Denise Richards (5'6” - 36 y/o) vs. Beyonce Knowles (5'7” - 26 y/o) by Tank

Professor Carrere was very pleased with her new secretary, Denise Richards. The blue eyed blond was once the problem student of her new boss but now she enjoyed being the model secretary. Denise went out of her way to please her employer since getting thoroughly dominated by her professor in a one-sided fight. She’d made amends - both as a person fiercely loyal to Tia and as a fighter; defeating two opponents since her humiliation at the hands of her instructor.

When Jennifer Love Hewitt requested a fight with Denise to make up for backing out against her at the end of their course, Tia arranged the match. After a few minutes of a hotly contested back and forth battle, Denise took control of Jennifer and hurt her with her straight and accurate kicks and punches. After beating her opponent to the ground, Denise ended the fight with a savage knee to Jennifer's big, full breasts which disabled her game opponent. Still, it was a victory for both women since Jennifer finally received a passing grade from her professor for her gritty effort while Denise proved what she could do against a fellow student.

A few weeks later, Tia and Denise were enjoying a drink at Kim and Ginny's Lounge when Lindsay Lohan provoked an argument with the sultry blond. They settled matters outside and with Tia watching, Denise proved too quick and agile for Lohan. Beating her to the punch, the blond beauty sent Lindsay to the ground twice. As her opponent struggled to her feet, Denise snapped a kick to her belly which doubled her over and knocked her to her knees. A sobbing Lindsay knew she was beaten. Denise, yanking her by the hair, forced her to apologize for provoking the encounter. The victorious blond strutted back into the bar proud as could be that she impressed her former instructor. Denise's confidence as a fighter was at an all time high. She realized how much she loved impressing Tia. When her boss would tell her how proud she was of her, Denise would grin from ear to ear. She felt invincible battling in front of Tia and would fight like a woman possessed just to make her proud of her. The two beauties developed a close bond between them and Denise lived to gain Tia's approval.

Beyonce strained her shapely, sweat- glistened body to the max on her leg lift machine. Wearing a navy blue top and gym shorts, she had been working out diligently the past few weeks to increase her strength. Already, strong and very flexible when she began her demanding routine, she was determined to transform the little flab she had, especially on her thighs, to hard muscle. Beyonce, who graduated Professor Carrere's course with honors after beating up Jessica Alba was in search of another opponent.

Finishing her work out, she made her way from her personal gym to her living room. She turned on her T.V. and began to do some stretching exercises as she casually watched the screen. She found herself more and more interested in what she was watching. Finally, she stopped her workout and sat on the couch, totally enthralled with the program. It was the scene from ‘Wild Things’ where Denise and Neve Campbell engaged in a swimming pool fight.

Beyonce watched Denise in her sexy white bikini beat up Neve and make her cry. She could not take her eyes off Denise and was impressed how someone so lovely could also be so dominant. She had paid a visit to Tia and knew Denise was her new secretary. Though she had watched Tia dominate Denise, she also heard of the blond woman's victories over Jennifer Love and Lindsay. Beyonce could not take her eyes off the screen. The scene reminded her of a chapter in Professor Carrere's book, "The Fighting Woman."

She anxiously reached for the book which she always kept in her living room to review. She recalled her instructor informing them of the paragraphs her students should highlight as she walked around her class in her black rimmed glasses and micro skirt.

Beyonce replayed the scene over and over as she shuffled through the book until she found Chapter 12, page 147, "Bringing Out the Little Girl in Your Opponent."

The highlighted paragraph read:

"To be a truly great fighting woman you must see yourself as an artisan with your work before you. For just as a great artist like Michelangelo sees in the block of marble the image which he will free from the stone with his chisel, so you must already envision the helpless little girl in your opponent that you must free by your blows and physical prowess. You must see her in each opponent you fight regardless of her size, strength, skill, toughness, or reputation. It is your task to bring out the submissive little girl in your opponent and reveal her first to herself as one who lives to be dominated by you."

