Jeri Ryan vs. Denise Richards by The Masked Avenger 12/4/00

Lights flashed. Music blared. The crowd clamored.

Jeri knew her face was red with both anger and embarrassment. She tried to sway to the music but knew that she looked completely awkward. She had no choice but to sway back and forth as the studio audience took in her gorgeous figure, clad in only a lacy lavender bra-and-panty set.

Meanwhile, her "partner" Denise was playing to the crowd for all she was worth. She pranced, shimmied, and shook around the studio floor in her sheer black bra and thong.

Denise seemed to take inspiration from the growing cheers. Her dancing grew more salacious; she gyrated her hips and ran her hands over her remarkable breasts. A smile crossed her face as an idea hit her. She positioned herself in front of the fuming Jeri with her back to the audience, then reached behind her back with one hand and unclasped her bra. Peering over her shoulder, she smiled wryly to the audience as she removed the lingerie. Of course, Jeri caught an eyeful of Denise's rack, before looking away with even greater embarrassment.

Denise placed one arm across her chest. She turned to face the crowd, which exploded in more wild exaltation. Denise waved her bra over her head in acknowledgment. She continued dancing, swaying her hips and dipping her shoulders. Denise sashayed behind Jeri, who was no so horrified she couldn't move. Denise draped her bra over the older actress's shoulder, dangling it down her chest. The audience hooted and hollered.

Denise sauntered back in front of Jeri and turned perpendicular to the crowd. With her free hand, she started to slowly peel her panties down. A moment of shocked silence covered the crowd as they tried to comprehend her bare hip. As the vixen stepped out of her discarded panties, though, the studio once again exploded in cacophony. Denise covered her bare crotch with her free hand. Spinning a quarter turn, she again faced the crowd. The fullest part of her breasts and her crotch notwithstanding, the young actress displayed ever inch of her skin. Shuffling over next to Jeri, Denise bumped her hips against Jeri's. Again. And again. Amid the roars of the crowd and Denise's giggles, Jeri's composure finally broke. Tears streamed down her beet-colored face. She spun on her heels, humiliated, and made her way off the stage.

Just before exiting, Jeri turned and shouted at the still-dancing Denise, "You're gonna pay for this bitch!!"

But as she regarded Denise's bare backside, she doubted her words could be heard over the din.


Denise and Jeri had agreed to appear as celebrity contestants on the syndicated game show, "Strip Poker." The premise put to the women was straight-forward enough: answer simple questions, select from a pair of cards to build a better poker hand than your opponent. At several times during the show, the team who lost a question, or who had a lower hand, had to remove a piece of clothing. At the end of the game, the losing team had to strip the rest of their clothing down to their underwear.

Jeri thought the show bordered on the idiotic, but as the money she would win - and she had no intention of losing - was going to charity, she agreed to the appearance. She grimaced when she found that Denise would be her celebrity teammate. Jeri considered the younger actress a mean-spirited bubblehead. Still, Jeri thought that she would answer a few questions, perhaps take off her sweater and maybe her skirt (contestants were advised to wear several layers of clothing), and be done with it.

Midway the first round, though, Jeri realized that all might not go as planned. Denise was missing questions on purpose!

"This southern state shares a name with the largest river in America," the host queried the women.

"Mexico!" Denise blurted out before Jeri could speak.

Denise wiggled out of her topmost shirt, a sheer black piece, even before the host prompted her.

And so it went. The only way the women did not lose every question was if Jeri beat Denise to the punch.

At the first commercial break, Jeri hissed to Denise, "What the hell are you doing?? Are you trying to throw this? We're looking like idiots!!"

"Lighten up, toots," Denise retorted. "Have some fun. The whole point of this show is to show some skin!"

Jeri's face felt flush, "But we're not supposed to lose on purpose! I'd really rather not be ogled in my lingerie by every pervert loser in America!!"

Jeri could not miss the glimmer in Denise's eye as she murmured, "We'll just see about that....."

The game continued. Thanks to Denise's treachery, one of the women had to lose clothing on two out of every three questions. As the final round began, Jeri knew with a sinking feeling that they would lose. She still nailed all of her questions, but Denise continued to blow all of hers. Sure enough, the game concluded with the women behind.

Lights flashed. The crowd cheered. Sirens blared.

"Ladies, you did a good......job," the host said, somewhat condescendingly. Jeri blushed again. "But now," he continued, "you both have to come down here and take the rest of your clothing off."

