angered by the remark and huffed, “Just follow me you dumb blonde bitch!” Denise was ready to tangle with her right there in the foyer of this expansive estate home, but held off to see what Angelina had planned. She figured she could still leave and escape whatever dire plans Angelina had for her. Angelina led Denise to a large simple bedroom. “I figured a bedroom is where two sexy kittens should do battle!”

Denise looked around, and felt as if she were being watched. She asked Angelina “Is there anyone else here?”

“No, just us bitches!” Angelina replied and began to approach Denise. Denise was timid at first, and Angelina was the aggressor. Angelina was stalking her. “Welcome to my web, my little fly!”

Then sharp claws came out as each woman quickly went after the other’s hair and breasts. As Angelina tore at Denise’s scalp, Denise tore and pulled off Angelina’s top. Angelina’s breasts were exposed for Denise to claw and tear at. Angelina smiled at Denise, and dug her nails into Denise’s arms as a penalty for scoring the first points in their battle. Denise squeezed and pulled at Angelina’s full, ripe melons. Angelina’s face anguished in pain from the abuse, and tears began to well up in her eyes. Now it was Denise’s time to display an evil smile at her host.

Angelina then attacked Denise own sensitive and previously battered breasts. As Angelina raked down her nails on Denise’s orbs, Denise pulled back but her breasts were now on fire from the assault. Angelina tweaked and played with the hardened nipples of her opponent. Angelina then spun the stunned blonde around, and attacked Denise breasts from behind. She had Denise’s nipples between her thumb and pointer finger, as if she were toying with the blonde. Angelina then brought her knee up and pressured and stretched the blonde’s breasts until she felt that Angelina would rip her tits right off.

Denise cried out “Oowwwww!”

Angelina, done playing with her prey’s breasts, lowered her left hand to Denise’s crotch and grabbed a handful of pussy through the blonde’s bikini bottom. Angelina groped and fingered the luscious twat bring out moans from her guest. Angelina kissed Denise on the neck, and began to sensually rub the love mound and right breast of Denise. Denise was becoming increasingly aroused by the move, as her breathing and gyrations gave her away to becoming tantalized by the brunette. Denise was playing possum, and as quickly as it started Denise spun around and in what Angelina thought would be a passionate kiss and embrace turned into a chokehold around Angelina. Denise then gave the raven-haired spider a dose of her own medicine, and fingered Angelina’s pussy, and stroked and tweaked her right nipple. Angelina played along, and enjoyed the change in positions, but knew that they were there to fight. Angelina broke out of the hold, and pushed the blonde down on the simple bed in the corner of the bedroom. Denise feel on the bed on her stomach; making sure to protect her breasts and love mound. Angelina calmly walked over to Denise lying prone on the bed, and began to pull and rip off the blonde’s bikini bottoms. Denise was desperately trying to hold on to her briefs. As Angelina continued to pull and tear at Denise’s flesh, she finally succeeded and pulled the briefs off, she would spank the nice round ass of Denise, leaving red hand marks on the blonde vixen’s luscious bottom.

Denise cried out in pain “Ooowwww!” with each strike of her ass.

She looked up and saw glee in Angelina’s eye with each swoop at her precious asset. Suddenly, she reached around between spanks and pulled Angelina down on the bed by her long hair. Soon the two wildcats were tangled up in a heap of hair, breasts, and legs. Their bodies were tied up in loose knots, and a spectator could not tell where one woman began and the other one ended. As Angelina pulled on Denise’s bikini bottoms to force a wedgie, Denise tried to get her raven-haired opponent into a chokehold. After both women gasped in pain, they separated but only briefly. Denise threw her bikini bottoms that were around her ankles off onto the floor of the bedroom, Angelina matched the move by removing her own bottoms. Angelina smiled at Denise as she displayed her neatly trimmed patch of fur for her foe. Each woman displayed their full, battered beautiful bodies to the other. They each took deep breaths to display their full, round breasts and were ready to begin once again. Slowly the two approached each other on their knees on the bed. The bed was quickly ruffled as sheets and pillows were now strewn about. Angelina looked into Denise’s eyes, as Denise gazed into Angelina’s eyes. Whatever misconception or doubts Denise had, they were gone now and the anxiety she had prior to the fight had all but disappeared. Angelina firmly grasped Denise by her hips and pulled the blonde towards her.