Beyonce played the scene from the movie again and again. She pictured herself in the pool with Denise. "I wish I could get to play a role like that!" she complained. She began comparing herself to Denise and thought of Denise's ‘Penelope Snow’ character in “Undercover Brother” then recalled her own ‘Foxy Cleopatra’ role in “Goldmember.”

Beyonce's nipples became erect as her eyes feasted on Denise bringing out the helpless little girl in Neve in the pool fight. She felt herself feeling aroused as she imagined herself in that pool with Denise; doing to her what she’d done to Neve. She grabbed a couch pillow and squeezeed it between her thighs; her full, perspiring breasts undulating as she imagined herself wrapping her shapely, well muscled body around the blond beauty and forcing her to submit.

Beyonce wondered why during their time together in class, she did not feel a strong desire to fight Denise. But she was engaged then in her rivalry with Jessica. She would call Professor Carrere and invite them to a private pool party at her home. With Tia as a witness, Beyonce was determined to bring out the helpless little girl in Denise Richards.

"How do I look, Professor?"

"You look lovely, Denise! Your white bra and thong look tailor made for you," Tia answered. Denise giggled as she stared into a mirror wondering about the men that would be at Beyonce's party. Tia didn't break the news that it would be just the threesome until they were well on the way to Beyonce's home.

"Why would Beyonce invite just the two of us?" Denise asked naively. Then catching Tia's raised eyebrows, the purpose of the invitation struck home. "I should have guessed! She wants to fight, right?"

"I assume so, Denise. She wants to challenge you under class rules and make you her slave girl for the weekend if she wins. She asked me if I’d pick you up for work Monday morning," Tia told her solemnly.

"Professor, she's got some nerve! Just for being so arrogant, I'LL make HER MY slave girl! You know I can't lose in front of you! There is nothing she can do to me that will make me submit to her! Nothing! Just watch!" Denise expressed her anger at what she construed as being set up by Beyonce.

"Denise, listen to me. Beyonce is a very strong and determined woman. But I would not have accepted her invitation if I didn't think you could win. You're the most improved fighter of all the girls in my first class. Look, I told Beyonce I would leave after the fight and would return Monday morning. Just fight her like you did Jennifer and Lindsey."

Denise took a deep breath, her big, sensuous breasts pushing out her white bra. "No Professor, I'll fight even more savagely. I feel my womanhood is more at stake than ever before. Just fighting in front of you will inspire me to victory. When you pick me up Monday morning I'll have her totally under my control. YOU'LL SEE!"

It was 9:55 Friday evening when Tia pulled her silver Ferrari into Beyonce's driveway. She greeted them in an exotic, dark green and brown bra and thong that appeared to be made of Anaconda skin. Tia watched the black haired Beyonce checking out Denise’s sexy white bra and thong. Denise's blue eyes met Beyonce's brown eyes as they eyed each other's shapely body, then their sensuous hostess led her lovely guests inside.

After a few minutes of light conversation, they were led into a large room with a pool and bar. Beyonce poured drinks, then sat at the bar between her guests. As Tia remained at the bar, the hostess gently nudged Denise toward the pool. The two beauties, facing each other lay next to the pool, almost touching, as they again examined each other's bodies. Beyonce began to slither like a serpent on all fours. She then stretched out her muscular leg and rubbed her thigh against that of the beautiful blond. The lovely black woman was erotically displaying her excitement at finally being at close quarters with the woman she had fantasized conquering. Denise glanced back at Tia and found her instructor gazing at them. She took a deep breath and summoned all her strength for this sensuous encounter, drawing power from Tia's presence.

Soon, one of the two would prove to be too much woman for the other, but which? Would Beyonce bring out the 'helpless little girl' in Denise and humiliate her in front of Professor Carrere? Or might Denise continue her winning ways and force Beyonce to be her slave in her own home?


They lay next to each other glaring into each other's eyes, their elbows bracing them on the tile floor. Beyonce edges closer until her muscular, dancer's thighs are pressing into the thighs of Denise. She smiles, confident her body has the strength to out muscle the shapely body of the blond. Denise breaths deeply, her large breasts almost touching her opponent's breasts as she glances at Tia. Then Denise gets to her feet as does Beyonce.