Jeri and Denise strode to the center of the stage. Neither had much clothing to shed, and moments later both were standing in nothing more than their underwear. Jeri was humiliated. She hated being gawked at out in public in her daily life. This was thousands of times worst. She sighed, tried to keep a stiff upper lip, and resigned herself to waiting out the final seconds of taping to allow the credits to roll.

Again, Denise had other ideas. While Jeri swayed begrudgingly to the annoyingly loud music, Denise was really getting into this. Her display was becoming embarrassing, at least to Jeri. Her horror grew as Denise started into her extended striptease. As much as she could not wait to get off stage, Jeri's amazement at the brazen display Denise showed kept her rooted to the spot. Not until the fully-nude Denise bumped up against her - done only to further her humiliation, she realized - did Jeri leave the stage.


Half an hour later, Jeri blew her hair dry in her dressing room backstage. A hot shower had calmed her down somewhat. But now, standing at the mirror in a white satin robe, she saw the entire embarrassing evening replay in her mind's eye. She felt her face redden yet again as her pulse quickened. Her hands began to shake, she was so angry.

"Dammit!" Jeri shouted as she spiked the dryer down. "That little bitch is going to pay!"

Jeri stormed out of her dressing room. Crossing the hall to Denise's room, she pounded on the door. In the moments of silence that followed, Jeri realized that she was running on pure adrenaline, and that she had know idea exactly how she would confront Denise. After several seconds, Jeri knocked loudly again. Again, no answer. She tried the knob. Unlocked! She opened the door and stepped inside.

There was no sign of Denise. Several pieces of clothing lay on the floor. Jeri was starting to think that no one was home until she heard the shower running. Quietly crossing the apartment, the statuesque blonde opened the bathroom door. Steam wafted out. Jeri could barely see more than a few feet into the bathroom.

"This is stupid," Jeri decided.

She left the door cracked open and turned to leave. Halfway to the apartment door, though, something caught her eye. A pile of Polaroid pictures on Denise's bed. Jeri picked them up and shuffled through them. Taken by someone in the audience, the 20 or so pictures showed Denise in progressive stages of undress, while Jeri stood awkwardly in her underwear.

Jeri's mind again flooded with anger. She HAD to get some payback. Turning again, she returned to the bathroom door, which she opened quietly. She made her way across the slippery tile floor. She stopped at the curtain-enclosed tub. She could not see through the opaque curtain, but could hear the water slapping off Denise's body and onto the ceramic tub floor.

"She's a sitting duck," Jeri thought.

Then she attacked!

Jeri pressed in on the curtain until she felt it touch Denise's body. Denise jerked and she cried out as she sensed an intruder. Jeri wrapped the curtain around her quarry's body. Denise struggled within the vinyl which had suddenly closed around her. Jeri's left arm had closed around her waist, though, and the younger actress squirmed in vain.

To improve her position, Jeri stepped into the tub. She had Denise basically secured with one arm. Jeri held her foe, back facing her, tightly to her body. She used her free arm to fire a few punches into Denise's body.

"Who....who the hell is that??" Denise called between coughs.

Jeri relished to tone of fright in Richard's voice.

"Whatever you do, don't hurt me!!" Denise wailed.

"Guess who, you slut!" Jeri punctuated the final word by snaking her free arm into the shower curtain, finding one of Denise's large breasts, and gouged.

"Ahhhh! Jeri??? Is that you? What are you doiiiiiiing" she cried, suffering through another breast-claw.

"Did you really expect me to let you get away with that? You humiliated me out there!"

Denise's voice quivered in panic and pain, "I'm sorry! Jeri, listen, please.....!"

Her cries for mercy fell on deaf ears.

"You wouldn't stop," Jeri growled. "Neither will I."

She continued to maul Denise's full breasts, eliciting howls of anguish which were only slightly muffled by the running shower. Jeri withdrew her arm from within the curtain and resumed raining punches onto Denise's defenseless body from without. Jeri was sweating. The water from the shower was quite hot. Her breasts rose and fell inside her robe, which by now had become drenched and pressed translucently to her chest. Her hair was matted to her head.

The dominant blonde was beginning to wonder how much longer her rage would hold out. Suddenly, Denise's foot kicked backward and impacted against Jeri's legs. Jeri's feet slipped against the slick tub flooring. Unable to regain footing, she fell, landing on her toned ass with a thud. Her hold around Denise's waist held, and Denise was pulled down as well. The curtain, being wrapped around the woman, snapped off its rod.

