Boy Trouble: Brooke Richards vs. Lindsey Vuolo by kit

(Knock, knock, knock) "It's open! C'mon in!" shouted Lindsey, expecting it to be Brooke.

"OK, I've got your geology notes," said Brooke, entering the apartment.

"Just lay 'em on the table," said Lindsey, sitting on the couch, watching TV. Brooke tossed the notebook on the table and gave the brunette a snarled look as she sat with her back to her.

"Okay. I've gotta go now."

"Just a sec, it's almost over," said Lindsey, engrossed in the soap. Brooke leaned on the back of the couch behind Lindsey and watched the last minute of the show. Brooke and Lindsey were both college sophomores and had met in geology class. At first there was the natural blonde/brunette rivalry, fueled by the fact that they were both very busty and leggy. Both stood about 5-8 and weighed around 120 pounds. Their bodies mirrored each other to a 'T' as they were both 34DD-24-35.

Then one Wednesday night a few weeks back, they ran into each other at a bar and began talking.

"You gonna make class?" asked Lindsey. Their geology class met Tue/Thur at 7:30 a.m.

"Probably not," said Brooke. "Are you?"

"I doubt it. I'm gettin' pretty trashed now," giggled Lindsey.

About that time a couple of guys named Jim and Tom began hitting on them. At first both girls seemed to go for Jim, but when Lindsey dragged him to the dance floor and practically raped him, Brooke settled on Tom as her one-night stand. Jim and Lindsey kept dating.

"So, how was your date the other night?" asked Brooke, the next Tuesday.

"Mmmmm, great. We're still seein' each other," smile Lindsey.

"That good, huh?"

"Oh yeah," grinned Lindsey. "He's the best I've ever had."

Brooke was naturally jealous because she had wanted him that night. After class the girls decided to take turns coming in and taking notes. It was silly for both of them to show up when they could just take turns.

And that was three weeks ago!

"Alright," said Lindsey, getting up and walking around the sofa, "let's see what I've got."

"Hey, I take good notes," said Brooke, a little perturbed.

"Oh, I'm just...," suddenly Lindsey noticed the black t-shirt that Brooke was wearing. "Where'd you get that?"

"What? Get what?"

"That t-shirt. Where'd you get it?" asked Lindsey, recognizing it as one of Jim's.

"I got it from Jim," said Brooke.

"Jim! My Jim?" asked Lindsey as the blonde shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. "You know mmyy Jim?"

"Yeah," shrugged Brooke again.

"You slept with mmmyyy Jim?" Lindsey asked, stunned.

"Yeah, we've been sleepin' together," said Brooke. "He told me you were broke up."

Lindsey threw up her arms and spun in a circle. "That's a lie! Bitch, that's a fuckin' lie!"

"Well...that's what he said."

"Gggggrrrr! You bitch! You know I was sleepin' with him!"

"He told me that you broke up with him."

"Oh, you bitch! You're a liar!" shouted Lindsey, shoving Brooke in the shoulder.

"Bitch, I am not!" Brooke yelled, blocking Lindsey's next shove.

"Yes you are! You wanted him from the start!" shouted Lindsey, pushing at Brooke. "I thought we were friends!" Truth was that neither really considered the other much of a friend. They were both just using each other to take notes, and after the semester ended, neither wanted to continue with the relationship.

"Well, I guess we're not now!" Brooke barked back.

"Ggggrrr! Bitch! I can't believe you slept with my man!" yelled Lindsey, trying to push Brooke.

"He's mine now, bitch!"

"I'm gonna kick your ass!"

"Oh no you're not, bitch!"

"Gimme that t-shirt, bitch!" shouted Lindsey, reaching for the front of it. "You're not leavin' here with it!"

"Stop it, bitch! Lemme go!" yelled Brooke as they started pawing and pushing.

Suddenly Lindsey flipped out her right fist and clipped Brooke across the point of the chin.

"I can't believe you fucked him!" yelled Lindsey, watching the blonde staggered into the kitchen table.

