PART ONE - Denise Richards vs. Heather Locklear by bocarat
Denise was lost in thought thinking about her impromptu battle with Cindy Crawford. She turned down the idea of the pilot, believing that she would be a just a face on the show, and not the featured character. She did accept another pilot, this one for UPN and was quoted as saying, “My character is shamelessly channeling Heather Locklear in Melrose Place!” Then she made an off-hand remark that, “even Heather plays Heather!”

The feud was fueled when it was alleged one of the guest stars of her ex-husband’s show had been caught on the set having sex with Charlie! Denise wondered which one, and of course there was that other bitch that all but admitted it - but that would come later. Denise was leaving the set when she got a call on her cell. She was taking her oldest daughter home after filming on the set, and joining her other baby girl at home. To her surprise it was Heather Locklear!

Heather said, “Let’s you and me get together!” She suggested the Beverly Hills Hotel, adding, “We can meet, talk and have dinner.”

Denise agreed, and wondered what this was about. Perhaps it was to clear the air, about her and Charlie, or maybe she had information about who the bitch was who screwed her man? Everyone knew Heather was always good for dishing information on someone else!

Denise sped home, and dropped her daughter off with the nanny, kissed the baby and was out the door. She agreed to meet Heather at the Beverly Hills Hotel, so she turned off her cell phone. Denise arrived at the front desk dressed in a light blue blouse and black skirt and heels and was immediately identified by several staff members. She was instructed to go to a room on the 3rd floor. Denise was taken aback by the behavior of the staff, and warning bells and whistles started to go off in her head.

Denise knocked on the door, and just as quickly as she opened the door, Heather grabbed her and spun her into the room like a spinning top on her high heels, but Denise able to shift her weight and used her momentum to spin Heather onto the nicely made bed on her back.

As she advanced, Denise noted Heather too was dressed very professionally in a dark blue jacket, matching knee length skirt, light blue blouse and heels. As Heather sat up on the bed, she reached up to grab Denise’s blouse as Denise instinctively reached for Heather’s beautiful blonde mane. As Heather ripped her blouse open, Denise lowered her exposed chest on top of Heather’s as they both fought to control the other’s hands and dangerous talons. While Heather’s legs were dangling over the bed, and one in the air, Denise propped herself up on the bed, and pressured Heather’s arms with her body weight.

“Let go of me you stupid bitch!” Heather protested. “I only wanted to talk!”

Denise yelled back, “Yeah Right! That’s why you attacked me at the door!”

Heather reached up and squeezed Denise’s already battered and bruised breasts and pulled, flipping her over onto her side, then rolling her onto her back and mounting her. Denise reached up and slapped the older blonde actress several times before they released each other, rolled apart, then attacked each other again - this time on their knees in the middle of the bed. Denise struck first, ripping open Heather’s blouse and opening it for further review. She used Heather’s jacket the way hockey players use a foe’s jersey, pulling it over her head to blind her vision and tangle her arms. Heather tried to protect herself from the assault, but only managed to delay the inevitable. Although Heather had to give Denise access to her assets, she got to peruse Denise’s twin assets when she ripped open Denise’s blouse as well!

“Aawww you bitch!” Denise screamed as Heather tore and tore at her soon-to-be-useless blouse.

The two women are now on their beautiful asses at they fight and cuss at each other. Denise pushed Heather back, then sat up to hover over the older blonde actress. Heather kept clawing Denise’s breasts as Denise clawed and tore Heather’s skirt and nylons to shreds.

Heather screamed, “OOOOwwwww!” as Denise’s strong, sharp nails tear through the thin nylon fabric to rip and tattered her stockings and scored her sensitive flesh. Denise nails Heather across her face with two left handed slaps, putting Heather down on her back on the once neatly made but now rumpled hotel bed.

Denise yells at Heather, “Get up and fight bitch!” Heather covers her face, and hides the tears and is sobbing like a little girl. She reaches up and tries to scratch Denise’s beautiful, but angry face and Denise reacts by slapping Heather again and pulling more blonde hair for good measure.