The bathroom held quite a scene indeed. Water cascaded down from the shower head. Jeri, one water-droplet covered breast having worked its way free of the sopping robe, lay in the basin of the tub. Meanwhile Denise, suddenly on top of her attacker, struggled to free herself from the shower curtain. Jeri's arm still clung to Richard's waist. Denise bounced. Jeri's hold slackened as Richard's hip impacted on her groin. Denise finally extracted herself from her vinyl confines. She scrabbled her way to her feet.

Denise spun and glared down at her adversary. Her face was contorted in anger, and her tits heaved, covered in water beads and red finger marks. Shower water splashed directly into Jeri's face. Denise took advantage, stomping squarely down onto Jeri's groin. The fallen blonde's body spasmed.

"Ahhhhh!" she cried in pain as her hands covered her nether regions. Denise delivered kicks to Jeri's side and stomach.

Richard's wet face was flushed with anger.

"How does that feel you cu....OUUFF!"

Jeri kicked upward and her foot found the young actress' groin. Denise stumbled backwards. Blinking through the water, Jeri saw Richard's breasts shake as her back smacked against the far wall of the shower. Denise's head continued back and hit the wall. Dazed, she sunk to her knees.

Jeri tried to stand, but the slippery curtain impeded her progress. One hand to the back of her head, Denise meanwhile rose to her knees. She took a moment to gather herself. All she wanted to do was to get the hell out of here. She put her hands on the edge of the tub and boosted herself. Denise was just about to raise herself to her feet and step out of the tub when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned her head just as Jeri's fist sailed through the misty air.

Hand connected with chin and Denise gurgled, then lurched forward. Her body folded over the edge of the tub. As Jeri stood, she beheld Denise in a very precarious position: the actress's hips were balanced over the tub edge, her legs dangling in the tub with her torso and upper body hung out of the tub.

Jeri stepped out of the tub struggling with the knot of the tie. At length, she stripped off her robe, turned off the water in the shower, sat on the edge of the tub, placing one leg on Denise's back and crossed the other over her thigh. Jeri had Denise trapped and her ass was an inviting target.

"Now, you little slut," Jeri taunted, "you're going to get what's coming to you!"

She opened her hand and slapped Richard's backside.

"Jeri, please!" Denise wailed.

"I haven't even started!" Jeri replied with another slap. And another.

Denise struggled, but she was pinned, half in the tub and half out, by Jeri's strong legs. Denise started to bawl. Jeri continued to spank until her arm was sore. It must have been 10 minutes, she reasoned. Denise was still weeping quietly. Jeri stopped to get her breath. Even through the fog, Jeri could see her prey's ass a bright rose color. She began to stroke the paddled flesh.

"There, there, you little tramp," Jeri cooed mockingly as her hand floated over the smooth cheeks.

Absentmindedly, she let her hand drift in between Denise's legs. Richard's body suddenly tensed. Seizing on the hint, Jeri slipped her finger into Denise's cunt.

"Jeri, PLEEEEASE," Denise pleaded.

Jeri continued for a few moments longer, then withdrew and shook her head. No, this was going too far, she decided. She grabbed Denise by the hair, raised her head up a few inches, then drove in down into the floor. Richard's body flinched then slumped.

Having knocked out her adversary, Jeri stood. She stared at the unconscious woman, draped over the side of the tub for a few. Richard's legs were splayed apart in the tub, her arms were drawn to her head. What a miserable evening, Jeri mused. She made her way through the steamy bathroom and exited, drawing the door closed behind her.

Back in the dressing rooms bedroom, Jeri gathered up the Polaroid's detailing her humiliation. She spent the next several minutes shredding each of them then crossed the room and stared at her reflection in the mirror above the dresser. Again, the entire debacle of the game show replayed before her eyes. She shook her head to clear the images and focused again on her reflection. She was a mess. Her wet hair was matted to her head and neck. Beads of water - or sweat? - clung to her chest and still-heaving breasts.....

With a start, Jeri realized she was still nude. She had left her robe in the bathroom. She sighed and returned to the bathroom. Steam wafted out into the bedroom as she pushed the door open. Jeri crossed the floor, stooped over, and picked up the wet silk garment where she had dropped it near the tub.

Standing, Jeri froze. Where was Denise?

The young actress was no longer draped over the tub rim where Jeri had left her. She gasped and turned around. She barely made out Denise, who had awoken and hidden behind the door, charging at her through the fog. Denise wrapped her arms around the startled actress as her momentum carried them both into the wall next to the shower. Jeri groaned as her back slammed against the wall. She coughed, trying to regain the wind that the impact had driven from her.

