Charlize Theron vs. Amanda Righetti by rutooold2

Charlize Theron hadn’t met Amanda Righetti before and was surprised by how solidly built the younger woman was. Her body was thick, yet athletic, and she was clearly confident. Charlize turned her attention to firing up the crowd; strutting slowly around the ring before she stopped in front of Amanda and threw a long lean leg up and over the top rope to stretch.

"This won't take long,” Charlize announced to her fans at ringside. “I'll dispatch Ms. Fat Ass and then I'll sign autographs."

Glaring, Amanda steps forward, grabs Theron's raised and extended leg by the ankle and knee and lifts it overhead, flipping the Oscar winning blonde over backward onto her ass! Charlize lands with a loud THUMP and Amanda's fans break into loud, derisive, hoots and wild jeers as the red-faced Theron scrambles back to her feet and flips the bird at Amanda; pissed at herself for letting the young ‘punk’ take advantage of her.

'Okay, the cow wants to fight dirty,' Theron muses. 'Time to take her to school...'


As the bell sounds to start the fight, Theron moves forward aggressively; her lean, wiry body barely concealed in the green bikini she'd chosen for this match. Charlize launches a round kick at Amanda's head, but the young woman side steps, catches Charlize's leg in mid-air and then drives the point of her elbow down onto the joint of Charlize's knee. She yelps as she hops around while Amanda holds her extended leg against her body.

Grinning, Amanda slams her fist up into Charlize's crotch, taking that blonde’s breath away, then gives a hard twist to Theron's right leg, spinning her and dumping her flat on her back with her still trapped leg firmly held by the ankle. Amanda stomps her foot on the older woman's crotch as she wrenches the leg violently from side to side as Charlize groans in pain.

Theron tries to pull her leg free, but Righetti again drives her heel down hard, smashing Theron's pussy! The blonde howls as her body arches; hips lifting in pain; hands pulling at her hair in frustration. Charlize manages to wriggle over onto her belly, but Amanda steps over her, pulling her leg up and back into a half crab.

Expertly, Amanda digs her strong fingers into the back of Theron's thigh; her Claw working into the muscles and tendons, weakening and taking away Charlize’s best weapon - her long, wiry, legs. Theron tries to twist free, but Amanda has the combination ‘crab-claw’ clamped in tight!

Charlize desperately reaches back with her right arm and rakes her fingernails across Amanda's ample, barely covered, butt. The redhead curses and reacts quickly, catching Theron's wrist, then stepping to one side as she pulls back on her wrist and ankle, bowing Charlize's body. Amanda unleashes a series of kicks to Theron’s back and side and Theron's body shudders under the brutal, all-out, assault. Righetti kicks harder than anyone Charlize has ever fought and the pain is unbearable.

Amanda pauses a moment - and Charlize sucks in as much air as her bruised ribs allow...but in the next instant, Amanda drops and drives a knee into Charlize’s ribs! Theron wails; her ribs on fire with every racking breath she gulps.

Standing, Amanda jerks back on Theron's captured limbs; steps back; then pulls Theron's body up off the mat. She starts to spin, slowly at first, gaining speed, using the centrifugal force to lift Theron’s bowed body into the air until it’s parallel to the mat. When she releases her grip, Amanda smiles as Charlize is sent clear across the ring, smashing down facefirst to the canvas. She lays spread-eagled, her wedgied butt cheeks slowly rippling as her body comes to rest.

Charlize slowly lifts her head, then it drops back to the mat. Righetti swaggers over to her and plants her foot on Charlize’s bottom and crows, "Get up! "Come on, Charlize, you aren’t too old to still be in the ring…are you?”

She kicks Theron twice in her bruised ribs, then steps back and delivers a double knee drop to Theron's back. Charlize’s head and shoulders lurch upward as her hands fly back to grab her aching back. Righetti stands and moves away, pumping her arms in the air to fire up her fans while Charlize just lays facedown on the mat, trying to ignore the pain in her side and back and draw in a breath. Her brain is racing; she’s let this redheaded, no-talent, witch dominate her without so much as landing a single punch. She’s being beaten up by a ‘nobody.’

“I'm not going to go down like this," Theron mutters as she struggles to stand, leaning heavily on the ropes for support. Her right leg is numb; her ribs bruised to the point where it hurts just to take a deep breath. She watches warily her as yet untouched foe, knowing that if Righetti were more experienced she'd rush in and finish her off instead of grandstanding for her fans. Theron shakes her leg and rubs her bruised side, limping off the ropes; trying to ignore the dull, throbbing, pain in her groin.

Righetti waits for her, looking absolutely contented. "Give up yet?" she taunts with a haughty toss of her long, auburn, hair.

Charlize advances cautiously, fists raised. Gamely, she throws a right at Amanda's head, grunting as her ribs protest with a sharp shooting pain. Righetti blocks the punch and counters with a straight left that smashes into Charlize's small right breast flat against her breastbone. She lets out a yelp of pain as she reels back, cupping the wounded mound in both hands.