Denise could feel the brillo-pad like hair of Angelina’s tangling with her pubic patch. Angelina maneuvered her torso so that the two women’s stomachs, breasts and pelvic areas were matched up against each other. Angelina struck first, and mashed her chest into Denise’s. Denise let out an “oomph” noise from the blow, and Angelina followed it up with another one, and a firm pulls on the blonde’s ass. Their thighs were against each other’s, as each struggled to overcome and dominate the other woman. Angelina being the aggressor pulled Denise closer by wrapping one arm around her thin waist and another around her neck. The women’s assets mashed, and swayed against each other. Their breasts become contorted due to the pressure and firmness of the other woman. They gritted their teeth, and cussed at each other. Denise called Angelina a “cheap whore!” and Angelina returned the volley by calling Denise “a stupid blonde bitch!”

Nipples, breasts and skin rubbed, flapped against each other. The two formed a juicy bear hug in which the women were now cheek to cheek. They could hear their foe’s deep breath for air, and the moans and groans. Angelina tried to rock Denise with her pelvis, but the hold on each other was too tight. Angelina separated first, and began to claw at Denise’s bare breasts.

Denise yelped, “Noooo…” but Angelina was determined to put this blonde actress in her place.

Angelina then lowered her hand to Denise’s pussy, and pulled on her pubic hairs, and managed to finger the blonde mother with her expert fingers. Denise tried to mirror the move, but Angelina relished the intrusion and seemed to be energized by the action. Denise moaned out relief, but Angelina still fighting cheek to cheek with her rival gritted her teeth and continue to assault the blonde. Denise was able to fight off the attack, and able to put Angelina on her back. Before Denise could mount a counter-attack, Angelina had Denise down on the bed, and the two were now fighting on their sides kicking, scratching and wrestling.

Angelina rose up form her side, and drew her face towards Denise’s left breast and bit the nipple between her teeth. Denise let out an “Oowwww” from the pain, and in defense kneed Angelina in her pussy. Angelina let go of the nipple in her mouth, and Denise attacked Angelina right nipple with her teeth. Angelina was now the one crying out in pain. Denise let go of the nipple, as each woman checked on their mammary gland for permanent disfigurement. While it got quiet in the bedroom, Denise thought she heard voices behind the wall. As Denise strained to hear the noise again, Angelina got up on her feet on the bed, and kicked Denise in her pussy with her left leg’s heel. Denise couldn’t hear anything except the howl that escaped her lungs. Some way, somehow, Denise leveled a heeled blow into Angelina’s pussy. Denise had Angelina pinned up against the wall with her heel in Angelina’s love mound. Angelina was now crying and screaming from the pain. Both women wouldn’t let up the pressure on their foe’s pussy. Denise relented first, and couldn’t take the pain any longer, and brought her leg down to protect herself and curl up on the bed. Angelina just leaned on the bed with both her hands trying to relieve the pain in her love mound. Angelina slumped back down on the bed. Denise seizing the opportunity plopped herself on top of Angelina and threw a couple of punches into Angelina’s stomach and chest.

Angelina was able to buck Denise off of her, and off the bed. Denise ran back at Angelina who is kneeling on the bed, and each woman had two handfuls of hair. Denise landed on Angelina and forced her on her back, but couldn’t contain the raven-hair wildcat. Angelina was soon on top, and began to hump and grind her aching pussy into Denise’s. The two were now engaged in a female fuck-fest of bouncing breasts, jiggling asses, squirming legs and flopping arms. Angelina brought her legs up to better locate each thrust of her love mound into Denise’s. This continued for just a few minutes, but it seemed like eternity to Denise who was being assaulted and pounded at the same time. Denise feeling the sensation of orgasm brought her legs up Angelina’s humping body, and began to squeeze Angelina’s thin waist with her thighs. Denise soon realized that the mind was willing, but the body was not up to the task. Denise slowly relaxed the hold, and let her legs drop as Angelina was humping to her own inner crescendo. Angelina finally spilled her inner juices onto Denise aching, and spent love mound, and yelled at the top of her lungs “Yes! Yes!” then “Ooohhh!”

Angelina lowers her sweaty, slick body on top of Denise and whispers, “I fucked you bitch, I fucked you!” She rises up and smiles at Denise, then adds, “I own you now slut!”

Denise pushes Angelina off of her, and scrambles from the bed to her feet. Her legs are wobbly like a drunk, but she is able to keep from falling by balancing herself on the opposite wall from the bed. Angelina looks crazed, and is now on all four on the bed. Angelina displays her heaving chest, and her deep focused eyes on her victim. She hungers for more action, more sex, more fight. Denise realizes that the fight isn’t over yet, and prepares to battle it out with the raven-haired witch. As Angelina gets up she can now clearly see just some of the many tattoos on Angelina. Denise notices that each tattoo appears to be more intriguing than the next. Now Angelina moves like a jungle cat out of the bed and is on her two feet and approaches Denise as if to finish off the prey, as in catch the fly in her web.

