Jeri Ryan vs. Denise Richards by Vader

Special referee, model Rachel Williams, calls Denise and Jeri to the center of the ring. Both women, knowing that Williams is a lesbian, feel nervous as they see her eyeing them hungrily. Richards wears a hot pink bikini and jean shorts. Ryan's famous chest is packed tightly into a white tank which leaves her flat midriff bare. An orange thong completes her outfit. The bell rings and the combatants rush each other. Denise and Jeri both grab each other's hair. Their heads are pulled back as their chests press together. Rachel steps in to break them apart.

Pushing Richards back, Williams casually gropes Jeri's right tit. The actress stands stunned and indignant. Richards takes advantage of the pause to lash her foot into her opponent's abs. Jeri folds over. Denise reaches down her foe's tank, grabs her bra, and rips it off. Jeri clutches her chest as Denise parades around the ring waving the undergarment above her head. Ryan gets serious. Showing remarkable gymnastic ability, she lunges backwards toward Denies, completing 2 back hand-springs, the last of which brings her feet squarely into Denise's temple as she turns around.

The young actress collapses to the mat with a thud. Standing over her, Jeri unleashes six swift kicks into Richard's abs. Denise rolls onto her stomach. Jeri casually reaches down and unties the pink bikini strings. Jeri grabs Denise under her arms and hauls her to her feet. Jeri turns Denise around to face her. Richard's breasts are now mostly free of the bikini, the nipples completely exposed. She sees the referee staring lasciviously at her tits. Her self-consciousness overcomes her, and she crosses her arms over her breasts instead of fighting off the more real threat. Ryan shrugs and grabs her foe by her shoulders. The taller woman brings her knee up to the shorters abs three times in quick succession. Ryan tops off the assault with a brutal headbutt. Somehow still standing, Denise loses all hints of consciousness in her face. All three women in the ring know she is as good as done.

Denise Richards is out on her feet. Her knees continually tremble as Jeri Ryan plans her next move. Jeri slams Denise in the midsection, folding Richards over. Denise starts to crumple. Jeri catches her and, boosting the girl up, throws her over her shoulder. Jeri carries her victim to the side of the ring, tearing off Denise's shorts to reveal her blue-thong clad butt in the process. Denise can only kick her feet weakly as the woman reaches the ropes. Jeri lowers Denise, folded over, over the ropes so the girl hangs over them. Jeri wraps Denise's bra around her left hand and right foot to bind them together. Ryan picks up her own discarded bra and similarly binds Denise's right and left foot. Richards hangs immobilized over the rope. Ryan smacks her ass and, reaching between her legs, twists her nipples hard a few times to underscore the younger woman's utter defeat.

Jeri returns to the center of the ring to have her victory acknowledged by the Williams. As Ryan nears her, Rachel reaches toward her waist, apparently to raise her arm in victory. Suddenly the referee grab the bottom of her tank and raises it up over her head to cover her face.

Ryan, suddenly topless and blind, struggles to free her hands, but her arms are stuck in the sleeves. Rachel lowers her shoulder and drives it into the startled actress's midsection, driving her backwards. Ryan's back slams into the turnbuckle, knocking the wind out of her. Rachel presses on the attack, repeatedly slamming the woman into the turnbuckle. Williams slams her knee up into her abs, further weakening her. Rachel finally stops and Jeri slumps to the floor.

Rachel shreds the rest of the white tank off her, letting the startled actress see what is to happen as shel reaches into her shorts and produces a pair of handcuffs. Before Jeri can react, Rachel slaps the cuffs around her right wrist, stretches her arms above her head beyond the turnbuckle and cuffs her left wrist to it. Realizing she is now powerless and handcuffed to the turnbuckle, Ryan starts to scream but Rachel silences her by stuffing her tattered shirt in her open mouth. Then the referee peels down Jeri's thong. Knowing it will jointly satisfy her own desires as well as torment her helpless prey, Rachel starts to massage Jeri's cunt while sucking and licking her magnificent breasts as she pinches and twists her hard stiff nipples until Rachel climaxes with an excited gasp and a copious stream of fluid. Then, the fun really begins!