Denise stepped back and slapped Jeri's face. She continued her assault, punching Jeri foe twice in the stomach. She reared back for another blow, but her foot slipped on the wet tile and she fell to the floor, cursing. Jeri straightened and advanced. Jeri grabbed Denise, having risen to her knees, by the hair and wrenched her head back. Denise cried out as a slap stung against her cheek.

"Dammit bitch," Jeri shouted, "I put you down and you're gonna stay down!"

Desperate, Denise reached toward Jeri's body and, finding the Star Trek star's neatly trimmed groin, clawed for all she was worth.

"Ahhhh!" Jeri squealed. "Leave my cunt alone!"

Pain drove Jeri to her knees. One the same level as Denise, she release the hair and latched both hands onto the younger woman's full breasts. She squeezed. Denise responded by screaming and returning the favor. Through the slowly dissipating mist, both women could be seen with hands desperately fixed at the other's breasts, heads thrown back and an expression of pain and exertion etched on both faces.

Denise was the first to break the deadlock. Lurching forward, she slammed her forehead on Jeri's upturned chin. The older actress's hands immediately dropped. Denise grabbed the back of the woozy woman's head, straightened it, and drove a fist into her chin. Jeri whimpered, and her eyes rolled back into her head. She fell backward, her head knocking against the hard tile floor.

Jeri groaned as later - how much later she had no idea - she awoke to needle-like sensations all over her back. She realized that the tingling was extremely cold water, from the shower she guessed. She was facing down into the tub. Her shoulders were wrenched back painfully. She tried to move her hands, but found they were restrained behind her back. Likewise, she realized her feet were bound.

Her opponent having momentarily blacked out from her backward tumble, Denise planned her revenge. Grabbing Jeri under her arms, she hauled the big-breasted blonde over to the shower. Denise draped Jeri over tub edge, lowering her upper body into the tub. Denise next removed the tie from Jeri's robe. She pinned the woman's arms behind her back and tied Jeri's arms at the elbows. Next, she wrapped the wet robe around and between the fallen woman's legs above the ankles, tying it off in a thick knot. Having Jeri secured, Denise repositioned the shower head and turned on the cold water.

"De....Denise, seriously, this has gone far enouGGGGH!"

Jeri's words were cut short as Denise swatted her ass with an open palm.

"How do YOU like it, slut?" Denise growled.

She spent the next ten minutes spanking Jeri, stopping only long enough to turn off the water and to periodically molest Jeri's dangling breasts. Jeri's please and cries eventually deteriorated into whimpers. Denise finally ceased her paddling. Jeri's hopes that the torture was over were dashed as she felt Richard's knee force itself between her thighs, wedging her legs apart.

"Denise, NOOOO!" Jeri wailed as she felt Denise's finger slip into her vagina.

"You're the one who gave me this idea, you cow!" Denise retorted. "But I just can't work with all these distractions!"

She grabbed a washcloth hanging in the shower and used it to muffle Jeri's protests. The bound blonde's body bucked as Denise continued probing, poking, and tickling Jeri's most sensitive region. The dominant watched in delight as her quarry's breathing became more frequent and desperate as she neared climax. Just as Jeri was about to orgasm, Denise withdrew and let her body settle, only to begin the torture afresh. Finally, having drawn the exercise out for more than 45 minutes, and approaching exhaustion herself, Denise allowed Jeri to cum.

Finally, Denise stood, caught her breath, then knelt by Jeri once more. She grasped the defeated woman's skull in both hands and lifted.

"Never, ever, fuck with me again," she said menacingly before she spiked Jeri's head on the shower floor.

Jeri slumped on the floor out cold.


The next morning, a cleaning woman who worked for the studio entered the dressing room that Denise had occupied the day before. After tidying up the bedroom, she moved to the bathroom and cursed as she saw the shower curtain had been torn from its rod and lay in the tub. Stooping over, she froze suddenly when she saw it move. Again. And again! The maid's blood ran cold as she heard a muffled sound from beneath it. Carefully, she drew the curtain back and found someone under it! The cleaning woman tore the white vinyl aside to reveal a gagged woman's body hog-tied in the tub. She gasped at what appeared to be a vibrator inserted deep in her cunt. She withdrew the device and rolled the woman onto her back.

Jeri lifted her head and blinked away her tears. She tried to look up appreciatively at the maid, but the cleaning woman's eyes were focused on Jeri's taut abs. As Jeri followed her gaze and looked down the length of her body she saw scrawled across her bare stomach, in red lipstick, "REMEMBER, JERI......"