As Angelina approached, Denise got ready she put her hands up and cupped them. Angelina noticing this said, “so that’s how we are gonna finish this! I was hoping to #### you again and show you who was the better woman!” She brought her hands up to, but not as quickly as Denise who struck first with a left jab to Angelina’s right cheek. Denise put a lot of her remaining strength in the punch, and knocked the Oscar award winning actress head backwards, and stopped the approaching raven-haired villain. With Angelina’s arms dangling outward trying to keep her balance, Denise moved in and gave Angelina a deftly targeted punch to her stomach that doubled her over. Angelina let out a muffled “oomph” noise from the blow. Denise soon felt the wrath of Angelina, as she punched Denise in the gut just below her breasts that took the air out of her lungs like a tornado. Before Denise could gasp out air out of her lungs, Angelina followed the punch with another shot to her abs that staggered the blonde and doubled her over. Denise was feeling the room spinning, and her arms and legs began to feel like dead weight.

Angelina then threw a right cross to Denise’s chin, and knocked the spit and snot out of her. Before she could defend herself, as she was backing up from the blow, Angelina moved in and nailed her with another right handed punch to just below the chin, that threw Denise’s head backwards, and her body towards the wall of the bedroom. Denise was up against the wall of the bedroom and she could see Angelina moving in to finish her off. Denise bravely put her hands up to protect her face, but Angelina’s fist targeted her love mound and swiftly doubled over the blonde actress to her knees on the floor. Denise was spitting up blood from a cut on her mouth, and felt like she was going to vomit. The room was spinning and all she wanted was to curl up and wait for the pain to go away.

Angelina was talking, probably taunting Denise but she couldn’t hear anything except the pain ringing in her head. Angelina backed off waiting to see what Denise would do next; she was hoping the blonde sex-kitten wouldn’t concede or give up, she wanted more from the blonde. Denise could hear Angelina tell her to “Get up! Get up bitch and fight you sorry piece of shit!” Denise moved slowly, and used the wall as leverage to get on her feet. She took a deep breath, wiped the sweat and blood form her face; then gathered all her strength, and determination and nailed Angelina with a left cross that sent her sprawling across the room and onto the floor. The punch connected right on Angelina’s chin, and drew blood. Her lip was split and bleeding. Denise’s knuckle was really sore, she probably sprained in throwing the punch. Denise shook her left wrist, and massaged it with her right hand. Denise saw Angelina rolling on the floor, trying to get up and back on her feet. As soon as she got up, Denise nailed her again with a left to her chin. Denise’s knuckle was really sore now. She watched Angelina backtrack, but quickly straightened up, and was ready to get back in the fight. Denise was unnerved by the duration of Angelina’s stamina, and feared for the worst. An angry Angelina could not lead to anything pleasant.

Angelina approached Denise cautiously with her hands up, Denise tried to defend herself, but was feeling like throwing up. Angelina quickly hit Denise in her chin again, and sent the blonde actress spinning in the bedroom like a top. Denise threw a punch that grazed the side of Angelina’s determined face. Angelina followed with a left to Denise’s right side of her face, and swiveled her head like a lazy susan on her body. Angelina could smell blood in the water, and hit Denise in her abs doubling her over and caused her to spit out some blood in her mouth towards Angelina. Angelina then smeared the blood over her own chest, and punched Denise with a right cross just under her chin. Denise was now toppling backwards and finally falling to the floor beaten and defeated by the Raven haired warrior.

As Angelina was glancing at her victim, she poked and prodded Denise with her toes to check for any resistance or movement. Denise was conscious, but barely so. She was crying from the beating, the pain and the embarrassment of being “woman-handled” by a woman she had grown to hate. Angelina kicked Denise in her ass a few times to sharpen and twist the knife of defeat into her blonde foe. The resistance of the blonde actress surprised Angelina, but as she looked at the mirror in the bedroom she was shocked to see the damage the blonde bitch had inflicted. Angelina walked over to the mirror and tasted the blood from the corner of her mouth, and tasted the blood that Denise sacrificed to her that she smeared across her own chest. Angelina was also feeling “light headed” and was making her way to the bed to lie down, when the door to the bedroom flew open.

