Amanda Righetti vs. Yvonne Strahovski by TommyB

Yvonne is a 27 year old, statuesque blonde beauty with considerable athletic ability and a slender, toned, body. Playing Sarah on the NBC show 'Chuck' has given her ample opportunity to learn and apply various fighting techniques, ones she quickly adapted to. Strahovski worked extensively with stunt coordinators and considered herself technically adept and dangerous in a fight. She had a flat, slightly toned, stomach; thin-but-not-soft arms and strong, slender, legs.

Giving off a vibe of charm and confidence, Yvonne knew she was hot and knew she was tough. She never worried about setbacks in a particular fight - always believing she could win. In her experience, she had often been psychologically superior to her opponents who came in "big and bad" but lost composure when things didn't go their way. Yvonne knew what she was doing, adapted intelligently to any development, and had rightfully earned a place among TV's hottest young fighters.

Her fierce and pain-inflicting kicks had been so successful that women considered her equal had been tamed in seconds by the just-over-5'9'' blonde Amazon. Sometimes, her feet came out of nowhere and sent a fight in a totally different direction. Her quickness, when combined with a strength you didn't expect from such an elegant, blonde, stunner, was a potent weapon and Yvonne was assured her fans, "...on a good day no woman in Hollywood would be too much for me."

26 year old Amanda Righetti was tall too, at 5’8”+ - but for her entrance the 'Mentalist' beauty had chosen a pair of chunky, sexy black boots while blonde Yvonne came in wearing monstrous platform heels that lifted her a couple of inches over her redheaded foe. Meeting in the middle of the ring for a handshake, both girls acted tough with the steeliest looks they could master. Yvonne was delighted when Amanda had to look up to her and did her best trying to make her insecure. Amanda was taken aback, having expected height not to matter. When she saw Strahovski's heels she was relieved and when they would meet again at the bell ringing the height difference had almost vanished; down to a mere inch, giving the blonde no edge in psychological warfare.

Amanda had a thick, meaty, body - heavier than Yvonne's more slender frame. She lacked the ab definition of the blonde, but when flexing she showed more muscular arms than Yvonne. Broad-shouldered and intimidating with the right posture, Amanda had hardly any waist/hip ratio which had proven to be a problem for women trying to scissor her since she didn't have the tender, thin, waist found on the more-or-less skinny Hollywood actresses. Amanda's thighs weren't just thick and her calves strong, both were clearly defined by a muscular athleticism, a far cry from 'thunder thighs' as one opponent had referred to her.

Yvonne wasn't the least bit scared by anything she saw in Amanda, although she knew her quickness could be a stinging weapon while power brawling and wrestling may not be a very wise idea. Amanda was inclined to overwhelm Yvonne by taking her quickness out of the fight from the opening bell.

Asked about Amanda, Yvonne was determined. "I don't see the fuss, to be honest. I don't think she's as strong as everybody says. With the right strategy, her body will fall apart. She doesn't have my endurance, my fitness or my agility. I'm like a cat. I'll play with her for a while, and then when the little girl gets tired, I'll put her to sleep. Let's be clear; when Amanda is already finished and gasping for air, I'll still be as strong; as energetic, as agile, as at the start. I can go forever and I'll kick her fat ass."

Amanda wore a beaming smile through all of Yvonne's speech. "Yvonne is a good fighter, but unlike her I don't dispute the qualities of my opponent. It's just that she simply has no idea what's she's up against. I see that Yvonne has beaten a few good names, but she's never faced a woman like Righetti. I almost feel sorry for her, you know. She's youthful and confident, but she's gonna be a destroyed wreck once I'm done.“

Yvonne muttered silently 'bitch' but still everybody heard her. Amanda laughed. "Don't worry, sweetie, you'll still be somewhat pretty after the fight, although I can't promise you won't show some bruises like Theron has. Did you made an appointment with a surgeon yet? You better, ‘cause you're gonna need some repair work."

Yvonne struggled to stay calm. "That smug face will be gone in a minute, I promise. It's destruction time."

The interview ended and both were separated to their corners. Yvonne stuck out her rack and both tried to look tough with their hands on their hips until the bell sounded - and one of the most interesting big girl battles in Hollywood began.

* * * * * *

Moving away from Amanda, Yvonne used the distance and shot out a fast, hard leg kick that just whooshed by Amanda's head. Staying perfectly balanced and controlled like a dancer Yvonne lashed out a strong long arm that hit a ducking Amanda at her chin. Yvonne was all business, sending her right leg like a martial artist straight into Amanda’s unexpected stomach. Doubling over, Amanda gulped and sank to her knee when another attack hit her chest painfully and stung her.