A brief stare down ends by Denise pushing Beyonce backward. They take turns shoving one another. Denise punches Beyonce in her face, knocking her back a step. An angry Beyonce rushes forward and they engage in a war of punching and kicking. Beyonce's strategy is to beat Denise down with savage body blows, then crush her into submission with her muscular thighs. Denise is confident her skill as a kickboxer will prevail as she feels a surge of strength welling up in her as Tia leaves the bar to move closer to the action.

Suddenly, Beyonce pushes Denise into the pool and dives in after her. They strike at each other's faces. Beyonce forces Denise against the pool wall as the blond fends her off with her knee pressing into her abs. They grab each other's hair and each forces their rival's heads under water for a few seconds. Beyonce finds Denise a tougher opponent than she originally thought. She powers Denise against the pool wall again and attempts to execute a Bearhug.

The ‘Wild Things’ star shifts her body to the right and grabs Beyonce's hair. She lowers the diva's head and strikes her forehead against the wall but lacking the force she had intended. Denise turns her back and raises herself on the tile floor to propel herself out of the pool. Her deadly and accurate kicks will be much more effective outside the water. Beyonce reaches up and grabs the back of her thong by the waistband. In her attempt to pull Denise back into the pool, she yanks her opponent's white thong about halfway down her butt. Denise raises her legs and kicks backward. Catching Beyonce in her shoulders, she knocks her back into the pool.

Denise stands and raises her thong over her groin. She glances at Tia who nods as if to tell her she's doing fine. Beyonce swims to the other end of the pool. The two women face each other from opposite sides. Beyonce walks away from the pool to an open area as she motions Denise toward her. They stalk toward each other with Denise now adopting a kickboxing stance. They attack each other with hard punches and kicks. A furious exchange ensues with Denise getting the better of it. She strikes Beyonce in her hard abs with a straight kick. The lovely blond prods toward her opponent with kicks to her midsection. Beyonce blocks most of them. She begins to time Denise's kicks and is able to get inside her rival's defense. Beyonce forces Denise against a wall and lets loose with a combination of body punches. Denise returns fire to Beyonce's body.

The sexy diva grunts as she elbows her opponent against the wall, cutting off room for Denise to launch her kicks. They clinch in a corner of the room. Beyonce presses Denise into the corner and releasing her arms, hurts her rival with more body blows. Denise winces. She snaps her knee and strikes Beyonce in her abs. The shapely black woman backs up a step and clinches with Denise again. The blond tries to escape from the corner but Beyonce will not let her. They release from their clinch and strike each other with body blows. Denise grimaces. A left hook to her cheek stuns Denise. Beyonce uses her elbows to keep her white bikini-ed foe in the corner. Denise strikes Beyonce's belly with her fist. She nails her body several times with short, straight punches. Both women are grunting as they exchange body punishing body blows.

"OOOOHHHH!" Denise moans as Beyonce nails her with a left hook to her ribs. Denise telegraphs a right cross to Beyonce's jaw which the diva ducks, then a left- right to Denise's belly BAMM! WHAM! has the battling blond holding on. Beyonce smiles at Denise as she elbows Denise back into the corner where straight, short, punches ravage her belly!

A savage left hook to Richards’s breast brings a squeal of pain. "OWWWWW!"

Then Beyonce fakes a left hook to Denise's face but instead snaps a savage right to her kidney. "AHHHHHHH!"

The dancer, light on her toes, backs up a step and strikes her hurting opponent with a right cross to her breast. Beyonce presses her anaconda skin thong into Denise's white thong as she presses her into the corner. She grunts loudly as she snaps another left hook which nails Denise in her waistband. "OOOOHHHHHH!"

Beyonce backs up, letting Denise to fall to her knees, then te lovely ‘Goldmember’ star drops to her knees in front of Denise and begins to taunt her. "I knew you couldn't take my body punches, Peaches! Ready for some more?"