Brooke caught herself, and rubbed her chin as she turned back around. "He's done with you! He wants me now!"

"Like hell he does!" yelled Lindsey, reaching for her. Brooke stuck out her right fist and tagged Lindsey on the end of the chin.

"I'm obviously better in bed, and he wants me!" yelled Brooke, grabbing a handful of Lindsey's permed hair as she was turned backwards.

"Oouuch! Leggo!" cried Lindsey, grabbing at Brooke's hands. Brooke tugged and jerked Lindsey in a circle. Lindsey winced but twisted and delivered an elbow under Brooke's ribs. The blonde grunted and let go. Lindsey wheeled around, driving her right fist across Brooke's left boob. "Ooommmph!" groaned Brooke, reeling back and clutching her globe.

"You're NOT better in bed than me!" shouted Lindsey. "You knew he was my man and you screwed him!?"

Brooke, rubbing her boob said, "I didn't just TAKE him…you said you guys were havin' trouble." Swearing, Brooke and Lindsey pounced chest-first as they threw their arms around each other and started pulling back on each other's hair.

" knew...uuumm...he was...mmmine," grumbled Lindsey as they pulled hair.

"Bitch...uuummph...he him...ooww," Brooke muttered as their healthy double-ds battled beneath their t-shirts. The blonde and brunette continued argueing as they jerked each other by the hair and used their tits to fight with.

"Uuummmm, you bitch," swore Lindsey, pushing Brooke up against the wall and rubbing her tits up and down. Brooke moaned as her tits oozed and squished in all directions. "How's my tits feel, bitch?" asked Lindsey, rubbing them up and down. Brooke groaned but dropped her arms around Lindsey's ribs and squeezed. Lindsey threw back her head moaning as the blonde squeezed and lifted her off the floor a couple of inches.

"How's mine feel, slut?" Brooke asked, her tits crushing Lindsey's tits.

Lindsey pushed herself free but Brooke caught her by the back of the hair and slung her chest-first into the wall. "Ugh!" grunted Lindsey, her tits pancaking across her chest. Brooke put her knee into the brunette's ass as she pulled back on her hair and stretched her out like a bow. "Oooowww!" wailed Lindsey, twisting away from the wall only to be captured in a headlock.

Brooke squeezed Lindsey's head, trying to pop it like a zit as Lindsey scratched at her arms and hands. Brooke swore, and then punched the brunette in the right cheekbone. Lindsey's knees buckled, but she grabbed the back of the blonde's long hair and yanked hard. Brooke winced, and lost her headlock as they now stumbled around the apartment pulling hair and tearing at each other's t-shirt. Shouting and swearing, Lindsey ripped Jim's t-shirt off Brooke's body as the blonde pulled the brunette's t-shirt over her head.

"Bitch!" shouted Lindsey, "I told you, you weren't leavin' here with that t-shirt."

"I'm also not leavin' without kickin' your ass, slut!" yelled Brooke. Lunging, each filled her hands with hair as their breasts slammed together and began boxing. Jerking and yanking, Brooke and Lindsey swore as their bare breasts punched and beat on each other for several seconds before they tripped to the floor and grabbed a handful of naked tit.

"Ooooww!" cried Lindsey as Brooke's nails twisted in.

"Ssshhhit!" Brooke screamed as her areola was stretched out.

Brooke and Lindsey rolled over a couple of times, pulling hair and twisting tits until Lindsey worked herself around Brooke's back and straddled her.

"Ooowww! My h-a-i-r!" wailed Brooke as her blonde mane was reigned back.

"I'm gonna rip all this fake blond shit out," growled Lindsey, shaking Brooke's head around in a circle while grinding the seat of her tight blue jeans into the seat of Brooke's tight blue jeans.

Lindsey slapped Brooke upside the head three or four times before shoving her face into the carpet and running it around. Brooke screamed and bucked, and bucked Lindsey sideways. But Lindsey still had Brooke by the back of the hair and she pulled her against her chest as she snaked her long legs about her waist.

