Britney Spears vs. LeeAnn Rimes by blackcape 20-Aug-2000

"I dunno Tom, whaddaya think?"

"Well sheeee-it Jack, can't say I've ever seen anything like it. Damn strange is all, that's what I think."

Tom and Jack both peered over their console board through the front window and into the recording studio beyond. The soundproof room was filled with a variety of instruments; several multicolored guitars leaned against one wall and a drum set was in the right-hand corner, with mike stands and long wires crisscrossing the carpeted floor. The subject of the producers' surprise however was to the far-left of the room. A grand piano had been shipped in and it sat, top open, like a shining, grinning monster awaiting its meal. Seated before it on the stool and crouched over the keys like a pagan goddess, LeeAnn Rimes, clad only in a pink thong, attempted a semblance of melody. Her body arched and plunged, her ample breasts swung freely in the fury of her attack, as the producers could only stare in shock and curiosity.

"Damnest thing I ever saw," Tom remarked. "I never knowed a country singer to play music in the buff lahk thet. Willie Nelson took his shirt off once, but thet was cuz the air-conditionin' was off."

"She says she needs to feel free in order to sing better," Jack responded. "Can't play the piano for shit, no how."

As if on cue, LeAnn piped up through the loudspeaker. "Was my playin' alright? I think I got a rhythm or somethin'!"

"Yea, yea, you wuz fine," Tom replied. "Look LeeAnn, this studio is rented by the hour and we gotta split. Britney Spears is supposed to be here any time now. Pack up your gear and let's go."

"Britney Spears?" LeeAnn sniffed. "What's she doin' in Nashville? Ain't she s'posed to be in L.A.?"

"She's cuttin' a country CD," Jack said. "Wants to be the next C & W queen."

"WHAAAT!!? She can't do that! I'M the queen of country music!"

"Hey, look Jack, we'd better scram outta here, she's about to lose it."

"I agree Tom. Let's go!"

The producers attempted to wave to the young singing star, but she was already in a rage, banging her fist against the piano keys, creating quite a racket.

As Tom and Jack jumped into their pickup and headed toward the nearest bar, Britney pulled into the driveway in her classic 1967 Convertible. She had just left a massage therapist and, as she was already ten minutes late to the studio (time is money), had decided to make the drive in her skintight white bikini. Barefoot, she hopped over the searing black asphalt and breathed a sigh of relief upon entering the air-conditioned main office. Hearing an awful noise emanating from the studio, Britney made her way down the darkened hall until she entered the room to witness LeeAnn's fit.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Britney cried. "I thought you were supposed to be gone by now. I have to record my Patsy Cline cover for the new record, so get your ass out of here!"

LeeAnn stopped pounding the piano. Her eyes blinked twice and her mouth hung wide.

"Patsy Cline?" LeeAnn stammered.

"Yea," Britney replied. "And what's with your being almost naked and all? You don't have much to show off- I have a good dietitian if you need someone to see..."

"AAAARRRRGHH!" LeeAnn screamed and leaping from the piano stool, charged Britney. Before the pop star knew what hit her, she was lying sprawled in a pile of guitars. LeeAnn glowered at her fallen foe.

"Gonna be a country star, eh bitch?" LeeAnn shouted. "CUNTry star is more like it!"

With that, LeeAnn grabbed Britney's legs, spread them apart and drove her naked heel into the singing sensation's pussy. She did it again. And again. And again. Finally, she dropped her knee between Britney's legs, eliciting a scream from her foe. Remaining on Britney's crotch, the country star reached out, grabbed Britney by the bikini top and yanking up, punched her three times with her left fist, snapping Britney's head back in a flurry of spit and hair.

Britney's bikini top straps came loose and the singer fell back, leaving her bra in LeeAnn's hands. Tossing the top aside, LeeAnn grabbed an electric guitar and raising it above her head, smashed it with a splatting noise horizontally against Britney's firm breasts. When the guitar rose again, the singer's breasts were bright red. LeeAnn brought the instrument down again, as Britney cried out in pain.

"Shut up, bitch," LeeAnn snarled, as she lifted the guitar and smashed it into Britney's face. "Can you play the guitar?"

Swinging the guitar again, LeeAnn brought it down strings first on Britney's breasts and began sawing it back and forth, the steel strings cutting into the young singer's breast meat.

"Ahhh, stop it!" Britney screamed.

"Have it your way," LeeAnn snapped and standing, jumped up into the air and came down feet first on the guitar, smashing Britney's tits completely beneath her.

