Cameron Richardson vs. Jamie-Lynn Sigler By Blizzard

Cameron was nearing the end of her workout and her body glistened with perspiration as she walked the treadmill. Black lycra athletic tights hugged her slender hips and lean legs, outlining her feminine mound; the dark bottom hiding a heavy perspiration mark spreading out from her crotch. The 5’8” long-haired, blonde model/actress had been a member of the health club since she got her first big acting break as Celeste Arno on USA Network’s ‘Cover Me - Based On The True Life Of An FBI Family.’

Just 21 years old, Cameron had already experienced the harsh reality of television network disappointment when the short-run series was canceled by the USA network executives. Hollywood feasted on the broken dreams of cast aside talent and Cameron vowed she’d overcome the career hurdle that had been put before her. Three days a week, she continued to visit the club, maintaining her fitness and enjoying the emotional relaxation she gained exercising. She’d get another chance eventually - she just had to ride this rough section of roadway out.

It was a rather slow day member-wise at the club - Wednesday’s were normally quiet - and Cameron actually enjoyed her workouts most when the fitness room was sparsely populated. She worked with a certified trainer during her Monday and Friday sessions, but Wednesday’s were slated for mostly cardiovascular work on the treadmill and an occasional pick-up racquetball game if someone was willing. Her leisurely cool down session was about to be rudely disturbed.

“Yeah, like I was saying Dan, everything is going great,” said a boisterous female voice as the door to the fitness room flung open. “I couldn’t be happier - the show’s kicking ass, everyone’s buying my CD. What more could a girl ask!”

Cameron looked in the direction of the pretentious female and recognized Jamie-Lynn Sigler. The blonde groaned under her breath and looked away. The young star of HBO’s ‘The Sopranos’ was making a habit of interrupting her relaxed workouts with incessant boasting. She’d hoped to make it through the morning without bumping into the long-haired brunette, but apparently not. There was something about Jamie-Lynn’s showy personality that raised the fine blonde hair’s on the back of Cameron’s neck. It was the same disdain she’d felt for some of the bitchy models she worked with in her teenage years.

“It’s a great show, that’s for sure,” said Dan, the trainer, as they approached Cameron.

“Great?! It’s the fucking BEST show, Dan!” said Jamie-Lynn with her usual arrogance. As she passed Cameron, Jamie-Lynn raised an eyebrow and asked, “Hey Cammie, how’s YOUR career? Still unemployed?”

The blonde shot her a dagger stare, “My career is just fine. Thanks for asking,” she snapped.

Jamie-Lynn wore a complacent grin as she breezed past Cameron and readied herself for her warm-up. As she stretched out with light calisthenics, she continued with her performance, “You see Dan, my show is an HBO original series, as opposed to some of that other trash out there, like those USA flash-in-the-pan things.”

“Now, now, Jamie-Lynn. USA has some decent programming,” said Dan as he wagged his finger at the brunette.

“Oh really? I hadn’t noticed,” Jamie-Lynn smiled deviously as she glanced at Cameron.

The blonde stepped off the treadmill and flipped Jamie-Lynn the bird before walking across the room toward the ladies locker room. She wanted to gouge the egotistical bitch’s eyes out! Jamie-Lynn watched Cameron slam open the door and disappear behind it as it slowly swung shut.

“Excuse me for a bit, Dan,” Jamie-Lynn said as she started for the locker room. “I need to use the ladies.”

The dark-haired 20 year old pushed the door open and stepped into the locker room, letting the door swing slowly closed behind her. Cameron was standing there waiting for her.

“I’m so glad you followed me, you fuckin’ windbag!” growled the blonde.

Jamie-Lynn smirked at her as she used her foot to engage the door stop at to the bottom of the door. “Then you won’t mind if I lock this, will you bitch?” the brunette asked sweetly.

“Oh, please do,” hissed Cameron.

Jamie-Lynn slowly moved toward the blonde, who was standing at the end of a full length bench between two rows of lockers.

“So,” she said casually, “did you learn any moves on you trash TV show, or weren’t you on long enough to learn anything?”