"Uuuunnngggg!" grunted Brooke as the brunette's strong, muscular thighs clamped around her abs. Both girls worked out religiously and their bodies were tight, toned and muscular (in an attractive way), especially their legs.

"Better give, bitch," huffed Lindsey, squeezing with her legs while pulling on a fist of hair and pinching a handful of tit.

"Uuuunnngggg! Ooooowww!" howled Brooke, refusing to submit as she struggled to break free.

Lindsey surged her legs and raked her nails across Brooke's left tit. Brooke cried and seemed doomed, but a little backwards headbutt to the chin freed her as Lindsey was stunned just long enough for the blonde to roll free. Cussing, the two quickly got up, and Lindsey stung Brooke's cheek with a slap as they both took each other by the hair again and started shaking.

Catfighting was nothing new to these girls. When a girl is as hot and well-built as these two were, those just seemed to come naturally - and both were very good catfighters! Slinging each other around in a circle, Brooke and Lindsey toppled over the back of the couch and bounced off the seat cushions, hitting the floor with a THUD!



The fighting didn't stop as they immediately pulled each other in by the hair and started rolling. Their blue jeans wrapped up as they dug into hair and fought to get on top. Over and over they rolled, stretching out handfuls of hair as their 34DD's wrestled and took turns mashing each other.

" bitch," growled Brooke, slapping Lindsey's face as she tried to mount the brunette. Lindsey yanked on a handful of hair and twisted her right tit. Brooke cried and spilled over, taking with her a wad of hair from the side of Lindsey's head. The brunette screamed as she was dragged up to her knees next to the blonde, who was now on her back.

"Bitch!" shouted Lindsey, sending an ax handle chop across Brooke's belly.

"Ooommmpphh!" grunted Brooke, folding forward. Lindsey added a seconds chop across the blonde's chest, knocking her back down on her back and covering up her tits with both arms. Lindsey fell back to her ass, holding her head as she buried her face in her knees.

"Uumm, hair," mumbled Lindsey as the blonde lay a few feet away fighting to catch her breath after the wind had been knocked out of her. Lindsey scooted a bit further back and leaned against the front of the couch as she looked over at Brooke who was just sitting up.

"Uuummm...bitch," Brooke muttered, still holding her chest with both arms.

"Had enough, bitch?" asked Lindsey, running her fingers thru her hair.

Brooke glared at her a second. "You wish, bitch!"

Lindsey got up first and, as Brooke was still rising, she lunged with a SLAP that blistered Brooke’s cheek and rocked her back against the wall. "Fuckin' bitch!" shouted Lindsey, swinging again. The second SLAP buckled the blonde's legs, but she responded with a driving uppercut backhand that split the corner of Lindsey’s mouth, stunning her.

"You fuckin' bitch!" yelled Brooke, attacking and sending Lindsey sailing backward into the couch with a SLAP that nearly took her head off. Lindsey was laid out on the couch, sitting up and with her legs spread wide in a perfect 'V' that made an inticing target for Brooke who lunged and clasped her hand around the crotch.

"Aaaarrrggggg!" screamed Lindsey, buckling forward as Brooke's hand grinded into her vagina. The tight denim jeans kept the attack from being what Brooke had hoped. It did more psychological damage than actual damage, but still it was painful. Grabbing a handful of Brooke's hair, Lindsey shoved her backwards and then guided Brooke's face into her lifting kneecap. Lindsey's knee caught Brooke just under the nose and across the top of her mouth, splattering the upper lip and pulping it. Brooke fell to the floor with Lindsey coming down on top of her, but from behind. Wrapping her legs once again around Brooke's waist, Lindsey squeezed and squeezed as she reached around with both hands and pinched the living shit out of Brooke's areolas.

"Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggg!!!" screamed the blonde as her pink flesh turned blue.

"Give it up, bitch!" yelled Lindsey in her ear as she pumped her thighs and pinched with her fingers. Reaching behind her head, Brooke latched on to Lindsey's hair in the front and pulled. Lindsey held on for a few more moments, but the pain was too great and she was forced to open her legs and let go of Brooke's nipples.