"Right there!" Yvonne yelled, like a tennis player hitting an unreachable forehand winner.

Yvonne ran on, grabbing quickly for Amanda's hair and sent the redhead stunner sprawling on her back. Before the actress had a chance to get up Yvonne was on her, squatting over her and pulled her pretty head up into between her thighs. Her legs wrapped around Amanda's head the blonde enjoyed her squirming victim. Amanda's strong legs buckled and kicked around uselessly as the triangle scissor held her in place.

“Ouch fatty! Oops, sorry. Hope that didn’t offend you, chubette,” Yvonne exclaimed.

Gurgling at the choke, Amanda remained calm and a wild buckle that had her entire body twitching through the air, loosened Strahovski's grip on her. Holding her neck, Amanda escaped to the corner where she was able to stand up before the charging Yvonne was all over her! They clashed again in the middle of the ring and Amanda, holding her hands up for defense, was able to prevent Yvonne's next kick from reaching her target.

But her hopes for the blonde stumbling weren’t to be as Yvonne kept her balance even when her leg hit only air as Righetti grew more careful. Yvonne had boundless energy and she sort of a danced in front of Amanda - who was more concerned with watching out for Yvonne’s kicks than taking the initiative. Yvonne, for her part, was content with a strategy of stinging Amanda with kicks which was working just fine, thank you very much! Amanda had fine anticipation, avoiding most of Yvonne’s attacks and she didn't stumble again.

But Yvonne was patient and another hard rocket kick connected with Amanda's chin! The thick redhead immediately started to twitch and was clearly shaken by it. Stumbling to the side, Amanda couldn't get her arms up before Yvonne slapped her on both cheeks and her knee flew up from below to crack her under the chin!

“Knockout time, baby!” Yvonne yelped excitedly.

Blushing because of the slaps and hurt by the chin kicks, Amanda was helpless as Yvonne's leg again slammed into her side. She lost her balance and only kept herself from falling by sagging to her knees. Yvonne pummeled Amanda's chest with her boxing arms and sprawled the dazed beauty on her back with a hard shove. Holding both of her arms in the air Yvonne put her foot into Amanda's face more for psychology than pain, then sat down by her side and pinned the slow reacting redhead's face as far into the mat as she could.

Amanda's legs twitched up and down but she was more concerned about breathing than attacking. Yvonne squatted with her legs on Amanda's arms and hissed in the angry beauty's face. The sweat glistered on Amanda's face and Yvonne was sure she saw fear. Still sensing considerable strength in Amanda’s arms, Yvonne was unable to hold her own weight on her stronger opponent and was tossed off to the side when Amanda lunged forward.

But the blonde slapped the redhead twice and out of nowhere her kneelift had Amanda holding her belly in pain; tilting over as Yvonne stood and a shocked Amanda only saw her strong thighs close around her head.

“Damn, that feels good,” Yvonne said. “There‘s nothing hotter’n a little redhead squirming under me.”

Trying not to panic, Amanda scratched at the blonde's ankles and a clawed fingernail registered enough pain so the redhead could shake the dominating blonde.

Yvonne rammed a knee into Amanda's chest which forced her over onto her back again. Frustrated, Amanda clutched Yvonne’s feet and made her stumble and almost fall. Using her weight, Amanda toppled the lighter blonde and finally spent the first second of the fight on top of her! She grabbed Yvonne's head, motivated by pure hatred, and shook her around dazing her.

Yvonne tried to enforce some sort of control from below but realized she lacked the body mass to topple Amanda over. Her knee tried to shoot up but Amanda's massive thigh held her back and Yvonne's knee sagged down. 'What now, skinny bitch? You can't move? So sorry', Amanda hissed.

Quickly removing her legs from under Amanda at the first opportunity, Yvonne clamped them tight around the redhead's waist. But Amanda just shrugged it off, not at all impressed by Yvonne's leg strength. Amanda got up on her knees with Yvonne hanging around her waist. Gripping the blonde's wrists, Amanda pulled her upper body upright, then crashed her on her back down on the mat. Startled by pain in her back, Yvonne's scissors fell open!

Crawling like a frog on her back, Yvonne wasn't thrown off guard by the turn of events, knowing that at one point Amanda would have to be able to use her size and body mass. Amanda going for all-out domination was hampered by Yvonne's leg that again hit her unexpected in her lower belly. Holding her tummy, Amanda had to watch helplessly as Yvonne agilely jumped up and practically trampled over the redhead's body crashing her on her back.

“I'm like a landslide,” Yvonne smiled.