To her surprise another slightly built blonde emerged from the door and slapped Angelina hard across the face. Then a punch rained down upon the side of Angelina’s head. The blonde was yelling at her, cussing at her and hitting her. Angelina was dazed by the blows, and very fatigued at the fight that just completed, and was not able to offer any defense against the blows. Angelina fell down to the floor, and the blonde kicked Angelina in her stomach and her ass. Angelina protested for the blonde to stop attacking her, and yelled out “why are you doing this to me?”

“Why you ask bitch! Because you ruined my marriage, (another kick to the ass) and embarrassed me in front of everyone by taking my man!” This time Jennifer Aniston approached the curled up Angelina Jolie and teed off like a kicker begins a football game, and kicked Angelina right in her pussy. “Welcome to my web Angelina!” Jennifer yelled at the fallen raven-haired actress. Angelina started to choke and cough from the lack of air in her lungs, and from the intense pain in her crotch!

Denise heard the noise, but couldn’t really focus on what was happening. A tall blonde, and a well-built brunette helped her up while the blonde woman was kicking the shit out of Angelina. Denise was horrified that they would start beating on her, but the two women reassured her that she would be okay. They led her to another room where a female doctor and nurse began to examine the beaten blonde actress. While Denise was being looked, she could hear down the hall Angelina screaming and fighting with several women. It sounded to Denise that Angelina was being pulled out of the room by her hair and out of the home. Denise heard several doors slam, and then a pretty, petite blonde entered the room and asks the medical staff “how is she doing?” The doctor spoke first and said, “she’ll be okay in a hour or two!” Denise asked the women in the room, “Can I take a shower to clean up?”

“Sure” the blonde woman said.

Denise languished in the shower for what seemed like eternity. She was still groggy, and had not quite found her balance, but was feeling better from the soothing warm water on her aching body. When she emerged out of the shower, the blonde handed her a large bath towel, and to her surprise her robe. Denise eyes were swollen and teary, but she did make out the voice and face of Jennifer Aniston who handed the towel and robe to her.

“Thank you!” Denise said, as Jennifer just smiled and nodded as she gazed as the spectacular, but bruised and damaged body of the blonde before her. Denise was surprised to see her, but realized she’d been the bait to trap Angelina.

“I’m so sorry Denise. We all thought you could take her. You were really brave…and the punishment you gave her…”

Denise stopped Jennifer and said, “…and the beating I got!”

Jennifer finished her statement by saying, “…was truly courageous and extraordinary.”

“Gee! Thanks!” Denise said. She followed that with, “Oouch!” as the nurse and doctor examined the blonde sex kitten as she emerged from the shower and bathroom. Jennifer looked at Denise, and could tell that Denise had a lot of questions. “Who were those girls?” Denise asked.

“They are my very dear friends; my costars and some female guests from our show. It seems Angelina has a lot of enemies!”

“Or you have lots of friends!” Denise punctuated the statement.

Jennifer told Denise how she had set the house up as being a producer friend of her, when in reality the house was being rented by a friend of Jennifer’s. She quickly gave Denise the plans, minus all the details of how she and her female crew of supporters had followed Denise and Angelina, but all in an effort to whup on Angelina, and to help and support Denise. Denise nodded not getting all the information due to the ringing in her head, and the aches and pains in her body.

The door opened and Jennifer’s former female costars walked in and smiled at Denise who was now lying down on a bed being examined by the medical staff. Both women looked as if they had gotten into a scrap with Angelina also. Their blouses were torn, and misshapen on their attractive bodies. Jennifer excused herself from Denise and the medical crew to talk to her friends outside. Denise listened intently to what was being said but she could only hear the ringing in her ears. After a while Denise heard car doors close, and engines start up and leave the estate. Jennifer walked back in, and supervised the medical staff finishing up their duties. The doctor spoke to her about the pain medication she was leaving for Denise, as the female nurse just smiled and nodded as the doctor continued to give Denise her medical advise. Denise only heard half of what was being said, and hoped that someone would write it all down. Jennifer thanked the doctor and the nurse and escorted them out of the house.

Jennifer came back up with a warm cup of tea, and the pain pills the doctor had prescribed. She sat next to Denise who was lying on the bed, and stroked her hair, and moved her hair away from her face. Denise wanted to cry from the pain and the experience she and her body had just gone through, but felt comforted and protected with Jennifer near by. Denise soon drifted off to a short, but restful sleep.

When Denise woke up, Jennifer was reading a magazine on a nearby chair. “Well hello sleepy head!” Jennifer said.