Heather then started to rise up and knocked Denise down on the bed so that both women were on the bed, leg intertwined and ripping at each other’s nylons, and flesh. Their legs kicked, and thigh squeezed to dominate the other blonde. As they struggled their breasts bounced from the movements, and caught the eyes, and soon the hands and nails of each other’s. Both women yelped out in pain from the lighting bolt of pain going through their breasts. The two stopped attacking each other’s blouse, bra and breasts as they leaned back away from the mammary battlefield.

Heather yelled at Denise, “Give it up slut, you can’t take me you fucking whore!”

Denise responded, “I’m gonna teach you a lesson you old whore!”

Denise leaned into Heather, and started to choke the older blonde actress who was now sprawled out on the bed, and gasping for air.

“Fuck you bitch!” Heather meekly spewed as breathing became more difficult.

“I’m gonna choke the life out of you slut!” Denise responded.

Heather was stretching away from the blonde aggressor, and soon her head was over the side of the bed as the two blonde bitches struggled. Denise was forcing Heather’s head and body over and off the bed, as Denise pressured more and more, Heather’s right leg was between Denise and her knee shot up into Denise’s unprotected crotch.

The two blonde warriors found themselves both on the floor of the Hotel room. They fought in very close quarters as each rolled the other off the dominant position. Denise finally took the top position and clawed and pulled at Heather’s beautiful, blonde tresses. Denise spread her legs to affirm and claim her victory over her subservient foe. Heather continued to pull Denise’s hair and tried to knee Denise’s crotch again and again, but to no avail. The only target she was hitting was Denise’s lovely, round ass. Denise straightened out her long legs around Heather legs, and the remains of the women’s nylons were making a slight swish noise as they struggled against each other. Somehow the two kept their heels on, and the two blondes were using the heels to dig into the foot and calf of their enemy. Denise hooked Heather’s legs to contain the sharp impact of Heather’s heels.

Suddenly, Heather was on top of Denise and began to choke Denise, and she retaliated by choking Heather. The two were caught in a stalemate of cutting off each other’s air supply. Heather broke Denise’s grip, which allowed the younger blonde to attack Heather’s breast and love mound. Heather cried out in anguish from the pain of the up close and personal attack. Heather fell off to her side to move away from the attacking fingers and nails, and kicked at the blonde with her shoes. Denise got to her feet, and went over to the fatigued Heather, and pulled her around the room by her blonde hair.

Heather cried in pain, “OOOOwwwwww!”

Denise said, “Good, you fucking slut! You disgust me you bitch!”

She released the blonde from her hair pull, and she fell to the floor with a thud. Denise moved away from Heather, and sat down on the bed to collect herself. After Denise caught her breath and composure, she looked down at the disheveled blonde and poked her with her heel “So, did you sleep with Charlie?”

Heather looked up and answered, “Yes, we did.”

Denise looked perplexed and said, “Is that what this fight was all about?”

“No, you got my show!” Heather answered.

“What are you talking about?” Denise asked.

“That show on UPN was to be for me, but somehow you got in a fight with the right bitch, and you stole it away from me!” Heather sitting up answered back. “And besides,” Heather continued. You’re using me as a model for your character! You admitted it, you bitch!”

“And you fucked my man, slut!” Denise retorted.

She continued to get herself straightened up for her departure not wanting to be seen or photographed by anyone looking like this. She looked at Heather and said, “Well I guess I just proved the studio hired the right bitch huh!” Denise gave Heather an ‘Eat shit’ smile, turned and left the hotel room, leaving Heather to fume and cuss as she walked down the hallway to the elevator.