Cameron stepped away from the lockers toward Jamie-Lynn, meeting her in an unobstructed area. Cameron slowly circled to her left and Jamie-Lynn did the same.

“I’ll let you be the judge of that, cunt.” hissed the blonde.

The two young actresses circled and feinted, flicking teasing jabs at one another, feeling the other out. Jamie-Lynn squared herself to the blonde and raised her hands head high.

“Care to indulge in a test of strength?” she asked coyly.

Cameron silently set her feet and cautiously reached out until the fingers of both hands were locked with Jamie-Lynn’s in a tight clasp. They both stiffened as their muscles tensed, grunting as they struggled for superior leverage. Jamie-Lynn gave a low pitched growl as she pushed her feet hard on the floor and exerted a sudden, potent thrust that made Cameron’s arms quiver erratically and she grunted. The brunette slowly forced her blonde opponent’s wrists back, negating any leverage the taller Cameron had. Slowly, the blonde was driven to her knees, her firm breasts jiggling under the strain as Jamie-Lynn pressed down mightily and leaned her body over Cameron’s. As she straightened her back slightly, a subtle grin curled Jamie-Lynn’s full lips.

“HA! I knew I…..”

Suddenly, Jamie-Lynn groaned and folded forward at the waist as Cameron slammed her head into her crotch with a well executed head butt. When Jamie-Lynn lost her handhold, Cameron swiftly delivered a brutal uppercut to the brunette’s pussy, dropping the howling young girl to her knees in front of her holding her crotch. The moaning brunette looked at Cameron in shocked disbelief as the blonde reared back unloaded a right cross to her chin.

Jamie-Lynn’s body crumpled as she slumped over onto her back in a daze with her hands still clutching her pain-wracked crotch. As Jamie-Lynn rocked back and forth on her butt and squeezed her thighs together on her hands against the pain in her pussy, Cameron got to her feet and stood smiling over her confidently. The blonde planted the sole of her athletic shoe between the brunette girl’s breasts, leaving a dusty imprint on Jamie-Lynn’s white cotton tank top.

“I learned a few things, smart-ass, how ‘bout you?!” she said with a smirk.

Cameron put her shoe onto Jamie-Lynn’s left tit and slowly leaned on her, crushing it flat beneath her foot. The downed girl wheezed in pain as she fearfully looked up at her rival.

“Where’s that fucking cocky, smart-ass New York attitude now, huh fat ass?!” teased Cameron as she wiggled her foot.

“Bitch!” hissed Jamie-Lynn between gasps.

Cameron stomped Jamie-Lynn’s chest several more times, each one wringing raspy yelps of pain from the olive skinned brunette who rolled onto her side and pulled herself into a tuck trying to protect her tits while moaning in obvious distress. The willowy blonde reached down and grabbed Jamie-Lynn’s pony tail, hauling the pained girl to her feet and turning her so she was standing behind her. A ferocious kidney punch made Jamie-Lynn cry out in numbing agony, her legs buckling and only being kept from collapsing to the tiled floor by Cameron’s firm grasp on her pony tail.

Cameron grabbed the back of Jamie-Lynn’s red lycra workout tights and sent her stumbling across the floor until she crashed face first into the end of the metal lockers. The dark-haired girl dropped in a heap to the floor at the base of the lockers, curling into a fetal position and lay moaning in embarrassed grief.

“Looks like the FBI daughter is gonna kick the Mafia guy’s little girls ass today, doesn’t it?!” teased Cameron as she approached her fallen rival. She leaned over Jamie-Lynn and patted her full, round ass. “That’s quite a load you’re carrying in there, ain’t it chubby?”

Cameron reached for the brunette’s pony tail again and as she bent down, her long blonde hair cascaded down in front of Jamie-Lynn’s face. The brunette’s hands flew up and she grabbed two handfuls of blonde hair and, as Cameron shrieked, she yanked her to the floor beside her. Now both women struggled to their knees, squealing as they yanked the other’s hair and had their own pulled and yanked in return. Cameron freed one hand and pumped a short punch that flattened one of Jamie-Lynn’s breasts on her chest, stunning the brunette and making her to release her grip on Cameron’s hair.