Beyonce strikes Denise in her ribs with a left hook. Denise is hurt but still lunges at her foe and grabs her in a head lock. Beyonce wraps her arms around Denise's belly in a reverse bear hug. She forces the blonde's upper body to the tile. Both combatants twist around on the floor as they struggle for a dominant position. After rolling around on the floor for a couple of minutes, both women's bras being ripped off in the process, each gain a short lived advantage. Denise though, soon finds herself overpowered in the heated wrestling match as Beyonce forces her backward onto her lap. Before she can escape, she quickly feels the muscular thighs of the dark and deadly vixen wrapping around her own.

Beyonce thuds a jarring right fist into Denise's ribs and the blonde's mouth opens revealing her pain. Denise elbows backward into Beyonce's belly, trying desperately to escape from her clutches.

"UGHHHHHH.....OOOHHHHHH!" Denise is groaning aloud as she Beyonce's powerful thigh muscles flex tighter around the bottom of her thong. The young diva continued to put her thighs through some very strenuous exercises leading up to this fight and her workouts had been for the express purpose of flexing them around Denise.

Beyonce strikes Denise with a snapping right fist to her left breast. Tears well up in the blonde's blue eyes as she gazes up at her professor. Tia is standing just a few feet away. Another body shot below her breasts strikes her with a thud. Denise is now being overwhelmed, as Beyonce, gaining more and more control over her body, locks her hard biceps around her rival's jaw from behind.


Denise continues to struggle but to no avail. Beyonce maneuvers her thigh muscles more tightly around the the thong of the weakening blond beauty. She ripples her hard biceps into Denise's cheek bones and tears began to stream down her rival's cheeks. Beyonce locks her left arm around Denise's jaw and snaps her free right fist into her victim's belly. The lovely 36 y/o blond is gasping and quivering in the powerful grasp of the muscular and merciless ‘Anaconda Woman’ 10 years her junior.

Though Denise's abs are not as developed as her opponent's, still they are hard and able to withstand punishment that a lesser woman would have wilted under. But another snapping right fist to her belly knocks the breath out of her. Beyonce had fantasized wrestling Denise into this position and as she gazes into her blue eyes and sees tears trickling down her cheeks. Overcome by arousal and lust, determined to achieve complete domination, Beyonce begins to twist Denise onto her right side with her sensuous, boa constrictor thighs. Then she twists her back onto her lap and turns her onto her left side facing Tia.

Beyonce keeps her forearm and bicep locked around Denise's jaw as she stretches the blond woman's little white thong by its waistband with her sexy dancer's legs. Denise feels her silky legs under complete control by the stronger legs of the muscular diva. She finds her eyes making contact with Tia, who watches intently but stoically as she beholds one former student thoroughly vanquishing another.

Beyonce slicks her sensuous thighs until she can feel Denise's womanhood between them. Her nipples become erect as she loosens her forearm around her opponent's jaw. Denise grunts and moans as she strains her lovely legs to the max but is unable to budge the more muscular thighs of the Anaconda Woman from around her. Both women are breathing deeply, their full bare breasts now slightly sweat- glistened. The sensuous snake woman rubs the blond beauty's womanhood with her right thigh, stroking her gently as they lay on the floor facing Tia. Now both women feel themselves weakening. Beyonce continues toying with Denise with her thigh for a couple of minutes.

When she releases Denise's jaw and wraps her arms around her breasts in a reverse bearhug, the dominant, dark-skinned diva, flexes her forearms and biceps into Denise's breasts as she pulls the blond beauty on top of her. She twists Denise's thong with her thighs, stretching the waistband about a quarter of the way around her hips. Denise again feels the tawny, rock hard thigh muscles of her powerful tormentor imposing themselves gently around her now bare womanhood as her breasts are being squeezed and flattened by Beyonce's strong arms.

The exotic Anaconda Woman loosens her hold around the breasts of the topless blond beauty and Denise slumps sobbing and trembling in her arms. Beyonce watches Tia step forward, then cross her arms over her bosom as if impatient for her dominance over her lovely secretary to end.

Beyonce, still aroused by the sensation created by holding Tia's shapely employee quivering in her arms, decides to finish the one-sided contest. After all, she'll have the entire weekend to enjoy her domination. She's also concerned that - aroused as she is - she may weaken herself to the point of allowing her sexy opponent off the hook, something she really doesn't want!