Faster than Amanda, Yvonne heaved the beauty's broad shoulders up from behind and clamped her legs around her head. Amanda's arms dangled limp in the air; her head trapped between the thickest part of Yvonne's thighs. Mumbling unintelligible cuss words into the flesh, Amanda was trying to convince herself to remain calm and patient - but Yvonne's furious performance had irritated the haughty actress.

“It’s boob show time!” Yvonne yelled, exciting the crowd. “Now don't blush because they're so small,” she said, as her hands fumbled trying to rip open Amanda's top and expose her assets. Amanda bucked like a maniac and her constant bouncing and wriggling made Yvonne stop for a second. Instead of ripping open the fabric of Amanda’s top, she continued to clutch her fist in Amanda's belly, enjoying the wobbling flesh there.

“I heard you missed a couple of workout sessions. Well, lemme tell you, it shows, hon,” Yvonne taunted. “You ever heard of sit-ups and push-ups? They're supposed to be really good for belly fat!“

Feeling the strength in her thighs fading, Yvonne eased the pressure and shoved the big beauty over onto her belly, kneeing her in the back to make her sprawl out on her face. Amanda had trouble getting up and Yvonne put her knee firmly in her back, pulling like crazy on Amanda's strong arms to stretch out the tall actress. Amanda gulped in pain and wept at the hurt she was in. Letting go, Amanda sagged down exhausted - only to feel her own arms being ripped and her body stretched out to unnatural lengths.

“Pain is the only thing that makes a bitch shut up!” Strahovski triumphantly hissed in Amanda’s ear. She eased the pressure and a confused, hurt Amanda lay on her belly, slowly massaging her arms while the triumphant blonde looked at the mess she’d created. “Time to put baby to sleep.”

Yvonne pulled Amanda into a sitting bearhug rubbing her body against hers. Yvonne was sitting on Amanda's lap, her legs wrapped lightly around the waist, the upper bodies squirming against each other. Yvonne was amazed at the neck and shoulder muscles she felt while touching Amanda.

“You're a strong cow, Amanda; but you’re still a cow! Hey, nice boobs!” Yvonne rubbed her chest on Amanda’s and tried to put more pressure on her prey's boobage.

Even in her groggy state, Amanda was gently overpowering her blonde opponent and Yvonne became a bit distracted by the hotness of the scene and failed to register the change in momentum. When Yvonne finally realized how crushed her upper body was by the pumped up Amanda, she clamped her legs tighter to control her, but Righetti's waist proved sturdy and fit enough and the big girl toppled Yvonne over onto her back - powering her legs apart at her midsection.

Twisting the blonde's legs like a pretzel Amanda rolled the stunned Yvonne from her back over onto her belly, then stomped on Yvonne's back. The blonde howled furiously as Amanda hoisted Yvonne up by her head to her full height, then wrapped her bulging arms around her neck and kicked her knee three times into the soft middle of Yvonne's belly; relishing the shocked groans in response from her. Using her full weight and strength, Amanda grabbed Yvonne under her arms and hoisted her up, then threw her back into the ropes. Wrapping her arms around Strahovski's body she hugged her, overpowering every muscle of Yvonne's upper body.

While the blonde winced and grunted, Amanda told her, “Nobody calls me a cow, you stupid skinny bitch!”

She slammed Yvonne down and went to get on top of her, but Yvonne was quick and snapped out kick to Amanda's side, knocking her away. Yvonne lunged onto Amanda who pummeled her back with both fists as Yvonne lay belly-to-belly on top of her. Then in an impressive show of her strength, Amanda heaved her hips and almost unseated Yvonne. Again, Amanda bucked her hips and this time tossed Yvonne into the air. She brought her thick thigh up and drove it into the blonde’s crotch as she came back down!

Yvonne closed her eyes in hurt as her body was again bounced back up; this time when she came crashing down, she landed on her side.

“Don't cry yet, Yvonne… please…” Amanda snickered as she wrapped her legs around Yvonne's slender waist.

For once, Yvonne hadn't been quick enough to escape. Her eyes bulged out the moment Amanda's legs started to crush her body. Cringing, Yvonne pawed at the thick thighs - to no avail. Amanda loved every second of feeling Yvonne struggle, basking in her obvious frustration. Yvonne was clearly in danger but although the pain burned, she knew she wasn't finished. She fought off valiantly, using all her remaining power to stretch against Amanda's leg power and make it more difficult for her. Amanda's strong thighs crushed the air out of Yvonne, and then she started to headlock her with relentless, powerful hands.