Cameron backhanded Jamie-Lynn across the face, rattling her jaw and sending her sprawling on her side with a yelp. The blonde shook her stinging hand, then grabbed Jamie-Lynn’s pony tail with both hands. As she got to her feet she dragged the kicking, struggling brunette across the hard tile on her ass as Jamie-Lynn reached behind her head trying to claw Cameron’s hands from her hair.

“OWWWW! You fucking cunt!!!” squawked Jamie-Lynn as her lycra covered ass skidded and scraped across the tiles.

Cameron reached the next row of lockers and savagely slammed Jamie-Lynn’s head against them, rattling them and eliciting cries of anguish from Jamie-Lynn. She let go of the brunette’s hair and stood over her, kicking the toe of her shoe deep into Jamie-Lynn’s soft belly.

The brunette’s legs jerked into the air as she wheezed, emptying her diaphragm. Jamie-Lynn defensively rolled onto her belly and drew her knees up to her chest, leaving her ass jutting in the air as she knelt with her head on the floor and her hands clutching her belly.

“You oughta use the treadmill more,” said Cameron as she kicked the gasping girl in the ass. “Work some inches off this fat ass of yours!”

The battered, yet still proud brunette grunted, “At least...I.. have an bitch!”

Cameron snatched the waist of Jamie-Lynn’s tights and yanked them up forcefully, lifting the groaning girl’s fanny up as her tights were wedged into her still-throbbing crotch.

“Look at that ‘spoada butt’,” she teased. “You know what a ‘spoada butt’ is, bitch? A butt ain’t spoada be dat big!”

“Screw you!!!” snarled Jamie-Lynn, her hand clawing at Cameron’s hand that was yanking her tights.

Jamie-Lynn turned her head and looked back in the direction of the taunting blonde. Cameron released her hold on Jamie-Lynn’s bottoms and let the elastic waist snap against the brunette’s lower back with a loud THWAP! She took a step back and drew her foot back to kick the brunette in her ass again. Jamie-Lynn timed her girl’s kick, however, and dropped her butt just as Cameron swung her foot. The surprised blonde’s shoe hit nothing but air, and she screamed as she lost her balance and toppled backwards, hitting the floor and grunting when her ass smacked into the hard tile floor.

Jamie-Lynn went on the offensive without hesitation, bracing herself on her hands and knees and snapping a back kick that hit flush on Cameron’s face. The blonde shrieked as she was knocked flat, stretched out on her back writhing in pain. The groggy Cameron weakly struggled to get to her feet as Jamie-Lynn took her time approaching.

Cameron backed up against the row of lockers and swung her fists harmlessly at Jamie-Lynn, still too woozy from the kick and her collision with the floor to coordinate her fists. Her fists missed the smaller brunette who effortlessly deflected the blows and unleashed a potent slap of her own, cracking the blonde’s face and snapping her head to the side, leaving a dark red handprint on her pale cheek.

Jamie-Lynn twisted the front of Cameron’s pink T-shirt and held her against the lockers as she drove her fist into the defenseless girl’s unprepared belly. Cameron gagged, her tongue protruding from her mouth as she bent at the waist, gulping for air.

“You stupid bitch!” hissed Jamie-Lynn as she grabbed Cameron’s pert breasts with both hands and squeezed until her knuckles were white. “I’m gonna show you just how far out of your league you really are.”

Cameron was red-faced and whimpering as she squinted at the brunette who was mangling her tits through her cotton top and sports bra. She feebly pawed at Jamie-Lynn’s wrists in vain - it felt like her little breasts were being torn from her chest. It only got worse when Jamie-Lynn rammed a knee between the blonde’s legs. Cameron cried out as her pussy was crunched.

“Skinny little candyass!” taunted Jamie-Lynn.

Cameron groaned and whimpered pitifully, her knees half-bent as she held her aching pussy. Jamie-Lynn released her breasts, making sure to rake her bright red polished nails savagely across the front of the girl’s T-shirt. Then Jamie-Lynn clamped her hand over the blonde’s face, gripping her tightly as she pressing her fingertips into Cameron’s sweaty temples. A defeated moan escaped from the blonde’s lips as Jamie-Lynn worked her temples with a lethal face claw. Cameron’s hands slapped at Jamie-Lynn’s taut forearms as the brunette set her feet firmly and pouring on the pressure.

