Amanda Righetti vs. Rachel Nichols by rutooold2

Rachel had reviewed the tapes of the Theron-Righetti fight repeatedly, looking for weaknesses in either woman. She watched Amanda fight Yvonne Strahovski frame by frame and analyzed every move by both fighters. Amanda was certainly strong and decidedly dangerous, but then, so was she! And Rachel had a score to settle; a sneak attack that called for a respond in kind. But to win this fight, she considered, she would have to neutralize Amanda's upper body strength, avoid her deadly thighs, and use her own long, lean, legs to take out Righetti’s. She'd spent two weeks building up her endurance and working with a wrestling coach on strengthening her legs.

At night Rachel sat calmly in her room and stared a picture of Righetti as she bent a humbled Charlize Theron over her knee, then she made the formidable image grow smaller in her mind's eye until Righetti was no longer a monster but merely another woman; a little shorter; a little heavier; but a woman nonetheless. Rachel was ready, physically and mentally!

Rachel moved quickly through the crowd and climbed into the ring. Though she looked fabulous in Daisy Dukes and a white tank top, she stared straight ahead, ignoring photographers and the excited crowd; shutting out the hubbub; focused!

Tonight's referee was Uma Thurman; she stood quietly on the apron, waiting for Righetti. Like Uma, the crowd stood and turned toward the main aisle as Amanda moved slowly to the ring; smiling and waving at her fans; mouthing off at her detractors. Athletic, confident, beautiful and dangerous in a hot pink bikini, she stopped at the row where Cameron Diaz sat, folded her arms and smiled.

"When I'm done with her, you can be next, Cameron…or do you only fight people like Bell in the Senior's Division now?" Amanda jeered. Diaz glared at the young redhead, then looked away shaking her head. "Whatever!" Amanda chuckled, then moved quickly to enter the ring.

Amanda hopped up onto the apron and bounded into the ring, waving and pumping her fist in the air. Uma walked over, stepped into her path and stopped Righetti in her tracks. The six foot Amazon was more than 3" taller than Amanda and with her shoulders back; hands on hips; chest thrust out; the forty year old Thurman got the attention - even of young Amanda.

"No nonsense tonight, no clowning, no stripping. You're both here to fight, understand?" Uma challenged.

"Sure," Amanda shrugged.

"Now turn around slowly," Uma ordered and Amanda complied. Uma just did a visual check, not the far more invasive and personal full body cavity search some referees enjoyed. Then she pointed Amanda to her corner, turned and moved to Rachel who stared forward, unmoving.

"Hello, Nichols, how are you here tonight? Cause your opponent damn sure is..."

Rachel blinked, then turned and smiled politely at Thurman who repeated the instructions she’d given Amanda. She asked her to turn out the pockets of her jeans and lift her tank top. Other than reveling her well defined abs, Uma found nothing illegal. With that, Uma stepped over the ring ropes onto the apron and gave the signal to start the fight.


At the bell, Amanda moved out of her corner with heavy, stolid, footsteps; pumping her fist in the air and shouting for her fans to 'turn up the volume.' She keeps a wary eye on Nichols who moves lightly from her corner; doing some kind of yoga breathing thing.

"Whatever!" Amanda jeers as she moves straight toward Rachel with her fists raised.

Nichols circles away, moving lightly on her feet. Amanda charges forward. Rachel's left jabs at Righetti. Amanda turns to her left leans back and sends her left her heel sizzling up towards her foe's head. Rachel blocks it with her forearm, backing away. Amanda moves in, feigns a kick, gets tapped hard in her right shoulder and chest with a fast left, right combo from Rachel, but counters with a solid left hand that reddens Rachel's right cheek. The women exchange low kicks that smack hard into thighs and buttocks, then dance apart. Amanda goes head hunting, misses and receives a hard kick to her right thigh. She counters with a left hand than pancakes Rachel's heavy right breast!

Righetti marches forward, putting her broad shoulders into left hands targeting Rachel’s head. Nichols retreats, circling and leaning back just enough to slip each punch Amanda throws. Righetti's left leg thrusts forward, catching the taller redhead in the chest and knocking her back onto the ropes. Rachel rebounds, alertly blocking Amanda's sweeping right hook with her left forearm, then drives her own right into Righetti's chin. As Amanda rocks back, Rachel’s left digs into her gut

Amanda has to keep backing up as Nichols moves forward. Amanda snaps her left foot up at Rachel's belly, but she pivots away just enough to avoid most of the impact. Rachel catches Amanda's ankle and twists, sending her off balance - but she still catches Rachel around the back and they both fall into the corner against the turnbuckles.

Rachel spreads her legs wide, spins Amanda and drives her back up against the corner, then drives her knee up into Amanda's belly. Righetti tries to bull her way out of the corner, but two more knees to her left side keep her pinned and in pain. Amanda grunts as she wraps both arms around Rachel's head but, again the redhead's knee slams into her side!

Grimly, Amanda holds on with her right arm around Rachel's neck as she falls, pulling her to the mat with her. They struggle momentarily almost under the ropes before Amanda gets on top of Rachel who still manages to get her long, strong, legs up and wrap them about Amanda’s waist.

Righetti is quickly to her knees, her arms tight around Rachel's back. She braces her formidable thighs and stands, lifting Rachel off the mat and carrying her to mid-ring where Amanda dives forward, falling heavily onto the mat - intending to bury Nichols under her weight!