But the wily Righetti also began to gently stroke and caress Yvonne’s face, making the helpless blonde even more furious. The force of the legs tormenting her made Yvonne feel weaker. She was able to budge just enough that Amanda had to roll over on top of her, slowly losing possession of Yvonne's waist. Finally, with agile kicks and frantic wiggles, the ‘Chuck’ star got free!

But only for an instant! Amanda pummeled Yvonne's back with kicks and yanked her hair as Yvonne was shoved face first into the mat. Amanda hauled her around, aggressively overpowering Yvonne's struggling arms to massage the blonde's heaving chest. Yvonne clenched her hand into a fist, and shoved it desperately into the flesh atop her. Her punches clearly registered with Amanda’s stomach, but although she winced in pain there was no chance for Yvonne to get her beefy tormentor off. Instead, Amanda grapevined Yvonne’s thrashing legs and slowly stopped their thrashing, then she strongly pressing Yvonne’s arms down and pinned them to the mat.

Amanda easily overpowered Yvonne’s upper body and the blonde’s pretty face was sweaty and showing signs of battle-weariness, but she was still determined! She bucked when Amanda grabbed for her top and violently yanked it off, baring the Aussie’s fresh, ample, breasts. Angered and stunned by the turn of events, Yvonne struggled to get into position to kick her leg, her knee, or whatever else she could bring to bear, into Amanda's body.

Tempted to go for her favorite (nipple twisting) Amanda tweaked Yvonne’s buds hard to cause her straddled rival to wince and cry out. Yvonne tried to remove her hands by pulling at Amanda’s wrists, but she was too strong and better positioned, and kept her titty-torturing hands in place like steel clothespins.

Yvonne was finally able to lift her left knee up to hit Amanda in an uncomfortable area and she felt the pressure lessen. She knew she had hit right home so she rammed it up again - and again - until Amanda slipped off of her with a muffled scream of protest.

Yvonne displayed incredible agility; still sitting, she swung her legs through the air and clamped them around Amanda's face, then twisted her hips and sent the big redhead down onto her side, taken down by the force of Yvonne's scissors! Yvonne grinned while Amanda whimpered and tried to pry her thighs apart, but she couldn't! Amanda lay stretched out, her scissored head on the mat, her legs kicking in the air while Yvonne's body was a 180 degrees sideways, out of reach of Amanda's arms and legs.

“Oh God!” Amanda screamed. “Lemme go…please lemme go,” she whimpered as she wept.

“This is it, baby, this is it, this is it!” Yvonne pumped herself up, screaming madly; flexing her biceps for the audience while using all her energy to apply the scissors that kept Amanda a stunned, shocked, bad-ass - one who didn't look so bad.

There seemed hardly any air between Amanda's squashed face and Yvonne's fit legs as she moved her scissors higher; sliding Amanda's face from her lower legs up to her thighs; increasing the pressure - and the pain! Yvonne bitch-slapped the part of Amanda's face that still peeked out from her engulfing flesh. Using her legs as leverage, she shook the stunned Amanda up and down, now in full control. Amanda had ceased to flail her legs, instead hoping to stage a final attack, but Yvonne interpreted her lack of struggle as a sign she was giving up. Yvonne taunted her like crazy, calling her variations of obese and noting several animal similarities.

Amanda clutched both hands on one of Yvonne's legs, pulling as hard as she could, at started to buckle with the entire rest of her body, as if she were working out on a horizontal bar. The pressure was immense but Amanda gained leverage and sort of flipped through the air, free of the scissor, but landing hard on her butt.

Yvonne almost flew through the air to secure her victim and hoisted her up under the shoulders and slammed her into the near turnbuckle. Amanda’s head hit so hard she was dazed and unable to defend herself when Yvonne rained a series of punches into her belly; ripping into it and destroying its definition.

Yvonne stood up while a teary-eyed Amanda lay at her feet, a broken heap in the corner. Taking aim, Yvonne threw her body full force onto Amanda, ramming both knees into her lower belly.

“God, this is fun!” Yvonne said as she backed up, only to come flying in again.

But this time Amanda was ready and lunged up to meet her at the last second. Instead of hitting a soft target in the corner, Yvonne slammed into a heavier woman moving toward her! When they crashed together, the slighter Yvonne got the worst of the collision which felt like she’d slammed into a brick wall!

Amanda's linebacker shoulders crushed into Yvonne’s chest full force and broke down Yvonne's defense, her knee hit Yvonne in the crotch - deliberately or not - and the stunned blonde collapsed, badly hurt onto her belly; rocked by the impact; her shoulders and belly numbed. Righetti held her stomach too, chest heaving as she gulped in air, sinking to one knee and grabbing the rope to keep from falling.