Denise finally made it home; her two daughters were happy to see mommy. It was getting late and mommy was tired, sore and beat! She and the nanny tucked the girls to bed, and Denise after saying good night to all was off to a nice long hot shower. The next morning arrived like a freight train and Denise’s head was pounding as she studied her reflection in the mirror; her eyes were puffy and she felt battered and beaten, “All these fights sure take a toll on a girl!” She made her way downstairs in her bra, panties and a new robe. She sipped her coffee, watched the news and eyed her babies. The bath and a relaxing repose helped, but the “wounds of war” were still present, both physically and mentally.


PART TWO - Denise Richards vs. Teri Hatcher by bocarat
Denise had just started feeling human again when the doorbell rang. Thankfully, the nanny was there to answer the door. After a brief conversation, a tall, lanky brunette pushed her way past the nanny and approached Denise. It was Teri Hatcher.

“What do you want?” Denise asked.

“I think you know!” Teri was about to use an expletive, but thought better of it after seeing the two little girls looking up at her.

Shocked, Denise says, “I don’t know what you want or what you think you’re doing here.”

Denise could see that this was going to be ugly, and really didn’t relish the thought of taking on this intruder in a fight in front of her girls, or anywhere. “You’ve implied some things about me, and I’m about to shut you up. So let’s go somewhere where we can settle this. OK?” Teri said. Denise stood up to Teri, who moved forward and pressed her body into Denise’s. “I’m gonna kick your skanky ass bitch!” Teri said, ignoring the audience present around the two.

The nanny was ready to hit Teri from behind, but Denise feeling like a gunslinger being called out by a city slicker in a gunfight took up the challenge. She told Teri, “Follow me to my office!” Denise led Teri to her bedroom upstairs and told the nanny, “You know what to do!” The nanny nodded with a wry grin.

Teri stepped inside the bedroom and closed the door. Before they began, Denise asked, “What’s this all about?”

Teri said, “Don’t be coy with me bitch! You know, and now I am gonna shut you up.”

Denise, preparing to do battle, moved onto the bed, and Teri followed. “This is where I do my best work,” Teri said as she started to shed her clothing.

“I thought so! You fucking slut!” Denise simply removed her new robe and struck a pose placing her right leg out on her toes, and her hands on her hips. Denise was ready to teach this intruder and skinny ass bitch a lesson in manners, and trespassing. “Remember you asked for this!” Denise reminded the brunette actress.

“So I did. I still can’t see what Charlie saw in you!” Teri replied.

The two women came together on their knees in the center of the bed. Each was in their bra and panties and had a handful of the other’s hair. Denise gained the upper hand first, and use the leverage, experience and home court advantage to put Teri on her back. As the two women struggled, each continued to tear and claw at each other’s hair and scalp. Teri grimaced in pain that the blonde was inflicting on her scalp. Denise was beginning to tear up from the pain also. Teri maneuvered her body so that now she was on top of her host, and pinned her arms to Denise’s side. Teri used the weight and force of her body weight on the blonde to trap and defeat her host. Teri lowered her chest into Denise’s and began to rub and poke her breasts and nipples into Denise’s. Denise squealed out in pain, as the fabric from both set of bras began to irritate the tender orbs. Denise was able to kick out of the hold, and soon the two were in the center of the bed attacking each other’s breasts. Denise was able to claw at Teri nice round breasts with her fingers tearing into the breast flesh, and her thumb digging into the brunette’s nipple.

As Denise continued to tear and dig into Teri breasts; Teri collapsed on the bed unable to defend her woman-hood and breasts from her blonde attacker. Denise nailed Teri’s love mound with a well-placed knee to her groin. Teri fell back against the pillows and yelped in pain at the punishment her body was being subjected too. As the two vixens rolled on the bed, Teri was able to roll Denise over, and gave her a good dose of her own medicine. Teri squeezed and compressed the tender, aching breasts of the blonde. Denise tried to defend her precious assets, but Teri was a woman possessed. Teri continued to squeeze and compress Denise’s breasts, then dug her thumbnails into Denise’s nipples, and clawed at the top of Denise’s chest with her sharp, manicured nails. Teri moved up on Denise’s chest and pressured Denise’s breasts, squeezing the firm, luscious mounds into each other. She was also able to use her knees to pin Denise’s arm by her side, and keeping the blonde hellcat helpless pinned beneath her.