“You.....fucking.............slut......,” moaned Cameron as she fought against an overwhelming light-headedness.

Jamie-Lynn laughed wickedly and slammed the back of her faltering rival’s head against the end of the locker’s. Cameron yipped as the brunette banged her head into the metal locker several more times, her knees buckling as consciousness ebbed away. Cameron finally crashed into darkness, her hands beat limply back and forth against the lockers as Jamie-Lynn continued to apply the claw and ram her head into the lockers at the same time. The brutal brunette ceased her punishment and moved her hand to the unconscious blonde’s throat, holding the slumping girl’s body up as she used her finger to pull the lower lip of Jamie-Lynn’s open mouth.

“I am going to enjoy this, bony ass,” Jamie-Lynn said with a devilish smile.

She let Cameron slowly slide down end of the lockers until the blonde settled on her ass on the floor with her legs stretched out in front of her. Jamie-Lynn took Cameron by the ankles and grunted as she dragged the limp blonde’s body out until it was stretched out full length on her back on the cold tile. While Cameron lay helpless, Jamie-Lynn calmly stripped her stark naked. Then she rolled Cameron’s body onto her side and stared at her creamy white, bare, tight ass.

“Huh!” she scoffed as she released the blonde’s legs and let her flop over onto her back once again. “You give me shit about having a fat ass......looks like you left your ass in your other pants, bitch! You fuckin’ scrawny model’s are all alike. Screwing you must be like banging a goddam scarecrow.”

Jamie-Lynn grabbed Cameron by her long hair and pulled her across the floor to a wooden bench that was bolted to the floor between the rows of lockers. She left the blonde laid out on the floor on her back with her arms over her head beside the steel leg of the bench. She picked up Cameron’s damp, gray cotton thong from the floor and used it to tie her wrists securely to the steel upright. Then the gloating girl stood above her bound rival and prodded her ribs with her foot.

“I can count all of your ribs, you fucking anorexic bitch! Eat something for Christ’s sake!”

Jamie-Lynn rubbed her chin pensively and thought of all the terrifying things she could subject this conquered blonde to, when suddenly, Jamie-Lynn’s eyes noticed something bright at the far end of the bench. Cameron weakly moaned as she began to revive.

“Look at that shit!” exclaimed Jamie-Lynn with annoyance as she walked over to a towel left draped over the bench. “Some uppity bitch left her sopping wet towel here instead of taking it home and washing the damn thing!”

She picked up the wet towel and sniffed. “Eeeewww!!! It fucking reeks! Must belong to one of your USA network bitch buddies!”

The dark-haired girl sauntered back to the half-awakened blonde, placed her athletic shoe on the side of Cameron’s ass cheek and shoved her over to lay her face down. The thrashing blonde angrily rolled back onto her back, glaring up at Jamie-Lynn as she jerked at the thong binding her wrists trying to free them.

“Lemme go, pig!” snarled Cameron. “Fight fair!”

Jamie-Lynn giggled with glee as she slowly spun the wet towel into a tightly twisted weapon, “I did fight fair, cream puff. You lost, remember?” she sneered haughtily.

Then the brunette flicked the end of the towel at her rival’s crotch and it snapped painfully against Cameron’s exposed pussy lips. The agonized girl screamed, grimacing as she squeezed her thighs together reacting to the horrific pain in her crotch.

“I’d turn back over if I was you,” warned Jamie-Lynn with an evil smile. “Less you want me to whip that little blonde muff to a bloody mess.”

Cameron whimpered in frustrated fear as she rolled onto her belly, her cunt still stinging. Jamie-Lynn measured her with the towel, then snapped the wet, twisted end brutally against the blonde’s delicate ass. Cameron yelped and her entire body jerked. She was still quivering, her feet kicking at the tile floor defenselessly, when Jamie-Lynn snapped the towel again! The brunette dealt the blonde a savage beating, whipping the poor girl’s ass with the towel until it was a mass of deep, red, welts. She lay with her face pressed against the floor as tears streamed down her crimson cheeks, sobbing in near hysterics.