“How long was I out? Denise asked.

“Only a couple of hours” Jennifer answered.

“My babies, I have to get home!” Denise said in a panic.

“Don’t worry,” Jennifer said. “I called your nanny and everything’s cool and okay with the girls. You know if I ever have kids; you and I might have to fight over that nanny of yours.” Denise looked at Jennifer, who smiled and winked, then she joined Denise on the bed, Both women were now sitting up, and Jennifer gave Denise a bottled water as she stroked her hair. “Your fight with Angelina was really something to watch. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. It was so stimulating.” Jennifer moved closer to Denise and gently guided her back down on her back to relax.

Denise asked, “So what did you do to Angelina?”

Jennifer replied, “Taught her a lesson about fooling with another woman’s man. She should be OK in a couple of weeks!”

As Denise sat back and relaxed on the soft pillows, Jennifer moved in close and kissed her forehead, then paused and kissed Denise on the lips passionately. “You were so sexy fighting that bitch!”

Jennifer kissed Denise’s lips then trailed her lips down to her breasts, using her hands tenderly to open Denise’s robe and began to kiss; lick, caress and suck Denise’s now erect nipples. Jennifer moved her hands to knead and manipulate Denise’s battered but still firm, round, breasts. Denise was starting to resist, but just didn’t have the fight nor the will to resist the tender care she was being given. Jennifer rolled on top of Denise, and sat up to remove her own top then lowered her own beautiful chest on top of Denise’s.

The two began to gyrate slowly and gently against the others body as they exchanged little pecks on the other’s neck and face as Denise’s arms slid up and down Jennifer smooth back. They each glanced looks at the subtle competition between the two women’s bodies. Jennifer used a little force to spread Denise’s legs for better access to each other’s love mound, and began to semi-straddle the beaten blonde warrior. The two kissed, caressed then rubbed mound against mound. The pressure and contact brought shots of pain in Denise’s body, but Jennifer would respond by caressing another part of Denise’s body with care and delight. Soon the two blondes were humping and grinding. It had been a while since either woman had made love to another human, let alone another woman. Denise gritted her teeth through the pain caused from the friction between the two blonde actresses.

Jennifer was on the verge of her orgasm very quickly, evidently the sight, memories and vision of her partner in battle with her hated rival carried quite the erotic stimulation. Denise could once again feel the juices flow from another woman on her own love mound. Jennifer rose up and smiled in a dreamily state at Denise, she then took a deep breath, and moved down Denise’s body to her battered, beaten love mound and began to lick, and gently probe the inner recesses of Denise. Denise loved the patient, gentle attention she was getting from Jennifer and moaned and groaned her approval and pleasure. As Jennifer progressed, Denise body began to rock and was soon coming from the stimulation that Jennifer had provided. Jennifer continued to lick and smack away at the precious pussy of her new girl crush. Denise was finally spent with satisfaction, pulled Jennifer up from between her legs and the two beautiful blondes took a deep, satisfying nap.

In the early evening, the two women awoke. It was awkward at first for the two, but they laughed and even giggled at what had transpired between the two. Denise was thankful to be able to breathe, laugh and move after her fight with Angelina. Denise apologized to Jennifer and said, “I do have to get home to my little girls!”

“I hear you! I’m late for my own victory dinner with the girls. I’d really like it if you’d join us,” Jennifer offered.

“No, not tonight,” Denise said as she studied herself in the bedroom mirror. “I just want to get home, hug my girls and crawl in my own bed - alone.”

As Denise dressed in an extra pair of clothes she brought for the post-fight departure, Jennifer watched the blonde mother move her sensual body into her ordinary clothes then she suddenly slapped her fist in her palm. “Oh by the way, in all the excitement I almost forgot; there were two sleazy blondes stalking you. While my girls and I were keeping tabs on Angelina and you, we spotted a black sports car with two big-boobed blondes tailing you. Watch your back!”

“Thanks for letting me know,” Denise said. Then snickered, “From that description, I know it’s NOT Theron and that kinky girlfriend of hers McKay!”

Jennifer chuckled as she nodded in agreement, then said, “Yeah. Well, whoever it is, if you need any help, just let me know. My girls and I will be there for ya!”

Denise kissed Jennifer good-bye and left the room, the home, the estate and soon Beverly Hills itself. As she drove home, Denise wondered who the blondes were, and what they wanted with her. Denise felt the pain and pleasure of the day on the way home, and would soon be in sleep; thinking and wondering of further nightmare and dreams.