Denise bucked like a bronco beneath the brunette, until she finally knocked her off of her and almost off the bed. Denise immediately went on the attack and slapped, and scratched the sides of the brunette’s once beautiful face. Teri reached out with both hands, and had a fistful of blonde hair. The two women then attacked each other’s bra’s ripping the fabric armor from each other’s beautiful, full chest. As the bra’s flew through the air to the bedroom floor below, the combatant’s took a moment to each suck in some valuable air as their now naked breasts heaved with each lung full of life. The two actresses stared at each other, each of them eyeing the targets of their hatred, and men’s desire. Being separated by less than a foot, the two closed the gap until their sore, erect nipples touched and the fight was back on.

Teri wrapped her arms around Denise’s slim waist and pulled the blonde chest into her own. Denise sensing a breast fight was on did the same to her brunette guest. The two women could feel their nipples dig and drill into the breast flesh of the other. Denise’s breasts were larger but Teri’s were up for the fight. Their foreheads and noses touched, and Denise thought that Teri was going to kiss her when she titled her head, and her arms moved up her back. With their foreheads still touching, Teri pushed off Denise’s chest with her hands and began to squeeze Denise’s breasts.

Denise snaked her hands up Teri chest to squeeze the life out of her opponent. Denise then powered up her energy and stamina and pushed Teri back down on the bed where she pinned Teri down using her arm strength to stop Teri’s arms from attacking. Teri was helpless beneath Denise and she soon realized Denise was going to smother her beneath her lovely, sweaty ass. As Denise’s butt approached the brunette’s mouth, Teri took a bite out of Denise’s right thigh, and the blonde quickly moved away from the gnashing teeth.

Teri sat up, as Denise slapped the brunette with a quick left to Teri’s right side of her face. Teri using her arms to upright herself on the bed was not able to defend the blow and felt her teeth and brains rattle from the impact. Denise was now sitting on Teri’s lap tearing and clawing at Teri’s once proud breasts. Teri could only wail in pain as her hands are digging and tearing at Denise’s firm ass. Teri was on her back on the bed with Denise sitting on her stomach; both women attacking the other’s sore, pained throbbing breasts. The sweat makes it difficult to get a firm grasp, so they scratch and tear at the flesh.

In supreme agony, Teri rolls Denise off of her and the two now are fighting on their sides. Denise being stronger pins Teri down once again and attacks Teri’s breasts, as Teri reaches up to claw and squeeze Denise’s. Denise is using her pelvis to grind away at Teri wet, soaked panties. Denise’s own panties are wet, not from arousal but from sweat. There was nothing-sexy going on here! This is a battle over pride and dominance between these two angels. Teri is in great pain, and can only cry out for relief from the blonde’s assault. As Denise continues to tear and pressure her breasts with her strong manipulative hands, Teri sneaks her long arms up between Denise’s legs and goes for her love mound. She probes into Denise’s panties, as her fingers tear with her nails at the sensitive crevice!

Denise howls out in pain, and throws punches aimed at Teri’s chest and jaw, but both do not connect and Teri recuperates and flips Denise over to her back. Teri knees Denise in her pussy, which stuns and quiets the blonde hellcat. As their legs become intertwined like vines, Teri lowers her body on top of Denise as she is quickly running out of gas. Teri attacks Denise’s breasts, but as she lowers her body on top of Denise she humps and grinds her pussy into the blonde’s. Teri then rises up on her knees and squeezes Denise’s breasts with all her might, as their legs, thighs and groins struggle against the others.