“Does this bwing back bad memories, wittle girl?!” teased Jamie-Lynn in her best baby-talk tone. “I bet all the girls whipped this tight wittle ass in school, didn’t they?!”

Cameron blubbered uncontrollably as she flopped over onto her back, wincing as her stinging ass made contact with the cold tile floor.

“Let me go!!!” she whined.

Jamie-Lynn sat on the end of the bench above the blonde’s head with a nonchalant look on her face, then leaned forward and removed her athletic shoes. Slapping the soles of her socks on Cameron’s flushed cheeks, she told her, “Admit you got your ass kicked.”

“Go to hell!” spat Cameron with hatred in her eyes.

The blonde watched nervously as Jamie-Lynn slowly peeled off her cotton socks, then got up with a sock in each hand and squatted beside the blonde, rubbing her face with the sweaty socks. Cameron sputtered and wrenched her head aside, trying to avoid the smelly socks. Jamie-Lynn stepped back from the bench and stood in full view of the blonde girl. Seductively, she peeled down her tights revealing a black thong. She turned her back to Cameron, bent forward thrusting her full, shapely ass toward the blonde and spanked herself several times as she looked back over her shoulder at Cameron.

“Now, this is an ass you can grab onto.........I hate to tell you, skinny girl, but guys dig asses like this.”

Cameron growled in frustration, her wrists jerking in vain as Jamie-Lynn peeled off the thong and prodded at her slick pussy lips as she quivered and moaned slightly. She sat back down on the end of the bench with her bare feet straddling the tall blonde’s head. Cameron grimaced and spat as the brunette placed her foot on her face. She shook her head from side to side, trying to dislodge the sweaty foot from her face.

“You’re in no position to argue, honey,” Jamie-Lynn teased. “Come on, admit you’re beaten or I’ll have to knock you out and drag your skinny, naked ass out into the club to show everyone,” she threatened.

Cameron’s pride was broken; she cringed at the thought of submitting to this bitchy, brassy, brunette but she realized she was at her mercy at this point. As much as it pissed her off to do it, she gave in.

“OK, you win dammit. Now, untie me,” she angrily demanded.

“Uh-uh, not so fast hon. First, say ‘Jamie-Lynn kicked my skinny ass’,” said the brunette mischievously as she prodded Cameron’s lips with her smelly toes.

The blonde spat, but she sighed in resignation and admitted, “Jamie-Lynn kicked my skinny ass. OK, you got what you wanted. Now untie me you fuckin’ bitch!!!”

But instead of releasing her, Jamie-Lynn continued to toy with the blonde’s mouth, rubbing her toes over her lips as she grinned devilishly.

“Nah, look at my foot. It’s all sweaty and dirty.........I want you to lick it clean like a good little foot slut, then I’ll let you go.”

“Fuck off!!!” growled Cameron as her head rocked back and forth under the brunette’s rocking foot.

Jamie-Lynn removed her foot and put it on the floor beside her rival’s head. Cameron looked up at her icily, her lips clenched..

“Would you prefer the alternative?!” asked Jamie-Lynn, nodding toward the door to the gym.

She got to her feet, walked across the room and picked up a metal folding chair. She brought it back and placed it straddling Cameron’s waist. The blonde squirmed and struggled as her naked rival sat down on the edge of the chair, spread her legs to give her good look at her pussy, raised her foot and mashed the bare foot down on her face covering her mouth as she pinched her nostrils shut with her toes.

Cameron’s struggling was severely hampered by the fact that Jamie-Lynn’s full weight was on her face, pinning her head to the floor. The blonde’s nipples were hard and stiff atop the peaks of her small, firm breasts. Her will to resist was gone, and the blonde garbled a defeated moan, followed by a plea, “Mmmmfff.....I’ll do it.......stop!....”

Jamie-Lynn smiled with satisfaction as she rested her heel on the blonde’s chin and ran the tip of her toes over Cameron’s nose.