Righetti backs off, shaking her left hand. "Damn,” she announces to her delighted supporters. “There’s no padding there at all!"

Theron, her body shaking with fury and pain, backs away, fists raised and close to her chest trying to protect her body as Amanda bobs and weaves toward her. Righetti easily slips a slow jab from the blonde - who appears reluctant to extend on the punch - then unleashes a short, hard right cross that slams into the slide of Charlize's head.

Spit flies from the blonde’s mouth and her knees buckle as she reels from the punch. Righetti grabs the stunned Theron by the hair, holding her at arm's length as she backhands her across the mouth, splitting her lower lip. Then Amanda pulls Theron's head down and drags her forward - directly into a knee lift!

Theron sags to her knees, shaking her head to clear it. Amanda steps forward and wraps her thighs around Charlize’s head, then clasps her hands together overhead and and slams a series of ax-handles down onto Theron's back, pounding her body until she collapses onto her stomach with her head still wedged tight between Amanda’s thighs.

Righetti reaches down, grabs both of Theron’s wrists and pulls her arms straight up behind her. She sneers as she tightens her thighs around her Theron's neck; pulsing as she leans backward to apply tremendous pressure on Charlize’s arms, shoulders, neck and head. When Theron’s body starts to shudder, Amanda smiles. She can feel the resistance slowly fading from her foe's over-stressed body.

Unrelenting, Amanda drops Charlize’s arms which flop limp spread out like a bird in flight. Then she leans forward and wedges her hands under Theron's waist, squats down, and grunts out loud as she closes her hands together under Theron’s belly and hoists her foe up; upending Theron as she flips her over her shoulders into a backbreaker!

Amanda cups her left hand under Theron’s chin while her right, between Charlize’s dangling legs, claws into her crotch. Then she pulls downward, bending Charlize’s body across her muscular shoulders until Theron shrieks and tears stream down her cheeks; her limp arms and legs bouncing and flapping as Amanda bounces up and down.

Amanda struts around the ring, displaying the broken blonde like a trophy as she pours on the hurt; relishing in the torture she is inflicting on the ‘Mighty Theron.’ Not until Charlize stops screaming and is reduced to soft, pained, sobs does Righetti relent and toss Theron to the mat where she writhes in pain, barely able to take a breath.

Righetti circles her like a vulture, then drops and straddles the beaten blonde’s waist and claps her hands over Theron's nose and mouth in a classic smother. Charlize's eyes widen and her body bucks weakly as she struggles for air. Just when it seems Charlize has passed out, Amanda releases her grip, takes Charlize under the chin and lifts her head.

Gazing down into her unfocused eyes, Righetti mocks, "So, you’re not so tough after all, are you?"

"Fuck off!" Theron gasps in a horse, breathless, whimper.

"Awww, that's not nice," Amanda chides as she rolls over onto her side and puts Theron in a crushing waist scissors. "Let's see if I can get this jusssssst right," she sneers as she positions her thick thighs around Theron's bruised ribs just below her perky breasts. "Are you ready?"

Amanda's legs snap shut and she wraps her arms around Theron's head, pulling Charlize's flushed face into the chasm of her heaving breasts. Righetti grunts as she applies pressure. No one can see Charlize's expression as pain numbs her brain and what little air she had left in her lungs is forced out of her. But once again, Amanda demonstrates her vicious streak when she loosens her arms and legs momentarily to give Theron a reprieve from blessed unconsciousness.

"Hey Charlize," she taunts. "How're you doing down there? Want some more? Is that a 'yes'? Well, alright then..."

Again, Amanda bears down for all she is worth, determined to break Theron's spirit if not her body. Sweat streams from the young woman's all out exertion and the crowd starts to murmur uncomfortably; this is too much of a beatdown for many of them to watch. Righetti senses their discomfort and again loosens her grip. She shoves the nearly unconscious Theron’s limp body aside and stands to address the crowd.

"Let's hear it for Ms. Theron! Hell of a fighter in her time, right?" Righetti bends and hair-hauls Theron to her feet, holding around her waist with a handful of the front of her bikini bottom to keep her from collapsing. "Charlize, wave to your fans," she urges as she lifts Charlize’s arm and flaps it in the air as she sways, dazed, confused and too out of it to comprehend what’s happened.

Suddenly, Amanda turns and slams a hand up between Theron's legs and digs her fingers into the soft, sensitive flesh as she powers her up and holds her at shoulder height.

"Hey, you lame Theron fans," Amanda yells. "Here's your ‘mighty’ champion!"

With that Amanda drops to one knee and drives Theron down over her other, extended, knee! Charlize gurgles, her eyes roll back in her head and her body goes limp as she passes out from the excruciating pain in her ribs!!

Amanda glares down at her, then with a dismissive flick of her wrists, tosses the blondes body off of her knee. Charlize lands with a dull thump and doesn't move.

Amanda stands and flexes her biceps for the (mostly) cheering crowd. "Well, who's next?" she asks with a smug grin, eyeing a line-up of rivals sitting ringside, slowly pointing at each in turn as her eyes sweep the array of concerned faces.