"Oouuch, leggo," moaned Lindsey, slinking next to Brooke as the blonde now twisted around facing her.

"You leggo," grumbled Brooke, as neither was willing to forget or forgive. Calling each other some choice names, the blonde and brunette snuggled up as they worked their fingers deep into hair and laced up their legs. Nipple to nipple their breasts swelled up and fought as their hips joined at the crotch and rubbed.

"Bitch!" huffed Lindsey, rolling on top.

"Uuuummmm," Brooke groaned as her sore, aching tits oozed out beneath Lindsey's full, pressing tits.

Normally Brooke's tits would be able to handle Lindsey's tits in a fight, but her chest had received far more damage and wasn't up for the challenge. Twisting her fingers deeper into Lindsey's hair, Brooke pulled her off.

"Oouuch," winced Lindsey, but rolling back on top as her legs were squeezing the shit out of Brooke's legs.

"Uuummmm," moaned Brooke, thrusting her hips against Lindsey's hips and bucking her off again. The two went into a short series of rolls. Both pulling very, very hard on hair and fighting dead even with their thighs.

"Uuummm, I can't...believe...uumm, he slept with you," grunted Lindsey, stopping on top and scratching her nails into Brooke's head. Their tits were fighting full force, but Lindsey's nipples were just too much for Brooke's purple and puffy ones.

"Ooommm...maybe if you...uuummm...were better in bed, bitch," grumbled Brooke, squeezing her thighs tightly with Lindsey's thighs. They went into a hard, grinding roll with each other. Lindsey's nipples stabbed deeply into Brooke's areolas as her legs strained to snap the blonde's equally strong legs.

"Give it up, slut," huffed the brunette, stretching very hard on Brooke's platinum-blond tresses.

"Oooowww! Never!" cried Brooke, bulling her way on top and mashing down with her hips.

"Uuuummm," moaned Lindsey, envisioning Jim's cock in Brooke's cunt and wondering just which of them had the better pussy. Lindsey jerked Brooke off by the hair and rolled on top of her.

"Bitch, bitch, bitch," she huffed, bouncing her tits against Brooke's tits. Brooke moaned and moaned as her breasts took a battering. She was groggy and getting weak. The blows to her breasts and the knee in her face was starting to tax her strength. She couldn't feel her lips, but could taste the blood as it ran down her throat. Her thighs burned and her hips throbbed, and her scalpe felt like it was on fire. "Uuuunnnggg!" she grunted, bucking Lindsey off to the side.

"Bitch! Give it up!" yelled Lindsey, pulling like hell on two huge fists of hair.

"Oooooowwwwwww!!!!" wailed Brooke as a massive lot left the back of her head. Lindsey rolled on top and dropped her 34DDs like a pair of bombs on Brooke's deflated 34DDs. "Uuuummmmppphhhh!!" gagged Brooke, nearly puking. " I...I can't...uuuummmm, go on."

Lindsey pushed her tits across Brooke's tits and licked her up the side of the face. "Slut," she hissed. Mounting Brooke's chest, Lindsey pinned Brooke's arms over her head and rubbed her ass on her tits. The course denim and cruel words had the blonde in tears, begging for mercy but Lindsey still tormented the blonde; caling her all sorts of names and forcing Brooke had to make all kinds of degrading admissions.

"Smell my pussy, slut," demanded Lindsey, her snatch under Brooke's chin. "Say it’s much better than your pussy."

"Your," sobbed the blonde.




"...ooh, wetter..."


"' tighter...please..."



"Say it, slut!"

"...pinker...much more...please..."

"And you'll never fuck Jim again!"

"...never! I'll...never fuck...Jim again...I swear...please, Lindsey, please," sobbed Brooke.

Lindsey scooted back. Looking down at the crying blonde, she had no mercy or compassion as she cocked back her right fist and punched her across the mouth. "Bitch!"