“Start with my heel and lap your way up to my toes.......slowly!”

Cameron sniffled and whimpered, squeezed her eyes shut and forcing out crocodile tears but she opened her mouth and licked her dry lips. Her tongue gingerly flicked out and touched her foe’s salty arch. She whimpered as she obediently began to lap at the underside of Jamie-Lynn’s foot. She crinkled her nose as she tasted the superior girl’s dank sweat. Jamie-Lynn laughed wickedly and slowly maneuvered her foot downward, allowing her foot slut to lave the ball of her foot with her soft, pink tongue.

“That’s a good little pathetic pussy.” teased Jamie-Lynn. “There’s hope for you yet! Now, I want you to suck my toes.........pretend they’re you boyfriend’s little pecker.”

Cameron sobbed as she sucked in a breath, her body shaking as the humiliation of her defeat crushed her spirit. This was pure agony for the blonde! She lifted her head and took Jamie-Lynn’s big toe into her velvety mouth, closing her moist lips around it snugly. Her tongue teased the underneath of it as she gently suckled, bobbing her head up and down slowly.

Jamie-Lynn gazed down at Cameron with a euphoric expression, her clit buzzing between her thick thighs. She moaned as she parted the sopping folds of her hairy cunt and massaged her slit briefly, then inserted two fingers into her honey-filled hole.

She fingered herself with increasing vigor, her thumb pressing firmly just below her clitoris and making her swoon with bliss as Cameron’s mouth worked it’s way down the row of her toes, suckling each one, her mouth bitter with the brunette’s foot sweat. When she reached Jamie-Lynn’s little toe, the brunette was fully engaged in a fierce masturbation session, moaning loudly and giving a little cry and shuddering as she pressed her love button and released the honey that spurted from her and coated her fingers and oozed down onto the seat of her chair.

Cameron had been so immersed in her act of subjugation, she hadn’t realized her rival had been busy pleasuring herself until she heard Jamie-Lynn moan. Her eyelids opened and she looked up just as the brunette climaxed. Cameron cringed and jerked her head back, pushing Jamie-Lynn’s toe from her mouth with her tongue.

“You sick bitch!” Cameron spat, her taste buds reeling from the foot sweat that covered them.

Jamie-Lynn slowly regained her composure and got to her feet, moving the chair aside. She released a satisfied sigh and poked at Cameron’s gash with her big toe. The blonde was again livid.

“OK, I sucked your damn toes. Now fuckin’ untie me you perverted little bitch! You got yourself off, now do it!”

Cameron kicked at the brunette but Jamie-Lynn easily deflected the foot with one hand. Then she reverse straddled the blonde and glared down at the angry, squirming blonde.

“You thought you could kick my ass, scarecrow?! FUHGEDDABOUTIT!!! What was the name of that lame show of yours? I believe it was ‘Cover Me’?”

Jamie-Lynn dropped to her knees and Cameron shrieked in fear as she realized what was about to happen as the brunette reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart, then sat back onto her wriggling face.

“You were so enthralled with my ‘fat ass’,” Jamie-Lynn chuckled. “So I’m gonna ‘cover you’ with it, wimp!”

Cameron kicked her legs frantically as the brunette’s ripe, sweaty ass mashed against her nose, her lips sealed by Jamie’s sticky cunt. Cameron’s fierce protests were nearly inaudible, but they brought a satisfied smile to Jamie-Lynn’s lips as the blonde’s cries vibrated against her pussy and teased her.

“How’s that for an up-close of a real woman’s ass, Cam-bones?!” taunted the brunette as she ground her fanny against the weakening girl’s face.

Cameron moaned beneath the brunette’s bountiful booty, her knees bending as she planted her feet on the floor and vainly bucked and bounced her ass trying in vain to unseat Jamie-Lynn. The nasty brunette pinched, pulled and toyed with her erect nipples, taking them between her thumb and index finger and tugging, then shaking them back and forth, causing Cameron’s breast flesh to jiggle as she rode out the violent, but brief storm of protest from the blonde.

“A little rump roast for ya, bitch. Ya need to eat more!” teased Jamie-Lynn.