With her arms locked around Denise's breasts, Beyonce squeezes Denise into her by flexing her strong forearms and biceps. Her thigh muscles are locked around Denise's groin but the tawny black beauty is applying very little pressure.

Beyonce asks, "HAD ENOUGH, LITTLE GIRL?"

Denise whimpers, but gasps, "NOOOOO....NEVER!"

Denise is determined not to submit in front of her employer. Beyonce twists Denise partly to her side with her thighs till she is facing Tia. Denise finds her professor staring at her seemingly with no emotion. She feels intensely the sensuous Anaconda Woman's steely left thigh muscle pressing into her womanhood. A sensation envelopes the lovely blond and she feels as if she is about to wet Beyonce's tile floor profusely if the muscular black beauty applies any more pressure.


Beyonce slips her thighs up and down Denise's groin, toying and teasing, as she gazes into her eyes with a smug grin. Denise was panicking, terrified that at any moment she would feel the dark diva's steely muscles flexing around her groin. Beyonce loosens her reverse bear hug and begins toying with Denise's nipples. She sticks her tongue out and licks her right breast and nipple as a show of dominance. Then she begins fondling them with her fingers. Denise looks up into her tormentor's eyes. Beyonce inhales deeply, her bare breasts pushing into Denise's back as she exhales. As their eyes meet, the dominant woman stares at her lovely prey with wicked intentions. She pretends to flex her thigh muscles without applying any more pressure.

Denise screams, "NOOOOOO......DON'T! PROFESSORRRRRR...."


Still fondling Denise's nipples, Beyonce stares into her frightened foe's eyes meanly. Denise feels Beyonce's thigh muscles increase the pressure slightly around her twat.

"NOOOO...PLEASSE...PROFESSOR…(sniff sniff)...MAKE HER STOP...(sniff sniff).. SHE'S… HURTING ME..."


Denise tried to hold back her sobs but could not prevent herself from crying. "PROMISE YOU WON'T..(sniff) THINK ANY LESS OF ME, P-P-PROFESSOR? I TRIED MY BEST....I JUST FEEL SO....SO HELPLESS....(BOO HOO HOO)!"

Beyonce broke out in a gleeful laugh as Denise continued her pitiful sobbing, Then looked over and smiled at Tia. Still, she had too much respect for the professor to rub it in so she asked Denise, "SO, DO YOU SUBMIT TO ME, BABY GIRL?"


The victorious ‘Anaconda Woman’ released the blond and allowed her to flop limp and sobbing on the floor. Beyonce got up and motioned for Tia to join her for a drink at the bar. "I promise she'll be in good shape for work by Monday morning," the black diva assured her.

"Congratulations, Beyonce!" Tia answered. "You and Jennifer Garner proved to be my top students - so far."

They sat and watched Denise, her body shuddering as she sobbed like a little girl sprawled facedown on the tile floor. Already, Beyonce's mind began to envision her next fight - with Jennifer. "Then a fight between me and Jennifer would prove who is #1, wouldn't it professor?"

Tia smiled. "It certainly would!" Finishing her drink with a long gulp, Tia yelled at Denise, "I'll be here 8:30 Monday morning to pick you up!" With that, she turned and walked out the door.


Denise heard the door slam and the threatening figure of her well muscled, dark-skinned conqueror stalked toward her.


When Tia rang Beyonce's doorbell Monday morning, she heard the diva yell, “Come in.” When she opened the door, Tia found Denise lying over Beyonce's lap. They seemed to be having a good time and the vanquished blond beauty was as docile over Beyonce's lap as she was on Tia’s after she had dominated her.

"Beyonce promised to take me shopping after work tomorrow," Denise informed her boss. “Can I go? Huh? Please?”

"It's time to go to work, Baby Girl. You can't keep your boss waiting," Beyonce told her with a smack on the ass. As Denise reluctantly arose from the lap of her new Queen, Tia felt a pang of jealousy. Beyonce had definitely brought out the little girl in Denise; but she could only imagine what had happened to her over their weekend together!