She bounced up and down, her opponent writhing below until, stepping onto Britney's neck, LeeAnn bent over and ripped the guitar away, revealing the bruised, cut and Jell-O'd remains of Britney's breasts. Hauling Britney up by the hair, she kneed her twice in the crotch before tossing her head first into the drum set.

Britney landed with a crash on her stomach, knocking cymbals and drumsticks everywhere. LeeAnn stepped over the mess, kicked Britney to her back and taking an errant cymbal, placed it over her sweet face. Then she stomped on it several times before leaping up and coming down on it with both feet. Blood began to spatter from the cymbal's sides. Stepping off, LeeAnn lifted the cymbal to find she had broken Britney's nose and had split her lower lip. Her enemy was moaning low, almost unconscious, as she dragged Britney's body to the center of the room and stripped her of her bikini bottoms. Looking about, she saw a mike stand that was still plugged into its socket. Knocking it over, LeeAnn grabbed a drumstick, straddled Britney's nude form, and shoved the drumstick into her foe's womanhood.

"So you want to sing country, huh?" LeeAnn growled. "Well you gotta use a mike!"

With that, she shoved the microphone deep into Britney's mouth, shooting low doses of electricity through the singing star's body. Britney choked and gurgled, her body began to convulse, her back arched up and down with the electrical current, while LeeAnn rode her heaving form like a bronco on rodeo day. Finally, the convulsions stopped. Britney was barely conscious. Removing the microphone and the drumstick, LeeAnn dragged Britney by her hair to the piano stool and draped her body face up.

Straddling Britney's smooth stomach, LeeAnn lowered her slick breasts over Britney's face and executed an air-tight breast smother. Britney kicked out and clawed at LeeAnn's back, but to no avail. Just as she was on the verge of passing out, LeeAnn broke the hold and scooting herself forward, covered her opponent's face with her firm round ass. Engulfing Britney's features entirely, LeeAnn spread her legs wide and began to pump and thrust, rocking back and forth while the stool began to shake in retaliation.

LeeAnn could almost hear Britney's muffled moans as she rocked harder and faster, pressing down with all of her weight, until she orgasmed, her cum seeping out from the edges of her thong and smearing across her enemy's flushed face. She remained seated on Britney's face for a full minute more until she was sure the singing star was unconscious. Then she stood up and hauling Britney to her knees by her hair, placed both of Brit's breasts against the ivory keys of the piano. The teen dream remained unconscious, her arms limp at her sides.

"Time to wake up, bitch!" LeeAnn screamed, and with a sudden motion, slammed the key-covering down on Britney's breasts, smashing them beneath the wood while the keys hit their notes in reply. Britney's eyes shot open and she let out a terrible cry as LeeAnn slammed her ass on the covering and began to bounce up and down. Sitting herself now over the diva's breasts, LeeAnn placed a foot across Britney's face and began to slowly extend her leg. Britney's back arched outward even while her breasts were stretched at an obscene distance from her body. She held this position for a long time, until her leg was completely extended and Britney was bend almost in half beneath the piano, before she relented and opened the case, allowing Britney to fall crumpled to the floor.

"You look like a mess," LeeAnn said, lifting Britney into a bearhug and squeezing.

Britney grunted as her country opponent put on the pressure before executing a knee drop to the crotch. Britney fell to the ground spread-eagled and LeeAnn walked across her svelte, sweating body to the piano, where she opened the top completely. LeeAnn then hauled Britney up by her hair, inserted three fingers into her burning womanhood and gripping her by the neck, lifted her above her head. Britney hung there in a daze, her legs twitching uncontrollably.

"You want to be a part of country music?" LeeAnn demanded. "Your wish is my command, bitch!"

With a burst of strength, she crashed Britney's body on top of the piano strings. With her defeated foe moaning and struggling to all fours on the inside, LeeAnn walked around the side, grabbed the piano top by its edge and slammed it down with all of her might, completely smashing Britney's body into the piano with only her feet still visible. LeeAnn then jumped atop the instrument and bounced up and down, while piano strings broke and snapped beneath. She carried on like this for two minutes or so before jumping from the piano top and pulling up the stool. LeeAnn sat down before the instrument and extended her fingers.

"Let's see; what song was I trying to play before I was so rudely interrupted? Oh yea, it was called 'Britney in the Key of C!"

With that, the country star began hitting the piano keys at random, some making noise, some out of key, others muffled by Britney's body. LeeAnn began to sing, her lips twisted into a grin...