Cameron’s innocuous struggling quickly ebbed as she couldn’t get any air. Her whimpering soon ceasing and her feet slowly slid down until her legs were splayed and still. Jamie-Lynn continued slapping her girl’s small breasts and smacking her flat, taut, belly. She lifted her hips a bit, positioning her cunt just over the blonde’s mouth and giving her a chance to gulp a mouthful of fresh air.

“Why don’t you use that nice tongue on my pussy?” Jamie-Lynn asked seductively.

There was no movement or response from beneath her, so she slid off and looked back down at the unconscious blonde.

“Ooops, guess I put your sorry ass to bed, hmmmnn?!”

Jamie-Lynn clasped her hand around Cameron’s throat and squeezed, forcing the blonde’s tongue out of her mouth. She gently placed her slick pussy on it and rubbed herself lightly back and forth, depositing the residue of her masturbation on it. “A little memento for ya, hon.” she giggled.

Suddenly, the door to the fitness room rattled as someone tried to open it. It shook briefly and then someone started pounding on it from the other side.

“C’mon, open up!” urged an irritated female voice.

Jamie-Lynn got up from off her destroyed rival and quickly got dressed, yelling “Yeah, OK. Just a sec!”

She smiled a satisfied smile as she looked down at the naked, unconscious blonde stretched out on the floor. Then she went over and snapped the door jamb lock open. The door swung open and in strode Leann Rimes with her gym bag slung over her shoulder.

“Who the hell locked that?!” asked the irritated blonde country music star.

Jamie-Lynn shrugged innocently and then Leann’s eyes looked past Jamie-Lynn and saw Cameron’s nude body still tied to the leg of the bench.

“Ohmigod! Cam? Is that you?!!!” blurted the shocked girl singer.

Leann rushed over to Cameron and dropped to her knees, slapping the blonde’s flushed, sticky face trying to revive her. She untied the thong securing Cameron’s wrists to the bench and freed them.

“Cam, wake up! What the hell happened?!”

The flattened blonde moaned as her eyelids fluttered open and she looked up at Leann drowsily. The two young women had met a charity event earlier in the year and became fast friends. Cameron hated to admit it to her other actress friend’s, but she enjoyed country music - probably because her early years in Louisiana had left their mark.

Leann snapped her head around to glare at Jamie-Lynn and snarled, “Did YOU do this?!”

The smug young brunette opened the door and put her hand to her chest with a look of dramatic shock.

“Little old me? Are you fucking serious?!”

Jamie-Lynn turned and disappeared into the fitness room, her wicked giggling trailing off as the door swung shut behind her. Leann helped Cameron to her feet and got her dressed while the tall girl blushingly recounted her humiliating beating at the hands of Jamie-Lynn. When she finished, the country singer was boiling with rage and vowing to go seek revenge for her friend right then and there. Cameron, psychologically destroyed and physically exhausted, pleaded with Leann to wait for another, more opportune time. She just wanted to go home, take a shower and wash the taste and smell of Jamie-Lynn from her body.

Jamie-Lynn was back on the treadmill working out on low speed when Dan reappeared.

“What the heck took so long?!” he asked with a knowing grin. “Did I miss something in there? You two looked like you were going to tear the place up!”

Jamie winked at him just as the door to the ladies locker room opened and Leann walked out with her arm around the waist of a very unsteady Cameron. As they passed Jamie-Lynn, Leann’s eyes burned holes in the brunette.

“You and I are gonna dance, bitch!” Leann hissed.

Jamie-Lynn yawned in disdain as she walked on the treadmill, “Bring it on anytime, sweetie. I’ll knock the twang right outta your ‘thang’!”

Leann and Cameron left the club and Dan staring at Jamie-Lynn’s full ass as he tried (unsuccessfully) to conceal the bulge in his shorts. “Did I mention we have some wonderful private whirlpool baths?!” he asked Jamie-Lynn.

The brunette stepped off the treadmill and smiled, “That sounds delish....I’m kinda sore. Why don’t you show me a ‘private whirlpool bath’ Danny. In fact, why don’t you join me. For some reason, I feel really horny today!”