Yvonne was still seeing stars when Amanda heaved her up, getting only a mumbled moan as she stood her up face to face; the wobbly blonde kept up only by Amanda's strong arms, one around her neck and the other about her waist.

“You're going down!” Righetti said matter-of-factly. She was dead serious and at her highest adrenaline level.

Amanda held the woozy Yvonne by her hair as she uppercut her so hard in the crotch that Yvonne’s whole body shivered, then her knees gave way and she started sagging down. Amanda caught her under the arms and heaved her back upright, then slipped around behind Yvonne and rocketed her foot up into Strahovski's crotch from behind, sending her staggering forward holding her pounded pussy. Following up, Amanda double ax-handled Yvonne between the shoulders, sending the young blonde sprawling onto her belly.

Crawling on her hands and knees, Yvonne was mentally there but unsure how physically able she was. Amanda stomped her foot into Yvonne's ass time and time again, almost as if this was already a victory pose.

Amanda squatted down beside her, pulling Yvonne's head into her cleavage. The blonde's hands flailed like wings. Amanda removed her sports bra by pulling the straps down from her shoulders. She exposed her meaty, fresh breasts and rubbed the blonde's face in them. Yvonne clasped her hands at Amanda's big ass kneeling next to her and pulled at the bottom, trying to scratch. She pulled Yvonne away from her chest and shoved her back, giving her naked-chest a crushing kick!

Yvonne writhed in pain on her back, holding her aching chest while Righetti seated herself on top of her. She grabbed Yvonne by her proudest body parts and rocked her up and down. Slipping top of her, Amanda bumped her thighs on Yvonne's face.

“No more stupid, ‘this-is-it, this-is-it’…right, baby?” Amanda asked. “Well, THIS is IT!” She held her complete body weight over the blonde's face crushing her with all the pounds she had. “Do you give, bitch, do you?”

No reaction.

Yvonne clenched her teeth, not succeeding in budging Amanda one bit but refusing to admit that. Amanda dragged Yvonne to the corner, and with the turnbuckle's help hauled the blonde up to carry her in a bearhug. Yvonne almost fell into Amanda's arms, her foe the only thing keeping the exhausted actress from falling again. Amanda tightened her fingers behind Yvonne's back, easily dominating her and not troubled by the weight she had to carry.

Too tired to lift the blonde, Amanda let her feel the strength of her hold; rubbing and humping her hips against Yvonne's hot body. Stumbling forward with her trapped victim, she hauled Yvonne to the ropes and let the beautiful woman slide to the mat. Yvonne held herself by the ropes and struggled to rise, but Amanda slipped under her and tightly wrapped her legs around her from below, clamping them at Yvonne's damaged waist while holding her arms in a tight Full Nelson.

Yvonne winced and stopped resisting. After her strength faded, Amanda shoved the actress to the side where she lay crumpled and rubbing her stomach. When Amanda hoisted her back up, Yvonne was almost dead weight, making it increasingly difficult to lift her. Amanda stretched her out on the back and shot her knee under it while pressing her down at her head and legs.

Twisted, Yvonne screamed in pain and shock, her slender, sexy body at its limit. She was a mess when Amanda shot back her knee. Yvonne was then hauled to Amanda's height again, and when the redhead powerhouse gave her a knee into her crotch, the blonde collapsed and didn't move any more.

Crawling towards her face, Amanda whispered, “This should end now, sweetheart, I've beaten you!”

Yvonne shook her head, but when Amanda started stomping on her chest, stomach and crotch, she admitted defeat! First to herself…in her mind she knew she wouldn't come back - at least, not tonight.

“Lemme go, please. I can't take it any more,” came softly from the blonde's mouth.

Amanda rose, took a look at the destroyed, taken-apart, humiliated, body of the tough young Aussie and a smile came onto her tired face. She turned to leave, but then came back down quickly and rubbed her breasts in Yvonne’s face, before jumping up again and raising her hands in the air.

Amanda threw out her chest and yelled, “Yes bitch!”

For a moment, her weariness and pain from the struggle vanished and only victory was on her mind - sweet, destructive victory.

“Don't mess with Amanda Righetti! Ever!” she yelled to the audience where some of the celebrity guests who’d witnessed the fight believed every word. Yvonne lay silent and still as Amanda grabbed her bra, stared into one particular face in the first row, pointed at her, and announced, “You're next, hon!”

There was no reply from the targeted woman who quickly looked away, afraid the redhead might jump over the ropes and go after her right then and there!