Teri puts her full weight on her arms as she mashes the poor, defenseless breasts of her host. Denise screams out in pain and anguish from the pressure. Denise then wraps her legs around the slim waist of the brunette. The two are moving closer to the edge of the bed, as Denise’s head hangs over the side. Teri fearing that Denise will flip her over, or that the two might fall off, tries to move up and back from the blonde face. Denise doesn’t let Teri escape and pulls at the brunette’s hair, and squeezes her thighs tighter around her waist. Teri cries out in pain from the pressure on her back, and in self-defense rolls to her side. Denise immediately throws a punch to Teri’s chest and into her stomach, which rolls the brunette into the fetal position. Denise also kicks Teri and knees Teri in her long, thin thighs.

Denise is once again on top of the brunette attacking her sweaty, damaged breasts. Denise begins to choke the life and fight out of her foe, but Teri is able to break the deadly hold; so Denise goes after Teri’s precious mammary. Teri can’t defend or fight off the attack, but Denise can feel Teri’s legs wrap against her thighs as Denise puts her weight onto the chest of her guest. Teri and Denise both feel the slim, sweaty protection of their panties invade the wet crease of their foe’s love mound. Teri looks up at Denise with shock and awe at the sensation the two now begin to share.

The two women gyrate their pelvis into each other’s as the fight takes on a new battlefield. Denise gains her focus first, and slaps the face of her victim, and uses the inspiration of sex to move up the body of the brunette’s. Teri’s eye now sense real horror and is defenseless to stop her blonde actress from finishing the contest. Denise pulls at the hair on the side of Teri’s face to position her face perfectly for the fight ending face sit. Teri can’t stop the move, but she drifts off to someplace safe and relaxes to the ultimate defeat and annihilation of pride. Denise sensing the fight leave the brunette’s moves her ass down’s Teri’s slick body, and lowers her breasts on top of Teri and stretches her body against the brunette actress. Denise looks into her victim’s eyes and asks,

“Was it worth it bitch?” Denise growls; then without waiting for a reply, she jumps like a frog on the brunette’s face and lowers her lovely, sweat love mound on Teri’s face. As Denise grinds her love mound into Teri’s face, she also reaches backs and claws and scratches at the already defeated chest of her victim’s. She then leans back as Teri struggles for air, Denise moves off of Teri’s face, and then moves towards it again to torment the brunette slut. “Apologize whore, apologize!” Denise demands.

When Teri gasps for air, instead of apologizes, Denise flips her position on the brunette and does a reverse face sit on the award-winning brunette. Denise in this position can better tear and assault Teri’s chest and continues to do so. Denise then begins to manipulate Teri’s love mound, as she fingers and probes, then claws at the sensitive orifice.

Teri screams in pain, “Aaauuggghh! No more, no more!”

Denise retreats off the submitting brunette, then moves close to her face and asks, “OK, now what the fuck was this all about?”

Teri gasping for air, and trying to control the tears says, “You said I was the one who broke you and Charlie up!”

“Well did you sleep with him or not?” Denise demanded.

Meekly Teri answers, “Yes, but I wasn’t the first. It wasn’t me who started it. You got to believe me it wasn’t MEeeeee!” Then Teri begins to cry as she rolls herself up like a roly-poly and cries some more.

Denise is shocked and embarrassed at the announcement and she looks down at the floor, just wanting the nightmare to end. “So why did you come here?” she asked.

Teri still weeping tried to talk between her blubbering and tears said, “I figured that I would rather confront you now, instead of waiting for you to come calling on me! I’m so sorry, but it meant nothing; it was just sex!”

“Well that fuck ruined my marriage - and my life, you horny bitch!” Denise responded. She looked again at Teri’s blubbering mass, and told her, “Now, get out of my house before I decide to finish your sorry ass off!”

Teri quickly gathered her clothes, and dressed as she ran downstairs and out of the home. Denise sat down on the bed, and let her face fall into her hands and cried. After Teri left, a dark sports car moved closer to Denise’s home, paused, then took off. The Nanny noticing the car, make a mental note to tell Ms Richards what she saw - as soon as she felt compelled to join the rest of the family.

Who was in the sports car? Whoever it was, that’s another story, for another time!