But Rachel brings her right knee up as she falls and makes Amanda's gut absorb most of the impact. Rachel tries to roll Amanda, but Righetti smashes her right elbow into Rachel's chest. Groaning, Nichols still quickly wraps both arms around Righetti’s head and neck, pulling her down as she scissors legs up tight around Amanda's waist.

Righetti's left fist pumps into Rachel's shoulder, arm and head as Rachel tightens her vice. Grunting, Amanda again plants her feet, straightens out her legs and jerks her opponent up off the mat. Nichols holds on, then shakes her body, throwing Amanda off balance, they pitch forward, with Rachel landing hard on her shoulder blades.

Rachel somehow maintains both her scissors and her tight grip on Amanda’s neck, but as Amanda fights back to her knees, she works an arm between their tight bodies, breaking Rachel’s Neck Lock. As she reaches for Rachel's head, however, Rachel grabs her hair and jerks her head to the side. Still, Righetti works her arms around Rachel's back and prepares to stand up.

Rachel clamps her arms around Amanda's head, tightens her scissors and stretches out her long lean body. Righetti moans, collapsing back down. Collecting herself, Amanda jerks her body backward, plants her feet wide, braces her thighs, and stands straight up; lifting their combined weight off the mat.

Rachel's scissors slips and she quickly drops her feet to the mat. The two women are chest to chest - Amanda's arms under Rachel’s arms. Twisting hard to her right, Righetti tries to hip toss Nichols but Rachel twists with her and they fall together, with Amanda hitting the mat first. Amanda sits up with Rachel behind her.

Nichols slips her right leg in between Amanda's and pulls her foe's left arm behind her back, trying to secure a hammer lock. Struggling for several seconds, Amanda manages to pull her arm free, but Rachel clubs her in the back of her head and drives her down to her side. With her left hand wrapped in Amanda's hair, Rachel holds her foe's head on the mat. She positions her right leg over Amanda's hip, trying to pull her backwards and into another scissors. Amanda tries to turtle.

Rachel beats her right fist into the side of Amanda's head. Righetti twists her body, plants her knees and shoves her butt up, lifting Rachel, clinging to her back, up with her. But Nichols, though tipped forward, balances herself with two arms planted on the mat and her deadly legs wrapped tight around Amanda's besieged waist. With her feet planted wide, bent over with her opponent on her back, Amanda muscular thighs flex as she tries to find leverage to break free. She raises her body higher still, nearly toppling Rachel over, but Nichols twists her body to the side and wrecks Amanda's tenuous balance.

They topple over, both landing hard on their back with Amanda still trapped between Rachel's legs. Amanda reaches back with her left arm but Rachel wraps it up and forces it back. Amanda tries to pull away, nearly succeeding, but Nichols simply slips her legs up, positions her right thigh just under Amanda's right armpit and locks her ankles - trapping Amanda in a Neck Scissors.

Amanda's body stiffens as Rachel bears down, her legs quivering. Righetti emits a guttural moan, her face white. Rachel's right fist takes target practice on her Righetti's face. Amanda claws at Rachel's thigh, then, through sheer force of will, twists her body around. On her knees, she pries her tormentor's legs off her neck and tries to pull away.

On her back, Rachel grabs Amanda's hair, pulls her head in and wraps her legs around Amanda's neck. Using her long legs, she throws Righetti over and stretches out, nearly scalping her foe. Shrieking, Righetti clutches at one of her foe's hands. Amanda throws her body from side to side, then works to her knees.

Grabbing both of her foe's wrists, Amanda tries to pull away and succeeds in slipping her head free of Rachel's scissors. But Nichols reacts quickly and springs to her knees. She headlocks Amanda with her left arm, pulling her head down toward the mat and ploughs her right fist into her foe's face. Nichols leans hard on Amanda, trying to take her all the way down, but she cannot. Even dazed, the young woman is like a bull. She fights to one knee, then two, then lifts both their bodies up.

Using both arms, Rachel cranks up the pressure on Amanda's head and twists. They fall forward, tumbling into the ropes. Rachel maintains her headlock as they bounce off the ropes back onto the mat. Again, Rachel clamps her deadly thighs around Amanda’s neck, wraps her hands in Righetti’s hair and tightens her thighs, stretching out her body as she bears down for all she's worth.

For nearly twenty seconds, both women’s bodies quiver and twitch on the mat until, incredibly… it’s a visibly exhausted Amanda who emits a series of harsh, guttural, choking, gurgles. It sounds like she's chanting...but then she suddenly wails, "No more…please… no more!"

It takes a few moments for the reality of Righetti’s submission to sink in before Rachel slowly opens her legs, rolls onto her back, and then her body slumps; her arms spread wide; her chest heaving. Both women are completely spent by the contest. Amanda slowly sits up; holding her head; rubbing her raw scalp - tears streaming down her apple red cheeks.

Uma Thurman enters the ring, bends to check on Amanda, then turns to Rachel who smiles serenely up at her from her back; blinking into the harsh glare of the overhead lights. Uma offers a hand to Rachel, who takes it and lets Uma pull her to her feet. Rachel, blushing, straightens her attire before she walks over to Amanda and whispers, "It doesn't matter HOW strong you THINK you are, honey; you can NOT beat me!"

Uma raises Rachel's hand and announces, "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of tonight's main event, Rachel Nichols!"